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Remy Hadley

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Posted 12 December 2017 - 10:49 AM

Feel free to use alternate spellings of any of the names listed in this name bank. :) The whole family will have androgynous names. You can chose any gender for your family members. Feel free to make as many generations as you'd wish. Any family structure. I know some of these names are debatable as to whether they're truly androgynous... a lot of it is matter of opinion. Technically any name can go to any gender, of course. I want to be inclusive. Anyway.... Have fun! <3 






Abbott, Addison, Aiden, Albany, Albie, Alex, Alexis, Allison, Angel, Anniston,  Arbor, Arden, Ari, Arlo, Armani, Asa, Ash, Ashton, Aspen, Aubrey, Auburn, August, Austin, Averill, Avery, Baker, Bailey, Barry, Beau, Bell, Bellamy, Berry, Bex, Billie, Blaine, Blaire, Blaise, Blake, Blakely, Blue, Bolivia, Bowie, Bradley, Brennan, Brett, Briar, Brio, Brinsley, Bristol, Brooklyn, Bryn, Cadence, Cairo, Calder, Callahan, Camden, Cameron, Campbell, Canyon, Carly, Carson, Carter, Caro, Carol, Cato, Cassidy, Cayden, Cedar, Cerulean, Chandler, Charlie, Chelsea, Christmas, Cheyenne, Clancy, Clark, Cobalt, Coco, Colby, Connelly, Cooper, Corin, Cory, Cruz, Cyan, Dakota, Dallas, Darcy, December, Delaney, Denali, Denver, Devon, Dove, Dream, Drew, Dune, Dylan, Echo, Eden, Ellery, Ellis, Elliot, Elm, Ember, Emerson, Emery, Endellion, Evan, Ever, Everest, Everly, Fable, Falcon, Farrell, Finley, Flannery, Florian, Fox, Frost, Gardner, Gentry,  Georgie, Glen, Grady, Gray, Greyson, Grove, Hadley, Harbor, Harley, Harlow, Harper, Haven, Hayden, Hero, Holland, Hollis, Hudson, Hunter, Indiana, Indigo, Jaden, Jagger, Jalen, James, Jamie, January, Jarrell, Jazz, Jay, Jensen, Jericho, Jess, Jet, Jo, Jordan, Jude, June, Juniper, Kai, Kasey, Keats, Kendall, Kennedy, Kiernan, Kit, Klee, Lake, Lane, Lark, Larkin, Lee, Legend, Lennon, Lennox, Lincoln, Linden, Lindsey, Linley, Lionel, Logan, Londen, Jules, Justice, Lyric, Mackenzie, Madigan, Madison, Magee, Marcy, Marley, Marlowe, Mason, Matisse, McKinley, Memphis, Mercer, Merritt, Micah, Michael, Milan, Miles, Miller, Monroe, Montana, Morgan, Murphy, Nat, Navy, Neo, Nico, Noah, Noel, North, Nova, Oakley, Ocean, October, Orion, Page, Paris, Parker, Percy, Perrin, Perry, Persia, Peyton, Phoenix, Piper, Poet, Porter, Prairie, Presley, Quarry, Quest, Quill, Quincy, Quinn, Rain, Raven, Ray, Rebel, Red, Reese, Regan, Remington, Remy, Ricky, Riley, Ripley, River, Romilly, Rooney, Rowan, Royal, Ruby, Rue, Ryan, Ryder, Sage, Sailor, Salem, Salmon, Sam, Sasha, Sawyer, Scout, Shea, Sheridan, Shiloh, Silver, Sky, Skyler, Slate, Sloane, Snow, Sonnet, Spencer, Steel, Sterling, Storm, Story, Sullivan, Sully, Sutton, Sydney, Tanner, Tarian, Tate, Taylor, Teal, Tegan, Tiernan, Tierney, Titian, Tristan, True, Tyler, Tyson, Vale, Valentine, Waverly, West, Wiley, Willow, Winslow, Winter, Wren, Yale, Yardley, Yarrow, Zen, Zephyr 

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Posted 12 December 2017 - 11:05 AM

DW: Skyler Wren


DD: Sasha Aubrey

DD: Cassidy Page

DS: Brennan Sawyer

DS/DD: Spencer Drew |  Montana Quinn

DD: Dallas Fable

DS: Cooper Tate

DS: Bailey Zephyr

DS: Phoenix Micah

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Posted 12 December 2017 - 05:40 PM

LN: Marlowe


DH: Kit Spencer (60)

DW: Dove Madison (57)


DD: Lark January Hollis (35)

DS: Fox Denver Grey (33)

DD: Wren October Keats (29)


Kit and Dove Marlowe with Lark, Fox and Wren.




