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15 Years of Your Life Game *Very Detailed*

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Posted 27 May 2012 - 11:59 AM

So I've finally given into my children's demands of writing down my story so they have something to show their kids, or their grandkids. So here we go:
I'm Olivia Naomi, but everyone calls me Liv. I have curly dark blonde hair and dark blue eyes. I'm starting this 'story' near my 21st birthday, what happened before that isn't really important. Wait, I take that back, earlier this year I married my best friend, Mark Victor Jameson, so technically I was 20.. I think the first thing I noticed about him with the contrast between his blue eyes and his brown hair. Are our jobs important? I guess so, I'm a lab tech for the local police department. Mark, well he's a Marine. So here we go. The past 15 years of my life.

Year 1 (2016):
Child Event: Mark and I hadn't planned on having kids for at least another 2 or 3 years but in April I found out I was pregnant. On December 24th, 2016 I gave birth to my first son, Henry Jacob. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited he's here but medical school was no longer an option. But looking at my son's straight brown hair and blue eyes I didn't mind it so much. I just wanted what was best for this little boy that reminded me so much of my husband.
Random Event: After entering a writing contest I won $2,000. It really helped buy all the things we didn't plan for when we found I was pregnant.

Year 2 (2017):
Travel Event: Mark and I decide to take a second honeymoon since our first one was spend moving all of our stuff into a new house on base and he'd just gotten a promotion (and pay raise). We take with us since we aren't going too far. Mark loved sitting on the beach with Henry in his lap listening to him giggle. I just liked seeing my boys happy.
Child Event: I guess what little alone time Mark and I had during our second honeymoon had some unexpected affects. Two months after getting back I find out I'm pregnant. Mark's excited, I'm worried. I did not plan on this Both my parents and my husband's parents have asked to be present for the birth of our second son. However we refuse saying that we want that moment to be just us and our son. Plus someone has to watch Henry since he's only 10 months old. Isaac Charles makes his apperence on October 26th, 2017. He's born with a full head of curly brown hair with gorgeous blue eyes.

Year 3 (2018):
Child Event: Surprise! Guess who's pregnant again! We find out that we're expecting another little boy. Mark always said no more than 3 kids. Well this makes three, but I know he's always hoping for a daughter. Maybe something will happen later down the road for right now, I'm going to have my hands full with 3 little boys all under 4. Mark however misses the birth of his third son, Eric Pierre, on December 30th, because he was deployed. We knew that it might always be a possibility but it still makes Mark feel like he let down his youngest. However his eyes light up when he gets home and his curly headed blonde son with my dark blue eyes.
Family Matter: With three little boys we've decided to swing some money on sending the older boys to a daycare twice a week. It'll be nice for them to socialize with other kids off base. Plus it gives me some 'alone' time. Well, as alone as you can get when you're pregnant.

Year 4 (2019):
Random Event: Mark's got a pay raise. We really can't afford an entire house re-do but we can afford to have the upstair redone. We have new tile put in the bathroom and hardwood floor in the nursey, it makes messes a bit easier to clean up.
Job Event: Mark got another promotion. He's now a corporal, with another pay raise! Life just got a bit easier financially.

Year 5 (2020):
Travel Event: Mark gets deployed for the next year. Me and the boys skype with him every couple of days but it's still hard on all of us. Thank God the boys know how to behave.
Moving Event: We're moved temporarily into a new home on base while the pipes in our old house are being replaced. Figures they break while Mark's gone. They put us into a two story home however as they're fixing the pipes they find more and more things wrong with the house. We wind up spending almost 11 months in this new house. Henry worries about how Daddy's gonna know where to find us.

Year 6 (2021):
Child Event: Mark really wants a daughter. Enough that he's willing to break his no more than three rule. So we decided to start the adoption process. We decided that South Korea would be the best match for us and we're soon matched with the sweetest 6 year old girl, Yun Sang. Mark's over the moon. Henry has to adjust to no longer being the oldest.
Job Event: Shortly after Yun gets home Mark recieves his new orders. He's being transferred. We explain to Yun and the boys what's going on. It doens't seem to bother the boys but Yun seems aprehensive. I can't say I blame her though, last time she packed everything up she left everything she'd ever known.

Year 7 (2022):
Random Event: Never drive when you're exhausted. Ever. Okay? I almost died doing that. I put the front end of my car into a tree trying to avoid a deer I hadn't seen because I was half asleep. I'm really glad I didn't have the kids with us.
Job Event: Mark recieves a pay raise. I start saving money for Yun's college since the boy have had their own accounts since they were born.

Year 8 (2023):
Pet Event: The kids and I have started volunteering at the local animal shelter to show them how much work goes into having a pet. They immediately fall in love with one of the dogs there. After some begging we let the kids adopt her. A few weeks later we bring home Sasha, the family husky.
Travel Event: Mark gets deployed again. Yun asks every day when Daddy will be home. Thankfully this is a short deployment, 6 months. It's still hard but we talk to him as often as we can.

Year 9 (2024):
Job Event: I guess I forgot to mention this. When Mark was transferred I left my job. However after being here for two years staying in the house is driving me crazy. Thankfully I found a job relatively easy doing the same thing I was before.
Child Event: I was pregnant again, I had always told myself that I wouldn't have kids after I was 29, but I guess I was off by a year. I told Mark, after we adopted Yun we had decided that we were done with having kids. We had a 10 year old daughter and sons that were 8, 7 and 6. However Mark was still happy if not a tad apprehensive about having room for the new baby. However a few weeks later I lost the baby. Mark took on the job of telling the kids. They were upset, asking why and asking if I was okay. I was proud that my children were handling everything so well.

Year 10 (2025):
Family Matter: My grandfather passed away. I never really knew the man and I hadn't seen him since I was Isaac's age. My dad was upset but since they never had a good relationship he seemed to feel better shortly afterward. However with his passing it reminded that I always wanted to have a good relationship with my kids.
Travel Event: We decided to take a family vacation. After some consideration and family discussion we decide to go to South Korea. It was Yun's idea. She wanted us to see where she came from. I'd always figure we'd go back to the place that gave us our daughter but I figured we still had a couple years. We had a great time while we were there though. And when we got home Yun asked to start taking language classes to try to regain the language she was losing.

Year 11 (2025):
Family Matter: Mark's youngest niece, Leah, comes to stay with us for the summer while her parents try to work out the issues in their marriage. Everyone adjusts fairly quickly and everyone's excited to have her with us.
Child Event: At the end of the summer Leah leaves. But the kids have started itching for a new sibling, After some serious discussion Mark and I begin the adoption process once again. We adopted from South Korea again feeling so that both children had something in common other than being adopted. We were soon matched with a gorgeous seven year old boy named Seok Uk.

