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Opinions on my new "Maybes" List

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Posted 01 February 2018 - 06:18 PM

Hi everyone,


I've recently added a bunch of singles to my "maybes" list, and I would like to hear what you all think to see if I'm sold on them or not. Some have been sticking around for a while without combos, and others are completely new to me.


Also, if you have any suggestions based on the style of these names, I'm always looking for new favorites!


Thank you!








Gwendolyn (Guinevere is on my list as a middle)








Caspian (I have Cassius and Castor tentatively on my list)

Eoghan (pronounced like Owen)



Lysander (bit of a GP)



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Posted 02 February 2018 - 03:28 PM


Amity ~ I really like Amity, I think it's a very pretty and underused virtue name. The fact that it means friendship is a great plus, but I don't pay a whole lot of attention to name meanings. It does remind a bit of Divergent, but that's not a bad association. Some other underused (and maybe a bit out there) virtue names that I like are: Verity, Clarity, Rejoice, Happy, Honor, Eternity, and Remembrance.


Cassia ~ I'm not overly fond of Cassia, either pronounced cash-a or cass-ee-a. I much prefer Cassandra or Cassiopeia, or even just Cassie. Other names with a similar Roman style: Aurelia, Claudia, Fabia, Gaia, Junia, Laelia, Cecilia, Maxima, and Sabina.


Celia ~ I adore Celia. I think it's fresh, snappy, and elegant. I like it as both a stand alone name, and as a nickname for Cecelia/Cecilia. Some other names I think are similar in style or Celia are: Cecily, Margo, Cilla, Audrey, Esther, Mabel, Sylvia/Silvia, Alice, Willa, and Ada.


Eleanor/Eleanora ~ I prefer Eleanor over Eleanora, but both are pretty. I feel like Eleanora/Eleonora is the frillier, girlier version of Eleanor, and it feels a bit more princessy to me. I love all of the nickname potentials from both names; Elle, Ellie, Ella, Nora, etc. I like a few variations of Eleanor as well; Elinor, Leonor(e), Eliana, Ellen, and Elena. Other names with a classic, elegant, or princessy style are: Alice, Clara, Penelope, Catherine/Katherine, Amelia, Beatrice, Charlotte, Florence, Josephine, Arabella, Anastasia, Matilda, Pearl, Annabel, and Susanna(h).


Greta ~ I'm not a fan of Greta, it just feels clunky and stuck in the past to me. Some names with a similar origin/style/sound: Adela, Enid, Greer, Louisa, Maeva, and Theodora.


Gwendolyn (Guinevere is on my list as a middle) ~ I love Gwendolyn/Gwendoline/Gwendolen. It has a personal meaning for me, and it will be the middle name of my first daughter (if I have one). Gwen is a strong, spunky nickname, and I can imagine a little Gwen having lots to say. Guinevere is also beautiful and on my list, but I agree that I would only use it as a middle name. Other names with similar sass and strength to Gwendolyn: Beatrix, Daphne, Genevieve, Heather, Naomi, Philippa, Rosalind, Veronica, and Ruth.


Marian ~ I've been warming up to Marian, slowly but surely. She still has an older feel to me, especially since I know a few older ladies with the name, but I can see a little girl wearing it well. Other names that I feel are similar: Elaine, Winifred, Joan, Joyce, Kathleen, Sheila, Ann(e), Barbara, and Dorothy.


Octavia ~ I like the sound of Octavia, but I'm not sure I can imagine it on a person. It definitely has a strong sound, and I like it as a less popular alternative to Olivia. Similar names: Lucina, Minerva, Lavinia, Prudence, Honoria, Constantina, Raphaela, Livia, and Eugenia.


Ottoline ~ So so pretty. Ottoline is a recent love of mine, but I simply adore it. Personally I would use it as a middle name, but with the nickname Ottie or Otter (<3) I think it would be so lovely. Some more names similar to Ottoline: Thomasine/Thomasina, Jamesina, Bernadette, Albertine, Celestine, Henrietta, Francesca, and Clementine.





