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Very Long Generation CAF

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Posted 21 December 2011 - 10:21 AM

LN Graves

DH: (age 75) Edward Charles "Eddie"
DW: (age 72) Helen Virginia

DS#1: (age 53) Gregory James "Greg"
DD#1: (age 51) Kathleen Judy "Kate"
DD#2: (age 48) Deborah Janet "Debby"
DS#2: (age 47) Steven John "Steve"


Greg's Family.
LN Graves

DH: (age 53) Gregory James "Greg"
DW: (age 53) Julie Anne

DD~1: (age 30) Jennifer Erin "Jenny"
DD~2: (age 28) Lindsay Nicole "Linn"
DS~1: (age 26) Timothy Kyle "Tim"

Greg and Julie Graves.
Jenny, Linn & Tim.


Jenny's Family.
LN Christensen

DH: (age 34) Chad Anthony

DS: (age 6) Caleb Noah
DD: (age 3) Amelia Zoe "Millie"

Jenny and Chad Christensen.
Caleb & Millie.


Linn's Family.
LN Durant

DH: (age 30) Christopher Paul "Chris"

DD: (age 16 months) Peyton Sophie

Linn and Chris Durant.


Tim is engaged to: (age 26) Lauren Danielle.

Tim and Lauren Graves.


Kate's Family.
LN Lyons

DH: (age 52) Russell Wayne "Wayne"
DW: (age 51) Kathleen Judy "Kate"

DS*1: (age 27) Russell Wayne "Russ"
DS: (age 24) Matthew Derek "Matt"

Wayne and Kate Lyons.
Russ & Matt.


Russ' Family (age 27)
LN Lyons

DW: (age 28) Sarah Jessica
Expecting: DD/DD Charlotte Reese / Madeleine Piper "Lottie & Lainey"

Russ and Sarah Lyons.
Lottie & Lainey.


Debby's Family (age 48)
LN Sheridan

DH: (age 51) Thomas Glenn "Tom"
DW: DD#2 (age 48) Deborah Janet "Debby"

DD: (age 22) Elizabeth Ashley "Ellie"
DS: (age 21) Nicholas Tyler "Nick"
DD: (age 19) Katherine Shelby "Katie"
DD: (age 15) Abigail Caitlyn "Abbey"

Tom and Debby Sheridan.
Ellie, Nick, Katie & Abbey.


Steve's Family.
LN Graves

DH: DS#2 (age 47) Stephen John "Steve"
Ex wife 1: (age 45) Jacqueline Marie "Jacqui"
DS: (age 25) Jared Seth "Jay"

Ex wife 2: (age 40) Beth Melinda
DS: (age 19) Stephen John "John"
DD@1: (age 17) Faith Taylor

Faith's Family (age 17)
DS: (4 months) Bentley Kingston "Ben"

Current wife: (age 36) Meredith Kelly
DS: (age 11) Levi Spencer
DS: (age 9) Blake Hayden
DD: (age 8) Ella Delaney

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Posted 23 December 2011 - 10:31 PM

LN: Rosenthal

DH: (age 75) William Charles
DW: (age 72) Helen Margaret

DS#1: (age 53) Gregory Paul
DD#1: (age 51) Teresa Diane
DD#2: (age 48) Carol Robin
DS#2: (age 47) Peter Richard

William and Helen w/ Gregory, Teresa, Carol and Peter

DS#1's Family (age 53)
LN: Rosenthal
DH:DS#1 (age 53) Gregory Paul nn. Greg
DW: (age 53) Anne-Christine

DD~1: (age 30) Stephanie Michelle
DD~2: (age 28) Rebecca Kimberly nn. Reba
DS~1: (age 26) Joshua Kyle nn. Josh

Gregory and Anne-Christine w/ Stephanie, Reba and Josh

DD~1's Family (age 30):
LN: Seaver
DH: (age 34) Jonathan Michael
DW: Stephanie Michelle

DS: (age 6) Zachary Alexander nn. Zach
DD: (age 3) Amelia Claire nn. Mimi

Jonathan and Stephaine w/ Zach and Mimi

DD~2's Family (age 28):
LN: Mason
DH: (age 30) Paul Bradley
DW: Rebecca Kimberly nn. Reba

DD: (age 16 months): Lydia Harper

Paul and Reba w/ Lydia

DS~1 (age 26) is engaged to: (age 26) Samantha Danielle nn. Sam
DD#2's Family (age 51):
LN: Vaughn
DH: (age 52) Philip Raymond
DW: Teresa Diane

DS*1: (age 27) Philip Raymond nn. Phil
DS: (age 24) Derek Matthew

Philip and Teresa w/ Phil and Derek

DS*1's Family (age 27):
LN: Vaughn
DH: Philip Raymond nn. Phil
DW: (age 28) Jessica Chelsea nn. Jessie
Expecting: DD/DD: Ruby Charlotte/ Lila Madeline

Phil and Jessie w/ Ruby and Lila
DD#2's Family (age 48)
LN: Reagan
DH: (age 51) Thomas Frank nn. Tom
DW: Carol Robin

