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Posted 18 February 2010 - 05:58 PM

Pictures, descriptions and stories would be amazing!

LN: You choose

DW: first/middle name: http://nameberry.com...sic-Girls-Names

DH: first name: http://nameberry.com...-Names-for-Boys
middle name: http://nameberry.com...35/Author-Names

die - http://www.random.org/dice/?num=1

1st birth

1) G
2) G/B
3) B
4) B
5) B/B
6) G/G

Girl, first name: http://nameberry.com...Names-for-Girls
Middle name: http://nameberry.com...rname-Favorites

Boy, first/middle names: http://www.alternati...php?goto=cowboy

2nd birth

1) DS
2) DS
3) DD
4) DS
5) DD
6) DD

Girl, first name: http://nameberry.com...-You-Might-Love
middle name: must contain odd number of letters, i.e grace

first name: http://www.alternati..._baby_boy_names
middle name: you choose

3rd birth

1) DD
2) DS
3) DD
4) DD
5) DS
6) DS

Girl/boy first names: http://nameberry.com...ster-Baby-Names
Girl/boy middle names: http://nameberry.com...ool-Place-Names

4th birth

2) DD/DS
4) DS/DS
6) DD/DD

Girl, first name: http://nameberry.com...Princess-Names-
middle name: http://www.alternati...php?goto=nature

Boy, first name: http://www.babynamescountry.com/ baby name adviser on far right, use your parents names, or you and your crush/boyfriend/husband
middle name: http://nameberry.com...upational-Names

5th birth

1) DS
2) DS
3) DD
4) DS
5) DS
6) DD

Girl, first name: http://nameberry.com...for-Girls-Names
middle name: you choose

Boy, first name: http://nameberry.com...ster-Baby-Names
middle name: http://www.babynameg...y-middle-names/

6th birth

2) DS
3) DS
5) DD
6) DS

Girl, first names: http://nameberry.com...-You-Might-Love
middle names: http://nameberry.com...Names-for-Girls

Boy, first name http://www.ssa.gov/c...opularnames.cgi odd numbers
middle names, http://www.ssa.gov/c...opularnames.cgi even numbers

7th birth

1) DS
2) DD
3) DD
4) DS
5) DD
6) DS

Girl, boy, first names: http://www.ssa.gov/OACT/babynames/ year of your birth, 1-100

, middle names: http://nameberry.com...onal-Baby-Names

8th birth

2) DS
3) DS
4) DD
5) DD

Girl, first names: http://nameberry.com...Names-for-Girls
middle names: http://nameberry.com...at-Arent-Boring

Boy, first/middle name: http://www.ssa.gov/O...mesbystate.html your state and 2008

9th birth

1) DS
2) DS
3) DD
4) DS
5) DD
6) DS

Girl, first/middle names: http://nameberry.com...Lady-Cool-Names

Boy, first name: http://nameberry.com...----Your-Choice
middle name: http://nameberry.com...-More-Than-Moms

10th birth

2) DD/DD
3) DS
5) DD

Girl, first name: http://nameberry.com...round-the-World
middle name: Name of a relative

Boy, first name: http://nameberry.com...-for-Boys-Names
middle name: http://nameberry.com...21/Prince-Names

11th birth

1) DD
2) DS
3) DD
4) DD
5) DS
6) DD

Girl/boy, first name: http://nameberry.com...Starting-with-A

Girl, middle names: virtue name

boy, middle names: http://nameberry.com...-Names-for-Boys

12th birth

1) Twins - you choose gender
5) DS/DD

Girls, first name: http://nameberry.com...Names-for-Girls

Boy, first name: http://nameberry.com...-Names-for-Boys

Girl, Boy, middle name: http://www.ssa.gov/c...opularnames.cgi year 2000, from 300-500

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Posted 18 February 2010 - 10:20 PM

LN Coyne

DW Lucy Patricia
DH Asa Dylan

B Truman Jesse
B Keegan Asa
G Matilda Paris *Tilly*
GG Isadora Aspen *Izzy* / Maxima Hazel *Massie*
G Cassandra London *Cassy*
B Benjamin David *Jamie*
B Caleb William
GGGB Gage Nolan / Serafina Patience *Sera* / Ginevra Alice *Ginny* / Honora Beatrice *Nora*
G Josephine Opal *Josie*
B Emmett John *EJ*
B Alexander Michael *Xander*
GGB Charlotte Gillian *Charlie* / Georgia Carolyn *Georgie* / Tobias Russell *Toby*

Asa and Lucy with Truman, Keegan, Tilly, Izzy, Massie, Cassy, Jamie, Caleb, Gage, Sera, Ginny, Nora, Josie, EJ, Xander, Charlie, Georgie, and Toby.

