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Posted 25 March 2010 - 09:58 AM

I love creating characters for a book. I just don't have the writing talents to see a book through to the end! I usually end up creating the characters, a brief outline and dropping it to move on. I thought it would be fun to create a group of characters for a story instead of a family. Hope you enjoy!

Setting is a small town in the Western frontier of the USA. The year is 1881. You can decide ages, physical characteristics, etc. Or, you can just select names, be sure to include last names. You can also give any of them children and/or spouses.

Name of your town:







Saloon Owner:

Dance Hall Girl 1:

Dance Hall Girl 2:

Town Drunk:


Mercantile Owner:

Farmer/Rancher 1:

Farmer/Rancher 2:

Native American Chief:

Name of his tribe:

Peace time or wartime between settlers and natives?

Any other characters, if so desired:

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Posted 25 March 2010 - 10:31 AM

Name of your town: Crank Village

Mayor: Lawrence (Law) Clyde Miller

Sheriff: Norman (Norm) Jay Morris

Deputy: Percy James Nelson

Outlaw(s): Reuben Campbell, Augustus and Cordelia Mitchell

Pastor: Solomon Clark Taylor

Doctor: Clifton (Cliff) Burton Jenkins

Saloon Owner: Anderson (Andy) Steve and Phoebe Louise Bennett

Dance Hall Girl 1: Virginia (Virgie) Gladys Cruz

Dance Hall Girl 2: Linda Ivy Watson

Town Drunk: Bruce Michael Cox

Banker: Hugo Millard Gomez

Mercantile Owner: Seth Conrad Rochardson

Farmer/Rancher 1: Neal Green and Dolly Nola Wood

Farmer/Rancher 2: Glen Abner and Verna Belle Cook

Native American Chief: Dezba

Name of his tribe: Navajo

Peace time or wartime between settlers and natives? Peace time

Any other characters, if so desired: Rebel girl-hero/outlaw Madeleine Una Holman

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Posted 25 March 2010 - 10:57 AM


YEAR: 1881.

TOWN: Arlington, Texas.

The Trousdales.

DH: Jeremiah Joseph (Mayor)
DW: Mary Elizabeth

DD: Florence 'Flo' Victoria
DD: Matilda 'Tillie' Louise
DD: Emeline 'Emi' Hannah
DS: Caleb Jeremiah

Jerry & Mary with their children Flo, Tillie, Emi and Caleb.

The Austin Family.

(38) DH: Elias John (Sheriff)
(21) DW: Sarah 'Sarah Beth' Elizabeth

(5) DD: Katherine 'Kate' Ann

Sheriff Elias Austin, his wife Sarah-Beth and their daughter Kate.

The Wilcox Family.

(41) DH: Gideon Amos
(40) DW: Helen Rebecca

(22) DS: Aaron Matthias (Deputy)
(15) DD: Cora Vivienne

Gideon and Helen, with their children Aaron and Cora.

The McKinneys.

(40) DH: George Abram (Pastor)
(26) DW: Genevieve Pearl

Pastor George McKinney and his wife Genevieve.

The Lewis family.

(40) DH: Gabriel Ezra (Doctor)
(35) DW: Marie Anne

(14) DS: Charles Ephraim
DS/DS: Harry Paul & Henry William
DD: Juliet Anna
DD: Estelle Rose
DD: Phoebe May

Dr. Gabriel Lewis, his wife Marie and their children Charlie, Harry, Juliet, Estelle and Phoebe..

Jay Rueben Brown (Saloon Owner)

The Campbells.

DH: Thomas Edward
DW: Grace Olive (Dance Hall Girl)

DS: Jasper Everett
DD: Leah Margaret
DD/DD: Alice Rachel & Abigail 'Abbie' Ruth

Tom and Grace with their children Jasper, Leah, Alice and Abbie.

The Hendersons.

(25) DW: Louise Mariah (Dance Hall Girl)

(8) DD: Elizabeth Temperance
(4) DS: Joseph Harvey
(10 months) DD: Evelyn Patience

Louise and her children Beth, Joey and Evie.

The Foremans.

(24) DH: Robert George (Banker)
(17) DW: Emily Charity

(7 months) DS: Adam Robert
(Due in 3 months) DS: Samuel Thomas

Robert and Emily with their children Adam and Samuel.

The Burtons.

(28) DH: Anthony Lionel (Mercantile Owner)
(19) DW: Martha Lorraine

Anthony and his wife Martha.

The Page Family.

(50) DH: Alan Stephen (Farmer)

(14) DD: Cathleen 'Cathy' Adelaide
(12) DD: Lynette 'Lynn' Moira

Alan and his daughters Cathy and Lynn.

The Olsons.

(31) DH: Walter 'Walt' Calvin (Farmer)
(25) DW: Anna Mae

(6 1/2) DD: Willa Josephine
(5) DS: Bennet Austen
(3) DD: Lenora Eve
(2) DD/DD/DS/DS: Hannah Camille, Roxana Madeline, Andrew James & Daniel John

Walt and Anna with their children Willa, Bennet, Lenora, Hannah, Roxana, Andrew and Daniel.

