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Quad Families

8 Families Link Namebanks

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Posted 21 August 2017 - 08:19 AM

I loved the sextuplet's post - so I'm going to copy except I'll do quads.  ^_^ Have fun! 

** ETA: I accidentally used the same list twice  :blush: Oops! I must've accidentally copied the same link rather than another one I intended. So I apologize!**


Surname Name bank: http://coollastnames.com/

Parents Name bank: https://www.ssa.gov/...names1980s.html


Family 1










Boy and Girl Namebank: https://nameberry.co...list/view/35432



Family 2









Boy Namebank: https://nameberry.co...ist/view/170195

Girl Namebank: https://nameberry.co...ist/view/152985




Family 3












Boy Namebank: https://nameberry.co...ist/view/155753

Girl Namebank: https://nameberry.co...ist/view/155754




Family 4









Boy and Girl Namebank: https://nameberry.co...ist/view/111198




Family 5











Boy Namebank: https://nameberry.co...list/view/52647

Girl Namebank: https://nameberry.co...list/view/34260



Family 6










Boy Namebank: http://www.theartofn...-baby-boys.html

Girl Namebank: https://nameberry.co...ist/view/155707




Family 7 









Boy and Girl Namebank: https://nameberry.co...list/view/42226



Family 8 









Girl Nambank: https://nameberry.co...list/view/34260

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Posted 21 August 2017 - 01:20 PM

Family 1- The Carmichael Family


DH: Ian Jacob Carmichael 

DW: Megan Olivia Carmichael (nee Penway)


DS: Atticus Jude Carmichael 

DS/DD/DS/DD: Callum Jericho Carmichael / Tobias Ezra Carmichael / Matteo Beckett Carmichael / Thalia Annalie Carmichael 


Ian and Megan Carmichael 

Atticus, Callum, Tobias, Matteo, and Thalia





Family 2- The Matsuzaka Family


DH: Eric Nathaniel Matsuzaka

DW: Amanda Lauren Matsuzaka (nee Bonet)


DS/DS/DD/DS: Caspian Milo Matsuzaka / Silas Noah Matsuzaka / Emilia Beatrice Matsuzaka/  Evan Barrett Matsuzaka


Eric and Amanda Matsuzaka

Caspian, Silas, Emilia, and Evan





Family 3- The Schwarzwald Family


DH: Isaac Matthew Schwarzwald

DW: Audrey Samantha Schwarzwald (nee Rhyne)


DD: Bellamy Quinn "Bella" Schwarzwald
DS: Griffin Archer Schwarzwald

DS: Maddox Roman Scharzwald

DS: Axel Soren Schwarzwald

DD/DD/DD/DD: Allegra Cadence Schwarzwald / Willow Addison Schwarzwald / Paisley Brielle Schwarzwald / Briony Wren Schwarzwald 


Isaac and Audrey Schwarzwald

Bella, Griffin, Maddox, Axel, Allegra, Willow, Paisley, and Briony





Family 4- The Argyros Family


DH: Vincent Michael Argyros 

DW: Sarah Katherine Argyros (nee Woodell)


DS/DS/DD/DD: William Drake "Liam" Argyros / Brendan Marco Argyros / Alexandra Mae "Lexie" Argyros / Delia Violet Argyros


Vincent and Sarah Argyros

Liam, Brendan, Lexie, and Delia





Family 5- The Urbans Family


DH: Seth Cameron Urbans 

DW: Rebecca Morgan "Becca" Urbans (nee Higorashi)


DS: Gideon Jude Urbans

DS: Tristan Elijah Urbans

DD/DS/DD/DD: Cressida Sonnet Urbans / Jonah Thatcher Urbans / Cordelia Ariadne Urbans "Cora" / Tatiana Primrose Urbans "Tia"


Seth and Becca Urbans

Gideon, Tristan, Cressida, Jonah, Cora, and Tia





Family 6- The Bergstein Family


DH: Stephen Lucas Bergstein

DW: Emily Victoria Bergstein (nee Harrinton)


DS/DS/DS/DS: Cassius Soren "Cash"  Bergstein / Percival Breccan "Percy" Bergstein / Peregrine Draco "Pippin" Bergstein / Wolfram Napoleon "Wolf" Bergstein 

DD: Magnolia Evangeline "Maggie" Bergstein


Stephen and Emily Bergstein

Cash, Percy, Pippin, Wolf, and Maggie





Family 7- The Pavlik Family


DH: James Alexander Pavlik
DW: Cassandra Bethany Pavlik (nee Philmore)


DD: Gwenyth Abigail "Gwen" Pavlik

DS/DS/DD/DD: Felix Asher Pavlik / David Amadeus Pavlik / Caia Felicity Pavlik / Naomi Beatrix Pavlik