Year 12 (2026):
Child Event: Seok soon adjusts to life with us however he always talks about his best friend from the orphanage. A six year old boy named Myeong Jin. We mention this sweet little boy to everyone we know who's looking to adopt internationally. Nobody brings this little boy home due to his diagnosis of cerebal palsy that affects his right leg and leaves him stuck using a walker. However Seok says that he still gets around just fine. After a long discussion we put in the paper's to make our son's friend his brother.
Moving Event: Shortly before Myeong gets home Mark's contract is over and we move to North Carolina where I've wanted to live since I was about 16.It doesn't hurt that Mark and I were both offered good jobs for the local police station. We move into an old 2 story farm house. There's enough room that there's only 2 kids to a room with the exception of Yun who has her own room.

Year 13 (2027):
Travel Event: Mark and I left on our 3rd honeymoon. This time we left the kids at the house with his parents. We were only gone for the weekend but it was nice to be away from the chaos of 6 kids.
Family Matter: Myeong is diagnosed with lymphoma but after several rounds of treatment the doctors said that he will make a good recovery. The fact that we got him home when we did might have saved his life. All I can think of is how lucky we are. All of the kids have realized how lucky they are to have their siblings. Eric often asks about the other children that need help.

Year 14 (2028):
Pet Event: Mark and Eric came home with a puppy the other day for Eric's birthday. I wasn't thrilled that he brought him home without asking me but when Samson, Eric's puppy, started wobbling around the living room I couldn't stay mad.
Job Event: I got a raise around July which was much appreciated. The extra money was split between college savings and my retirement even though I'm still years from retirement.

Year 15 (2029):
Job Event: Mark got a promotion. This came with yet another pay raise. One that we will be needing here soon since Yun is almost ready to start learning how to drive
Child Event: All of Eric's asking has worn me thin. With Mark's promotion and my raise we have enough money that we can adopt another child. The final straw was when we asked Eric what he wanted for Christmas and he said a little sister. We started the paper soon after. We adopted a little girl named Hye Ji. We actually got her home just in time for her seventh birthday.

So there's the past fifteen years of my life in all it's glory. I've married my best friend, had 3 biological children and adopted 4 more from South Korea. I live in an old worn down farmhouse and work for a police department. Money gets a little tight but with 7 kids what can you expect? I don't think I'd trade my life for anything.

Mark (35) and Liv (36) with Yun (15), Henry (13), Isaac (12),Eric (11), Seok (11), Myeong (10) and Hye (7) plus husky Sasha (8) and mutt, Samson (2).

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Posted 27 May 2012 - 12:24 PM

The Shaw Family

James Kendrick {23, curly blonde hair and brown eyes} works as a lawyer. Holly Madison {22, straight red hair and blue eyes} works as a midwife. They currently live in New York in a two bedroom apartment. They also have a dog called Buster.


Year 1

Pet: James and Holly's dog Buster falls ill and continues to worsen. The vets say that there is nothing they can do, and Buster is given two to three weeks to live. James and Holly can't bear to see Buster in so much pain, and agree to put him to sleep. It's a tough decision, but they feel it's the best one they could have made in the circumstances. Holly takes the loss worse than James, as Buster has been her baby for a long time, but she finds a way to pull through it.

Travel: About two weeks after Buster passes, James has to take a business trip to San Francisco. Holly desperately wants to go with him, but she can't get the time off of work. For the three weeks that James is away Holly worries about him terribly, and gets very lonely without Buster by her side. By the time James returns Holly can't sleep without waking up once or twice in the night after suffering from nightmares.

James (24) and Holly (23)

Year 2

Travel: In early January James surprises Holly with a holiday to Barbados. Thanks to all of the sad events of last year James feels that Holly needs a break, and the couple jet off for a romantic second honeymoon. The expenses were covered by James' firm, who sympathised with Holly while James was on his business trip. Holly enjoys the holiday, and starts to feel a lot happier, despite still missing Buster from time to time.

Moving: After the holiday the couple's landlord decides to come back and live in his apartment, so James and Holly have to look for a new house. They find a lovely little bungalow on the outskirts of New York. For career reasons they decided to stay in the same city, as they're both settled into work.

James (25) and Holly (24)

Year 3

Child: Not long after settling into their new house, Holly finds out that she's pregnant! Both her and James are ecstatic, and can't wait to become parents. During the pregnancy the couple do all they can to make sure that they're ready for their baby, and on the 14th of August Holly gives birth to a gorgeous baby girl called Emma Holly, who is born with tiny tufts of wavy red hair and big brown eyes. When they arrive home they are surprised to see their friends and family waiting on the porch. It seems their parents decided to throw them a huge surprise party for baby Emma. James and Holly are wiped, but enjoy the party nonetheless, and miss Emma is cooed over all evening.

Moving: In October, two months after Emma is born, James and Holly decide to permanently move to California, where most of James' family lives. Holly is currently on maternity leave, and James finds work in a small law firm near to their new house. James' family is thrilled to have them nearby, especially as Emma is only small. Holly is grateful for all of the help they give sorting out the house and babysitting Emma.

James (26) and Holly (25) with Emma (nb)

Year 4

Random: Four months into their California lifestyle, James' truck falls off of the road one night. Holly is devastated, but luckily it turns out that James is fine. His arm is broken though, and he has to take a month off of work. This near-death experience makes James live everyday as it comes, and he doesn't take anything for granted. He tells Holly how much he loves her everyday, and spends as much time as he can with little Emma.

Pet: In July, James comes home one day with a puppy. Holly is shocked, he never talked to her about getting a pet. Despite the fact that she falls in love with it, she is angry with James for not discussing it with her beforehand. James listens to her opinions, and then reminds her that it's her birthday soon, and tells her that the puppy is her early birthday present. Holly forgives him, and names the puppy Beulah, after her great auntie, and continuing the theme of having dogs with names that start with a B. Emma and Beulah take to each other easily, and it doesn't take long to get Beulah house trained.

James (27) and Holly (26) with Emma (1) and Beulah the puppy.

Year 5

Family matter: Holly's younger half-sister Philippa *Pippa* Denise Watson (20) passes away in February. The death wasn't entirely unexpected, as Pippa had been diagnosed with Leukemia aged seven. However, it had been thought that she was in remission, so her passing was sudden. Holly falls apart when she hears the news, as Pippa was her only sibling. James comforts her the best he can, and Emma gives her mommy lots of hugs. With the help of her family and friends Holly gets through the tough time as well as she can do, and tries to sort things out.

Job: Despite Holly's brief hiatus from work she gets a promotion, and becomes a Ward Sister in the hospital where she's working. The extra money is welcomed with open arms into the Shaw household, and Holly takes James and Emma out for dinner to celebrate. Emma soaks up the restaurant atmosphere, her outgoing personality shining through, and all of the waiters adore her. Holly enjoys the evening out, counting it as the first good thing after the death of her baby sister.

James (28) and Holly (27) with Emma (2) and Beulah the puppy.