Name of his tribe: Kiowa Apache

(47) DH: Guipago -Lone Wolf- (Native American Chief)
(36) DW: Clara Virginia

(16) DD: Adahi Butterfly
(14) DS: Ross Gavin
(13) DD: Chenoa Ruby
(12) DS: Wilson Jack
(8) DD: Mahala Opal
(5) DD: Tansy Scarlett

Chieftan Guipago, his wife Clara and their children Adahi, Ross, Chenoa, Wilson, Mahala and Tansy.

And the rest of his tribe.

Peace time between settlers and natives.


Alastair Clyde Overton (Town Drunk), Stanley Mitchell Hansen (Outlaw), Jane Charlotte McCoy (Nurse), Oscar Herbert Wilder (Lawyer), Francis May Adler (Nurse) and Euphemia Jo Maybery (Plantation Owner).

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Posted 25 March 2010 - 12:47 PM

Town: Kirkland, New Mexico
Year: 1881


Charles Jeremiah Kirk (48) - Charles is the grandson of Jeremiah Kirk, founder of the town.
DW: Alice Jane Kirk (44)
DD: Anna Jane (23)
DD: Sara Jean (20)
DD: Leah June (16)

Charles and Alice Kirk; Anna, Sara and Leah


Calvin G. Daniels (33) - Cal is a widower of 7 years. He is private and a work-a-holic. In the 6 years he has been here, no one has discovered what the "G" stands for.

Cal Daniels


George Amos Pickens (25) - Everyone calls the deputy "Fish", a nickname leftover from childhood. Fish was born in Kirkland. He is trying to catch the eye of Sara Kirk.

Fish Pickens


Reuben Jefferson Woods (24)
Roland Jackson Woods (24) - Reuben and RJ have a hideout in a natural cave at a nearby canyon. They rustle cattle and occasionally help theirselves to supplies and money of travelers passing through.

Reuben and RJ Woods


Clayton Isaiah Westbrook (21)
DW: Rebekah Ruth Westbrook (19) - Clay is fresh out of college. He and Becky have been in Kirkland for 3 months.

Clay and Becky Westbrook


Luke Stephen Dixon (45)
DW: Mary Katherine Dixon (45)
DS: Walter James Dixon (26) –
DW: Clara Edith (26) - Walt and his wife, Clara, live in a neighboring town, six hours away. DS: John Stephen (8)
DD: Katie Louise (3)
Clara is also expecting.
Walt and Clara Dixon; John and Katie
DD: Nellie Mae Fitzgerald (24)
DH: Thomas Arthur Fitzgerald - Nellie and husband, Tom, live in North Carolina.
DS: George Thomas (6)
DS: Frank Edward (5)
DS: Harry William (3)
DD: Emma Rose (2)
DD: Ella Mae (4 months)
Tom and Nellie Fitzgerald; George, Frank, Harry, Emma and Ella
DD: Bessie Lou Davis (22) - Bessie is a widow of 21 months. She and her daughter live with Luke and Mary.
DD: Annie Beth
Bessie Davis; Annie
DD: Sallie Rose Cooper (19)
DH: Jacob Daniel Cooper (26)
DD: Addie Jo (2)
Jake and Sallie Cooper; Addie
DD: Susie Belle (16)
DS: Albert Stephen (12)
DS: Oliver Simon(7)

Luke and Mary Dixon; Walt, Nellie, Bessie, Sallie, Susie, Albert and Ollie

Saloon Owner:

Jesse Willard Tompkins (28) - Jess won the "Wild Lobo" in a poker game. He has been owner for 2 years.

Jess Tompkins

Dance Hall Girl 1:

Frances Mabel Ashford (23) - "Scarlett" was orphaned at age 16. With no other options to support herself, she took the only job available.

Scarlett Ashford

Dance Hall Girl 2:

Sadie Pearl McBane (16) - Sadie's father landed this job for her. He takes the most of her earnings to support his alcohol and gambling habits. Sadie's mother died giving birth to her.
DS: Jack Robert (1)

Sadie McBane; Jack

Town Drunk:

Leonard Clyde McBane - Leo is the father of Sadie, widower and drunk for 16 years.

Leo McBane


Norman Wesley Stanford (27) - Norman was sent out by his uncle to open the bank in Kirkland 4 years ago. Norman is polite and fair, but he does nothing social with the town folk. People are curious about the mysterious Norman.

Norman Stanford

Mercantile Owner:

Sean Kelly MacDougal (29) - Sean stumbled across Kirkland 11 years ago. He liked the quaint town, found the mercantile for sale and used part of his inheritance to secure the purchase. Sean knows everyone and everyone's business. His heart breaks for Sadie and, despite the age difference, thinks he is falling in love with her.

Sean MacDougal

Farmer/Rancher 1:

Jacob Daniel Cooper (26)
DW: Sallie Rose (19) - Jake co-owns the Double C Ranch with his father, Jim.
DD: Addie Jo (2).

