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RH's Family Tree CAF Dec 6/10

dice game 6/10 Family Tree CAF

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#1 Remy Hadley

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Posted 08 December 2020 - 06:13 PM

Part 6: 2000 


It has been 5 years. 


Anyone over 18 will now begin being rolled for their relationships and such. Anyone over 45 will no longer roll for children. (I apologize if the math doesn’t add up to anyone being over 45 yet. My learning disability makes my math skills nonexistent :blush: 












New Relationships

1. Short term BF/GF  

2. Engaged 

3. Single 

4. Long term relationship 

5. Married 

6. Short term BF/GF 

7. Married 

8. Long term BF/GF 

9. Single 

10. Engaged 

(roll a dice to determine sex for bisexual, with even being same gender and odd being different gender) 

Short term relationships 

3, 7, 9, and 10 are now long term relationships 

2, 5, and 6 are now engaged 

1, 4, and 8 are now married 

Long term relationships 

4 and 8 are now broken up 

2 is still long term 

1, 5, and 10 are now engaged 

3, 6, 7, and 10 are married 



1 and 4 are now broken up 

5 is still engaged 

The rest are now married 



3 and 7 are now broken up 

The rest are still married


Number of children 

1. 0 

2. 2

3. 1

4. 1 

5. 3

6. 0


Sex of children 







Age of children 

Your choice

First and Middle name banks 

1. Girl: https://cafemom.com/parenting/199509-20_heavenly_baby_girl_names 

Boy: https://www.momjunction.com/articles/spiritual-names-with-meaning-for-baby-boy_00328816/ 

2. https://www.sheknows.com/parenting/articles/2181155/baby-names-beginning-with-b/ 

3. Girl: Abhitha, Andie, Anvi, Carmella, Duaa, Gia, Laoise, Larisa, Maysoon, Moira, Naisha, Nesrine, Nolynn, Oona, Presley, Siobhan, Vivia 

Boy: Aldo, Cillian, Devin, Dougal, Elil, Fazli, Francesco, Jabbar, Isaac, Kavish, Leone, Mayin, Nathaniel, Parker, Rogan, Zakariah 

4.  https://www.momjunction.com/articles/atheist-non-religious-baby-names-boys-girls_00410959/ 

5. https://www.sheknows.com/parenting/articles/2222190/flower-baby-names/ 

6. https://www.emmasdiary.co.uk/pregnancy-and-birth/unique-baby-names/baby-name-generator 

7. https://www.ssa.gov/oact/babynames/decades/names2000s.html 

8. http://9babynames.com/PoeticBabyNames.aspx 

9. https://www.behindthename.com/random/n 

(choose 5 categories, the correct sex, and 5x. Feel free to click avoid rare and avoid diminutives if you prefer) 

10. https://www.randomnames.com/ 

(Use 5 tries to pick from) 


Surname bank 

1. Alfieri, Ames, Beauchamp, Callahan, Deveaux, Fakhoury, Giraldi, Hadid, Huang, Jarvi, Linwood, Maple, Mishra, O’Roark, Polkinghorn, Suresh, Truman, Wolfe, Zervas 

2.  https://www.randomlists.com/last-names 

3.  https://www.namegenerator.biz/last-name-generator.php 

(Generate 5 options to pick from) 

4. https://www.behindthename.com/namesakes/list/scientists/alpha 

5. https://www.springhole.net/writing_roleplaying_randomators/surnames.htm 

6.  https://www.behindthename.com/namesakes/list/nobel/alpha


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Posted 09 December 2020 - 04:22 PM


The Mikaelsson Family


DH [67]: Olajuwon "Ola" Laith Mikaelsson

DW [64]: Gwen Ruth {nee Fitzgerald} Mikaelsson


DS [43]: Freedom "Charlie" Charles Mikaelsson


Ola & Gwen Mikaelsson, with their son Charlie




DS [43]: Freedom "Charlie" Charles Mikaelsson

DW [41]: Adaeze Magdalene Majeed-Mikaelsson


DD [24]: Jasmine "Jazzy" Fairuza Mikaelsson

DS [23]: Isaiah Samuele Mikaelsson

DD [18]: Myla Armani Mikaelsson

DS [14]: Jonathon Amir Mikaelsson

DS [11]: Ariel Hanvesh Mikaelsson

DS [8]: Kelvin Romik Mikaelsson

DS [4]: Damian Antoine Mikaelsson

DS/DD [2]: Camron Iakob & Jaylin Jahel Mikaelsson


Charlie Mikaelsson & Adaeze Majeed-Mikaelsson, with their children JazzyIsaiahMylaJonathonArielKelvinDamianCamron, and Jaylin




DD [24]: Jasmine "Jazzy" Fairuza {nee Mikaelsson} Salib

DH [25]: Vijay Sankar Salib


DS [6]: Jamal Tiberius Salib

DS [4]: Asim Gallagher Salib


Jazzy & Vijay Salib, with their son Jamal and Asim




DS [23]: Isaiah Samuele Mikaelsson

DW [23]: Lauryn Jae {nee Ashington} Mikaelsson


Isaiah & Lauryn Mikaelsson




DD [18]: Myla Armani Mikaelsson bi

DF [18]: Iesha Fatimah Wither


Myla Mikaelsson & Iesha Wither

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Posted 09 December 2020 - 05:54 PM

James 'Jim' Robert Underwood [67]
m. Elizabeth 'Liz' Claire Underwood [64]

Gregory 'Greg' Seth Underwood [49]
Thomas 'Thom' Alexander Underwood [43]
Rosemary 'Rose' Lilith Underwood [41]
William 'Will' Scott Underwood [40]

Gregory 'Greg' Seth Doyle-Underwood [46]

Jessica 'Jess' Isabelle Underwood [21]

m. Edgar 'Ed' Leon Doyle-Underwood [49]

Ashleigh 'Ash' Sophia Doyle-Underwood [18]
Nicholas 'Nick' Callan Doyle-Underwood [15]
Samuel 'Sam' Reid Doyle-Underwood [13]
Natalia 'Talia' Emily Doyle-Underwood [8]

Jessica 'Jess' Isabelle Underwood [21]
d. Larissa 'Lara' Heather Wolfe [21]

Ashleigh 'Ash' Sophia Doyle-Underwood [18]
d. Alexander 'Alex' Noah Faulkner [21]

Leon 'Leo' Silas Faulkner [4]
Emma 'Em' Brooke Faulkner [0]

Thomas 'Thom' Alexander Underwood-Cahill [43]
div. Lucas 'Luke' Adam McCoy [43]

Angela 'Angie' Melody Underwood-McCoy [23]

m. Jacob 'Jake' Andrew Underwood-Cahill [40]

Nathaniel 'Nate' Rhett Underwood-Cahill [13]
Charlotte 'Charlie' Grace Underwood-Cahill [12]
Zachary 'Zach' Wade Underwood-Cahill [10]
Rhiannon 'Rhia' Yvette Underwood-Cahill [6]

Angela 'Angie' Melody Hopkins [23]
m. Jackson 'Jack' Albert Hopkins [20]

Philip 'Phil' Brett Hopkins [4]
Sophia 'Soph' Clara Hopkins [3]

Rosemary 'Rose' Lilith Cohen-Underwood [41]
m. Megan 'Meg' Jade Cohen-Underwood [44]

Georgia 'Gia' Evelyn Cohen-Underwood [19]
Jonas 'Joe' Elliott Cohen-Underwood [12]
Joshua 'Josh' Eric Cohen-Underwood [12]
Delilah 'Dee' Eve Cohen-Underwood [9]

Georgia 'Gia' Evelyn Cohen-Underwood [19]
e. Callum 'Cal' Anthony Rutherford [18]

Benjamin 'Ben' Isaac Rutherford [0]

William 'Will' Scott Underwood [40]
m. Katherine 'Kate' Lucia Underwood [38]

Sebastian 'Seb' Joshua Underwood [21]
Wesley 'Wes' Alexander Underwood [17]
Olivia 'Liv' Madeleine Underwood [15]
Amelia 'Amy' Beatrice Underwood [15]

Sebastian 'Seb' Joshua Underwood-O'Neill [21]
m. Gareth 'Gaz' Brody Underwood-O'Neill [19]

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Posted 11 December 2020 - 06:00 AM

LN: Kilpatrick


DH: Louis Thayer (67) 

DW: Maeve Acantha, née Bodin (64) 


DS: Peter Vincent (45)

DS: Andrew Beaumont (44)

DD/DD/DD: Delia Magdalene / Felicity Blythe / Bethany Joy "Beth" (43)

DD/DD: Jane Alice /  Eve Serenity "Evie" (42)

DS: Alexander Maximilian "Alex" (40)


Louis, Maeve, Peter, Andrew, Delia, Felicity, Beth, Jane, Evie, & Alex




LN: Kilpatrick


DH: Peter Vincent (45)

DH: David Nikolai, née Miller (46)


DAS: Holden James (16)

DAS: Asher Aidan (10)

DAD: Maia Poppy (9)


Peter, David, Holden, Asher, & Maia 




LN: Kilpatrick


DH: Andrew Beaumont (44)

ex-DW: Kristin Margaret, née Bailey (44)


DS: Nathan Scott (23)

DD: Sarah Lindsay (21)

DD: Lucy Dawn (18)

DS: Charlie Campbell (11)

DS: Aaron Miles (10)


Andrew, Kristin, Nathan, Sarah, Lucy, Charlie, & Aaron


DH: Andrew Beaumont (44)


DW: Kira Jasmine, née Doyle (42)


DSS: Archer Felix Powell (11)

DSD: Hayley Alisa Powell (9)

DSS: Shawn Bentley Powell (8)


Andrew, Kira, Archer, Hayley, & Shawn




DGF: Sarah Lindsay Kilpatrick (21)

(lt)DGF: Brooke Baileigh Tomlinson (21)


Sarah & Brooke




DGF: Lucy Dawn Kilpatrick (18)