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Posted 18 February 2010 - 10:24 PM

LN: Alexander

DW: Eleanor Grace nn. Ellie(55)
DH: Isaiah Cooper(55)

Posted Image-Ellie and Isaiah

Ellie and Isaiah were high school sweethearts. Ellie was the head cheerleader and Isaiah was the star quarterback, as in all the stories. Once they graduated from high school, they started talking about getting married. They got married after 2 years when they were 20. Just two years later, they found out they were pregnant. At their check-up, they found out they were having twins, a boy and a girl. After the twins were 3, they found out they were having another little girl. They decided they oth wanted a really big family after the three kids, so they had another little girl. After their little girl was 3, they found out they were having triplets! The triplets were in the hospital for 3 weeks and then got to go home. After the triplets, they had another little boy. And after their little boy was 2, they had another little boy! And even after him, another little boy! They couldn't get pregnant again after him, so they turned to doctors. They found ot they were giving birth to quads!!! After the quads, they still wanted some more children! They got pregnant with another little boy and after him they found out they were having twin girls! They were super excited and tried for another little girl and their dreams came true when they had another little girl 3 years later. They decided t try for just one more baby and they couldn't get pregnant on their own again, so the doctors had to help them out and they got pregnant with quints!!!! They decided after the quints, they were done and settled down in smalltown Arizona.

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Posted 18 February 2010 - 10:39 PM

DD/DS: Katelyn Bailey nn. Katy and Brooks Grady(33)

Posted Image-Katy and Brooks

DD: Stella Faith(30)

Posted Image-Stella

DD: Annabel Raleigh nn. Anna(28)


DD/DD/DS: Amelia Lilac nn. Mia, Carmen Fleur and Draven Walker(25)

Posted Image-Mia and Carmen

Posted Image-Draven

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Jenna Hansen

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Posted 18 February 2010 - 10:45 PM

DS: Asher Ethan(22)

Posted Image-Asher

DS: Christopher David(20)

Posted Image-Christopher

DS: Garrett Andrew(17)

Posted Image-Garrett

DD/DD/DD/DS: Arabella Ivy nn. Bella, Peyton Flora, Catalina Patience nn. Lina and Ashton James(15)

Posted Image-Bella, Peyton and Lina

Posted Image-Ashton

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Jenna Hansen

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Posted 18 February 2010 - 10:56 PM

DS: Karson Junior(12)

Posted Image-Karson

DD/DD: Gemma Lindsay and Natalya Kelsey(10)

Posted Image-Gemma and Natalya

DD: Alexis Chastity nn. Alex(7)

Posted Image-Alex

DS/DS/DS/DD/DD: Christian Brent, Emmett Brody, Sawyer Tristen, Addison Clarissa nn. Addie, Gabriella Ashleigh nn. Gabi(4)

Posted Image-Christian, Emmett and Sawyer

Posted Image-Addie and Gabi

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Posted 19 February 2010 - 06:18 AM

LN: Walker

DH Aaron Beckett
DW Emily Rebecca 43

LN: Walker

DH Aaron Beckett 46
DW Emily Rebecca 43

During them summer before her junior year, Emily began working at a local cafe, a tourist hot spot on the South Carolina coast. Not long after Emily began working there, she met Aaron who was trying to pay off college tuition. Even though she was only 17, and he was 20, they became very close. It was not long before they began dating and they became inseparable. However things became difficult as he would have to go back to college, and she had senior year to complete. They managed to continue their long distance relationship, and they were able to see each other at Christmas and Spring break. However there plans changed when Emily found out she was pregnant, she had only been 18 for a month and was very shocked, and overwhelmed. Aaron, after great shock promised to stick by her. There was more shock to come, at 12 weeks they found out it was twins. They relationship remained strong, and Aaron was especially pleased when he found out they were expecting two boys. Bennett Cody and Jack Preston, were born at 37 weeks and were pronounced very healthy. For the next two years things were very hard, both financially and emotionally. Aaron was finishing college, while Emily lived at home with her family while she tried to complete high school. As Emily was an only child it was up to her parents or Emily's elderly grandma to look after Ben and Jack when she was at school.

When the twins were 3, things were looking up, they got married in a small ceremony, and Emily had attended online college, so things were good when they decided to try for their 3rd child. Emily had often been lonely as only child so she wanted a big family, and Aaron agreed, he was the eldest of 8, and had always wanted a large family, and Emily was the perfect wife for him and perfect mother. It was not long before they were staring at the pregnancy test, grinning from ear to ear. At 20 weeks, they found out it was another, boy, Emily had secretly been wishing for a girl, but she was still extremely happy. Finian Cassius was born on his due date, and was doted on by his parents, and two older brothers who were very happy to have another boy to mess around with. It was also a happy occasion because Aaron's younger sister, Rachel, gave birth to a little girl Addison Paige, 3 weeks after the birth of Finn.