Year 6

Child: Holly discovers that she is pregnant one evening when James is working out of town for a week. Not feeling herself capable of keeping the secret quiet until he returns, she tells her mother-in-law the day before he gets back. James' mother, assuming that Holly has told James, calls up her son to congratulate him on becoming a father again. Later that evening Holly recieves a phone call from James, demanding to know why he had to find out that she was pregnant from his mother. Holly tells him the truth and he finds he doesn't care, he's just happy that they're going to have another baby. On the 3rd of October Holly gives birth to a handsome little boy Lewis Charles, named after a very polite and friendly Englishman the couple met a month before Lewis' birth. Lewis is born with curly brown hair and brown eyes.

Job: James loses his job just as Lewis turns one month old. His firm were cutting down on people because of the recession, and as James was the last person to be recruited, he was offered redundancy first. The firm did, however, put in a reference for him at a larger firm in the same city, and he's waiting on an interview.

James (29) and Holly (28) with Emma (3), Lewis (nb) and Beulah the dog.

Year 7

Moving: James, Holly, Emma, Lewis and Beulah move into a two-story house given to James when he started his new job. It's a lot bigger than their old house, and the children are now able to have a bedroom each. James is grateful to his company for getting the house for them, and Holly is glad that James is happy.

Child: Holly becomes pregnant again just after the move. The couple are thrilled, but a few months into the pregnancy Holly experiences a miscarriage. The whole family is devastated, but Holly undoubtedly suffers the most. She goes into a short spell of depression, only lifted when James reminds her that she has two beautiful children already. She lifts herself out of her sadness and reminds herself to carry on with her life. Her and James decide that they'll stop trying for a while, and just be thankful for what they already have.

James (30) and Holly (29) with Emma (4), Lewis (1) and Beulah the dog.


Moving: There's a fire in the new house (no one was home, so luckily no one was hurt), so while the kitchen is repaired James, Holly and the children have to rent an apartment for five months. It's very crowded, and by the end of it everyone is very happy to have their house back.

Job: James has only been at his new job for a year, but he receives an unexpected raise! Apparently the company were so happy with his performance, that they gave him a raise, despite him being the newest recruit. He treated everyone to a meal at the family's favourite restaurant, much to the delight of Emma and Lewis.

James (31) and Holly (30) with Emma (5), Lewis (2) and Beulah the dog.

Year 9

Moving: James' job sends the family to Thailand for two months while he works on a prestigious case. They rent a two-story condo with four bedrooms, and Holly and the children enjoy a long holiday. Unfortunately Beulah has to stay at home in the USA, so Holly's mom looks after her. Everyone loves Thailand, and they're sad when it's time to leave, but they can't wait to get back and see their friends and family again.

Child: While in Thailand Holly discovers that she's pregnant. The family are extremely happy to be welcoming another baby, though Holly can't help but think of the child she lost two years ago. James comforts her, and promises that she won't lose this baby. She doesn't, and on the 8th of July Holly gives birth to Austin Philip, who is born with straight blonde hair and green eyes. Unfortunately James misses Austin's birth as he's been working in Texas for a few weeks. He gets the next flight home, and sees his son minutes after he lands. Despite missing his birth, James falls in love with his baby boy the minute he sees him.

James (32) and Holly (31) with Emma (6), Lewis (3), Austin (nb) and Beulah the dog.

Year 10

Job: While Holly was on maternity leave after having Austin, the hospital made her redundant. After talking it over for a while, Holly and James decided that she should become a stay at home mom, and so she doesn't apply for a new job. The children are happy that mommy has decided not to go back to work, and spend a lot of time playing games with her when they're not at school or nursery.

Travel: When Austin turns one, Holly and her friends take a day out to San Jose to catch up. James stays at home with the children, happy to give Holly a day to herself for once. Holly enjoys herself immensely, although she finds herself missing the children a little bit as well. She buys a lot of clothes, and laughs herself silly chatting to her friends.

James (33) and Holly (32) with Emma (7), Lewis (4), Austin (1) and Beulah the dog.

Year 11

Child: When Austin was born Holly and James decided that they'd like one more child to complete their family. They had trouble conceiving so turned to fertility drugs. They became pregnant not long after completing their first course of IVF, and discover that they are having fraternal twins. Despite the shock Holly and James are thrilled to be parents again. Both Holly's parents and James' parents asked to be in the delivery room, and the couple immediately said yes. They wanted to share the experience with their parents, and they'd need some help with the newborn twins. Their parents were delighted, and couldn't wait for the day to arrive. On the 27th of May Hanna-May Jean and Joseph-Kai Micah made their entrance into the world. Hanna was born with straight blonde hair and blue eyes, while Joseph was born with curly blonde hair and brown eyes.

Pet: Three months after the birth of the twins, Emma finds a lost bunny at the park. She begs to keep it, but James and Holly are adamant she must find out if it has an owner first. No one comes forward to claim the rabbit, so they let her keep him. She names him Bunnykins, and promises to clean him out every weekend on her own. James has to show her how the first few times, but she learns quickly and keeps her promise.

James (34) and Holly (33) with Emma (8), Lewis (5), Austin (2), Hanna (nb), Joseph (nb), Beulah the dog and Bunnykins the rabbit.

Year 12

Random: Just before the twins turn one, Holly and James decide to re-do some of the house. They use the extra money that they've saved since James' raise to do up the children's rooms and the lounge. Everyone enjoys the new look that the family have chosen, and the house starts to feel more homely.

Travel: In the summer, James and Holly decide to put the rest of their saved money towards a family vacation. They chose Thailand, remembering all of their wonderful memories from when they spent two months there before. It's a bit hectic, but the two weeks fly by, and the family leaves with more great memories of this wonderful place. They vow to take a holiday there again sometime, so that hopefully the younger children will remember it too.

James (35) and Holly (34) with Emma (9), Lewis (6), Austin (3), Hanna (1), Joseph (1), Beulah the dog and Bunnykins the rabbit.

Year 13

Random: After returning from Thailand Holly decides to write a book about her experiences during the year after her miscarriage. James supports her entirely, and he even buys her a new laptop so that she can write in the garden. She's extremely motivated to finish the book, so that more people can understand the experience, and help people through the tough time.

Child: Early on in the year Holly begins to feel ill. She goes to the doctors, who think she might have a bowel problem. They ask to take an ultrasound, so they can rule out some things. Holly agrees, and lies down ready for the cold gel she's gotten so used to. When the doctor tells her to take a look at the monitor, Holly is so shocked she can't speak. It turns out that she's pregnant, despite her and James taking to precautions to prevent it. After thanking the doctor Holly phones James immediately. He's also shocked, but excited too, despite thinking that they have enough children already. On the 5th of November, Holly gives birth to Graeme Dennis, who is born with curly blonde hair and brown eyes, the spitting image of his daddy. His older siblings adore him immediately.

James (36) and Holly (35) with Emma (10), Lewis (7), Austin (4), Hanna (2), Joseph (2), Graeme (nb), Beulah the dog and Bunnykins the rabbit.

