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Thoughts on my names?

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Posted 01 October 2020 - 09:03 PM

This is a list of names that I wrote during the summer before my freshmen year of college. I still love a lot of these, but I have added to it. I'm sorting them via gender I would use them for.



Braedon: Not too keen on this one any more.



















Trevor: has since been taken off my list

































Taylin/Taelin - I would use Taylin for a girl and Taelin for a boy.



Names that I've added since:

Cohen Oliver

Oliver with a diff mn





Rhys/Ryse/Rhyse: I pronounce this as Rise hence why the spelling changes. I know that Rhys is pronounced Reese, but a happy medium for me is either Rhyse or Ryse





EDIT: I forgot to add Nova/Novalee to my list as well as the name Phoenix Drew

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Posted 03 October 2020 - 08:29 AM


Braedon: Not too keen on this one any more.- Me either. I find the spelling unappealing as well as the combined overuse of Ayden/Jayden/Raiden/Kayden/Brayden. 


Carson- Cute! A little on the dated side, but a cute name for a little boy. 


Caleb- Lovely, and a modern classic. 


Calvin- Calvin doesn't really fit with the above names style-wise, but I love it! Cal is also a sweet nickname. 


Damon- Nah. Looks kind of made up or like an alternative spelling of Damien. 


Damien- Sweet! A softer boy name that feels similar to some of your other favorites. 


Elijah- Ooooh, Elijah! Although I would never put this one on my list, I can't deny that it's darling. 


Felix- I want to like Felix, but it remains a cat name for me. If you can get over that, though, it's a really sweet name. 


Harry- Eh, I'm more into Henry. Hairy sounds exactly like Harry, at least in my accent, so I have a hard time getting on board. 


Isaiah- Another cute one! Isaiah and Elijah could be really adorable siblings, and Isaiah fits with the nickname-proof nature of most of your other names. 


Jace- Kind of a halfway point between dated Jason and modern Ace, and I have to admit, it's not my favorite. 


Jaxon- I honestly don't see the appeal of the Jackson/Jaxxon/Jaxxyn thing. Sorry!


Kayden- See Braedon, although I do slightly prefer Kayden. 


Louis- Lewis or Louie? I think both are very charming, but don't really fit with the majority of your other choices. 


Luke/Lucas- Darling! I prefer Luke, but both have such a lovely crisp sound that I really love. 


Michael- A strong classic. I can definitely see the appeal here. 


Mitchell- Not really my thing. Michael feels classic while Mitchell feels dated. 


Quinn- Here's the thing: I adore this name for boys, not to the point were I would ever use it, but still, I quite like it. However, it's attracting sooo mannny giirlllls. And unfortunately, with gender stereotypes and all, qualities associated with boys and their names are cool on girls, but "feminine" qualities and names are lame for boys. 


Simon- Ooooh. A perfect sibling for Harry. Very Simon Cowell, which may or may not bother you depending on where you live, but overall a handsome and underused choice. 


Trevor: has since been taken off my list- I would agree with that. A little lackluster and dated. 


Xander- Hmmm. I can sort of see why people like it, but it feels overused and tired to me. 



Arabella- Very frilly, which isn't my thing, but also a great mix of appealing sounds. 


Brooklyn- I can't tell you how much I personally dislike this name, but it can work for a lot of other people! 


Danielle- A little on the dated side, sure, but still a fluid and beautiful name. 


Ella- I used to really hate this name, but it's kind of growing on me. I still am not a fan of Ellie, but Ella is traditional with a more contemporary twist. 


Emma- A pretty nice (but extremely popular) British literary name that fits well with the names above. 


Evelyn- She's popular, but oh is she pretty! I strongly dislike most names ending in Lyn, but Evelyn is a strong exception. So beautiful. 

Harley- The past names I've reviewed have been feminine to the max, and mostly very classic, so modern surname Harley doesn't really match up for me. However, Harley is a nice enough name! 


Isabella- Funny how it's so popular and I've never met one in my entire life. Sweet, more established than Arabella, and fits well with the others. 


Jayla- This sounds very made-up and lackluster for me. A twist on Kayla, but I would stick with the original unless it has special meaning to you. 


Kaylee- There are a lot of variations of this name, to the point where I consider it the female Aiden craze. 


Lilly- I think it looks more elegant with one L, Lily, but I think it's sweet either way. Lovely! 


Lexi- I would want a longer form, maybe Alexa or even Alexandra? I just think that Lexi feels very limited as a first name. 


Mikayla- Not my style. I think that Mikayla is a tad too dated. 


Oaklynn- I'm sorry, I just really dislike Lynn names, so this wouldn't be high on my own list. 


Sapphire- A lil stripper-esque. 


Sienna- Very pretty. Sweet and feminine without being frilly, and not super popular either. 


Sierra- I prefer Sierra slightly over Sienna, because Sierra feels a little but more fluid and flowy. 


