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Detailed CAF 5/5

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Posted 14 September 2022 - 01:21 PM

Here's the previous part, part 4: https://www.babynamegenie.com/community/index.php?showtopic=40283 




You and your spouse having a growing savings and income and are able to reevaluate on some bigger expenses. The apartment you began renting when you first got married is feeling pretty small for your family. You decide it’s time to buy a house! In a wonderful turn of events, you are able to find a house in your desired location within your price range. 
Within the year, you are enrolling your youngest child(ren) into preschool and your older child into grade school! It’s a bittersweet time, having your home so quiet during school hours, your children are out of diapers, and nighttime awakenings are growing less and less. 
Naturally, as you and your spouse reminisce on the infancies of your children, it brings on a bit of baby fever. You have more space within your home to accommodate another baby. If either you or your spouse have a job that is able, you discuss the potential of working from home (it’s your choice whether or not you and/or your spouse decide to do this). 
You are grateful to conceive relatively quickly. Another baby! Towards the end of your pregnancy, a sibling (or both?) announce they are having (another?) baby too! 
You and your spouse are in love with the life you live. You have great jobs, a wonderful house, beautiful children, and a loving family. 
Sex of baby/ babies: 
1. Boy 
2. Girl 
3. Boy 
4. Girl / Girl 
5. Boy / Girl 
6. Girl 
7. Boy/ Boy 
8. Girl 
9. Boy 
10. Girl 
Names (roll once for first and once for middle): 
Aria, Aubrey, Collins, Edith, Jessamine, Maya, Mia, Penelope, Rosalina, Sabbath, Serenity, Winter / Apollo, Avery, Boone, Dante, Edward, Ibrahim, James, Kingston, Lucas, Michael, Noah, Owen, Sincere, Titus 
Annabella, Bee, Coco, Echo, Fiona, Harper, Joyce, Kahlani, Lennon, Matilda, Rowan, Salem, Xiomara / Aiden, Anakin, Cassius, Jett, Joaquin, Memphis, Noel, Oliver, Ronan, Ryker, Samuel, Sirius, William 
Anaya, Blaire, Christine, Evangeline, Evelyn, Georgia, Harriet, Lily, Marina, Louisa, Romina, Willow / Adonis, Alexander, Chance, Davian, Ethan, Jack, Jaylen, Lazarus, Ruben, Sullivan, Wilder, Zane 
Ayla, Chaya, Cadence, Delilah, Eleanor, Eleanora, Elliott, Ever, Halle, Luna, Meadow, Raven, Wren / Azriel, Benjamin, Cairo, Ender, Everest, Hudson, Jiraiya, Luca, Mason, Rogue, Sebastian, Truett, Wallace 
Amelia, Berkley, Charlotte, Emma, Emmeline, Hazel, Juliet, Lotus, Ocean, Paisley, Rayne, Stella / Asher, Bronson, Castiel, Cillian, Danger, Fox, Gabriel, Jayden, Julian, Kylo, Lincoln, Phoenix, Thaddeus, Zayden 
Ava, Aviana, Brooke, Clementine, Eloise, Mabel, Mae, Opal, Paloma, Piper, Ruby, Story, Vivienne / Atlas, Cullen, Elias, Emmett, Finley, Grey, Hendrix, Henry, Jude, Judas, Koa, Steson, Theodore, Watson, Xavier 
Azaria, Crimson, Dorothea, Isla, James, Myka, Nova, Persephone, Poppy, Soleil, Theodora, Violet / August, Briar, Canaan, Christopher, Forest, Griffin, Karsyn, Legend, Ray, Rayan, Reign, Sawyer, Scott, Vincent 
Athena, Beatrice, Cecilia, Dayana, Eden, Josephine, Maxine, Oaklynn, Scarlett, Shiloh, Wednesday / Ali, Blake, Bowen, Callen, Chase, Felix, Genesis, Jasper, Loki, Nicholas, Nicodemus, Reese, Thomas 
Azalea, Domino, Emerson, Frances, Juniper, Lola, Madeleine, Olive, Olivia, Phoenix, Sylvia, Tatum / Ariel, Bentley, Charlie, Clark, Dean, Elliott, Franklin, Jagger, Kyrie, Leaf, Nathaniel, Ranger, Zachary 
Araceli, Aurora, Etta, Genevieve, Hunter, Isabel, Marceline, Moxie, Octavia, Reese, Stormi, Zara / Abram, Asa, Cedric, Dominic, Dylan, Jacob, Jesse, Kelvin, Leland, Nasir, Onyx, Pilot, Rowan, Rylan, Santiago, Zyaire 

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Posted 20 September 2022 - 04:08 AM

Matthew 'Matt' Henry Whittaker [50]
m. Emma 'Em' Isabella Whittaker [47]

Jason 'Jase' Thomas Whittaker [29]

Nathan 'Nate' Christopher Whittaker [25]

Nicholas 'Nick' Caleb Whittaker [25]


Jason 'Jase' Thomas Whittaker-Clarke [29]

m. Philip 'Phil' Dean Whittaker-Clarke [29]