Ansel ~ I'm not a fan of Ansel, it reminds me a little bit of Hansel said in a French accent. Some similar names: Adlai, Auberon, Bertram, Eames, Joaquin, Johan, and Willem.


Caspian (I have Cassius and Castor tentatively on my list) ~ I love Caspian, it's so soft and handsome, and I have a bit of a thing for softer sounding boy names. I like Castor as well, but not Cassius (or Cassian). Some softer boy names: Asher, Isaac, Henry, Milo/Miles, Jasper, Colin, Felix, Seth, Grey, Leo, Asa, Noah, and Aubrey.


Eoghan (pronounced like Owen) ~ I like Owen, and I like this spelling of it as well. I think you'd have trouble getting the proper pronunciation or spelling most of the time though, and people who read it will be more likely to say og-an, eg-an, ee-og-an, or something similar. Similar names: Ciaran, Euan, Finian, Oisin, Rory, Tadhg, Declan, and Conall.


Gideon ~ Gideon has all the things that I like in a name, but it just doesn't do it for me and I don't know why. It's very handsome, and it feels very modern as well, despite being a biblical name. Some similar names: Adam, Amos, Abel, Abraham/Abram, Ezekiel, Elias, Gabriel, Nathaniel, Silas, Simon, Josiah, and Phineas.


Lorcan ~ I like Lorcan, but it's a GP for me. It has a lovely Irish origin, which seems to be becoming more popular right now. Similar names: Crispin, Angus, Fergus, Connor, Duncan, Roscoe, Eben, and Lewis.


Lysander (bit of a GP) ~ I love Lysander, and I'd use it as a middle name for sure. I'd have it as a first name, but I love using nicknames, and I'm not fond of Sander or Andy. Some similar names: Bartholomew, Lucian, Balthazar, Sylvan, Peregrine, Cosmo, Valerian, Solomon, Thaddeus, and Leander.


Percival/Percy ~ I do prefer just Percy over Percival, but both are handsome names. Percival is lovely, it's handsome and strong, but I do like softer boys names, and the v in Percival puts me off a little bit. Similar names to both Percival and Percy: Archibald, Fitzwilliam, Hamish, Montague, Wallace, Wolfgang, Alastair, Bastian, Edmund, Crispin, Vincent, and Zachary.


Theodore ~ I love love love Theodore. It's so handsome, soft, and strong at the same time, and I love the nicknames Theo and Teddy. Other names similar to Theodore: Sebastian, Frederick, Edward, William, Gabriel, Alexander, Charles, Louis, and Oscar.




I really love a lot of your names, and I feel like we have similar styles. My favourite names from your list would have to be Eleanor, Gwendolyn, and Ottoline for the girls, and Caspian, Percy, and Theodore from the boys. I hope this helped you a little bit, and that my rambling wasn't too distracting! :)

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Posted 02 February 2018 - 08:32 PM

Thanks so much! The feedback definitely helps, and I like a lot of your suggestions  :) 

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Posted 04 February 2018 - 07:00 PM

Amity - I'm not a fan of Amity but maybe that's because I've never heard it as a name before. It does sound good!

Suggestions: Amada, Amalia, Amethyst, Blessing, Emilia, Emmy, Glory, Harmony, Heaven, Journey, Joy, Lyra, Mercy, Miracle, Serenity, Symphony,...


Cassia - I really like Cassia! It's sweet, unusual and lovely.

Suggestions: Amaryllis, Azalea, Bluebell, Calypso, Camelia, Cassandra, Cassiopeia, Cerise, Clementine, Clover, Cressida, Coral, Dahlia, Daphne, Flora, Ingrid, Laurel, Leilani, Livia, Lotus, Marigold, Myrtle, Petal, Primrose, Tulip,...


Celia - It's a good name. It's a little bit dated but what's old can be new again!