They both decided they wanted six children, but as Finn was still so little they decided to wait a few years, however their plans changed when Finn was only 5 months old, Emily discovered she was pregnant. They were still overjoyed and hoped it was a girl. Their wish was granted, and nine months later Emily delivered healthy Scarlett Catalina . They adored their little girl, and EMily loved dressing her in little pink dresses. Two years passed and Emily and Aaron were content with their three little boys and beautiful girl, and their niece and then nephew Wyatt Brody who was born 16 months later. They realised they wanted one more to complete their family, and so they began trying, a few months later they got the news they wanted, another baby. This time she felt bigger than normal and gut instinct told her she was pregnant with twins, and she was right. However this time it was two girls, and they arrived at 35 weeks, it was touch and go but both Leila Bryony and Isabella Hazel came home as fit as a fiddle.

Three years later they were feeling broody again, and decided one one more would complete their family of nine, plus they had one spare seat in their minivan. It didn't take long for them to conceive and they were very excited, especially as Ben and Jack were now 11 and could help out more and knew what was going on. When Emily was 7 months pregnant, her cousin Thomas who she was very close to died in a car accident. Emily was heartbroken, and she decided to name the baby, who was a boy, Kai Thomas after him. For a while things were hard, and on a few occasions they forgot to use birth control, and so they found out they were expecting a surprise baby, when Kai was only an infant. It was a girl and they named her Eliana Fleur.

Things were hard, with a newborn, 1 year old, 2 four year olds, a 7 year old, 8 year old and 2 twelve year olds. They honestly believed their family was complete, however whiie Emilly was on the oill she managed to get pregnant, she was anxious but also excited, however everything went wront and she miss carried at 7 weeks, little Ellie was only 7 months old. It shocked the family and Aaron and Emily who were very religious and attended church every sunday, believed that the birth control had cause the misscarriage and they felt incredibly guilty. So much so that they decided to scrap birth control and let God decide how many children they were fit to have. A year and a bit later they connived their 9th child, it was another girl and they named her Amber Elizabeth.

A year later to their surprise Emily began feeling sick, and new that she was pregnant, everyone was overjoyed but she did feel it was slightly too soon after the birth of Amber. She gave birth to Calliope Sophia on her due date. Two years later, Kaleb Maxwell was born, again on his due date. With 11 children, they had to move house, and get a new car, it was very stressful at first but thankfully Aaron was promoted and things got easier. It was a good thing because two years later they were frozen to their places as the doctor told them they were soon to be parents to triplets. Both were very anxious, and the older ones were able to understand the complications with triplets and tried to help as much as they could. The pregnancy was touch and go, and one triplet was not developing as well as the others. So at 30 weeks, Emily had an emergency c-section, all three boys weighed between two and three pounds, and spent several weeks in hospital. They named them Henry James, Leo Felix and Asher Gabriel. Finally they were allowed home, around their actual due date. The first four months were especially hectic, but thankfully Aaron's large and supportive family were always there to lend a hand and the older kids were able help out and look Kaleb, Callie, and Amber and the other younger kids while the parents focused n the triplets.

For the next three years, Emily never conieved and believed her time was up for having kids and it was what God wanted. They were so busy with the triplets and making sure everyone felt they had enough love and attention and support that they didn't have time for another child. However to her surprise, around the triplet's third birthday Emily began to feel sick and knew she was pregnant again. It was a relief that it was only one, and it was another girl and they named her Alexis Grace. The girls were happy as it meant another girl in the family, the girls wanted to catch up with the boys, so far there were 8 boys, and 6 girls.

As Emily got older it took longer for her to conceive, and so she was pleasantly surprised when she found out she was pregnant again. This pregnancy was much harder than any of the others, and she felt very sick and bloated. at the 12 week scan she found out it was not one baby, not two or three but four babies. She almost fainted in shock, everyone was very worried for her and the babies as it was certain they would be born premature. In the end, she gave birth to the two boys and two girls at 29 weeks, because of growth complications. They named them Madeleine Rosa, Juliana Meagan, Oliver Camden and Nathan Brent. After 10 weeks they were allowed home, and it was complete chaos. However things got easier as they grow older and they are now healthy 8 months olds and Emily has just found out she's pregnant again, a complete surprise to all of them. For now the 21 members of the Walker family, plus the one on the way are very happy and look forward to the future.

DS/DS Bennett Cody, Jack Preston 25
DS Finian Cassius 21
DD Scarlett Catalina 20
DD/DD Leila Bryony, Isabella Hazel 17
DS Kai Thomas 14
DD Eliana Fleur 13
DD Amber Elizabeth 11
DD Calliope Sophia 10
DS Kaleb Maxwell 8
DS/DS/DS Henry James, Leo Felix, Asher Gabriel 6
DD Alexis Grace 3
DD/DD/DS/DS Madeleine Rosa, Juliana Meagan, Oliver Camden, Nathan Brent 8 months

Aaron and Emily with:
Ben, Jack, Finn, Lettie, Leila, Bella, Kai, Ella, Amber, Callie, Kaleb, Henry, Leo, Asher, Lexie, Maddie, Ana, Ollie, and Nate

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Posted 19 February 2010 - 10:18 AM

