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Easthampton Lower School - Reception Class

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Posted 20 March 2020 - 06:26 AM

Reception (Year Zero) (Turn 5 before Sept 1st)
Mrs Cooper - Lindsey, Gabrielle, Joanne, Jeanette, Cecelia, Athena (Son in Y2, Daughter in Y1)

Baker - Alec, Keaton, Cole, Harris, Aidan, Lennox
Barnes - Patrick, Cain, Stephen, Kaiden, Zaiden, Alaric (Brother in Y3)
Brown - Keira, June, Theresa, Holland, Linnea, Pippa (Sister in Y1)
Butler - Jenna, Joy, Samantha, Edith, Ciara, Yvette
Campbell - Jillian, Ashleigh, Daisy, Erica, Catrina, Margaret
Carter - Brooke, Penelope, Jocelyn, Alexandra, Lucinda, Geraldine
Fletcher - Chloe, Thalia, Isla, Elsa, Danielle, Tamsin (Mom teaches Y3)
Moore - Erin, Sophie, Olive, Jane, Carolyn, Eliana
Morris - Foster, Brett, Abraham, Daniel, Maxwell, Edward
Murphy - Debra, Therese, Skye, Irene, Tamara, Phoebe
Parker - Janelle, Annabelle, Paige, Giselle, Camilla, Oriana
Pearson - Louisa, Brittany, Evelyn, Nina, Genevieve, Josephine (Brothers in Y4 and Y2)
Price - Greyson, Davis, Silas, Logan, Jesse, Blake
Reynolds - Marina, Robin, Georgina, Annalise, Emma, Eloise (Sister in Y3)
Roberts - Damian, Ethan, Tobias, Vaughn, Lucas, Albert
Walker - Cedric, Spencer, Deacon, Gideon, Brian, Keith
Wilkinson - Rosalyn, Iris, Arya, Freya, Katherine, Esther (Brother in Y1)
Wright - Kiefer, Colton, Declan, Joshua, Jordan, Evan (Sister in Y1)
Young - Duncan, Cyrus, Archibald, Calvin, William, Tyson

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Posted 20 March 2020 - 09:17 AM

Teacher: Mrs Athena 'Thea' Joanne Cooper 
1. Lennox Harris Baker
2. Alaric Stephen Barnes
3. Keira Holland Brown
4. Edith 'Edie' Joy Butler
5. Margaret 'Margo' Catrina Campbell
6. Lucinda 'Lucy' Brooke Carter
7. Tamsin Chloe Fletcher
8. Eliana 'Elia' Jane Moore
9. Daniel 'Dan' Abraham Morris
10. Skye Phoebe Murphy
11. Camilla 'Millie' Paige Parker
12. Louisa 'Lulu' Evelyn Pearson
13. Greyson 'Grey' Jesse Price
14. Robin Marina Reynolds
15. Vaughn Ethan Roberts
16. Spencer 'Spence' Gideon Walker
17. Iris Katherine Wilkinson
18. Evan Joshua Wright
19. Archibald 'Archie' Calvin Young
Mrs Thea Cooper with her reception class: Lennox, Alaric, Keira, Edie, Margo, Lucy, Tamsin, Elia, Dan, Skye, Millie, Lulu, Grey, Robin, Vaughn, Spence, Iris, Evan & Archie.

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Posted 20 March 2020 - 01:41 PM

Reception (Year Zero) (Turn 5 before Sept 1st)
Mrs Cooper - Athena Lindsey (Son in Y2, Daughter in Y1)

Baker -  Keaton Harris
Barnes - Alaric Zaiden 
(Brother in Y3)
Brown - Pippa June (Sister in Y1)
Butler - Ciara Yvette
Campbell - Daisy Erica
Carter - Penelope Brooke
Fletcher -  Thalia Danielle  (Mom teaches Y3)
Moore - Olive Sophie
Morris - Brett Foster
Murphy - Tamara Irene
Parker -  Giselle Oriana
Pearson -  Nina Genevieve (Brothers in Y4 and Y2)
Price - Greyson Silas
Reynolds - Marina Annalise (Sister in Y3)
Roberts - Lucas Vaughn
Walker - Spencer Cedric
Wilkinson -  Arya Katherine (Brother in Y1)
Wright - Evan Kiefer (Sister in Y1)
Young - Cyrus Archibald

