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Family Tree CAF #8 - 3/10

Family Tree CAF #8 - 3/10 Family Tree CAF #8 Family Tree CAF Round 3 Part 3 Mine 3/10

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Posted 31 December 2023 - 09:47 AM

The Hawley Family 


DH: Ekundayo Thomas 

DW: Emilia Margaret Niamh {nee McKnight} 


DS: Sullivan Charlie Ronan (32) 

DD: Eleanor Simi Maeve (30) 

DS: Declan William Everett (29) 

DD: Desiree Arabella Inaya (27) 

DD: Clementine Olivia Jane (25) 


Dayo and Mia with children, 

Sully, Nora, Dex, Rae, and Clemmie 




The Hawley Family 


DS: Sullivan Charlie Ronan (32) {hetero}

DW: Kathleen Eliza {nee Bloom} 


DS: Elliott Raymond (6) 

DD: Maxine Guinevere (6) 

DD: Allison Iris (4) 

DD: Amelia Aisling Saoirse (1) 

DD: Etta Caroline Cypress (0) 


Sully and Kathy with kids,

Elliott, Max, Lissa, Ames, and Ettie 



The Jaziri Family 


DD: Eleanor Simi Maeve {nee Hawley} (30) {hetero} 

DH: Alexandre Sharif 


DS: Jules Philip (4) 


Nora and Alexandre with child, 




The Hawley Family 


DS: Declan William Everett (29) 

DW: Sofia Iris {nee Gianni} 


DD: Giorgia Luciana (8) 

DD: Margaret Aminata (0) 


Dex and Sofia with children,

Gia and Margo 



The Hawley and Gosling Family 


DD: Desiree Arabella Inaya (27) {bi} 

GF: Briar Rose Alexandra {long term} 


DD: Jazmyne Kaylin (5) 

DD: Amaya Faeryn (5) 


Rae and Rosie with children,

Jazzy and Amaya 



The Hawley Family 


DD: Clementine Olivia Jane (25) {bi} 


DS: Ayotune Malachi (3) 

DS: Antonio Wolfe (1) 


Clemmie with children, 

Tunde and Tonito 





Sully, much like many of his family, followed in the footsteps of working in research. Sully and Kathy decided to purchase a house in northern Scituate, Mass in order to shorten Sully's drive to work in Boston. They love the serene, beach town feeling and being close to family! They bought a 4 bed 3 bath farmhouse style home with a beautiful wrap around porch - perfect to watch the kids play whilst sitting comfy in the shade! Sully and Kathy were fortunate enough to grow their family by three more children.  They had three more little girls! First came Allison Iris Hawley. Kathy had always loved the name Allison, and Sully agreed it to be beautiful. Iris had family connections for Kathy. It took another two years for Kathy to conceive the baby they had planned to be their last, Amelia Aisling Saoirse Hawley. Kathy had sort of hoped to have another boy, whom she'd have named James to honor a beloved family member who passed away during her pregnancy. When they had learned they were having a girl, Sully brought up the idea of using Amy with the nickname Ames, which lead Kathy to thinking they could honor both Sully's mum Emilia and James through Amelia nickname Ames. Aisling was a family name they both loved. Saoirse was chosen for it's meaning, freedom, as well as it's association celebrating Gaelic pride. Both Sully and Kathy have strong Irish roots. When Ames was still a brand new baby, Kathy's doctor had advised her that breastfeeding would work as a form of birth control for the first six months. However, this practice would be disproven in the scientific community later. This lead Kathy to becoming pregnant when Ames was only a few months old! While Sully and Kathy were shocked (especially considering how long it took to conceive all their previous children!), they were also overjoyed for just one more baby. They welcomed baby Etta Caroline Cypress Hawley only weeks before Ames first birthday! Sully and Kathy had chosen Etta James song, At Last, as their first dance song. The name Etta had a sentimental feeling that felt perfect for their daughter. Caroline had family connections. Cypress had an exciting association, as in the rush to the hospital during labor, Kathy gave birth in the car! They had been on Cypress Street at the time, so using Cypress had felt like a fun yet meaningful name. Nowadays, the twins are in first grade and Allison is in preschool. 


