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April Name List

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#1 Camellia


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Posted 24 April 2013 - 01:00 PM

I've finally managed to put together a decent name list for this month and now I'm looking for opinions! As always, my girls far outweigh my boys. The names in italics are family names or names of friends. I'm still needing a middle name for Eloise. Combos in bold are ones that I'm definitely keeping, but all others can be switched around and changed. (:

Arden Elizabeth

Anya Beatrice

Catherine Iris

Clara Genevieve

Eloise ______ "Lo"

Hazel Rebecca

Henrietta Grace "Etta"

Isabel Florence

Julia Margaret

Louisa Belle

Lilian Charlotte

Mila Penelope

Melanie Corinne

Margot Delphine

Nina Ariadne

Nora Josephine

Natalia Daisy

Philippa Jane

Rosemary Aven "Rosie / Romy"

Sylvie Athena

Archer Demetri

Boyd Author

Flynn Alexander

Heath Sebastian

Kieran James

Lewis Henry

Marcus Ryan

Oscar Vincent

Sage Montgomery

Soren Cassius

Wesley Patrick "Wes"

Wade Lawrence

#2 Kookie


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Posted 24 April 2013 - 01:20 PM

Arden Elizabeth - not a fan of Arden and Elizabeth is ok

Anya Beatrice - Anya is nice (on my list!) but I don't like Beatrice

Catherine Iris - this one is lovely :)

Clara Genevieve - Clara is quite nice but I never liked Genevieve

Eloise - Eloise is really cute! What about Eloise Hazel, Eloise Violet, Eloise Juliet?

Hazel Rebecca - love this one

Henrietta Grace - hmm...I'm not a fan of Henrietta

Isabel Florence - this is quite pretty

Julia Margaret - same as above!

Louisa Belle - this is beautiful

Lilian Charlotte - I don't particularly like Lilian but Charlotte is nice. What about Lilia Charlotte?

Mila Penelope - nice

Melanie Corinne - this is nice too

Margot Delphine - don't like Margot, sorry! And not sure about Delphine

Nina Ariadne - this is ok although I'm not sure about Ariadne

Nora Josephine - is quite nice

Natalia Daisy - lovely

Philippa Jane - not a big fan of Philippa Jane but Pippa is cute as a nn

Rosemary Aven - Rosie is a nice nickname for Rosemary and altogether I quite like this combo!

Sylvie Athena - love this

Archer Demetri - Nice

Boyd Author - dont like this...

Flynn Alexander - looooove this!

Heath Sebastian - never liked Heath but Sebastian is nice. what about Sebastian Heath?

Kieran James - love both names

Lewis Henry - nice

Marcus Ryan - lovely

Oscar Vincent - love this

Sage Montgomery - don't like Sage as a name...

Soren Cassius - this is nice and unique!

Wesley Patrick - like it

Wade Lawrence - ok

Favourite girls: Louisa Belle/Natalia Daisy
Favourite boys: Flynn Alexander/Oscar Vincent
Least fav girls: Henrietta Grace/Margot Delphine
Least fav boys: Boyd Author/Sage Montgomery

Hope I helped!

#3 Madi Wolf Princess <3

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Posted 24 April 2013 - 03:47 PM

Eloise Clementine.

#4 alyssa897


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Posted 24 April 2013 - 08:28 PM

