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Family Tree CAF #8 - 5/10

Family Tree CAF #8 - 5/10 Family Tree CAF #8 Family Tree CAF 5/10 Part 5 Round 5 Mine

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Posted 06 January 2019 - 01:28 PM

Five Years Later




For each relationship, find out if they’re still together. (10 sided die)



3, 7 & 8 = They’re divorced

All other numbers = Still Married



1,2,3,6,8 = Married

7,9,10 = Still Engaged

4,5 = Broke Up


Long Term

7,9 = Married

1,3,5 = Engaged

10= Still Long Term

2,4,6,8 = Broke Up


Short Term

7 = Married

4,6 = Engaged

5,9,10 = Long Term

1,2,3,8 = Broke Up


New Relationship

If they are bi and now single, choose female


1. Married

2. Long-Term BF/GF

3. Long-Term BF/GF

4. Married

5. Single

6. Short-Term BF/GF

7. Engaged

8. Short-Term BF/GF

9. Engaged

10. Single


Roll for First and Middle Names


1. Boys http://www.behindthe...pnl/91723/83090

Girls: https://nameberry.co...cape#more-55534


2. https://nameberry.co...rity#more-55668

(Keep names together, but feel free to swap order)


3. http://www.randomnames.com/

(correct gender, 3 tries)


4. https://nameberry.co...ames#more-55520


5. Boys: Carl, Garrett, Jeremy, Philip, Kwame, Amar, Jason, Isaac, Wesley, Chad

Girls: Karen, Angelina, Renee, Marjorie, Grayson, Frances, Giselle


6. Boys https://nameberry.co...ist/view/173456

Girls https://nameberry.co...list/view/30315


7. https://nameberry.co...ddle-names-2019


8. http://www.randomnames.com/ {Length 3-8; Initial C}


9. http://www.fantasyna...alian-names.php


10.  Boys: Vaden, Ethan, Valor, Julian, James, Atlas, Desmond, Holton, Marshall, August, Rainer, Jacoby, Amadeus, Felix, Jonathan, Leonidas, Sheppard, Tadhg, Whitaker, Winslow, Zephyr

Girls: Emmeline, Theodora, Alice, Genevieve, Xanthia, Haley, Josephine, Georgia, Wilder, Sophia, Sibella, Marjory, Indra, Lauriene, Leocadia, Theophane, Verity, Vivian, Zephyrine


11. Boys https://nameberry.co.../Alaric/similar

Girls: https://nameberry.co...retchen/similar


12. http://www.fantasyna...anese_names.php


13. http://www.fantasyna...fling-names.php


14: https://nameberry.com/ (Pick from Today's Popular Choice in middle)


15. https://nameberry.com/popular_names


16. https://www.behindthename.com/notd/


17. http://www.behindthename.com/random/ {Choose Danish, French, Greek, German & Italian}


18. Boys: Evan, George, Jake, John, Ryan, Harris, David, Woody, Jules

Girls: Acadia, Audrey, Bjorg, Emily, Kayla, Kaylee, Lily, Nefeli, Theresa, Jules, Frances, Lexi, Nikki


19. http://www.behindthe...rthday/6/chrono




Roll for Last Names


1. Flemming, Ford, Kelly, Akunowicz, Dooley, Lee, Bastidas, Meek-Bradley


2. Santana, Onwuachi, Stratton, True, Wellman, White, Schmitz, Toups, Tariga-Weshnak


3. Graham, Grant, Greer, Grey, Grimes, Hahn, Hawkes, Hayes,, Holmes, Holt, Horn, Howe, Hughes, Hull, Hunt, Hyde, Joyce, Kane, Keats, Kent, Kerr, Keyes, Kline, Knight, Knox, Krauss, Laird, Lake, Lane, Leigh