The Sellinger Family

DH: Ivan Beckett
DW: Judith Eleanor

DS: Austin Travis

DD: Eva Faith

DD: Annabel Ireland

DD: Emma Magnolia
DS: Erik Mason

DS: Otis Matthew

DS: Ethan Michael

DD: Amy Katherine

DS: Elijah Brody

DD: Adelaide Olive

DD: Elodie June
DD: Amaia Kate
DS: Ash William

DS: Alexander Jacob

DD: Audrey Denise
DS: Owen Kade

Ivan and Judy Sellinger; Austin, Eva, Annabel, Emma, Erik, Otis, Ethan, Amy, Eli, Addie, Ellie, Amaia, Ash, Alex, Audrey and Owen

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Posted 19 February 2010 - 02:08 PM

LN: Bishop

DW: Faith Sophia
DH: Elijah Zane *Eli*

Elijah Zane Biship met Faith Sophia Hartman while they were attending a conference for their work. They became quick friends and married 3 years later. Elijah (24) and Faith (23) decided they wanted to start their family. But it took them nearly 2 years to get pregnant, and they were very happy. Faith was hoping for a boy and Eli was hoping for a girl. Faith was right. They delievered a healthy baby boy: Chase Ridley.

DS: Chase Ridley

When Chase was 2 years old they decided to they would try again. They didn't have to wait long. On Chase's 3rd birthday they gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl: Stella Alexa.

DD: Stella Alexa

They were extremely happy with their family of four. They didn't even think about expanding their family. Two years later Faith began to feel very sick. Out of curiousity, she took a home pregnancy test. She was jumping for joy when she saw that it was positive. Eli was away for a few days on a buisness trip. But the day when he walked through the front door of their small house, he was bombarded with baby balloons and toys. When he finally caught on that she was pregnant they were extatic. Eight months later they gave birth to another beautiful girl: Scarlett Siena.

DD: Scarlett Siena

Soon after Scarlett was born, Faith began feeling sick again. This time she knew she was pregnant. When she went into the doctor, they confirmed that she was pregnant. During their 2 month ultrasound, they found out they were expecting twins. This began to worry Eli because they lived in a small house and on a small budget. Ironically, the next week Eli was offered a huge promotion, with the requirement of moving to another state. After talking to Faith about it, they decided that would be the best thing for the family. Soon after they got settled into their new house they welcomed two bouncying baby boys: Marin Taylor and Braeden Harper.

DS/DS: Marin Taylor and Braden Harper

The happy family was doing great. Four years later Faith was rushed to the hospital. She was experiencing extreme pain. She described it as labor pain, but she knew she wasn't pregnant. But to her surprise she was full term with her sixth child and they didn't even know it. Luckily the baby boy was healthy and had no complications. They named him Milo Logan after Eli's father and Grandfather.

DS: Milo Logan

Although they knew they were happy with their six kids, they wanted to have one more. When they foudn out that Faith was pregnant again they were over joyed. Just after Milo turned two, Faith delievered 3 girls a month early. The triplets had to stay in the hospital until they were well enough to come home. And when they were, Chase, Stella, Scarlett, Marin, Braeden, and Milo were very happy to welcome Selena Ivy, Carissa Jasmine, and Eliana Lilac.

DD/DD/DD: Selena Ivy, Carissa Jasmine, and Eliana Lilac

Over the next 10 years Faith expanded their family to included: Alexander William, Bryan Carter, Vivian Ruthe, Katya Elizabeth, Avery Honor, and the newest, the twins Liam Jayson and Noah Kristopher.

Faith and Eli with their 16 children:
Chase (24), Ella (21), Scar (18), Marin and Braeden (17), Milo (13), Lena, Rissa, and Ana (10), Alex (8), Bryan (6), Vivi (5), Katya (4), Avery (2) and Liam and Noah (Newborn)

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Posted 20 February 2010 - 02:37 PM

LN: Hayward

DH: Augustus Morrison "Gus"
DW: Pamela Faith "Pam"

DD/DD: Lily Addison/ Emma Blair
DS: Fallon Augustus
DD: Annabel Geneva "Geneva"
DD/DS: Josephine Hazel "Josie"/ Charles Mason "Charlie"
DS: Silas Nolan
DD: Juliana Violet
DD: Savannah Caroline
DS: Benjamin Ryan "Benji"
DS: Callen Austin
DD: Ingrid Kate
DD: Aurora Grace "Rory"
DS/DS/DS/DD/DD: Emmett Reid/ Spencer Malcolm/ Graham Cedric/ Helena Kiersten/ Juliet Rose

Gus and Pam Hayward with Lily, Emma, Fallon, Geneva, Josie, Charlie, Silas, Juliana, Savannah, Benji, Callen, Ingrid, Rory, Emmett, Spencer, Graham, Helena, and Juliet

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Posted 20 February 2010 - 04:23 PM