Jake and Sallie Cooper; Addie

Farmer/Rancher 2:

James Everett Cooper (42)
DW: Lydia Elizabeth Cooper (41) - Jim and Lydia were forced into a shotgun wedding at the ages of 16 and 14. Jake arrived five months later. They've had some tough times but have worked through them and made a good life for themselves.
DS: Jacob Daniel (26)
DS: Jack Gabriel (19) - Jack works on the ranch with Jim and Jake. He is building his own house and has his eye on a girl, but is keeping the information to himself.
DS: Jasper Phillip(13)
DD: Eliza Jeanette(10)
DD: Amelia Josephine(10)

Jim and Lydia Cooper; Jake, Jack, Jasper, Eliza and Mia

Farmer/Rancher 3:

Nathan Randolph Davenport (25)
DW: Florence Pauline (20) - Nate is best friends with Jake Cooper. Flora answered a mail order bride Nate had placed. They've been married two years and are expecting their first child. They own the "Running D" ranch.

Nate and Flora Davenport

Native American Chief: Gliding Hawk
DD: Singing Lark

Name of his tribe: Cherokee

There is peace between the natives and settlers.

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Posted 25 March 2010 - 07:28 PM

Name of your town: Walton

Mayor: Henry Robert Burns and his wife Alice Mary Burns

Sheriff: Thomas Edward Perkins and his wife Nora Helen Perkins and their children:
Amos Edward
Dennis Victor

Deputy: Samuel Clarence Brady

Outlaw(s): Mabel Florence and Walter Ernest Davis

Pastor: Roy Daniel Kleinschmidt

Doctor: Jesse Andrew Rogers and his wife Lydia Jane Rogers and their children
Adam Moses
Ross Marshall
Simon Clinton
Sylvia Christine

Saloon Owner: Raymond Lawrence Wrisberg

Dance Hall Girl 1: Ellen Josephine Wheeler

Dance Hall Girl 2: Blanche Katherine Russell

Town Drunk: Hugh Patrick Coneely

Banker: Isaac Ray Schaffer and his wife Matilda Rose Schaffer and their daughter
Lucy Frances

Mercantile Owner: Phillip Warren Rhodes

Farmer/Rancher 1: Stephen Willis Cooper

Farmer/Rancher 2: Wesley John Sweeney

Native American Chief: Alsoomse Alawa and his wife Ankti Doba and their daughters
Kanti Kaya
Nidawi Satinka

Name of his tribe: Mali

Peace time

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Posted 26 March 2010 - 02:51 AM

Year: 1881
Blackburn, Oklahoma

Mayor: William Albert Montgomery Jr. (47) - Was the towns crown prosecutor before being elected mayor.
DW: Margaret Clara (42)

DD: Catherine Nora (22) + DH: Frederick Thomas Boyce (25) + DD: Caroline Stella (infant) - Frederick is a promising young lawyer
DD: Josephine Alice (21) + Fiance: Robert Henry English (23) - Robert is the son of a wealthy factory owner
DS: William Albert III (19) - Studying law at the university of Pennsylvania

William & Margaret Montgomery w/Catherine (Boyce), Josephine & William
Frederick & Catherine Boyce w/Caroline

Sheriff: Warren Eugene Hardy (48)
DW: Martha Nell Hardy (47)

Warren and Martha have tried to have children for many years but have been unsuccessful.
Warren & Martha Hardy
Deputy: Robert John Underhill "Bobby" (23) - Towns most eligible bachelor. Broke the heart of Josephine Montgomery.

Outlaw(s): Irvin (25) & Clyde Griswald (22) - Irvin and Clyde are brothers and the son's of a local farmer. They didn't care much for farm work so they took to robbery. They are rather successful horse thieves and are known for robbing pay wagons and stage coaches.

Pastor: Samuel John Abrams (36)
DW: Ruth Victoria (34)

DS: Joseph Edwin (12)
DS: David Ira (10)
DS: Benjamin James (9)
DD: Mary Elizabeth (6)
DS: Thomas Jacob (5)

Samuel & Ruth Abrams w/Joseph, David, Benjamin, Mary & Thomas

Doctor: Charles Henry Northcott (44)
DW: Florence Mabel (44)

DD: Lillian Grace (21) - Works at her fathers clinic
DS: Charles Henry Jr. (20)
DS: Theodore Jasper (18)
DD: Sarah Frances (17)
DD: Alice Rebecca (14)

Charles & Florence Northcott w/Lily, Charlie, Theo, Sarah & Alice


Saloon Owner: Virginia Louise Randall "Ginny" (42)
DH: Franklin Herbert Randall (30)

Ginny inherited the saloon when her father Willard "Wild Willie" died last year. Ginny married the saloon's young bartender Frankie Randall shortly after.

Ginny & Frankie Randall

Dance Hall Girl 1: Fannie Mae Norris (22) - Fannie is the young mother of two. Having had her children out of wedlock she was outcast from her family.
DS: Oliver Jack (4)
DD: Georgia Daisy (2)

Fannie Norris w/Ollie & Georgie

Dance Hall Girl 2: Luella Margaret Huxley "Lu" (35) - Lu landed the job recently when her dear friend Ginny inherited the saloon. A pro 'dance hall girl', Lu was fired from her last gig for 'looking too old'.

