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Your Entire Life Congrats Game - Round 6

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Posted 04 June 2015 - 08:48 AM

This round, we're going to talk about your sibling(s).


It's ten years in the future, and you are still happily married with three kids ages 21, 13, and 10.


For each of your siblings, do the following: 


1. Decide on a job. You choose from the options below, once for each sibling:

1. EMT/Firefighter

2. Waiter/Waitress/Bartender

3. Office manager

4. Newspaper/book editor

5. Construction worker

6. Counselor/psychologist/social worker

7. Physical therapist

8. Lawyer

9. Nurse/doctor

10. Hairdresser

11. Chef


2. Decide if, and whom, they marry. If they do marry, choose the spouse's age, and pick a job for their spouse from up above. You can choose their spouse's name entirely.


3. Decide if they have children. Dice: http://www.bgfl.org/.../dice/eight.htm

If you decide they do, roll for the number of children that your sibling has:

1. two

2. one

3. three

4. four

5. three

6. two

7. four

8. two


Genders, ages, and the possibility of twins/multiples are up to you. 




Sibling #1's children

First: From the top 100 from 2014, use this link and just make sure you select 'Top 100': http://www.ssa.gov/o...babynames/#ht=1

Middles: They will have two. One honors a relative (can be on your side or someone made up on the spouse's side) and the other is a nature name from this list: http://nameenthusias...ames-lists.html


Sibling #2's children (if applicable)

Names are your choice, but each child's first and middle name must begin with the same letter. (For example, one child could have the initials AA and another child could have the initials GG.)


[Next round will involve grandchildren!]

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Posted 04 June 2015 - 09:01 AM

Leonard 'Leo' Giles Murphy [61]
Lucille 'Lucy' Olive Murphy [60]

Catherine 'Cate' Lydia Murphy [42]
James 'Jamie' Paul Murphy [36]


Christian 'Chris' Dominic Fairfax [44]
Catherine 'Cate' Lydia Fairfax [42]

William 'Will' Maxwell Fairfax [21]
Sophie 'Soph' Lillian Fairfax [13]
Nathaniel 'Nate' Theodore Fairfax [10]


James 'Jamie' Paul Murphy [36]
Thomas 'Thom' Scott Murphy [34]

Emily 'Em' Lucille Jade Murphy [12]
Alexander 'Alex' Scott Reed Murphy [9]
Sebastian 'Seb' Paul Gray Murphy [9]

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Posted 04 June 2015 - 09:14 AM

My mother: Irene Theodora Bramley [72]

My father: Howard Malcolm Bramley [deceased]


Me: Clara June Bramley [42]

My brother: Peter Kent Bramley [39]


Irene and Howard Bramley with Clara and Peter




Me: Clara June [Bramley] Wright [42] [pediatric hospital nurse]

My ex-boyfriend: Jonah Gareth Fitzroy [43] [chef]


My son: William Jasper "Will" Fitzroy [21] [friendly, shy/quiet, likes low-key things]


Clara Wright with Will

Jonah Fitzroy with Will




Me: Clara June [Bramley] Wright [42] [pediatric hospital nurse]

My husband: Adam Nicholas Wright [44] [preschool teacher]


My son: William Jasper "Will" Fitzroy [21]

Our daughter: Vivian Louise Wright [13]

Our daughter: Sophie Genevieve Wright [10]


Clara & Adam Wright with Will, Vivian, & Sophie




My brother: Peter Kent Bramley [39] [construction worker]

My sister-in-law: Sarah Danielle [Carston] Bramley [35] [office manager]


My niece: Grace Holly Therese Bramley [6] (after Sarah's grandmother Theresa)

My niece: Ava Lily Katherine Bramley [4] (after Sarah's mother Katherine)

My nephew: Luke Howard Finch Bramley [4] (after Peter's father Howard)


Peter & Sarah Bramley with Grace, Ava, and Luke

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Posted 04 June 2015 - 09:37 AM

My Mother: Celia 'Lia' Dorothy

My Father: Ronald 'Ron' Amos


Me: Eliza 'Liza' Mae (41)  -me

Little Brother: Arthur 'Arty' Cole (38)

Little sister: Alice 'AJ' June (38)


Lia and Ron Thorley with Liza, Arty, and AJ



Eliza Mae Thorley (41) - Doctor



  ExBF: Jude Conor Dawson (42) - social worker

DS: Fredrick Lawrence Thorson (21) - very outgoing, loves attention and active things