4. http://www.springhol...rs/surnames.htm


5. https://www.namegene...e-generator.php


6. https://surnames.beh...ename.com/notd/


7. http://www.behindthe...rthday/6/chrono


8. https://www.randomlists.com/last-names


9. http://www.springhol...rs/surnames.htm


10. http://surnames.behi...lian-pms/chrono


Roll for Number of Kids


1. 4

2. 2

3. 1

4. 2

5. 3

6. 1


Roll for Genders


1. Same gender as parent from original family

2. Girl

3. Girl

4. Opposite gender as parent from original family

5. Boy

6. Boy


Roll for Ages


1. Infant

2. Choose Age

3. 1

4. 2

5. 3

6. 4

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Posted 07 January 2019 - 09:08 AM

Weston 'Wes' Giles Keller [60]
m. Emily 'Em' Anna Keller [60]

Theodore 'Teddy' Eric Keller [39] *Bisexual

William 'Will' James Keller [38] *Gay

Amelia 'Amy' Ivy Keller [38] *Straight

Riley 'Lee' Aidan Keller [35] *Straight


Theodore 'Teddy' Eric Keller [39] *Bisexual

d. Bethany 'Beth' Edith Calvert [38] *Ex Short Term Girlfriend *Mother of Alex and Soph

m. Christopher 'Chris' Noah Scott-Keller [41] *Married *Father of Rosie, Leo, Rob, Cora and Charlie

Alexander 'Alex' Michael Keller [17]

Sophie 'Soph' Angela Keller [16]

Rosemary 'Rosie' Laura Scott-Keller [12]

Leonard 'Leo' Nathan Scott-Keller [10]

Robert 'Rob' Neville Scott-Keller [6]

Coralie 'Cora' June Scott-Keller [2]

Charlotte 'Charlie' Maya Scott-Keller [2]


William 'Will' James Keller [38] *Gay

d. Thomas 'Tom' Fitzgerald Beech [40] *Ex Short Term Boyfriend

e. Graham 'Gray' Alfred Stone [40] *Engaged *Father of Angie, Anna, Joey, Mikey and Kat

Angelina 'Angie' Belle Keller-Stone [14]

Anastasia 'Anna' Jane Keller-Stone [11]

Joseph 'Joey' Kevin Keller-Stone [5]

Michael 'Mikey' Jonathan Keller-Stone [3]

Katarina 'Kat' Eve Keller-Stone [1]


Amelia 'Amy' Ivy Walker [38] *Straight

m. Gregory 'Greg' Kyle Walker [38] *Divorced *Father of Cassie, Jake, Ash and Bea

d.  Dominic 'Dom' Evan Ramsay [34] *Long Term Boyfriend *Father of Max

Cassandra 'Cassie' May Walker [18]

Jacob 'Jake' Derek Walker [17]

Ashleigh 'Ash' Olivia Walker [14]

Beatrice 'Bea' Heather Walker [13]

Maximilian 'Max' Cain Ramsay [0]


Riley 'Lee' Aidan Keller [35] *Straight

d. Lillith 'Lily' Abigail Cunningham [36] *Ex Short Term Girlfriend *Mother of Andy

m. Georgina 'Georgie' Elizabeth Keller [33] *Married *Mother of Izzy, Seb, Molly Russ and Ross

Anderson 'Andy' Scott Keller [17]

Isabella 'Izzy' Caroline Keller [7]

Sebastian 'Seb' Jonas Keller [7]

Margaret 'Molly' Alice Keller [3]

Roscoe 'Ross' Wesley Keller [1]

Russell 'Russ' Casper Keller [1]

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Posted 07 January 2019 - 11:16 AM

The Schwarz Family


DH: Jonah Jefferson Schwarz [70]

DW: Cecile Elicec Schwarz (nee Austen) [72]


DAD1: Heidi Vanessa Wolfe [42]

(Adopted from USA)

DS1/DD1: Dalton Scott Schwarz & Violet Alsie Yates [39]

DS2: James Kane Schwarz [36]


Jonah and Cecile Schwarz; with Heidi, Dalton, Violet & James




The Wolfe Family


DAD1: Heidi Vanessa Wolfe (nee Schwarz) [42]

DH: Philip Michael Wolfe [41]


DS1: Nolan Philip Wolfe [12]

DD1: Sasha Schwarz Wolfe [10]

DAD1: Ginger Heidi Wolfe [7]

(Adopted from USA)

DAS1: Addison Adley Wolfe [5]

