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CAF- Big i guess

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Posted 25 February 2010 - 05:24 PM

Well This CAF is normal no super twists to it but i would love if you could put stories pictures, characteristics that would be great!


1 Wood
2 Robinson
3 Harrison
4 Blakley
5 Adams
6 Donaldson

DW: Whatever you want
DH Whatever you want

First birth

2nd birth

3rd birth

4th birth

5th birth

6th birth

7th birth

Have fun ;)

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Posted 25 February 2010 - 07:22 PM

When Ruby and Matthew met they were just 7 years old. They became fast friends and were friends there whole school lives. They didnít start dating until they were 18 years old. They went to the same college so it worked out. Two years later at age 20 Ruby found out she was pregnant. Matthew decided that they should get married before the baby is born. So 3 months later they get married. On April 17 there first child is born Isadora Elizabeth, nn Izi. They struggled for the first year with money and Izi and their relationship. They made it through every obstacle though.
Almost 3 years later Ruby started feeling queasy and dizzy. She passed out on the couch one afternoon and Matthew was getting worried so he took her to the hospital. It turns out Ruby was pregnant with twins! They were shocked, happy, excited, but nervous all at the same time. They both hoped for boys but were not disappointed when they screen showed to baby girls. They started getting ready early and good thing because 3 weeks early Matilda Marie and Lucille Grace nn Lucy) were born happy and healthy. Izi loved being a big sister and took it on pretty easily which was a good thing.
About 2 years later Izi 6 Matilda and Lucy 3 they decided to try for a baby boy to complete their family of girls. It didnít take long for Rubyís pregnancy test to show positive and they were ecstatic. But their happiness soon turned into nerves when they found out it was triplets. They decided to move out of their home in the suburbs and out to a big home in the country where they could raise their big family. On the due date Samuel Everett (Sammy) Jonah Peter and Aubrey Claire were born but Aubrey was not doing so well. She struggled with her breathing and had to be kept in the hospital for 2 months. They said she wasnít going to make it but she pulled through and everyone was happy.
3 years later the test read positive again but this time they wren trying they thought they used protection but didnít. Even though it was a shock they were happy to have another baby in their family or shall I say 2 babies. Elliot Martin (Eli) and Wyatt Thomas were born. They waited a long time and decided to try for another girl but were blessed with another baby boy Joseph Matthew (Joey) and they were happy there was only one but they still werenít happy they wanted a girl. So far there was Izi 13, Matilda 10, Lucy 10, Sammy 8, Jonah 8, Aubrey 8, Eli 5, Wyatt 5, and Joey 1.
The next pregnancy came quicker than expected with little Joey only one. The pregnancy was different she felt bigger because she was having quadruplets. Everything went well and 9 months later Harmony Renee, Charlotte Louise (Charlie), Eleanor Paige (Ella), and Jaden Christopher were born cute as could be. They thought their family was complete but they were wrong oh so wrong.
Four years later Ruby got pregnant with sextuplets! They were worried about the babies surviving. They were also worried about money space and time to spend with them with all their other children. But they made it work and Ruby gave birth to Micah David, Oliver Jack, Trevor Lucas, Amelia Rose, Caitlyn Natasha, and Farrah Sophia. They love all their children dearly here they are.

Izi, Matilda, Lucy, Sammy, Jonah, Aubrey, Eli, Wyatt, Joey, Harmony, Charlie, Ella, Jaden, Micah, Oliver, Trevor, Amelia, Catelynn, FarrahÖ Pics soon!!

The Blakelys Continued...
DW Ruby Lilac 37
DH Matthew James 37

DD Isidora Elizabeth (Izi) 17
DD/DD Matilda Marie and Lucille Grace (Lucy) 14
DS/DS/DD Samuel Everett (Sammy),Jonah Peter, and Aubrey Claire 12
DS/DS Elliot Martin (Eli) and Wyatt Thomas 9
DS Joseph Matthew (Joey) 5
DD/DD/DD/DS Harmony Renee, Charlotte Louise (Charlie) Eleanor Paige (Ella), Jaden Christopher 4
DD/DD/DD/DS/DS/DS Micah David, Oliver Jack, Trevor Lucas, Amelia Rose, Caitlyn Natasha, Farrah Sophia Infants

Sorry pictures arnt working

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Posted 25 February 2010 - 08:37 PM


DH Louis Charles
DW Allegra Faith

DD Nerissa Robyn 'Issa'
DD/DD Selena Fleur, Morgana Gabrielle 'Lena, Ana'
DS/DS/DD Lucian Charles, Elphias Louis, Callidora Mary 'Callie
DS/DS/DD/DD Didacus Axel, Artemis Reuben, Mathilda Grace, Helga Josephine
DS Jaspar Frederick
DS Willbert Jonathon 'Bertie'
DD/DD/DD/DS/DS/DS Delia Verity, Belladonna Dilys, Esmeralda Maud, Aries Nathanial, Fabian Arthur, Winston Barnabus

Louis, Allegra with
Issa, Lena, Ana, Luke, Louis, Callie, Did, Art, Tilie, Hellie, Jasper, Bertie, Delia, Bella, Esme, Aries, Fabian and Winston

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Posted 25 February 2010 - 11:08 PM


DH: Trent Douglas
DW: Julie Paige

DD: Chloe Juliette

DD: Phoebe Charlotte
DD: Sophie Vivienne

DS: Christian Douglas
DS: Sebastian Thomas
DD: Daphne Lillian

DS: Titus George

DD: Karis Gabrielle
DD: Kyra Michelle
DD: Maya Lucille
DD: Melina Danielle

DS: Nicholas Henry
DS: Theodore James
DD: Zoe Vanessa

Trent and Julie Adams met at school when they were 15 years old. Sharing the same interests in sports and student government, Trent and Julie became best friends. They were inseperable all through high school, but just as best friends. Julie regularly dated Trent's best friend, Sean, and Trent had no problems finding dates himself. Many weekends Trent and Julie would double date.

