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My Names. :]

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Posted 20 May 2008 - 05:13 AM

How do you guys like these names? They're alphabetized just like on my profile! Haha. I hate choosing an order. D:

Ainsley Brielle
Anna Madeleine
Audrey Raine
Charlotte nn Charley Quinn
Delaney nn Laney October
Dresden Sophia
Harper Whitney
Lillian Monet
Mika Juliet
Sienna Ireland

Alastair Reed
Callum Wesley
Edward Cillian
Forrest Benjamin
Franklin nn Frankie Sawyer
Holden Morrissey
James Patrick
Leo Cobain
Sterling Alexander
William nn Liam Ronald

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  • Interests:I LOVE reading. I'm into almost every genre and generally read a book a week, if possible. I like Iris Johansen, Karen Marie Moning, Stephen King, James Patterson, Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë, Diana Gabaldon, Kathy Reichs, and Robert Burns (every Scot's favorite author). I really love music and even got accepted to the Mason Gross School of Performing Arts at Rutgers University (my alma mater) for vocal performance. Unfortunately performance life was not for me, so I went into English Lit and French instead. Music is still a big part of my life, and I like a multitude of musical genres from Reggae to Rock to Opera. I've seen Carmen and La bohème each twice. (And I cry every time.) My husband and I also have a special place in our hearts for The Beatles.

Posted 20 May 2008 - 08:15 AM

Ainsley Brielle ---> Not a fan of Ainsley on a girl; Brielle is lovely
Anna Madeleine ---> Pretty
Audrey Raine ---> Pretty
Charlotte nn Charley Quinn ---> Stunning (though I prefer the nn Lottie for Charlotte)
Delaney nn Laney October ---> I'm not a big fan of Delaney or October
Dresden Sophia ---> Not fond of Dresden, but Sophia is lovely
Harper Whitney ----> I'm not fond of Harper, but Whitney is OK
Lillian Monet ---> Lovely
Mika Juliet ---> Interesting first name and pretty middle name
Sienna Ireland ---> Pretty

Alastair Reed ---> Lovely, but I prefer Reed spelled Reid
Callum Wesley ---> Lovely
Edward Cillian ---> Nice
Forrest Benjamin ---> Forrest is OK, I really like Benjamin as a middle name
Franklin nn Frankie Sawyer ---> Nice
Holden Morrissey ---> Holden is OK, I'm not sure about Morrissey
James Patrick ---> Lovely
Leo Cobain ---> Not my style, but it's not bad
Sterling Alexander ---> Nice
William nn Liam Ronald ---> William is one of my favorites, but I'm not too fond of Ronald.

P.S. Thanks for the birthday PM!

#3 rhaego


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Posted 20 May 2008 - 12:45 PM

I'm glad you think so many of them are nice! :) Holden Morrissey I got from The Catcher In the Rye, which is terrible unoriginal, but I love it anyway. :) Also, I wasn't aware that Ainsley wasn't a girls name! I thought it and Aislinn were in the same boat. Good thing you're around to set me straight! ;)

And you're welcome! :]

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  • Interests:LOVE - my family, friends, house, cooking, golfing, being irish, music is so fun, though never have been blessed with anything close to talent. parties, especially pool parties rock! names OF course and nicknames on my children are always enjoyable since there are so many!, having red hair, shopping, tennis, beach.<br />HATE - that my eyesight is getting worse, navigating my way through cities, thinking about ever leaving my town, when people butchered my maiden name(it was straightforward), sticky things, ridiculous prices at our movie theatres, driving(though it's inevitable that i do drive).

Posted 20 May 2008 - 02:48 PM

Ainsley Brielle - i like this one a lot, i love ainsley on both
Anna Madeleine - this is ver ybeautiful, and i love the spellings
Audrey Raine - another fabulous combination
Charlotte nn Charley Quinn - charlotte has never been my favorite name, but lately i've liked it a lot more, and i think the flow could be alittle bit better, but it's nto bad
Delaney nn Laney October - i liket his, not a fan of months besides april/may/june, but i lov edelaney
Dresden Sophia - i don't find dresden too attractive.. i'm sorry
Harper Whitney - great name!!!
Lillian Monet - i like this :)
Mika Juliet - another fabulous one
Sienna Ireland - flow could be better, but the name though is not my style is nice..

Alastair Reed - love alastair, i too prefer reid
Callum Wesley - THIS IS AN AMAZING NAME :)
Edward Cillian - very nice, neither are my style, but i do note it's a godo name
Forrest Benjamin - this is nice, each name balances out each other in my opinion because the name styles are opposites almost
Franklin nn Frankie Sawyer - very nice, love frankie and franklin
Holden Morrissey - i like holden a lot
James Patrick - nice
Leo Cobain -nice as well
Sterling Alexander - this is a nice name
William nn Liam Ronald - classic, strong, handsome

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Posted 20 May 2008 - 05:22 PM

Ainsley Brielle - prefer ainsley to brielle
Anna Madeleine - VERY beautiful name :)
Audrey Raine - i like it
Charlotte nn Charley Quinn - nice, i too prefer the nickname lottie
Delaney nn Laney October - not my style, but is a nice name
Dresden Sophia - hmm not toos ure on dresden
Harper Whitney - i like this, whitney i like better
Lillian Monet - ver ybeautiful
Mika Juliet - i love it
Sienna Ireland - alright, flow isn't the best, sienna nor ireland are my favorite names either

Alastair Reed - very nice name
Callum Wesley - both great names
Edward Cillian - very handsome, not big on cillian
Forrest Benjamin - i like this
Franklin nn Frankie Sawyer - i like this too
Holden Morrissey - all right
James Patrick - handsome, though james is real popular
Leo Cobain - i like this, prefer leo for a nn, cobain is okay
Sterling Alexander - :) i like this a lot
William nn Liam Ronald - very nice, handsome, traditional names

#6 rhaego


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Posted 21 May 2008 - 04:56 PM

Thank you all for your input, good and bad! :) I'm glad so much of it was good, hehe. I love hearing what people think.
For the record, I know Dresden is incredibly out there, and probably a bit taboo, but I love it as a name. I have absolutely no idea why. I just heard it one day and it hit someplace in my brain, which is right where it stuck. I probably wouldn't name my child that until I had a couple more under my belt, because there are much better names there. :]

#7 JENN2688


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Posted 22 May 2008 - 02:29 PM

These are my favorites:
Anna Madeleine
Audrey Raine
Delaney nn Laney October
Harper Whitney
Sienna Ireland

Callum Wesley
Holden Morrissey

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