Year 14

Family matter: In the summer James' older brother William dies in a car crash. Him and his wife left two children behind, and James and Holly offer to take them in. The twin girls (13 year olds Isobel Clara and Willow Gemma) are distraught, and don't talk for months. Eventually it's Emma who gets them talking, offering to braid their hair. The family settles down after that, and the twins fit in fine with Holly and James' children, who take to their older cousins easily.

Random: When the children start up at school again, Holly and her best friend Josie begin their new business. They'd decided a couple of years ago to open a restaurant together, and now that there was enough money and a place had come up for sale, they'd gone for it. It'd taken them six months to get it all in order, but they were finally ready. Since the first day it opened it's been full every night, and everyone praises it around town.

James (37) and Holly (36) with Isobel (13), Willow (13), Emma (11), Lewis (8), Austin (5), Hanna (3), Joseph (3), Graeme (1), Beulah the dog and Bunnykins the rabbit.

Year 15

Pet: Bunnykins has been looking very lonely, so Holly and James decided to buy him a friend. They went to the pet store, and asked the assistant what the best friend for him would be. After being told that rabbits and guinea pigs got along well the decided to get a guinea pig, and brought him home the next day. The children went crazy for him, and named him Basil. Bunnykins began to look happier, and basil seemed to be settling in nicely at the Shaw house.

Job: Not long after Basil joins the family, James gets a promotion. Everyone is excited, and the extra money goes into the savings account that Holly and James set up a couple of years ago. James is glad that his hard work has finally paid off.

James (38) and Holly (37) with Isobel (14), Willow (14), Emma (12), Lewis (9), Austin (6), Hanna (4), Joseph (4), Graeme (2), Beulah the dog, Bunnykins the rabbit and Basil the guinea pig.


The Shaw Family

James Kendrick {38, curly blonde hair and brown eyes} works as a lawyer. Holly Madison {37, straight red hair and blue eyes} runs her own business. They currently live in San Fransisco in a two-story house with six bedrooms. They have six children, Emma Holly {12, wavy red hair and brown eyes}, Lewis Charles {9, curly brown hair and brown eyes}, Austin Philip {6, straight blonde hair and green eyes}, Hanna-May Jean {4, straight blonde hair and blue eyes}, Joseph-Kai Micah {4, curly blonde hair and brown eyes} and Graeme Dennis {2, curly blonde hair and brown eyes}. They have two adoptive children, Isobel Clara {14, wavy brown hair and blue eyes} and Willow Gemma {14, wavy brown hair and green eyes}, who are their nieces. They have three pets, a dog called Beulah, a rabbit called Bunnykins, and a guinea pig named Basil.

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Posted 27 May 2012 - 06:12 PM

LN: Winters
DW: Elsa Desi
DH: Karl Reed

Year 1: 2012
(Karl: 19; Elsa: 18)

Travel: Karl and I take a nice weekend trip to Paris. Karl proposes, and we marry on August 9, 2012. Pet: Karl and I buy a hamster and name him Fluffy.

Year 2: 2013
(Karl: 20; Elsa: 19; Fluffy: 1)

Child: Gracie Willow is born on the Fourth of July! We were having fireworks so, you know, it was a rush to the hospital. Guess what? There was almost a mix up between Gracie and some baby named Willa! Can you believe it? Moving: We moved into a one-story condominium in our city.

Year 3: 2014
(Karl: 21; Elsa: 20; Gracie: 1; Fluffy:2)

Travel: I have to go on a business trip! Karl comes with, but my mom watches Gracie and Fluffy.
Moving: We permanetly move to England.

Year 4: 2015
(Karl: 22; Elsa: 21; Gracie: 2; Fluffy: 3)

Family matters: Gracie's day care offers a reading program. We sign Gracie up and she can now read chapter books. Pet: Fluffy isn't doing so well and the doctors said he'll only live 2-3 weeks more. Gracie is really sad! We decide to put him to "Sleepy-bye" according to Gracie.

Year 5: 2016
(Karl: 23; Elsa: 22; Gracie: 3; Fluffy: deceased)

Child: Desi Hope is born on August 22, 2016. I went into labor 3 weeks early. IN THE GROCERY STORE. IN THE ICE CREAM AISLE. I made it to the hospital, thank the lord! Moving: We move into a new one-story cottage, still in England.

Year 6: 2017
(Karl: 24; Elsa: 23; Gracie: 4; Desi: 1; Fluffy: deceased)

Pet: Karl volunteers at the Animal shelter, and he brought home a chocolate lab. WITHOUT TELLING ME! Her name is Duchess and I so love her! Job: Karl quits his job to become an author.

Year 7: 2018
(Karl: 25; Elsa: 24; Gracie: 5; Desi: 2; Duchess: 1; Fluffy: deceased)

Child: Celeste Sara is born July 12th. Celeste came during a really busy time in my career (as a princess, but I VOLUNTEER.), and Karl helped me out a lot. Desi doesn't seem to like Celeste.
Job: While volunteering, I receive a small amount of money for my work: $1,000,000! I use it to decorate the kids' rooms.

Year 8: 2019
(Karl: 26; Elsa: 25; Gracie: 6; Desi: 3; Celeste: 1; Duchess: 2; Fluffy: deceased)

Moving: We move into a new single-story house, still in England. Pet: Gracie and Desi have been begging for a puppy, so we finally give in, for their bday present. They love their new poodle and name her Happy!

Year 9: 2020
(Karl: 27; Elsa: 26; Gracie: 7; Desi: 4; Celeste: 2; Duchess: 3; Happy: 1; Fluffy: deceased)

Child: Meredith Faith is born on June 12th; one month after Celeste's 2nd bday! The whole family threw a party for Meredith! Travel: Karl takes a business trip to Manhatten. Its hard to live without him!

Year 10: 2021
(Karl: 28; Elsa: 27; Gracie: 8; Desi: 5; Celeste: 3; Meredith: 1; Duchess: 4; Happy: 2; Fluffy: deceased)

Random: Duchess had babies! We were NOT expecting that, and out of the 4, we only kept 1, Coco. He is SO cute! Pet: We bought a PEACOCK! Her name is Rosie.

Year 11: 2022
(Karl: 29; Elsa: 28; Gracie: 9; Desi: 6; Celeste: 4; Meredith: 2; Duchess: 5; Happy: 3; Coco: 1; Rosie:1; Fluffy: deceased)

Travel: I go on a business trip, all alone. Family matters: Karl is diagnosed with depression. We are all there for him.

Year 12: 2023
(Karl: 30; Elsa: 29; Gracie: 10; Desi: 7; Celeste: 5; Meredith: 3; Duchess: 6; Happy: 4; Coco: 2; Rosie: 2; Fluffy: deceased)

Pet: Duchess died! Child: Genevieve Calliope is born May 15, 2023. The family throws a party for her!

