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CAF his, hers, then the next gen 3/3

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Posted 23 March 2020 - 08:44 AM

This CAF series will have you create the main husbands family, the main wifes family, then the family the next generation together.   :)  The third part, where the main husband and main wife are having their own kids, will have honoring names based off family outlined in parts 1 and 2. I'll be trying to pick names that'd be easy to honor off of, so often classics that have many variations.. but feel free to be creative in honoring (including initials, similar sounds, international variations, similar meaning, honestly any stretch of the imagination is fine!). I'm going to include naming their siblings kids, just for fun, but not cousins kids as that'd make it a little too long and complicated. Parts 1 and 2 will include each parents siblings, parent, grand parent, and aunts and uncles. Hopefully that's easy to follow - my brain is having a hard time wording.  :P 


Use the 20 sided dice in the link below to name the children. For the first/ main couple, first roll to decide whether the name will honor someone from his side of the family (odd number) or her side of the family (even numbers). Roll again and honor the person that aligns with the number. Roll once for first name and once for the middle name. If the number doesn't align with anyone, use any name you like (doesn't have to honor, completely free choice). For the siblings kids, skip choosing a side of the family and just roll for honoring within their own side. You can choose a number to assign to the parent who doesn't already have a number.  :wub: 




LN: (part 1/3, character 8's) 


DH: (part 1/3, character 8) 

DW: (part 2/3, character 15) 












LN: Goodwin, Pollard, Wagner 


DW: (part 1/3, character 6) 

DH: Douglas, Henry, Jeffrey, Kevin, Matthew 








LN: (part 1/3, character 7's surname) 


DH: (part 1/3, character 7) 

DW: Ashlee, Chloe, Ella, Marla, Rhiannon {nee Carter, McGibbons, O'Reilly} 







LN: Marsh, Perkins, Wendell 


DW: (part 1/3, character 9) 

DH: Colin, Gavin, Jarrett, Michael, Zachary 









LN: Burke, Doyle, Strickland 


DW: (part 2/3, character 12) 

DH: Allen, Charles, Gregory, Milo, Raymond 













LN: Christensen, Hayes, Lawler 


DW: (part 2/3, character 13) 

DH: Abraham, Cornelius, Elliott, Gene, Joseph 








LN: McGee, Rogers, Sloane  


DW: (part 2/3, character 14) 

DH: Anthony, Braden, Kyle, Matthew, Oliver  









LN: (part 2/3, character 16's surname) 


DH: (part 2/3, character 16)

DW: Alyssa, Blaire, Brittany, Megan, Noelle {nee Burgess, Connelly, Fowler} 






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Posted 23 March 2020 - 11:31 AM

The Sullivan Family


DH: Henry William Sullivan (grandfather) 

DW: Catherine "Cate" Elizabeth {nee Quade} Sullivan (grandmother)


DS: Benjamin "Ben" Michael Sullivan (father)

DD: Vivian Frances Sullivan (aunt) 


Henry and Cate Sullivan with Ben and Vivian


The Sullivan Family


DH: Benjamin "Ben" Michael Sullivan (father) 

DW: Jane Laura {nee Bennett} Sullivan (mother) 


DD: Emily Samantha Sullivan (sister) 

DS: Daniel "Dan" Zachary Sullivan (brother) 

DS: Matthew "Matt" Gabriel Sullivan (main character) 

DD: Abigail "Abby" Brooke Sullivan (sister)


Ben and Jane Sullivan with EmilyDanMatt, and Abby


The Monroe Family


DW: Vivian Frances {nee Sullivan} (aunt) 

DH: Calvin Nicholas Monroe (uncle) 


DS: Luke Anthony Monroe (cousin) 

DD: Sarah June Monroe (cousin) 

DD: Leah Summer Monroe (cousin) 


Vivian and Calvin Monroe with LukeSarah, and Leah




The Fitzgerald Family


DH: Edward "Ed" James Fitzgerald (grandfather)

DW: Rosemarie "Rose" Lucille {nee Granger} Fitzgerald (grandmother) 


DD: Delia Harriet Fitzgerald (aunt) 

