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Family Tree CAF #7 - 6/10

Family Tree CAF #7 - 6/10 Family Tree CAF Family Tree CAF #7 6/10 Part 6 Round 6 Mine

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Posted 15 October 2018 - 04:43 AM

Evander 'Evan' Clark Black [70]

m. Nora Clementine Webster-Crane [69]

Coraline 'Cora' Peony Black [46]

Leopold 'Leo' Evander Black [42]

Zacharias 'Zach' Porter Black [40]

Anastasia 'Tasie' Hettie Black [38]

Christian 'Chris' Ronan Black [37]



Coraline 'Cora' Peony Black [46, lesbian]

m. Val Veda Ashmore [47, ex]

Valentin 'Lenny' Vance Ashmore-Black [21]

Micayla 'Cayla' Marie Ashmore-Black [21]

Marisha 'Mari' Bailey Ashmore-Black [16]

Eren Maxentius Ashmore-Black [14]

Zelda Felicity Aphra Ashmore-Black [12]

m. Bambi Rosehala Chavez [50, long term]


Valentin 'Lenny' Vance Ashmore-Black [21]

m. Anna-Silvea Amaryllis Thomas [21]

Nethaniah 'Ethan' Ionathan Ashmore-Black [4]

Joseph 'Joey' Antoine Ashmore-Black [3]

Todd Washington Ashmore-Black [2]


Micayla 'Cayla' Marie Ashmore-Black [21]

m. Arthur Rose Wentworth [22, short term]



Leopold 'Leo' Evander Black [42]

m. Ai Yu Sheills [42]

Winter Lorelei Black [21]

Julie Abigail Black [19]

Baxter Bellamy Black [19]

Felix Wyatt Black [7]

Bailey Elizabeth Black [7]


Winter Lorelei Black [21]

m. Frederick 'Freddie' Rutherford Crouch [21, engaged]

Scout Alexandrina Crouch [1]


Julie Abigail Black [19]

m. Hugo Mortimer Greyling [20, engaged]


Baxter Bellamy Black [19, bisexual]

Elliea Jenessa Black [2]

m. Gary Nicolas Song [19, short term]



Zacharias 'Zach' Porter Black [40]

m. Alethia 'Thia' Carin Woods [41]

May Elizabeth Black [23]

Eliot Warren Black [20]

Niamh Talullah Black [13]

Carl Theodore Black [5]


May Elizabeth Black [23]

m. Adrian 'Ade' Morrisey Widogast [24, engaged]

Margaret 'Mamrie' Turkwessa Widogast [9]

Parker Mason Widogast [8]

Axelle Una Widogast [3]

Juniper 'Juno' Cleo Widogast [1]


Eliot Warren Black [20]

m. Griet Marsaili Johnson [21, engaged]



Anastasia 'Tasie' Hettie Black [38]

m. Philip 'Phil' Preston Harding [39]

Margot Agnes Harding [22]

Hayden Carter Harding [19]

Lily Victoria Harding [5]

Oliver Benjamin Harding [2]

Verity Guinevere Harding [0]


Margot Agnes Harding [22]

m. Jesse Talmai Valls [23, short term]


Hayden Carter Harding [19]

Edita Prisca Harding [0]



Christian 'Chris' Ronan Black [37]

Penelope 'Penny' North Black [17]

Brynn Violet Black [16]

Billy Douglas Black [16]

m. Cera Genevieve de Rolo [35]

Zahra Keyleth Black [6]

Jeanelle 'Elle' Calla Black [5]

Matthew 'Matt' Orion Black [5]

Gwendolyn 'Gwen' Eira Black [5]

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Posted 15 October 2018 - 06:57 AM

The Dempsey Family


Henry James (73) and Nora Amelie (70) 



DD Juliet Franciska (45)

EX-DF Amie Lorelei Woods (46) and their ADD Phoebe 'Bea' Grace (21)

DW Gemma Elenore Stoker (48) and their children, ADD Niamh Lydia (14), ADS/ADD Aidan Saul and Zoe Maeve (11) and ADD Eloisa 'Ellie' Maude (9)


Phoebe Woods (21) with ST-BF Wiley Ezra Thomas (21)


DS Olivier Thaddeus (41)

EX-DF Anna Piper Lennox (40) and their children, DD Piper Elizabeth (13), DD Cora Maxine (10), DS Theo Oliver (8) and DD Daisy Rhiannon (5)


ADD Kathryn Hera (36) 

DH Timothy Milo Falbek (36) and their children, DS Baxter Timothy (18), DD Luci Madeline (15), DD Imogen 'Ginny' Lara (8) and DD Honor Juliet (7)


Baxter Falbek (18) with LT-GF Mina Valerie Rush (17) and DD Violet 'Vi' Felicity (1)


Henry and Nora Dempsey

with their children 

Jules, Ollie and Kate.