Nora had been living a relatively quiet life up until this point. She went to nursing school, where she met her now husband, Alexandre. Alexandre had traveled from Canada to attend an American University, happening upon the same Boston based school as Nora. The couple wanted to live somewhere between their family's Massachusetts's and Quebec homes. They settled on Old Orchard Beach, Maine. They found a cozy cabin in the woods that just felt perfect! Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a pleasant amount of privacy due to the trees without being too far away from their neighbors or town. Within the first year of their marriage, they welcomed a baby boy! They chose the name Jules Philip Jaziri. Both Nora and Alexandre cherished author Jules Verne, leading to Jules feeling like a perfect bilingual name for their son. Philip honored Alexandre's grandfather. 


Dex and Sofia got married! They had a grand wedding, as lux and lively as everyone would have expected from them. Gia got to be the flower girl! After the wedding, they had decided to try to conceive a second baby. It would take them three years before it finally happened! They were blissed out! They welcomed a second little girl, Margaret Aminata Hawley. They chose Margaret as a name Dex admitted to always loving. Sofia, upon Margaret being suggested, was unsure until she considered the nickname Margo. Once she thought of calling her little girl Margo, she was sold! Aminata is a family name on his paternal side of the family. His father (Dayo) aunt had this name, and she's always been a favorite to Dex. He was happy to honor both this Irish and Nigerian family in his daughters name. 


Clemmie had kept herself busy as of lately. She decided to put her education on hold when she found herself pregnant. While she loved the father, he wasn't emotionally in a head space to be a dad. He was battling addiction and thus far unable to remain sober for long. She understood his decision to not be involved, even if she was heartbroken for how badly he struggled. She welcomed a little boy whom she named Ayotunde Malachi Hawley. The father had shared Nigerian lineage, same as Clemmie, so she wanted a name to reflect that, which led her to Ayotunde. Malachi was just a name she loved. Clemmie was fortunate to be able to stay with her grandparents while she adjusted. She saved up money working as a waitress. Dayo's mother, Simi, and his father, Ayodele, were thrilled to play with little Tunde, even if they were getting older and unable to help as much as they'd like. After Clem had saved up enough money, she decided to take a trip around Europe with Tunde and a couple friends. She met a handsome man while they were visiting Spain that she had a one night stand with. Unfortunately, she didn't know enough about him to reach out once she found herself pregnant. She knew his name was Antonio, though, and she did like his name, so she decided she would use it. She chose Wolfe after hearing it used as a name for a child she came across in a store. Little Antonio Wolfe Hawley was perfect and Clem was grateful for him. She currently is living at Simi and Ayodele's house, both to save money but also to assist her grandparents as they aged. 

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Posted 08 January 2024 - 02:26 PM

The Sinclaire Family


DH: Edmund 'Ted' Marius Ossie Sinclaire [60]

DW: Ariel Emily Norman Sinclaire [55]


DS: Jack Jonathan Maxwell Sinclaire [32]

DAD: Lillian 'Lily' Ilsa Claudine Sinclaire [30] - Adopted from Ukraine

DS: Ale Edmund Theodore Sinclaire [30]

DAS: Bonaccorso 'Cory' Adam James Sinclaire [29] - Adopted from South Korea

DAD/DAS: Gertie Matilda Evelyn Sinclaire/Brian Orpheus Blue Sinclaire [28] - Adopted domestically

DD/DD/DS/DD: Mauve Catherine Bennett Sinclaire/Joy Gloria Martine Sinclaire/Lucas 'Luke' Jasper Steven Sinclaire/Kitty Seraphina Vivian Sinclaire [27]