DS: Vincent "Vince" Arthur Fizgerald (uncle) 

DD: Beatrice "Bea" Ruby Fitzgerald (mother) 


Ed and Rose Fitzgerald with DeliaVince, and Bea


The Cassidy Family


DW: Delia Harriet {nee Fitzgerald} Cassidy (aunt) 

DH: Peter George Cassidy (uncle) 


DS: Ethan Jacob Cassidy (cousin) 


Delia and Peter Cassidy with Ethan


The Fitzgerald Family


DH: Vincent "Vince" Arthur Fizgerald (uncle) 

DW: Alice Evelyn {nee Hale} Fitzgerald (aunt) 


DS: Tyler Andrew Fitzgerald (cousin)

DD: Natalie Lisa Fitzgerald (cousin) 


Vince and Alice Fitzgerald with Tyler and Natalie


The Charleston Family


DW: Beatrice "Bea" Ruby {nee Fitzgerald} Charleston (mother) 

DH: Jack Frederick Charleston (father) 


DD: Nora Olivia Charleston (sister) 

DD: Genevieve Lucille Charleston (sister) 

DD: Hazel Sophia Charleston (sister) 

DD: Amelia Heather Charleston (main character)

DS: Jason Christopher Charleston (brother) 


Bea and Jack Charleston and NoraGenevieveHazelAmelia, and Jason


~Gen 2~


The Sullivan Family


DH: Matthew "Matt" Gabriel Sullivan

DW: Amelia Heather {nee Charleston} Sullivan


DS: Jack Fitzgerald Sullivan

DS: Benjamin "Ben" Andrew Sullivan

DD: Mia Natalie Sullivan

DD: Cordelia "Cora" Tess Sullivan

DS: Leo Tyler Sullivan

DD: Delilah "Lila" Heather Sullivan


Matt and Amelia Sullivan with Jack, Ben, Mia, Cora, Leo, and Lila


The Goodwin Family


DW: Emily Samantha {nee Sullivan} Goodwin (Matt's sister)

DH: Kevin Douglas Goodwin


DD: Callie Gabriella Goodwin

DS: Luca Quade Goodwin

DS: Liam Zachary Goodwin


Emily and Kevin Goodwin with Callie, Luca, and Liam


The Sullivan Family


DH: Daniel "Dan" Zachary Sullivan (Matt's brother)

DW: Chloe Rhiannon {nee Carter} Sullivan


DS: Nicholas "Nick" Michael Sullivan

DS: Samuel "Sam" Calvin Sullivan


Dan and Chloe Sullivan with Nick and Sam


The Perkins Family


DW: Abigail "Abby" Brooke {nee Sullivan} Perkins (Matt's sister)

DH: Colin Michael Perkins


DD: Willa Michaela Perkins

DS: Henry Bennett Perkins

DD: Laura Antonia Perkins

DD: June Nichole Perkins


Abby and Colin Perkins with Willa, Henry, Laura, and June


The Burke Family


DW: Nora Olivia {nee Charleston} Burke (Amelia's sister)

DH: Charles "Charlie" Gregory Burke


DD: Sophie Natalia Burke

DS: Oliver "Ollie" Frederick Burke

DS: George Cassidy Burke

DD: Hazel Andrea Burke

DD: Charlotte Eleanor Burke

DD: Della Vincenza Burke

DS: Fitzwilliam "Billy" Rupert Burke


Nora and Charlie Burke with Sophie, Ollie, George, Hazel, Charlotte, Della, and Billy


The Hayes Family


DW: Genevieve Lucille {nee Charleton} Hayes (Amelia's sister)

DH: Elliott Gene Hayes


DD: Ruby Harriet Hayes

DD: Harper Tiana Hayes

DD: Lucille Olivia Hayes


Genevieve and Elliott Hayes with Ruby, Harper, and Lucille


The Sloane Family


DW: Hazel Sophia {nee Charleston} Sloane (Amelia's sister)

DH: Kyle Matthew Sloane


DS: Arthur Edward Sloane

DD: Carlotta Lisa Sloane
DS: Norman Jacob Sloane
DD: Rosemarie Beatrice Sloane


Hazel and Kyle Sloane with Arthur, Carlotta, Norman, and Rosemarie


The Charleston Family


DH: Jason Christopher Charleston (Amelia's brother) 

