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Posted 15 April 2017 - 09:45 PM

Rufus Frank grew up in the cities of California for the first 4 years of his life, but when his baby sister (Priscilla) was born he and his 2 other brothers, (Henry and Simeon) parents and 2 dogs moved up to Redding and started a farm. When he was 6, his 2nd sister was born (Dorothy) their family's farm was busy and a family moved in across them. The Coffmans were a family of 7, children all their age. Luke and Matthew both Henry and Simeon's ages, Helen being Priscilla's, Benjamin a couple months older than Dorothy and Josephine being his own age. The two families got along fine, helping each other out with work, spending many evenings together around a campfire or hosting parties for everyone. Rufus and Josie at first did not get along, but that quickly changed when Rufus realized how tough Josie was and how she managed to do anything he could do, afterward they were inseparable. Once they were of college age they started courting, after they started attending the local one in their town.  The two worked through college and planned a future together, wanting to spend the rest of their lives together as well. After graduation, the two married and started their own business. They moved to a smaller town, about an hour from Redding, where they built a large home and began their farm. Harvesting and selling fruits and vegetables, providing eggs, dairy and meat, along with horseback riding lessons and during the summer running a summer camp for kids. Once their business was a success they wanted to start a family. For the first year they had 2 miscarriages, but on the day of their anniversary, they discovered they were expecting. Nine months later Oliver and Hugo joined their family, the two were perfectly healthy boys and they were a wonderful blessing. Once the boys were close to a year and a half, Rufus and Josie knew they wanted another one and quickly conceived when the boys were 17 months. Two months after Ollie and Hugh's 2nd birthday Jackson joined their family and his brothers adored him. The adjustment from 2 to 3 was very easy and when Jack's turned 18 months they discovered they were expecting another little one and 9 months later Susannah joined the family. At this point business was flourishing, so the two focused on their family and farm, the time passing by fairly quick and Sunny was not far away from being when they found out they were expecting another. The two were overjoyed but thankfully their little Clementine arrived at the perfect time and she was such a blessing, all the family enjoying her. After Emmi's 1st month, the family traveled up to Redding to visit their family, since they hadn't seen them since Sunny's 1st birthday. Everyone there, cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles and grandparents, they stayed about 2 weeks, up until Christmas and then returned home. When Emmi turned a year old the family decided to take a trip to Disneyland, which turned out to be an exciting trip for all and several months later they found out they were expecting another little one in November and on Thanksgiving Day Imogen made her arrival. At this time, Josie's grandfather passed away and while it was a sad time, they rejoiced in the fact that he had lived a long and fulfilling life and they would one day see him again. Three months after Gem's 2nd birthday Hermione and Lorelei joined the family,  bringing such joy into the family's life. The twins were such a joy that Josie and Rufus felt like they were done, taking things slow they enjoyed every part of their life. When the twins were 2 1/2 though they were surprised with being pregnant and were equally surprised when it was another set of twins. They decided to let it be a surprise and also told none of their family, keeping it a secret by going on a vacation. On Mother's Day Calibur and Thaddeus were born, Calibur's 1st middle name and Thaddeus both honoring Josie's grandfather and Rufus's great grandfather. The entire family was equally shocked and overjoyed at the two new additions. When the twins were 18 months old Rufus and Josie decided they wanted one more to officially complete their family and in September sweet little Arabella joined their family. The Franks enjoy every bit of their busy farm life.


Home - California


LN: Frank
DH: Rufus Carson Leo (38)

DW: Josephine Cordelia Scarlett 'Josie' (38)


e2e199943f36428cbcbadab8101061c3.jpg 10K-Saints-300x199.jpg

DS/DS: Oliver Camden Axel 'Ollie' & Hugo Asher Finley 'Hugh' (15)



DS: Jackson Judah Cade 'Jack' (13)


DD: Susannah Claire Marigold 'Sunny' (11)

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Posted 15 April 2017 - 09:47 PM

DD: Clementine Mae Olivia 'Emmi' (9)


DD: Imogen Ella Odette 'Gem' (7)


DD/DD: Hermione Juno Scarlett 'Hero' & Lorelei Maeve Cordelia 'Lola' (5)



DS/DS: Calibur Wyatt Raiden 'Cal' & Thaddeus Rune Legend 'Teddy' (2)


DD: Arabella Cosette Elinor 'Ari' (1 wk)

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Posted 17 April 2017 - 02:41 AM

Home: New York


LN: Patterson


DH: Louis Adrian

DW: Margaret Ruby


DS/DD: Oscar James and Audrey Vivien

DS: Jackson Quinn

DD/DD: Susannah Ivy and Rebecca Rose

DD/DD/DS: Georgia Mae, Madeleine Genevieve, and Vincent Forrest

DD: Phoebe Grace

DD/DD:  Xanthe Lynn and Athena Lynn

DD: Lucia Violetta

DS/DS/DS/DD: Emmett Ryder, Sebastian Clay, Nolan Kyle, and Francesca Serafina.