James and Cassandra Pavlik

Gwen, Felix, David, Caia, and Naomi




Family 8- The Marquess Family


DH: Edward Bradley "Eddie" Marquess

DW: Hannah Elizabeth Marquess (nee Keese) 


DD/DD/DD/DD: Flora Isolde Marquess / Rosalie Yvaine Marquess / Acacia Daphne Marquess / Peony Cosette Marquess


Eddie and Hannah Marquess

Flora, Rosalie, Acacia, and Peony

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Posted 21 August 2017 - 02:19 PM

Family 1-The Conroe Family


DH: Darren Ross

DW: Monica Kelly


DS: Finn Cedar 

DS/DD/DS/DD: Jenson Skylar, Addison Luna, Tobias Storm, Hadley Juniper


Darren & Monica with: Finn, Jenson, Addy, Tobias & Hadley



Family 2-The Halder Family


DH: Michael Colin

DW: Abigail Bridget


DS/DS/DD/DS: Noah Aiden, Evan Theo, Nora Elizabeth, Milo Avery 


Mike & Abby Halder with: Noah, Evan, Nora & Milo



Family 3-The Ketteridge Family


DH: Henry Caleb

DW: Jill Theresa 


DD: Brooklyn Harper
DS: Ashton River

DS: Roman Thatcher

DS: Griffin Carter

DD/DD/DD/DD: Emerson Willow, Wren Addison, Haven Kylie, Quinn Paisley


Henry & Jill Ketteridge with: Brooke, Ash, Roman, Griffin, Emerson, Wren, Haven & Quinn




Family 4-The Stepp Family


DH: Lucas Trevor

DW: Kelsey Margaret 


DS/DS/DD/DD: James Peter, Christopher David, Amelia Violet, Isabelle Louise


Lucas & Kelsey Stepp with: James, Chris, Amy & Belle




Family 5- The Stonewood Family


DH: Shane Vincent

DW: Leah Alexandra


DS: Hayden Jonah

DS: Micah Landon

DD/DS/DD/DD: Daphne Odessa, Elijah Declan, Flora Winifred, Rosalie Dinah


Shane & Leah Stonewood with: Hayden, Micah, Daphne, Eli, Flora & Rose




Family 6- The Delrose Family


DH: Bradley Peter

DW: Julie Kathleen


DS/DS/DS/DS: Lachlan Kit, Sutton Wiley, Hayes Sterling, Beau Everest

DD: Matilda Bronwyn 


Brad & Julie Stonewood with: Lachlan, Sutton, Hayes, Beau & Mattie





Family 7- The Jefferson Family 


DH: Mark Patrick
DW: Vanessa Katherine 


DD: Felicity June

DS/DS/DD/DD: Felix Asher, David Maddox, Abigail Susan, Gwyneth Amanda


Mark & Vanessa Jefferson with: Felicity, Felix, David, Abby & Gwen




Family 8- The Hardie Family


DH: John William

DW: Sarah Christina


DD/DD/DD/DD: Gidget Amity, Thisbe Cordelia, Signe Magnolia, Liesl Enid


John & Sarah Hardie with: Gidget, Thisbe, Signe & Liesl 

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Posted 23 August 2017 - 07:40 AM

Family 1


LN: Montaine


DH: Henry Jeremiah

DW: Melanie Tracy


DS: Jasper Marius

DS/DD/DS/DD: Tobias Zayne/ Thalia Macy/ Emmerson Everett / Annalie Braelyn



Family 2


LN: Holtman


DH: Lawrence Garrett

DW: Desiree Jaclyn


DS/DS/DD/DS: Barrett Theo/ Milo Theron/  Keira Colette  /  Evan Silas



Family 3


LN: Shires


DH: Colin Roger

DW: Abigail Caroline


DD: Addison Bellamy
DS: Ashton Kai

DS: Griffin Easton

DS: Maverick Jaxon

DD/DD/DD/DD: Brielle India / Harper Kylie / Clover Arden / Riley Sloane




Family 4




DH: Rodney Isaac

DW: Meredith Barbara


DS/DS/DD/DD: John Walter / Leon William / Isabelle Louise / Amelia Alexandra




Family 5


LN: Pates


DH: Clinton Jack

DW: Deanna Tonya


DS: Carter Dalton

DS: Declan Jude

DD/DS/DD/DD:  Charis Giselle / Dean Hudson /Primrose Elva/ Dinah Claudie



Family 6


LN: Shawson


DH: Darren Maurice

DW: Michele Kari


DS/DS/DS/DS: Sterling Wilder / Payson Thorin / Crosby Rohan/ Breccan Bravery

DD: Evangeline Luna




Family 7 


LN: Theisen


DH: Spencer Grant
DW: Adrienne Sharon


DD: Naomi Rena

DS/DS/DD/DD: Asher Felix/  David Amadeus / Susan Imogen / Amanda Branwen





Family 8 


LN: Fortwright


DH: Logan Dylan

DW: Dominique Nina


DD/DD/DD/DD: Elowen Reverie / Lourdes Rosalie/ Mirielle Ariadne / Amity Irie

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Posted 23 August 2017 - 10:10 AM