(lt)DGF: Lena Kimberley McCall (18)


Lucy & Lena




LN: Cooper-Kilpatrick


DW: Delia Magdalene Kilpatrick (43)

DW: Ivy Isabella Cooper (43)


DS/DS/DS: Finn Hudson / Theo Hurley / Jett Easton (11)


Delia, Ivy, Finn, Theo, & Jett




LN: Gamble 


DW: Felicity Blythe, née Kilpatrick (43)

DH: Seth Jordan (45)


DS: Noah John (24)

DD: Rosalie Vivian "Rosie" (19)


Felicity, Seth, Noah, & Rosie




DF: Noah John Gamble (24)

DBF: Ethan Taylor Mattisen (24)


Noah & Ethan




DGF: Rosalie Vivian "Rosie" Gamble (19)

​(lt)DGF: Bella Samira Jarvi (19)


Rosie & Bella




LN: Fairchild


DW: Bethany Joy "Beth," née Kilpatrick (43)

DH: Colin Hiram (47)


DD: Alexa June "Lexi" (19)

DS: Dax Eli (10)


Beth, Colin, Lexi, & Dax




LN: Bernard


​DF: Alexa June "Lexi" Fairchild (19)

DF: Florian Antoine (20)


DD/DD: Cecilia Faith / Daisy Jessamine (1) 


Lexi, Florian, Cecilia, & Daisy




LN: Vernon-Kilpatrick


DW: Jane Alice Kilpatrick (41)

DW: Kaley Maud Vernon (41)


DAS: Axel Ace (14)

DAS: Riley Cole (13)

DAD: Elodie Esther (6)


Jane, Kaley, Axel, Riley, & Elodie




LN: Estrada


DW: Eve Serenity "Evie" Kilpatrick (41)

DH: Benjamin Ray "Ben" (42)


DD: Rory Vivian (7)


Evie, Ben, & Rory




DBF: Alexander Maximilian "Alex" Kilpatrick (35)

(lt)DGF: Daniella Skye "Dani" Bruckner (33) 


Alex & Dani

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Posted 15 December 2020 - 08:24 PM

The Waters Family



DH: James Martin Waters (67) 
DW: Eve Patricia Beaufort Waters (dec) 

DGFlt: Elizabeth Lilian Hill (60)

DS: James Martin, Jr. (44)

DS: Rupert Dare (40)


Jim Waters - Jamie & Dare

Beth Hill


The Waters

DS: James Martin Waters, Jr. (44)

DW:Kathleen Natalie McCoy Waters (41)

DS: Adam Ramsey (15)

DS: Jonathan Chandler (11)

DS/DD: Keenan Franklin/Kira Morgan (9)

DS: Elijah Kirkwood (2)


Jamie & Kathy Waters - Adam, Jonathan, Keenan, Kira, & Eli


The Waters

DS: Rupert Dare Waters (40)

DW: Joy Irene Allison Waters (40)

DS: Aaron Riley (14)

DD: Candice Jennifer (13)

DD: Hannah Lilly (9)

DD/DS: Reagan Briana/Robert Neil (8)

DS: Brody Keith (2)


Dare & Joy Waters - Aaron, Candice, Hannah, Reagan, Robby, & Brody

#6 Remy Hadley

Remy Hadley

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Posted 19 December 2020 - 08:33 AM

Part 6: 2000 



The Fitzgerald Family


DH: William Patrick (67) 

DW: Elizabeth Ginevra {nee Rossi} (64) 


DD: Josephine Maeve (47) {lesbian} 

DS: Theodore Emiliano (46) {straight} 

DD: Margaret Isadora (46) {straight} 

DD: Ruby Cecilia (42) {straight} 

DS: Charles Heath (41) {straight} 

DD: Evelyn Faye (39) {bisexual} 

DD: Lillian Saoirse (39) {lesbian} 


Will and Elsie with children, 

Josie, Teddy, Meg, Ruby, Charlie, Evie, and Lily 



The Fitzgerald and Pacheco Families


DW: Josephine Maeve (47) 

DW: Rosina Maria (47) 


DS: Oscar Moises (17) 

DD: Raven Marlo (14) 

DS: Jasper Franklin (14) 

DD: Nina Penelope (12) 


Josie and Rosie with children, 

Ozzy, Rae, Jasper, and Nina 



The Fitzgerald Family 


DF: Theodore Emiliano (46) 

ExDF: Viola Isabelle Dionne (46) 

ExDF: Lucy Catalina Bernardi (47)   

DW: Jasmine Ballari {nee Azmi} (44) 


DD: Emily Ada (21) {straight} 

DD: Lola Gabrielle (18) {bisexual} 

DD: Autumn Adhira (14) 

DS: Hayden Akash (11) 



Teddy and Viola with child, 


Teddy and Lucy with child, 


Teddy and Jasmine with children, 

Autumn and Hayden 



The Finnegan Family 


DW: Margaret Isadora {nee Fitzgerald} (46) 

DH: Lennon Ashley 


DD: Haley Ariel (10) 

DD: Mackenzie Ella (8) 


Meg and Lenny with children, 

Haley and Mac 



The Majeed Family 


DW: Ruby Cecilia (42)  

DH:  Asad Omar (45)   


DS: Andrew Hadi (24) {bisexual} 

DS: Gabriel Tariq (19) {straight} 

DS: Jacob Anwar (16) 

DD: Madison Bahira (15) 

DD: Lyla Naima (13) 

DS: Ethan Yosef (11) 

DD: Brooklyn Dua (9) 



Ruby and Asad with children, 

Andy, Gabe, Jake, Maddy, Lyla, Ethan and Brook 



The Fitzpatrick Family 


DH: Charles Heath (41) 

DW: Catherine Johanna {nee McTavish} 


DD: Cecilia Audrey (15) 

DS: William Alexander (11) 

DD: Emma Vivian (8) 

DS: Eli Franklin (5) 



Charlie and Cathy with children, 

Celie, Liam, Emma, and Eli 



The Fitzgerald-Copplestone Family  


DW: Evelyn Faye (39) 

DW: Betsy Mae (40)


DD: Sunny Aphrodite (10) 

DD: Ivy Minerva (8) 

DD: Haven Athena  (4) 


Evie and Betsy with children, 

Sunny, Ivy, and Haven  



The Fitzgerald, Pickering, and Fiorella Families 


GF: Lillian Saoirse (39) 

ExDW: Francesca Giovanna Fiorella (39)  

GF: Blossom Isolde {short term} 


DS: Evan Marco Fitz-Fiorella (13) 

DS: Dexter Lochlan Fitz-Fiorella (10) 

DD: Isobel Daisy Fitz-Pickering (4) 


Lily and Frankie with children, 

Evan and Dex 

Lily and Blossom with child, 





The Majeed and Battuta Families 


DF: Andrew Hadi (24) 

DF: Summer Zara 


DD: Miriam Jamila (7) 

DS: Asa Zenebe (6) 

DS: Zakariya Ali (6) 

DD: Nasira Duaa (3) 

DD: Dahlia Farrah (1) 

DD: Mahala Rayna (1) 


Andy and Summer with children, 

Mir, Asa, Zaki, Nasira, Dali, and Mahala 




The Fitzgerald and McDuff Family


GF: Emily Ada (21) {straight} 

BF: Sage Dougal {long term} 

DD: Fiona Elise (3) 


Em and Sage with child, 





The Fitzgerald and Santos Family 



GF: Lola Gabrielle (18) {bisexual} 

BF: Miguel Isaac {short term} 


Lola and Miguel 




The Majeed and Ames Families


DF: Gabriel Tariq (19) {straight

DF: Hannah Yael 

DD: Joanna Yasmina (4) 

DD: Lydia Alima (0) 


Gabe and Hannah with children, 

Jo and Lyddie 



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Posted 24 December 2020 - 01:52 AM

The Bauer Family: Pt 6 - 2000


DH: William Oliver Bauer [67]
DW: Thomasina Liselotte Bauer (nee Annevelink) [64]


DD1: Blythe Wistful Owsinski-Bauer [46]

DS1: James Michael Lennox-Bauer [45]

DD2/DD3/DD4/DS2: Lena Marie Bauer, Liselotte Oliviana Brodbeck, Lyle Tate Bauer-Singh & Louis Arthur Bauer [44]

DS3: Trent Wayne Bauer [43]

DS4: George "Georgie" Winn Bauer [41]




The Autry/Owsinski-Bauer Family


DD1: Blythe Wistful Owsinski-Bauer [46]

DH: Keith Christian Owsinski [48]

Ex-Dfiance: David Thomas Autry [46] (formerly ST) [Father of Bryan, Matthew & Joshua]


DS1: Bryan Thomas Autry-Bauer [23]

DS2: Matthew Scott Autry-Bauer [20]

DS3: Joshua Patrick Autry-Bauer [16] 

DD1: Campbell Ridley Owsinski [12]

DS4/DD2: Évrard Isaac Owsinski & Ellery Faith Owsinski [5]




The Autry-Bauer Family


DS1: Bryan Thomas Autry-Bauer [23] [Bisexual]




The Autry-Bauer Family


DS2: Matthew Scott Autry-Bauer [20]

DW: Athaliah Hanne Autry-Bauer (nee Windaus) [22]




The Lennox-Bauer Family


DS1: James Michael Lennox-Bauer [45] (Homosexual)

DH: Leon Abel Lennox-Bauer [46]


DAS2: Casey Mullen Lennox-Bauer [20]

(Adopted from USA)

DAD1/DAS1: Phoebe Alina Lennox-Bauer & Peter Alexander Lennox-Bauer [15]

(Adopted from USA)

DAS3: Elliott William Lennox-Bauer [14]

(Adopted from USA)

DAD3: Autumn Ciel Lennox-Bauer [11]

(Adopted from USA)

DAD2: Amelia Leonora Lennox-Bauer [10]

(Adopted from USA)