DW: Megan Blaire {nee Connelly} Charleston


DS: Nathan Granger Charleston

DD: Andie Violette Charleston


Jason and Megan Charleston with Nathan and Andie

#3 Remy Hadley

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Posted 23 March 2020 - 06:31 PM

The Grey Family  


DH: Alexander Wallace  

DW: Amelia Lillian {nee Mercer} 


DS: Theodore Andrew 

DS: Ignatius Christopher

DD: Olive Cordelia 

DD: Evie Juniper 

DD: Henrietta Vivienne

DS: Calista Catherine

DD: Lillian Bernadette 




The Wagner Family 


DW: Emily Joan {nee Grey} 

DH: Matthew Henry 


DD: Eden Winter 

DS: Henry Bennett 

DS: Charles Colton 




The Grey Family 


DH: Daniel Everett  

DW: Ella Rhiannon {nee O'Reilly} 


DS: Liam Alexander 

DS: Bentley Theodore 




The Wendell Family 


DW: Madison Charlene 

DH: Colin Michael 


DD: Eloise Dottie 

DS: River Wallace 

DD: Zinnia Jane

DD: Scarlett Emmeline 




The Burke Family


DW: Olivia Nora {nee Mercer}

DH: Milo Charles  



DD: Evelyn Amelia 

DS: Landon Lucas 

DS: Jesse Vincent 

DD: Willow Ruby 

DD: Olive Genevieve 

DD: Primrose Wren

DS: Dashiell Henry 




The Lawler Family


DW: Genevieve Lucille {nee Mercer} 

DH: Elliott Cornelius 


DD: Birdie Lucille 

DD: Sunny Harriet 

DD: Dahlia Etta 




The Sloane Family 


DW: Hazel Bernadette {nee Mercer}  

DH: Oliver Matthew   


DS: Mercer Jacob 

DD: Romy Alana 

DS: Holden Edwin 

DD: Tula Camryn 




The Mercer Family 


DH: Brandon Christopher 

DW: Noelle Blaire {nee Burgess} 


DS: Hayes Christopher 

DD: Georgia Olivia 





His Family 


The Grey Family 


1. DH: Henry William (grandfather) 

2. DW: Dorothea Catherine {nee Whittaker} (grandmother)


3. DS: Michael Benjamin (father)

4. DD: Vivian Frances (aunt) 




The Grey Family  

3. DH: Michael Benjamin (father) 

5. DW: Edith Jane {nee Roark} (mother) 


6. DD: Emily Joan (sister) 

7. DS: Daniel Everett (brother) 

8. DS: Alexander Wallace (main character) <----------------------------------------------------------

9. DD: Madison Charlene (sister) 




The Wilcox Family 


4. DW: Vivian Frances {nee Grey} (aunt) 

10. DH: Theodore Nicholas (uncle) 


11. DS: Nathaniel Sonny (cousin) 

12. DD: June Kathleen (cousin) 

13. DD: Amanda Summer (cousin) 




Her Family 


The Fitzgerald Family 


1. DH: Edward Walter (grandfather)

2. DW: Lucille Rosemarie {nee Granger} (grandmother) 


3. DD: Harriet Delia (aunt) 

4. DS: Vincent David (uncle) 

5. DD: Ruby Anne (mother) 




The Weaver Family 


3. DW: Harriet Delia {nee Fitzgerald} (aunt) 

6. DH: Nicholas George (uncle) 


7. DS: Cameron Jacob (cousin) 




The Fitzgerald Family  


4. DH: Vincent David (uncle) 

8. DW: Evelyn Alice {nee Hale} (aunt) 


9. DS: Jordan Tyler (cousin)

10. DD: Jessica Raven (cousin) 




The Mercer Family


5. DW: Ruby Anne {nee Fitzgerald} (mother) 

11. DH: Alan Christopher (father) 


12. DD: Olivia Nora (sister) 

13. DD: Genevieve Lucille (sister) 

14. DD: Hazel Bernadette (sister) 

15. DD: Amelia Lillian (main character) <-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

16. DS: Brandon Christopher (brother) 



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Posted 24 March 2020 - 08:35 AM

His Family


LN: Grey


1. DH: Henry Charles (grandfather) 

2. DW: Margaret 'Maggie' Elizabeth {nee Austen} (grandmother)


3. DS: Thomas 'Tom' Benjamin (father)

4. DD: Vivian 'Viv' Julia (aunt) 


Henry and Maggie Grey with Tom and Viv.