Town Drunk: Floyd Elmer Roscoe (52) - Floyd an ex farmhand is estranged from his wife and children.

Banker: Emmett Percy Parsons (37)
DW: Ada Louise (37) - The sister of Margaret Montgomery. Ada has always been jealous of her sister. She is the towns primary source of gossip.

DS: George Emmett (16)
DD: Charlotte Jane (15)
DD: Eliza Sue (13)

Emmett & Ada Parsons w/George, Charlotte & Eliza


Mercantile Owner: Lewis Fleming (41) - Widowed

Farmer/Rancher 1: Earl Clarence Griswald (48)
DW: Edna Harriet (47)

DS: Irvin Walter (27) - Town outlaw
DD: Ethel Rose (25) - Married to Albert Plank (farmer)
DS: Clyde Herbert (22) - Town outlaw
DD: Pearl Miriam (20)
DS: Virgil Emory (17) - Farmhand

Earl & Edna Griswald w/Irvin, Ethel, Clyde, Pearl & Virgil

Farmer/Rancher 2: Albert Norman Plank "Bert" (32)
DW: Ethel Rose (25)

DD: Jennie Ethel (8)
DD: Mollie Estelle (7)
DD: Maggie Ellen (5)
DD: Lucie Emma (2)
DD: Bessie Evelyn (infant)

Bert would love to have a son to help out on the farm but he and his wife Ethel have had 5 daughter.

Bert & Ethel Plank w/Jennie, Mollie, Maggie, Lucie & Bessie

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Posted 29 March 2010 - 06:02 PM

Setting is a small town in the Western frontier of the USA. The year is 1881. You can decide ages, physical characteristics, etc. Or, you can just select names, be sure to include last names. You can also give any of them children and/or spouses.

Name of your town: Grasshopper Gulch, NV

Mayor: Richard Henry Osbourne [47]
His Wife: Helen Amanda Osbourne [44]
Their children:
William Henry Osbourne "Will" [23]
Margaret Amelia Osbourne Harris "Maggie" [21]
Caroline Augusta Osbourne "Carrie" [18]
Benjamin Michael Osbourne "Ben" [15]
Mildred Lucretia Osbourne "Millie" [12]
Matthew David Osbourne "Matt" [12]

Richard Osbourne became mayor of Grasshopper Gulch 15 years ago, and has been reelected every election ever since. He tries his best to keep the people of the town happy and safe. His current concern is the increased activity of the Wilson Gang, a band of outlaws. He and his wife Helen have six children.

Sheriff: Lucien Davis Monroe [37]
His Wife: Mildred Josephine Monroe "Millie" [36]
Their children:
Malcolm Joesph Monroe [17]
Lillian Julia Monroe "Lilly" [15]

Lucien has served as a lawman in Grasshopper Gulch for more almost twenty years. He was a deputy when Mary Clay was killed in the fire that destroyed both her house and the town saloon. Though that happened ten years ago, the fact that the culprit was never caught still bothers Lucien at times. He has a suspsicion of who commited the crime, but he's currently busy dealing with the Wilson Gang...and keeping the boys away from his pretty teenage daughter.

Deputy: Isaac Stephen Harris [23]
His Wife: Margaret Amelia Osbourne Harris "Maggie" [21]
Their son: Richard Stephen Harris "Richie" [11 mo.]

Isaac Harris is the sheriff's deputy in Grasshopper Gulch, and he takes his job very seriously. He hates the Wilson Gang and their actions, and he wants to be the one to bring their criminal lifestyles to an end. But he is also very upset by the fact that his former best friend Wesley Clay is second-in-command in the gang, and that he will hang with the rest of them.

Outlaw 1: Maverick Wilson (aka Charlie Luke Anderson) [24]

Maverick was born Charlie Anderson in Tennessee to a couple of dirt-poor farmers. When he was 17, he decided to go west to seek his fortune. En route to California, he was captured by a gang of outlaws. They would have killed him for his horse and the few possesions he had, but he impressed them with his sharp shooting and smooth talking. They invited him to join their gang, and he accepted, changing his name to Maverick Wilson. When the leader of the gang was killed the following year, Maverick became their leader, and has been for the past six years.

Outlaw 2: Wesley Stuart Clay "Wes" [23]

Maverick's best friend and right-hand man, Wes is a half-Indian young man born and raised in Grasshopper Gulch. Because of his mother was an American Indian, people mistrusted the Clay family when Wes was a child, and they lived on the outskirts of society. One of Wes' few friends was another local boy, Isaac Harris. When Wes was 13, his mother was killed in a fire that someone started in the Clay family home, and the law did little to find the culprit. Wes has no love for the authorities, and he sees being outlaw as a way to get back at those who scorned his family, and let his mother's killer go free.

