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Twin Names

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#61 Cadence & Nathan

Cadence & Nathan

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Posted 01 February 2009 - 10:04 PM

I know:

B/G Kenneth and Nicole (Kenny and Nikki)
B/B Kobe and Kaleb
B/B Taylor nd Michael
G/G India and Asia
B/G Braxton and Paxton (Girl)
G/G Kaylee and Baylee
G/G Kayla and Demi
B/B Matt and Nick
B/B Ben and Aaron
B/G GRiffin nd Graacyn (girl)

G/G/G Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire
B/B/B Aaron, Aari, Aasa
G/G/B Arabella, Anabella, Aspin
B/B/G Landon, Carter, Jamie (Characters on the movie A Walk To Remember lol)

#62 Liz88


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  • Interests:I love spending time with my children and my husband. I don't get to volunteer as much as I would like to in my kids' schools now that I'm having twins but I would like to once I have them.<br />I like to garden, scrapbook, knit, and go to the beach.<br />I'm currently working on getting a blog...I'll update you on that later :D

Posted 03 February 2009 - 10:21 PM

Twins are ABUNDANT in our family...:unsure:
My twins are:
Bryce and Isobel
Their cousins are:
Kaylee and Haylee
Brianna and Brielle
Noah and Norah
Nicholas and Veronika

Other notables in our family:
Priscilla and Penelope [these twins are from the 1920s]
Elizabeth and Emily[which is where my sister and I got our names from...even though we're not twins]
Marcus and Cynthia[my father in law and his twin sister]

#63 NicKarnak1987


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Posted 06 February 2009 - 03:54 PM

My 28 year old uncles are Gary & Mark.

In my year at school there were identical twin boys Jack & Sam and Josh & Nathan and unidentical twin girls Keeley and Nicola.

Gary & Mark
Jack & Sam
Josh & Nathan

Keeley & Nicola

*Nicola is also my name but i'm not a twin.

#64 BrizeeBoo


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Posted 11 February 2009 - 06:43 PM

Twins I know:

Brianna and BreShay(the Brianna isnt me)
Samantha(nn Sami) and Danielle(nn Dani)
Joshua and Travis
Kristin and Shannon
Justin and Alexander
Stephanie and Taryn

For twin names I like(for b/g)

Ryan and Adela
Cooper and Kaelyn
Chase and Alexandria
Benjamin and Alayna
Andrew and Alissa
Edward(nn Eddie) and Marielle(nn Ellie)

Brizee and Derek

#65 Cadence & Nathan

Cadence & Nathan

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Posted 11 February 2009 - 07:06 PM

Oh I thought of some more that I know/heard of:

B/B Kieren & Kyran
G/G Sapphire & Emerald
G/G Diamond & Pearl
G/G Kadence & Pearl (both have to do with drums--Cadence is a drum "song"--Pearl is a kind of drum/drumhead!)
B/G Landon & Jamie (main characters from A Walk To Remember)
B/G Macon & Hallie (main characters from How to Deal)
B/G Michael & Scarlett (main characters from How To Deal)
B/B Brenden & Breyden
B/B Talon & Topher
B/G Sampson & Delilah

G/G/G Samantha, Samaya, Samara (Sam, Maya, and Mara) (a little too crazy for me!)
B/B/B Benjamin, Bennet, and Benigan (Benji, Ben, and Benny) (WAY TOO CLOSE!!)
B/G/G Jana, Jessalyn, and Jorgan
B/B/G Kavan, Kullum, and Kelsey

#66 Bella


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Posted 14 February 2009 - 02:22 PM

My nieces are Talia Molly and Rhiannon Alicia
I also know...
Catherine and Mary
Felicia and Fally
Aiden and Matthew
Arianna and Gianna
Jenna and Adelyn
Madelyn and Cate

Yeah, my favourites are Talia and Rhiannon and Arianna and Gianna

#67 Guest_toribethh_*

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Posted 14 February 2009 - 04:08 PM