DD: (age 22) Elizabeth Morgan nn. Liz
DS: (age 21) Aaron Nicholas
DD: (age 19) Cassandra Paige nn. Cassie
DD: (age 15) Abigail Brooke nn. Abby

Tom and Carol w/ Liz, Aaron, Cassie and Abby
DS#2's Family (age 47)
LN: Rosenthal
DH: Peter Richard
Ex wife 1: (age 45) Jacqueline Renee nn. Jackie
DS: (age 25) Seth Mitchell

Jackie w/ Seth

Ex wife 2: (age 40) Melinda Valerie nn. Mindy
DS: (age 19) Peter Richard
DD#1: (age 17) Marissa Jenelle

Mindy w/ Peter and Marissa

DD#1's Family (age 17)
DS: (4 months) Blaze Kingston

Marissa w/ Blaze

Current wife: (age 36) Meredith Sheila
DS: (age 11) Levi Carter
DS: (age 9) Gavin Parker
DD: (age 8) Delaney Kira

Meredith w/ Levi, Gavin and Delaney

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Posted 26 May 2012 - 01:37 PM

LN- Luxembell

(75) DH- William Edward

(72) DW- Virginia Helen

(53) DS1- Gregory David

(51) DD1- Kathleen Teresa

(48) DD2- Laura Sharon

(47) DS2- Daniel Steven


LN- Luxembell (DS1)

(53) DH- Gregory David

(53) DW- Julie-Anne Cheryl

(30) DDa- Erin Jennifer

(28) DDb- Melissa Amanda

(26) DSa- Joshua Jeremy


LN- Langley (DDa)

(34) DH- Travis Anthony

(30) DW- Erin Jennifer

(6) DS- Noah Caleb

(3) DD- Amelia Grace


LN- Perrot (DDb)

(30) DH- Marcus Paul

(28) DW- Melissa Amanda

(16mos) DD- Chloe Isabella


LN- Luxembell (DSa)

(26) DF- Joshua Jeremy

(26) DF- Brittany Danielle


LN- Aldershore (DD1)

(52) DH- Raymond Philip

(51) DW- Kathleen Teresa

(27) DSa- Raymond Philip

(24) DSb- Jeffrey Ryan


LN- Aldershore (DSa)

(27) DH- Raymond Philip

(28) DW- Natalie Sarah

(exp) DD/DD- Piper Charlotte // Summer Alexis


LN- Newell (DD2)

(51) DH- Thomas Frank

(48) DW- Laura Sharon

(22) DD- Elizabeth Morgan

(21) DS- Nathan Eric

(19) DD- Victoria Shelby

(15) DD- Sydney Abigail


LN- Luxembell (DS2)

(47) DH- Daniel Steven

(45) ExDW- Renee Jacqueline

(25) DS- Seth Mitchell


(40) ExDW- Valerie Beth

(19) DSa- Daniel Steven

(17) DDa- Taylor Marissa


LN- Luxembell (DDa)

(17) DM- Taylor Marissa

(4mos) DS- Bentley Hunter


(36) DW- Jillian Meredith

(11) DS- Chase Logan

(9) DS- Brady Liam

(8) DD- Delaney Ella


Will & Ginny

Greg + Julie-Anne, Kate + Ray, Laura + Tom, Dan + Jill

Erin + Travis, Melissa + Marcus, Joshua + Brittany, Ray + Nat, Jeff, Liz, Nate, Tori, Syd, Seth, Dan, Taylor, Chase, Brady, Laney

Noah, Amie, Chloe, Piper, Summer, Bentley

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Posted 03 November 2012 - 05:09 AM


DH Charles Eugene {75}
DW Virginia Frances {72}

DS James Lawrence {53}

DD Teresa Kathleen {51}

DD Laura Mary {48}

DS Daniel Richard {47}

Chuck and Ginny Wyman.

James, Tess, Laura and Daniel.


James Lawrence {53}

DW Julie Anne {53}

DD Jennifer Michelle {30}

And husband Chad Michael Langley {34} with children Noah Samuel {6} and Grace Amelia {3}.

DD Lindsay Rebecca {28}

And husband Christopher Paul Durant {30} with daughter Lydia Harper {16mos}.

DS Andrew Patrick {26}

And fiancee Kristen Danielle Rosenthal {26}.

James and Julie Wyman.

Jenny and Chad Langley with Noah and Gracie.

Lindsay and Chris Durant with Lydia.

Drew and Kristen Rosenthal.


Teresa Kathleen {51}

DH Philip Wayne Aldershore {52}

DS Philip Wayne Jr. {27}

And wife Sarah Natalie {28} and twin girls Charlotte Ruby and Madeline Piper due in January.

DS Matthew Derek {24}

Tess and Phil Aldershore.

PJ and Sarah with Lottie and Addy.



Laura Mary {48}

DH Thomas Glenn {51}

DD Elizabeth Whitney {22}

DS Nicholas Brett {21}

DD Katherine Shelby {19}

DD Olivia Sidney {15}

Laura and Tom Callaghan.