After graduation, Trent attended Clemson University in South Carolina on a baseball scholarship. Julie attended Oklahoma State University with both golf and leadership scholarships. Busy with their studies, sports and new friends, Trent and Julie gradually lost touch with each other. Both dated other people off and on throughout their college days. Trent was even engaged once, but called it off two weeks before the wedding. He said, "it just didn't feel right." Julie had several relationships, some lasting many months, but none were very serious.

Julie graduated from Oklahoma State after four years with a degree in Architect. She found a job with a large architectural firm in Oklahoma City. Julie poured herself into her job. Her dedication was rewarded with regular promotions and raises. Julie dated ocassionally, but nothing seriously. She bought a house not too far from her office, adopted a basset hound, Ollie, and settled in to the single life.

Trent, having changed his major six times, graduated from Clemson after five years. He had a double degree in Accounting and Construction Science & Management. Trent found a job as a project manager with a commercial contractor in Myrtle Beach, SC. He rented a condo on the beach, worked hard during the day and partied hard at night.

After five years, and a few nights in jail due to public intoxication, Trent decided he needed to settle down and give up the party atmosphere he was living in. After a couple failed attempts, Trent decided it was best if he moved away from Myrtle Beach and got a fresh start. Returning to his roots in Oklahoma City was exactly what he needed.

Trent returned to Oklahoma City and moved back in with his parents while he looked for a job and a place to live. Not real happy with his employment options, Trent decided to open his own commercial construction company, Diamond Construction Company. It took Trent many months to write his business plan, secure a small business loan, find offices and hire a meager staff. But, finally, Diamond Construction was in business and winning contracts.

Since the company had few employees, Trent had to wear many hats, including running the errands usually reserved for an entry level assistant. In the middle of a job, Trent realized he was short a few plan sets to dispurse to his subcontractors. Needing them immediately, he elected to pick the plans up from the architectural firm before heading to lunch. Standing at the counter, waiting for the clerk to return with his plans, Trent heard a familar voice.

It had been over ten years, but Trent could never forget the voice he had stayed up until the wee hours of the morning talking to as a teenager. Trent turned around and was not disappointed to see Julie standing about 15 feet away, conversing with an associate. What did surprise Trent was the reaction his heart experienced. He didn't remember Julie being so beautiful! Her strawberry blonde hair was pulled back, accentuating her slender neck and shoulders. Trent was caught staring as Julie's green eyes caught his own. A smile lit up her face, showing off the deep dimples she shared with Trent.

Julie quickly closed the distance between her and Trent. When she discovered her eyes were not deceiving her, Julie squealed like a school girl and threw herself into Trent's arms for a hug. Trent responded, holding Julie tight. Julie was surprised to find Trent was no longer tall and lanky. Rather, he was muscular and had broad shoulders. She wasn't for sure, but she was willing to bet he was even taller. He still had a head full of black hair and nearly black eyes that danced when he was truly happy. As Julie stepped back, she was shocked to find her self yearning to feel Trent's strong arms encompassing her again.

Trent and Julie decided to go to lunch and catch up. They talked about old times and shared stories from the years they were apart. They exchanged family news, showed off pictures of nieces and nephews and divulged the gossip they each had on fellow classmates. Both Trent and Julie were shocked to find they had taken three hours for their lunch! They exchanged contact information and vowed to never lose contact with each other again.

It didn't take long, Trent called Julie that very evening. They set up a time to get together that weekend. The one weekend soon turned into every weekend, which led to week nights and nearly all free waking hours. The chemistry between Trent and Julia was building and ready to explode. Unable to contain himself any longer, Trent took the chance and shared his feelings with Julie. He was both relieved and overjoyed to find Julie felt the same way. Four weeks later Trent asked Julie to marry him. Julie said yes. Ten weeks later the couple was married in a small church wedding in Oklahoma City. Following the wedding, the couple escaped for a cruise of the Greek islands.

On their one year anniversary, Chloe Juliette, joined the Adams family. Phoebe Charlotte and Sophie Vivienne arrived two years later. Two years later, hoping for a boy, Trent and Julie decided to have another baby. Christian Douglas, Sebastian Thomas and Daphne Lillian arrived two months early, but healthy. The Adams family now had 6 children under the age of six!

Trent thought their family was complete. Chloe was 7, Phoebe and Sophie were 5 and Christian, Sebastian and Daphne had just celebrated their second birthday when Julie expressed her desire for more kids. Never one to deny his wife anything within his power, Trent got to work on giving Julie another baby. Eleven months later Titus George arrived, screaming and showing his red hair did indeed come with a quick temper!

