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Posted 05 February 2010 - 11:21 PM

Sextuplets (all 1)
Hank Chase & Lennox Cade
Posted Image
Jackson Cole
Posted Image
Allegra Juliet
Posted Image
Estella Dahlia
Posted Image
Mariella Aurora
Posted Image

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Posted 06 February 2010 - 04:14 PM

The MacDonald Family from Texas

DH: Harrison Bowie
DW: Josephine Mabel

DS: Owen Beckett
DD: Eleanor Kate

DS: Jasper Quinn

DS: Conrad Wills

DS: Zane Linden

DS: Chad Lucas
DD: Margaret Cecily
DD: Matilda Clementine
DS: Kent Lawrence

DD: Cynthia Dawn

DS: Levi Kodiak

DS: Tyson Cole

Harrison and Josie MacDonald live on a cattle ranch in west Texas. Harrison is retired from the rodeo circuit and spends his time raising cattle for beef and bulls for the rodeos. Josie is a biology teacher at the county high school. They have a dozen children.

Owen and Ellie, 21, are twins. Owen is competing at the professional level in bull riding and hopes to land his first major title soon. Ellie is in her Junior year at Oklahoma State University. She plans to become a veterinarian.

Jaspar, 18, is completing his Senior year of high school. He plans on attending college and becoming an architect.

Conrad is 16, a sophomore in high school and the adventure seeker of the group. He enjoys hanging out with his friends, accepting a dare and adrenaline rushes. He barely scrapes by in school and has no idea what he wants to do with his life. Right now, he thinks he may apply for Survivor and live off his winnings and fame.

Zane, 15, a freshman in high school could be considered Conrad's exact opposite. Zane is the class president, in all the gifted classes and likes to spend his free time reading and writing computer programs. Zane is working on developing a system to help in the annual round up and tracking of his father's cattle. Zane's goal is to attend MIT, obtain a mechanical engineering degree and use it to make ranch life easier for ranchers everywhere.

The quads are now 12 and in 6th grade. Chad is an average student and excels in sports, despite his asthma. His favorite is basketball. He really wants to play in the NBA when he grows up. If he can't he'd be happy coaching at the University of Texas. Maggie is the socialite of the family. Need the phone? Good luck getting Maggie off it! She loves talking to her girlfriends and all the boys who want to be her boyfriend. She makes B's in school, which frustrates Harrison and Josie. If she would actually study and apply herself, she could make straight A's. Everyone figures Maggie will find a job that allows her to simply talk all the time. Tillie is a beautiful, shy violet. She has a few close friends she enjoys spending time with. She doesn't like to talk to people she doesn't know and enjoys staying home! She dreams of marrying Prince Charming and settling down with a family of her own where she wants to be a stay at home mom. Kent has a nickname around the ranch - the Horse Whisperer. He has a way not only with the horses, but all animals he comes in contact with. Kent hopes to own a ranch himself one day.

Cindy is 8 and in 2nd grade. She loves following Kent around and learning about all the animals. She has such a sensitive heart and can not stand to see an animal hurt. Because of Cindy, one corner of the barn is usually always occupied with a furry patient. She would like to be a nurse when she grows up, so, according to her, she can help both people and animals.

Levi is 5 and has started kindergarten. He likes animals, cars, trucks, blocks and playing outside. Levi has already decided he doesn't like school. He would much rather use that time to play! If you ask Levi what he wants to be when he grows up, he says a cowboy.

Ty, the baby of the family, is now 3. He has been spoiled by his older siblings and usually gets what he wants. He knows how to turn the charm on and has everyone eating out of his hands. Harrison thinks he must be raising a future politician.

Harrison and Josie MacDonald; Owen, Ellie, Jasper, Conrad, Zane, Chad, Maggie, Tillie, Kent, Cindy, Levi and Ty!