Outlaw 3: Virginia Alice Clay "Ginny" [21]

Wes' younger sister Ginny has been a member of the Wilson Gang since she was sixteen. While many of the men disagree with having a female in the group, none of them can deny that she is a definite asset. The few men that have dared to make fun of her have ended up on the ground in pain. Ginny is an excellent shot and can ride a horse as good as any of the men. She has also flirted her way out of many a tense situation, and the police often refuse to arrest her because she's a woman (and a pretty one at that). She has it bad for Maverick, and wishes he'd see her as more than one of the boys.

Pastor: Reverend Jacob Matthew Taylor [38]
His wife: Sarah Jane Taylor [36]
Their children:
Rebecca Hope Taylor [16]
Rachel Grace Taylor [15]
Daniel Abram Taylor [13]

Rev. Taylor and his family have lived in Grasshopper Gulch for many years, and are well-respected members of the community.

Doctor: Dr. Robert John Halliwell [25]
His Wife: Euphemia Violet Halliwell "Mia" [21]

Robert Halliwell's parents have always said that he was the brightest of their nine children, and when he was a teenager they sent him to one of the finest medical schools in New York City. While he was attending medical school he met Euphemia Hampton, the daughter of a wealthy businessman. Robert asked to marry her, and while her parents did not approve at first because Robert had no money and no class, Mia was able to convince them that he had potential and could support her well. When he graduated from medical school, Robert spent a couple of years as a doctor to the rich and famous of NYC. But he soon grew tired of the wealthy. When an oppurtunity to move to practice medicine in a frontier town in Nevada came, Robert took it. Mia dutifully follwed him, as is expected of a wife, but she dosen't enjoy living in Grasshopper Gulch, and wishes she were still back east living the life of luxury.

Saloon Owner: Everett James Haywood [38]

Everett Haywood opened the Grasshopper Gulch Saloon ten years ago, after the previous drinking establishment burned down in the same fire that killed Mary Clay. The saloon has been rather sucessful, and is known especially for its beautiful dance hall girls. Though he is a shrewd businessman, Everett is also a truly caring induvidual that respects the law, and he refuses to let his saloon turn into a brothel. He has been in a romantic relationship with Daisy for a long time, but the two aren't married.

Dance Hall Girl 1: Dorothy Anne Swisher "Daisy" [27]

Daisy has worked in the Grasshopper Gulch Saloon since it opened ten years ago. Though not as young as she used to be, she is still considered one of the prettiest women in town (though none of the "decent" people would admit it), and she is always the headliner in the shows. She is kind of like a big sister to Kitty Anderson, and the two are very close. She and Everett have been in a romantic relationship for eight years, but have not gotten married because it would be bad for business. She recently found out that she is expecting Everett's child.

Dance Hall Girl 2: Kitty Mae Anderson [19]

Kitty was born to a poor family in Tennessee. When she 12, here then-seventeen-year old brother Charlie left the family to seek his fortune out west. When both of her parents died three years later, she decided to go west to look for him. She eventually ended up in Grasshopper Gulch with no money and no prospects and took a job as a dance hall girl to support herself. She still dreams of finding her brother Charlie, who unbeknownst to her is actually the notorious outlaw Maverick Wilson.

Town Drunk: Marvin Curtis Wade [31]

Marvin Wade is a man aged far beyond his thirty-one years. As a younger man, he traveled all around the frontier, gambling and enjoying the company of prostitutes and outlaws. His wild lifestyle finally caught up with him when he reached Grasshopper Gulch a few years ago with no money and no friends. He occasionally does odd jobs around town to support his drinking habit, but he is generally seen hanging around the saloon. He is also often in jail, sleeping off his latest bender. Marvin is harmless for the most part, and the residents of the town treat him with a kind of absent-minded tolerance.

Banker: Frances Arthur Columbus "Frank" [45]

Frank the Banker is a well-known member of the community, and is generally well-liked. He is one of the more honest men in town, and the people know that their money is safe with him. His wife Isabelle died in childbirth several years ago, and he never remarried. He is a jolly man, and loves children, despite the fact he never had any.

Mercantile Owner: Andrew Byron Merchant [32]
His Wife: Adelina Charlotte Merchant [30]
Their children:
Elizabeth Sadie Merchant "Eliza" [9]
Samuel Elijah Merchant [6]
Emma Harriet Merchant [3]

From the day he was born, Andrew Merchant seemed to live up to his last name. He got a job in his uncle's store when he was twelve, and took over the business when he was eighteen. Merchant's General Store is one of the most successful businesses in town, and the Merchant family lives very comfortably.

Farmer/Rancher 1: Elijah Clayton Brown "Eli" [51]
His Wife: Laura Elizabeth Brown [49]
Their children:
Adelina Charlotte Merchant [30]
Thomas Reuben Brown [18]

Eli and Laura Brown came west with their daughter Addie in 1862 as part of the MacGregor wagon train. They settled in Grasshopper Gulch and became successful ranchers. The year after they arrived, much to their surprise and delight, a son was born to the couple. Tommy is growing up to be a fine young man, and his parents are confident he will run the ranch well when they become too old. He is in love with Kitty Anderson, but doesn’t want his parents to know. Addie is married to Andrew Merchant, the owner of the general store in town, and they have three children.