DH: Jason Theodore Caswell (43)

DD: Roxanne April Caswell (13)

DD: Margaret Louise Caswell (10)


Liza and Jason Caswell with Freddy, Roxie, and Maggie


Arthur 'Arty' Cole Thorley (38) - Book Editor

DW: Lianna Rose Carson (37) - Lawyer

DS: Wyatt Ashton Thorley (12)

DD: Claire Violet Thorley (9)


Arty and Lia Thorley with Wyatt and Claire


Alice June 'AJ' Thorley (38) - EMT

DH: Oliver Dean Warner (39) -  Construction Worker

DS: Bailey 'Bay' Benjamin Warner (12)

DD/DS: Lila 'Lil' Louisa Warner/Leo Lawrence Warner (10)

DS: Elliot 'Eli' Ethan Warner (7)


Ollie and AJ Warner with Bay, Lil, Leo, and Eli

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Posted 04 June 2015 - 11:55 AM

DW: Irene Julie Ashby

DH: Percy Cedric Ashby

DS1: Christopher Grant Ashby

DS2: Richard Nash Ashby

DD1: Eleanor Bree Ashby

Irene & Percy Ashby w. Chris, Ricky, & Eleanor


DD1: Eleanor Bree Ashby-Drexel

DH: Jack Caspian Drexel

DD: Kitty Vivienne Ashby-Collins [Jude Dylan Collins]

DS: Seth Jonas Ashby-Drexel

DS: Jasper Elijah Ashby-Drexel

Eleanor & Jack Ashby-Drexel w. Kitty, Seth, & Jasper.


DS1: Christopher Grant Ashby

DH: Sawyer Nicholas Vinello

DAD: Camilla Jade Ashby-Vinello

DAS: Carter Mica Ashby-Vinello 

DAD: Chloe Topaz Ashby-Vinello

Chris & Sawyer Ashby-Vinello w. Camilla, Carter, & Chloe.


DS2: Richard Nash Ashby

DW: Gemma Sloane Ashby

DS: Dashiell Declan

DD/DD: Lacey Lizeth & Lux Lisette

DS: Remy Richard

Ricky & Gemma Ashby w. Dash, Lacey, Lux, & Remy.

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Posted 04 June 2015 - 05:23 PM

My father: Sylvester 'Sly' Emrys Kirby (66)

My mother: Avis Magdalene Kirby (65)


Me: Penelope 'Nell' Ayn Kirby (42)

My brother: Augustus 'Gus' Paul Kirby (38)

My sister: Catherine 'Kitty' Eve Kirby (36)


Sly and Avis Kirby with Nell, Gus, and Kitty




Me: Penelope 'Nell' Ayn Shepherd (42) - Accountant

Him: Ezra Samuel Shepherd (44) - Preschool teacher

My daughter: Eloisa Roxanne Fitzwilliam (21) - Very outgoing, loves attention and active things

Our son: Tobias Lawrence Shepherd (13)

Our daughter: Mabel Rosemary Shepherd (10)


Nell and Ezra Shepherd with Eloisa, Tobias, and Mabel


[Reuben Ulysses Fitzwilliam (43) - Eloisa's father]




My brother: Augustus 'Gus' Paul Kirby (38) - Social worker

My sister-in-law: Caitlin Annemarie [Fisher] Kirby (37) - Hairdresser


My niece: Alice Madeleine Sage Kirby (11)

My nephew: Henry Sylvester Wren Kirby (7)

My nephew: Thomas Augustine Wolfe Kirby (4)


Gus and Caitlin Kirby with Alice, Henry, and Thomas




My sister: Catherine 'Kitty' Eve [Kirby] Johnson (36) - Lawyer

My brother-in-law: James 'JJ' Josiah Johnson (40) - Lawyer


My niece: Juliette 'Jett' Jennifer Johnson (3)


JJ and Kitty Johnson with Jett

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Posted 04 June 2015 - 07:31 PM

The Hartley Family


My mother:  Zelda Primrose Hartley (nee Bellamy) [66]

My father: Roland Cedric Hartley [68]


My older brother : William Seth Hartley "Will" [46]

Me: Catherine Maeve Hartley "Kate" [42] 

My younger sister: Rebecca Mae Hartley "Becca" [40]


Zelda and Roland Hartley

Will, Kate, and Becca




The Hartley Family 


DH: William Seth Hartley "Will" [46] (book editor)

DW: Fiona Morgan Hartley (nee Donahue) [43] (drug counselor)


DS: Nathaniel Cedric Oliver Hartley "Nate" [19]


Will and Fiona Hartley






The Hartley-Atkins Family


 Catherine Maeve Hartley "Kate" [42] (high school history teacher)

Isaac Dylan Atkins [43] (architect)


DS: James Everett Atkins [21]


Kate and Isaac are no longer together, but have an amicable relationship. They share custody of their son James.