Ellie, Cole, Katy and Liv.


Daniel Richard {47}

Ex-Wife 1 Jacqueline Renee Baines {45}

DS Adam Jared {25}

Ex-Wife 2 Regina Beth Sheridan {40}

DS Daniel Richard {19}

DD Faith Marissa {17}

With her son Bentley Hunter {4mos}

Current Wife: Meredith Kelly {36}

DS Levi Spencer {11}

DS Blake Gavin {9}

DD Alexa Delaney {8}

Daniel Wyman and Jacqueline Baines with their son Adam.

Daniel Wyman and Regina Sheridan with their children Daniel and Faith (With her son Ben}.

Daniel and Meredith Wyman.

Levi, Blake and Ally.

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Posted 12 November 2012 - 10:32 PM

LN: Graves

DH: William Charles [75]
DW: Virginia Frances [72]

DS#1: David James [53]
DD#1: Kathleen Diane [51]
DD#2: Laura Robin [48]
DS#2: Kevin Daniel [47]


LN: Graves
DH: David James [53]
DW: Julie Christine [53]

DD~1: Jennifer Erin [30]
DD~2: Lindsay Rebecca [28]
DS~1: Andrew Kyle [26]

LN: North
DD~1: Jennifer Erin {nee Graves} [30]
DH: Michael Anthony [34]

DS: Lucas Alexander [6]
DD: Aubrey Grace [3]

LN: Durant
DD~2: Lindsay Rebecca {nee Graves} [28]
DH: Marcus Bradley [30]

DD: Arianna Harper [16 months]

DS~1: Andrew Kyle Graves [26]
DF: Brittany Lauren [26]

LN: Powell
DH: Russel Keith [52]
DD#1: Kathleen Diane {nee Graves} [51]

DS*1: Russell Keith Jr. [27]
DS: Derek Matthew [24]

LN: Powell
DS*1: Russell Keith Jr. [27]
DW: Natalie Vanessa [28]
DD/DD: Kendall Alexis & Madeline Piper [expecting]

LN: Sheridan
DH: Thomas Frank [51]
DW: Laura Robin {nee Graves} [48]

DD: Allison Whitney [22]
DS: Jordan Tyler [21]
DD: Shelby Victoria [19]
DD: Olivia Brooke [15]

LN: Graves
DH: Kevin Daniel [47]
Ex wife 1: Jacqueline Renee [45]
DS: Jared Mitchell [25]

Ex wife 2: Valerie Beth [40]
DS: Kevin Daniel [19]
DD@1: Lacey Taylor [17]

DD@1: Lacey Taylor Graves [17]
DS: Kingston Gage [4 months]

Current wife: Jillian Meredith [36]
DS: Levi Spencer [11]
DS: Liam Connor [9]
DD: Delaney Alexa [8]

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Posted 13 November 2012 - 09:29 PM

LN: Graves

DH: (age 75) Jack Edward
DW: (age 72) Helen Frances

DS#1: (age 53) Paul James
DD#1: (age 51) Susan Kathleen
DD#2: (age 48) Mary Laura
DS#2: (age 47) Daniel John 'Danny'

DS#1's Family (age 53)
LN: Graves
DH:DS#1 (age 53) Paul James
DW: (age 53) Julie Christine

DD~1: (age 30) Heather Michelle
DD~2: (age 28) Rebecca Jamie 'Becca'
DS~1: (age 26) Timothy Robert 'Timmy'

DD~1's Family (age 30): Heather Michelle
LN: North
DH: (age 34) Chad Anthony

DS: (age 6) Ethan Samuel
DD: (age 3) Emma Zoe

DD~2's Family (age 28): Rebecca Jamie 'Becca'
LN: Waterford
DH: (age 30) Sean Christopher

DD: (age 16 months): Sophie Harper

DS~1 (age 26): Timothy Robert 'Timmy' is engaged to: (age 26) Samantha Kristen 'Sam'
DD#2's Family (age 51)
LN: Powell
DH: (age 52) Donald Keith 'Don'
DW: DD#1 (age 51): Susan Kathleen

DS*1: (age 27) Donald Keith 'DK'
DS: (age 24) Matthew Brandon"Matt'

DS*1's Family (age 27): Donald Raymond 'DK'
LN: Powell
DW: (age 28) Vanessa Megan
Expecting: DD/DD: Alexis Madeline & Kendall Charlotte
DD#2's Family (age 48)
LN: Callaghan
DH: (age 51) Thomas Glenn
DW: DD#2 (age 48) : Mary Laura

DD: (age 22) Jenna Elizabeth
DS: (age 21) Nicholas Aaron 'Nick'
DD: (age 19) Katherine Paige 'Katie'
DD: (age 15) Abigail Brooke 'Abby'
DS#2's Family (age 47)
LN: Graves
DH: DS#2 (age 47) Daniel John 'Danny'
Ex wife 1: (age 45) Lisa Jacqueline
DS: (age 25) Seth Mitchell