Ted and Ariel Sinclaire; with JackLilyAleCoryGertieBrianMauveJoyLuke, and Kitty



The Sinclaire Family


DH: Jack Jonathan Maxwell Sinclaire [32]

DW: Scarlet Samantha Telracs Sinclaire [32]


DD: Harmony Camille Eden Sinclaire [8]

DS: Isaac Leonard Christian Sinclaire [2]


exDGF: Blake Lucia Jones [30]


Jack (and ex-girlfriend Blake Jones) and Scarlet Sinclaire; with Harmony and Isaac



The Sinclaire/DuPres Family


DFiancée: Lillian 'Lily' Ilsa Claudine Sinclaire [30]

DFiancé: Brennan Cosmo DuPres [31]


DS: Morgan Richard Victor Sinclaire [8]

DS: Gray Thomas DuPres [5]

DS: Jared Carter DuPres [3]

DS: Cassius 'Cass' Norman DuPres [1]


Lily Sinclaire and Brennan DuPres; with MorganGray, Jared, and Cass



The Sinclaire Family


DH: Ale Edmund Theodore Sinclaire [30]

DW: Elisabeth 'Libby' Ophelia Amaryllis Cahill Sinclaire [30]


DD: Mary Aurélia Thomasin Sinclaire [6]

DS: Tobias 'Toby' Sebastian John Sinclaire [2]


Ale and Libby Sinclaire; with Mary and Toby



The Sinclaire/Ecila Family


DBF: Bonaccorso 'Cory' Adam James Sinclaire [29]

DGF: Alice Laurel Ecila [28] - Long term


DD: Sylvie Annabel Wendy Sinclaire [4]

DS: Leon 'Leo' Bruce Fallows Sinclaire [2]

DD: Frida Josephine Ivy Sinclaire [0]


exDW: Britney Belle Schaffer [31] - Mom of Sylvie & Leo


Cory Sinclaire (and ex-wife Britney Schaffer) and Alice Ecila; with Sylvie, Leo, and Frida



The Cackler Family


DW: Gertie Matilda Evelyn Sinclaire Cackler [28] - Lesbian

DW: Berit Alma Cackler [27]


Gertie and Berit Cackler



The Sinclaire Family


DH: Brian Orpheus Blue Sinclaire [28]

DW: Lucy Ramona Cooper Sinclaire [28]


DD: Sofia Olivia Jane Sinclaire [8]

DS: Wesley 'Wes' Alexander Brian Sinclaire [7]

DS: Nathan 'Nate' Harvey Philip Sinclaire [3]


Brian and Lucy Sinclaire; with SofiaWes, and Nate



The Sinclaire/Cline Family


DFiancée: Mauve Catherine Bennett Sinclaire [27] - Bisexual

DFiancé: William 'Will' Andrew Cline [30]


Mauve Sinclaire and Will Cline



The Sinclaire/Goldsmith Family


DGF: Joy Gloria Martine Sinclaire [27]

DBF: George Benjamin Goldsmith [28] - Long term


DS: Hank Adrian Goldsmith [7]

DS: Eric Laurence Goldsmith [6]


Joy Sinclaire and George Goldsmith; with Hank and Eric



The Sinclaire/Parker Family


DBF: Lucas 'Luke' Jasper Steven Sinclaire [27]

DGF: Regan Indiana Parker [25] - Short term


exDW: Piper Judita Scott [28]


Luke Sinclaire (and ex-wife Piper Scott) and Regan Parker



The Oakwood-Sinclaire Family


DW: Kitty Seraphina Vivian Sinclaire Oakwood-Sinclaire [27] - Bisexual

DW: Bibiana 'Ana' Idony Oakwood Oakwood-Sinclaire [29]


DAD: Ellie Holland Abigail Oakwood-Sinclaire [1] - Adopted domestically


Kitty and Ana Oakwood-Sinclaire; with Ellie



Generations of the Sinclaire Family


Edmund Ariel Sinclaire; w/ JackLillianAleBonaccorsoGertieBrianMauveJoyLucas, & Kitty