LN: Grey

3. DH: Thomas 'Tom' Benjamin (father) 

5. DW: Edith 'Edie' Winifred {nee Bennett} (mother) 


6. DD: Joan 'Jo' Emily (sister) 

7. DS: Simon Daniel (brother) 

8. DS: Matthew 'Matt' Gabriel (main character) 

9. DD: Rachel Abigail (sister) 


Tom and Edie Grey with Jo, Simon, Matt and Rachel.




LN: Monroe


4. DW:  Vivian 'Viv' Julia (aunt) 

10. DH: Calvin 'Cal' Theodore (uncle) 


11. DS: Nathaniel 'Nate' John (cousin) 

12. DD: Sarah 'Sadie' Kathleen (cousin) 

13. DD: Leah Amanda (cousin) 


Viv and Cal Monroe with Nate, Sadie and Amanda.




Her Family


LN: Goodwin


1. DH: Edward 'Ted' James (grandfather)

2. DW: Alexandra 'Alex' Lucille {nee Page} (grandmother) 


3. DD: Constance 'Connie' Martha (aunt) 

4. DS: Arthur Vincent (uncle) 

5. DD: Beatrice 'Bea' Anne (mother) 


Ted and Alex Goodwin with Connie, Arthur and Bea.




LN: Cassidy


3. DW: Constance 'Connie' Martha (aunt) 

6. DH: Nicholas 'Nick' George (uncle) 


7. DS: Levi Aaron (cousin) 


Connie and Nick Cassidy with Levi. 




LN: Goodwin


4. DH: Arthur Vincent (uncle) 

8. DW: Dolores 'Lola' Alice {nee Hale} (aunt) 


9. DS: Andrew 'Drew' Tyler (cousin)

10. DD: Raven Jessica (cousin) 


Arthur and Lola Goodwin with Drew and Raven.




LN: Charleston


5. DW: Beatrice 'Bea' Anne (mother) 

11. DH: Alan Jack (father) 


12. DD: Nora Melanie (sister) 

13. DD: Kayla Ashley (sister) 

14. DD: Hazel Victoria (sister) 

15. DD: Amelia 'Millie' Veronica (main character) 

16. DS: Dylan Christopher (brother) 


Bea and Alan Charleston with Nora, Kayla, Hazel, Millie and Dylan.




Their Family


LN: Grey


DH: Matthew 'Matt' Gabriel

DW: Amelia 'Millie' Veronica


DS: Edmund 'Teddy' John

DS: Benedict 'Ben' Winston

DD: Eleanor 'Ella' Alice

DD: Katherine 'Kitty' Leah

DD: Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Tamsin

DS: Alexander 'Alex' James

DD: Charlotte 'Lottie' Simona


Matt and Millie Grey with Teddy, Ben, Ella, Kitty, Lizzie, Alex and Lottie. 




LN: Pollard


DW: Joan 'Jo' Emily 

DH: Douglas Kevin


DD: Tallula 'Lulu' Vivienne

DS: Winslet Callum

DS: Maddox Emrys




LN: Grey


DH: Simon Daniel

DW: Rhiannon Marla {nee O'Reilly} 


DS: Danyal 'Dan' Oliver

DS: Ianto Henry


Simon and Rhiannon Grey with Dan and Ianto. 




LN: Marsh


DW: Rachel Abigail

DH: Colin Zachary


DD: Isolde 'Isa' Theodora

DS: Carel Ayman

DD: Thea Jacqueline

DD: Kerensa 'Keren' Jane


Rachel and Colin Marsh with Isa, Carel, Thea and Keren.