The Lennox-Bauer/Avogadro Family


DAS2: Casey Mullen Lennox-Bauer [20] (Bisexual)

Dfiance: Hermínio Younes Avogadro [20]




The Bauer-Timofeyevich Family


DD2: Lena Marie Bauer [44]

DH: Erik Weston Timofeyevich [45] (formerly LT)


DSS1: Denzel Xavier Timofeyevich [11]

DAD1: Alexa Aimee Bauer [10]

(Adopted from China)




The Brodbeck Family


DD3: Liselotte Oliviana Brodbeck (nee Bauer) [44]

DH: Camden Marcel Brodbeck [43] (formerly LT)


DS1: Dermot William Brodbeck [17]

DS2/DD1: Oskar Dante Brodbeck & Amaryllis Danika Brodbeck [15]

DD2: Goldie Summer Brodbeck [10]



The Bauer-Singh Family


DD4: Lyle Tate Bauer-Singh [44] (Homosexual)

DW: Nina Taylor Bauer-Singh [48]


DSS1: Anthony Michael Singh [23]

DAS2: Edgar Hector Bauer-Singh [21]

(Adopted from USA)

DAD1: Mary Annabelle Bauer-Singh [19]

(Adopted from USA)

DAS1: Abner Kiran Bauer-Singh [17]

(Adopted from USA)

DAS3: Alvin Wallace Bauer-Singh [5]

(Adopted from USA)




The Singh/Suresh Family



DSS1: Anthony Michael Singh [23] (Bisexual)

DGF: Emily Madison Suresh [24] (Long Term)


DS1: Pax Moksha Singh-Suresh [0]




The Bauer-Singh/Liu Family


DAS2: Edgar Hector Bauer-Singh [21] (Homosexual)

Dfiance: Hiroshi Akimitsu Liu [25]


Edgar Bauer-Singh and Hiroshi Liu




The Bauer-Singh/Aguilar Family


DAD1: Mary Annabelle Bauer-Singh [19]

DBF: Dallan Enoch Aguilar [19] (Short Term)


DD1: Candice Andromeda Aguilar [2]



The Bauer Family


DS2: Louis Arthur Bauer [44]

DW: Kayla Victoire Bauer (nee Merriweather) [44]


DD1: Cassie Rosina Nelson [22]

DS1: Elias Nolan Bauer [19]

DS2: Reed Emerson Bauer [9]



The Nelson Family


DD1: Cassie Rosina Nelson (nee Bauer) [22]

DH: Jacob Michael Nelson [22]



The Baue Family


DS1: Elias Nolan Bauer [19]




The Bauer Family


DS3: Trent Wayne Bauer [42]

DW: Constance Carlisa Bauer (nee Episcopo) [40] (formerly LT)


DS1: Tristan Pace Bauer [13]

DD1: Coralie Viona Bauer [9]

DD2: Cellen Elske Bauer [6]

DD3: Cieran Renee Bauer [5]

DD4: Catelyn Bella Bauer [4]

DD5: Chloe Emma Bauer [3]

DS2: Trevor William Bauer [2]




The Bauer Family


DS4: George "Georgie" Winn Bauer [41] (Bisexual)

DW: Cara Elizabeth Bauer (nee Greyson) [41] (formerly ST)


DD1: Ivy Arie Bauer [23]

DD2: Tabitha Fleur Bauer [18]

DD3: Matilda Rosetta Bauer [17]

DS1: Charles "Charlie" Wilbur Bauer [16]

DS2: Theodore "Teddie" Wallace Bauer [8]

DS3: Oliver "Ollie" Wolfe Bauer [7]

DD4: Bergen Purple Bauer [3]




The Bauer/Polkinghorn Family


DD1: Ivy Arie Bauer [23]

Dfiance: Hoyt Dusan Polkinghorn [24]


DS1: Bradley Woodrow Bauer-Polkinghorn [3]




Generations of the Bauer Family: 1975-


William and Thomasina Bauer; with Blythe, James, Lena, Liselotte, Lyle, Louis, Trent & Georgie


Blythe Owsinski-Bauer (and ex-fiance David Autry) and Keith Owsinski; with Bryan, Matthew, Joshua, Campbell, Évrard & Ellery

James and Leon Lennox-Bauer; with Casey, Phoebe, Peter, Elliott, Autumn & Amelia

Lena Bauer and Erik Timofeyevich; with Denzel & Alexa

Liselotte and Camden Brodbeck; with Dermot, Oskar, Amaryllis & Goldie

Lyle and Nina Bauer-Singh; with Anthony, Edgar, Mary, Abner & Alvin

Louis and Kayla Bauer; with Cassie, Elias & Reed

 Trent and Constance Bauer; with Tristan, Coralie, Cellen, Cieran, Catelyn, Chloe & Trevor

Georgie and Cara Bauer; with Ivy, Tabitha, Matilda, Charlie, Teddie, Ollie & Bergen
Bryan Autry-Bauer
Matthew and Athaliah Autry-Bauer

Casey Lennox-Bauer and Hermínio Avogadro


Anthony Singh and Emily Suresh; with Pax
Edgar Bauer-Singh and Hiroshi Liu
Mary Bauer-Singh and Dallan Aguilar; with Candice
Cassie and Jacob Nelson

Elias Bauer


Ivy Bauer and Hoyt Polkinghorn; with Bradley  

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Posted 24 December 2020 - 12:55 PM

The Kline Family


DH: Royal Grant Kline (67)

DW: Mary Thetis Charles Kline (64)


DD/DD: Lucy Catherine Kline/Alana Gwenllian Kline (45)

DS: James Grant Kline (44)

DS/DS: Seth Thomas Kline/Swift William Kline (42)

DS: Clive Edmund Kline (41)

DS: Alexander 'Alex' Louis Kline (40)


Royal and Mary Kline; with LucyAlanaJamesSethSwiftClive, and Alex



The Nunez Family


DW: Lucy Catherine Kline Nunez (45)

DH: Todd Caio Nunez (46)


DD: Colette 'Coco' Vivian Nunez (19)

DD: Matilda 'Tillie' Ellen Nunez (17)

DD: Josephine 'Josie' Kira Nunez (11)


Lucy and Todd Nunez; with CocoTillie, and Josie



The Nunez/Camus Family


DFiancée: Colette 'Coco' Vivian Nunez (19)

DFiancé: Bolton Craig Camus (20)


Coco Nunez and Bolton Camus



The Chancellor Family


DW: Alana Gwenllian Kline Chancellor (45) - Bisexual

DW: Keira Danielle Chancellor (44)


DS: Flynn Raymundo Kline (23)

DD: Casandra 'Cassie' Dallas Kline (19)

DS: Ethan Joseph Kline (17)

DS: Jack Carter Kline (16)

DS: Aaron Keaton Dane Chancellor (13) - Biologically Alana's son


Alana and Keira Chancellor; with FlynnCassieEthanJack, and Aaron



The Kline Family


DH: Flynn Raymundo Kline (23)

DW: Lauryn Eliza Kiedis Kline (23)


DS: Ezra Michael Kline (8)

DD/DS: Lexie Keilani Kline/Tyler Everett Kline (7)


Flynn and Lauryn Kline; with EzraLexie, and Tyler



The Kline/Prince Family


DGF: Casandra 'Cassie' Dallas Kline (19) - Bisexual

DBF: Mansfield 'Manny' Oleander Prince (19) - Long term


DS: Apollo Robert Prince (4)

DS: Orlando 'Lando' Michael Prince (2)

DD: Blythe Aisling Prince (0)


Cassie Kline and Manny Prince; with Apollo, Lando, and Blythe



The Kline Family


DH: James Grant Kline (44) - Gay

DH: Eben Emerson Cook Kline (42)


DS: Albie Owain Linos Kline-Rodgers (22) - Biologically Tommy's son

DD: Clara Emily Kline-Rodgers (19) - Biologically Tommy's daughter

DS: Elias 'Eli' Kaden Kline-Rodgers (15) - Biologically James' son


ExDH: Tommy Isaiah Rodgers (45) - Dad of Albie, Clara, and Eli


James (and ex-husband Tommy Rodgers) and Eben Kline; with AlbieClara, and Eli



The Kline-Rodgers/Pontner Family


DFiancé: Albie Owain Linos Kline-Rodgers (22) - Bisexual

DFiancé: Greenwood 'Ren' Ren Pontner (23)


DS: Zion Om Kline-Rodgers (3)


Albie Kline-Rodgers and Ren Pontner; with Zion



The Kline-Rodgers/Babbage Family


DGF: Clara Emily Kline-Rodgers (19) - Gay

DGF: Oona Alcina Babbage (21) - Long term


Clara Kline-Rodgers and Oona Babbage



The Kline Family


DH: Seth Thomas Kline (42)

DW: Nicole Beatrice Whitehead Kline (41)


DS: Connor Malakai Kline (19)

DD: Jacey Teagan Kline (17)

DS: Nolan George Kline (15)

DD: April Oceane Kline (14)

DS: Wade Matthew Kline (13)

DD: Harley Aluna Kline (9)

DS/DS: Ewan Theodore Kline/Elliot Samson Kline (7)


Seth and Nicole Kline; with ConnorJaceyNolanAprilWadeHarleyEwan, and Elliot



The Kline/Hadid Family


DBF: Connor Malakai Kline (19) - Gay

DBF: Felipe Bernard Hadid (19) - Long term


Connor Kline and Felipe Hadid



The Kline Family


DH: Swift William Kline (42)

DW: Una Campbell Maher Kline (43)


DS: Daniel 'Dan' Eric Kline (22)

DS: Hugo Ingram Kline (21)

DD: Fern Angelina Kline (18)

DD: Gia Grace Kline (15)

DS: Rufus Chandler Kline (10)

DS: Cullen Luca Kline (8)

DS: Kobe Feruzi Kline (5)


ExDW: Aysu Naja Wasem (42) - Mom of Fern and Gia


Swift (and ex-wife Aysu Wasem) and Una Kline; with DanHugoFernGiaRufusCullen, and Kobe