Eleanor 'Ellie' Madeleine Whittaker-Clarke [6]

William 'Liam' Archer Whittaker-Clarke [3]

Alexander 'Alex' Henry Whittaker-Clarke [0]

Amelia 'Amy' Isabelle Whittaker-Clarke [0]


Nathan 'Nate' Christopher Whittaker [25]

m. Lilith 'Lily' Cora Whittaker [24]

Rhiannon 'Rhia' Rose Whittaker [4]

Dominic 'Dom' Dante Whittaker [0]


Nicholas 'Nick' Caleb Whittaker [25]

m. Olivia 'Liv' Sofia Whittaker [26]

Dexter 'Dex' Caleb Whittaker [6]

Charlotte 'Charlie' Delilah Whittaker [0]

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Posted 21 September 2022 - 05:31 PM

The Greeley Family


DH: David "Dave" Lemuel Greeley III [62]

DW: Michelle "Shelly" Victoria née Jackson Greeley [58]


DD: Caitlin "Cait" Maria Greeley [31]

DD: Sofia Elise Greeley [28]

DD: Paige Lillian Greeley [26]


Dave and Shelly Greeley; Cait, Sofia and Paige




DD: Caitlin "Cait" Maria née Greeley Knowles [31]

DH: Julian "Jules" Thomas Knowles [33]


DS: Weston "Wes" Adam Knowles [5]

DD/DD: Sloane Layla & Sutton Carly Knowles [4]

DD: Rayne Lily Knowles [0]


Cait and Jules Knowles; Wes, Sloane, Sutton and Rayne




DD: Sofia Elise née Greeley Mason [28] - journalist

DW: Anara Divine Mason [28] - environmental scientist


DD: Violet Kennedy Mason [5]

DD: Birdie Maeve Mason [3]

DS/DS: Dean Jasper & Asher Forest Mason [0]


Sofia and Anara Mason; Violet, Birdie, Dean and Asher




DD: Paige Lillian Greeley [26]

DH: Colton Xavier Lopez [27]


DS/DD: Leland Jude & Scarlett Eden Lopez [0]


Paige Greeley and Colton Lopez; Leland and Scarlett

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Posted 26 September 2022 - 07:05 PM

LN: Dickenson


DH: Michael Arthur [64]

DW: Jane Isabella (née Summerfield) [62]


DS: Taylor Joseph [33]

DD: Abigail Sarah "Abby" [30]

DD: Heather Grace [27]


Michael, Jane, Taylor, Abby, & Heather




LN: Dickenson


DH: Taylor Joseph [33]

DW: Ivy Claire (née Starling) [31]


DD: Olivia Zoey [7]

DS: Samuel Finch "Sam" [6]


Taylor, Ivy, Olivia, & Sam




LN: Emery


DW: Abigail Sarah "Abby" (née Dickenson) [30]

DH: Jack Lucas [30]


DD: Josephine Grace "Josie" [7]

DS: Archer Daniel [5]

DD: Matilda Frances [1]


Abby, Jack, Josie, Archer, & Matilda


Major: Writing/Publishing

College: A few states away

Proposal: While picking out a Christmas tree

Wedding: Intimate destination wedding

Hobby: Joining a book club




LN: Edgecombe


DW: Heather Grace (née Dickenson) [27]

DH: Nicholas Jett "Nick" [28]


DD: Hazel Charlotte [0]


Heather, Nick, & Hazel

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Posted 23 October 2022 - 06:10 PM

The McKinley Family


DH: Tatum Zachary McKinley {57}

DW: Josephine Elise McKinley (née Becker) {56}


DS1: Cyrus Emmanuel McKinley {32}

DS2: August Jordan McKinley {30}

DD1: Miriam Odette McKinley {28} 

DS3: Lennon Cole McKinley {24}


Tate and Joey; with CyrusGusMiriam Lennon




The McKinley Family


DS1: Cyrus Emmanuel McKinley {32}

DW: Dahlia Pearl McKinley (née Beauchamp) {32}


DD1: Harleigh Aurora McKinley {5}

DD2: Poppy Rayne McKinley {0}


Cyrus and Dahlia; with Harleigh & Poppy




The McKinley Family


DS2: August Jordan McKinley {30}

DW: Sophia Leighton McKinley (née Rossi) {30}


DD1: Bailey Stella McKinley {4}

DD2: Aubrey Echo McKinley {0}


Gus and Sophia; with Bailey Aubrey




The Knowles Family


DD1: Miriam Odette Knowles (née McKinley) {28} [teacher in hometown]

DH: Shepherd Gavin Knowles {28} [journalist in hometown]


DS1: Truett Emmanuel Knowles {5}

DS2/DS3: Griffin Maverick Knowles/Elias Kingston Knowles {3}

DD1: Story Evelyn Knowles {0}


Miriam and Shepherd; with TruettGriffin, Elias & Story




The McKinley Family


DS3: Lennon Cole McKinley {24}

DW: Genevieve Piper McKinley (née Drexel) {25}


DD1/DD2: Meadow Reese McKinley/Eloise Hunter McKinley {0}


Lennon and Genny; with Meadow & Eloise

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Posted 02 November 2022 - 06:06 PM