LN: Burke


DW: Nora Melanie

DH: Gregory 'Rory' Charles



DD: Martha 'Mimi' Melody

DS: Aaron Victor

DS: Asher 'Ash' Alan

DD: Jemma 'Jem' Taylor

DD: Christina 'Chrissie' Lucy

DD: Georgina 'Gigi' Raven

DS: Dylan Viator


Nora and Rory Burke with Mimi, Aaron, Ash, Jem, Chrissie, Gigi and Dylan,




LN: Hayes


DW: Kayla Ashley

DH: Abraham 'Bram' Joseph


DD: Vita Evangeline

DD: Lucia Beatriz

DD: Brona Anneliese


Kayla and Bram Hayes with Vita, Lucia and Brona. 




LN: Sloane  


DW: Hazel Victoria

DH: Oliver Matthew 


DS: Constantine 'Con' Levi

DD: Beatrix 'Trixie' Hannah

DS: Isaac Aaron

DD: Colette 'Letty' Anna


Hazel and Oliver Sloane with Con, Trixie, Isaac and Letty.




LN: Charleston


DH: Dylan Christopher

DW: Alyssa Megan {nee Fowler} 


DS: Cato Vincent

DD: Lucretia 'Lux' Iscah


Dylan and Alyssa Charleston with Cato and Lux.

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Posted 24 March 2020 - 11:13 AM