Ex wife 2: (age 40) Melinda Beth
DS: (age 19) Daniel John 'DJ'
DD@1: (age 17) Marissa Faith

DD@1's Family (age 17)
DS: (4 months) Bentley Hunter

Current wife: (age 36) Meredith Jillian
DS: (age 11) Logan Jake
DS: (age 9) Riley Liam
DD: (age 8) Ella Mackenzie

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Posted 16 April 2013 - 10:17 AM

LN Wyman

DH Jack Robert [75]

DW Margaret Lois [72]

DS James Gregory [53]

DD Diana Teresa [51]

DD Mary Laura [48]

DS Peter Daniel [47]


James Gregory Wyman [53]

DW Julie Anne [53]

DD Amy Jennifer [30]

with her husband Chad Michael Langley [34] and children Caleb Samuel [6] and Maya Grace [3].

DD Rebecca Lindsay [28]

with her husband Christopher Paul Bellamy [30] and daughter Lydia Sophie [16mos].

DS Joshua Patrick [26]

with his fiance Kristen Danielle [26].


Diana Teresa [51]

DH Wayne Russell Aldershore [52]

DS Wayne Russell Jr. [27]

with his wife Sarah Natalie [28] and soon-to-be twin daughters, Piper Madeline and Ruby Charlotte [Due in 8 weeks].


Mary Laura [48]

DH Thomas Frank Reagan [51]

DD Elizabeth Jenna [22]

DS Nicholas Aaron [21]

DD Katherine Shelby [19]

DD Olivia Brooke [15]


Peter Daniel Wyman [47]

Ex-Wife 1 Jacqueline Marie [45]

DS Adam Seth [25]

Ex-Wife 2 Regina Beth [40]

DS Peter Daniel [19]

DD Marissa Faith [17]

with her son Hunter Kingston [4mos]

DW Meredith Kelly [36]

DS Carter Wyatt [11]

DS Gavin Blake [9]

DD Ella Mackenzie [8]

Jack and Maggie Wyman

With their children:

James (and wife Julie), Diana (and husband Wayne), Mary (and husband Tom) and Peter (and current wife Meredith).


Amy (and husband Chad), Rebecca (and husband Chris), Russell (and wife Sarah), Josh (and fiance Kirsten), Adam, Lizzie, Nick, Kate, Marissa, Liv, Carter, Gavin and Ella.

And great grandchildren:

Caleb [6], Maya [3], Lydia [16mos], Hunter [4mos] and Piper & Ruby [Due in 8 weeks].

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Posted 16 April 2013 - 11:00 AM

LN: Millard

DH: Robert Eugene
DW: Shirley Frances

DS: Lawrence Scott
DD: Teresa Diane
DD: Deborah Robyn
DS: Daniel Bruce


LN: Millard

DH: Lawrence Scott
DW: Julie Denise

DD: Heather Michelle
DD: Melissa Nicole
DS: Timothy Andrew

LN: Merchant

DH: Chad Travis
DW: Heather Michelle

DS: Zachary Lucas
DD: Hailey Claire

LN: Perrot
DH: Justin Sean
DW: Melissa Nicole

DD: (age 16 months): Brooklyn Chloe

Timothy Andrew is engaged to Lauren Amber


LN: Lyon
DH: Russell Keith
DW: Teresa Diane

DS: Russell Keith
DS: Dustin Cody

LN: Lyon
DH: Russell Keith
DW: Megan Vanessa

Expecting: DD/DD: Kaylee Reese / Ruby Kendall


LN: Sheridan
DH: Roger Glenn
DW: Deborah Robyn

DD: Kayla Morgan
DS: Aaron Jordan
DD: Brianna Lynn
DD: Sydney Brooke


DH: Daniel Bruce

Ex wife 1: Donna Renee
DS: Jared Adam

Ex wife 2: Trisha Beth
DS: Daniel Bruce
DD@1: Kristina Taylor

Kristina Taylor's family:
DS: Hunter Blaze

Current wife: Sheila Kelly
DS: Jake Logan
DS: Connor Blake
DD: Sierra Ashlyn


Robert Eugene & Shirley Frances Millard

with their children:

Lawrence Scott Millard (Julie Denise)
Teresa Diane Lyon (Russell Keith)
Deborah Robyn Sheridan (Roger Glenn)
Daniel Bruce Millard (Sheila Kelly) Ex wives: (Donna Renee & Trisha Beth)

their grandchildren:

Heather Michelle Merchant (Chad Travis)
Melissa Nicole Perrot (Justin Sean)
Timothy Andrew Millard (Lauren Amber)
Russell Keith Lyon (Megan Vanessa)
Dustin Cody Lyon
Kayla Morgan Sheridan
Aaron Jordan Sheridan
Brianna Lynn Sheridan
Sydney Brooke Sheridan
Jared Adam Millard
Kristina Taylor Millard
Jake Logan Millard
Connor Blake Millard
Sierra Ashlyn Millard

their great-grandchildren:

Zachary Lucas Merchant
Hailey Claire Merchant
Brooklyn Chloe Perrot
Kaylee Reese Lyon
Ruby Kendall Lyon
Hunter Blaze Millard

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Posted 23 April 2013 - 04:08 PM

The Wyman Family

DH: Charles Harold {75}

DW: Joan Lois {72}

DS: Lawrence Scott {53}

DD: Cynthia Nancy {51}

DD: Janet Sharon {48}

DS: Gary Bruce {47}


The Wyman Family

DH: Lawrence Scott {53}

DW: Cheryl Denise {53}

DD: Heather Erin {30}

DD: Kimberly Nicole {28}

DS: Brian Patrick {26}

The Kipling Family

DW: Heather Erin {30}

DH: Jason Michael {34}

DS: Alexander Samuel {6}

DD: Aubrey Grace {3}

The Waterford Family

DW: Kimberly Nicole {28}

DH: Bradley Justin {30}

DD: Chloe Peyton {16 mos.}

The Wyman Family

DS: Brian Patrick {26}

DF: Brittany Amber {26}


The Powell Family

DW: Cynthia Nancy {51}

DH: Keith Russell {52}

DS: Keith Russell {27}

DS: Matthew Shane {24}

The Powell Family

DH: Keith Russell {27}

DW: Chelsea Sarah {28}

DD/DD: Charlotte Alexis/Kendall Summer {not yet born}


The Hines Family

DW: Janet Sharon {48}
DH: Roger Glen {51}

DD: Elizabeth Jenna {22}
DS: Nathan Eric {21}
DD: Alyssa Paige {19}
DD: Kelsey Madison {15}


The Wyman Family

DH: Gary Bruce {47}
DW: Meredith Jillian {36}

DS: Carter Levi {11}
DS: Hayden Liam {9}
DD: Mackenzie Skylar {8}

DEW: Beth Trisha {40}
DS: Gary Bruce {19}
DD: Janelle Lacey {17}

DEW: Donna Jacqueline {45}
DS: Jared Mitchell {25}

The Wyman Family

DM: Janelle Lacey {17}

DS: Jaedon Bentley {4 mos.}

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Posted 01 March 2017 - 11:22 PM

LN: Graves [nee Wyman]

DH: Charles 'Chip' William Graves (75)
DW: Margaret 'Maggie' Joan Graves [nee Wyman] (72)

DS: David 'Davey' Lawrence Graves (53)
DD: Judy Kathleen Graves (51)
DD: Laura Mary Graves (48)
DS: Peter John Graves (47)


Chip and Maggie with Davey, Judy, Laura, and Peter
LN: Graves [nee Powell]

DH: David 'Davey' Lawrence Graves (53)
DW: Anne 'Annie' Christine Graves [nee Powell] (53)

DD: Stephanie Michelle Graves (30)
DD: Kimberly Nicole Graves (28)
DS: Andrew 'Drew' Robert Graves (26)

Davey and Annie with Stephanie, Kimberly, and Drew
LN: Allen [nee Graves]

DH: Michael 'Mikey' Anthony Allen (34)
DW: Stephanie Michelle Allen [nee Graves] (30)

DS: Noah Lucas Allen (6)
DD: Grace 'Gracie' Amelia Allen (3)

Mikey and Stephanie with Noah and Gracie
LN: Waterford [nee Graves]

DH: Justin Paul Waterford (30)
DW: Kimberly Nicole Waterford [nee Graves] (28)

DD: Brooklyn Lydia Waterford (16m)

Justin and Kimberly with Brooklyn
LN: Graves / Millard

DF: Andrew 'Drew' Robert Graves (26)
DF: Amber Lauren Millard (26)

Drew and Amber
LN: Smith [nee Graves]

DH: Raymond 'Ray' Russell Smith Sr. (52)
DW: Judy Kathleen Smith [nee Graves] (51)

DS: Raymond 'RJ' Russell Smith Jr. (27)
DS: Derek Ryan Smith (24)

Ray and Judy with RJ and Derek
LN: Smith [nee Kipling]

DH: Raymond 'RJ' Russell Smith Jr. (27)
DW: Natalie Megan Smith [nee Kipling] (28)

DD/DD: Piper Kaylee Smith and Ruby Alexis Smith (Expecting)

RJ and Natalie with Piper and Ruby
LN: Hines [nee Graves]

DH: Douglas Roger Hines (51)
DW: Laura Mary Hines [nee Graves] (48)

DD: Jenna Whitney Hines (22)
DS: Cameron Tyler Hines (21)
DD: Victoria 'Tori' Paige Hines (19)
DD: Olivia Abigail Hines (15)

Douglas and Laura with Jenna, Cameron, Tori, and Olivia
LN: Graves [nee Vaughn] / Callaghan / Sheridan

DH: Peter John Graves Sr. (age 47)
ExDW: Marie Renee Callaghan [ex: Graves] (45) {Mom to Jesse}
ExDW: Beth Valerie Sheridan [ex: Graves] (40) {Mom to PJ and Lacey}
DW: Meredith Kelly Graves [nee Vaughn] (36) {Mom to Logan, Parker, and Kenzie}