The Kline/Reines Family


DBF: Daniel 'Dan' Eric Kline (22) - Bisexual

DBF: Frazer Miller Reines (22) - Long term


DS: Hoyt Harley Kline (4)


Dan Kline and Frazer Reines; with Hoyt



The Kline Family


DH: Hugo Ingram Kline (21) - Bisexual

DW: Rosetta 'Rose' Jasmine Hurley Kline (21)


DS/DS: Aster Ethan Kline/Auden Abdi Kline (2)


Hugo and Rose Kline; with Aster and Auden



The Root-Kline Family


DW: Fern Angelina Root-Kline (18) - Gay

DW: Maria Lorelei Root-Kline (19)


Fern and Maria Root-Kline



The Kline-Young Family


DH: Clive Edmund Kline-Young (41) - Gay

DH: Rayan Guthrie Kline-Young (40)


DD: Irene Elisabetta Kline (21)

DAD: Aida Callista Aguirre-Kline (15) - Adopted domestically

DAD: Oakley Breeze Kline-Young (13) - Adopted domestically

DAD: India Marlena Coral Kline-Young (6) - Adopted domestically


Ex-DBF: Naum Danail Aguirre (43) - Dad of Aida


Clive (and ex-boyfriend Naum Aguirre) and Rayan Kline-Young; with IreneAidaOakley, and India



The Kline Family


DFemale: Irene Elisabetta Kline (21) - Gay


DD: Daphne Brycin Kline (4)

DS: Merit Ryland Kline (1)


Irene Kline; with Daphne and Merit



The Bellers-Kline Family


DH: Alexander 'Alex' Louis Bellers-Kline (40) - Gay

DH: Christopher 'Chris' Joel Bellers-Kline (40)


DD: Alessia Noelle Bellers-Kline (21) - Biologically Alex's daughter

DAD: Zoe Guinivere Bellers-Kline (16) - Adopted from China

DAD: Lulu Madison Bellers-Kline (15) - Adopted domestically

DS: Ace Jonas Bellers-Kline (10) - Biologically Chris' son

DD/DD: Pearle Kevyn Bellers-Kline/Tia Samantha Bellers-Kline (9) - Biologically Alex's daughters

DAS: Dalton Esa Bellers-Kline (7) - Adopted domestically


Alex and Chris Bellers-Kline; with AlessiaZoeLuluAcePearleTia, and Dalton



The Bellers-Kline/Sax Family


DFiancée: Alessia Noelle Bellers-Kline (21) - Gay

DFiancée: Melody Zuzana Lucia Sax (20)


Alessia Bellers-Kline and Melody Sax



Generations of the Kline Family


Royal Mary Kline; w/ LucyAlanaJamesSethSwiftClive, & Alexander


Lucy Todd Nunez; w/ ColetteMatilda, & Josephine

Alana Keira Chancellor; w/ FlynnCasandraEthanJack, & Aaron

James (& ex-husband Tommy Rodgers) & Eben Kline; w/ AlbieClara, & Elias

Seth Nicole Kline; w/ ConnorJaceyNolanAprilWadeHarleyEwan, & Elliot

Swift (& ex-wife Aysu Wasem) & Una Kline; w/ DanielHugoFernGiaRufusCullen, & Kobe

Clive (& ex-boyfriend Naum Aguirre) & Rayan Kline-Young; w/ IreneAidaOakley, & India

Alexander Christopher Bellers-Kline; w/ AlessiaZoeLuluAcePearleTia, & Dalton


Colette Nunez & Bolton Camus

Flynn Lauryn Kline; w/ EzraLexie, & Tyler

Casandra Kline & Mansfield Prince; w/ Apollo, Orlando, & Blythe

Albie Kline-Rodgers & Greenwood Pontner; w/ Zion

Clara Kline-Rodgers & Oona Babbage

Connor Kline & Felipe Hadid

Daniel Kline & Frazer Reines; w/ Hoyt

Hugo & Rosetta Kline; w/ Aster & Auden

Fern & Maria Root-Kline

Irene Kline; w/ Daphne & Merit

Alessia Bellers-Kline & Melody Sax

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Posted 26 December 2020 - 10:09 PM


The Chadwick Family


DH: Nazario Dwayne Chadwick [67]

DW: Peggy Jane Gruffudd [64]


DS: Lawson Dwayne Chadwick [46]

DD/DS: Verity Jane & Woodrow John Chadwick [45]

DS: Dashiell "Dash" Paul Chadwick [43]

DD: Enora Grace Chadwick [42]

DS/DD: Matthias "Matt" Keith & Tara Ann Chadwick [40]


Nazario & Peggy, with their children; Lawson, Verity, Woodrow, Dashiell, Enora, Matthias, and Tara




DS: Lawson Dwayne Chadwick [46]

DW: Ellen Gertrude Peevey [42]


DS: Floyd Noah Chadwick [18]

DS: Kyler Rain Chadwick [9]

DS: Quincy Zion Chadwick [7]

DS: Elvis Eoin Chadwick [6]


Lawson & Ellen, with their sons; Floyd, Kyler, Quincy, and Elvis




DD: Verity Jane Chadwick [45]

DW: Issa Victoire Majeed [47]


DS: Jewell Gibson Chadwick-Majeed [17]

DS: Sol Austen Chadwick-Majeed [13]

DS: Thor Ian Chadwick-Majeed [8]


Verity & Issa, with their sons; Jewell, Sol, and Thor




DS: Woodrow John Chadwick [45]

DW: Kayla Ines Sykes [44] mother of Angelina

DW: Bjorg Roxana von Sydow [39]


DD: Angelina Renee Chadwick [17]

DSD: Ayanna Nayeli Brees [13]

DD: Alva Kaminari Chadwick [8]

DD: Aluna "Luna" Fae Chadwick [7]

DS: Azaria Sage Chadwick [3]


Woodrow & Bjorg, with their daughters; Angelina, Ayanna, Alva, Aluna, and Azaria




DS: Dashiell "Dash" Paul Chadwick [43]

DH: Bratumił Nael Smith [43]


DS/DS/DS: Emil Gregory, Nathaniel Keith & Abdul Fevzi Chadwick-Smith [15]

DAS: Fraser Komalpreet Chadwick-Smith [13]

DAS: Jethro "Jet" Gursiran Chadwick-Smith [12]

DAS: Rogan "Roe" Gareth Chadwick-Smith [0]


Dashiell & Bratumił, with their sons; Emil, Nathaniel, Abdul, Fraser, Jethro, and Rogan




DD: Enora Grace Chadwick [42] bisexual

DH: Diego Gabriel Gonzalez [dec.]


DD: Arizona "Ari" Faye Gonzalez [24]

DS: Zain September Gonzalez [19]

DS: Karter Santiago Gonzalez [16]

DD: Halo Serenity Gonzalez [4]


Enora, with her children; Arizona, Zain, Karter, and Halo




DS: Matthias "Matt" Keith Chadwick [40]

DH: Christian "Chris" Saul Merriweather [39] father of Ethan, Milo & Myla

DF: Niall Santiago Das [43]


DAS: Ethan Nicholas Merriweather [18]
DAS/DAD: Milo Christopher & Myla Jacqueline Merriweather [16]

DAD: Zara Natalia-Sapphire Das [8]

DAD: Ivy Margo-Kaitlin Das [5]

DAS: Camden Chad Das [1]


Matthias & Niall, with their children; Ethan, Milo, Myla, Zara, Ivy, and Camden




DD: Tara Ann Chadwick [40]

DH: Khalil Harold Saqqaf [43]


DS: Zaki Boipelo Saqqaf [15]

DS: Khayri Masoud Saqqaf [11]

DS/DS: Nuri Rasheed & Omari Atallah Saqqaf [0]


Tara & Khalil, with their son; Zaki, Khayri, Nuri, and Omari




DS: Floyd Noah Chadwick [18]

DBF: Rhys Edward Watson [20] short-term


DSS: Braxton "Brax" Edward Watson [4]

DSS: Ren Parker Watson [2]


Floyd & Rhys, with Rhys' sons; Braxton and Ren




DD: Arizona "Ari" Faye Gonzalez [24]

DH: Wilmer "Willie" Jayson Zimmer Sr. [27]


DSS/DSS/DSD: Wilmer "Jay" Jayson Jr, Ace Landen & Ava Fawn Zimmer [9]


Arizona & Wilmer, with Wilmer's children; Wilmer, Ace, and Ava




DS: Zain September Gonzalez [19]

DF: Kaiya Siobhan MacKinnon [18]


DD: Daisy Beatrix Gonzalez [0]


Zain & Kaiya, with their daughter; Daisy




DAS: Ethan Nicholas Merriweather [18] bisexual

DGF: Harmonee Delphine Daguerre [18] long-term


DS/DD: Wesley Leone & Vivia Saffron Merriweather [4]


Ethan & Harmonee, with their children; Wesley & Vivia

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The Martinelli Family


DH: James Ferdinand Martinelli (64)

DW: Carol Annette Gilmore Martinelli (65)


DD: Eleora 'Elle' Charlotte Martinelli (41)


James and Carol Martinelli; with Elle



The Martinelli/Pugh Family


DFiancée: Eleora 'Elle' Charlotte Martinelli (41) - Lesbian

DFiancée: Catriona 'Cat' Gisele Pugh (39)


DAD: Beth Indira Eymer-Martinelli (21) - Adopted domestically

DAD: Alice Nicole Eymer-Martinelli (16) - Adopted from China

DAD: Leah Phoebe Eymer-Martinelli (15) - Adopted domestically

DS/DS: Hugo Cyrus Eymer-Martinelli/Calder Hudson Eymer-Martinelli (10) - Biologically Elle's sons