His Family 


LN: Sullivan 


1. DH: William Henry (grandfather) 

2. DW: Elizabeth Margaret {nee Austen} (grandmother)


3. DS: Benjamin Michael (father)

4. DD: Vivian Marie (aunt) 




LN: Sullivan

3. DH: Benjamin Michael (father) 

5. DW: Laura Michelle {nee Roark} (mother) 


6. DD: Samantha Joan (sister) 

7. DS: Zachary Daniel (brother) 

8. DS: Matthew Alexander (main character) 

9. DD: Rachel Brooke (sister) 




LN: Ledger


4. DW: Vivian Marie (aunt) 

10. DH: Nicholas Theodore (uncle) 


11. DS: John Nathaniel (cousin) 

12. DD: Sarah Kathleen (cousin) 


13. DD: Amanda Summer (cousin) 




Her Family 


LN: Fitzgerald


1. DH: Edward Walter (grandfather)

2. DW: Jacqueline Lucille {nee Granger} (grandmother) 


3. DD: Harriet Constance (aunt) 

4. DS: Arthur Vincent (uncle) 

5. DD: Beatrice Carole (mother) 




LN: Weaver


3. DW: Harriet Constance (aunt) 

6. DH: George Harold (uncle) 


7. DS: Ethan Jacob (cousin) 




LN: Fitzgerald 


4. DH: Arthur Vincent (uncle) 

8. DW: Alice Dolores {nee Beckett} (aunt) 


9. DS: Andrew Kenneth (cousin)

10. DD: Natalie Raven (cousin) 




LN: Charleston 


5. DW: Beatrice Carole (mother) 

11. DH: Frederick Jack (father) 


12. DD: Olivia Melanie (sister) 

13. DD: Ashley Genevieve (sister) 

14. DD: Hazel Victoria (sister)

15. DD: Veronica Lillian (main character) 


16. DS: Dylan Christopher (brother) 




Next Generation


LN: Sullivan


DH: Matthew Alexander

DW: Veronica Lillian Charleston


DS: Mathias Brooks

DS: Jonas Michael 

DD: Freya Jasmine

DD: Rosalie Christine

DD: Kate Georgia

DS: Henry Edward

DD: Vera Jacqueline




LN: Goodwin 


DW: Samantha Joan {nee Sullivan}

DH: Kevin Douglas 


DD: Amandla Rachel

DS: Elisha Theodore

DS: Brendan Zachary




LN: Sullivan


DH: Zachary Daniel 

DW: Chloe Rhiannon {nee McGibbons} 


DS: Samuel Austen

DS: Nathan Rhys





LN: Marsh


DW: Rachel Brooke {nee Sullivan}

DH: Colin Jarrett 


DD: Laurel Theresa

DS: William Bennett

DD: Bethany Alexandra

DD: Miranda Lynn




LN: Strickland


DW: Olivia Melanie {nee Charleston}

DH: Milo Raymond 



DD: Caroline Ray

DS: Jacob Vincent

DS: Oliver Harrison

DD: Lily Vivienne

DD: Alice Georgiana

DD: Lucia Victoria

DS: Jack Christopher




LN: Hayes


DW: Ashley Genevieve Charleston

DH: Joseph Cornelius


DD: Beatrix Birdie

DD: Lola Makenna

DD: Isabeau Coral




LN: Rogers


DW: Hazel Victoria {nee Charleston} 

DH: Kyle Anthony  


DS: Luca Easton

DD: Ethel Astoria

DS: Aaron Maverick

DD: Olive Haven




LN: Charleston 


DH: Dylan Christopher

DW: Brittany Noelle {nee Connelly} 


DS: Eugene Ronan

DD: Howard Alistair

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Posted 25 March 2020 - 12:38 AM

LN: Grey


DH: Elijah Matthew Grey

DW: Amelia Maxine Grey (née Mercer)


DS: Jacob Brandon Grey

DS: Kane Lucius Grey

DD: Patricia Roxanne "Trish" Grey

DD: Misty Antonia Grey

DD: Hazel Allison Grey

DS: Oliver Levi Grey

DD: Samantha Marie "Sam" Grey


Elijah, Amelia, and their kids; Jacob, Kane, Trish, Misty, Hazel, Oliver, and Sam.

x x x

LN: Wagner


DW: Misty Joan Wagner (née Grey)

DH: Kevin Douglas Wagner 


DD: Kathleen Daniella "Katie" Wagner

DS: Douglas Kit "Doug" Wagner

DS: Jackson Samuel Wagner


Misty, Kevin, and their kids; Katie, Doug, and Jackson.

x x x 

LN: Grey


DH: Everett Zachary Grey

DW: Chloe Rhiannon Grey (née O'Reilly) 


DS: Atlas Anthony Grey

DS: Zachary Francis "Zac" Grey


Everett, Chloe, and their kids; Atlas and Zac.

x x x

LN: Wendell


DW: Madison Rachel "Maddie" Wendell (née Grey)

DH: Gavin Michael Wendell 


DD: Antonia Michaela Wendell

DS: Jude Matteo Wendell

DD: Margaret Everleigh "Maggie"  Wendell

DD: Louise Chloe Wendell


Maddie, Gavin, and their kids; Antonia, Jude, Maggie, and Louise.

x x x 

LN: Strickland


DW: Nora Melanie Strickland (née Mercer)

DH: Gregory Charles "Greg" Strickland



DD: Georgia Adelaide Strickland

DS: Charles Arthur "Charlie" Strickland

DS: Levi Walter Strickland

DD: Jordan Christina Strickland

DD: Taylor James Strickland

DD: Delia Ruby Strickland

DS: Peter Anderson Strickland


Nora, Greg, and their kids; Georgia, Charlie, Levi, Jordan, Taylor, Delia, and Peter.

x x x

LN: Hayes


DW: Kayla Kimberly Hayes (née Mercer)

DH: Elliott Joseph Hayes 


DD: Jamie Elliott Hayes

DD: Charlotte Kimberly "Char" Hayes

DD: Ruby Anne Hayes


Kayla, Elliott, and their daughters; Jamie, Char, and Ruby.

x x x

LN: Sloane


DW: Hazel Victoria Sloane (née Mercer)

DH: Braden Kyle Sloane  


DS: Kyle Harold Sloane

DD: Tyler Breanna Sloane

DS: Jordan Rusty Sloane

DD: Dolores Brailee "Lori" Sloane


Hazel, Braden, and their kids; Kyle, Tyler, Jordan, and Lori.

x x x

LN: Mercer


DH: Brandon Christopher Mercer

DW: Brittany Noelle Mercer (née Fowler) 


DS: Patrick Norton Mercer

DD: Brandi Harriet Mercer


Brandon, Brittany, and their kids; Patrick and Brandi.