Year 13: 2024
(Karl: 31; Elsa: 30; Gracie: 11; Desi: 8; Celeste: 6; Meredith: 4; Genevieve: 1; Happy: 5; Coco: 3; Rosie: 3; Duchess: deceased; Fluffy: deceased)

Family matters: Gracie is diagnosed with cancer. The odds are in her favor, but we are terrified we'll lose her! Job: I quit my volunteer work. i've started a new food pantry!

Year 14: 2025
(Karl: 32; Elsa: 31; Gracie: 12; Desi: 9; Celeste: 7; Meredith: 5; Genevieve: 2; Happy: 6; Coco: 3; Rosie: 3; Duchess & Fluffy: deceased)

Family matters: Karl and I go to marriage counseling. We make up! Family matters: Gracie passes away. We are all devastated!

Year 15: 2026
(Karl: 33; Elsa: 32; Gracie: deceased; Desi: 10; Celeste: 8; Meredith: 6; Genevieve: 3; Happy: 7; Coco: 3; Rosie: 3; Duchess & Fluffy: deceased)

Job: I get a promotion! I am now teacher of an all girl's school! Family matters: Karl passes away. I am the most devastated!

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Happy l Coco l Rosie l

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Posted 28 May 2012 - 09:08 AM

<p style="text-align: center"><em><span style="font-size: 24px;">The Reid *Work in Progress!*</span></em></p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">Rosalyn Gabrielle Reid (35) Very Curly Red Hair and Blue Eyes, Works As a Writer</p>
<p style="text-align: center">Benjamin Elliot Reid (36) Wavy Light-Brown Hair and Brown Eyes, Works As a Therapist</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center"><span style="font-size: 18px;">Year 1</span></p>
<p style="text-align: center">Rosalyn (20) and Elliot (21)</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">*Moving- Temporary*</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">Within a month of being married, Elliot and I moved to a temporary home in Tennessee for eight months. It was a beautiful single story cottage and I wish we could have stayed permanently instead of having to go back to Oregon when our own new home was finished.</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">*Random- Financial Trouble*</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">About five months into our stay in Tennessee, we began having financial troubles. I know it is because the cost of building the new house is putting a strain on our budget, but Elliot says that there&amp;#39;s no reason to worry and that once the house was finished our budget and finances would be much better. I know that he is right, but I still worry.</p>
<br />
<br />
<p style="text-align: center"><span style="font-size: 18px;"><strong>Year 2</strong></span></p>
<p style="text-align: center">Rosalyn (21) and Elliot (22)</p>
<p style="text-align: center"><em>Candice Mae</em> (2)</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">Child- Adoption</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">Within months of moving into our newly finished home Elliot and I received devastating news. On a routine trip to the doctor I mentioned that Elliot and I were planning on starting a family. My doctor suggested I go through a few more tests and bloodwork while I was there to make sure my health was optimal for children. During the final stage of the process, an ultrasound, the doctor found something unusual. Upon closer inspection, he revealed that my Fallopian Tubes were under-developed and would never be able to allow an egg through.</p>
<p style="text-align: center">Almost immediately Elliot and I decided that even if we couldn&amp;#39;t have biological children, we would still be parents. We began looking looking into adoption agencies and soon were matched with a child that they thought would be perfect for us. Just before Christmas we received word that our child was ready for us to bring home and, on December 24th, we welcomed home Candice Mae Reid!! She is a beautiful two year old girl with Dark-Brown Hair and stunning Green Eyes.</p>
<p style="text-align: center">That Christmas was was easily one of the most memorable of my life. Seeing Candice&amp;#39;s little face light up at the sight of the tree and presents, watching Elliot capture every moment on video with a big smile on his face, all of singing Christmas songs, and of course hearing our daughter call us &amp;quot;Mommy&amp;quot; and &amp;quot;Daddy&amp;quot;.</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">*Child- Miscarriage*</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">During our daughters adoption process earlier in the year I had discovered that I was, against all odds, pregnant!! Elliot and I were ecstatic that our adopted child would have a sibling so soon after they would arrive. But upon a visit to the doctor we were told that there were complications associated with my reproductive organs and soon after, I miscarried. While we were saddened by this, we were still getting a child and this made us even more determined to become the best parents we could to our soon-to-be-adopted child.</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center"><span style="font-size: 18px;">Year 3</span></p>
<p style="text-align: center">Rosalyn (22) and Elliot (23)</p>
<p style="text-align: center"><em>Candice Mae </em>(3)</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">*Moving- Temporary*</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">In the spring after we adopted Candice the house developed a few issues with the roof after a particularly heavy snow fall the winter before. As we could not stay in the house while repairs were being made, Elliot arranged for us to spend the next six months in the same one story cottage in Tennessee that we had the first year of our marriage. Candice loved it!! She adored the Tennessee Summer and Fall and always requested that she be taken fishing! Day after day was nothing but her enjoying the time she spent fishing! We were back home shortly before December, and although Candice missed the countryside, she seemed to glad to be back home too.</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">*Family Matter- Visiting Nephew and Niece*</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">While staying in Tennessee over the summer, Elliot got a call from his sister, Kathy, in Florida. Her husband had been in a bad accident and required constant care at home and frequent hospital visits. This made it almost impossible for her to take care of her newborn twins, Emma and Jacob. She pleaded with Elliot to watch over them for the summer, but in the end it was I who jumped at the chance to have the twins in the house. Candice loved them and often talked to them while they were in their cribs, despite them being unable to do more than gurgle or coo at her excited chatter!</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center"><span style="font-size: 18px;">Year 4</span></p>
<p style="text-align: center">Rosalyn (23) and Elliot (24)</p>
<p style="text-align: center"><em>Candice Mae</em> (4)</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">*Moving- Temporarily to a New Country*</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">Soon after returning home to Oregon, Elliot received news that he was invited to do a three month work and research venture in a Therapeutic Institution in Italy!! After a small debate, we decided that it would be nice to see the world and let Candice have the opportunity to learn Italian at such an early age, in its native land. While all the moving we have been doing is exhausting, it is certainly fun to see all teh different places in our country and the world! Candice is extremely excited and cannot wait to go over the ocean in the plane! Elliot said there would be a two story townhouse that was reserved for us to stay in while we were there, it seems a bit large to me but at least there is plenty of space for Candice to play!</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">*Random-&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;Buy a Car*</p>
<p style="text-align: center">After returning home once again later that year, Elliot and I decide to get a new car. Our old one has been making odd sounds and we can&amp;#39;t afford for it to break down Elliot miss out on work and Candice to miss out on her newly started Pre-School Classes. We eventually decide on a blue four-door that is much newer than our previous car. Candice, of course, wanted a pink convertible like her Barbie had but she wasn&amp;#39;t to upset when she discovered that there was a small TV screen for her movies in the back seat.</p>
<br />
<br />
<p style="text-align: center"><span style="font-size: 18px;">Year 5</span></p>
<p style="text-align: center">Rosalyn (24) and Elliot (25)</p>