Family 1- The Dermer Family



DH: Jeremy Patrick

DW: Erin Christine (nee Boney)


DS: Daemyn Ezra  

DS/DD/DS/DD: Kane Jasper/Kimber Justice/Juliette Kara/Jensen Kent


Jeremy and Erin Dermer

Kane, Kimber, Juliette, Jensen and Daemyn




Family 2- The Rodale Family



DH: Benjamin Jefferey  

DW: Shannon Lisa (nee Luxembourg)  


DS/DS/DD/DS: Evan Oslo/Rowan Barrett/Emilia Eleanor/Avery Caspian


Benjamin and Shannon Rodale

Evan,Rowan,Emilia and Evan



Family 3- The Waine Family



DH: Bryan Paul

DW: Maria Lindsay (nee Stenbuck)


DD: Reign Bailey  

DS: Ryker Soren  

DS: Reese Carter

DS: Colton Aden

DD/DD/DD/DD: Brooklyn Kennedy/Brielle Everly/Emerson Riley/Paisley Addison


Bryan and Maria Waine

Reign, Ryker, Reese, Colton, Brooklyn, Brielle, Emerson and Paisley



Family 4- Mochi



DH: Timothy Aaron

DW: Crystal Rebecca (nee Cadwaaler)


DS/DS/DD/DD: Brendan Marco/Clark William/Amelia Isabelle/Sylvia Mae


Timothy and Crystal Mochi

Brendan, Clark, Amelia and Sylvia



Family 5- The Pompey Family



DH: Adam Charles

DW: Erica Mary (nee Goken)


DS: Brody Dean

DS: Declan Carter

DD/DS/DD/DD: Liesl Maeby/Tristan Reed/Avella Imperia/Persis Tindra


Adam and Erica Pompey

Brody, Declan, Liesl, Tristan, Avella and Persis



Family 6- The Allis Family



DH: Richard Stephen  

DW: Samantha Angela (nee Aiman)


DS/DS/DS/DS: Bane Fischer/Cobalt Euan/Madden Hayes/Payson Alfric  

DD: Magnolia Rosalie  


Richard and Samantha Allis

Bane, Cobalt, Madden, Payson and Magnolia




Family 7- The Marrs Family




DH: Nathan Scott

DW: Kristin Ashley (nee Crea)


DD: Alisa Faine

DS/DS/DD/DD: Felix Hopper/Callaghan Faust/Letitia Kiaria/Milena June


Nathan and Kristin Marrs

Alisa, Felix, Callaghan, Letitia and Milena



Family 8- The Tonkins Family



DH: Michael Shawn  

DW: Meghan Alicia (nee Kennon)


DD/DD/DD/DD: Calixta Elva/Cosette Galilee/Celestia Irie/China Mirielle


Michael and Meghan Tonkins

Calixta, Cosette, Celestia and China  

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Posted 23 August 2017 - 11:22 AM