The Holloway Family


DW: Catherine Maeve Holloway (nee Hartley) "Kate" [42] (high school history teacher)

DH: Atticus Benjamin Holloway [44] (preschool teacher)


 DS: James Everett Atkins [21] 

DD: Aurora Josephine Holloway [13]

DD: Julia Evangeline Holloway [10]


Kate and Atticus Holloway

James, Aurora , and Julia




The Hammond Family


DW: Rebecca Mae Hammond (nee Hartley) "Becca"  [40] (doctor)

DH:  Malcolm David Hammond  [39] (EMT)


DD: Georgia Grace Hammond [11]

DS: Patrick Paul Hammond [8]


Becca and Malcolm Hammond

Georgia and Patrick 

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Posted 05 June 2015 - 10:36 AM

My father: Trevor Montague Kempsey (72)

My mother: Rhoda Gwendolen Kempsey (69)


My sister: Daphne June Kempsey (46)

My sister: Camilla Lark Kempsey (43)

Me: Eloisa Brooke Kempsey (42)


Trevor and Rhoda Kempsey with Daphne, Camilla & Eloisa




Me: Eloisa Brooke Crawford (42) - architect

My boyfriend: Adrian Malachi Crawford (43) - preschool teacher


My son: Henry Maxwell Crawford (21)

Our daughter: Bryna Constance Crawford (13)

Our son: Jasper Lincoln Crawford (10)


Eloisa  and Adrian Crawford with Henry, Bryna & Jasper




My sister: Daphne June Kempsey (46) - social worker


My niece: Madeline Rhoda Laurel (16)

My nephew: Easton Trevor Reed (14)

My niece: Autumn Gwendolyn Sky (11)

My nephew: Wyatt Montague Flint (7)


Daphne Kempsey with Madeline, Easton, Autumn & Wyatt




My sister: Camilla Lark Wright (43) - newspaper editor

My brother-in-law: Joshua John Wright (43) - firefighter


My nephew: Grayson George (9)

My niece: Elena Emilie (9)


Camilla and Joshua Wright with Grayson & Elena


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Posted 05 June 2015 - 02:05 PM

Father- Alban Roderick Mallory [60]

Mother- Octavia Irene [57]


Brother#1- Christopher Ralph Mallory [39] - Lawyer

Wife-  Kate Eloise [37] Nurse

Son- 15- Lucas Alban Sage Mallory

Daughter- 12- Sofia Irene Willow Mallory


Brother#2- Thomas Vaughn Mallory [35] Security Guard

Wife- Siena Claudine Mallory [32] Social Worker

Son#1- Dylan Daniel Mallory [8]

Daughter#1- Holly Harriet Mallory [5]

Daughter#2- Arya Annabelle Mallory [3]

Son#2- Wyatt William Mallory [1]


Me- Letitia Paige Mallory [32] Hairdresser

Ex-bf- Caleb Macsen Rawlings [33] Chef

Son- Jack Xavier Mallory-Rawlings [11]


Husband- Malachi Elliot Drexel [34]

Daughter #1- Maia Ottilie Drexel [3]

Son#2 - Finn Atticus Drexel [Nb]

#10 Addison


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Posted 05 June 2015 - 10:54 PM

Isabel Gray Willoughby


DH: Gregory Clive Willougby

DW: Vera Gwendolen [Appley] Willougbhy


DD: Amelia Sage [Willoughby] Fennel {37}


DD: Susan Dale [Willoughby] Kitson {34}

-second grade teacher-

DD: Isabel Gray [Willoughby] Warrington {32}

-military lawyer-


Amelia is married to Abner Zethos Fennel, a policeman.

Susan is married to Raphael Govannon Lleu Kitson, a chef.