Farmer/Rancher 2: Vernon Alfred Wyatt

Vernon is a cruel man with a fiery temper who has never been married. He was infatuated with Mary Clay from the first time he saw her. He wanted her, never mind the fact that she was a married woman with two children. Over the years, his admiration for her turned to hatred as she spurned his advances. It was Vernon who set the fire to the Clay home in which Mary perished. He believes that he has gotten away with the crime, but Sheriff Monroe suspects something.

Native American Chief: Painted Moccasin

Chief Painted Moccasin's band of Paiutes live several miles outside of town. While there has been tension between the natives and the ranchers, relations are generally peaceful.
Name of his tribe: Paiute

Peace time or wartime between settlers and natives? There is currently peace.

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Posted 27 January 2011 - 08:16 AM

Brownsville, Texas.

LN Thompson

[Mayor] DH John William {45}
DW Mary Alice {39}

DD Emma Victoria {21}
LN Bennett
DH Joseph Henry {27}
DD Rose Mary {2}
DD Anna Margaret {19}
DD Sarah Elisabeth {17}
DS John William II {16}

Mayor J. Thompson and his wife Mary Alice.
Emma {With her husband Joe & daughter Rose}, Anna, Sarah & Jonny.

LN Sawyer

[Sheriff] DH Tom Edward {32}
DW Julia Catherine {26}

DS William John {5}
DS Robert Louis {2}

Sheriff Tom Sawyer and his wife Julia.
Billy & Bobby.

[Deputy] Benjamin Luke Armstrong. {25}

LN Jenkins

[Pastor] DH Patrick Hugh
DW Sara Grace

DD|DD Lydia Hazel // Grace Miriam
DS Freddie Oliver
DS James Arthur
DD Nora Katherine

Pastor P. Jenkins and his wife Sally.
Lydia, Grace, Freddie, James & Nora.

LN Monroe

[Doctor] DF Samuel Walter {28}
DF Lucy Josephine {23}

Dr. Samuel Monroe and his fiance Lucy.

LN Green

[Doctor] DH Peter August {30}
DW Viola Grace {27}

DD Charlotte Beatrice {4}
DS Theodore August {Due in 4 weeks}

Dr. Peter Green and his wife Viola.
Lottie & Teddy.

[Saloon Owner] Homer Anthony Carlton. {42}

LN Abrams

[Dance Hall Girl] DM Rachel Faye {31}

DD Virginia Alice {9}
DD|DD Matilda Harriet // Teresa Eleanor {4}

Rachel Abrams.
Ginny, Tillie & Tessa.

LN Halliwell

[Banker] DH Warren Felix {29}
DW Ivy Ophelia {22}

DS Wiley Abraham {5}

Warren and Ivy Halliwell.

LN Wilson

[Mercantile Owner] DH George Vincent {58}
DW Melinda Jean {53}

DS Joshua Isaac {35}
DW Bridget Corinne {30}
DD Abigail Sarah {10}
DD Georgina Mae {7}
DS Christian Luke {5}
DD Rosalie Joy {2}
DD Emily Jacqueline {32}
LN Anderson
DH Jack Leonard {32}
DS Caleb Josiah {6}
DD Sarah Elisabeth Jean {5}
DS Timothy Alexander {28}
DW Mara Jeanette {24}
DS Spencer Lawrence {24}
DD Cecilia Margaret {21}
DF Thomas Stephen {22}
DD Phoebe Caroline {17}

George and Linda Wilson.
Josh {with his wife Bridget & children Abbey, Gigi, Chris & Rose}, Emily {and her husband Jack & children Caleb & Sarah-Beth},
Tim {and his wife Mara}, Spencer, Cecilia {and her fiance Tom} & Pheobe.

LN Montgomery

[Farmer, Now Town Drunk] DH Emmanuel Wade {46}
DW Ada Elizabeth {30}

DD Christina Isabel {19}

Manny Montgomery.

LN Pickins

[Farmer] DGF Boyd Ernest {66}
DGM Mary Margaret {60}

LN Henderson

DH Philip Raymond {41}
DW Annette Moira {38}

DD Violet June {17}
DS Forrest Kenneth {15}
DD Lucille Ivy {11}

Boyd and Mary Pickins.
Their daughter Ann {Henderson}.
Violet, Forrest & Lucie {Henderson}.

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Posted 27 January 2011 - 01:09 PM

Setting is a small town in the Western frontier of the USA. The year is 1881. You can decide ages, physical characteristics, etc. Or, you can just select names, be sure to include last names. You can also give any of them children and/or spouses.