DD: Fran Ethel Martinelli-Pugh (2) - Biologically Elle's daughter

DS: Barnaby 'Barney' Dougal Martinelli-Pugh (1) - Biologically Cat's son

DAS: Elijah 'Eli' Owen Martinelli-Pugh (0) - Adopted domestically


exDW: Cassie Jane Eymer (42) - Mum of Beth, Alice, Leah, Hugo, & Calder


Elle Martinelli (and ex-wife Cassie Eymer) and Cat Pugh; with BethAliceLeahHugoCalder, Fran, Barney, and Eli



The Eymer-Martinelli/Lutterworth Family


DGF: Beth Indira Eymer-Martinelli (21) - Bisexual

DBF: Clark Silas Lutterworth (22) - Short term


DS: Zion Garrett Eymer-Martinelli (2)

DD: Amity Vivia Eymer-Martinelli (1)

DS: Parker Daniel Lutterworth (0)


Beth Eymer-Martinelli and Clark Lutterworth; with Zion, Amity, and Parker



Generations of the Martinelli Family


James Carol Martinelli; w/ Eleora


Eleora Martinelli (& ex-wife Cassie Eymer) & Catriona Pugh; w/ BethAliceLeahHugoCalder, Fran, Barnaby, & Elijah


Beth Eymer-Martinelli & Clark Lutterworth; w/ Zion, Amity, & Parker

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Jedidiah 'Jed' Michael Fitzgerald [67]

m. Thyme Elizabeth Mac Cormaic [64]

Caelia Briseis Rhea Fitzgerald [46]

Marilla 'Rilla' Persephone Fitzgerald [43]

Marjorie 'Jorie' Phyllis Fitzgerald [43]

Salton Rover Fitzgerald [41]



Caelia Briseis Rhea Fitzgerald [46] - Bisexual

Noah Gabriel Fitzgerald [24]

Zachary 'Zach' Jalen Fitzgerald [15]

m. Olivia Dominique Hendrix [48]

Felix Harrell Fitzgerald-Hendrix [8]

Colm Devin Maikel Fitzgerald-Hendrix [8]

Eva Elodie Fitzgerald-Hendrix [7]


Noah Gabriel Fitzgerald [24] - Bisexual

m. Careen 'Cary' Hafwen Beauchamp [23]

Bailee 'Bay' Jasmine Fitzgerald [1]

Breanne 'Bree' Joisse Fitzgerald [1]

Reva Eternity Fitzgerald [0]



Marilla 'Rilla' Persephone Fitzgerald [43] - Bisexual

Mary-Kate Aurelie Fitzgerald [10]

m. Safiya 'Fiya' Dot Burke [44] - Ex-wife

Eric Isaiah Burke-Fitzgerald [24]

Charlotte 'Lottie' Mae Burke-Fitzgerald [16]

James Gavin Burke-Fitzgerald [15]

m. Olena Angela Kasprak [45]

Neil Aurel Santino Kasprak [7]

Alma Thora Kasprak [4]


Eric Isaiah Burke-Fitzgerald [24] - Gay

m. Clooney Evan Bazil [25]

Keanu Jay Bazil-Fitzgerald [7]



Marjorie 'Jorie' Phyllis Fitzgerald [43]

m. Esau Irving Noble [43]

Ryan Bradley Noble [21]

Isobel 'Izzy' Kayla Noble [21]

Amy Gabriela Noble [14]

Chloe Lauren Noble [13]

Tabatha 'Tabi' Leocadia Noble [12]

Rainey Emmalee Noble [5]

Sage Christopher Noble [2]


Ryan Bradley Noble [21]


Isobel 'Izzy' Kayla Noble [21]

d. Byron Lirio Dibbler [22] - Long term

Peony Vivia Dibbler [4]

Aster Douglas Dibbler [2]

Wendy Celine Dibbler [2]



Salton Rover Fitzgerald [41] - Gay

Aloysius Lior Fitzgerald [21]

m. Dante Manuel Mikhail [42]

Moses Fabian Mikhail [18]

Kiran Rodger Drake Mikhail [16]

Harris Battista Mikhail [15]

Ziva Elizabeth Mikhail [14]

Axel Rafael Mikhail [12]

Guy Herbie Orville Mikhail [7]

Pandora Ayla Mikhail [2]

Birdie Eglantine Mikhail [1]

Presley Annora Mikhail [0]


Aloysius Lior Fitzgerald [21] - Bisexual

m. Bella Beatrice Greenhill [21]

Fleur Taegan Alanis Fitzgerald [0]


Moses Fabian Mikhail [18] - Gay

m. Florian Bradley Truman [19]

Eden Heather Mikhail-Truman [4]

Indigo 'Indy' Alexander Mikhail-Truman [4]

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The Jensen Family: Pt 6 - 2000


DH: Loyal Reverence Jensen [67]
DW: Charlotte Gertrude Jensen (nee Taylor) [64]


DS1: Tiberius Maximillian Jensen [43]


Loyal and Charlotte Jensen; with Tiberius




The Jensen Family


DS1: Tiberius Maximillian Jensen [43]

DW: Raphaela Celeste Jensen (nee Einstein) [44]

Ex-DW: Allison Marissa Jensen (nee Turner) [38] [Mother of Ulysses & Alana]

Ex-DW: Juno Bellona Jensen (nee Abernathy) [40] (formerly ST) [Mother of Renee, Griffin & Jane]


DS1: Ulysses Tristan Jensen [24]

DD1: Alana Millicent Jensen [19]

DD2: Renee Bahira Jensen [16]

DS2: Griffin Asher Jensen [12]

DD3: Jane Rosalind Jensen [9]

DS3/DD4: Silas Hoyt Jensen & Lavinia Diona Jensen [4]


Tiberius (and ex-wives Allison and Juno Jensen) and Raphaela Jensen; with Ulysses, Alana, Renee, Griffin, Jane, Silas & Lavinia




The Jensen/Riordan Family


DS1: Ulysses Tristan Jensen [24] (Homosexual)

DBF: Bennett Leroy Riordan [25] (Long Term)


Ulysses Jensen and Bennett Riordan




The Jensen/Huang Family


DD1: Alana Millicent Jensen [19] (Homosexual)

DGF: Murphy Brooklyn Huang [19] (Long Term)


Alana Jensen and Murphy Huang




Generations of the Jensen Family: 1975-


Loyal and Charlotte Jensen; with Tiberius


Tiberius (and ex-wives Allison and Juno Jensen) and Raphaela Jensen; with Ulysses, Alana, Renee, Griffin, Jane, Silas & Lavinia


Ulysses Jensen and Bennett Riordan

Alana Jensen and Murphy Huang


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The Huddleston Family: Pt 6 - 2000


DH: Bruce Wayne Huddleston [67]
DW: Adora Patience Huddleston (nee Shevchenko) [64]


DD1/DS1: Gilanah Sharlene Huddleston-Herrera & Credence Loyal Huddleston [46]

DD2: Madge Joyce Butcher [41]

DD3: Seth Vaughn Holyfield [40]

DS2: Erland Mordred Carson-Huddleston [39]


Bruce and Adora Huddleston; with Gilanah, Credence, Madge, Seth & Erland




The Huddleston-Herrera Family


DD1: Gilanah Sharlene Huddleston-Herrera [46] (Homosexual)

DW: Alma Zinnia Huddleston-Herrera [48]


DSD1: Angelina Zelma Herrera [25]

DAD1: Elise Gloria Huddleston-Herrera [15]

(Adopted from USA)

DAS1: Oscar Valentine Huddleston-Herrera [12]

(Adopted from USA)


Gilanah and Alma Huddleston-Herrera; with Angelina, Elise & Oscar




The Herrera/Lyons Family


DSD1: Angelina Zelma Herrera [25]

DBF: Theodore Wallace Lyons [26] (Long Term)


DD1: Adrianna Alma-Maria Herrera [9]

DD2: Zoe Daniela Lyons-Herrera [0]


Angelina Herrera and Theodore Lyons; with Adrianna & Zoe




The Huddleston Family


DS1: Credence Loyal Huddleston [46]

DW: Gabriele Pine Huddleston (nee Greyson) [46] (formerly LT)


DS1: Deacon Clark Huddleston [18]

DD1: Noah Gwyneth Huddleston [14]

DS2: Isaiah Dudley Huddleston [7]

DS3: Fionn Grover Huddleston [5]


Credence and Gabriele Huddleston; with Deacon, Norah, Isaiah & Fionn




The Butcher Family


DD2: Madge Joyce Butcher (nee Huddleston) [41]

DH: Michael Christopher Butcher [41] (formerly LT)


DS1: Milo Lewis Butcher [15]

DS2: McCoy Cyrus Butcher [14]

DS3: Meegan Jonas Butcher [10]

DS4/DD1: Matthew Grant Butcher & Marit Emeline Butcher [8]

DS5: Mitchell Blaine Butcher [7]

DS6: Mason Isaac Butcher [0]


Madge and Michael Butcher; with Milo, McCoy, Meegan, Matthew, Marit, Mitchell & Mason




The Holyfield Family


DD3: Seth Vaughn Holyfield (nee Huddleston) [40]

DH: Todd Derek Holyfield [40] (formerly LT)


DS1: Axel Roman Holyfield [14]

DS2: Evan Seth Holyfield [12]

DD1: Skye Vann Holyfield [10]

DD2: Remy Anouk Holyfield [7]


Seth and Todd Holyfield; with Axel, Evan, Skye & Remy




The Clifton -Huddleston/Carson Family


DS2: Erland Mordred Clifton-Huddleston (nee Carson) [39] (Homosexual)

DH: Bev Gol Clifton-Huddleston [42] (formerly LT)

Ex-DH: Sawyer Diego Carson (nee Huddleston) [43] [Father of Sondra & Emma]


DAD1/DAD2: Sondra Blessing Carson-Huddleston & Emma Graciela Carson-Huddleston [18]

(Adopted from USA)

DAS1: Anselm Marcher Clifton-Huddleston [2]

(Adopted from USA)


Erland (and ex-husband Sawyer Carson) and Bev Clifton-Huddleston; with Sondra, Emma & Anselm




Generations of the Huddleston Family: 1975-


Bruce and Adora Huddleston; with Gilanah, Credence, Madge, Seth & Erland


Gilanah and Alma Huddleston-Herrera; with Angelina, Elise & Oscar

Credence and Gabriele Huddleston; with Deacon, Norah, Isaiah & Fionn

Madge and Michael Butcher; with Milo, McCoy, Meegan, Matthew, Marit, Mitchell & Mason

Seth and Todd Holyfield; with Axel, Evan, Skye & Remy

Erland (and ex-husband Sawyer Carson) and Bev Clifton-Huddleston; with Sondra, Emma & Anselm


Angelina Herrera and Theodore Lyons; with Adrianna & Zoe

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Part 6: 2000 


It has been 5 years. 