LN: Jones

DW: Alice Katherine
DH: Ethan Yeats

DS: Bennett Winston
DD: Audrey Elizabeth
DS: Roman Hudson
DD/DS: Eloise Briar / Nicholas Abbott
DD: Charlotte Manon
DS: Anthony William
DD: Julia Margaret
DD: Arabella Sophia
DS: Caspar Vincent
DS: Edward Philip
DD: Amelia Verity
DS/DD: Gemma Felicity / Henry Desmond

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Posted 20 February 2010 - 05:25 PM

Surname: Peterson

DW: Pamela Susannah
DH: Isaac Langston

1st Birth (18)
DD: Lillian Paige 'Leigh Ann'

2nd Birth (17)
DD: Delilah Sue 'Della'

3rd Birth (16)
DS: Roscoe Hudson

4th Birth (15)
DD: Olympia Willow 'Mia'
DD: Marcela Zinnia 'Zela'
DS: Franklin Pilot 'Frank'
DS: Adrien Abbott

5th Birth (13)
DS: Milo Chase

6th Birth (11)
DD: Selena Daisy
DD: Francesca Lilac
DD: Eliana Violet

7th Birth (9)
DS: Joshua Henry 'Josh'

8th Birth (8)
DS: Owen Dominic
DS: Kyle Nolan
DD: Cressida Dorothea 'Cressa'
DD: Maisie India 'May'

9th Birth (6)
DD: Elsa Pearl 'Pearl'

10th Birth (5)
DS: Dashiell Alexios 'Dash'
DS: Leonardo Magnus 'Leo'
DS: Zane Nikolai

11th Birth (3)
DS: Atticus Joseph

12th Birth (2)
DD: Theodora Brenna 'Thea'
DD: Eleanor Elaina 'Nora'
DD: Allegra Phoebe
DS: Tobias Dean 'Toby'
DS: Ezra Tate
DS: Reid Keaton

Pam and Isaac Peterson would have Leigh Ann, Della, Roscoe, Mia, Zela, Frank, Adrien, Milo, Selena, Francesca, Eliana, Josh, Owen, Kyle Cressa, May, Pearl, Dash, Leo, Zane, Atticus, Thea, Nora, Allegra, Toby, Ezra, and Reid.

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Posted 20 February 2010 - 09:40 PM

LN: Northwood

DH: Asher Carson "Ash" (57)
DW: Diana Jane "Di" (55)

DS: Colton Hoyt "Colt" (32)
DD: Stella Faith (31)
DS: Sebastian Reno "Bastian" (29)
DS/DS: Kristopher Mason/William Archer "Kris & Liam" (27)
DD: Genevieve Savannah "Gen" (26)
DD/DD/DD: Alexa Ivy/Eliana Violet/Juliana Jasmine "Lexi, Ellie, & Julie" (25)
DD: Jacqueline Elizabeth "Jack" (24)
DD/DD/DD/DS: Scarlett Sophia/Guinevere Georgia/Arabella Alice/Jacob Julian "Scar, Guin, Ari, & Jake" (23)
DS: Caden Dallas "Cade" (21)
DD/DD/DS: Luciana Chelsea/Danica Lyric/Emmett Gabriel "Luci, Dani, & Emmett" (19)
DS: Auden Matthew "Audie" (18)
DS/DD: Lucas Theodore/Emma Noelle "Luke & Emma" (17)

Colt is married to Ayla, and they have three daughters: Anastastia (5), Seraphina (3), and Gabriella (8 months)

Stella is married to Jonathan Wright, and they have two sons and two daughters: Rebel and Raine (4), Collin (2), and Caleigh (3 months)

Bastian is married to Margaret, and they have one son: Hunter (18 months)

Kris is engaged to Natalie Morgan

Liam is recently married to Cassandra, and they have no children yet

Genevieve is married to Gregory Kavanagh, and she is pregnant with their first child who will either be: North or Macey

Lexi has been in a relationship with Marcus Frost for two years

Ellie is recently engaged to Tristan Aker.

Julie was dumped a month ago, but she has a crush on a guy she's seen at Starbucks.

Jack is happily single though Samuel Caine persistantly pursues her.

Scar has been single for two years because her last boyfriend broker her heart. Guin and Ari constantly set her up with guys though.

Guin is in a happily stable relationship with Ryan Long.

Ari has been dating Adam Keller since sophmore year in high school. They have taken several breaks from each other during the relationship, but they always end up back together.

Jake hasn't decided to look for the right girl yet.

Cade is too busy with his school work to focus on girls. He's pre-med.

Luci goes through boyfriends faster than clothes.

Dani has never had a boyfriend.

Emmett has decided to go a whole school year without a girlfriend. His grades have improved immensely. (:

Auden is too shy to ask a girl out, though many would accept.

Luke is a star basketballer. He is very protective of Emma. His girlfriend is Lindsay Shell

Emma is very quiet and studious. She likes to draw and dance. She has never had a boyfriend.