(Adopted from USA)


Heidi and Philip Wolfe; with Nolan, Sasha, Ginger & Addison




The Schwarz/Dagworth/Holland/Eyon Family


DS1: Dalton Scott Schwarz [39]

Dfiancee: Sylvie Thomasine Dagworth [36]

Ex-Dfiancee: Harmony Adalwulf Eyon [39] [Mother of Salinger, Charlotte, Gabriel, Cassandra & Cosette]

Ex-DGF: Aurora Elaine Holland [43] (formerly LT) [Mother of Emmaline & Holland]


DS1/DD1: Salinger Lawford Schwarz & Charlotte Tove Schwarz [16]

DS2/DD2: Gabriel Alaric Schwarz & Cassandra Lilia Schwarz [14]

DD3: Cosette Monet Schwarz [13]

DD4: Emmaline Hazel Schwarz [8]

DS3: Holland David Schwarz [5]

DS4: Oliver Daniel Schwarz [3] 

DS5: Barrett Eddie Schwarz [1]

DD5/DD6: Tiffany Leah Schwarz & Thomasine Adelais Schwarz [0]


Dalton Schwarz (and ex-fiancee Harmony Eyon and ex-girlfriend Aurora Holland) and Sylvie Dagworth; with Salinger, Charlotte, Gabriel, Cassandra, Cosette, Emmaline, Holland, Oliver, Barrett, Tiffany & Thomasine




The Yates Family


DD1: Violet Alsie Yates (nee Schwarz) [39] (Bisexual)

DH: Bayard Roman Yates [40] (formerly ST)


DS1: Wyatt Bayard Yates [15]

DD1: Marissa Keira Yates [13]

DS2: Cole Marcel Yates [11]


Violet and Bayard Yates; with Wyatt, Marissa & Cole




The Schwarz Family


DS2: James Kane Schwarz [36]

DW: Anouk Malak Schwarz (nee Baines) [36] (formerly LT)


DD1: Penelope Adalheid Schwarz [18]

DD2: Maxine Clara Schwarz [10]

DD3/DS1: Hazel Beatrix June Schwarz & Virgil Sayer Schwarz [4]


James and Anouk Schwarz; with Penelope, Maxine, Hazel & Virgil




Generations of the Schwarz Family:


Jonah and Cecile Schwarz; with Heidi, Dalton, Violet & James


Heidi and Philip Wolfe; with Nolan, Sasha, Ginger & Addison

Dalton Schwarz (and ex-fiancee Harmony Eyon and ex-girlfriend Aurora Holland) and Sylvie Dagworth; with Salinger, Charlotte, Gabriel, Cassandra, Cosette, Emmaline, Holland, Oliver, Barrett, Tiffany & Thomasine

Violet and Bayard Yates; with Wyatt, Marissa & Cole

James and Anouk Schwarz; with Penelope, Maxine, Hazel & Virgil

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Posted 07 January 2019 - 07:33 PM

DH: Daniel Raymond Gardner (70)

DW: Emma Faith Vernon (69)

DD: Alexandra Leigh Gardner (42)
DD: Samantha May Gardner (41)
DD: Peyton Elise Gardner (38)
DD: Meredith Rose Gardner (38)

Dan and Emma

Alex, Sam, Peyton, and Meredith


DH: Miles Thompson Zurita (44)

DW: Alexandra Leigh Gardner (42)

DD: Scarlett Amelia Wheeler (13)

DS: Leo Rainer Zurita (8)
DD: Josephine Charlotte Zurita (6)

DD: Brigitte May Zurita (4)
DD: Heidi Genevieve Zurita (4)
DS: Amos Sebastian Zurita (1)
DS: Evan Oliver Zurita (0)

Miles and Alex Zurita

Scarlett, Leo, Josie, Brigitte, Heidi, Amos, and Evan


BF: Clyde Marshall Booker (43)

DW: Samantha May Gardner (41)

DD: Tatum Reese Bianchi (13)

DD: Olive Campbell Booker (1)

Clyde and Sam Booker

Tatum and Olive


DH: Eli Jacob Williamson (43)

DW: Peyton Elise Gardner (38)