Suggestions: Adelaide, Bethany, Cecilia, Celeste, Clara, Cora, Cordelia, Dulce, Edith, Elodie, Esther, Florence, Imogen, Lydia, Mabel, Maeve, Moira, Nora, Odette, Ophelia, Ruth, Sadie, Selena, Sylvie, Vera, Viola,...


Eleanor/Eleanora - Love, Love, Love! I would pick Eleanora because I adore long names, but Eleanor works perfectly as a middle name!

Suggestions: Anabella, Beatrice, Carolina, Dorothy, Emmeline, Genevieve, Helena, Isadora, Matilda, Margaret, Rosalie, Theodora, Vivienne,...


Greta - Beautiful! I really like it!

Suggestions: Agnes, Anita, Annika, Astrid, Brenda, Cleo, Dora, Freya, Fiona, Gaia, Georgia, Gretel, Heidi, Helga, Holly, Ingrid, Iris, Isla, Jean, Julie, Juno, Katrina, Mae, Margot, Maud, Monique, Olive, Portia, Saskia, Thea, Una, Willow, Zara,...


Gwendolyn (Guinevere is on my list as a middle) - It's not a favorite of mine, but I can see it's qualities.

Suggestions: Barbara, Delphine, Dorothea, Evelyn, Frances, Felicity, Georgiana, Jacqueline, Josephine, Marilyn, Marjorie, Meridith, Nancy, Paulina, Philomena, Rebecca, Regina, Rosaleen, Theresa, Susan, Virginia,...


Marian - It's a nice name, but I prefer Mariana (Mariana was on the top of my list a few years ago).

Suggestions: Mariah, Marina, Marianne, Marissa, Martha, Michelle,...


Octavia - I'm sorry, I don't like it at all. It's an heavy name.

Suggestions: Antonia, Flavia, Lavinia, Olympia, Oriana, Orchid, Persephone, Solange, Ursula,...


Ottoline - I don't like it. Just like Octavia sounds heavy and old.

Suggestions:  Abiline, Adeline, Angeline, Evangeline, Marceline,...

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Posted 04 February 2018 - 07:32 PM


Amity - a pretty virtue name

Cassia - Lovely! I like it pronounced Cash-uh not Cass-ee-uh

Celia - Sweet, but I prefer Cecilia

Eleanor/Eleanora - lovely, both of them

Greta - A pretty name, easy to pronounce yet also uncommon 

Gwendolyn - I used to like this, but now have bad personal associations with it. I prefer Guinevere.

Marian - personally it feels dated to me, but it is very pretty

Octavia - gp material, pretty but doesn't feel like it can be more than gp

Ottoline - super pretty as a middle




Ansel - I think Ansel Elgort made this one accessible for the Americans. I like it.

Caspian - I prefer Cassian, Castor, Cassius, Casper. this one is too associated with the sea for me.

Eoghan -  not my style

Gideon - soft, yet strong at the same time. fantastic.

Lorcan -  handsome, more easily pronounced than Lucian

Lysander - this has been on my list off and on for a long time. solid name!

Percival/Percy - not a fan of Percival, but I love Percy

Theodore - adorable

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#6 Irma Lisette

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Posted 09 February 2018 - 02:17 PM


Amity - very cute

Cassia - not a fan

Celia - nice

Eleanor/Eleanora - love Eleanor, Eleanora is a bit long, but she could go by Ella or Nora

Greta - not a fan

Gwendolyn - nice

Marian - I like it

Octavia - don't really like it, maybe because it's the name of a town around here ;)

Ottoline - don't like it




Ansel - not a fan

Caspian - it's alright

Eoghan - I would go with Owen (so he wouldn't have to spell it all the time)

Gideon - love it

Lorcan - don't like it

Lysander - like it

Percival/Percy - Percy is alright, don't like Percival

Theodore - kind of like it

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Posted 10 February 2018 - 07:19 PM


Amity - Love it! I love the meaning.

Cassia - Depdns on the pronunciation. I'm not a fan of Cash-a, but I love Cass-ee-a.