Trent and Julie had their hands full and never really gave much thought to more kids. Both were now 40. Chloe, 10, was involved in golf and tennis lessons. Phoebe and Sophie, 8, were excelling in gymnastics. Daphne, 5, was taking gymnastics and golf lessons. Christian and Sebastian, 5, were busy with t-ball, soccer and golf lessons. The baby, Ty, now 2, was giving Julie a break by attending preschool two days a week. Trent and Julie enjoyed those two days a week and took advantage of the time they had to themselves. They shouldn't have been surprised to find out Julie's stomach flu was actually quadruplets!

Karis Gabrielle, Kyra Michelle, Maya Lucille and Melina Danielle arrived two days after Ty's third birthday. Seeing they were all girls, Ty informed his parents that was NOT what he wanted for his birthday and they should take the girls back to wherever they got them! Trent and Julie chuckled, cuddled Ty and told him what a great big brother he was going to be.

Years had passed. Trent and Julie, 51, were looking forward to their kids growing up and starting to leave the home. Chloe, 21, was attending the University of Central Oklahoma. Phoebe and Sophie, 19, were both taking classes at the local community college. All three girls were sharing a rental house. Daphne, 16, was preparing for the Olympic trials in gymnastics and balancing her studies with her social life. Christian and Sebastian, also 16, were busy restoring a 1968 Ford Mustang. Christian was a starting goalie for the high school soccer team, a relief pitcher for the baseball team and a punter for the football team. Sebastian loved golf and spent as much time on the course as he could. Ty, 13, still had a quick temper, but was learning how to manage it better. He was the starting short stop for his baseball team and held the record for the most homeruns in his league. Karis, Kyra, Maya and Melina were now 10. They all enjoyed gymnastics, tennis and piano lessons.

The family had been saving money for a family cruise of the Greek Islands. Trent and Julie had relieved the sights they had seen many times. The kids had all heard the stories and the reasons why the had all received names of Greek origin. Though not as excited as their parents, the children were excited to see with their own eyes the sites their parents loved. After two days at sea, Julie became ill. She'd never experienced seasickness before, but had all the symptoms. The ship doctor gave her some medicine to calm her rolling stomach and suggested she take it easy. The medicine provided some relief, but Julie still remained tired and nauseated. Trent and the kids took in the sites while Julie spent most hours in bed.

When the family returned to Oklahoma and Julie's seasickness did not subside, Trent insisted she see a doctor. Julie underwent a thorough exam, including blood work and urinalysis. Worried, Trent remained by her side. The doctor explained it would take about 48 to 72 hours to get all the test results and he would call her then. After the doctor left the room, Julie got dressed and walked out into the hall with Trent. The doctor reappeared and asked the couple to join him in his office. Anxiously, Trent and Julie followed the doctor. They couldn't figure out what had changed in those few minutes Julie was getting dressed. The doctor completely surprised him when his demeanor relaxed, he smiled and started his statement with, "Congratulations!" Both could only remember bits and pieces of the rest of the doctor's statement. Something about baby, high risk, bed rest.

Trent celebrated the news by scheduling an appointment with a urologist for a vasectomy. Julie prepared a speech in her mind for telling the kids, but could never figure out the right words. After being in a daze for a couple of days, Trent and Julie called a family meeting and shared the news. The girls were estatic to be welcoming another baby. The boys were pretty neutral and just asked who would be taking over the cooking duties. The family pulled together, helping each other and taking over the duties usually done by Julie. As each month passed, the excitement in the house grew. Finally, after seven months of bedrest, Julie delivered healthy triplets: Nicholas Henry, Theodore James and Zoe Vanessa.

The Adams family was now complete.

Trent and Julie Adams; Chloe, Phoebe, Sophie, Christian, Sebastian, Daphne, Ty, Karis, Kyra, Maya, Melina, Nico, Theo and Zoe

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Posted 26 February 2010 - 09:22 PM

LN: Wood

DH: Declan Brodie
DW: Skye Aurelia

DD: Aimee Katherine
DS/DS/DD: Jacob Scott/Liam Nathaniel/Ayla Meredith
DS/DS/DD: Sebastian Kristoff/Finn Mikhail/India Tatiana
DS/DS/DD/DD: Gregory David/Gabriel Aaron/Guinevere Lafon/Genevieve Willow
DS/DS: Bowen Geoffrey/Derek Geordan
DS/DS: Lucas Kal-El/Nicholas Jor-El
DD/DD/DD/DD: Anastasia Eden/Emmeline Jade/Nicolina Avalon/Isabella Seren

Declan & Skye and their 19 children:

Aimee, Jake, Liam, Ayla, Bastian, Finn, Indy, Greg, Gabe, Guin, Gen, Bowe, Derek, Luke, Nick, Anya, Emma, Lina, and Bella

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Posted 26 February 2010 - 10:17 PM