DS: Jesse Mitchell Graves (25)
DS: Peter 'PJ' John Graves Jr. (19)
DD: Lacey Janelle Graves (17)
DS: Logan Wyatt Graves (11)
DS: Parker Gavin Graves (9)
DD: Mackenzie 'Kenzie' Ella Graves (8)

Peter and Marie with Jesse
Peter and Beth with PJ and Lacey
Peter and Meredith with Logan, Parker, and Kenzie

LN: Graves

DMom: Lacey Janelle Graves (17)

DS: Camden Knox Graves (4m)

Lacey with Camden

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Posted 02 March 2017 - 01:26 PM

LN: Graves

DH: Edward 'Ed' William (age 75)
DW: Dolores 'Lola' Helen (age 72) (nee Afton)

DS#1: James 'Jamie' Lawrence (age 53)
DD#1: Nancy 'Nan' Kathleen (age 51)
DD#2: Mary 'Molls' Deborah (age 48)
DS#2: John 'Jack' Richard (age 47)


DS#1's Family (age 53)

LN: Graves

DH: James 'Jamie' Lawrence (age 53) 
DW: Sandra 'Sandy' Christine (age 53)

DD~1: Jennifer 'Jenny' Amy (age 30)
DD~2: Kimberly 'Kim' Nicole (age 28)
DS~1: Joshua 'Josh' Kyle (age 26)
Jamie and Sandy Graves with Jenny, Kim and Josh.

LN: Kipling

DH: Chad Michael (age 34)
DW: Jennifer 'Jenny' Amy  (age 30) (nee Graves)

DS: Noah Zachary (age 6)
DD: Maya Claire (age 3) 
Chad and Jenny Kipling with Noah and Maya.

LN: Bellamy

DH: Sean Marcus (age 30)
DW: Kimberly 'Kim' Nicole (age 28) (nee Graves)

DD: Lydia Sophie (age 16 months)
Sean and Kim Bellamy with Lydia.
DFiance: Joshua 'Josh' Kyle Graves (age 26)
DFiancee: Brittany 'Britt' Amber Johnson (age 26) 
Josh and Britt.


LN: Baines

DH: Philip 'Phil' Russell (age 52)
DW: Nancy 'Nan' Kathleen (age 51) (nee Graves)

DS*1: Philip 'Pip' Russell (age 27)
DS: Brandon 'Bran' Cody (age 24) 
Phil and Nan Baines with Pip and Bran.

LN: Baines
DH: Philip 'Pip' Russell
DW: Vanessa 'Nessa' Megan (age 28)

Expecting: DD/DD: Ruby Charlotte/ Lila Madeline
Pip and Nessa Baines with Ruby and Lila.


LN:  Sheridan

DH: Frank Thomas (age 51) 
DW:  Mary 'Molls' Deborah (age 48) 

DD: Morgan Elizabeth (age 22)
DS: Jordan Nicholas (age 21)
DD: Paige Katherine (age 19) 
DD: Brooke Madison (age 15)
Frank and Molls Sheridan with Morgan, Jordan, Paige and Brooke.

DS#2's Family (age 47)

LN: Graves

DH: John 'Jack' Richard (age 47)
Ex wife 1: Donna Jacqueline (age 45)

DS: Seth Jesse (age 25)
Jack and Donna Graves with Seth.

Ex wife 2: Valerie 'Val' Melinda (age 40)

DS: John 'Johnny' Richard (age 19)
DD@1: Kristina 'Krissi' Faith (age 17)
Jack and Val Graves with Johnny and Krissi.
LN: Graves

DMom: Kristina 'Krissi' Faith (age 17)

DS: Kingston 'King' Knox (4 months)
Krissi and King Graves.

Current wife: Tamara 'Mara' Kelly (age 36)
DS: Levi Spencer (age 11)
DS: Blake Connor (age 9)
DD: Kira Mackenzie (age 8)
Jack and Mara Graves with Levi, Blake and Kira.

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Posted 03 March 2017 - 12:33 PM

LN: Wyman

DH: (age 75) George Edward
DW: (age 72) Helen Margaret

DS#1: (age 53) James Lawrence
DD#1: (age 51) Kathleen Susan
DD#2: (age 48) Laura Carol
DS#2: (age 47) John Daniel

DS#1's Family (age 53)
LN: Wyman
DH: DS#1 (age 53) 
DW: (age 53) Anne Cheryl

DD~1: (age 30) Erin Stephanie
DD~2: (age 28) Kimberly Nicole
DS~1: (age 26) Timothy Patrick

DD~1's Family (age 30):
LN: Kipling
DH: (age 34) Jason Chad

DS: (age 6) Ethan Alexander
DD: (age 3) Emma Claire

DD~2's Family (age 28):
LN: Perrot
DH: (age 30) Marcus Paul

DD: (age 16 months): Brooklyn Isabella

DS~1 (age 26) is engaged to: (age 26) Samantha Kristen
DD#2's Family (age 51):
LN: Aldershore
DH: (age 52) Russell Keith
DW: DD#1 (age 51)