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Posted 21 February 2010 - 09:06 PM

LN: McDaniel

DH: Isaac Dylan
DW: Julia Katherine

DS: Maddox Shane
DD: Audrey Claire
DS: Milo Caspian
DS/DS/DD/DD: Antony Sawyer / Adin Taylor / Amelia Bryony "Mia" / Alexandra Ivy "Lexie"
DD: Cassandra Paige "Cassie"
DS: Jacob Matthew
DS/DS/DS/DD: Nicholas Ryan "Nick" / Gavin Luke / Patrick Owen / Ariadne Serena "Ari"
DS: Caleb Jagger
DD/DD: Francesca Hope / Eliana Michelle "Ella"
DS: Atticus William
DD/DD/DS: Miranda Rhiannon / Helen Aurora / Nathan Cedric

Isaac and Julie McDaniel and their 20 children (11 boys and 9 girls)!
Maddox, Audrey, Milo, Antony, Adin, Mia, Lexie, Cassie, Jacob, Nick, Gavin, Patrick, Ari, Caleb, Francesca, Ella, Atticus, Miranda, Helen, and Nathan

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Posted 21 February 2010 - 11:59 PM

DW: Edith Madeline “Edi” (40)
DH: Isaac Rhys (40)

Girl/Boy Twins: Hailey Mackenzie / Casey Mitchell (22)
Hailey has reddish-brown medium length hair with green eyes... she's short yet content in being that way. She's very shy and Casey was always her voice.
Casey has really short light reddish brown hair and blue eyes...he's a little taller than Hailey and very outgoing.
Hailey and Casey just graduated college and are starting in their careers...Hailey as a preschool teacher and Casey is working while he saves up money to start his own business.

Boy: Keegan Alexander (20)
Keegan has brown hair and hazel eyes. He's tall and thin. He's the talker in the family. Keegan is in college working toward med school. He wants to be a cardiologist

Girl: Daisy Catalina (19)
Daisy has dark dirty blonde hair and green eyes. She's tall and thin and she loves to run. She gets up early in the morning and goes running. Daisy is in her first year in college and wants to be a pediatrician.

Boy/Boy/Girl Triplets: Jared Parker / Seth Carter / Ariana Hazel (17)
Jared has light brown hair and blue eyes. He's the tallest of the triplets and he's defiantely the most protective of boys.
Seth has light red brown hair and green eyes. He's the shortest of the triplets and he's definately the most outgoing.
Ariana has blonde hair and blue eyes. She's the most quiet of the 3 and she's always very protected. Jared and Seth are her best friends.
Jared, Seth and Ariana are graduating this year... and they are very excited to be graduating.

Boy: Sebastian Josiah (15)
Seb has dark reddish brown hair and green eyes. He's very protective of his younger siblings. He's outgoing and he's the babysitter in the family (the one that loves to take care of his younger siblings when mom and dad need to go somewhere) Seb has his learner's permit and is very excited to turn 16 since he gets his actual driver's license.

Boy: Nathan Gabriel "Nate" (13)
Nate has blonde hair and green eyes. He's the clown of the family and is always making the rest of us laugh. Nate is in middle school and ready to start high school.

Girl: Jessica Caroline "Jessa" (11)
Jessa has dark blonde hair and dark green eyes...She's the ballerina and the one that never stops dancing. She's always happy and Lexi looks up to her so much. Jessa is the genius in the family... she's the one that can help Seb or Nate with their math homework...She's actually taking high school level math classes in middle school.

Boy/Boy/Girl: Aiden Joseph / Lucas Christian "Luke" / Kinsey Juliet (9)
Aiden has brown hair and gray eyes. He's the shyest one in the family. He just started talking more recently. Luke and Kinsey use to talk for him from being so shy.
Luke has brown hair and blue eyes. He's the most talkative one in this set of triplets. Luke has the infectious laugh.
Kinsey has medium brown hair and green eyes. She's shy but its only around people she doesnt know. She's got a heart condition that makes all of us worry.

Boy: Cody Vincent (7)
Cody has the darkest hair in the family...and the darkest eyes too...he's very rebellious for a 7 year old. He's very protective of the younger sisters.

Triplet Boys: Emmett James / Tyler Richard / Ashley Nicolas "Nico" (6)
Emmett, Tyler & Nico are identical in every way possible. They confuse their teachers all the time and they think its funny. They have light brown hair and light hazel eyes.

Girl: Alexis Grace "Lexi" (5)
Lexi has dark blonde hair and dark green eyes like Jessa. She's a dancer like Jessa. She basically wants to be just like Jessa. She just started school too.

Girl/Girl/Boy Triplets: Chloe Jacquelyn / Kate Daniella / Noah Reece (2)
Chloe has brown hair and green eyes...she's the first to do everything. She's the most outgoing and the toughest of this set of triplets.
Kate has light brown hair and grey eyes... she's the little princess or at least thats how she acts. She's the most fragile of the three.
Noah has dark brown hair and blue eyes...he's the little tough guy that likes to pick on his sisters, Chloe and Kate.