Ln Wood

DW Maren Janessa
DH Peter Jayden

DD Tori Marissa
DD/DD Gwendolyn Janessa / Jillian Grace *Gwen and Jill*
DD/DD/DD/DD Roxane Claire *Roxi* / Regina Marie *Regi* / Luciana Margaret *Luci* / Georgiana Caroline *Georgi*
DD Justina Jade *JJ*
DD/DD Shannon Rose / Joselyn Lily *Josie*
DD Audrey Mae
DD/DD/DD/DD Ginny June / Norah Jane / Kendra Jean / Shawna Joan

ugggggghhhhhhh all girls! youve got to be kidding me

Maren and Peter Wood with Tori, Gwen, Jill, Roxi, Regi, Luci, Georgi, JJ, Shannon, Josie, Audrey, Ginny, Norah, Kendra, and Shawna

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Posted 27 February 2010 - 07:12 AM

LN: Blakely

(39) DH: Noah Michael
(39) DW: Julianne "Julie" Rebecca

Noah Blakely met Julianne Woods at the age of 15, when she moved in with her aunt in Selmer, Tennessee. Julie's mum and dad just had their 7th child, a boy, and they didn't have enough room for all 6 children. So Julie and her younger sister, Grace "Gracie" Rosalind [then 12], moved in with their aunt, Janey. The girl's mum, Mariah, would come down and visit them every week with the younger children; Thomas "Tommy" David [then 10], Caroline "Carly" Jane [then 8], Victoria "Vickie" Adeline [then 7], Sarah "Sarah Beth" Elizabeth [then 3] and Michael "Mikey" John [then 4 months].

Noah only had one brother growing up, Nathan "Nate" Carter [then 17]. So when Nate left for college, Noah was lonely. He put all his effort in to school and football and spent most of his time in the gym or in the school library. That's where he met Julie. She was looking for a book about Van Gough and he was busy studying his butt off, unless he wanted to be kicked off the team. He found her book and she thanked him and went on her way... though she couldn't stop thinking about how beautiful she was!

Julie was always a very beautiful girl, but Noah couldn't stop staring at her in class, and she began getting a little creeped out. So one day, after being at the school for 2 months, she confronted him. He simply replied by saying "You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, is all." She blushed and walked away.

When Julie's dad Benjamin died 3 years later, Mariah needed help with the kids, and so both Julie and Grace returned home to Oklahoma and Julie left Noah. He promised he'd write her letters EVERY week and that they would talk on the phone. He promised her it would be okay. She believed him.

Grace was 15, Tommy 13, Carly 11, Vicky 10, Sarah Beth 7 and little Mikey was barely 3.

Had at 23 - (16) DS: Tyler Benjamin

Tyler was always a lot like his mum. He loves drama and spends his time either in the drama studio with his friends, or with his girlfriend Isabel. His a quiet boy, but when it comes to the stage, he's a thunderstorm!

Favourite colour: White.
Favourite food: Mum's pork chops.
Favourite band: Coldplay.
Favourite subject(s): Drama and English.
Special talents: He can make his tongue into a flower.

Had at 25 - (14) DS: Casey Wyatt

Casey is more like his dad. He always loved football and is on the wrestling team. He's one of the smallest on his team, but he's their secret weapon. -wink- Although he's sporty, he also shows the same creative flare as his mum.

Favourite colour: Orange.
Favourite food: Grandma's four cheese Spaghetti.
Favourite band/singer: Rascal Flatts.
Favourite subject(s): PE and Music.
Special talents: Casey, although an athlete, is also an amazing singer. He loves to sing whenever he can!

Had at 27 - (12) DS: Mason Nathaniel

Mason is a lot like Noah too.

Favourite colour: Orange.
Favourite food: Pepperoni Pizza.
Favourite band/singer: Jake Coco.
Favourite subject(s): PE and Spanish.
Special talents: Mason is very good at imitating people. It's usually the cause for Julie and Noah to get called in to the principals office.

Had at 30 - (9) DS/DS: Blake Oliver and Riley Duncan

Blake and Riley are inseperable. Though they couldn't be more different, they are eachother's best friend.


Favourite colour: Blue.
Favourite food: Salad.
Favourite band/singer: Brad Paisley.
Favourite subject(s): Computing.
Special talents:


Favourite colour: Red.
Favourite food:
Favourite band/singer: Take That.
Favourite subject(s):
Special talents:

Had at 32 -(7) DS: Liam Patrick
Had at 34 - (5) DS: Finn August
Had at 37 - (2) DD/DD: Elizabeth "Ellie" Jane and Addison "Addie" Rose

Noah and Julie Blakely.

w/ Tyler, Casey, Mason, Blake, Riley, Liam, Finn, Elizabeth and Addison.


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Posted 27 February 2010 - 11:26 AM

LN: Donaldson

DW: Meshell Rae(44)
DH: Matthew Thomas nn. Matt(44)

Posted Image-Meshell and Matt

Meshell and Matt met when they were only 4 years old. Even at that young age, they called each other "boyfriend and girlfriend". They were together all the time. They started dating when they were 16 years old and decided they wanted to go into the same career. They went to the same college for nursing. Their third year, Matt proposed with an excited yes from Meshell. They were only 21 and were madly in love with each other.

Just two years after they were married, they got pregnant with a little boy. They were super extatic, but super nervous for having a baby at only 23 years old. Their new baby boy came into the world at 8 lbs. 3 ounces and was 21 inches long. He was named Ross Alexander after Matthew's dad Alex.