LN: Morgan


DH: Indiana 'Indy' James (37)

DW: Lark January Hollis (35)


DS: Dallas Hunter (10)

DD: Bristol 'Bri' Ruby (6)

DS/DD: Cairo Sullivan/ Chelsea 'Cece' Sonnet (3)


Indy and Lark Morgan with Dallas, Bri, Cairo and Cece.




LN: Marlowe


DH: Fox Denver Grey (33)

DW: Sasha Hadley (30)


DD: River Sheridan (7)

DD: Sage Cassidy (4)

DS: Eden Lennox (1)


Fox and Sasha Marlowe with River, Sage and Eden.




DGF: Wren October Keats Marlowe (29)

DGF: Bex Albany Larkin (26)


DAS: Dylan Jagger Valentine (2)


Wren Marlowe and Bex Larkin with Dylan.

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Posted 12 December 2017 - 09:03 PM

LN: Lennox


DH: Cory Michael

DW: Jordan Chelsea


Kadence Briar

Kassidy Reese

Carson Elliot

Carter Bradley

Camden Porter

Karly Addison

Caden Riley

Cooper Sullivan

Kennedy Alexis


Cory and Jordan Lennox

Kadie, Kassie, Carson, Carter, Camden

Karly, Caden, Cooper and Kennedy

#5 Laugh-Dream-Love


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Posted 13 December 2017 - 03:11 PM

The Rooney Family


Dh: Alex Indiana Rooney (60)

Dw: Endellion 'Elle' Caro Porter Rooney (59)


Ds: Alex 'Indy' Indiana Rooney Jr. (35)

Ds: Sam Cheyenne Rooney (32)

Dd: June Marlowe Rooney (30)


Alex and Elle Rooney; with Indy, Sam, and June




The Rooney Family

Dh: Alex 'Indy' Indiana Rooney Jr. (35)

Dw: Silver Milan West Rooney (34)


Dd: Alex 'Emmy' Emerson Rooney (10)

Dd: Mackenzie 'Kenna' Wren Rooney (3)


Indy and Silver Rooney; with Emmy and Kenna




The Rooney-Mason Family


Dh: Sam Cheyenne Rooney-Mason (32)

Dh: Hollis Remington Rooney-Mason (32)


ADs/ADs: Mercer Hollis Rooney-Mason/Miller Sam Rooney-Mason (6)

ADd: Micah Romilly Rooney-Mason (2)

ADs: Morgan Connelly Rooney-Mason (1)


Sam and Hollis Rooney-Mason; with Mercer, Miller, Micah, and Morgan




The Linley Family


Dh: Cato Hayden Linley (31)

Dw: June Marlowe Rooney Linley (30)


Ds: Neo Cameron Taylor Linley (0)


Cato and June Linley; with Neo

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Posted 13 December 2017 - 03:52 PM

The Montana Family


DH Colby Harper Montana

DW Dove Armani August Montana


DD Everest Rowan Montana
DS Sailor Jensen Montana
DS Phoenix Micah Montana
DD Hero Addison Montana
DD Jude Brooklyn Montana




The Storm Family


DW Everest Rowan Montana Storm

DH Hunter Lyric Storm


DS Callahan Cairo Storm

DS Lennox Juniper Storm
DS Nova Hudson Storm




The Montana Family


DH Sailor Jensen Montana

DW Hadley Alexis Salmon Montana

ex-DW Madison Indigo Sawyer (Prev. Montana)


DS Miles Emerson Blue Montana (child of Hadley)