Name of your town: Tabor

Mayor: Samuel Charles Winston *Sam*
Wife: Mary Grace
DD/DD: Elizabeth Grace *Beth* / Anna Mary *Annie*

Sheriff: John Walter Kerswell
DS: Charles Walter *Charlie*
DS: Henry John
DD: Margaret Alice *Maggie*

Deputy: Andrew Ernest Marshall
Wife: Ada Pearl
DS/DS: Jesse Bert / Benjamin Joseph *Jamie*
DD: Nora Catherine
DS: Jacob Andrew *Jake*

Outlaw(s): Daniel Martin Mayfield / Michael Howard Mayfield

Pastor: Thomas James Hammond

Doctor: William Harry Pennington

Saloon Owner: Isaac Otto Luther

Dance Hall Girl 1: Matilda Mae Daggett *Tilly*

Dance Hall Girl 2: Henrietta Jane Abner *Hetty*

Town Drunk: Paul Herman Lawrence

Banker: Hugh Raymond Babcock

Mercantile Owner: David Corey Wallace *David Corey*

Farmer/Rancher 1: Alexander Edwin Caldecott *Lex*
Wife: Lucy Josephine
DS: August Charles *Augie*
DD/DD: Lydia Rose / Lucille Frances *Celia*

Farmer/Rancher 2: Steven Tyler Milton
Wife: Stella Caroline
DD: Charlotte Rebecca
DS/DD: Wesley Harold *Wes* / Winnifred Harriett *Winny*
DS: Everett Franklin *Rhett*

Native American Chief: Takoda

Name of his tribe: Aponi

Peace time or wartime between settlers and natives?

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Posted 27 January 2011 - 03:35 PM

Name of your town: Westham

Mayor: Jebidiah Garth Hudson *Jeb*
Wife: Dinah Lou Hudson

Sheriff: Ebenenezer Franklin Usher *Ep*

Deputy: *NONE*

Outlaw(s): Yancey Hamilton Tucker

Pastor: Matthew Fordwick *Reverand Fordwick, Reverand*

Doctor: Thomas Lynn Vance *Doc. Vance*

Saloon Owner: Lutie Virgil Bascam
DD: Lois Mae Bascam *LoisMae*

Dance Hall Girl 1: Lois Mae Bascam

Dance Hall Girl 2: Alvira Gertrude Drumend

Town Drunks: Yancey Tucker and Lutie Bascam

Banker: Cody Phillip Nelson

Mercantile Owner: Ivan Jeremiah Godsey *Ike*
DW: CoraBeth Helen Godsey
DD: Aimie Helen Godsey
DS: Lukas Ivan Godsey *Luke*

Farmer/Rancher 1: John Wesley Walton
DW: Olivia Victoria Walton *Liv, Livvy*
DMother: Esther Patrisia Walton
DFather: Zebulon Tyler Walton *Zeb*
DS: John Wesley Walton Jr. *John-Boy*
DS: Jason Cole Walton *Jase*
DD: MaryEllen Victoria Walton
DD: Erin Mae Walton
DS: Benjamin Graham Walton *Ben*
DS: James Robert Walton *Jim-Bob*
DS: (Deasesed) Joseph Zebulon Walton *Joey* (Twin of Jim-Bob)
DD: Elizabeth Katelin Walton

Farmer/Rancher 2: Zachary Robert Harrison *Zac*
DW: Betty-Lou Katrina Harrison
DD: Amelia Lou Harrison
DS: Zachary James Harrison *Junior*
DS: Tobias James Harrison *Toby*
DS: Charles James Harrison *Charlie*

Native American Chief: Franklin *NMN* Wilber *Tall Rain Cloud/Frank*

Name of his tribe: Swahmi


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Posted 28 January 2011 - 07:26 AM

The year is 1881. Two years before, Martians had landed just outside of little county of Goldrush, Oregon. They had planned this attack for ages, though they didn't expect to land in the middle of nowhere. Searching for any sign of life, they finally came across the little country town. They caused quite a commotion within the town, but they finally decided to leave. They then blasted off in their spaceship, and from outer space, fired their Death Ray right at the little county in spite. What they hadn't expected, though, was it to bounce off the earth's atmosphere and back into them! The town was saved, and the Martians defeated (by themselves). Unfortunately, the radiation from the death ray managed to seep through the atmosphere and back into the town of Goldrush. Over the next year, it managed to spread into the surrounding counties, and after two years the whole state of Oregon was a wasteland! The settlers of Oregon mutated into what are known as ghouls. Even though they're in a terribly decomposing state, they are still alive and "well". They managed to invent a water purifying system that purifies the water from any rads. Nothing will grow in the wasteland, so they have to get their food from neighboring states. In return, they trade them gold. The town of Goldrush, though the hardest hit by the death ray, is now bustling with business. The Native Americans get along with the settlers, because they feel like they are all one tribe--the tribe of ghouls. Here are the characters:

Name of your town: Goldrush, Oregon

Mayor: Lensford Hughes *Mayor Lenny*

Sheriff: Jeb Higgins

Deputy: Jed Higgins (brother of Jeb Higgins)

Outlaw(s): *The Rogue Ghouls* (a gang of ghouls who had the the mutation spread to their brain): Ted Stone, Hunter Lee, Will Jibbs, and Roy Camden

Pastor: Christian Lee (the father of Hunter Lee--a part of the Rogue Ghouls)

Doctor: William Solvo

Saloon Owner: Gabe Templeton

Dance Hall Girl 1: Louisa Higgins (sister of Jeb and Jed Higgins)

Dance Hall Girl 2: Jenny Higgins (sister of Louisa Higgins)