After having Ross, they both mentioned that they wanted a big family, but they didn't want their kids to be born right after one another. So when Ross was 3, they tried for another baby. They were super happy to find out that they were pregnant with twin girls! There were a few complications along the way, but they made it out with two healthy baby girls at 37 weeks. They weighed 7 lbs. 2 ounces and 6 lbs. 13 ounces. They were named Amelia Marie, who is called Mia for short, and Emalyn Margaret who is called Emmy.

They decided that they were super at this parenting thing, so when the twins were only 1, they tried for another baby and were super shocked to find out they were having another set of twins. They were twin boys this time and were welcomed into the family at 39 weeks weighing 8 lbs. and 7 lbs. 12 ounces. They were named Emmett Simon and Reed Joseph.

They decided to wait a couple years to have another child, but they definetely wanted more. When Ross was 9, the twin girls were 5 and the boys were 2, they tried for another child and were extremely shocked when they found out the news. They were having another set of twins! They had beaten the odds and had three sets of identical twins when Logan David and Aaden Daniel came in weighing 7 lbs. 8 ounces and 8 lbs. 1 ounce. They were loved immediatly and were the focus of the family.

They decided with a son and three sets of twins, they should wait a couple years before having another child. When Ross was 14, Mia and Emmy were 10, Emmett and Reed were 8 and Logan and Aaden were 5, they tried for another child. They were super excited when they found out they were having just one little boy. Denver Jonathon came into the world at 8 lbs. even and he was the new play toy in the house.

When Denver was 1, they started trying for another baby, hoping for a little girl. They had to turn to some doctors to be able to get pregnant again and on their third trial, they found out they were pregnant again, with quads!! They had gotten their wish of having a little girl, the babies were identical girl quads. Again, they had beaten the odds and had a set of identical quads. But this pregnancy had to come with it's complications. The babies were 7 weeks early and were kept in the nic-u until 3 days before their due date. Mylee Grace, weighing 3 lbs. 4 ounces, came home first. Selina Hope who is called Lina, weighing 3 lbs. 1 ounce came home second. Avery Faith, weighing 2 lbs. 14 ounces came home third. Finally, Cassidy Joy who is called Cassi, weighing 3 lbs. 7 ounces, came home last.

With 12 kids already, the Donaldson's wanted just one more child. But again, they were forced into fertility treatments. They had about 8 trials before one actually got fertilized. They found out they were having triplets. At their 12 week check-up, their lives were turned upside down. One had split and they had twin girls now and also another split became twin boys. They also found another that they hadn't seen before. The Donaldson's were having 3 girls and 3 boys. Meshell had to go on bedrest 4 months before the babies were born. The were delivered through C-section at only 26 weeks. They were all in the hospital for 2 and a half months before they all went home together. Gemma Katherine was 2 lbs. 11 ounces. Annika Rose who is called Annie was 2 lbs. 7.5 ounces. Lacie Claire was 3 lbs. .5 ounces. Asher Timothy was 2 lbs. 14.8 ounces. Zane Benjamin was 2 lbs. 9.7 ounces. Corbin Christopher was 2 lbs. 11.5 ounces.

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Posted 27 February 2010 - 11:37 AM

DS: Ross Alexander(21)

Posted Image-Ross

DD/DD: Amelia Marie nn. Mia and Emalyn Margaret nn. Emmy(17)

Posted Image-Mia and Emmy

DS/DS: Emmett Simon and Reed Joseph(15)

Posted Image-Emmett and Reed

DS/DS: Logan David and Aaden Daniel(12)

Posted Image-Logan and Aaden

DS: Denver Jonathon(7)

Posted Image-Denver

#10 Jenna Hansen

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Posted 27 February 2010 - 11:42 AM

DD/DD/DD/DD: Mylee Grace, Selina Hope nn. Lina, Avery Faith, Cassidy Joy nn. Cassi(5)

Posted Image-Mylee, Lina, Avery and Cassi

DD/DD/DD/DS/DS/DS: Gemma Katherine, Annika Rose nn. Annie, Lacie Claire, Asher Timothy, Zane Benjamin, Corbin Christopher(infants)

Posted Image-Gemma, Annie, Lacie, Asher, Zane and Corbin

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Posted 27 February 2010 - 07:58 PM

LNl: Wood

DW: Henry Joseph
DH: Mary Alice

DS: William James
DD/DD: Catherine Emma & Elizabeth Ruby
DS/DS/DD: Thomas George, Samuel Arthur & Margaret Lucy
DD/DD: Josephine Anna & Evelyn Pearl
DS: Francis Edward
DD/DD/DD/DD: Charlotte Mabel, Clara Beatrice, Lillian Grace & Victoria Ruth
DS/DS/DD: Peter Jasper, David Theodore & Eleanor Rose

Henry & Mary Wood w/William, Catherine, Elizabeth, Thomas, Samuel, Margret, Josephine, Evelyn, Francis, Charlotte, Clara, Lillian, Victoria, Peter, David & Eleanor

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Posted 04 July 2010 - 10:23 PM