DS*1: (age 27) Russell Keith Jr.
DS: (age 24) Cody Jeffery

DS*1's Family (age 27):
LN: Aldershore
DW: (age 28) Sarah Chelsea
Expecting: DD/DD: Lila Charlotte & Ruby Madeline
DD#2's Family (age 48)
LN: Callaghan
DH: (age 51) Thomas Frank
DW: DD#2 (age 48) 

DD: (age 22) Courtney Allison
DS: (age 21) Aaron Nathan
DD: (age 19) Cassandra Paige
DD: (age 15) Olivia Abigail
DS#2's Family (age 47)
LN: Wyman
DH: DS#2 (age 47)
Ex wife 1: (age 45) Jacqueline Renee
DS: (age 25) Jesse Seth

Ex wife 2: (age 40) Regina Beth
DS: (age 19) John Daniel
DD@1: (age 17) Lacey Faith

DD@1's Family (age 17)
DS: (4 months) Kingston Knox

Current wife: (age 36) Meredith Jillian
DS: (age 11) Wyatt Carter
DS: (age 9) Hayden Parker
DD: (age 8) Ella Ashlyn

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Posted 07 March 2017 - 11:08 AM

LN: Afton
DH: Edward Eugene "Ed" (age 75)
DW: Shirley Frances (age 72) 
DS#1: James Ronald "Jim" (age 53)
DD#1: Kathleen Judy "Kathy" (age 51)
DD#2: Deobrah Mary "Debbie" (age 48)
DS#2: Steven Bruce "Steve" (age 47)
Ed and Shirley Afton with Jim, Kathy, Debbie, and Steve
LN: Afton
DH: James Ronald "Jim" (age 53) 
DW: Cheryl Denise (age 53)
DD~1: Erin Michelle (age 30)
DD~2: Amanda Nicole (age 28)
DS~1: Jeremy Patrick (age 26)
Jim and Cheryl Afton with Erin, Amanda, and Jeremy
LN: Seaver
DH: Chad Anthony (age 34)
DW: Erin Michelle (age 30)
DS: Lucas Ethan "Luke" (age 6)
DD: Maya Grace (age 3)
Chad and Erin Seaver with Luke and Maya
LN: Waterford
DH: Christopher Sean "Chris" (age 30)
DW: Amanda Michelle (Age 28)
DD: Chloe Peyton (age 16 months)
LN: Seaver / Tyson
DS~1: Jeremy Patrick  (age 26)
Dfiance: Lauren Amber (age 26)
Jeremy Seaver and Lauren Tyson
LN: Powell
DH: Russell Wayne (age 52)
DW: Kathleen Judy "Kathy" (age 51)
DS*1: Russell Wayne, Jr. "Russ" (age 27)
DS: Dustin Jeffrey "Dusty" (age 24)
Russell and Kathy Powell with Russ and Dusty
LN: Powell
DH: Russell Wayne, Jr. "Russ" (age 27)
DW: Megan Jessica (age 27)
Expecting: DD/DD: Ruby Piper / Lila Kendall
Russ and Megan Powell with Ruby and Lila
LN: Friel 
DH: Frank Thomas (age 51)
DW: Deborah Mary "Debbie" (age 48) 
DD: Courtney Elizabeth (age 22)
DS: Nicholas Brett "Nick" (age 21)
DD: Cassandra Paige "Cassie" (age 19)
DD: Caitlin Brooke (age 15) 
Frank and Debbie Friel with Courtney, Nick, Cassie, and Caitlin
LN: Afton
DH: Steven Bruce "Steve" (age 47)
Ex wife 1: Lisa Renee Johnson (age 45)
DS: Seth Adam (age 25)
Steve Afton and Lisa Johnson with Seth Afton
Ex wife 2: Trisha Valerie Miles (age 40)
DS: Steven Bruce, Jr. "Bruce" (age 19)
DD@1: Faith Janelle (age 17)
Steve Afton and Trisha Miles with Bruce and Faith Afton
DD@1: Faith Janelle (age 17)
DS: Camden Gage (4 months)
Faith Afton with Camden
Current wife: Kelly Tamara (age 36)
DS: Chase Logan (age 11)
DS: Liam Parker (age 9)
DD: Kira Delaney (age 8)
Steve and Kelly Afton with Chase, Liam, and Kira

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Posted 16 March 2017 - 05:55 PM