DH: (67) Donald Conlan Hawthorne

DW: (64) Miriam Josslyn (nee. Webb)

DS: (45) Anthony Jeremiah Hawthorne (straight)

DD: (44) Destiny Romina Hawthorne (homosexual)

DS: (43) Salvatore Jack Hawthorne (homosexual)

DS: (42) Francis Scott Hawthorne (homosexual)


DS: (45) Anthony Jeremiah Hawthorne (straight)

d. DF: (45) Clover Kaiya Wallace (engaged)

DD: (12) Lorelei Rose Hawthorne

DD: (10) Dakota Athena Hawthorne

DS/DD: (9) Blaze Theodore / Thora Rochelle Hawthorne

DD: (8) Alessandra Catriona Hawthorne

DD: (3) Aria Saffron Hawthorne


DD: (44) Destiny Romina Hawthorne (homosexual)

d. DGF: (44) Tallulah Cascade Schumacher (long-term)

DS: (21) Vincenzo Ivan Donnrin-Hawthorne (bisexual)

DD: (16) Maryanne Olivia Hawthorne

DD: (12) Victoria Kyomi Schumacher-Hawthorne

DS: (10) Elliot Austen Schumacher-Hawthorne

DD: (8) Bronte Viona Schumacher-Hawthorne

DS: (7) Cas Everett Schumacher-Hawthorne

DS: (2) Nathaniel Archer Schumacher-Hawthorne


DS: (43) Salvatore Jack Hawthorne (homosexual)

m. DH: (43) Kenneth Amir Lennox (married)

DD: (21) Danielle Frea Lennox-Hawthorne (straight)

DD: (17) Meira Christina Lennox-Hawthorne

DD: (13) Alanis Cassidy Lennox-Hawthorne

DS: (7) Franklin Keaton Lennox-Hawthorne


DD: (21) Danielle Frea Lennox-Hawthorne (straight)

d. DBF: (21) Lance Carter Delacey (long-term)


DS: (42) Francis Scott Hawthorne (homosexual)

m. DH: (42) Ben Elias Wotton

DD: (15) June Alina Hawthorne

DD/DD: (14) Aurora Tove / Julienne Storm Hawthorne

DD: (13) Jordan Azure Hawthorne

DD: (7) Alaina Irena Watton-Hawthorne

DS: (3) Kingston Brooks Watton-Hawthorne

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The De La Fuente Family - 2000


DH: Homer Michael De La Fuente [67]

DW: Lydia Jo {nee Patrickson} De La Fuente [64]


DD: Symone Aceline De La Fuente [43]

DS: Ezekiel "Zeke" Michael De La Fuente [39]


Homer and Lydia De La Fuente, with their two children; Symone and Zeke




DD: Symone Aceline De La Fuente [43]

DW: Athalia Frances Dominguez [44]


DS/DS: Van Caleb & Fintan "Fin" Cole Dominguez [10]

DS: Ezra Charlie Dominguez [6]

DD: Maeve Wilhelmina Dominguez [0]


Symone De La Fuente and Athalia Dominguez, with their four children; Van, Fin, Ezra, and Maeve




DS: Ezekiel "Zeke" Michael De La Fuente [39]

DXGF: Noemie Jocelyn Zeches [38] mother of Lily

DH: Rosario Manuel {nee Perez} De La Fuente [42]


DD: Lily Athena De La Fuente [23]

DS: Rosario "Grant" Grant De La Fuente [17]

DS: Tyson Elliott De La Fuente [14]

DS: Archie Leo De La Fuente [12]

DD: Jo Orabelle De La Fuente [10]


Zeke and Rosario De La Fuente, with their two children; Lily, Grant, Tyson, Archie, and Jo




DD: Lily Athena {nee De La Fuente} Bender [23]

DH: Edward "Eddie" Ivo Bender [23]


DS/DD: Booker Edward & Breeze Lily Bender [9]

DS: Blaine Franklyn Bender [5]

DD/DD: Blossom Ronnette & Birdie Ruth Bender [2]

DS: Brant MacKinley Bender [0]


Lily De La Fuente and Eddie Bender, with their six children; Booker, Breeze, Blaine, Blossom, Birdie, and Brant

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The Rusu-Kahar Family


DW: Joy Elizabeth Rusu Rusu-Kahar (67)

DW: Susan 'Sue' Davida Opal Kahar Rusu-Kahar (65)


DD: Julie Grey Rusu-Kahar (45)

DS/DD: Benjamin 'Ben' Louis Rusu-Kahar/Sara Yael Rusu-Kahar (44)

DD: Phoebe Ondine Rusu-Kahar (42)


Joy and Sue Rusu-Kahar; with JulieBenSara, and Phoebe



The Marley Family


DW: Julie Grey Rusu-Kahar Marley (45)

exDH: Justin Michael Brahe (46) - Dad of Georgia, Taylen, & Paige

DH: Carl Parker Marley (45)


DD: Georgia Honey Brahe (17)

DD: Taylen Gabriela Brahe (13)

DD: Paige Zara Brahe (5)

DS: Forest Azazias Avraham Marley (4)


Julie (and Justin Brahe) and Carl Marley; with GeorgiaTaylenPaige, and Forest



The Rusu-Kahar Family


DH: Benjamin 'Ben' Louis Rusu-Kahar (44) - Gay

DH: Kelvin Tyler Garcia Rusu-Kahar (44)


DS: Gibson 'Gibs' Bentley Rusu-Kahar (16)

DD: Farrah Giselle Rusu-Kahar (15)

DD: Lilybelle 'Lily' Petra Fenne Rusu-Kahar (14)

DS: Niall Anu Rusu-Kahar (7)

DS: Sage Denver Rusu-Kahar (4)

DS: Aldo Isaac Rusu-Kahar (3)


Ben and Kelvin Rusu-Kahar; w/ GibsFarrahLilyNiall, Sage, and Aldo



The Chilton Family


DW: Sara Yael Rusu-Kahar Chilton (44)

DH: Lucas 'Luke' Bradley Chilton (44)


DD: Edie Jessica Chilton (24)

DS: Caleb Gavin Chilton (18)

DS: Finn Rory Chilton (17)

DD: Amy Nicole Chilton (10)

DD: Elsa Lauren Chilton (8)


Sara and Luke Chilton; with EdieCalebFinnAmy, and Elsa



The Howerton Family


DW: Edie Jessica Chilton Howerton (24)

DH: Ethan Harley Howerton (25)


DD: Johanna 'Jojo' Milani Ivonne Howerton (4)

DD/DS: Kendall Vivia Howerton/Zakariah 'Zak' Vincent Howerton (2)


Edie and Ethan Howerton; with Jojo, Kendall, and Zak



The Chilton Family


DH: Caleb Gavin Chilton (18)

DW: Ann Evanthe Binns Chilton (19)


DD: Faith Madison Chilton (4)


Caleb and Ann Chilton; with Faith



The Wright Family


DW: Phoebe Ondine Rusu-Kahar Wright (42) - Bisexual

DH: Alec Leon Wright (43)


DD: Logan Rebecca Rusu-Kahar (21)

DS: Dante Nicholas Wright (16)

DD: Chloe Marcella Wright (13)

DS: Aaron Elliott Wright (12)

DS: Sampson 'Sam' Charlie Wright (11)

DS: Cooper Benson Wright (9)


Phoebe and Alec Wright; with LoganDanteChloeAaronSam, and Cooper



The Rusu-Kahar/Stark Family


DGF: Logan Rebecca Rusu-Kahar (21) - Gay

DGF: Lantha Blossom Stark (22) - Short term


Logan Rusu-Kahar and Lantha Stark



Generations of the Rusu-Kahar Family


Joy Susan Rusu-Kahar; w/ JulieBenjaminSara, & Phoebe


Julie (& Justin Brahe) & Carl Marley; w/ GeorgiaTaylenPaige, & Forest

Benjamin Kelvin Rusu-Kahar; w/ GibsonFarrahLilybelleNiall, Sage, & Aldo

Sara & Lucas Chilton; w/ EdieCalebFinnAmy, & Elsa

Phoebe Alec Wright; w/ LoganDanteChloeAaronSampson, & Cooper


Edie Ethan Howerton; w/ Johanna, Kendall, & Zakariah

Caleb & Ann Chilton; w/ Faith

Logan Rusu-Kahar & Lantha Stark

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DH (67): Max Cosmo Lowell 

DW (64): Charlotte Dorothea (Rademacher) Lowell 'Charli'


DS (46): Tate Carleton (Lowell) Nixon 

DH (47): Bradley Hugo Nixon 'Brad'

-ADS (24): Quinlan James Nixon 'Quin'

--DF (24): Kai Samson Nocella (short-term) 

-ADD (20): Braelyn Diana (Nixon) Deveaux 

--DH (22):  Craig Barrett Deveaux 

---DS (1): Nyle Wallace Deveaux 

-ADD (17): Alina Dawn Nixon 'Lina'

-ADS (15): Xander Leon Nixon 


DD (46): Ava Pearl (Lowell) Bernardi

exDBF (46): Lucas Matthew Murphy 'Luke' (short-term) 