Teagan- I think that the Tea sound is quite nice, and while the surname style isn't quite mine, I'm pretty fond of Teagan. 


Taytum- Tatum looks a little better to me. Overall, not my favorite of your selections. 


Vivienne- Oooh, pretty! I love the French spelling too. Vivienne has always been in my style vein, but she just doesn't hold as much magic as I would hope. However, she may sparkle for you!



Ashton- I find this hard to say. I don't know if it's just me, but I do. Despite that, I would suggest it on a boy. 


Alex- Again, a boy. Alexander is just so much more well known as a boy name, so I think it might be strange to have Alex as a full form on a daughter. 


Dallas- I want to say boy, but something about a girl called Dallas is really endearing. 


Keagan- I much prefer Teagan. Keagan feels less established. However, Keagan belongs on a boy if you were interested in using it. 


Oakley- LOVE LOVE LOVE! I think Oak and Lee or Lynn on a girl is awful, but I find Oakley on a boy so charming! Adorable. 


Rory- As a full name, for a boy. But Rory is a cute nickname for Aurora, which may suit your style. 


Sam- As with the Alex thing, Samuel is more popular than Samantha, and hence it would make more sense to give Sam to a boy. 


Taylin/Taelin - I would use Taylin for a girl and Taelin for a boy.- Much too made up sounding to my ears. Sorry! 


Taylor- Hmmm....I don't have a fondness for Taylor, but I would give it to a boy. 


Names that I've added since:

Cohen Oliver- Cute combo! Cohen is kind of controversial as a first name, so you may want to look into that, but otherwise, it's very sweet. 


Oliver with a diff mn- Oliver is charming as a first, and I much prefer it to Cohen. 


Aidan- I already went on my little Aidan rant, but I do have to say I love that you chose this spelling over the more popular Aiden. 


Liam- I never understood why Liam is so popular! It sounds kind of dull to me, but definitely a dependable and strong name. 


William- A hearty classic. One of my childhood favorites. 


Rhett- Huh. I'm kind of liking this. Rhett is very handsome and southern! 


Rhys/Ryse/Rhyse: I pronounce this as Rise hence why the spelling changes. I know that Rhys is pronounced Reese, but a happy medium for me is either Rhyse or Ryse- Gotcha. My favorite has to be Rhys, but I've never met a Reese/Reece/Rhys before, so I could be mistaken about if it would be pronounced correctly. 


Xane/Zane- I cant stand Zane, probably because he was the name of the villain in a show I used to watch when I was like, 4. 


Brielle- Stunning! Flowy, sweet, and feminine. A great addition. 


Everleigh- I dislike Lee names, and I super dislike Leigh names, so I can't really say anything great about Everleigh. Sorry!


Phoenix Drew- I LOVE IT! So cute! Just masculine enough, with a very attention grabbing Z. Perfection. 


Novalee- See Everleigh, except I dislike Novalee even more. So Sorry!

I apologize if I came off as rude or condescending as I'm now reading through this. Hope this helps!

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Posted 07 October 2020 - 07:02 PM

@DelphiMoon: It's all good! We all have our own styles of names haha. I have four cousins, two boys and two girls. The girls are named Avalee and Willow, so I guess that's why names like Everleigh and Novalee ended up on my list. The boys are actually Oakley and Talen. Don't get me wrong I love my cousins, but the name Talen does not sit with me and the name Taelin is how I was hoping his name was going to be spelled which is how it ended up on my list in the first place. I definitely agree that it sounds too outlandish and made up, but because of the connection, I feel that the spelling Taelin would be a nice alternative IF I wanted to name a kid after my little cousin that I absolutely adore. I would most likely use Oakley or Taelin as middle names though because of them already being in the family. Oaklynn ended up on the list because once again, my cousin named Oakley, and it's different from Oakley enough where I wouldn't get too much backlash from family members about the similarity of the names. I highly doubt I will use it though.

I love Rory as a nn for Aurora, which is why it is on the list. If I wanted to have a girl named Rory, I would def name her Aurora and use Rory as the nn. I'm an Andrea nn Andi so most of the names that are more masculine on my either list that are usually nicknames, is the direction I was headed. I was more or less looking at nicknames at that point when they were added and have yet to think of possible longer names because there's no saying I will definitely use them.

As for Dallas, I actually thought about having my pen name be Dallas Sage, both unisex names that you wouldn't know if the author is a boy or a girl, but have not published anything so I may just use my actual name.

Jace and Jayla ended up on my list because of one of my friends. I had actually been using the name Jace in my writings before I met this friend and it has stuck with me ever since. I've heard that it's become it's own name instead of just a nickname for Jason, but I'm not sure how true it is. For some reason, I adore the name Jayla because it is different, but I think I may just stick that name in stories and not on an actual child.