And grandchildren, Bea, Baxter, Luci, Niamh, Piper, Aidan & Zoe, Cora, Ellie, Theo, Ginny, Honor and Daisy.

And great granddaughter, Vi.

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Posted 28 October 2018 - 10:36 AM

The Pearson Family

DH: Anthony "Tony" Eustorgius Pearson [74]
DW: Rosanna "Rose" Adair {nee Applegate} Pearson [73]

DD: Evolet "Lei" Pamela Pearson [45]
DS: Corbinan "Corb" Marizio Pearson [42]
DS/DS/DS: Everardo "Ardy" Glenroy Pearson / Gamaliel "Leo" Hatshepsut Pearson / Heiner "Hey" Comodore Pearson [41]
DD: Kiyomi "MiMi" Albina Pearson [41]
DS: Giuliano "Gio" Salvatore Pearson [37] (adopted)

Tony and Rose Pearson; with Lei, Corb, Ardy, Leo, Hey, MiMi, and Gio. 

The Peawood Family

DW: Evolet "Lei" Pamela {nee Pearson} Peawood [45]
Ex-DH: Sang Midnight Hancock [45] 
DH: Graham Aki Peawood [47]

DS: Griffin "Griff" Micah Hancock [20]
DD: Moon Keeleigh Hancock [14]
DD: Willow Noe Hancock [12]
DS: Fox Thane Hancock [11]
DD/DD: Farrah Scarlett Peawood / Adelaide "Addy" Vera Peawood [8]
DS: Abbott Cyril Peawood [5]

Lei Pearson (with ex-husband Sang Hancock, father of Griff, Moon, Willow, and Fox) and Graham Peawood; with Griff, Moon, Willow, Fox, Farrah, Addy, and Abbott.

The Hancock-Nguyen Family

DH: Griffin "Griff" Micah Hancock [20]
DW: Paisley Eloise Nguyen [21]

DS/DD: Jacob "Jake" Buz Hancock-Nguyen / Evangeline "Evvy" Rosie Hancock-Nguyen [infants]

Griff Hancock and Paisley Nguyen; with Jake and Evvy.

The Pearson/Nirwan Family

DH: Corbinan "Corb" Marizio Pearson [42]
Ex-DW: Mabel Paris Lane [40]
DW: Palmer Cecily Madeleine Reed Nirwan [37] (engaged

DD: Ever Dawn Pearson [17]
DS: Fjord Pierre Pearson [9]

Corb Pearson (with ex-wife Mabel Lane, mother of Ever and Fjord) and Palmer Nirwan; with Ever and Fjord.

The Pearson-Warnament Family

DH: Everardo "Ardy" Glenroy Pearson [41]
Ex-DW: Justine Esperanta Wick [41]
DW: Siena Karra {nee Warnament} Pearson [40]

DD: Charlotte "Charlie" Arabella Pearson [16]
DD: Rowan Sloane Pearson [15]
DS: Julian Sterling Warnament [9]
DD: Moriah Fabriziah Warnament [7]

Ardy (with ex-wife Justine Pearson, mother of Charlie and Rowan) and Siena Pearson; with Charlie, Rowan, Julian, and Moriah.

The Pearson Family

DH: Gamaliel "Leo" Hatshepsut Pearson [41]
Ex-DW: Florencia "Lori-Violet" Violet {nee Gaunting} Pearson [44]
GF: Becky Liliwen Trickfoot [42] (long-term)

DS: Lucian Eun Pearson [20]
DD/DS: Olive Xena Pearson / Valentine "Val" Ultan Pearson [14]
DS: Emery Fulton Pearson [12]
DS: Finley Justice Trickfoot-Pearson [7]
DS/DD/DD: Kermit Major Trickfoot-Pearson / Blossom Arwen Trickfoot-Pearson / Lyra Reese Trickfoot-Pearson [6]

Leo Pearson (with ex-wife Lori-Violet Gaunting, mother of Lucian, Olive, Val, and Emery) and Becky Trickfoot; with Lucian, Olive, Val, Emery, Finley, Kermit, Blossom, and Lyra.