- - -

Jack (& ex-dgf Blake Jones) & Scarlet Sinclaire; w/ Harmony & Isaac

Lillian Sinclaire & Brennan DuPres; w/ MorganGray, Jared, & Cassius

Ale Elisabeth Sinclaire; w/ Mary & Tobias

Bonaccorso Sinclaire (& ex-dw Britney Schaffer) & Alice Ecila; w/ Sylvie, Leon, & Frida

Gertie Berit Cackler

Brian Lucy Sinclaire; w/ SofiaWesley, & Nathan

Mauve Sinclaire & William Cline

Joy Sinclaire & George Goldsmith; w/ Hank Eric

Lucas Sinclaire (& ex-dw Piper Scott) & Regan Parker

Kitty Bibiana Oakwood-Sinclaire; w/ Ellie

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Posted 20 January 2024 - 03:05 PM

Anastasia 'Stasi' Natalie Sanford [52]

m. Elaine Harriet Johanne Chicz [54]

Nye Josias James Sanford [28]

Circe Isabella Molly Sanford [27]

Ewald Aubrey Harris Sanford [26]

Eben Raman Petru Sanford [25]



Nye Josias James Sanford [28]

Owain Layne August Sanford [6]

d. Myla Kirrily Chalmers [28]

Lewis Rubel Brighton Sanford [5]

d. Jaida Paris Brock [25] - Long term



Circe Isabella Molly Sanford [27]

d. Bryson Arthur Scott [29] - Engaged



Ewald Aubrey Harris Sanford [26]

Primrose 'Prim' Tatum Beatrix Sanford [7]

d. Cameron 'Cami' Sylvia Cicalo [27]

Dougray 'Gray' Timotej Blake Sanford [5]

d. Laurel Margo Perfit [26] - Engaged

Julian 'Jules' Alexander Cole Sanford [2]



Eben Raman Petru Sanford [25]

m. Viveca 'Viv' Katharina Heron [25]

Ottilie 'Tilly' Enid Soleil Sanford [5]

Josef 'Sef' Link Benjamin Sanford [5]

Evander 'Evan' Prospero Louis Sanford [4]

Juniper 'Juno' Elizabeth Jane Sanford [2]

Phineas 'Phin' Graham Zephyr Sanford [1]

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Posted 24 February 2024 - 08:24 PM

The Falco Family


DH: Ethan Henry Falco (56)

DW: Margaret Rebecca Falco (nee Woodward) "Maggie" (54)


DS: Emmett Thomas Falco (31)

DD: Lydia Josephine Falco (30)

DD: Helen Victoria Falco (28)

DS/DS: Isaac Robin Falco / Brendan David Falco (27)


Ethan and Maggie Falco

Emmett, Lydia, Helen, Isaac, and Brendan




The Falco-Hamasaki Family


DH: Emmett Thomas Falco (31) [bisexual]

DW: Maya Evelyn Falco (nee Hamasaki) (30) 


DS: Cole Alexander Falco (2)


Emmett and Maya Falco




The Falco-Lovett Family


DFiancee: Lydia Josephine Falco (30)

DFiance: Benjamin Atticus Lovett (32)


DS: Dominic Nolan Lovett (5)

DS: Cedric Atticus Lovett (1)


Lydia Falco and Benjamin Lovett

Dominic and Cedric




The Gosling Family


DW: Helen Victoria Gosling (nee Falco) (28)

DH: Stefan Joseph Gosling (28)


DD: Cordelia Sophie Gosling "Cora" (8)

DD: Audrey Matilda Gosling (2)


Helen and Stefan Gosling

Cora and Audrey




The Falco Family


DH: Isaac Robin Falco (27)

ex-DW: Amelia Madeleine Falco (nee Hawthorn)  (mother of Anya)