DS: Sawyer Fox Williamson (11)

DD: Aya Hope Williamson (5)
DD: Tess Christina Williamson (3)
DS: Ronan George Williamson (1)
DD: Margo Rosalie Williamson (1)

Eli and Peyton Williamson

Sawyer, Aya, Tess, Ronan, and Margo


DW: Annabelle Fiona Norton (37)

DW: Meredith Rose Gardner (38)

DS: Huckleberry Isaac Norton-Gardner (4)

Meredith and Bella Norton-Gardner


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Posted 08 January 2019 - 04:27 PM

The Sebold Family


DH: Jonas Alexander Sebold (66)

DW: Juliet Lydia Sebold (nee Andover) (64)


DD: Felicity Kate Sebold (41)

DS: Luke Everett Sebold (40)

DD: Jocelyn Alena Sebold (39)

DS/DD: Liam Ezra Sebold / Audrey Rebecca Sebold (35)

DS: Atticus Cai Sebold (29) (adopted from USA)


Jonas and Juliet Sebold

Felicity, Luke, Jocelyn, Liam, Audrey, and Atticus




The Lightfoot Family


DW: Felicity Kate Lightfoot (nee Sebold) (41)

DH: Byron Ambrose Lightfoot (42)


DS: Abram Kester Lightfoot (17)

DD: Evelyn Wallis Lightfoot  (15)

DS/DS/DD: Lucien Jacob Lightfoot / Silas Nathaniel Lightfoot / Anneliese Liberty Lightfoot  (12)


Felicity and Byron Lightfoot

Abram, Evelyn, Lucien, Silas, and Anneliese




The Sebold Family


DH: Luke Everett Sebold (40) (bisexual)

DW: Magdalena Lorelei "Magda" Sebold (nee Weissensteiner) (34)

exGF: Gwendolyn Miranda "Gwen" Church  


DS: Alaric Trysten Sebold (6)


Luke and Magda Sebold





The Sebold-Winterwood Family


DFiancee: Jocelyn Alena Sebold (39) (bisexual)

DFiancee: Celia Violet Winterwood (35)

exDH: Henry Percival "Harry" Gotham 


DD: Luna Madelyn Gotham (16)

DS: Benedict Malcolm Gotham (11)

DS: Frederick Hugo Gotham (9)

DS: Sebastian Dedric Gotham (7)

DS: Declan Isaac Winterwood (4) (Celia's child from a previous relationship)

DAS/DAD: Salrius Richard "Sal" Sebold-Winterwood / Adelina Renee "Addie" Sebold-Winterwood (1) (adopted from USA)


Jocelyn Sebold and Celia Winterwood

Luna, Benedict, Frederick, Sebastian, Declan, Sal,  and Addie




The Sebold Family


DH: Liam Ezra Sebold (35)

DW: Robyn Anastasia Sebold (nee Gilmore) (36) 


DS: Spencer Langston Sebold (17)

DS: Emmett Dylan Sebold (16)

DD: Cassandra Siobhan Sebold (13)

DS/DS: Cooper Ansel Sebold / Jonas Dominik Sebold (8)

DS: Milo Channing Sebold (4) 


Liam and Robyn Sebold

Spencer, Emmett, Cassandra, Cooper, Jonas, and Milo





The Holland Family


DW: Audrey Rebecca Holland (nee Sebold) (35)

DH: Rupert Blaise Holland (37)

exDH: Archer Brennan Gorvette (father of James and Ella)


DS/DD: James Axel Gorvette / Elizabeth Bryony "Ella" Gorvette (16)

DD: Aurelia Violet "Riley" Holland (12)

DD: Margery Hannah "Maisie" Holland  (11)

DS: Alexander Crispin "Alex" Holland (10)

DS: Lucian Daniel Holland (4)


Audrey and Rupert Holland

James, Ella, Riley, Maisie, Alex, and Lucian




The Sebold-Rosenberg Family


DH: Atticus Cai Sebold (29)

DW: Darcy Alouette Sebold (nee Rosenberg) (30)


DS: Douglass John Sebold (9)

DS: Garrett Thor Sebold (nb)