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Posted 13 February 2010 - 08:35 PM


Last name: Cresswell

DH Miles Adrian
DW Lucy Yasmine

DS/DD Orion Beckett, Lily Harlow
DD Faye Amara
DS Phineas Jem
DS/DS/ Romeo Aspen, Sonny 4) Forrest
DD Imogen Lila
DS Rory Noel
DD/DD/DD Calida Neve, Marisol Aurora, Natalia Ellisse
DD/DD/DD/DS/DS/DS Tatiana Daisy, Allegra Calliope, Raffaela Velvet, Brady Kyler , Emmett Clay, Sebastian Kai

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Posted 16 February 2010 - 09:37 AM

The McDonald Family

DH: Jackson Ryder [43]
DW: Amelia Raven [41]

DS: Orlando Hudson [19]
DD: Savannah Rosalind [16]
DD: Katherine Lily [15]
DD/DD/DS: Miranda Violet / Francesca Evangeline / Vincent Birch [13]
DS/DS: Dylan Lee / Jerry Lucas [10]
DS/DS: Clancy North / Keagan Frost [8]
DD/DD/DD: Natalia Luna / Ysabel Morgana / Raquel Aurora [6]
DS/DD: Beckham Kai / Allegra Hermione [3]

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Posted 22 April 2010 - 03:52 PM


Home: Texas

The Patterson Family.

(55) Cole August and (54) Sophia Delilah.

(35) DD/DD: Eleanor Vivien and Olivia Audrey 'Elle and Liv'
(32) DS: Jacob Alex 'Jake'
(30) DD: Grace Delphine
(27) DS/DS: Maxwell Linden and Vincent Forrest 'Max and Vince'
(22) DD: Phoebe Iris
(20) DD: Selene Charlotte
(19) DS: Noah Macen
(16) DS/DD: Austin Cole and Isabella Juliet 'Austin and Belle'

Elle is married to Thomas Michael Reives (35) and together they have 2 children; Audrey Sophia (11) and Henry Thomas (7).

Liv was married to Jason Lyle Keane (38) for 4 years and they have 1 child together; Liam Conrad (9) and she is now re-married to Brian Harry Acres (36) and they have 2 children; Eva Faith (4) and Zoe Elizabeth (10 months).

Jake just married to his longterm girlfriend Melissa Rose Patterson (Nee Hodges) (26) who he has been with for 6 years. Melissa has a son from a previous relationship; Jayden Luke (7) - which Jake adopted.

Grace is married to Joshua David Becker (32) and they have a daughter together named Imogen Grace (5) and a surprise on the way; Lilia Sophie/Owen Benjamin (29 weeks gestation).

Max is married to his highschool sweetheart Angelica Ann Patterson (Nee Montenegro) (24) and together they have twin girls; Aurora Paige and Arianna Marie 'Rori and Ria' (18 months). Max is working as a lab technition at the local high school and Angie is a SAHM.

Vince has been dating Laura Conrad (25) for the past 2 months and things are going really well. He is currently unemployed but is looking for a job in an advertising agency.

Phoebe is currently in a relationship with Evan James O'Riley (22) and is studying to become a nurse.

Selene is single after her recent break up from her boyfriend of 4 years, Andrew Nicolas Jensen (21) and is focusing on her career at the moment. She is in university studying to be a midwife.

Noah just finished high-school last summer and is currently taking a year out of education to travel the world. At the moment he is in Europe with a few of his close friends, which includes his girlfriend Emma Garner (19). Although he misses his huge family, he'll be back in a few months with so many stories to tell and is planning on attending UCLA.

Austin is on the football team and enjoys going to parties and hanging out with the girls. He's pretty confident with himself and doesn't care what other people think. He's also very protective of Belle, since she's quite a shy and quiet girl, and loves to spend time with his nieces and nephews.

Belle. The youngest of the Patterson clan; she is shy and quiet, usually lost in the background. But she can make herself heard when needed. She prefers to spend her time on the beach drawing or painting and wants to go to an arts school when she graduates. She is also thinking of taking a year off like Noah did to study in Paris.

Cole and Sophia Patterson with their children Elle, Liv, Jake, Grace, Max, Vince, Phoebe, Selene, Noah, Austin and Belle.