Thats a lot of Triplets...lol

Edi and Isaac started dating in the 8th grade and were high school sweethearts. Edi got pregnant at 17 and had their twins at 18. Isaac and Edi married at 20 when Edi found out she was pregnant with their second boy (third child). Their kids range in ages of 22 and 2. They are ready for their kids to start trickling out of the house, growing up and moving out...They are ready to take life a little slower and start being grandparents in a sense.

Edi and Isaac
and their children
Hailey & Casey
Jared, Seth & Ariana
Aiden, Luke & Kinsey
Emmett, Tyler & Nico
Chloe, Kate & Noah

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Posted 23 February 2010 - 02:22 PM

LN: Morgan

DH: Eamon Rhys
DW: Laura Katherine

DD: Chloe Harper
DS: Rian Seamus
DD: Edie Ireland
DD/DD: Ana Briar / Lily Rue
DS: Gus Vaughn
DS: Noah William
DS: Seth Thomas
DS: Jack Landon
DS: Cale Vincent
DD: Sylvie Joy
DD: Audrey Patience
DD/DD/DD/DS/DS/DS: Lucy Gisselle / Thea Esther / Hope Gillian / Finn Zachary / Ezra Sawyer / Reed Elliott

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Posted 01 March 2010 - 06:22 PM

LN: Green

DW Lucy Kate
DH Evan Hadley

DD/DD Ava Mackenzie, Mia Addison
DD Audrey Cadence
DS Roman Paris
DD Lily Juniper
DS Silas Bennett
DD/DD/DD Alexa Lilac, Eliana Jasmine, Selena Fleur
DD Kelsey Charlotte
DD/DD/DD/DS Calliope, Bella, Scarlett, Noah James
DS Kaelan Austin
DS Miles Gabriel
DD Amelia Honor
DS/DS Jackson Brody, Sawyer Axel

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Posted 12 March 2010 - 03:07 PM

LN: Watts

DW: Sarah Elizabeth
DH: Isaac Austen

DS: Austin Cooper
DS: Keegan Jude
DD: Piper Raleigh
DD/DD: Emma Ivy & Sophie Dhalia
DS: Levi Matthew
DS: Nathan 'Nate' Joshua
DD: Katherine 'Kathy' Anne
DS: Tristan Blake
DD: Vivian 'Viv' Fay
DD: Luciana 'Lucie' Marie
DD: Audrey Hope
DS/DD: Nora Ashlynn & Owen Graham

The Watts Family.

Sarah & Isaac.

Austen, Keegan, Piper, Emma, Sophie, Levi, Nate, Kathy, Tristan, Viv, Lucie, Audrey, Nora, Owen.

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Posted 17 April 2010 - 04:25 AM

LN: Wyatt

(56) DW: Rachel Anne
(54) DH: Evan Blake

(36) DD/DS: Olivia Paige and Jesse Mitchell 'Liv and Jesse'
(34) DD: Audrey Faith
(33) DS: Theo Caspian
(31) DD/DD: Isabella Ivy and Alice Dahlia 'Izzy and Ali'
(30) DS: Levi Matthew
(28) DS: Noah Michael
(26) DS: James Henry
(24) DD: Emma Sophia
(21) DS: Caleb Vincent
(19) DD/DS/DD: Luciana Clare, Charlie Nicolas and Niamh Leanna 'Lucie, Charlie and Niamh'
(18) DD: Alexis Grace 'Lexi'
(15) DD/DD/DD/DS/DS/DS: Addison Melody, Carolina Ann, Gabriella Phoebe, Nathaniel Tomas, Jackson Ezra and Spencer Noel 'Addie, Carly, Gabi, Nate, Jack and Spence'

Rachel and Evan Wyatt with their children Liv, Jesse, Audrey, Theo, Izzy, Ali, Levi, Noah, James, Emma, Caleb, Lucie, Charlie, Niamh, Lexi, Addie, Carly, Gabi, Nate, Jack and Spence.

Liv is married to Matthias Wright (37) and they have 2 children and one on the way; Colleen Bridget (5), Meredith Rachel (1) and Jasper Thomas (on the way). Olivia is currently a SAHM, will Matt works as an architect.

Jesse is married to Laura-Ann (31) and they have one child together; Roman Blake (6). Jesse works part time a limo driver while Laura works as a receptionist in a hotel in the city.

Audrey is married to Harvey Green (34) and they have 2 adopted daughters and a biological son together; Loren Kate (10), Macey Diane (7) and Corbin Levi (3). Audrey is a SAHM and Harvey works in his dads oil buisness.

Theo is engaged to Camille Hewitt (25) and they have no children - yet! Theo is a family divorce lawyer and Camille is currently inbetween jobs.

Izzy is married to Thomas Conway (33) and they have 2 children together; Brody Alexander (8) and Liam Patrick (7). Neither Isabella or Thomas are working at the moment, as they want to spend as much time with their boys as possible. They are currently planning to move to Oklahoma (from Asheville, NC) closer to Tom's family.