-DS (23): Colin Felix Murphy 

--DGF (23): Thalia Gisele Bishai (long-term) 

-DD (21): Isabella Maria Murphy 'Izzy'

--DF (22): Siobhan Iris O'Roark 

DH (47) Kristian Marcelo Bernardi 

-DSD (19): Raina Ellen Bernardi 'Rae'

---DBF (20): Jessica Beth Montgomery 'Jessie' (long-term) 

-DSD (18): Violet Theia Bernardi 

---DGF (18): Aislin Delta Perry (short-term) 

-DSD (16): Farrah Candice Bernardi 

-DS/DS (14): Aydin Michael Bernardi/Tyler McCoy Bernardi 

-DS (12): Rhys Sebastian Bernardi 


DD (45): Olivia May Lowell 'Liv'

exDH (47): Joel Dorian Smith 

-DS (18): Nathen Darell Smith 'Nate'

--DF (19): Casey Moira Haver 

---DD (1): Zahara Branwen Smith 

-DD (15): Sophia Yvonne Smith 'Sophie'

DF (48): Aaron Van Caddel  

-DD (14): Alexis Karina Caddel 'Lexie'

-DD (10): Riley Abigail Caddel 

-DS (8): Cyrus Neil Caddel 

-DS (6): Donovan Max Caddel 

-DD (5): Kendra Heidi Caddel 


DD (45): Carmen Blythe (Lowell) Batterton 

exDH (45): Isaac Ingram Kane (long-term) 

-DS (23): Mack Lazarus Lowell-Kane 

--DW (24): Alaina Keren (Tolbert) Lowell-Kane 'Laini'

---DD/DS (5): Brooklyn Pippa Lowell-Kane 'Brooke'/Eamon Stefan Lowell-Kane

---DD (3): Shani Azure Lowell-Kane 

---DD (2): Andie Guinevere Lowell-Kane 

---DS (0): Jamison Dudley Lowell-Kane 'Jamie'

-DD (21): Presley Eloise Lowell-Kane 

-DD/DD (16): Amira Ilene Lowell-Kane 'Mira'/Sunny Adrienne Lowell-Kane 

-DS (15): Elias Oscar Lowell-Kane 'Eli'

-DS (13): Blaise Anthony Lowell-Kane 

-DS (11): Wyatt John Lowell-Kane 

DH (50): Leo Felix Batterton 


DD (43): Ariana Grace (Lowell) Solomon 'Ari' 

DW (42): Ivy Rebecca Solomon

-DSS (22): Ira Kenneth Solomon 

--DW (22): Jasmine Mira (Farley) Solomon 'Jazz'

---DS (3): Sawyer Bradley Solomon 

---DS (2): Micah Benedict Solomon 

---DD (0): Harper Angelina Solomon 

-ADD (19): Nili Clara Solomon 

--DBF (21): Devin Adam Wilkerson (short-term) 

-ADD (15): Luna Gwendolyn Solomon 

-ADD (12): Verity Jennifer Solomon 

-DS/DD (11): Apollo Clemence Solomon/Eden Malvina Solomon 'Edie'

-DS (5): Zephyr Dorrin Solomon 'Zeph'


DS (39): Jack Magnus Lowell 

DW (39): Kiera Frances (Park) Lowell (short-term) 

-DS (17): Milo Justin Lowell 

-DD (14): Zoe Lynne Lowell 

-DD (7): Emma Coralie Lowell 

-DD (5): Eliana Jaynie Lowell 'Ellie'

-DD (4): Bailee Shannon Lowell 

-DS (1): Cody Julian Lowell 

-DD (0): Lila Taylor Lowell 


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Year: 2000


LN: MacDermott


DH: Noble Mortimer "Morty" MacDermott [68]

DW: Fern Temperance MacDermott (née Rodriguez) [64]


DD1: Chloe Christiana [46] (bisexual + still married)

DS1/DD2/DS2: Vance Lorenzo / Elizabeth May "Lizzie" / Solace James [45] (gay + still married / gay + still married / bisexual + remarried)

DS3: Scott Benjamin [43] (straight + divorced)

DS4: Rhodes Alexander [42] (straight + still married)

DS5: Arthur John [39] (straight + still married)


MortyFern, and their kids; Chloe, VanceLizzieSolaceScottRhodes, and Arthur.


LN: De la Fuente


DD1: Chloe Christiana De la Fuente (née MacDermott) [46]

DH: Dante Gabriel De la Fuente [48]


DD1: Hannah Luz [18] (straight + married)

DS1: Gabriel Borja "Gabe" De la Fuente [16]

DD2: Luna Alaina De la Fuente [14]

DD3: Maisie Wyatt De la Fuente [12]

DD4: Belinda Marvel De la Fuente [9]

DD5/DD6: Elena Isa De la Fuente / Eleanor Evangeline "Nora" De la Fuente [6]


Chloe, her husband Dante, and their kids; HannahGabeLunaMaisieBelindaElena, and Nora.


LN: Deveaux


DD1: Hannah Luz Deveaux (née De la Fuente) [18]

DH: Marco Elijah Deveaux [19]


Hannah and her husband Marco.


LN: Ecker-MacDermott


DS1: Vance Lorenzo Ecker-MacDermott [45]

DH: Devon Anderson Ecker-MacDermott [40]

DexH: Ezra Anthony Keer [47] (father of Jakob, Skye, Zack, and Gray)


DS1: Jakob Giovnanni Keer-MacDermott [17]

DAD1: Skye Josephine Keer-MacDermott [14]

DS2/DS3: Zackary Dawson "Zack" Keer-MacDermott / Grayson Cole "Gray" Keer-MacDermott [10]

DAD2: Iris Annabel Ecker-MacDermott [7]

DS4: Isaac Henry Ecker-MacDermott [1]


Vance, his husband Devon, his kids with ex-husband; JakobSkyeZack, and Gray, and their kids together; Iris and Isaac.


LN: Labelle-MacDermott


DD2: Elizabeth May "Lizzie" Labelle-MacDermott [45]

DW: Ivy Kayleen Labelle-MacDermott [44]


DSD1: Rebecca Ines "Becky" Labelle [22]

DSS1: Humphrey Daryl Labelle [20]

DD1: Marley Kassidy Labelle-MacDermott [17]

DS1: Rhys Adley Labelle-MacDermott [10]

DS2: Niall Donovan Labelle-MacDermott [9]


Lizzie, her wife Ivy, Ivy's kids from a previous relationship; Becky and Humphrey, and their kids together; MarleyRhys, and Niall.


LN: MacDermott


DS2: Solace James MacDermott [45]

DW: Malea Adele MacDermott (née Davy) [37]

DexH: Ryan Allen Martinez [45] (father of Kalem, Julian, Griffin, Astrid, Xavier, Kiernan, and Misty)


DAS1: Kalem Indigo [23] (gay + still married)

DAS2: Julian Jomei [18] (straight + now married)

DAS3/DAD1: Griffin Alexander Martinez-MacDermott / Astrid Emerson Martinez-MacDermott [13]

DAS4/DAS5: Xavier Dre Martinez-MacDermott / Kiernan Davis Martinez-MacDermott [9]

DAD2: Misty Apollonia Martinez-MacDermott [7]

DS1: Sage Bronson MacDermott [4]


Solace, his wife Malea, his kids with his ex-husband; KalemJulianGriffinAstridXavierKiernan, and Misty, and their son together, Sage.


LN: Ghannam-MacDermott


DAS1: Kalem Indigo Ghannam-MacDermott [23]

DH: Natori Isaias Ghannam-MacDermott [26]


DAD1: Emmaline Bliss "Emmi" Ghannam-MacDermott [6]

DAS1: Zion Dotan Ghannam-MacDermott [2]


Kalem, his husband Natori, and their adopted kids; Emmi and Zion.


LN: Martinez-MacDermott


DAS2: Julian Jomei Martinez-MacDermott [18]

DW: Lindsay Marianna Martinez-MacDermott (née Martin) [18]


DD1: Belladonna Catalina "Bella" Martinez-MacDermott [1]


Julian, his wife Lindsay, and their daughter, Bella.


LN: MacDermott


DS3: Scott Benjamin MacDermott [43]

DexW: Quinn Marina Douglas [46] (mother of Taylor, Remi, Skylar, and Clare)


DD1: Esme Abigail [21] (straight + long-term bf)

DD2: Lucy Matilda [19] (bisexual + married)

DD3: Taylor Verity MacDermott [11]

DS1: Remi Calvin MacDermott [7]

DD4: Skylar Vivian MacDermott [5]

DD5: Clare Erina MacDermott [1]


Scott, his wife Quinn, his daughters from previous relationships; Esme and Lucy, and their kids together; TaylorRemi, Skylar, and Clare.


LN: MacDermott


DD1: Esme Abigail MacDermott [21]

DBF: Bailey Joseph Bithell [23]


DS1: Noah Anthony Bithell [4]

DD1: Zoey Vivia Bithell [3]


Esme, her long-term boyfriend Bailey, and their kids; Noah and Zoey.


LN: Wolfmann-MacDermott


DD2: Lucy Matilda Wolfmann-MacDermott [19]

DW: Naoimh Prunella Wolfmann-MacDermott [20]


DSD1: Bethany Irene Wolfmann [2]


Lucy, her wife Naoimh, and Naoimh's daughter from a previous relationship, Bethany.


LN: MacDermott


DS4: Rhodes Alexander MacDermott [42]

DW: Julie Kathleen MacDermott (née Sykes) [42]


DS1: Tyler Claude [19] (bisexual + short-term bf)

DD1: Grace Pauline MacDermott [16]

DD2: Kendra Clementina MacDermott [13]

DS2: Ryan Tyson MacDermott [8]

DD3: Jane Allison MacDermott [7]

DD4: Summer Amaya MacDermott [5]


Rhodes, his wife, Julie, and their kids; TylerGraceKendraRyanJane, and Summer.