The West Family


DH: Franklin 'Frank' Riley West (61)

DW: Sarah Lorraine Franco West (58)


DS: Coleman 'Cole' Sidney West (34)

DS: Oliver 'Ollie' Hugo West (32)

DD: Sadie Clarissa West (29) - me; fine arts major

DD: Erica Ruth West (28)


Frank and Sarah West; with ColeOllieSadie, and Erica



The West Family


DH: Coleman 'Cole' Sidney West (34)

DW: Shiloh Esther White West (33)


DS: Rhodes August West (6)

DD: Vivienne 'Vivi' Isla West (0)


Cole and Shiloh West; with Rhodes and Vivi



The West Family


DH: Oliver 'Ollie' Hugo West (32)

DW: Katherine 'Katy' Pearl Adler West (34)


DD: Hazel Sienna West (4)


Ollie and Katy West; with Hazel



The Beauchamp-West Family


DW: Sadie Clarissa Beauchamp-West (31)

DW: Alexis 'Lexi' Margaret Beauchamp-West (31)


DS: Connor Benjamin Beauchamp-West (6)

DS: Jesse Maverick Beauchamp-West (3)

DD/DD: Scarlett Emerson Beauchamp-West/Willow Amelia Beauchamp-West (0)


Sadie and Lexi Beauchamp-West; with ConnorJesse, Scarlett, and Willow



The Spellman Family


DW: Erica Ruth West Spellman (28)

DH: Ryan Judas Spellman (30)


DD: Juniper 'Juno' Marceline Spellman (0)


Erica and Ryan Spellman; with Juno



Generations of the West Family


Franklin Sarah West; w/ ColemanOliverSadie, + Erica

- - -

Coleman Shiloh West; w/ Rhodes + Vivienne

Oliver Katherine West; w/ Hazel

Sadie Alexis Beauchamp-West; w/ Connor, Jesse, Scarlett, + Willow

Erica Ryan Spellman; w/ Juniper

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Posted 19 November 2022 - 05:54 PM

The Rose Family


DH: Vincent "Vince" Michael Rose [61]

DW: Alexandra "Andie" Christine née Lindsey Rose [58]


DS: Jonathan "Jon" Aaron Rose [31]

DD: Allison "Allie" Kelly Rose [29]

DS: Adam Nicholas Rose [24]


Vince and Andie Rose; with Jon, Allie and Adam




DS: Jonathan "Jon" Aaron Rose [31]

DW: Genesis Tatiana Adler [32]


DD: Adler Isabella Rose [6]

DS/DS: Lachlan Elias & Everett Santiago Rose [4]


Jon Rose and Genesis Adler; with Adler, Lachlan and Everett




DD: Allison "Allie" Kelly née Rose Webster [29]

DH: Clayton Graham Webster [29]


DS: August "Gus" Michael Webster [6]

DD: Mabel Coraline Webster [3]

DD: Eleanor "Nora" Lily Webster [0]


Allie and Clayton Webster; with Gus, Mabel and Nora




DS: Adam Nicholas Gonzalez-Rose [24]

DH: Diego Samuel Gonalez-Rose [25]


DD: Anaya Lotus Gonzalez-Rose [0]


Adam and Diego Gonzalez-Rose; with Anaya

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Posted 01 December 2022 - 09:57 PM

The Summerfield Family


DH: Malcolm Ezekiel Summerfield (58)

DW: Lydia Violet Summerfield (nee Phelps) (56)


DS: Everett James Summerfield (33)

DD: Sarah Josephine Summerfield (30)

DD: Katherine Elise "Katie" Summerfield (27)


Malcolm and Lydia Summerfield

Everett, Sarah, and Katie




The Summerfield Family


DH: Everett James Summerfield (33)

DW: Matilda Alice "Tilly" Summerfield (nee Webster) (32)


DD: Aurora Madison "Rory" Summerfield (6)

DS: Alexander Henry "Xander" Summerfield (3)

DD: Fiona Emmeline Summerfield (nb)


Everett and Tilly Summerfield

Rory, Xander, and Fiona




Jack proposed to Sarah at a local farm while picking pumpkins to make jack-o-lanterns. They had a moderate-sized church wedding.

One night a week, Sarah hosts a podcast about literature with a friend and Jack takes judo classes.


The Beauchamp Family


DW: Sarah Josephine Beauchamp (nee Summerfield) (staff writer for a literary magazine) (30)

DH: Jack Nolan Beauchamp (physical therapist) (30)


DD: Isabella Katherine "Bella" Beauchamp (6)

DS: Declan Everett Beauchamp (3)

DS/DD: Rowan Nathaniel Beauchamp / Evelyn Ruby "Evie" Beauchamp (nb)


Sarah and Jack Beauchamp

Bella, Declan, Rowan, and Evie




The Arygros Family


DH: Kellan Jacob Arygros (24)

DW: Katherine Elise "Katie" Arygros (nee Summerfield) (24)


DD/DD: Lily Amelia Arygros / Zara Mae Arygros (nb)


Kellan and Katie

Lily and Zara

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