Arden Elizabeth - there's nothing really wrong with this combo, but did you know there is a famous make up brand named Elizabeth Arden? lol.
Anya Beatrice - Neither names are my style, but this combo is pretty nice. :)
Catherine Iris - love this! Very elegant.
Clara Genevieve - LOOOOOVE this a lot! I'm a big fan of both names and this has such a pretty feminine sound.
Eloise ______ "Lo" - Love Eloise, but I prefer "older" names like it as middle names, just my style. There's nothing wrong with it as a fn. Lo is so cute! Eloise Delphine maybe?
Hazel Rebecca - I like Rebecca (Rebekah too), but Hazel is not my style at all. I think it's pretty, but lacks that wow factor. I think it would be great as a double middle name like Eloise Hazel Rebecca or something
Henrietta Grace "Etta" - pretty! Henrietta is nms, but this combo is really pretty. I LOVE Grace, especially as a mn even if a lot of people consider it "filler"
Isabel Florence - neither names are my style, and this is pretty, but not my favorite of your combos
Julia Margaret - pretty! Both names seem a little dated though, especially together. I think pairing each name with a more current name would be better.
Louisa Belle - ehh this seems like a double middle name to me. Clara Louisa Belle or something. I LOVE Louisa (prefer Louise usually but I would choose either depending on which sounded better in the combo). Belle is too cutesy for me and kinda cheesy imo
Lilian Charlotte - never liked Lillian (there's nothing wrong with it it's just always been meh to me), but I ADORE Charlotte! Lo and Lottie are such cute middle names. Eloise Charlotte? Or even Charlotte Eloise!
Mila Penelope - I don't like the distinct "L" sounds in both names, but both names are pretty
Melanie Corinne - Heavy "n" sounds in both names so it doesn't flow right. Mila Corinne? Melanie Louisa Belle?
Margot Delphine - not a fan of Margot to be honest. I prefer Margaret (or my most recent obsession Margaery). Delphine is really pretty!
Nina Ariadne - I love Nina so much and I've always loved it! I'm not too sure about Ariadne though...it looks like a typo
Nora Josephine - lovely!! I do prefer Nina, but thise is so pretty
Natalia Daisy - LOVE! Young, fresh, feminine, not boring...great combo!
Philippa Jane - pretty! Philippa isn't really my style, but this is lovely
Rosemary Aven "Rosie / Romy" - Not fond of Aven, but Rosemary is pretty. Rosemary Arden?
Sylvie Athena - don't like Sylvie at all, but that's probably just me. Athena is nice though. It's a nice combo.

Archer Demetri - like this a lot! I love Archer and Demetri is nice
Boyd Author - Author? Like...author? Not a fan of either names.
Flynn Alexander - nice combo
Heath Sebastian - love both names, but this combo feels very heavy
Kieran James - dislike Kieran a lot, but I love James especially as a middle name
Lewis Henry - not fond of Lewis, but I love Henry especially as a middle name
Marcus Ryan - decent combo
Oscar Vincent - love Vincent and Oscar is okay as a mn, but I'm not to fond of it as a fn
Sage Montgomery - Sage is a girl name to me. Montgomery is too surname. Paired with Sage it sounds like a preppy rich school girl
Soren Cassius - Love Cassius, not a fan of Soren (maaaaybe as a middle name)
Wesley Patrick "Wes" - nice combo
Wade Lawrence - Lawrence is nice, but not a fan of Wade

Wow I have to say I am sooo impressed with your combos overall. I feel like we have a very similar naming style. I've been having trouble with my list lately (I'm trying to update it and switch some things out) so it's kind of sparse right now, but your name list, especially the girls list, is really what I'm trying to acheive. All the names are really pretty and you there's a mix of feminine, modern, classic, etc. I love it!

Hope I could help!!

#5 MissJay


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Posted 24 April 2013 - 08:49 PM

Arden Elizabeth: Very pretty. Elizabeth is so beautiful and Arden makes it a little more unique.
Clara Genevieve:This name is also beautiful, it has a really good flow.
Eloise ______ "Lo": Love the nickname Lo (Elsie would also be cute :wub:), some middle names--Eloise Grace, Eloise Violet, Eloise Virginia, Eloise Florence, Eloise Margaret, Eloise Victoria, Eloise Catherine, Eloise Rosemary
Isabel Florence: One of my favorites from your list, so pretty!
Louisa Belle: Sounds very princess like
Lilian Charlotte: These names sound good together, love the nickname Lily!
Nora Josephine: Very pretty, this would definitely age well
Natalia Daisy: I LOVE the name Natalia, I'm not sure about Daisy though.

Anya Beatrice: Both names sound nice together, but not really my style
Catherine Iris: Again, they sound good but nms
Hazel Rebecca: Hazel is super cute, Rebecca is a little boring imo
Mila Penelope: Love both of these names, but together they're a little heavy on the Ls
Philippa Jane: I like Pippa a lot better than Philippa. Pippa Jane would be adorable!
Rosemary Aven "Rosie / Romy": Rosemary is beautiful and timeless. Don't really care for Aven
Sylvie Athena: Sylvie is cute, but I don't think if flow well with Athena

Henrietta Grace "Etta": Etta is a cute nickname, but I really don't care for Henrietta. Grace is beautiful though.
Julia Margaret: Something about this combo is just a little off to me.
Melanie Corinne: Don't really care for either of these names.
Margot Delphine: Margot isn't bad, but I don't like it paired with Delphine.
Nina Ariadne: Neither name is really my style.
Flynn Alexander: This name is great!
Kieran James: Probably my favorite name from your list!
Lewis Henry: I like both names, I think the flow would be better as Henry Lewis
Soren Cassius: Both names are so unique, but really work great together!