DD: Anastasia Violet Falco "Anya" (8)


Isaac Falco





The Falco-Rossini Family


DH: Brendan David Falco-Rossini (27) [bisexual]

DH: Erik Brian Falco-Rossini (30) 


DAS/DAS: Lucien Phoenix Falco-Rossini / Aaron Percival Falco-Rossini (3)

DAS: Malcolm Ambrose Falco-Rossini (1)


Brendan and Eric Falco-Rossini

Lucien, Aaron, and Malcolm

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Posted 29 March 2024 - 07:41 AM

The Burnham Family 


DH: Lachlan Jude Alexander 

DW: Elizabeth Harriet {nee Douglas} 


DD: Margaret Hyacinth Jane (31) 

DD: Emilia Eirlys Violet (30) 

DD: Eloise Catherine Maeve (28) 

DS: Charles Olufemi Ronan (26)  

DD: Simi Josephine Dove (25)  


Lach and Betsy with children, 

Maggie, Millie, Luli, Charlie, and Simi  




The Nightshade Family 


DD: Margaret Hyacinth Jane {nee Burnham} (31) 

DH: William August 


DD: Guinevere Stella Jane (8)   

DS: Michael Vincent Rhys (5)

DD: Ayana Saoirse Emilie (0) 


Maggie and Will with children,

Gwen, Michael, and 



The Morales Family 


DD: Emilia Eirlys Violet {nee Burnham} (30) 
ExDF: Raymond Lionel Jean 

DH: Diego Oscar 


DS: Alexander Milo Winston (5)

DD: Isabella Yamilet Sofia (1) 


Millie and Ray with child,


Millie and Diego with child, 




The Burnham and Carroll Family 


DD: Eloise Catherine Maeve (28) 

BF: Joseph Avery {long term} 


Luli and Joey 



The Burnham and O'Reilly Family 


DS: Charles Olufemi Ronan (26) 

DF: Siobhan Katherine 


Charlie and Siobhan 



The Mulberry Family 


DD: Simi Josephine Dove {nee Burnham} (25) 

DH: Thomas Levi 


DS: Cyrus Benjamin Rian (6) 

DD: Caroline Clara Caoimhe (3) 

DD: Charlotte Avalon Pearl (2) 

DS: Theodore Jonah Jack (2) 


Simi and Thomas with children,

Cyrus, Caroline, Lottie, and Teddy 





Hardship has hit the Burnham family, along with many around the world. The Great Depression is in full throw. Maggie and Will had held off on expanding their family for a while, as naturally finances were stretched thin. Even with the support of Lach and Betsy, it was difficult to make ends meet. They were happy, regardless, when they found themselves expecting this year. Ayana Saoirse Emilie Nightshade was a perfect addition to their little family. 


Millie had some particularly difficult times, herself. Her ex fiance, Raymond, had passed away, leaving her alone with their son. Millie and Lex had moved back in with her parents while she figured out her next steps. As it so often happens, she wasn't looking for love when she met her now husband, Diego. They took the relationship slowly but found one another to be perfect for each other. Diego took in Lex as if he were his own child. Their wedding was modest, as no one could afford much at this time, but it was perfect to them. They took their time before welcoming a child, a little girl they named Isabella Yamilet Sofia Morales. Millie had loved many "elle" names... Ella, Stella, Bella... when Diego mentioned Isabella, they knew it was perfect. Yamilet had been Diego's mothers name, Sofia was a choice they both loved. 


Simi and Thomas welcomed three more babies in this time! Caroline Clara Caoimhe Mulberry came first, all family names.  They were shocked to welcome twins so soon after Caroline. They named them Charlotte Avalon Pearl Mulberry and Theodore Jonah Jack Mulberry, Charlotte honoring Simi's brother but with distinct nickname to differ the two. Simi enjoyed the arthurian feel of Avalon and the association of pearls. Theodore had been Thomas's pick, with Jonah and Jack as family names. 

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