Atticus and Darcy Sebold


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Posted 08 January 2019 - 04:28 PM

The Corringham Family

DH: Cairn 'Cay' Fletcher Corringham [69]
DW: Gwendolyn 'Gwen' Jeannette {nee Acton} Corringham [67]

DD: Olympia 'Pia' Sammie Corringham [42]
DS: Primus 'Phrey' Humphrey Corringham [41]
DD: Isabella 'Bella' Silvia Corringham [40]
DS: Cairn 'Chet' Emmett Corringham [37]
DS/DS/DD: Titan 'TC' Curtis Corringham & Josselin 'Jos' Anthelme Corringham & Viana 'Ana' Sappho Corringham [36]

Cay & Gwen Corringham with Pia, Phrey, Bella, Chet, TC, Jos & Ana.


The Caster Family

DW: Olympia 'Pia' Sammie {nee Corringham} Caster [42]
DH: Michael 'Mike' Jared Caster [43]

DD: Bay Loren Caster [18]
DS: Jack Oliver Caster [15]
DS: Kai Arwen Caster [13]
DS: Blais Maximus Caster [6]
DS: Ade Silas Caster [5]
DD: Paige Leah Caster [2]

Pia Corringham & Mike Caster with Bay, Jack, Kai, Blais, Ade & Paige.


The Caster Family

DD: Bay Loren Caster [18]

Bay Caster.


The Corringham Family

DH: Primus 'Phrey' Humphrey Corringham [41]
DW: Carrie Eden {nee Dasgupta} Corringham [38]

DD/DD: Dara Otillie Corringham & Lark Angelica Corringham [18]
DS: Venn Augustin Corringham [14]
DS: Grey Stephen Corringham [13]
DS: Otto Jefferson Corringham [11]
DS: Mero Caroll Corringham [6]
DD: Wynn Philippa Corringham [infant]

Phrey & Carrie Corringham with Dara, Lark, Venn, Grey, Otto, Mero & Wynn.


The Corringham-Flemming Family

DD: Dara Otillie Corringham [18]
BF: Jonathan Richard Flemming [19] (short-term)

DS: Fox Oliver Corringham-Flemming [4]
DD: Ari Salaia Corringham-Flemming [1]

Dara Corringham & Jonathan Flemming with Fox & Ari.


The Flegal-Corringham Family

DW: Lark Angelica Corringham [18]
DH: Phoenix Caspar Flegal [18]

DS/DS: Matthew Caspar Flegal-Corringham & Theodore 'Theo' Elijah Flegal-Corringham [3]
DS: Dominic Nemo Flegal-Corringham [2]
DD: Nola Sophia Flegal-Corringham [1]

Lark Corringham & Phoenix Flegal with Matthew, Theo, Dominic & Nola.


The Osei Family

DW: Isabella 'Bella' Silvia {nee Corringham} Osei [40]
DH: Todd Howard Osei [40]

DD: Anastasia 'Annie' Rhiannon Osei [13]
DD: Adrianna 'Addie' Tess Osei [6]
DD: Angelica 'Angie' Margaret Osei [4]
DS: Atticus 'Antie' Mito Osei [3]
DS/DD: Amadeus 'Ahmie' Wolf Osei & Aurelia 'Aurie' Yvonne Osei [infants]

Bella & Todd Osei with Annie, Addie, Angie, Antie, Aurie & Ahmie.


The Corringham Family

DH: Cairn 'Chet' Emmett Corringham [37]
DW: Maya Cassandra {nee Greentree} Corringham [36]

DD: Charlie Sage Corringham [16]
DS: Magnus Jayden Corringham [15]
DD: Rosalie 'Rosie' Holland Corringham [10]
DD/DS: Adelie Thyme Corringham & Nino Reign Corringham [8]
DD: Emilie Campbell Corringham [4]
DS: Poet Dylan Corringham [3]
DS: Chad Ari Corringham [2]
DS: Amos Tierney Corringham [infant]

Chet Corringham & Maya Greentree with Charlie, Magnus, Rosie, Adelie, Nino, Emilie, Poet, Chad & Amos.