Celia - It's kind of pretty.

Eleanor/Eleanora - Not too big a fan of Eleanor. Eleanora is pretty.

Greta - It's alright.

Gwendolyn (Guinevere is on my list as a middle) - It's okay, but I'm not to big a fan. (I adore Guinevere though)

Marian - It's okay.

Octavia - Pretty cool.

Ottoline - Kind of pretty. Interesting.




Ansel - I like it.

Caspian (I have Cassius and Castor tentatively on my list) - Love it!

Eoghan (pronounced like Owen) - It's okay.

Gideon - I like it.

Lorcan - Kind of cool.

Lysander (bit of a GP) - I like it. (Als Lorcan and Lysander as in Luna's twins?)

Percival/Percy - I like it quite a bit.

Theodore - It's okay


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Posted 16 February 2018 - 01:15 PM

I came back because I didn't give my opinion on the masculine names!



Ansel - The first thing that came to my mind was Hansel & Gretel. I loved that story when I was a child! It's a good name.

Caspian - I love Caspian! It's one of my GP. Cassius is a great name too, but I'm unable to consider Castor as a first name because in my maternal language Castor means beaver. I apreciate Lion, Bear, Sparrow, Fox, Drake, Wolf,... But Castor is not one of my favorites. Nevertheless, I think that Castor has many qualities! I love that this name is associate with the sky and the stars!

Gideon - It's nice. Sounds strong and elegant.

Lorcan - Not a fan

Lysander - It's ok. I don't have a formed opinion about it.

Percival/Percy - I adore Percy and Percival with the nickname Percy! It's a strong mythological name. Very handsome.

Theodore - This is one of my "maybes" as well. I've been thinking a lot about Theodore and I have recently started to considered it for a future child. Theo is an adorable nickname!

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Posted 21 February 2018 - 08:34 PM



Amity- I've never been a huge fan of this one. It makes me think of the Amityville Horror, but maybe that's just my weirdness. XD Amity has a really nice meaning, though. I prefer Verity and Mercy.

Cassia- I LOVE this name! It's recently joined my favorites list. I like how it's an ancient name, but with a spunky sound. I like both pronunciations, but I prefer Cass-ee-uh.

Celia- I like this one, too. 

Eleanor/Eleanora- This is another name that's been growing on me a lot recently. It has a long history and famous bearers. I love how there are so many potential nicknames: Ellie, Ella, Len, Lenore/Lenora, Nell, Nora

Greta- I wouldn't use it myself, but I think it would be really cute on someone else's child. 

Gwendolyn (Guinevere is on my list as a middle)- I used to really dislike Gwendolyn, but I'm starting to like it more as time goes on. Guinevere is on my GP list.

Marian- I don't hate this name, but it's not a favorite, either. It makes me think of Maid Marian from Robin Hood. 

Octavia- I've always had a soft spot for Roman names, and I like this one a lot. Tavia or just Via would be a cool nickname.

Ottoline- I'm not familiar with this name. Is it pronounced with a long I at the end like Caroline or a long E like Adeline? It's an interesting name.





Ansel- This isn't a favorite, but I don't dislike it either. It's just okay, IMO.

Caspian (I have Cassius and Castor tentatively on my list)- I LOVE Caspian! It's one of my favorites. I like Cassius too!

Eoghan (pronounced like Owen)- I would probably use Owen to prevent confusion over how to spell and pronounce it.

Gideon- Another one of my favorites.

Lorcan- This is a recent addition to my list. I like Lorcan's exotic sound.

Lysander (bit of a GP)- Lysander is a bit of a GP of mine as well. I like the look and sound, but I'd probably only use it as a middle name

Percival/Percy- I love the name Percival with the nickname Percy. I like the Arthurian legend connection.

Theodore- Nice name with a few options for nicknames. 

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Posted 22 February 2018 - 11:22 AM


Amity - Love! Beautiful, feminine, classy and has a great meaning!