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Posted 20 March 2020 - 01:41 PM

Reception (Year Zero) (Turn 5 before Sept 1st)
Mrs Cooper - Lindsey Joanne (Son in Y2, Daughter in Y1)

Baker - Harris Aidan 
Barnes - Kaiden Patrick (Brother in Y3)
Brown - Keira June (Sister in Y1)
Butler - Samantha Edith "Sami" 
(Sisters in Y4 and Y2)
Campbell - Jillian Catrina "Jilli" (brother in Y4) 

Carter - Brooke Penelope 
Fletcher - Isla Danielle (Mom teaches Y3)
Moore - Sophie Jane 
Morris - Brett Maxwell 
Murphy - Phoebe Skye "Bee" 
Parker - Annabelle Camilla "Annie" 
Pearson - Brittany Evelyn "Britt" (Brothers in Y4 and Y2)
Price - Logan Blake 
Reynolds - Emma Robin "Emmy" (Sister in Y3)
Roberts - Ethan Lucas
Walker - Spencer Brian 
Wilkinson - Arya Katherine "Ary" (Brother in Y1)
Wright - Declan Joshua (Sister in Y1)
Young - Tyson William "Ty" 

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Posted 20 March 2020 - 07:54 PM

Reception Class

Mrs. Athena Joanne Cooper (mother of Lewie, Year Two, and Carolina, Year One)


1. Lennox "Len" Cole Baker

2. Cain Patrick Barnes (brother to Cam, Year Three)

3. Pippa June Brown (sister to Odelia, Year One)

4. Samantha "Sammy" Joy Butler (sister to Nicky, Year Four, and Ari, Year Two)

5. Daisy Margaret Campbell (sister to Hudson, Year Four)

6. Lucinda "Lucy" Penelope Carter

7. Elsa Thalia Fletcher

8. Olive "Liv" Jane Moore

9. Edward "Eddie" Abraham Morris IV

10. Phoebe Skye Murphy

11. Oriana Paige Parker

12. Louisa Genevieve Pearson (sister to Russell, Year Four, and Colin, Year Two)

13. Silas Jesse Price

14. Eloise Georgina Reynolds (sister to Leona, Year Three)

15. Ethan Damian Roberts

16. Cedric Brian Walker

17. Freya Katherine Wilkinson (sister to Lloyd, Year One)

18. Kiefer Evan Wright (brother to Poppy, Year One)

19. Calvin "Cal" William Young


Mrs. Cooper with her 19 reception students:

Len, Cain, Pippa, Sammy, Daisy, Lucy, Elsa, Liv, Eddie, Phoebe, Oriana, Louisa, Silas, Eloise, Ethan, Cedric, Freya, Kiefer, and Cal

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Posted 22 March 2020 - 11:23 AM

Reception (Year Zero) (Turn 5 before Sept 1st)
Mrs Cooper - Cecelia Joanne (Son in Y2, Daughter in Y1)

Baker - Aidan Harris
Barnes - Alaric Patrick (Brother in Y3)
Brown - Theresa June (Sister in Y1)
Butler - Ciara Joy
Campbell - Ashleigh Daisy
Carter - Penelope Brooke
Fletcher - Thalia Danielle (Mom teaches Y3)
Moore - Eliana Carolyn
Morris - Abraham Daniel
Murphy - Tamara Skye
Parker - Annabelle Paige
Pearson - Nina Louisa (Brothers in Y4 and Y2)
Price - Davis Blake
Reynolds - Annalise Robin (Sister in Y3)
Roberts - Tobias Damian
Walker - Gideon Keith
Wilkinson - Iris Katherine (Brother in Y1)
Wright - Joshua Colton (Sister in Y1)
Young - Archibald William

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Posted 23 March 2020 - 09:03 AM