LN: MacDermott


DS1: Tyler Claude MacDermott [19]

DBF: Hans Denver Hoffman [20]


Tyler and his short-term boyfriend, Hans.


LN: MacDermott


DS5: Arthur John MacDermott [39]

DW: Katie Edythe MacDermott (née Harlin) [39]


DS1/DS2: Fletcher Paul / Mitchell Patrick [24] (gay + now married / straight + now married)

DD1: Reilly Aurelie MacDermott [13]

DS3: Lucas Jeffrey MacDermott [10]

DS4: Theodore Cyrus "Theo" MacDermott [9]


Arthur, his wife Katie, and their kids; FletcherMitchellReillyLucas, and Theo.


LN: Burns-MacDermott


DS1: Fletcher Paul Burns-MacDermott [24]

DH: Eamon Landry Burns-MacDermott [25]


DSD1: Eliana Brandi Burns [7]

DAS1/DAS2: Parker Barrett Burns-MacDermott / Fior Monroe Burns-MacDermott [3]


Fletcher, his husband Eamon, Eamon's daughter from a previous relationship, Eliana, and their twins together; Parker and Fior.


LN: MacDermott


DS2: Mitchell Patrick MacDermott [24]

DW: Layla Dianna MacDermott (née Horrigan) [24]


DS1/DD1: Justin Bellamy MacDermott / Madalyn Amy "Maddie" MacDermott [5]

DD2: Alice Bernice MacDermott [1]


Mitchell, his wife Layla, and their kids; JustinMaddie, and Alice.

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DH: Daniel Gage Mori (67)

DW: George Graciana “Gigi” Mori-Dominguez  (64)


DS: Zebulun Graham “Zeb” Mori (44)

DD: Gwendolyn Lys  “Gielle” Mori (43)

DS: Ezekiel Grey Mori (39)




Zebulun Graham Mori-Campbell (44)

ex-DH (deceased): Zachary Archer Mori-Campbell


DD: Zia Gillian Mori-Campbell (18)

DD: Zelda Alanis Mori-Campbell (10)

DS: Zephyr Glenn Mori-Campbell (9)

DS: Zoltan Aldo Mori-Campbell (7)

DD: Zinnia Gaia Mori-Campbell (4)


Zeb and Zachary with their children Zia, Zelda, Zeph, Zolly, and Zinnia




Zia Gillian Mori-Campbell (18)

DF: Briony Alethea Ghez (18)


Zia and Briony started dating in middle school!




Gwendolyn Lys Mori (43) 

DH: Bronn Kristian Kirkwood (48)

ex-DH: Oran Kadir Abaev (44)


DD/DD: Imogene Vera “Ivy” Abaev/Aracely Jill “AJ” Abaev (23)

DD: Bianca Breanne “Bebe” Abaev (18)

DD: Maelys Evelyn “Emmy” Abaev (14)

DS: Oscar Kai Mori (11)

DD: Fleur Esmerelda “Effie” Abaev (9)

DS: Oliver Keiran Mori (6)

DD: Raphaela North "Aren" Abaev (1)

DS/DD: Benton Kane Kirkwood/Lyric Seraphina "Ellis" Abaev  (nb)


Gielle and Bronn with their children Ivy, AJ, Bebe, Emmy, Oscar, Effie, Oliver, Aren, Benton, and Ellis, all of whom are co-parented with Gielle's ex-husband, Oran. 




Imogene Vera Abaev (23)


DS: Isaac Victor Abaev (7)


Ivy and Isaac




Aracely Jill Abaev (23)

DH: Silas Cain Brockhouse (25)


DD:  Cymbeline Lila “Ciel” Abaev (7)

DD: Rosemary Oona “Aro” Brockhouse (nb)


AJ and Silas with AJ’s daughter Ciel and their new baby Aro




Bianca Breanne Abaev (18)

Recently dating Anthea Clover Thibodeau (17)




Ezekiel Grey Mori Brahe (39)

DW: Ingrid Harper Brahe (36)


DS/DS: Felix Andreas Brahe/Jasper Christen Brahe (24)

DD: Salma Berit Brahe (19)

DS: Nolan Gunnar Brahe (18)

DD: June Ronja Brahe (15)

DD: Rosalynd Svea Brahe (14)

DD: Verity Tove Brahe (12)

DS: Guthrie Axel Brahe (11)

DS/DS/DD: Everett Markus Brahe/Kellen Ulf Brahe/Tatum Sunniva Brahe (7)

DS/DD: Shiloh Tryggve Brahe/Violet Maja Brahe (3)

DS: Wesley Soren Brahe (nb)


Ezekiel and Ingrid and their giant family: Felix, Jasper, Salma, Nolan, June, Rosalynd, Verity, Guthrie, Everett, Kellen, Tatum, Shiloh, Violet, and Wesley




Felix Andreas Brahe Copland (24)

DW: Everdeen Bliss Copland (21)


DS/DD: Ansel Niall Copland/Solveig Nyx Copland (9)

DD: Miraya Sky Copland (7)

DD: Haven Blythe Copland (4)

DS/DS: Bran Jonah Copland/Cillian Jesse Copland (nb)


Felix and Ever with Ansel, Solveig, Miraya, Haven, and the babies Bran and Cillian




Jasper Christen Brahe (24)

DH: Sage Abram Kudirka (24)


Jasper and his husband Sage




Salma Berit Brahe (19)

GF: Delilah Blue Suresh (20) 


Salma and Delilah have dated for 3 years




Nolan Gunnar Brahe (18)

Recently dating Nathaniel Kynan O’Roark (23) 


DS/DS: Fletcher Gavin Brahe/Mason Gareth Brahe (4)


Nolan has full custody of his two sons, Fletcher and Mason

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The Pellegrino Family


DH: Paul Guadalupe Pellegrino [67]

DW: Margaret "Meg" Lavinia (nee Carpentier) Pellegrino [64]


DD: Cristina Joy Pellegrino [44]

DS: Daniel Nicolo Pellegrino [43]

DD: Savanna Hope Pellegrino [40]

DD: Tabitha Grace Pellegrino [39]


Paul and Meg Pellegrino, with their children; CristinaDanielSavanna, and Tabitha




The Gallina Family


DD: Cristina Joy Pellegrino-Gallina [44]

DW: Maria Ines Gallina [47]


DD: Adriana Amor Gallina [20]

DD: Estella Lea Gallina [19]

DD: Lola Idalia Gallina [16]

DD: Lucinda Amada Gallina [13]

DS: Eduardo Tadeo Gallina [5]


Cristina Pellegrino-Gallina and Maria Gallina, with their daughters; AdrianaEstellaLolaLucinda, and Eduardo




The Gallina-Wenlock Family


DD: Estella Lea Gallina [19]

DF: Addison Caitlan Wenlock [19]


DS: Benjamin "Benji" Aaron Wenlock-Gallina [0]


Estella Gallina and Addison Wenlock, with their son; Benji




The Pellegrino-Martin Family


DS: Daniel Nicolo Pellegrino-Martin [43]

DH: James "Jamie" Joshua Pellegrino-Martin [43]


DD: Cassie Louise Pellegrino-Martin [21]

DD: Violet Bonnie Pellegrino-Martin [18]

DD: Ruby Matilda Pellegrino-Martin [16]

DS: Parker Hugh Pellegrino-Martin [12]

DS: Maxwell Alfred Pellegrino-Martin [9]

DD: Adelaide Fern Pellegrino-Martin [4]

DS: August Saul Pellegrino-Martin [3]


Daniel and Jamie Pellegrino-Martin, with their children; CassieVioletRubyParkerMaxwell, Adelaide, and August




The Bohr-Martin Family


DD: Cassie Louise Pellegrino-Martin [21] bi

DBF: Marc Felix Bohr [26] long-term


DD/DS: Grace Birdie & Grant Emerson Bohr [2]


Cassie Pellegrino-Martin and Marc Bohr, with their children; Grace and Grant




The Suzuki-Martin Family


DD: Violet Bonnie Pellegrino-Martin [18]

DF: Cheyenne Brooke Suzuki [20]


Violet Pellegrino-Martin and Cheyenne Suzuki




The Pellegrino-Divan Family


DD: Savanna Hope Pellegrino [40]

DGF: Jennifer "Jennie" Michelle Kelly [42]

DW: Xanthe Aloisia (nee Divan) Pellegrino [37]


DS: Brook Arthur Pellegrino [16]

DS: Hugo Cyrus Pellegrino [15]

DS: Elliot Blaise Pellegrino [14]

DS: Jonas Dermot Pellegrino [12]

DD: Pearl Eden Pellegrino [11]

DS/DD: Tristen Frank & Bea Harlow Pellegrino [8]

DS: Ansel Gardner Pellegrino [6]

DS: Kiefer Ivan Pellegrino [0]


Savanna and Xanthe Pellegrino, with their children; BrookHugoElliotJonasPearlTristenBeaAnsel, and Kiefer




The Salazar Family


DD: Tabitha Grace (nee Pellegrino) Salazar [39]

DH: Idan Parveen Salazar [40]


DD: June Alina Salazar [18]

DD: Camille Akira Salazar [10]

DS: Dylan Niall Salazar [9]

DD: Eva Aelita Salazar [3]


Tabitha and Idan Salazar, with their children; JuneCamilleDylan, and Eva




The Salazar-Truman Family


DD: June Alina Salazar [18]

DF: Ross Robert Truman [19]


June Salazar and Ross Truman




Generations of the Pellegrino Family

Paul & MegCristinaDanielSavanna & Tabitha


Cristina & MariaAdrianaEstellaLolaLucinda & Eduardo

Daniel & JamieCassieVioletRubyParkerMaxwell, Adelaide & August

Savanna & XantheBrookHugoElliotJonasPearlTristenBeaAnsel & Kiefer

Tabitha & IdanJuneCamilleDylan & Eva


Estella & Addison; Benji

Cassie & Marc; Grace & Grant

Violet & Cheyenne

June & Ross

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