Cassia - Yes! Love it! It's such a beautiful alternative to Cassidy or Cassandra, and it's just gorgeous!

Celia - Feminine, pretty and gorgeous! Adore it~

Eleanor/Eleanora - Eleanor has been one I've loved ever since I heard it, it's gorgeous, classy and beautiful! My personal favorite spelling is 'Elinor'.

Eleanora is pretty, but I like the spelling Elanora best, however, I like Eleanor best.

Greta - Yes! It's just short, sweet and has so much spunk! Plus it's a vintage classic, which I have a HUGE soft spot for!

Gwendolyn (Guinevere is on my list as a middle) - Love it, it's another classic that I love! But I do prefer Guinevere!

Marian - YESSSS, ADORE THIS NAME! (But said like 'Mar-ee-in' not 'Mary-anne', I have this name on my list as a middle (it would

honor my great-grandmother) It's a favorite of mine! 

Octavia - Beautiful, classy and not used commonly, it's definitely a name I think should be used more!

Ottoline - It's probably my least favorite, it's pretty, just not my style, I much prefer Ottilie.




Ansel - Love it! I personally wouldn't use it, but it's a great name that I love!

Caspian (I have Cassius and Castor tentatively on my list) - ADORE! This name is such a special name to me, it has lots of meaning, and I hope to use it for my first son. <3

So nothing bad to say about this name. (also love both Cassius and Castor, and Cassian!)

Eoghan (pronounced like Owen) - It's okay but I wouldn't know how to pronounce it, I like Owen or Owain better, but used in the middle name spot, I could see it working!

Gideon - Another name I love! It's such a strong and handsome name and I love its Biblical ties.

Lorcan - While I wouldn't use it, Lorcan is a great name and I would give it a thumbs up!

Lysander (bit of a GP) - YES! 100% love this name! It's such a great alternative to Alexander and it's so handsome!

Percival/Percy - Yessss! Another name I love! Such a great name!

Theodore - Handsome, classy, great nickname options and one you can't go wrong with!


Overall you have a great list and the names are awesome! :)

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Posted 24 February 2018 - 10:00 AM


Amity - Amity isn't my style, but I think it's a nice modern-sounding virtue name.

Similar names: Verity, Patience, Amabel

Cassia - I like Cassia, although I never know whether to pronounce it "Cash-uh" or "Cass-ee-uh."  THe nicknames Cassie and Cass are cute though.

Similar names: Cecily, Briony, Calliope

Celia - I think it's pretty!

Similar names: Cora, Alice, Willa

Eleanor/Eleanora - I prefer Eleanor.  I think it's very pretty and classic.

Similar names: Genevieve, Adelaide, Penelope

Greta - I like Greta but I've always wondered if it's useable.

Similar names: Daphne, Etta, Margaret

Gwendolyn - I like Gwendolyn.

Similar names: Freya, Fiona, Beatrice

Marian - It's very dated, in my opinion.  I could see it working as a middle name, especially to honor someone, but otherwise I wouldn't use it.

Similar names: Margot, Miriam, Helen

Octavia - Personally, I'm not sure how useable it is.

Similar names: Aurelia, Iris, Athena

Ottoline - Again, I don't think it's useable.

Similar names: Romilly, Seraphina, Celeste




Ansel - Kind of dated, but I could see it potentially being used today.

Similar names: Abel, Calder, Auden

Caspian - I like Caspian over Cassius and Castor.

Similar names: Sebastian, Lucian, Tobias

Eoghan - I like Owen, but I think this spelling would just make spelling and pronouncing hard for a child with this name.

Similar names: Finn, Callum, Ian

Gideon - I like it.

Similar names: Atticus, Simon, Gavin

Lorcan - Nice!

Similar names: Lachlan, Everett, Finnian

Lysander - I would agree that it's more GP than useable.

Similar names: Dominic, Cedric, Leander

Percival/Percy - I like Percy!

Similar names: Nigel, Arthur, Edmund

Theodore - Love!

Similar names: Henry, Milo, Thomas

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