<p style="text-align: center"><em>Candice Mae</em> (5)</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">*Pet- Getting One*</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">By the time Candice&amp;#39;s fifth birthday rolled around that June she was determined for a pet! Eventually Elliot and and I gave in and took her to the Animal Shelter. She was instantly drawn to the pen that held all the puppies and it seemed that she made a friend immediately! A very small red puppy was excitedly trying to get to Candice through the pen. when Elliot inquired about the puppy, the worker said that it was the only one like it in the Shelter but that it was small and would need extra care for it. We thought that a dog was to much responsibility for Candice but she wore us down and we ended up taking the puppy, an Irish Setter, home. Candice named him Charlemagne.</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">*Travel- Day Trip*</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">While Elliot was at work and Candice was in her classes, my friend, Becca, and I went out to the city for a few hours. We went to the movies and out to lunch before taking a small walk around the city parks. It was a nice trip, and getting out of the house with Megan was just what I needed after being cooped up in the house for nearly a month!</p>
<br />
<br />
<p style="text-align: center"><span style="font-size: 18px;">Year 6</span></p>
<p style="text-align: center">Rosalyn (25) and Elliot (26)</p>
<p style="text-align: center"><em>Candice Mae</em> (6)</p>
<p style="text-align: center">Samuel Jensen (nb)</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">*Random- Near Death Experience*</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">One my way to pick up Candice from school one day in February, I was hit by another car that skidded on a patch of ice and put into a three day coma. After this experience I realized that I should live my life to the fullest and love with all my heart. This got me, and even Candice, very involved in charity work and trying new experiences.</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">*Child- Its a Boy!*</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">A few months after my near death experience, I began feeling off. Elliot, worried that it was residual trauma from the accident, urged me into the ER. Once there, the doctor preformed a few routine tests and came back with shocking news! I was pregnant!! Even though Elliot and I were very apprehensive about the pregnancy since the last one ended in a miscarriage due to complications, plus the diagnosis that I would never be able to conceive/go full-term, we were excited none the less.</p>
<p style="text-align: center">Then, on November 16th, Samuel Jensen Reid was born!! He has Wavy Blonde Hair and Brown Eyes! Candice was thrilled to have a baby brother and Elliot and I were ecstatic to have a son!</p>
<p style="text-align: center">Then came the interesting part, while in the hospital recovering from the birth, the nurse got our room numbers mixed up and gave us a another baby! While changing the child&amp;#39;s diaper I saw that the child a baby girl, definitely not our son Jensen! Upon informing the nurse, and Candice&amp;#39;s adamant demand to have her real brother back, we were reunited with our baby boy!!</p>
<br />
<br />
<p style="text-align: center"><span style="font-size: 18px;">Year 7</span></p>
<p style="text-align: center">Rosalyn (26) and Elliot (27)</p>
<p style="text-align: center"><em>Candice Mae</em> (7)</p>
<p style="text-align: center">Samuel Jensen (1)</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">*Job- SO Receives a Raise*</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">Elliot got a raise at work this work! He decided he would put some of it away for an emergency fund and use the other part to buy an elaborate swing set for Candice, and Jensen when he got older. Candice, of course, loved it and spends most her days outside playing on it.</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">*Family Matter- Life Threatening Condition*</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">Just after Jensen&amp;#39;s first birthday I noticed that he was becoming very lethargic and much quieter. At first I wasn&amp;#39;t worried until the day he became extremely pale and wouldn&amp;#39;t wake from his nap. Immediately calling Elliot to meet us at the hospital, I headed to the ER with Jensen and Candice.</p>
<p style="text-align: center">Upon extensive testing it was discovered that our son had a heart condition as a result from the high risk pregnancy. Though the doctors said that he would be alright, he had to stay in the hospital for a few weeks in Intensive Care. He had to go through a surgery as well to fix his heart, but for a heart surgery is was relatively simple and soon enough Jensen was back home. For the first week afterwards, Candice wouldn&amp;#39;t leave his side, but eventually trusted us to take care of her baby brother without her supervision.</p>
<br />
<br />
<p style="text-align: center"><span style="font-size: 18px;">Year 8</span></p>
<p style="text-align: center">Rosalyn (27) and Elliot (28)</p>
<p style="text-align: center"><em>Candice Mae</em> (8)</p>
<p style="text-align: center">Samuel Jensen (2)</p>
<p style="text-align: center">Benjamin Jasper (nb)</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">*Child- Its a Boy!*</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">After the scare with Jensen we began to be much more careful with his health and began to focus much of our energy on him. After a few months I began to feel worn down and just chalked it up to taking care of Jensen so much. Until I noticed I was gaining weight, which was odd for me, I never gained weight except for when I was pregnant with Jensen. Ignoring it once again I went on with my usual schedule until, on September 30th, I went into labor!!!</p>
<p style="text-align: center">I gave birth to Benjamin Jasper Reid, our second son, without even knowing I was pregnant!! He was named Benjamin after his father and grandfather. He has Wavy Light-Brown Hair and Brown Eyes, just like the other two Benjamin&amp;#39;s!!</p>
<p style="text-align: center">Candice, and the rest of the family, was of course shocked to be told later that day that she and Jensen had a new baby brother and were very excited to see him for the first time! His is very much loved by his brother and sister!!!</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">*Child- Its a Boy!! (AGAIN!)*</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">Later that year, just before Christmas, we received another shock! I began to feel tired again and so I went to the doctor, just in case. I wasn&amp;#39;t really expecting anything to come of it, this time I was sure that it was just because of having an active 8 year old, a sickly toddler and a newborn to take care of. Instead, I was told I was once again pregnant!! We would be expecting another baby in the coming year!</p>
<p style="text-align: center">Both of our parents asked to be in the delivery room, but we declined. Someone needed to watch the children and there could be complications like with Jensen or surprises like Jasper&amp;#39;s. We thought it would be best to be just me and Elliot.</p>
<br />
<br />
<p style="text-align: center"><span style="font-size: 18px;">Year 9</span></p>
<p style="text-align: center">Rosalyn (28) and Elliot (29)</p>
<p style="text-align: center"><em>Candice Marie</em> (9)</p>
<p style="text-align: center">Samuel Jensen (3)</p>
<p style="text-align: center">Benjamin Jasper (1)</p>
<p style="text-align: center">Lennon Niall (nb)</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">*Child- Its A Boy! (Cont)*</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">After many hours of worrying and sleepless nights, we began to relax about the pregnancy. We had been afraid of complications or unforeseen surprises but as my due date approached it seems that all had gone smoothly, but we had yet to pick out a name! Only a mere week before my due date Elliot and I met Candice&amp;#39;s teacher for the next school year, his was a kindly man from Ireland and very sweet. His name was Niall and upon learning his name, knew that was the perfect name for our son!</p>
<p style="text-align: center">Finally, on July 3rd, Lennon Niall Reid was born!! He has Wavy Light-Brown Hair and Blue Eyes. Despite having two children so close together, Elliot and I are still very happy to have more children when it was supposed to be impossible!</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">*Pet- New One*</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">A few months after Candice started her new school year, she decided she wanted a new pet! While our house was already crowded and lively, Elliot and I agreed that she could have a small one. So upon visiting the shelter again, Candice fell in love with a small red and black baby rabbit. We allowed her to get the rabbit, who she named Cosmos.</p>
<br />
<br />
<p style="text-align: center"><span style="font-size: 18px;">Year 10</span></p>
<p style="text-align: center">Rosalyn (29) and Elliot (30)</p>
<p style="text-align: center"><em>Candice Mae</em> (10)</p>
<p style="text-align: center">Samuel Jensen (4)</p>
<p style="text-align: center">Benjamin Jasper (2)</p>
<p style="text-align: center">Lennon Niall (1)</p>
<p style="text-align: center">Bailey-Eloise Lourie (nb)</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">*Child- Its a Girl!*</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">Just before Niall was one, I discovered I was pregnant again! On my first doctor&amp;#39;s visit I was informed that the same complications that affected my first pregnancy, that ended in a miscarriage, would effect this one too. The doctor said we were to be extremely careful and that I was to be on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. We followed his conditions to the letter, but our little one decided that 9 months was just to long!</p>