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Posted 18 April 2017 - 08:33 AM

Lennon 'Len' August O'Riley and Rosa 'Rosie' Tempest Mulholland met for the first time at a mutual friend's barbecue whilst he was in his final year of college studying Maths and she was in her first year studying History. He had spotted her from the corner of his eye dressed in a pale yellow sundress whilst she had seen him chatting to their mutual friend, and she was struck by how muscular he was in his black vest. They got to chatting when Rosie, emboldened by a few too many margaritas, asked Len out on a date which he happily agreed to. For their first date, they decided to go for a coffee at their local coffeehouse where the attraction was obvious. Len thought she was witty and so beautiful with her curly black hair whilst Rosie thought he was one of the most passionate and handsome guys she met with his unusual green eyes. After their first date, they continued seeing each other regularly all throughout the rest of her college years. After she graduated, he took her home to California to meet his dad and younger sister who thought Rosie was the real deal and urged him to marry her. He had already met her massive family a couple of months before and had won the grudging approval of her mom, dad, three sisters and four brothers each of whom fixed him with a glare. A year and a half later, he proposed to her whilst they were away in Italy with a diamond and opal ring set in platinum and she instantly said yes with the biggest smile he thought he had ever seen. Six months later, they were married in a field of tulips with all their friends and family surrounding them followed by a barbecue to recreate the moment they first met. He wore a dapper blue suit and she wore a fitted lace dress that clung to her body and fell to her knees. Everyone said they made such a happy couple. They had decided to live in California, a few doors down from his family, because he wanted to stay near his dad and sister ever since his mom died. But, first, they went on a honeymoon to Barcelona and came back tanned beyond belief. A few short months later, they found out they were expecting! Len and Rosie were so excited for their first baby who was born three days late. They decided to name her Zoe Tallulah. They decided on Tallulah early on because Len wanted to honour his mom but it took them a while to decide on Zoe. Two years later, they found out they were expecting another little girl! She was named Faye Rosalind. Rosalind was to honour Rosie herself and her mother Linda. Only a year later, they welcomed little Leopold 'Leo' Bram who was premature but a fighter so they named him Leo for his lion like bravery. They had thought they were done with children but along came twin girls three years later Eve 'Evie' Mirabel and Alice 'Ali' Matilda who were fraternal twins with Evie inheriting Len's green eyes and Ali inheriting Rosie's coffee coloured eyes. Three more years passed and they found themselves expecting another daughter who they named Iris Valentina for Len's favourite flower. Two more years passed and Finnian 'Finn' Rufus was born who was named after Rosie's recently deceased father. They had genuinely thought they were done with children when Edmund 'Teddy' Colt came along shortly before Rosie's fortieth birthday. Lastly, they had one final surprise in the form on Dexter 'Dex' Kai who arrived on Len's forty-fifth birthday just as they were about to cut the cake.


Len and Rosie O'Riley with Zoe, Faye, Leo, Evie, Ali, Iris, Finn, Teddy and Dex.

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Posted 19 April 2017 - 12:48 PM


Home: Vermont


LN: O'Riley

DH: Fabian Adrian

DW: Alexandra Cayenne


DD: Beatrice Grace

DD: Audrey Amara

DS:Harvey Theo

DD: Eleanor Amabel

DS/DS: Christopher Lucas / Peter Louis

DS: Keagan Rufus

DD: Blanca Aurora

DS/DD: Sebastian Ryder / Arabella Nerissa

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Posted 06 June 2023 - 03:48 AM

Johnson City, Texas



The Creswell Family


Hank August and Beatrice Bea Eve


DD Lorelai Rory Jean

DS Jackson Sonny Wyatt

DD/DD Charlotte Charlie Daphne and Olivia Ollie Iris

DD Francesca Frankie Maude

DD Matilda Mattie Ruby

DD Penelope Penn Eva

DS Theodore Teddy Cash

DS/DD Julietta Jude Maisie


Hank and Bea Creswell with their children,

Rory, Sonny, Charlie & Ollie, Frankie, Mattie, Penn, Teddy and Jude.

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