LN: Robinson

DW: Sarah Nicole
DH: John Thomas

1:(G) Shannon Julia

2:(B/B/G) Johnathan Adam, James Nolan, & Serena Rose

3:(B/B/G) Justin Michael, Jared William, & Savannah Grace

4:(B/B/G/G) Joseph Anthony, Jason Dominic, Shayna Brooke, & Shauna Paige

5:(G) Sydney Faith

6:(B/B) Joshua Scott & Joel Benjamin

7:(B/B/G) Jacob Daniel, Jeremy Stephen, & Scarlett Alexa

JT & Sarah
and their kids
Shannon, John, James, Serena, Justin, Jared, Savannah
Joey, Jay, Shayna, Shauna, Sydney, Josh, Joel, Jake, Jeremy, & Scarlett

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Posted 05 July 2010 - 07:37 AM

LN: Adams

DH: Derek Scott
DW: Cadence Mae

DD: Kara Rosemary
DS/DS/DD: Cooper Scott / Wesley Dean / Elaina Jade
DD/DS: Jenna Anniston / Asher James
DS/DS: Seth Jackson / Reid Christopher
DD: Megan Alexis
DS: Clay Alexander
DS/DS: Nathan Chase / Sawyer Max

Derek & Cadence with; Kara, Cooper, Wesley, Elaina, Jenna, Asher, Seth, Reid, Megan, Clay, Nathan, and Sawyer.

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Posted 06 July 2010 - 09:48 AM

LN: Harrison

DH: Eddy Joe
DW: Audra Claire

DS: Jonah August
DD/DD: Pennie Charlotte / Ivy Amelia
DS/DS: Jack Daron / Henry Isaac
DS/DS: Oliver Parrish / James Hudson
DS: Emmett Austen
DS/DD/DS: Kit Greggory / Juliann Audrey / Wylie Sinclair
DS/DS/DD: Thad Benjamin / William Terrence / Eliza Ruth

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Posted 06 July 2010 - 01:13 PM

Sure! Lets see....

DW: Alice Grier Blakely
DH Thomas Henry Blakely

First birth = DD
"Annie Graceyn"
Posted Image

2nd birth = DD/DD
"Katherine Scarlett and Emma Shiloh"
Posted Image

3rd birth = DD/DD/DD/DD
"Olivia Paige, Arabella Solace, Saoirse Grier and Lydia Danielle"
Posted Image

(I'll add more at the end!)

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Remy Hadley

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Posted 06 July 2010 - 01:14 PM

4th birth = DS
"Liam Mathias"
Posted Image

5th birth = DS/DS
"Chase Alexander and Connor Nathaniel"
Posted Image

6th birth = DD/DD/DD/DD
"Willow Eden, Aspen Gabrielle, Juniper Charlotte and Brooklyn Aoife"
Posted ImagePosted Image

7th birth = DS/DS/DS/DS/DD/DD
"Silas Daniel, Riley James, Lyra Madeline, Cole Benjamin, Anya Harlow and Jaden Henry "Posted Image

Holy crudbuckets I got so many multiples! o.o (I'll add their story in the next post) ~Haddie

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Remy Hadley

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Posted 06 July 2010 - 02:24 PM

Okay, story of the Blakely's!

Alice Grier Blakely used to work as a photographer until she started having a lot of kids. She met Thomas Henry Blakely at a lake she was taking pictures of, while he was fishing (on his spare time). Thomas works as a psychologist. Soon after, they got married and after years of unsuccessfully getting pregnant, Alice finally had a child, they didn't stop coming!

Alice and Thomas had Annie six years into the marriage. Alice and Thomas were completely happy with just the one child, but ended up pregnant almost a year after. They were surprised with two little twin girls, Katherine Scarlett and Emma Shiloh.

Thomas was very happy to have his three little girls, but Alice had always wanted a boy, so Thomas agreed to try again for a boy. Their attempts gained them four beautiful quadruplet girls: Olivia Paige, Arabella Solace, Saoirse Grier and Lydia Danielle. After this, Thomas wanted to stop having children, being they already had seven young girls (all very little, being four were only months old, two were three, and one was five). So Alice agreed they'd stop trying for children, under the conditions of if they get more, they get more.

Alice was already pregnant within a year or so, and in the end, she finally got the little boy she had always wanted, Liam Mathias! Alice was very excited about her little boy, and her love for children still sparked inside of her. But she was ready to stop having children now; Thomas's job wasn't high paying enough to support any more kids, plus Alice and Thomas didn't have much time left to love and care for the kids and themselves.

However, a couple years later, Chase Alexander and Connor Nathaniel came along. With Annie being ten; Katie and Emmy being eight; Livy, Aerie, Saoirse and Lydie being five, and Liam being three, Alice was ready to call quits. Thomas had recently gotten a raise and many extra hours, but she was afraid that even the raises and extra hours wouldn't afford so many kids, nor did she think she could love so many of them.

But, against her general will, she got pregnant with four more girls. By then, her stress levels had raised very much, and she felt bad that the older kids didn't get the attention they deserved. Annie started giving up her dreams of playing soccer and stayed home instead of going out with her friends to watch Chase and Connor. Katie and Emmy watched Livy, Aerie, Saoirse, and Lydie. Even though Alice only watched Liam during the evening, she still felt a lot of pressure to watch them all.