<p style="text-align: center">On November 31st, 5 weeks early, I went into labor on the one day that Elliot was gone and all the children were in school/daycare. I managed to call Elliot but he didn&amp;#39;t arrive for a few hours due to traffic! When he did finally get home it was another two hours before we got to the hospital and by that time we were barely able to get into a hospital bed before our daughter made her appearance!</p>
<p style="text-align: center">Our daughter was named Bailey-Eloise Lourie Reid. She has her fathers initials in her first name and her middle has special meaning. She has Curly Blonde Hair with Green Eyes and she is as gorgeous as her sister and brothers!</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">*Moving- Permanently*</p>
<br />
<p style="text-align: center">We decided to move soon after Bailey was born. We found a beautiful two story house a few miles away that would be perfect and just before Christmas, we moved into the new home. The children loved it and all the new room it gave them to play. We decided to rent out our first house, it would give us some more income without having to sell it.</p>
<br />
<br />
<p style="text-align: center"><span style="font-size: 18px;">Year 11</span></p>
<p style="text-align: center">Rosalyn (30) and Elliot (31)<br />
<em>Candice Mae</em> (11)<br />
Samuel Jensen (5)<br />
Benjamin Jasper (3)<br />
Lennon Niall (2)<br />
Bailey-Eloise Lourie (1)<br />
<em>Pippa Rose</em> (7)<br />
<br />
*Job-Transfers*<br />
<br />
Elliot was transferred to a bigger facility to become their main Therapist! This included less working hours and a raise! We are very glad of this, as it came at a very important time!!<br />
<br />
*Random- New Car*<br />
<br />
As a result of Elliot&amp;#39;s better job, we decide we can finally afford a better car! We decide to buy a new SUV/Van to hold all the children comfortably when we go into town or on trips. It&amp;#39;s a great decision and makes our lives a little easier!<br />
<br />
*Child- Adoption*<br />
<br />
Even though our house was already full and very active we decide to adopt another child through the same agency that we went through to adopt Candice. We are all excited, especially Candice. She says that adopting another baby is something she&amp;#39;s wanted for so long, to have another baby that we helped like we helped her. She melts our hearts sometimes!<br />
Eventually we are matched with a child and soon after we are able to make it official and welcomed Pippa Rose Reid into our home! She has Straight Red Hair with Hazel Eyes and is 7 years old! She is very bubbly and loves that she got a family with both an older sibling and younger ones as she adores the babies and she and Candice became inseparable within hours!<br />
<br />
<br />
<span style="font-size: 18px;">Year 12</span><br />
Rosalyn (31) and Elliot (32)<br />
<em>Candice Mae </em>(12)<br />
Samuel Jensen (6)<br />
Benjamin Jasper (4)<br />
Lennon Niall (3)<br />
Bailey-Eloise Lourie (2)<br />
<em>Pippa Rose</em> (8)<br />
<br />
*Child- Miscarriage*<br />
<br />
Soon after adopting Rose I discovered I was once again pregnant. At the first visit to the doctor he said that there once again complication and to once again be careful. Although we were very careful, and Candice and Rose helped out with their brothers, I miscarried at 16 weeks. We were devastated just as we were with the first one, but we had six beautiful children. Three sons and three daughters, so we already very blessed and our children helped us through the grief and we once again vowed to love our children with all our hearts and more.<br />
<br />
*Travel- Business Trip*<br />
<br />
I was asked to attend a book signing for a book I wrote while we were adopting Candice. I agreed, feeling I needed a small trip from the house since the miscarriage. It wasn&amp;#39;t a long trip, a few hours in the next city over on Saturday, but it was nice and much needed. I bought the children some small toys and trinkets before returning home.<br />
<br />
<br />
<span style="font-size: 18px;">Year 13</span><br />
Rosalyn (32) and Elliot (33)<br />
<em>Candice Mae </em>(13)<br />
Samuel Jensen (7)<br />
Benjamin Jasper (5)<br />
Lennon Niall (4)<br />
Bailey-Eloise Lourie (3)<br />
<em>Pippa Rose</em> (8)<br />
<em>Joshua Kaeden</em> (1)</p>
<p style="text-align: center">*Michael Keagan and Nicholas Keaton (12)<br />
<br />
*Child- Adoption*<br />
<br />
After the miscarriage we decided once again to adopt. Since we had adopted twice before the process went even faster. Candice and Rose were very excited to have another adopted sibling and Samuel and Jasper were asking for a brother! We told them that we would try and when we were matched up with a child it was boy! We welcomed Joshua Kaeden Reid to our home and the boys were instantly infatuated with their new brother while the girls were excited to dress him up! He is an adorable one year old little boy with Black Hair and bright Blue Eyes.<br />
<br />
*Child- Foster Care*<br />
<br />
Soon after adopting Joshua, the agency called again asking if we would be willing to help with fostering a pair of children since we had experience with adopting from the agency. We of course said yes and immediately informed the children that they would have new children living in the house! They were as excited as we were and we went to see them as soon as possible.<br />
When we arrived we were greeted by the agent who took us to see the children we would be fostering. They were identical twin boys, Michael Keagan and Nicholas Keaton, both had jet Black Hair and pale Blue Eyes. They were 12 and very wary of us. We were informed that they had been taken from their mother for neglect and that foster care was necessary until they could find a permanent home for the boys. The agent said that it was unlikely since they were so old, but we took them in, determined to give them a home for as long as we could.</p>
<p style="text-align: center">&amp;nbsp;</p>
<p style="text-align: center">&amp;nbsp;</p>
<p style="text-align: center"><span style="font-size:18px;">Year 14</span></p>
<p style="text-align: center">&amp;nbsp;</p>
<p>Rosalyn (33) and Elliot (34)<br />
<em>Candice Mae&amp;nbsp;</em>(14)<br />
Samuel Jensen (8)<br />
Benjamin Jasper (6)<br />
Lennon Niall (5)<br />
Bailey-Eloise Lourie (4)<br />
<em>Pippa Rose</em>&amp;nbsp;(9)<br />
<em>Joshua Kaeden</em>&amp;nbsp;(2)</p>
<p>*<em>Michael Keagan and Nicholas Keaton</em> (13)</p>
<p>*Child- Adoption*</p>
<p>About a year after taking in the twins and after receiving news that, time and time again, that no one was interested in twin, 12 year old boys. After the third let down for the boys, Elliot and I decided to take matters into our own hands. So that year on their birthday, April 27th, we surprised them. We brought everyone into the room and announced that we were adopting again. Everyone was excited but Michael looked crushed and Nicholas looked lost. We told them that the boys could open their presents and while they did, the others could see the picture of their new family members. Each boy&amp;nbsp;received&amp;nbsp;an&amp;nbsp;envelope and inside each one was the finalized adoption papers and the other children saw the picture of the twins we held. Everyone was ecstatic and the rest of the day was one large celebration!&amp;nbsp;</p>
<p>*Family Matter- Life Threatening&amp;nbsp;Condition*&amp;nbsp;</p>
<p>Soon after finalizing the twins adoption another tragedy struck the family again. It turned out that Candice had a genetic condition (previously undiagnosed&amp;nbsp;due to her unknown father and little information on her mother) that caused her to&amp;nbsp;develop&amp;nbsp;problems with her lungs. We found out about it when she began coughing, then when she began to stop breathing when she slept. We took her to the hospital and they said that it can be treated. It can&amp;#39;t be cured, but she will be able to live a fairly normal life with very little real restrictions. While we are glad that she will be ok, the whole family took the news of her condition pretty hard.&amp;nbsp;</p>
<p><span style="font-size:18px;">Year 15</span></p>
<p>Rosalyn (34) and Elliot (35)<br />
<em>Candice Mae&amp;nbsp;</em>(15)<br />
Samuel Jensen (9)<br />
Benjamin Jasper (7)<br />
Lennon Niall (6)<br />
Bailey-Eloise Lourie (5)<br />
<em>Pippa Rose</em>&amp;nbsp;(10)<br />
<em>Joshua Kaeden</em>&amp;nbsp;(3)</p>
<p>*<em>Michael Keagan and Nicholas Keaton</em>&amp;nbsp;(14)</p>
<p>*Child- Its a Girl!*</p>
<p>After a hectic year of family building and illness we hoped that we would have a year of ease, but instead our family is due to grow once more! I found out I was pregnant! Because of previous risk and my age we are determined to be extremely careful with this pregnancy. Thankfully the next nine months passed with relative ease and on October 31st, Halloween, our daughter ......</p>