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Posted 22 April 2010 - 05:05 PM

California, USA


DH: Dylan Foster
DW: Madeline Ceyenne

DD/DD: Ava Mae/Trinity Kate
DD: Maeve Allana
DD/DD: Emma Fleur/Alice Zahara
DD/DD/DS: Paige Adeline/Juliana Clementine/Dallas Beech
DD/DD: Josephine Ella/Iris Rae
DS/DS: Murphy Yule /Mateo Neve
DD/DD/DD: Noa Annata/ Regina Calia/ Natalia Zia
DD/DD/DD: Isabella Scarlett/ Julietta Vivienne/ Lilianna Serafine

Dylan and Madi, Ava, Trinny, Mae, Emma, Ali, Paige, Juli, Dallas, Josie, Iris, Murph, Matt, Noa, Re, Nattie, Bella, Ettie, and Lili.

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Posted 22 April 2010 - 06:41 PM

Home - California

LN - Cresswell
DH - Dexter Adrian
DW - Madeline Ruby

DD - Eleanor Grace
DD - Olivia Kate

DS - Jacob Dane

DS - Ezekiel Sebastian
DS - Leopold Philip
DD - Charlotte Lily

DS - Maxwell Oak

DD - Josephine Ella

DS - Matteo North
DS - Finnian Frost

DD - Natalia Brio
DD - Calida Zio
DD - Aniceta Cielo

DS - Cooper Kai
DS - Jackson Chase
DS - Sebastian Cole
DD - Liliana Tamsin

Dex and Maddie Cresswell
Ellie | Liv | Jake
Zeke | Leo | Charlie
Max | Josie | Matt
Finn | Nat | Callie
Ani | Coop | Jack
Seb | Lily

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Posted 24 April 2010 - 02:26 PM

Home: Oregon

LN: Lopez

DH: Jackson Ryder(45)
DW: Juliet Lilith(43)

Posted Image-Jackson and Juliet

DD: Destiny Grace(20)

Posted Image-Destiny likes modeling for a group called Baylor Beauties. She also loves dance and cheerleading at her college.

DD: Maya Rosalind(17)

Posted Image-Maya is just finishing up her senior year of high school a year younger than everyone else. She skipped 8th grade and is still the smartest in her class.

DS: Vincent Dash nn. Vince(14)

Posted Image-Vince is very into going to the beach. Is is an amazing surfer and competes every once in a while.

DD: Gemma Evangeline(12)

Posted Image-Gemma followed in her sisters footsteps and started modeling at a very young age. She loves it and has done a few commercials recently.

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Posted 24 April 2010 - 02:48 PM

DS/DD/DD/DS: Jonathon Lucas nn. Jon, Eleonora Raee nn. Elly, Pheobe Lila, and Thomas Lane nn. Tommy(9)

http://www.istockphoto.com/file_thumbview_approve/2415979/2/istockphoto_2415979-identical-twin-boys.jpg-Jon and Tommy love sports. They are both involved in basketball, baseball and soccer. They are also starting track soon.

Posted Image-Elly and Pheobe love to go to the park or the movies. They know everything about every Disney movie and are at the park almost everyday.

DD/DD: Aurora Lee nn. Rory and Jana Lee(5)

http://www.istockphoto.com/file_thumbview_approve/11195604/2/istockphoto_11195604-identical-twin-girls.jpg-Rory and Jana are always running around keeping everyone entertained. They like to pretend they are princesses and their house is a castle.

DS: Christopher Brycin nn. Chris(3)

Posted Image-Chris is a very shy little boy. He is always attached to his older sister Maya and she loves being with him as well.

DD/DD/DD/DS/DS/DS: Isabella Briony nn. Bella, Liliana Kinsey nn. Lili, Mariana Fleur nn. Mari, Cooper Kade, Emmett Chase and Brett Cole(newborn)

Posted Image-Bella, Lili, Mari, Cooper, Emmett and Brett are still getting used to the world and each other. They have plenty of older sibling to help them out though!