The Corringham-Kero Family

DS: Titan 'TC' Curtis Corringham [36]
Ex-DW: Clare Alyssa {nee Ren} Corringham [38]
GF: Hamakawa 'Amy' Kotone Cherry Kero (short-term)

DD: Colette Laura Corringham [13]
DS: Daniel Viviani Corringham [9]
DD: Penelope Gretel Corringham [7]
DS: Lincoln Hayamoto Corringham-Kero [1]

TC Corringham (with ex-wife Clare Corringham, Colette, Daniel & Penelope's mother) & Amy Kero with Colette, Daniel, Penelope & Linoln.


The Corringham-Enna Family

DH: Josselin 'Jos' Anthelme Corringham [36]
Ex-Fiance: Rosetta 'Ro' Ina Ingram [34]
DW: Michelle Elizabeth Enna [35]

DS/DS: Toby Alexander Corringham-Enna & Oscar 'Ozzie' Henry Corringham-Enna [14]
DD: Sadie Mae Corringham-Enna [12]
DD: Adrienne 'Renny' Grace Corringham-Enna [6]
DS: Armeros 'Merry' Patrick Corringham-Enna [3]

Jos Corringham (with ex-fiance Ro Ingram) & Michelle Enna with Toby, Ozzie, Sadie, Renny & Merry.


The Corringham-Smith Family

DW: Viana 'Ana' Sappho Corringham [36]
Ex-DH: Derick Atticus Young [39]
Ex-DH: Malte Catsuji Cimarusti [40]
BF: Patrick 'Pat' Lazarus Whitaker Smith [34] (long-term)

DS: Casper William Young [16]
DS: Cole Andrew Young [12]
DD: Caitlin Jane Young [11]
DS: Quentin Mieczysław Corringham-Cimarusti [9]
DD: Seraphina 'Sera' Cherish Corringham-Smith [4]
DS: Sinclair Ivan Corringham-Smith [2]
DS/DS: Spade Theon Corringham-Smith & Sebastian 'Seb' Thorley Corringham-Smith [1]

Ana Corringham (with ex-husband Derick Young, father of Casper, Cole & Caitlin AND ex-fiance Malte Cimarusti, father of Quentin) & Pat Smith with Casper, Cole, Caitlin, Quentin, Sera, Sinclair, Spade & Seb.

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Posted 08 January 2019 - 07:59 PM

The Norman Family


DH: Alexander Hart "Alex" (72)

DW: Laura Kendall, née Stieber (69)


DD: Willow January (41)

DD: Iris Genevieve (40)

DS: Peter Fox (39)

DS: Hayes Alcott (38)

DD: Gemma Florence (36)

DD: Phoebe Elizabeth (35)

DAD/DAS: Eliza Kit / Miles Christopher (33)


Alex, Laura, Willow, Iris, Peter, Hayes, Gemma, Phoebe, Eliza, & Miles




DGF: Willow January Norman (41)

(st)DBF: Anthony Jonas "Tony" Harp (45)


Willow & Tony




The Norman Family


DW: Iris Genevieve (40)

DW: Abigail Anne "Abby," née Davison (39)


DD: Sophia Lilly (3)


Iris, Abby, & Sophia




The Norman Family


DH: Peter Fox (39)

​DW: Bianca Heather, née Phillips (38)


DD: Mackenzie Shiloh (12)

DS: Ryder Grey (10)

DS: Adam Boyd (9)

DD/DS: Taylor Grace / Leo William (7)

DD: Audrey Kayla (2)


Peter, Bianca, Mackenzie, Ryder, Adam, Taylor, Leo, & Audrey




DBF: Hayes Alcott Norman (38)

ex-DGF: Lydia Elaine Norwood (38)




The Nichols Family


DW: Gemma Florence, née Norman (36)

DH: Alexander Leo "Xander" (38)


DS: John Joseph "JJ" (9)

DS: Oliver Edward (7)

DD: Emery Josette (6)

DD/DD/DS: Clarissa Jean / Rosemary Kendall / Felix Matthias  (3)

DD: Lily Frances (1)