Isabel was widowed by Levi Nestor Fitzherbert, a military doctor. She is now married to Jack Anthony Warrington, a teacher.



DH: Abner Zethos Fennel

DW: Amelia Sage [Willoughby] Fennel


DS: Adrian Hunter Fennel {3}

DD/DS: Agnes Tuesday "Aggie" Fennel / Arthur Saturday "Arch" Fennel {1}

DS: Alistair Hawk Fennel



DH: Raphael Govannon Lleu Kitson

DW: Susan Dale [Willoughby] Kitson


DD: Dulcine Maia Grace "Dulcie" Kitson {5}

DD: Farah-June Caprice Kitson {4}


DH: Levi Nestor Fitzherbert

DH: Jack Anthony Warrington

DW: Isabel Gray [Willoughby] Warrington


DD: Caroline Ivy Fitzherbert-Warrington {11}

DS: Jonah Theodore Warrington {3}

DD: Frances Rosemary Warrington {nb}


I kinda already gave them families, sorry..

#11 Meghan<3


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Posted 06 June 2015 - 12:03 PM

The Hennessy Family 


DH: Roger Septimus {73}

DW: Sybil Gwendolen (née Quincy) {70}


DD: Charlotte Maeve (me) {42}

DD: Margaret Eve (Meg) {39}


Roger, Sybil, Charlotte, & Meg




The Hennessy-Morrison Family


BF: Brady Arthur Morrison {44}

GF: Charlotte Maeve Hennessy {42}


DS: Jack Lincoln Morrison {21}


Brady, Charlotte, & Jack




The Fairfax Family


DH: Adam Gabriel {44}

DW: Charlotte Maeve (née Hennessy) {42}


DS: Jack Lincoln Morrison {21}

DD: Chloe Evangeline Fairfax {13}

DD: Emma Rosemary Fairfax {10}


Adam, Charlotte, Jack, Chloe, & Emma




My sister Margaret Eve Hennessy (Meg) went to law school and became an attorney.  When she was 28, she got married to her long-time boyfriend from law school, Joseph Alexander Pierce (Joe).  He was 29 at the time, and when Meg was 31 and Joe was 32, they had their first child, a girl.  They named her Scarlett Hennessy Lilac Pierce.  Two years later, they had their second child, a boy they named Nolan Quincy Randolph Pierce.  Three years later, they gave birth to twin girls named Audrey Gwendolen Hazel and Madelyn Berkeley Sybil Pierce.


The Pierce Family


DH: Joseph Alexander (Joe) {41}

DW: Margaret Eve (Meg) {39}


DD: Scarlett Hennessy Lilac {7}

DS: Nolan Quincy Randolph {5}

DD/DD: Audrey Gwendolen Hazel & Madelyn Berkeley Sybil {2}


Joe, Meg, Scarlett, Nolan, Audrey, & Madelyn

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Posted 06 June 2015 - 11:01 PM

DW: Isadora Blythe Romilly (67) 

DH: Gideon Percival Romilly (69)


DD: Elizabeth Clare Romilly Thorton (42) [Social Worker]

-DXBf: James Orion Fitzwilliam (43) [Physical Therapist]

-DH: Oliver Tobias Thorton (44)  [Preschool Teacher] 

--DD: Anne Hermione Romilly Fitzwilliam (21) 

--DS: John Vincent Romilly Thorton (13)

--D: Emma Hazel Romilly Thorton (10)   


DS: Edmund John Romilly [Doctor] (40) 

-DW: Isabella Juliet (Bennet) Romilly  [Psychologist] (36)

--DD: Ava Isadora Lily Romilly (8)  

--DD: Sophia Bryony Elizabeth Romilly (6) 



DD:  Marianne Blythe Romilly-Price [Book Editor] (36)

-DH: Benjamin Nathaniel Price [Chef] (37) 

--DS: Atticus Adam Price (12) 

--DD: Poppy Persephone Price (9)

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Posted 07 June 2015 - 03:53 PM

It's ten years in the future, and you are still happily married with three kids ages 21, 13, and 10.