DS Elliot Mason Wren. Montana




The Montana-January Family


DH Phoenix Micah Montana

DH Peyton Winslow January


DD Harley October Montana-January

DD Winter Rain Montana-January

DS Camden West Montana-January

DD Salem Snow Montana-January




The Montana Family


DM Hero Addison Montana

DD Navy Rebel Silver Montana




The Montana-Legend Family


DW Jude Brooklyn Montana

DH Logan Falcon Legend




DD/DS Ocean Monroe Montana-Legend/ Michael North Montana-Legend

#7 Remy Hadley

Remy Hadley

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Posted 14 December 2017 - 04:50 PM

The Abernathy Family 


DH: Jess Michael 

DW: Georgie Abbott {Townsend} 


DS: Emery Sawyer 

DS: Taylor Micah 

DS: Noel Ryan 

DS: Hayden August 

DS: Cameron Carter 

DD: Quinn Delaney 


Jess and Georgie with children, 

Emery, Taylor, Noel, Hayden, Cam, and Quinn 



The Abernathy Family 


DH: Emery Sawyer 

DW: Brooklyn Page {Anniston} 


DD: Darcy Anniston 

DD: Austen Lake 

DD: Sloane Winter 

DD: Reese Linley 


Emery and Brook with children, 

Darcy, Austen, Sloane, and Reese 


The Abernathy Family


DH: Taylor Micah 

DW: Alexis Kendall {Wilson} 


DD: Avery Scout 

DD: Charlie Sage 
DD: Sutton Blaire 

DS: Noah Sterling 

DD: Jordan Salem 

DS: Ashton Beau 

DD: Emerson Bailey 

DD: Hollis Blakely 

DD: Marlowe Story 

DS: Cruz Baker 

DS: Nico Sullivan 

DD: Wren Shiloh 

DD: Bellamy Skye 


Taylor and Lex with children, 

Avery, Charlie, Sutton, Noah, Jo, Ash, Emmy, Hollis, Marley, Cruz, Nico, Wren and Bella 


The Abernathy Family


DH: Noel Ryan 

DW: Shea Nova {O'Reilly}


DS: Jagger Lionel 

DD: Fable Harbor 

DS: Lyric Lennon 

DD: Merritt Ellery 

DD: Ever Winslow 

DS: Legend Kai 

DD/DD: Sonnet Rue and Poet Addison 

DD: Echo Lark 

DS: Royal Finley 
DD: Silver Aubrey 


Noel and Shea with children, 

Jagger, Fae, Ly, Merry, Evie, Lege, Sonny, Poet, Echo, Roy, and Sylvie 


The Abernathy Family 


DH: Hayden August 

DW: Murphy Lindsey 


DD: Eden Harlow 

DS: Jensen Keats 

DD: Hadley Ellis  

DS: Greyson Ash 

DD: Briar June 

DS: Callahan Oakley 

DD: Everly Berry 


Hayden and Murphy with children, 

Edie, Jensen, Haddie, Grey, Bea, Cal, and Evie 


The Abernathy Family 



DH: Cameron Carter 

DW: Sydney Chelsea {Calston} 


DS: Mason Bradley 

DD: Aubrey Cadence 

DD: Skyler Allison 

DS: Elliot Spencer 

DS: Logan Cooper 

DS: Parker Miles 

DS: Colby Jude 

DD/DD: Mackenzie Piper and Madison Ruby 


Cam and Syd with children, 

Mase, Aubs, Sky, Eli, Logan, Parker, Colby, Kenzie, and Maddie 


The Gloucester Family


DH: Alex Gentry 

DW: Quinn Delaney {Abernathy} 


DS: Cedar Indigo 

DD: Willow Harper 

DS: Ocean Grady 
DD/DD: Aspen Snow and Juniper Linden 

DS: Phoenix Mercer 

DD: Waverly True 

DS/DS: Everest Frost and Calder Justice 

DS: River Cayden 

DS: Quill Rowan 

DS: Salmon Riley 


Alex and Quinn with children, 

Cedar, Willow, Ocean, Penny, Junie, Nix, Waverly, Everest, Cal, Riv, Quill and Sam 