LN: Wyman
DH: Robert William "Rob" Wyman {75}
DW: Margaret Delores "Maggie" Wyman (nee Afton) {72}
DS: James David "Jamie" Wyman {53}
DD: Cynthia Diane Wyman {51}
DD: Laura Janet Wyman {48}
DS: Daniel John Wyman {47}
Rob and Maggie wirth Jamie, Cynthia, Laura, and Daniel.
Jamie's Family
LN: Wyman
DH: James David "Jamie" Wyman {53}
DW: Julie Denise Wyman (nee Graves) {53}
DD: Stephanie Michelle Wyman {30}
DD: Melissa Nicole "Missy" Wyman {28}
DS: Joshua Robert "Josh" Wyman {26}
Jamie and Julie with Stephanie, Missy, and Josh.
Stephanie's Family
LN: Langley
DH: Michael Anthony Langley {34}
DW: Stephanie Michelle Langley (nee Wyman) {30}
DS: Noah Samuel Langley {6}
DD: Amelia Claire Langley {3}
Michael and Stephanie with Noah and Amelia.
Missy's Family
LN: Bellamy
DH: Justin Paul Bellamy {30}
DW: Melissa Nicole "Missy" Bellamy (nee Wyman) {28}
DD: Sophie Brooklyn Bellamy {16 mos}
Justin and Missy with Sophie.
Josh's Family
LN: Wyman
DFH: Joshua Robert "Josh" Wyman {26}
DFW: Lauren Danielle Seaver {26}
Josh and Lauren.
LN: Smith
DH: Phillip Donald Smith {52}
DW: Cynthia Diane Smith (nee Wyman) {51}
DS: Phillip Donald "PJ" Smith Jr. {27}
DS: Cody Matthew Smith {24}
Phillip and Cynthia with PJ and Cody.
PJ's Family
LN: Smith
DH: Phillip Donald "PJ" Smith Jr. {27}
DW: Natalie Vanessa "Tali" Smith (nee Baines) {28}
DD/DD: Piper Charlotte Smith / Lila Reese Smith {in the oven)
PJ and Tali soon to be joined by Piper and Lila.
Laura's Family
LN: Hines
DH: Thomas Roger "Tommy" Hines {51}
DW: Laura Janet Hines (nee Wyman) {48}
DD: Allison Elizabeth "Allie" Hines {22}
DS: Tyler Nicholas Hines {21}
DD: Victoria Katherine Hines {19}
DD: Emily Madison Hines {15}
Tommy and Laura with Allie, Tyler, Victoria, and Emily.
Daniel's Family
LN: Wyman
DH: Daniel John Wyman {47}
EX-DW 1: Lisa Marie McNeil {45}
DS: Adam Mitchell Wyman {25}
EX-DW 2: Melinda Beth Sheridan {40}
DD: Lacey Cheyenne Wyman  {17}
DW: Meredith Jillian Wyman {36}
DS: Levi Carter Wyman {11}
DS: Parker Hayden Wyman {9}
DD: Sierra Delaney Wyman {8}
Daniel and Lisa with Adam, and Melinda with Lacey, and Meredith wirh Levi, Parker, and Sierra.
Lacey's Family
LN: Wyman
Lacey Cheyenne Wyman {17}
DS: Hunter Gage Wyman {4 mos.}
Lacey with Hunter.

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Posted 27 May 2023 - 12:44 PM

The Wyman Family


DH William Bill Harold (75) and DW Margaret Greta Joan (72)


DS James David (53)

DD Nancy Diane (51)

DD Mary Janet (48)

DS Peter John (47)




James Jim David Wyman (53)

DW Julie Anne (53)


DD Stephanie Annie Erin (30)

w/ DH Anthony Al Alan Rickard (34) and children, DS Ethan Samuel (6) and DD Maya Grace (3)

DD Melissa Ellie Nicole (28)

w/ DH Christopher Topher Paul Gosselin (30) and DD Isabella Abbie Harper(1.5)

DS Andrew Drew Timothy (26)

w/ DF Danielle Nell Kristen (26)


Jim and Julie Wyman with their children,

Annie (& Al), Ellie (& Topher) and Drew (& Nell),

And grandchildren,

Ethan, Maya and Abbie.




Nancy Nance Diane {Wyman} (51)

DH Philip Phil Russell Aldershore (52)


DS Philip Russ Russell (27)

w/ DW Vanessa Nessie Megan (28) and DD/DD Madeline Della Reese and Charlotte Lottie Piper (Due)

DS Matthew Matty Dustin (24)


Nance and Phil Aldershore with their sons, 

Russ (& Nessie) and Matty,

And granddaughter,

Della & Lottie.




Mary MJ Janet {Wyman} (48)

DH Thomas Tom Glenn Callaghan (51)


DD Elizabeth Betsy Ashley (22)

DS Nicholas Nick Brett (21)

DD Katherine Kitty Shelby (19)

DD Abigail Gail Sydney (15)


MJ and Tom Callaghan with their children,

Betsy, Nick, Kitty and Gail.




Peter Pete John Wyman (47)

Ex-DW Marie Jacqueline (45)


DS Jesse Jared (25)


Ex-DW Melinda Mel Beth (40)


DS Peter PJ John (19)

DD Faith Marissa (17)

w/ DS Hunter Gage (4mos)


Current DW Meredith Edie Kelly (36)


DS Wyatt Spencer (11)

DS Liam Hayden (9)

DD Kira Delaney (8)


Pete and Edie with their children,

Jesse, PJ, Faith, Wyatt, Liam and Kira,

And grandson,


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