I also forgot the name Kai and the name Kol. Kol is definitely the outdated spelling of Cole, but I was thinking if I did name my son Cohen Oliver or Kohen Oliver, we could call him Kol as a nn. I love the name Kai as a standalone name, but it's more common for it to be a nn of Malachi or Mordecai. If I had to choose a longer name to go with Kai it would be Malachi.

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Posted 09 October 2020 - 09:01 PM

I love how all of your names have such deep meaning! The nods to your cousins are so sweet! I also adore how you plan to balance out frillier girl names with more gender neutral nicknames. My pseudonym is nowhere near unisex lol. Delphina is pretty girly to me! Malachi called Kai is an epic update on an ancient name. Love! 

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Posted 10 October 2020 - 05:16 AM

My favourites from the 3 lists are :wub:


Caleb, Felix, Harry, Louis and Simon

Emma, Evelyn, Isabella, Sienna and Vivienne


Rory and Alex



Cohen Oliver is super cute! And I love Oliver, Liam, William, Rhett and Rhys/Reese.

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Posted 25 October 2020 - 06:55 PM


I like a lot of the names on this list. Here are my thoughts:



Braedon - this name used to be on my list as well, but because of popularity, I've since removed it. My preferred spelling is Braden/Brayden

Carson - I enjoy this name. It's handsome and not too common. It's on my "brainstorming" list

Caleb - very handsome name. For some reason, I love a lot of C names for boys

Calvin - not my style, but there's nothing wrong with it. I like Cal as a nickname

Damon - another name that isn't my style, but it's still nice

Damien - this name will always make me think of the Omen, so it gives me a bad feeling. It sucks though, because it's quite handsome. 

Elijah - classic, strong name, very handsome. Love the nickname Eli

Felix - not my style, but it's not bad

Harry - classic name that makes me think of the UK. But I've never been fond of it.

Isaiah - not my favorite but I like it

Jace - to me, this is a nickname. I know a lot of kids with this name, but it doesn't seem like it would age well. It's very trendy in my head

Jaxon - I don't like this spelling, but I like the name Jackson, as well as Jack

Kayden - I also know a lot of kids with this name, but it's another trendy one that I'm not fond of

Louis - I have a lot of these in my family, but I've never liked it

Luke/Lucas - always loved this name! Very handsome

Michael - another classic, strong name and I've always loved it. Although it's way too popular, so I'd never use it

Mitchell - not really my style

Quinn - I like this name, for either gender

Simon - love it, as well as Simeon

Trevor - not a fan

Xander - I like this as a nickname for Alexander, but not alone



Arabella - beautiful, but -bella names are so popular

Brooklyn - used to be on my list, but it's too trendy for me. It's a nice name though

Danielle - classic and pretty. I love the nickname Dani

Ella - very pretty, but also a popular one

Emma - same as Ella

Evelyn - beautiful

Harley - cute but I don't see this aging very well

Isabella - this will always be beautiful, but way too popular. There are too many Isabella's in the world

Jayla - not my style

Kaylee - my best friend's name, so I like it, but it's not my style

Lilly - a cute name. I also love Lucy

Lexi - I like this, but only as a nickname

Mikayla - ehh, not my style

Oaklynn - I don't like this one

Sapphire - I agree with an above poster that this name makes me think of an exotic dancer lol

Sienna - beautiful, and my favorite from your list

Sierra - again, beautiful

Teagan - it's a cute one, but not really my style

Taytum - I love this name, but not the spelling. It's also on my list, but spelled Tatum

Vivienne - very pretty



Ashton - I couldn't see this on a girl, but I like it for a boy

Alex - I like it for a boy, but not as a full name for a girl

Dallas - I love this name for a boy. I know a baby girl with this name, but it doesn't seem to fit her

Keagan - I only see this as a boy name. but not a fan

Oakley - this is okay. I think it could go for either gender

Rory - I think this is a cute one for either gender

Sam - I love this as a nickname for a boy or a girl, but I'd never use it as a stand-alone name

Taylin/Taelin - I'm not a fan for either

Taylor - love this name for both


Names that I've added since:

Cohen Oliver - I adore the name Cohen! It's probably my favorite name right now. Cohen Oliver is very nice

Oliver - love this name. Maybe Oliver Simon or Oliver Michael

Aidan - cute but too common for me

Liam - very nice name

William - classic but not my favorite

Rhett - this is cute

Rhys/Ryse/Rhyse: I prefer the Reese pronunciation, I've never heard of the name Rise

Xane/Zane - I'm on the fence with this name. I prefer Zane, but it seems trendy to me. But also cool lol

Brielle - cute

Everleigh - I like it

Nova/Novalee - very cute

Phoenix Drew - I love Phoenix but not a fan of Drew


Overall, your list is a good one. I just have different tastes when it comes to names, and I don't really like trendy or very popular names



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Posted 25 October 2020 - 06:56 PM

Sorry, I'm not sure why this came out as your quote lol. It's been awhile since I have posted on this site

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