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Posted 18 May 2010 - 07:33 AM

Home: Vermont:

Last Name: O’Riley

DH: Cole Augusten
DW: Margaret Tallulah “Maggie”
DS/DD Owen Ryder and Stella Vivien
DD: Harlow Callista
DS/DS/DD: Cornelius Tad “Corey“, Leopold Wills “Leo” and Victoria Daisy “Tori”
DS/DS: Zane Aspen and Stone Forrest
DD: Matilda Grace “Mattie”
DD/DD Aurora Danielle “Rori” and Lucina Danielle “Luci”
DS/DS: Levi Macen and Cooper Brycin
DD/DD/DD/DS/DS/DS Arabella Brett “Bella“, Liliana Mercy “Lili“, Julietta Kinsey “Julie“, Rigby Kai , Emmett Colt and Tyson Kyler “Ty”

~The O’Rileys~
Cole with Maggie and Owen, Stella, Harlow, Corey, Leo, Tori, Zane, Stone, Mattie, Rori, Luci, Levi, Cooper, Bella, Lili, Julie, Rigby, Emmett and Ty

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Posted 18 May 2010 - 08:22 AM

DH:Otis Colton(39)
DW:Alexandra Jezebel(40)
Posted Image
DD:Claire Sophia(19)
Posted Image
DS:Jacob Greer(17)
Posted Image
DS:Phineas Wills(15)
Posted Image
DS/DS:Luke Forrest/Charlie Aspen(12)
Posted Image

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Posted 18 May 2010 - 09:05 AM

continued post from above
DD:Matilda Cecily(10)
Posted Image
DS:Mateo Frost(8)
Posted Image
DD:Natalia Ellisse(6)
Posted Image
DD/DS:Isabelle Clarice/Troy Kade(4)
Posted Image
When Otis and Alex were 17 they started dating. They went off to the same college to major in medicine and got married at 19. Thye were young and did not finish there schooling and regret that now. They moved to Arkansas where Alex got a job as a pediatrician. They found out a few months later that they were pregnant with there first baby whom they name Claire Sophia. Claire is now 19, plays volleyball for her college, and getting married this year. They enjoyed life with Claire and were suprised a year and a few months later that they were expecting another baby whom they named Jacob Greer. He is 17, plays baksetball and goes by Jake. They moved to a house instead of living in an apartment and Otis finished his schooling at a local college. He then got a job as a docotr at the local hospital. Two years after Jake was born they had yet another baby whom they named Phineas Wills. Phineas is now 15 and compete in swimming competitions. They wanted to have more kids but thought 3 was enough for a while so they waited 2 years and found out Alex was pregnant. It was not a surprise but little did they know it was twins. Two babies to take care of, they could not imagine. They named them Luke Forrest and Charlie Aspen. Luke and Charlie are now 12 and compete in swimming competitions like there older brother Phineas. It was hard with both Alex and Otis working so Alex quit her job and decided to be a stay at home mom. They moved once again to a bigger house that could fit there family plus a few more since they expected to have more kids. They felt bad for Claire since she was the only g i r l in the family besides her mom so decided to try for another g i r l. They accomplished there goal and had another g i r l whom they named Matilda Cecily. Matilda is 10, goes by Maddy, and plays soccer for her elementary school. Alex and Otis decided that only 2 g i r l s was not enough so they decided to try for another g i r l. Thye failed and had another boy but they were happy anyway to welcome a new baby into the family whom they named Mateo Frost. Mateo is 8, goes by Mat, and tries to play basketball. They still wanted another g i r l and got there wish in another 2 years they had a baby g i r l whom they named Natalia Ellisse. Natalia is 6,goes by Natilie, and plays soccer. They enjoyed life with there 8 kids that Otis supported by his job as a doctor. Alex loved being a stay at home mom but to there surprise they found out in another year and a few months that they were expecting again this time twins. They thought they would come premature since Alex's age was getting up into the numbers but they didnt. They had boy,g i r l twins whom they named Isabella Clarice and Troy Kaden. Isabella and Troy are now 4, go by Bella and Troy, and go to preschool. Alex feels complete with her ten children and expect since she is getting older that she will not have any more children becuase of her age but she says she still has 1 more year till she is 40 so she hopes maybe to have one more baby, she wants a g i r l.

