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Is this wrong? Baby name help

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Posted 29 April 2019 - 12:12 PM

My husband and I have somewhat had names picked out since before we got married. We have been dead set on our girl name and it has yet to change. But for the longest, we have been undecided and back and forth on our boy name. The only thing decided was 'Kent' for a middle name, after my dad.. Well, last night we finally came to a conclusion. 


We like the name Clark. 


It's a family name on my side, and we just like it overall. The only thing I am worried about is him being made fun of because 'Clark Kent' is Superman's name. We aren't naming him after Superman, but we can see where it would appear that way. Is it just a bad idea overall? Or is it okay? I am torn because I REALLY like the name, but don't want my child to constantly be picked on because of his name. Help!

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Posted 01 May 2019 - 07:24 AM

I'd say avoid it unless he is going to be directly named after superman, and even then...probably avoid it. Sorry!


There's plenty of other great first names you could choose though:

Fletcher Kent

Dean Kent

Harvey Kent

Everett Kent

Brooks Kent

Graham Kent

Davis Kent

Wesley Kent

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Posted 25 May 2019 - 08:58 AM

I'd say, if you love the name go for it! And while it's not everyone's forte, I don't think having the name associated with Superman is such a bad thing? Unless you aren't a huge fan of it, I would suggest adding a possible 2nd middle name to. But if you actually like Superman, it isn't such a bad choice! I mean, there are tons of names used by heroes, both well known and not, so I don't think it's a big issue!

If you aren't a fan of Superman or Comics in general, here are some middle names you could add:

Clark Harvey Kent

Clark Cyrus Kent

Clark Hugo Kent

Clark Eugene Kent

Clark Jasper Kent

Clark Felix Kent

Clark Theo Kent

Clark Lewis Kent

Clark Luther Kent

Clark Winston Kent

Clark Leonard Kent

Clark Lawrence Kent

Clark Montgomery Kent

Clark Percival Kent

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Posted 15 June 2019 - 06:18 PM

Rufus Kent
Owen Kent
Henry Kent
Tobin Kent
Greyson Kent
Emory Kent
Norman Kent
Sterling Kent
Tracey Kent
Ellis Kent

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Posted 25 June 2019 - 08:37 PM

Its unfortunate, but if he'll be using Clark Kent as a double name, I would not do it. If he'll only go by Clark, though, go for it! Maybe change the spelling, so its Clarke Kent.

#6 EvilMonkey


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Posted 25 June 2019 - 08:53 PM

Personally, I think it'd be awesome to share a name with Superman, and I love the name Clark! Here's a few other ideas though:

  • Austin Kent
  • Collin Kent
  • Jude Kent
  • Nash Kent
  • Nicholas Kent

#7 M Belle-Gir

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Posted 28 June 2019 - 12:19 AM

Realizing, I'm arriving late to things here, however, if I read you correctly you're saying that his MIDDLE NAME is going to be Kent, yes? Well then he is very unlikely to be picked on because school rosters are simply not going to be calling him by his middle name at all--they'll just use first and last. Also, it's honestly subtle enough because it's Superman's alternate name that believe it or not, many people don't actually know. I truly think you guys are good for this one. Congrats!

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