THere are twins at my school
Joshua (JOsh) and Jacob (Jake) (b/b)
Michael(Mike) and Nicholas(NIck) (b/b)
Thomas (Tom) and Tyler (b/b)
Hope and Faith (g/g)
Brandon and Logan (b/b)
Cara and Rhianna (G/G)
Madison and Evyn (g/g)
Brandon and Megan (b/g)
Andrew and Brittany (b/g)

and theres a set of triplets
Briana (BB), Carina (CC) and Domenique (DD)
I really like that because they go together but aren't to matchy

#68 abigstripeymess


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Posted 14 February 2009 - 05:11 PM

Fernanda and Paula
Bruno & Juan
Kayla & Kennedi
Misty & Precious

#69 Sloane_Imogen's_Mom


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Posted 14 February 2009 - 06:11 PM

my niece and nephew are named Tegan Clarice & Tyson Clarence!

#70 Squared


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Posted 15 February 2009 - 02:26 PM

Cody and Carly
Mary Beth and Matthew “Matt”
James and John
Trevor and Jameson “Jamie”
Patrick and Kaylene
Nicholas “Nick” and Eric
Zachary “Zach” and Connor
Kara and Kristy
Cameron, Victoria, and William “Will”
Anthony and Nicholas “Nick”
Shannon and Felicity
Christopher “Chris” and Calvin
Kyle and James
Sean and William "Will"
Cameron and Scott
Doug and Lauren

#71 Chrysanthemum


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Posted 27 March 2009 - 07:19 PM

I know twins named:

Areta and Alexandra "Sandy"
Sophie and Claire
Jessica and Megan
Terina and Kristy

#72 Aspasia85


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Posted 30 March 2009 - 11:15 AM

Emily and Ellen
Elizabeth and Elaine
Kathleen and Maxine
Sarah and Stephanie
Faye and Kaye
Brittney and Christy
Lisa and Lori

Kevin and Kyle
Jonathan and Jakob
James and John
Gregory and Gary
Brandon and Kyle
Brock and Bryce
Gavin and Garrett

Micheal and Michelle
Donald and Donna

These are actual twins that I know...Twins MAY just run our family, what do you think?!

#73 D3sire


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Posted 01 April 2009 - 01:12 AM

I don't know many twins...

Chris & Alex (Christopher & Alexander)
Justin & Jason
Kelly & Erin

all in their early to mid 20's.

#74 Fronka


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Posted 01 April 2009 - 01:21 AM

Lester & Esther
Ronnie & Donnie
Bella & Rees
Matthew & Josh
Melody & Harmony
Jim & Bo

#75 PaperHeart


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Posted 04 April 2009 - 02:02 PM

I'm a twin, and mine and my sisters names are Danielle and Yasmine.

I know a:

-Natasha and Clare
-Hannah, Jacquelin and Rebecca. ( i know, triplets, not twins.. )
-Itai and Ma'ayan ~Israeli names(my brother and sister)
-Keren and Shachar ~Israeli names (my cousins)
-Eliora and Dana
-Danielle and Olivia
-Rachel and Sophie
-Ben and Dylan
-Dean and ... (dont remember the other ones name..)

And i think that's it.. :)

-Yasmine <3

#76 Ava Perez

Ava Perez

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Posted 22 February 2010 - 08:01 PM

I know:

G/G Rylan and Robyn
B/G Andrew and Aria
B/G James and Stephanie
B/B Alec and Caleb
B/G Alexander and Hannah
G/G Jordyn and Jaicey
G/G Lily Ann and Lila Jade

I also know triplets:
G/G/G Cara, Meaghan, and Dallas
B/G/G Jacob, Isabelle, Caroline (They are all nine; but I pity Isabelle and Jacob because they keep getting asked if their names came from Twilight even though they were born years before Twilight came out. Poor kids)

#77 ReadeAlexandra


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Posted 22 February 2010 - 09:46 PM

Nicholas and Zeben (bb)
Teresa and Olga
Hazel and Kevin
Anna and Maria
Stacey and Stephanie
Kendra and Norah
Kai and Acadia
Shannon and Jocelyn
Cara and Elliot
Helen and Nolan
Henry and Carleton

#78 katie.


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Posted 23 February 2010 - 12:11 AM

Leah and Tiana
Jaz and Pyper

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