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Ally's April Girl Name List

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#1 Lazuli


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Posted 16 April 2013 - 08:16 AM

My Current Girl Names

Brooklyn Paige/Isobel
Adalyn Victoria
Lily Katniss
Ava Brooklyn
Cordelia Grace nn Lia
Isobel Quinn nn Zoe
Aubree Leighton
Eden Persephone
Winslet Isobel nn Winnie
Nora Faith

I swear I am missing a name. :/

#2 Addison


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Posted 16 April 2013 - 12:35 PM

Brooklyn Paige/Isobel - I LOVE Brooklyn Isobel! Brooklyn Paige is pretty, but it lacks excitement, if you know what I mean
Adalyn Victoria - Pretty! I am not a huge fan of Victoria in this particular combo, but it is pretty.
Lily Katniss - Katniss is too Hunger Games for me
Ava Brooklyn - Flows well
Cordelia Grace - Not my style. Nickname is cute, though :)
Isobel Quinn - Cute! I don't love Quinn, but it is still cute. Zoe seems like an out there nickname for Isobel...maybe it's just me.
Aubree Leighton - LOVE!! I prefery Aubrey, but this is adorable.
Eden Persephone - Love Eden, dislike Persephone.
Winslet Isobel - Gorgeous name, dislike the nickname
Nora Faith - Love Nora, Faith seems just like an average filler name

#3 alyssa897


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Posted 16 April 2013 - 12:58 PM

I have to say all of your combos are really great. Each one has a really nice flow and balance of syllables in the first and middle names.

Brooklyn Paige/Isobel - I love Brooklyn Isobel. Never been a fan of Paige, but it sounds nice with Brooklyn. 7/10

Adalyn Victoria - Love it! Really pretty. 8/10

Lily Katniss - I don't typically like Lily as a first name because it's so common, but Katniss as the middle name really spices it up!

Great combo! 7/10

Ava Brooklyn - My fave combo with Brooklyn. 7/10

Cordelia Grace - so lovely! My favorite combo. 10/10

Isobel Quinn - love Quinn, especially as a mn 8/10

Aubree Leighton - I have to admit that although I don't like Aubree at all this is a nice combo! 7/10

Eden Persephone - love it! So different and pretty. 8/10

Winslet Isobel - I love Winslet! This is a nice combo. 7/10

Nora Faith - probably my least favorite. It seems a little dated and both names are so short. 6/10

#4 Madi Wolf Princess <3

Madi Wolf Princess <3

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Posted 16 April 2013 - 03:17 PM

I prefer Cordelia Juliet. :-)

#5 ashooles


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Posted 17 April 2013 - 02:45 PM

I like:

Brooklyn Paige
Ava Brooklyn
Isobel Quinn
Aubree Leighton
Eden Persephone
Nora Faith

#6 flying-person


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Posted 17 April 2013 - 11:41 PM

Brooklyn Paige/Isobel- Prefer Brooklyn Isobel over Brooklyn Paige. It makes the name a little more elegant, I guess :)
Adalyn Victoria- Pretty and the traditional middle name balances out Adalyn's trendiness
Lily Katniss- A bit too flowery, and Katniss will always be thought of as the name from the Hunger Games. How about Lily Katarina instead? Or Lily Katherine, Lily Katrin, etc?
Ava Brooklyn- Very pretty
Cordelia Grace nn Lia- I love Cordelia, though I don't think Grace really fits with it. It's always seemed like a bit of a giller middle name for me. I like the suggestion of Cordelia Juliet.
Isobel Quinn nn Zoe- Beautiful, though the nickname Zoe is pushing it a little. I like Isobel without any nicknames. Just Isobel.
Aubree Leighton- Leighton Aubree seems to have better flow in my opinion.
Eden Persephone- Beautiful names, but together they're a bit too much. The only thing I think when I see this combo is that Eden is from the bible and Persephone is from Greek mythology. I dunno. I just bugs me.
Winslet Isobel nn Winnie- Isobel Winslet has a bit of a better flow, but Winslet is a bit of a GP of mine so I like this combo either way :)
Nora Faith- Nora is lovely, but Faith seems a bit boring next to it. How about Nora Faye?

#7 Kookie


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Posted 21 April 2013 - 03:59 PM

Brooklyn Paige/Isobel- Brooklyn Isobel is nice 7/10
Adalyn Victoria- nice and traditional and elegant, beautiful 8/10
Lily Katniss- love how flowery this is! 8/10
Ava Brooklyn- really nice but nms 7/10
Cordelia Grace nn Lia- this is really pretty but Cordelia is not my style 8.5/10
Isobel Quinn nn Zoe- nice combo but I don't think Zoe could be a nn for Isobel 9/10
Aubree Leighton - never been a fan of Aubree/Aubrey and Leighton sounds too masculine for me 5/10
Eden Persephone - love, love, love Eden but not Persephone 7/10
Winslet Isobel nn Winnie - This is ok and I agree with flying-person that it would be better as Isobel Winslet 7/10
Nora Faith - Nora is cute and so is Faith but it just seems a bit boring as flying-person said 6/10

#8 -SassyCassie-


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Posted 24 April 2013 - 10:32 AM

I like the names Aubree and Nora, but I personally love the names Eden and Ava. Especially their middle names as well. They flow well together! But if I have to choose out of all on what I truly aboslutely adore it would be Eden Peresphone. Peresphone is somewhat growing on me, and gosh I just love the name Eden. :wub:

#9 kentuckydime


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Posted 25 April 2013 - 02:40 PM

Brooklyn Paige/Isobel
Adalyn Victoria
Aubree Leighton
^^ My faves from your list!

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