Family 1


LN: Ratcliff


DH: Shane Michael

DW: Allison Danielle


DS: Jett Easton

DS/DD/DS/DD: Piers Westley / Ember Hadley / Zayne Beckett / Marlie Adelyn


Shane and Allie Ratcliff

Jett, Piers, Ember, Zayne and Marlie




Family 2


LN: Lavitz 


DH:  Justin Tyler

DW: April Nicole


DS/DS/DD/DS: Evan Barrett / Noah Theron / Amelia Beatrice / Silas Hayes


Justin and April Lavitz

Evan, Noah, Amelia and Silas




Family 3


LN: Rosenburg


DH: Joshua David

DW: Rachel Elizabeth


DD: Brooklyn Cadence
DS: Carter Maverick

DS: Maddox Gray

DS: Griffin Wilder

DD/DD/DD/DD: Willow Riley / Haven Dakota / Nova Kennedy / Quinn Harper


Josh and Rachel Rosenburg

Brooklyn, Carter, Maddox, Griffin

Willow, Haven, Nova and Quinn




Family 4


LN: Macall


DH: Chad Russell

DW: Lauren Brittany


DS/DS/DD/DD: Christopher James / William Drake / Alexandra Blair / Isabella Mae


Chad and Lauren Macall

Chris, Will, Lexi and Bella




Family 5


LN: Broadfield


DH: Derrick Mitchell

DW: Amy Rebecca


DS: Brody Isaiah

DS: Grey Elijah

DD/DS/DD/DD: Charis Magnolia / Knox Jonah / Daphne Tatiana / Enid Calixta


Derrick and Amy Broadfield

Brody, Grey, Charis, Knox, Daphne and Enid




Family 6


LN: Trabek


DH: Jason Bradley

DW: Kimberly Vanessa


DS/DS/DS/DS: Crosby Madden / Hayes Wilder / Noble Sterling / Sutton Fielding 

DD: Eden Magnolia


Jason and Kim Trabek

Crosby, Hayes, Noble, Sutton and Eden




Family 7 


LN: DeFranco


DH: Anthony David
DW: Robin Renee


DD: Rena Joyce

DS/DS/DD/DD: Asher David / Maddox Callaghan / Caia Abigail / Zoey Beatrix


Tony and Robin DeFranco

Rena, Asher, Maddox, Caia and Zoey




Family 8 


LN: Packwood


DH: Bryan Christopher

DW: Amber Victoria


DD/DD/DD/DD: Calixta Posy / Magnolia Prairie / Rosalie Sonnet / Winifred Chapel


Bryan and Amber Packwood

Callie, Maggie, Rosie and Winnie

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Posted 24 August 2017 - 09:20 AM

The Greenstein Family


DH: Cameron Walter Greenstein

DW: Anna Lauren Greenstein


DS: Jasper Finn Greenstein

DS/DD/DS/DD: Tobias 'Toby' Jensen Greenstein, Juliette Skye Greenstein, Ellison 'Ellis' Ryder Greenstein, and Luna Kaye Greenstein

Cameron and Anna with Jasper, Toby, Juliette, Ellis, and Luna



The Donnor Family


DH:  Logan Wesley Donnor

DW: Wendy Caroline Donnor


DS/DS/DD/DS: Evan Noah Donnor, Barrett 'Bear' Nico Donnor, Amelia Alice Donnor, and Milo Hayes Donnor

Logan and Wendy with Evan, Bear, Amelia, and Milo



The Moyne Family

DH: Gabriel 'Gabe' Henry Moyne

DW: Jillian 'Jill' Emily Moyne


DD: Clover 'Cleo' Addison Moyne
DS: Lennox Griffin Moyne

DS: Maverick 'Ricky' Duke Moyne

DS: Axel Beckett Moyne

DD/DD/DD/DD: Brooklyn Wren Moyne, Nova Quinn Moyne, Kennedy Brielle Moyne, and Lux Bailey Moyne

Gabe and Jill with Cleo, Lennox, Ricky, Axel, Brooklyn, Nova, Kennedy, and Lux



The Sommerfield Family


DH: Julian Mitchell Sommerfield

DW: Jenna Marie Sommerfield

DS/DS/DD/DD: Hudson William Sommerfield, Peter Clark Sommerfield, Violet Louise Sommerfield, and Lucy Helen Sommerfield

Julian and Jenna with Hudson, Peter, Violet, and Lucy



The Harven Family


DH: Nathaniel 'Nathan' Douglas Harven

DW: Leah Renee Harven


DS: Penn Elijah Harven

DS: Gideon Reed Harven

DD/DS/DD/DD: Tatiana 'Tati' Elva Harven, Lincoln 'Link' Knox Harven, Winifred 'Winnie' Cosette Harven, and Daphne 'Daffy' Artemis Harven

Nathan and Leah with Penn, Gideon, Tati, Link, Winnie, and Daffy



The Greyman Family


DH: Jesse Adam Greyman

DW: Cassandra 'Cassidy' Whitney Greyman


DS/DS/DS/DS: Sutton Everest, Caspian 'Chip' Basil, Rohan 'Ro' Kit, and Beau Sterling

DD: Penelope Eden

Jesse and Cassidy with Sutton, Chip, Ro, Beau, and Penelope



The Berch Family

DH: Derek Ryan Berch
DW: Meredith Heidi Berch


DD: Milena 'Lena' June Berch

DS/DS/DD/DD: Felix David Berch, Seeley Asher Berch, Zoey Allegra Berch, and Beatrix 'Trixie' Abigail Berch

Derek and Meredith with Lena, Felix, Seeley, Zoey, and Trixie



The Steep Family


DH: Andrew 'Drew' Martin Steep

DW: Natalie Katherine Steep


DD/DD/DD/DD: Rosalie 'Rosie' Winola Steep, Giselle 'Elle' Evening Steep, Maeby 'Mae' Odessa Steep, and Magnolia 'Maggie' Nouvel Steep

Drew and Natalie with Rosie, Elle, Mae, and Maggie

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