Ali was engaged to Wesley Devin (31) with whom she had a daughter; Amy Claire (5), but they split and she is currently dating Ethan Reeves (34), a chef. Alice is working as a Personal shopper in Macy's at the moment, but would love to do more with her life..

Levi is currently dating Daisy Pettis (25), and working as a head waiter in a sushi bar.

Noah is married to Eva (29), works as a kindergarten teacher and together they have 2 children; Blake Henry (3) and Chloe Juliet (nb). Eva is a SAHM but will be returning to work as a day care nurse when Chloe is 4.

James was dating Phoebe Chambers (22) but she dumped him for another guy. So he has decided to focus on his career for now. He is currently a criminal lawyer.

Emma is currently working as a ballet teacher at a small downtown dance studio, and is engaged to Cooper Hayward (25) the son of one of one of the instructors.

Caleb is studying medicine at university at the moment and has been dating Amanda Bennett (21) for 4 years now.

Lucie was with her boyfriend Leo (21) for 5 years, but when she told him she was pregnant, he took off. Now is she a single mum raising her daughter Imogen Grace (2) by herself, with the help of her great big family. Luciana is currently taking night courses to become a trained MD.

Charlie has been with his longterm boyfriend Scotty Matthems (19) for 3 years. He is currently at University studying to become a lawyer like his big brother James.

Niamh Both Niamh and Charlie go to the same university. Niamh is currently single but has her eye on Lucas Morgan (21) who she met at a coffee place on campus.

Lexi is currently still at school and is about to graduate in the fall. She is engaged to Tom Marks (21) and they plan to get married in 2 years. Alexis would love to become a vet when she's finished with school and already has 2 puppies called Lola and Muffy who live at Tom's apartment!

Addie is still at school and is head cheerleader. She has been dating Kyle Rhodes (16) for the last 3 months and so far, their relationship is going great! Addison tends to care more about makeup and boys than homework however, which is one of her downfalls.

Carly is nothing like her sisters. She much prefers to keep to herself. She has a small group of about 5 friends who she hangs around with, including Rupert Watts (15) her boyfriend of the past 6 months - though no one but Gabi, Addie, Izzie and Emma know about him! Carolina loves to paint and is currently working on the set for the schools talent show.

Gabi is much like her sister Addie. She's also on the cheerleading squad, but doesn't have the same amount of passion for it as Addie does. She prefers dance like Emma, and is on the dance team. Gabriella does not currently not in a serious relationship, saying she is too young to commit.

Nate is very protective of his sisters and once even punched Addie's ex-boyfriend when he cheated on her with another girl in the locker room. Nathaniel is currently dating Riley-Marie Kendall, and has been for the past year. He is on the football team and the wrestling team, but he's a softy at heart! He'd like to work for his father's buisness when he grows up or maybe even make it in sports!

Jack is the shy one of the 3 boys. He tends to keep to himself, much like Carly. He wants to be a writer when grows up and spends most of his time in his room, making up stories on his computer. Jackson is currently on yearbook commity and the school journal team. Jack isn't dating anyone at the moment, but he does like Addie's best friend Samantha Grayson! He just doesn't know how to ask her...

Spence is the youngest of the 21 Wyatt children. This can be a gift and a burden. A lot of the time he is 'forgotten' due to his quietness, but because he is so sweet and caring, everyone always remembers him! Spencer prefers to read and is very bright. He'd love to work as a psychologist when he's older, but everybody thinks he can do better! Maybe he'll run for president.. :P

Rachel and Evan Wyatt are currently living with their sixtuplets and Lucie, as their other children have flown from the nest. Rachel works part-time as a nurse at the local GP and looks after Imogen in the evenings. Evan is a military officer, therefore he's gone most of the time, but when he his home, his family have his undivided attention.

Although they have 21 kids, they wouldn't trade any of them for the world.

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Posted 17 April 2010 - 01:38 PM

LN: Wilson
DH: Aaron Zane
DW: Alice Virginia
DD/DS: Abigail Taylor (Abby)/Austin Wayne
DS: Breck Thomas
DS: Asher Kingston
DS/DS/DD: Benjamin Webster (Ben)/Kolby Weaver/Alexandra Zinnia (Lexie)
DS: August Clayton (Gus)
DS/DS/DS: Jacob Gabriel (Jake)/Ethan Elijah/Daniel John (Danny)
DS: Michael William (Mike)
DS/DS/DS/DD: Logan Colin/Mason Devin/Noah Tanner/Alma Susannah
DD: Adelaide Winifred (Addie)
DS: Arthur Theo (Art)
DD: Amelia Hope
DS/DS/DS/DD/DD: Aidan Devonte/Andrew Davon (Andy)/Caleb Pierce/Allegra Carlie/Anna Angie

Aaron and Alice Wilson w/ Abby, Austin, Breck, Asher, Ben, Kolby, Lexie, Gus, Jake, Ethan, Danny, Mike, Logan, Mason, Noah, Alma, Addie, Art, Amelia, Aidan, Andy, Caleb, Allegra and Anna

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