LN: Hennessy (nee Ramsey)


DH: Sylvester "Sly" Augustus Hennessy [75; Chef]

DW: Nora Joyce Hennessy (nee Ramsey) [70; Waitress]


DD: Chloe Jade Anderson (nee Hennessy) [45; Physical therapist]

DD: Anna Mae Wright (nee Hennessy) [42; Kindergarten teacher]



LN: Anderson (nee Hennessy)

DH: Joshua "Josh" Robert Anderson [46; Construction worker]
DW: Chloe Jade Anderson (nee Hennessy) [45; Physical therapist]


DS: Logan Robert Oliver Anderson [15]
DD: Lucy Jade Violet Anderson [13]


LN: Wright (nee Hennessy)


DH: Julian Anthony Wright [44; Preschool teacher]
DW: Anna Mae Wright (nee Hennessy) [42; Kindergarten teacher]

exBF: Tobias "Toby" Evander Dawson [43; Accountant]


DD: Penelope Louise Wright [21; Toby's daughter]

DS: Andrew "Drew" Julian Wright [13]

DD: Daisy Vivienne Wright [10]

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Posted 08 June 2015 - 09:47 PM

Silas Clement {68} & Adeline Margot {66}

Rosa June {42}

Darcy Lee {40}

Isabella (Bella) Jade {35}


Rosa June Murphy {42} Lawyer
Corbin Orion Benson {43} Teacher
Arthur Ezra Murphy Benson {21}


Rosa June Murphy {42}
Arthur Ezra Murphy Benson {11}

friendly towards others, but shy/quiet, likes low-key things
Alastair Everett Townsend {44}


Rosa June [Murphy] Townsend {42}

Alastair Everett Townsend {44}
Arthur Ezra Murphy Benson {21}

Vivan Iris Townsend {13}

Rosa June [Murphy] Townsend {42}

Alastair Everett Townsend {44}
Arthur Ezra Murphy Benson {21}
Vivan Iris Townsend {13}
Josephine Rosemary Townsend {10}


Darcy Lee Murphy {40} works as a chef
Elizabeth Rochelle [Longstead] Murphy {38} works as a physical therapist 
Noah Clement Echo Murphy {8} 
Charlotte Jade Juniper Murphy {8}
Mallory Mary-Rose Murphy {5}

Darcy and Elizabeth 
Noah, Charlotte and Mallory


Isabella (Bella) Jade [Murphy] Wilson {35} works as a book editor
Kyle Zachary Wilson {38} works as a social worker
Liam Lee Oma Wilson {8}

Isabella and Kyle




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Posted 10 June 2015 - 05:34 AM

LN: Kembry

DH: Clemet Vernon

DW: Cornelia Lucille 

DS: Charles Nash {45}

DD: Caroline Paige {42}


DEB:Caleb Arthur Robinson {43} Doctor


DW: Caroline Paige Holbrook {42} Counsellor

DH: Christian Elliot Holbrook {44} Teacher

DS: Christopher Ezra Robinson {21}

DW: Chloe Vivienne Holbrook {13}

DS: Charlie Theodore Holbrook {10}


DH:Charles Nash Kembry{45} (Office Manager)

DW:Adrienne Louise Kembry-Lyons{44} (Book editior)

DS: Gavin Connor Kembry {15}

#16 Alexis!


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Posted 10 June 2015 - 11:21 AM

The Medley Family


[71] Emmett Claude & Temperance Adeline "Tempe" [68]

[45] Thomas Penn "Tommy" -Chef

[45] Theodore Lawrence "Theo" Medley-Wilson -Lawyer

[17] Annabelle Temperance Daisy & Madeline Charlotte Rose

[12] Grayson Claude Fox

[42]Charlotte Bell "Lettie" Thatcher -FBI Agent

[44] Ephraim Atticus -Teacher

[21] Amelia Evangeline [Tennyson]

[13] Jonah Montgomery

[10] Violet Josephine

#17 ElizabethRuth


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Posted 10 June 2015 - 05:11 PM

LN: Hatley


DH: Emmett Roy [68]

DW: Vera Margot [66]


DD: Elizabeth Kate (me) [42]

DD: Emma Jade [38]

DS: Thomas James [36]


Emmett & Vera Hughes with Elizabeth, Emma & Thomas



DW: Elizabeth Kate Hatley [42]-teacher

DH: Adam Benjamin Fisher [44]-preschool teacher


DS: Peter Jonah Hughes [21] (with Joseph Dylan Hughes [43]-lawyer)

DD: Chloe Josephine Fisher [13]

DD: Alice Vivienne Fisher [10]