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Posted 18 May 2010 - 01:13 PM

Home:New York

DH:Cole Ryder
DW:Margaret Lola
DS/DS:Alejandro Owen/Fernando Romen
DD:Savannah Arabella
DD/DD:Alice Lilac/Eve Violet
DD/DD/DS:Lucy Mae/Maisie Cordelia/Maxwell Ash
DD/DD:Josephine Lila/Matilda Scyler
DD/DD:Phoebe Rene/Luna Kali
DS:Bentley Macen
DD/DD/DD/DS/DS/DS:Isabella Daisy/Mirabella Esme/Angelica Julet/Emmett Chase/Peyton Kade/Jackson Wylie

The Franks
Cole, Maggie, Alejandro, Fernando, Savannah, Alice, Eve, Lucy, Maisie, Max, Josie, Mati, Phoebe, Luna, Bentley, Bella, Mira, Angie, Emmett, Kade and Jack.

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Posted 17 June 2010 - 12:58 PM

The Pattersons.

Home-town: Texas

[62] Miles Adrian and Alexandra 'Alexa' Monique [59].
with their children;

[39] Madeline 'Maddie' Audrey (Gilbert)
with her husband Adam Matthew Gilbert [42] and their children Ava Trinity [14], Audrey Madeline [14], Adrian Miles [9].

[39] Trinity 'Trinny' Ava (Smith)
with her husband John Brody Smith [39] and their children Gideon Jace [11] and Dinah Elizabeth [6].

[35] Joseph 'Joe' Alex (Patterson)
with his wife Anna Michele [34] and daughters Lea Michele [17], Rosa Monique [14], Sofia Madison [12], Ella Meredith [12].

[34] Charlotte 'Charlie' Azalea (Sanders)
with her husband Jack Robert Sanders [40] and son Colin Anthony [5].

[32] Maxwell 'Max' Ash (Patterson)
with his girlfriend Zara Louisa McCarthy [30] and her twins Christopher Brandon and Naomi Evelyn [7] .

[28] Eleonora 'Nora' Auden (Estrada)
with her husband Jonathan 'Jon' Kyle Estrada [27] and daughter Caterine 'Cate' Abigail [2].

[27] Lucina 'Lucie' Amy (Ackerman)
with her husband Robert 'Bobby' Eugene Ackerman [32] and their children Emily Ann [8], Cody Chance [6], Robert 'RJ' James [5], Josiah Thomas [3] and Noah Patrick [6 months].

[27] Calliope 'Callie' Ann (Walters)
with her husband Andrew 'Drew' August Walters [28] and daughters Esme Margaret [2] and Alice Josephine [Due in 3 months]

[25] Gabriel 'Gabe Ace (Patterson)
with his fiancée Monica Joyce Langley (Soon to be Patterson) [24].

[22] Liliana 'Lily' Arabella (Patterson)
with her boyfriend Mason Benjamin Hirst [24].

Maddie, Trinny, Joe, Charley, Max, Nora, Lucie, Callie, Gabe and Lily.

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Posted 22 June 2010 - 04:34 PM

Home: Oregon

LN: Patterson

DH: Crosby Foster
DW: Georgia Dominique

1.(B/G) Owen Dashiell & Olivia Harlow
2.(G) Audrey Shaina
3.(B) Vincent Tad
4.(B/B) Ace Park & Cash Pine
5.(G) Imogen Kaia
6.(B) Keagan North
7.(G) Marisol Aria
8.(B/G) Nolan Kai & Liliana Kinsey

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Posted 26 June 2010 - 08:44 PM