 Reception (Year Zero) (Turn 5 before Sept 1st)
Mrs Cooper - Gabrielle Cecelia (Son in Y2, Daughter in Y1)

Baker - Aidan Lennox
Barnes - Zaiden Alaric, "Zay" (Brother in Y3)
Brown - Linnea June (Sister in Y1)
Butler -  Edith Samantha, "Edie"  
Campbell - Margaret Jillian, "Maisie" 
Carter - Penelope Alexandra, "Poppy" 
Fletcher - Elsa Chloe, "Elsie" (Mom teaches Y3)
Moore - Olive Sophie 
Morris - Edward Maxwell, "Ned" 
Murphy - Phoebe Skye 
Parker - Camilla Oriana, "Millie" 
Pearson - Genevieve Josephine, "Evie" (Brothers in Y4 and Y2)
Price - Greyson Silas 
Reynolds - Eloise Georgina, "Ellie" (Sister in Y3)
Roberts - Ethan Damian 
Walker - Cedric Spencer, "Ced" 
Wilkinson - Freya Rosalyn (Brother in Y1)
Wright - Declan Jordan, "Ducky" (Sister in Y1)
Young - Cyrus William, "Cy"


Mrs. Cooper with students, 

Aiden, Zay, Linnea, Edie, Maisie, Poppy, Edie, Olive, Ned, Phoebe, Evie, Greyson, Ellie, Ethan, Ced, Freya, Ducky, and Cy 

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Posted 25 March 2020 - 06:31 PM

Mrs Joanne 'Jo' Lindsey Cooper [31]

Harris 'Harry' Cole Baker [4]
Alaric 'Ric' Cain Barnes [5]
Linnea 'Lin' June Brown [4]
Samantha 'Sammie' Joy Butler [5]
Margaret 'Maggie' Erica Campbell [5]
Jocelyn 'Joss' Lucinda Carter [4]
Thalia 'Lia' Chloe Fletcher [5]
Sophie 'Soph' Jane Moore [4]
Daniel 'Danny' Edward Morris [5]
Phoebe 'Bee' Tamara Murphy [4]
Camilla 'Cammie' Paige Parker [4]
Evelyn 'Eve' Josephine Pearson [5]
Greyson 'Grey' Davis Price [5]
Emma 'Em' Georgina Reynolds [4]
Tobias 'Toby' Ethan Roberts [4]
Deacon 'Deac' Brian Walker [4]
Katherine 'Kate' Rosalyn Wilkinson [5]
Colton 'Cole' Evan Wright [4]
William 'Will' Archibald Young [5]

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Posted 14 April 2020 - 08:29 AM

Reception (Year Zero) (Turn 5 before Sept 1st)


Mrs. Lindsey Gabrielle Cooper [Mom to Lochlan (Y2) & Emmy (Y1)]


Cole Harris Baker (11/3/15)

Patrick Stephen Barnes (5/14/15) [Brother of Dillon (Y3)]

Linnea Holland Brown (8/9/15) [Sister of Matilda (Y1)]

Samantha Joy Butler (3/22/15) [Sister of Arianna (Y2) & Nicole (Y4)]

Daisy Margaret Campbell (11/24/14) [Sister of Greg (Y4)]

Penelope Alexandra "Penny" Carter (6/1/15)

Chloe Danielle Fletcher (10/25/14) [Daughter of Miss Fletcher (Y3 teacher)]

Olive Jane Moore (4/28/15)

Daniel Edward Morris (1/18/15)

Skye Therese Murphy (7/11/15)

Annabelle Paige Parker (12/16/14)

Nina Josephine Pearson (5/30/15) [Sister of Isaac (Y2) & Russell (Y4)]

Logan Davis Price (12/10/14)

Eloise Georgina Reynolds (2/7/15) [Sister of Maia (Y3)]

Ethan Lucas Roberts (8/31/15)

Gideon Keith Walker (10/29/14)

Freya Esther Wilkinson (4/2/15) [Sister of Miles (Y1)]

Colton Joshua Wright (12/8/14) [Brother of Poppy (Y1)]

Cyrus Archibald Young (2/23/15)


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