Elizabeth & Adam with: Peter, Chloe & Alice



LN: Paulson


DH: Andrew Michael [41]-Firefighter

DW: Emma Jade [38]-Nurse


DD: Piper Elizabeth Sage

DD: Eva Margot Lily


Andrew & Emma Paulson with: Piper & Eva



LN: Hatley


DH: Thomas James [36]-Construction Worker

DW: Caitlin Sophie [32]-Office Manager


DS: Carter Colin

DD: Gemma Grace


Thomas & Caitlin Hatley with: Carter & Gemma

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Posted 12 June 2015 - 04:08 PM

Louisa Wren Bingley {42}


~registered Physical Therapist

~dating: Julian Fisher {44}

~mom to: Lizzie Gibbs {21}

~mom to: Simon Fisher {13}

~mom to: Nate Fisher {10}


Even though we all live in different cities, my siblings and I are very close.

Eddie (45) is a chef at a 3-star Michelin rated restaurant in Chicago. 21 years ago he married Ophelie Marchand (48), a book editor from Paris, after he waited on her at the very same restaurant he works in today. They have three children and one grandchild. Their children are: Mia Claudette Rose Bingley (20), Isabel Rowena Pearl Bingley (16), and Dominic Olivier Wolfe Bingley (12). Their eldest daughter Mia has a 6-month old son named Mason Edward Bingley-North.

My sister Sophie is 40 and a firefighter in Pittsburgh. She is married to Andrew Maverick (40), a construction site manager. They met through their jobs 15 years ago and have been married for 12 years. They have four children: Catherine Chelsea Maverick (10), Parker Philip Maverick (9), Elliot Ethan Maverick (8), and Samuel Stuart Maverick (2).


SO: Julian Theodore Fisher

Daughter: Elizabeth Ivy Gibbs

Son: Simon Everett Fisher


Mom: Millicent Rowena Bingley

Dad: Trevor Winston Bingley


Brother: Edward Nash Bingley

Sister: Sophie Clare Bingley


{71} Millie & Trev {73}

{45} Eddie

& Ophelie w/ Mia, Belle, Dom

{42} Lou

& Julian w/ Lizzie, Simon, Nate

{40} Sophie

& Andrew w/ Cat, Parker, Elliot, Sam

#19 SelenaK


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Posted 19 January 2016 - 05:49 AM

LN: Hardy


DH: Leopold 'Leo' Valentine

DW: Avis Theodora


DD: Agatha 'Aggie' Jane

DD: Julia 'Julie' Eleanor

DD: Matilda 'Tilda' Catherine




Oliver 'Ollie' Max Lockwood- Doctor

Agatha 'Aggie' Jane Lockwood- EMT


Mia Caroline Tansy




Victor 'Vick' Alexander Swann- Chef

Julia 'Julie' Eleanor Swann- Book editor 


Jude 'JJ' Joseph

​Vera 'Vivi' Victoria




Elijah 'Eli' Tristan Kitson- Lawyer (ex husband)

 Matilda 'Tilda' Catherine Hardy- Professor (me)


 Diana 'Ana' Roxanne Hardy (our daughter)




Ezra Nicholas Hardy- Teacher (hubby)

Matilda 'Tilda' Catherine Hardy (me)


Diana 'Ana' Roxanne Hardy (my daughter with my ex)

James 'Jamie' Edmund Hardy (my son with Ezra)

Miranda 'Mira' Pearl Hardy (my daughter with Ezra)

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Posted 19 January 2016 - 01:16 PM

LN: Knightley

DW: Celia Joyce

DH: Geoffrey Alban


DS: Robert Cole "Rob"

DS: Brandon James

DD: Margaret Brooke "Maggie"


LN: Knightley

DH: Robert Cole "Rob" - EMT
DW: Lauren Elizabeth - nurse


DS: Aaron John (15)
DD: Mackenzie Grace (12)

LN: Knightley

DH: Brandon James - office manager

DW: Kate Marie - hairdresser


DS: Garrett Gage (10)
DD: Caroline Claire (9)
DD: Lainie Lucille (7)
DD: Ava Alexandria (3)
LN: Field

DH: Jeremy Dominic - preschool teacher

DW: Margaret Brooke "Maggie" - pediatric PT


DS: Jack Everett (21)

DD: Juliana Louise (13)
DD: Bella Genevieve (10)

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