The Pearson/Martin Family

DH: Lucian Eun Pearson [20]
DW: Myla Jade Martin [22] (engaged)

DD/DD: Taryn Una Pearson-Martin / Zoe Una Pearson-Martin [4]

Lucian Pearson and Kyle Martin; with Taryn and Zoe.

The Pearson/Van Hersing Family

DH: Heiner "Hey" Comodore Pearson [41] (bisexual)
Ex-DW: Morgan Delilah Shi [42]
GF: Marcella Eila Van Hersing [40] (long-term)

DS: Asher Travis Pearson [16]
DD: Eowyn "Winnie" Isabelle Lark Celeste Pearson [12]
DS: Rhydian Brent Orion Van Hersing-Pearson [6]

Hey Pearson (with ex-wife Morgan Shi, mother of Asher and Winnie) and Marcella Van Hersing; with Asher, Winnie, and Rhydian.

The Wice-Pearson Family

DW: Kiyomi "MiMi" Albina Wice-Pearson [40] (bisexual)
DW: Luksa Edith Wice-Pearson [40]

DD/DS: Romilly Winter MacKenzie Wice-Pearson / Caleb Truman Gareth Wice-Pearson [10]
DS/DD: Hampton Malakai Drew Wice-Pearson / Skylar Oakley Esme Wice-Pearson [5]
DS: Princeton Hunter Linus Wice-Pearson [infant]

MiMi and Luksa Wice-Pearson; and Romilly, Caleb, Hampton, Skylar, and Princeton.

The Carla-Pearson/Vannos Family

DH: Giuliano "Gio" Salvatore Pearson [37] (adopted) 
Ex-DW: Isabeau "Izzy" Desiree Vesh [38] 
Ex-DW: Anne Rosalita Carla [38]
GF: Saskia Winslow Vannos [36] (long-term)

DD: Kristina "Tina" Adele Pearson [17]
DS: Charles "Charlie" Erni Pearson [16]
DD: Mary "Gemma" Gemma Pearson [15]
DS: Madoc Jeffrey Carla-Pearson [9]
DS: Shane Giuliano Carla-Pearson [9]
DD: Floyd Alaric Vannos [infant]

Gio Pearson (with ex-fiance Izzy Vesh, mother of Tina, Charlie, and Gemma AND ex-wife Anne Carla, mother of Madoc and Shane) and Saskia Vannos; with Tina, Charlie, Gemma, Madoc, Shane, and Floyd. 

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Posted 15 August 2019 - 10:44 AM

Edvin Torleif Lambros [71]

m. Ama Sigrun Dvorak [70]

Artem Lear Lambros [46]

Virgil Frederick Lambros [44]

Cosmin Pavel Lambros [40]

Hortensia Rosa Lambros [39]



Artem Lear Lambros [46]

m. Kendall Sienna Harding [44]

Monroe Jackson Lambros [19]

Hayes Mckinley Lambros [17]

Rex Scott Lambros [16]

Seeley Cairn Lambros [5]


Monroe Jackson Lambros [19]

d. Una Axelle Song [19, long term girlfriend]



Virgil Frederick Lambros [44]

m. Arlette Margot Lee [45, ex-wife]

Hollis Madison Lambros [23]

m. Hanna Astrid Emerson [43, ex-wife]

Adelaide Zinnia Lambros [12]

Caspian Atlas Lambros [11]

Orion Samuel Lambros [8]

Ravenna Joan Lambros [8]

Huxley Noble Lambros [6]

Spike Rudolf Lambros [5]


Hollis Madison Lambros [23]

m. Vincent Everett de Rolo [24]

Vera Rosetta de Rolo [5]



Cosmin Pavel Lambros [40]

m. Jennifer Mary Bearden [40]

Rosie Doris Lambros [7]

Juliet Ashlee Lambros [5]

William Anthony Lambros [3]

Stewart Ranulf Lambros [2]

Eloise Klara Lambros [1]



Hortensia Rosa Lambros [39]

m. Timothy Oscar Needham [42, ex-husband]

Tucker Josiah Needham [23]

Lilia Alexandria Needham [20]

Boone Jagger Needham [15]

m. Liam Oscar Dalton [40]

Wolfram Aleksander Dalton [8]

Bianca Holly Dalton [8]

Elodie Beatrice Dalton [7]


Tucker Josiah Needham [23]

Malve Klaudia Needham [7]

Ryker Benjamin Needham [1]

d. Vivienne Flora Kwon [22, short term girlfriend]


Lilia Alexandria Needham [20]

d. Holden Emmett Gaines [23, fiancé]

Kai Sebastian Gaines [2]

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