Town Drunk: Borachio Oak

Banker: Smith Smithson *The Goldsmith*

Mercantile Owner: Buster Stone (the father of Ted Stone--a part of the Rogue Ghouls)

Farmer/Rancher 1: Silas Turner

Farmer/Rancher 2: Seth Turner (brother of Silas Turner)

Native American Chief: Raventail Eagle Chief

Name of his tribe: Raventail

Peace time or wartime between settlers and natives? Peace

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Posted 31 May 2023 - 05:05 AM


Georgetown, Texas


Town Mayor:

Mayor James Hardy

Edward James Clarence James II Hardy (37)


w/ DW Celia Margaret (34) and children, DS Edward Eddie Clarence James III (17), DS Albert Albie Michael Peter (15), DD Caroline Linny Ada Frances (12) and DD Lucille Lucie Catherine Maude (9)



Deputy Mayor:

Charles Chuck Edgar McGovern (30)


w/ DW Dorothy Dottie Alice (24) and children, DD Jane Eleanor (6), DD Emma Charlotte (4), DD Clara Isabelle (3), DS Noah Patrick (2) and DD Molly Cecelia (nb)


Town Sheriff:

Sheriff Harry Buckner

Harold Harry William Buckner (41)


w/ DW Mamie Elizabeth (30) and children, DD Sadie Harriet (11), DS Charlie Amos (10), DS Jesse Reuben (8), DD/DD Nellie Beatrice and Effie Irene (7) and DS Freddie Walter (6)



Sheriff's Deputy:

Deputy Thomas Jones

Thomas Tom Alfred Jones (22)




Harry Milton Crocker (23)

John Wallace Kirby (21)

Michael Earnest Reeves (17)



Gideon Abner Johnson (58)


w/ DW Esther Abigail (51) and daughters, DD Grace Catherine (24), DD Mary Louise (20) and DD Ruth Eleanor (18)




Dr. David Smith

David Dave Eugene Smith (34)


w/ DW Cornelia Connie Maude (24) and children, DD Mildred Millie Jean (5) and DS Maxwell Max David (2)


Dr. Edie Collins

Edith Edie Amelia Collins (39)


w/ DH Richard Dick Maurice Collins (45) and daughters, DD Georgiana Georgie Mary and Augusta Gus Rose (15), DD Francesca Frankie Eve (11) and DD Theodora Teddie Hazel (10)


Saloon Owner:

Gilbert Gil Wallace Crain (38)

Dance Hall Girl:

Rose Isabelle Henley (19)

Dance Hall Girl:

Josephine Josie Alma Baker (21)

Town Drunk:

Michael John Alistair Dugan (59)




Edmund Ed Alexander Lockwood (40)


w/ DW Alice Marion (34) and children, DS Harrison Harry Edmund (18), DS Nicholas Nick George (17), DD Florence Flora Ethel (15), DS Theodore Teddy Simon (12), DD Genevieve Evie Ida (10), DD Estella Stella Marion (7) and DD Matilda Millie Susan (6)


Mercantile Owner:

Perry Thomas Halliwell (36)


w/ DW Elizabeth Betsy Anna (35) and children, DS Christopher Chip Louis (20), DS Patrick Rick Thomas (18), DD Margaret Maggie Nell (15), DS Benjamin Benji Oscar (11), DD Katherine Kitty Elsie (10), DD Adeline Addie Vera (7) and DD Virginia Ginny Hetty (5)





William Bill Addison Weaver (32)


w/ DW Lily Henrietta Maude (30) and children, DD/DS Olive Winifred and Jasper William (10), DD/DD Rose Virginia and Ruby Mildred (7), DD Hazel Dorothy (4) and DS August Gus Henry (1)


John Amos Lafferty (38)


w/ DW Lydia Louise (27) and sons, DS Amos Alexander (9), DS Felix Frederick (8), DS Silas Samuel (2) and DS Rufus Raymond (nb)


Elijah Eli Stephen Miller (29)


w/ DW Mary Anne (29) and children, DD Sarah Sally Elizabeth (7) and DS/DS James Alexander and John Christopher (3)


Clayton Clay James Rawlings (51)


w/ DW Minnie Josephine (45) and children, DS Emmett Howard (24), DS Warren Edward (21), DD Isabelle Mamie (18), DS Harvey Lewis (14) and DD Georgina Hattie (12)


Allen Al George Ramsey (21)


w/ DW Ada Lucille (19) and DS Archie Everett (7mos)


Eugene Gene Michael Lambert (23)

Simon Gilbert Cooper (30)






Abraham Abe Stanley Murphy (44)

w/ DW Mabel Mae Frances and daughters, DD Birdie Evelyn (20) and DD Clover Winifred (18)


Henry Hank Benjamin Stone (32)


w/ DW Abigail Gail Ruth (30) and children, DS Raymond Ray Maurice (9), DS Rupert Rue Miles (6) and DD Rosalie Ros Martha (3)


Russell John Haggerty (23)


w/ DW Effie Augusta (21) and DD Prairie Elizabeth (2)

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