Heath Sebastian: Not a huge fan of Heath..I always read it as Health.
Marcus Ryan: Not a bad combination, seems like it's lacking something though
Wesley Patrick "Wes": Both names are nice and sound good together
Wade Lawrence: Wade is cute, unsure about Lawrence

Archer Demetri: LOVE Archer, do not care for Demetri though. What about Archer Lewis, Archer Henry, Archer Vincent?
Boyd Author: Don't like either of these names.
Oscar Vincent: These names aren't bad together, just nms
Sage Montgomery: I would like this better as Montgomery Sage. I've always thought of Sage as more of a girly name.

#6 Camellia


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Posted 24 April 2013 - 10:09 PM

Thanks everyone for your input! I am up for changing most of my combos, so I might just do that!

Thanks for the opinions! I like Eloise Violet. The annoying thing is that every name I pair with Eloise seems like it would sound better if I flipped the combo. Like Eloise Violet doesn't sound as good as Violet Eloise. But I really want Eloise to be a fn because I looove the nn Lo. It's so frustrating!!!
I also considered having Lilia on my list, and I really like Lilia Charlotte! I'm not really even sure I want any "Lily" names on my list because they're so obnoxiously popular at the moment.
Sebastian Heath is cute, but again, I just really love Heath. It's been on my list ever since I read Wuthering Heights, even though no one else seems to like it haha. My mom says it just makes her sad because it reminds her of Heath Ledger, but I don't really have the connection in my mind because I'm only 17 and didn't really even know who Heath Ledger was until he was already dead. I just like the name hehe. (:

Ha! Elizabeth Arden? Seriously? I had no idea! Darn! Now that's going to bother me. I guess I'll have to find Arden a new match. Thanks for letting me know, though.
I had the same thing with Julia Margaret. I love both names, but together they just seem so... blah. I will work on finding more interesting partners for each one! I also kind of wanted to use Margaret as a fn because I love the nn Mae. :wub:
I understand what you're saying about Louisa Belle, and I've honestly thought this before. Belle was my great-grandma's mn and I really want to incorporate it somehow. What about having a double mn in this combo, like Louisa Daphne Belle or something?
I love Charlotte Eloise! The problem with using Charlotte and Eloise together is that Charlotte was my Lottie and Eloise was my Lo. And now Charlotte has to be one of those and it's so hard to decide which I like better. Although right now I'm leaning toward Lo, but that could change at any given second.
I like Mila Corinne! Karen is my best friend's name and my mom's name, and I'm trying to incorporate it somehow without actually using the name itself, since it's not exactly my favorite name. I mean, I love them both to pieces, but Karen as a name is just... meh.
Hmm, another mn for Melanie. Melanie Hazel? Melanie Alice, Melanie Rosa, Melanie Astrid? I'll have to think on that one.
Hehe. Nobody likes Boyd. I'll admit, it doesn't roll off the tongue that smoothly, but I just like it for some reason. It's really hard to find a mn for though! And yeah, Author... ha. I like the idea of it, but it's not as great as I want it to be. And with Boyd, it is a bit weird, I'll admit. Which is exactly why that combo is most likely changing.
Heath is also really annoying for middle names. That -th ending just doesn't flow with anything! It's very upsetting stuff. Heath Alexander would work, but I like Flynn Alexander and Flynn Sebastian wouldn't work, and then everything is messed up haha.

I really like Eloise Margaret!! But again, Margaret Eloise sounds better, which bothers me to no end! But maybe I'll just use Margaret Eloise nn Mae and use Charlotte nn Lo? I'll have to find a mn for Charlotte.
I agree that Rebecca is a little boring, but it's one of my best friends' names. Her middle name is Leia (lay-uh) which is much prettier, but I just couldn't find anything to pair it with.
Yes!!! I love both Marcus and Ryan, but this combo just isn't wowing me. I thought I was being delusional! Thank you for saying that. Now I feel like less of a psycho.

Okay, one more thing. I read over these combos and the "s" noises in Oscar Vincent are bothering me. Did they bother anyone else? If anyone has any mn suggestions for Oscar, feel free to speak up!

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