​Gemma, Xander, JJ, Oliver, Emery, Clarissa, Rosemary, Felix, & Lily




The Van der Veen Family


DW: Phoebe Elizabeth, née Norman (36)

DH: Samuel Caleb "Sam" (39)


DS/DD: Hugo Frederick / Freya Wynn (1)

DD/DD: Alice Theodora / Georgia Lauriene (0)


Phoebe, Sam, Hugo, Freya, Alice, & Georgia




The Norman-Pitt Family


DW: Eliza Kit, née Norman (33)

DW: Adelina Vienne "Lina," née Pitt (35)


DD: Margaret Elisabeth "Maisie" (4)

DD: Celia Violet (2)

DAD: Loretta Blanche (0)


Eliza, Lina, Maisie, Celia, & Loretta




The Norman Family


DH: Miles Christopher (33)

DW: Teresa Guinevere, née Li (33)


DD: Cassandra Jolie "Cassie" (5)

DD: Everly Blanche (0)


Miles, Teresa, Cassie, & Everly



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Posted 12 January 2019 - 07:51 PM

The Talbot-Sanford Family


DH: Henry William Talbot-Sanford [67]

DH: Viktor Joshua Karson Talbot-Sanford [68]


DAD1: Blythe Tavia Leveret [37]

(Adopted from USA)

DS1/DS2: Lukas Mattin Sanford & Ethan Henry Ashton Talbot [36]

(DS1 is Biologically Henry's Son/DS2 is Biologically Viktor's Son)

DAD2: Ophelia Kai Mansfield [30]

(Adopted from USA)


Henry and Viktor Talbot-Sanford; with Blythe, Lukas, Ethan & Ophelia




The Leveret Family


DAD1: Blythe Tavia Leveret (nee Talbot-Sanford) [37]

DH: Theodore Loyalty Leveret [37]


DS1: Charles "Charlie" Connor Leveret [3]

DAD1: Therese Seraphina Leveret [1]

(Adopted from USA)


Blythe and Theodore Leveret; with Charlie & Therese




The Sanford Family


DS1: Lukas Mattin Sanford [36]

DW: Mina Elena Sanford (nee Callegari) [38]


DS1: Boyd Benry Sanford [15]

DS2: Dean Desmond Sanford [14]

DS3/DD1: Blaine Baines Sanford & Ellis Elaine Sanford [11]

DAD1: Ollie Opaline Sanford [2]

(Adopted from South Korea)


Lukas and Mina Sanford; with Boyd, Dean, Blaine, Ellis & Ollie




The Talbot/Hawthorn Family


DS2: Ethan Henry Ashton Talbot [36]

DW: Elizabella Dylan Talbot (nee Baumgartlinger) [35]

Ex-DGF: Olivet Kirrily Hawthorn [35] (formerly ST) [Mother of Vera]


DD1: Vera Yvaine Talbot-Hawthorn [14]

DD2: Adrienne Claudette Talbot [10]

DD3: Imogen Alena-Rose Talbot [4]

DS1: Sebastian Maximilian Talbot [3]

DS2: Dalton Bergen Talbot [1]

DS3: Jackson Damien Talbot [0]


Ethan (and ex-girlfriend Olivet Hawthorn) and Elizabella Talbot; with Vera, Adrienne, Imogen, Sebastian, Dalton & Jackson




The Mansfield Family


DAD2: Ophelia Kai Mansfield (nee Talbot-Sanford) [30] (Homosexual)

DW: Simone Frida Mansfield [29] (formerly LT)


DAD1: Daphne Gretel Mansfield [2]

(Adopted from USA)


Ophelia and Simone Mansfield; with Daphne




Generations of the Talbot-Sanford Family:


Henry and Viktor Talbot-Sanford; with Blythe, Lukas, Ethan & Ophelia


Blythe and Theodore Leveret; with Charlie & Therese

Lukas and Mina Sanford; with Boyd, Dean, Blaine, Ellis & Ollie

Ethan (and ex-girlfriend Olivet Hawthorn) and Elizabella Talbot; with Vera, Adrienne, Imogen, Sebastian, Dalton & Jackson

Ophelia and Simone Mansfield; with Daphne


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