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Posted 25 March 2020 - 02:54 PM

Matthew 'Matt' Alexander Duncan [33]

m. Lillian 'Lily' Amelia Duncan [29]

Alexander 'Alex' Thomas Duncan [8]

Christopher 'Kit' Julian Duncan [7]

Madeleine 'Maddie' Adrienne Duncan [5]

Margaret 'Maggie' A Duncan [5]

Theodora 'Thea' Eliza Duncan [3]

Sebastian 'Seb' Victor Duncan [2]

Isabelle 'Izzy' Sasha Duncan [0]


Samantha 'Sam' Emily Goodwin [36]

m. Kevin 'Kev' Jeffrey Goodwin [34]

Stephanie 'Steph' Racquel Goodwin [8]

Silas 'Si' Matteo Goodwin [4]

Spencer 'Spence' Ellis Goodwin [1]


Zachary 'Zach' Simon Duncan [34]

m. Rhiannon 'Rhia' Chloe Duncan [36]

Thomas 'Tom' Christian Duncan [1]

William 'Liam' Michael Duncan [0]


Abigail 'Abby' Rachel Perkins [30]

m. Michael 'Mike' Gavin Perkins [29]

Natasha 'Nat' Abigail Perkins [8]

Samson 'Sam' Gavin Perkins [8]

Harriett 'Harry' Nicole Perkins [6]

Caitlin 'Cat' Rachel Perkins [3]


Melanie 'Mel' Olivia Strickland [35]

m. Gregory 'Greg' Allen Strickland [35]

Faith 'Faye' Georgina Strickland [9]

Jackson 'Jack' David Strickland [9]

Ryker 'Ry' Pierce Strickland [7]

Megan 'Meg' Jacqueline Strickland [6]

Jocelyn 'Joss' Edwina Strickland [3]

Rosanne 'Ros' Lucine Strickland [3]

Anderson 'Anders' Patrick Strickland [2]


Ashley 'Ash' Lucille Lawler [34]

m. Elliott 'Eli' Joseph Lawler [33]

Victoria 'Tori' Christine Lawler [7]

Josephine 'Josie' Natalie Lawler [6]

Lucia 'Lucy' Tyra Lawler [5]


Sophia 'Soph' Victoria Rogers [31]

m. Oliver 'Olly' Kyle Rogers [30]

Lucas 'Luke' Andrew Rogers [9]

Carina 'Cara' Delilah Rogers [6]

Marcus 'Marc' Ross Rogers [6]

Sabrina 'Bree' Alaina Rogers [4]


Christopher 'Topher' Ryan Mercer [27]

m. Megan 'Meg' Alyssa Mercer [25]

Nicholas 'Cole' Noel Mercer [3]

Melissa 'Lisa' Leanne Mercer [2]

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Posted 13 April 2020 - 10:15 AM

LN: Sullivan


DH: Gabriel Matthew "Gabe" 

DW: Veronica Lillian, née Mercer


DS: Everett Arthur

DS: Abram Louis

DD: Paige Rosemary

DD: Nicole Jane

DD: Harriet "Hattie"

DS: Andrew Emmett

DD: Genevieve Jacqueline


Gabe, Veronica, Everett, Abram, Paige, Nicole, Hattie, Andrew, & Genevieve




LN: Goodwin 


DW: Emily Joan, née Sullivan

DH: Matthew Henry "Matt" 


DD: Willa Juliette

DS: John Theodore

DS: Thomas Wilfred "Tommy"


Emily, Matt, Willa, John, & Tommy




LN: Sullivan


DH: Zachary Everett "Zack"