Aiden, Albany, Albie, Anniston, Arbor, Arden, Auburn, Bell, Blaise, Blake, Blue, Cairo, Camden, Canyon, Carly, Cato, Chandler, Clark, Cobalt, Coco, Dallas, Denver, Drew, Dylan, Ember, Falcon, Flannery, Fox, Gardner, Gray, Hudson, Hunter, Jalen, James, Jamie, January, Jay, Jet, Jo, Kit, Lake, Lane, Lee, Lennox, Lincoln, Linley, Jules, Miller, Monroe, North, Nova, October, Orion, Percy, Quest, Quincy, Rebel, Remington, Remy, Ryder, Slate, Steel, Storm, Tate, Tyler, Valentine, West, Wiley, Winter

#8 Addison


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Posted 14 December 2017 - 07:42 PM

The Auburn Family

Bradley Jensen Auburn
June Kennedy Auburn

DS: Hudson Gentry Auburn
DD: Hadley Madigan Auburn
DS: Gray Callahan Auburn
DS: Keats Logan Auburn
DD: Lennon Shiloh Auburn
DS: Lincoln Harper Auburn
DD: Reese Parker Auburn
DD: Eden Ellery Auburn
DS: Percy Memphis Auburn
DD: Fable Ashton Auburn

#9 hidari11


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Posted 16 December 2017 - 01:26 AM



DW: Romilly Quinn

DH:Remington Sterling

DS: Austin Percy

DS/DS: Parker James / Lincoln Rowan

DD:Riley Corin

DS:Kiernan River


Dog 1: Jet

Dog 2:Jo



LN: Calder

DW: Reese Sloane

DH: Ashton Michael

DD: Bailey Madison

DS: Evan Dylan

DD: Aubrey Haven

DS/DD: Greyson Finley /Paris Delaney

DS: Cameron Bradley






LN: Hudson

DW: Harper Page

DH: Tyler Morgan

DD: Bellamy Blaire

DS/DS/DS: Miles Sawyer/ Spencer Mason/ Ryan Logan

DD: Cheyenne June

DS: Blake Carson


Dog: Lee

Cat: Kit

#10 Hannah


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Posted 19 December 2017 - 11:06 AM

LN: Gardner
DH: Campbell Madison {77}
DW: Aubrey Grove {73}
DS: Asa Murphy {55}
DS: Noah Monroe {51}
DD: Hollis Glen {48}
Campbell and Aubrey Gardner with Asa, Noah, and Hollis
LN: Gardner
DH: Asa Murphy {55}
DW: Jo Kasey {49}
DD: Hadley June {26}
DD: Harlow Jess {22}
Asa and Jo Gardner with Hadley and Harlow
LN: Zephyr
DH: Carter Steel {29}
DW: Hadley June {26}
DS: Cruz Dakota {3}
DD/DD: Salem Rooney / Bowie Vale {nb}
Carter and Hadley Zephyr with Cruz, Salem, and Bowie
LN: Gardner
DH: Noah Monroe {51}
DW: Ruby Billie {52}
DD: Sutton Chelsea {27}
DS: Lennon James {24}
DD: Merritt Allison {23}
DS: Jagger Logan {19}
Noah and Ruby Gardner with Sutton, Lennon, Merritt, and Jagger
LN: Bell
DH: Jude Tyler {28}
DW: Sutton Chelsea {27}
DS: Kai Porter {5}
DS: Hudson Clark {1}
Jude and Sutton Bell with Kai and Hudson
LN: Gardner // Slate
DH: Lennon James {24}
Dfiance: Aubrey Piper {22}
DD: Willow Blair {nb}
Lennon Gardner and Aubrey Slate with Willow Gardner
LN: Gardner
DD: Merritt Allison {23}
DD: Nova Mackenzie {3}
Merritt Gardner with Nova
LN: Quarry
DH: Blake Winslow {56}
DW: Hollis Glen {48}
DS/DS: Finley Beau "Fin" / Camden Drew "Cam" {28}
Blake and Hollis Quarry with Fin and Cam
LN: Quarry
DH: Finley Beau "Fin" {28}
DW: Lindsey Page {25}
DD/DS: Remington Lyric "Remi" / Indiana Fox "Indy" {4}
Fin and Lindsey Quarry with Remi and Indy
LN: Quarry
DH: Camden Drew "Cam" {28}
DW: Avery Rue {28}
DD: Eden Sydney {3}
DS/DS: Ashton Grady "Ash" / August Sully "Augie" {nb} 
Cam and Avery Quarry with Eden, Ash, and Augie

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