Willow Eden, Aspen Gabrielle, Juniper Charlotte and Brooklyn Aoife were added to the family. Alice and her mom never really got along well before, but a year after the quads were born, Alice called her up and had her move in. Her mother, Laura, helped out a very lot with babysitting and funds. Alice was still sressed out, but at least the load is easier!

Alice got pregnant with her final set of kids not very long after the quads. Silas Daniel, Riley James, Cole Benjamin, Jaden Henry, Lyra Madeline and Anya Harlow were the last kids she had, her set of sextuplets. Alice, at first thought that this many kids would drive her insane, but her mothers and husbands support and love plus her childrens help all made life so much easier to bare. Alice and Thomas loved every single child to pieces.

LOL theires Alice's story, and Thomas for the most part. And I guess I'll give a persona of each child too! (haha I have no life... so bored! :D )

Annie Graceyn: Annie is now fourteen years old. She loves soccer with a passion. Annie is the type of girl who's very well rounded; excells in school, does well in sports, etc. Very pretty. She also has a very good character. She's the type of daughter any mother would dream of having. Annie ended up able to join soccer soon after her Grandma Laura loved in. :wub:

Katherine Scarlett and Emma Shiloh: Katie and Emmy are twelve years old. Katie loves to model, and dreams of growing up and modeling with her twin, Emmy. They're both very beautiful- and they know it! Katie is the more outgoing of the two. They both have very similar personalities. Better then most in school, but have a lot less interest then Annie.

Olivia Paige, Arabella Solace, Saoirse Grier and Lydia Danielle : They're nine years old. Each of these four girls is very very different from each other, and generally don't like to be around each other much. Livy wants to model and be like Katie and Emmy. She acts like she's better then people sometimes, and tries to act a lot older then she is. Aerie enjoys being a younger sister and tries to take advantage of it. She's very cutesy. Saoirse acts more like Annie in trying to do well in school. Very unsocial and shy. Lydie is very much a jock, and thats the only thing on her mind most of the time. Extremely tom-boy.

Liam Mathias: Liam is seven years old. He's a typical boy: likes to tease, rough and rowdy, etc. He has a huge, handsome smile and enviable blue eyes. Everyone loves him type

Chase Alexander and Connor Nathaniel: they're four years old. Partners in crime. Both tend to be trouble makes, though are sweet as chocolate inside. <3 The time you try to hate sometimes but you cant help but love them. Always causing lots of mischief!

Willow Eden, Aspen Gabrielle, Juniper Charlotte and Brooklyn Aoife: They're two years old. Like to look identical to each other. Easy going, very social. Love people. Always acting all smiley and cute, unless Alice wants to put them to bed :) Willow and Aspen only like wearing dresses, and get very upset if you put shorts/pants on them. Junie and Brooke prefer pants. Aspen almost always has her finger in her mouth.

Silas Daniel, Riley James, Lyra Madeline, Cole Benjamin, Anya Harlow and Jaden Henry: they're four months old. Silas is a very finicky baby, likes everything to be on schedule or else gets stressed out. Riley is very energetic, likes to kick his feet a lot. Lyra likes to suck on her toes, hates going to sleep. Cole always has an object in his mouth/nose/ears, whether its a coin, sock, crayon, or is toys.

And thats the crowd! Haha, that was fun! :( ~Haddie

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Posted 07 July 2010 - 11:41 AM

The Adams Family :(
Micah Alexander and Juliet Madison Adams met 13 years ago. They had gone to school together but didn't start dating and eventually marry until a few years after they graduated.

They decided that they wanted to start a family and got pregnant right away with their first child. They named her Charlotte Grace Adams. She has blonde hair and blue eyes and is incredibly outgoing and friendly. Her parents normally call her Charlie.
After Charlie was born, Micah and Juliet found out they were pregnant again. They were very surprised, but still thrilled at the fact that they were going to be giving Charlie a sibling. They found out they were having a boy. (Micah was over the moon about it :wub: ) They decided to keep a theme going and give him a C first name to go along with Charlotte. Caden Micah was born healthy and happy. He has brown hair and green eyes, just like his mother. He is not quite as outgoing as his sister, but he is still a friendly child. They decided that they would call him Cade.
Now, Micah and Juliet had always wanted a big family, so they decided when Charlie turned 2 and Cade turned 1 that they wanted to try to have another baby. They soon found out they had been successful and were expecting another little boy. Caine Thomas Adams joined the family screaming and healthy with blonde hair and blue eyes, just like his sister. Caine is a very shy child who prefers to hide behind his mother's legs instead of making friends.
After Caine was born, Juliet discovered that she was once again going to have a baby. They weren't planning on another child so soon but were thrilled beyond words. Again the child was a boy. They named him Cassius Anthony, after both of Micah's grandfathers. They call him Cash. Cash has brown hair and green eyes like his brother Cade and is a quiet child who enjoys people watching and playing with his siblings.
Juliet's younger sister Robyn passed away in a car accident and left behind twin boys named Asher Tobias and Jasper Ace. The children's father wanted nothing to do with them and had left before they were born. Micah and Juliet decided to adopt the boys and raise them as their own. Asher and Jasper both have red hair and hazel eyes, like their mother. They are amazingly smart and gifted children who were born around the same time that Juliet had Cade.
A few years after they had adopted the boys Juliet found out she was pregnant again, this time with Triplets!!!! They eventually found out that they were having 2 boys and a girl. They named them Callum Alexander, Clementine Josephine, and Christopher James. Callum, Clemmie and Chris are all blonde with green eyes. They are very musically gifted at such a young age and all of them love to run around the house singing with their siblings.
After much consideration and thought Micah and Juliet decided to try to have one more child, they hoped for another girl. Well, they ended up with 4 girls,Charlie and Clemmie were excited to finally have more sisters. The names that they decided on were Chloe Marigold, Cassidy Violet, Caylee Rose and Carlyle Daisy. Chloe, Cassi, Caylee, and Carlie are very happy and healthy little girls who love being cuddled and held all the time. They all have individual personalities. Caylee is very girly, Carlie is very independent, Chloe is alittle bit needy and Cassi is a tomboy who loves playing with her older brothers.
Juliet and Micah decided not to add anymore kids to their family and are very happy with all of their children. They ended up with
Charlotte Grace "Charlie"
Caden Micah "Cade"
Caine Thomas "Caine"
Cassius Anthony "Cash"
Asher Tobias and Jasper Ace "Asher and Jasper"
Callum Alexander, Clementine Josephine, and Christopher James "Callum, Clemmie and Chris"
Chloe Marigold, Cassidy Violet, Caylee Rose, and Carlyle Daisy "Chloe, Cassi, Caylee and Carlie"