DW: Ella Rhiannon, née Carter


DS: Mark Hatfield

DS: Liam Zachary


Zack, Ella, Mark, & Liam




LN: Marsh 


DW: Abigail Brooke "Abby," née Sullivan

DH: Colin Zachary 


DD: Lucy Henrietta

DS: Nathan John

DD: Sadie Monroe

DD: Everly Louise


Abby, Colin, Lucy, Nathan, Sadie, & Everly




LN: Burke 


DW: Olivia Renee, née Mercer

DH: Allen Gregory 


DD: Rosalie Adele

DS: Cameron Tyler

DS: Cody Reuben

DD: Bridget Renee

DD: Evelyn Jacquelyn

DD: Haley Olivia

DS: Lachlan James


Olivia, Allen, Rosalie, Cameron, Cody, Bridget, Evelyn, Haley, & Lachlan




LN: Christensen 


DW: Ashley Genevieve, née Mercer

DH: Elliott Joseph 


DD: Lily Anne

DD: Ravenna Eve

DD: Delilah Vivian


Ashley, Elliott, Lily, Ravenna, & Delilah




LN: Rogers  


DW: Sophia Hazel "Sophie," née Mercer

DH: Kyle Anthony  


DS: Colby Ryan

DD: Jamie Christina

DS: Lucas Levi

DD: Olive Jane


Sophie, Kyle, Colby, Jamie, Lucas, & Olive




LN: Mercer


DH: Ryan Christopher

DW: Brittany Megan, née Fowler


DS: Ethan Vaughn

DD: Aria Christabel


Ryan, Brittany, Ethan, & Aria 



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The Sullivan Family


DH: Matthew Gabriel Sullivan

DW: Lillian Amelia "Lily" Sullivan {nee Mercer}


DS: Samuel Emmett Sullivan

DS: Declan Topher Sullivan 

DD: Helena Charlotte "Lena" Sullivan

DD: Elodie Jacqueline "Edie" Sullivan

DD: Christiana Juliet Sullivan "Tia" Sullivan

DS: Seamus Ezra Sullivan

DD: Aurora Catherine "Rory" Sullivan


Matthew and Lily Sullivan

Samuel, Declan, Lena, Edie, Tia, Seamus, and Rory




The Goodwin Family


DW: Emily Samantha Goodwin {nee Sullivan}

DH: Douglas Matthew Goodwin


DD: Rebecca Madeline "Becca" Goodwin

DS: Malcolm Geoffrey Goodwin

DS: Lucius Adam Goodwin


Emily and Douglas Goodwin

Becca, Malcolm, and Lucius




The Sullivan Family


DH: Daniel Everett Sullivan

DW: Chloe Rhiannon Sullivan {nee O'Reilly} 


DS: Steven Emmanuel Sullivan

DS: Kiefer Sampson Sullivan


Daniel and Chloe Sullivan

Steven and Kiefer




The Marsh Family


DW: Rachel Madison Marsh {nee Sullivan}

DH: Gavin Michael Marsh


DD: Bella Tamsin Marsh

DS: Harrison Kale "Harry" Marsh

DD: Lucy Natalia Marsh

DD: Zara Kaitlin Marsh


Rachel and Gavin Marsh

Bella, Harry, Lucy, and Zara




The Strickland Family


DW: Melanie Olivia Strickland {nee Mercer}

DH: Milo Gregory Strickland


DD: Cordelia Holly "Cora" Strickland

DS: Christian Andrew "Ian" Strickland

DS: James Alexander "Jamie" Strickland

DD: Josephine Emma "Josie" Strickland

DD: Guinevere Kate "Gwen" Strickland

DD: Rosalind Alexa "Rosa" Strickland

DS: Ruben Benedict "Ben" Strickland


Melanie and Milo Strickland

Cora, Ian, Jamie, Josie, Gwen, Rosa, and Ben




The Hayes Family


DW: Kayla Genevieve Hayes {nee Mercer}

DH: Elliot Joseph Hayes 


DD: Adela Peony Hayes

DD: Victoria Alice Hayes

DD: Nicola Georgia Hayes


Kayla and Elliot Hayes

Adela, Victoria, and Nicola




The Sloane Family 


DW: Sophia Hazel Sloane {nee Mercer}

DH: Oliver Matthew Sloane


DS: Roland Alistair  Sloane

DD: Evelyn Joy Sloane

DS: Liam Amadeus Sloane

DD: Fiona Haley Sloane


Sophia and Oliver Sloane

Roland, Evelyn, Liam, and Fiona




The Mercer Family


DH: Dylan Christopher Mercer

DW: Megan Alyssa Mercer {nee Connelly} 


DS: Vincent Arthur Mercer

DD: Jocelyn Elise Mercer


Dylan and Megan Mercer

Vincent and Jocelyn

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