Callaway Adrian and Clementine Delilah Lopez reside in New York with their 9 children
Twin Girls
Ava Grace and Eva Kate

Jackson Dane

Alice Azalea

Jagger Em

Eleonora Finn

Athena Marie

Estela Aria

Jordan Cole

The Lopez Family
Cal, Clementine, Avie & Evie, Jack, Ali, Jagger, Ellie, Thena, Stela, and Jordan

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Posted 19 December 2010 - 01:00 PM

Location: Oregon

LN: Cresswell

DH: Cale Foster
DW: Georgia Lilith
Posted Image Georgia & Cale

1.(G/G) Ava Mae & Madeline Audrey
Posted Image Ava & Madi

2.(G) Savannah Jolie
Posted Image Savannah

3.(B/B/G) Vincent Dash, Conrad Dez, & Rebecca Daisy
Posted Image Conrad, Becca, & Vince

4.(B/B) Zane Forrest & Ace Linden
Posted Image Zane & Ace

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Posted 19 December 2010 - 01:00 PM

5.(G) Imogen Lila
Posted Image Imogen

6.(G) Aurora Lei
Posted Image Rory

7.(G/G/G) Marisol Alea, Estela Aria, & Natalia Alba
Posted Image Stela, Marisol, & Nat

8.(G/G/G) Isabella Evangeline, Francesca Ellis, & Liliana Esme
Posted Image Lily, Bella, & Francesca

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Posted 19 December 2010 - 06:40 PM

Home: New York, New York

LN: McDonald
DH: Dylan West
DW: Cordelia Flame

DS: Bruno Ryder [18]
DS: Joaquin Alex [16]
DS: Digby Tad [14]
DS/DS: Ace Forrest/Zane Oak [11]
DD: Imogen Cecily [7]
DS: Barnaby Yule [6]
DD: Natalia Ellisse [5]
DS/DD: Carew Wylie/Julietta Marin [4]

Dylan and Delia McDonald w/ Bruno, Quin, Digby, Ace, Zane, Immy, Barney, Lia, Carew and Etta

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Posted 19 December 2010 - 08:55 PM

DH: Cole Dallas Cresswell
DW: Amelia Desirae Cresswell (nee Thompson-Brown)
From: Texas

DD/DD: Ella-Grace Harlow/Destiny Grace

DD: Delilah Mei

DD/DD: Charlotte Delphine/Eleanor Bryony

DD: Addison Cecily

DS: Anthony Louis

DD: Calliope Maxine

DD/DD/DD: Natalia Donnina/Clementina Ellisse/Arcelia Cadenza

DD/DS/DD/DS/DD/DS: Julietta Briony/Becker Colton/Lillianna Blue/Brady Kale/Tatiana Cressida/Frazier Clay

Lia Thompson-Brown grew up with a big family; 26 children. When she met Cole in her junior year, they immediately fell in love. They started dating, and, before their innocence was consummated (to put it delicately), Cole explained how he was a werewolf and Lia was his mate. Lia was overjoyed. When Lia got pregnant, she was afraid to tell Cole, but, when the puking started, he kind of guessed. Cole was scared, but absolutely over the moon. When their twins, Ella-Grace Harlow and Destiny Grace, arrived, Cole proposed. They were just 18, and six months later were married. After the honeymoon, Lia became pregnant again. Nine months later, out came Delilah Mei. Soon after, Lia was once again impregnated, and six months later Charlotte Delphine and Eleanor Bryony were born prematurely. They little things almost didn't make it. About a year after, to be cautious, Lia carried Addison Cecily into the world. Anthony Louis arrived later that year. Two and a half years later, Calliope Maxine arrived into the family. Soon after (as in within the next year) Natalia Donnina, Clementina Ellisse, and Arcelia Cadenza arrived.

Seven years later, after three miscarriages and two rounds of failed IVF, Lia and Cole conceived one last time, sextuplets. Julietta Brionie, Becker Colton, Lillianna Blue, Brady Kale, Tatiana Cressida, and Frazier Clay were the final additions to the family.

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