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Posted 08 July 2010 - 06:41 AM

Ln: Robinson

DW: Harriet Michelle
DH: Joshua Thomas

DD: Abigail Lauren/Lucy Addison
DD: Courtney Galinda
DS: Gabriel Benjamin
DS/DS: Matthew Aaron/Cooper Aiden
DS/DS: Logan Eric/Morgan Joshua
DS/DD/DS: Sean Alexander/Lilian Evangeline/Ryan Hunter
DS/DS: Jeremy Nicholas/Jack Tyler

Harrie, Josh, Abby, Lucy, Courtney, Gabe, Matt, Cooper, Logan, Morgan, Sean, Lily, Ryan, Jeremy and Jack

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Posted 10 July 2010 - 11:09 AM

The Wood Family
Alexandra Marie and Dexter Dean

Alex and Dex Wood met when they were both 23 years old. They had a whirlwind romance and married only 4 months after they started dating. They decided not long after that they wanted to start a family and not long after they started trying they found out they were pregnant with a baby girl. Nine months later Calypso Jade was born happy and healthy. Her parents were thrilled to have such a beautiful baby and decided to call her Cali. When Cali was two, Alex started feeling sick and went to the doctor with what she thought was a stomach flu. It turns out that she was pregnant, she ran home and told Dex, who was happy beyond words. That happiness turned to apprehension when they found out that they were expecting triplets boys. Callum Gregory, Callahan George, and Callaway Dexter were born 4 weeks early, but thankfully healthy enough to go home a week after they were born. The triplets are full of life and enjoy pestering their big sister. When Cali was 4 and the boys were 2 Alex found that she was pregnant again with another little girl. Cali was happy to finally have another girl in the house, the boys were happy to have another sister to love and pester like crazy. Calliope Grace was born healthy and happily screaming and never stopped. She loves running around the house with her siblings, screaming her head off until her parents have to sit her down and get her to rest for awhile. Alex and Dex had always wanted a big family and when Cali was 6, the boys were 4 and Opie was 2 they found that they were expecting again. Casper James and Christian John joined the family a few months later. Cas and Chris are very energetic but quiet and shy as well. With 2 girls and 5 boys already, Alex decided that she wanted to try to add another little girl to the family and 9 months later she got her wish when Caycie Rae was born. Caycie is a lovable, happy child who loves being the center of attention with both of her parents, especially her daddy. When Cali was 10, the triplets were 8,Opie was 6, the twins were 4 and Cays was 2, Alex found that she was again pregnant with triplets. Chason Thomas, Cadence Raine, and Cable Wyatt were born early and had to be kept in the hospital for 3 weeks because of some unforseen health issues. Since they had such a traumatic experience with their last preganancy, Dex and Alex decided not to have anymore children, everything was going along as normal until one day Alex became violently ill and had to be rushed to the hospital. There they found that they were pregnant again, this time with 6 babies!! When Cali was 14, Callum, Callahan and Callaway were 12, Opie was 10, Cas and Chris were 8, Cays was 6 and Chase, Cady, and Cable were 4, they were joined by 3 sisters and 3 brothers. Caitlyn Eliza, Caelyn Josephine, Cera Garnet, Caden Dean, Caleb Daniel and Colton Trace were thankfully born healthy and happy and finished out the Wood family very nicely.

The Wood Family are
Alex and Dex
Calypso Jade "Cali"
Callum Gregory, Callahan George, and Callaway Dexter
Calliope Grace "Opie"
Casper James and Christian John "Cas and Chris"
Caycie Rae "Cays"
Chason Thomas, Cadence Raine and Cable Wyatt "Chase, Cady and Cable"
Caitlyn Eliza, Caelyn Josephine, Cera Garnet, Caden Dean, Caleb Daniel and Colton Trace "Cait, Caelyn, Cera, Cade, Caleb, and Colt"

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