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Posted 28 May 2012 - 10:34 AM

The Jensen Family
DH: Isaac Peleg (Zac)
-Age: 39
-Hair: Curly red
-Eyes: Brown
DW: Adeline Allison (Adie)
-Age: 41
-Hair: Wavy brown
-Eyes: Green
DD1: Amelia-Ann Tamara (Amelia)
-Age: 13
-Hair: Wavy brown
-Eyes: Brown
DD2: Madeline Leigh (Maddie)
-Age: 12
-Hair: Curly brown
-Eyes: Green
ADD1: Julia Birgitta (Julie)
-Age: 11
-Hair: Wavy black
-Eyes: Brown
ADS 1: Cain Elias
-Age: 11
-Hair Straight brown
-Eyes: Blue
ADD2: Carolina Cristine (CeeCee)
-Age: 16
-Hair: Straight Blonde
-Eyes: Hazel
DD3: Tamsin Joy
-Hair: Wavy blonde
-Eyes: Blue
-ADS2: Clint Indigo
- Age: 15
-Hair: Straight black
-Eyes: Brown
-ADS3: Bryant Jenaro
-Age: 1
-Hair: Straight Black
-Eyes: Brown
Year 1:
Random Event: Zac and I have been having some financial trouble lately, I think part of it has been the fact that Zac lost his job at his old firm two months ago.
Travel Event: Zac travled to Portland, Oregon for a job interview. He wouldn't tell me how he thought it went but the fact that they were willing to fly him out there from Jefferson must mean that they were pretty interested in him.

Year 2:
Child Event: Talk about odd ways of finding out you're pregnant. I was at routine doctors visit when he comes walking back into the room with a bag of diapers. When I asked him why he had them he said that I might be needing them in the furture. He was right, I gave birth to my daughter Amelia Ann Tamra on July 6th.
Travel Event: Zac went back out Portland again. I really think that this firm is really interested in him. It's harder without him here this time but everything goes smoothly.

Year 3:
Child Event: Don't get me wrong, I'm overjoyed to have my daughter here with us but at the same time I have the twinge of disappointment. But a missing a vacation is a small price to pay for having another child in your life. Our daughter, Madeline Leigh made her appearence on August 25.
Moving Event: We moved into an apartment on the other side of town for 9 weeks while the home was being refurbished after Zac flooded the upstairs which leaked through the ceiling to the main floor. That's why you never trust a man when he says he can handle it.

Year 4:
Pet Event: While I was walking around the pet store Amelia started looking at the lizards. After calling Zac I bought her a bearded dragon since Zac had had one before and knew how to take care of one. Amelia named her, unsurprisingly, Lizzie.
Random Event: Lizzie had babies. That was something we weren't ready for. Zac's been scouring the internet for how you take care of the eggs and we're trying to decided what we're going to do with them.

Year 5:
Family Matter: The girls are both a little young to be doing things on their own, however we got passes to the local YMCA and we've been taking the girls there.
Pet Event: Since we already had one odd pet we figured one more wouldn't hurt. Zac went back to the pet store and actually bought himself a cornsnake. He named him Corny, he's really just as creative as the girls.

Year 6:
Family Matter: Zac's cousin died unexpectly, as a single father he left behind his twins, Julia Birgitta and Cain Elias, who are only a year younger than Maddie. The girls are estatic that their cousins are permantly living with us.
Travel Event: A group of my friends invited me to with them out of town for the day. Zac said that he could handle the kids for the day and so I went with them. It was great just to go to the city and have a girls' day.
Year 7:
Child Event: Zac and I had decided that having one more baby in the family would be nice. After a few months of trying I find out I'm pregnant. The doctors warn me that due to my age this pregnancy is going to be riskier than when I was pregnant with the girls. Around 10 weeks I suffer a miscarriage. Zac and I are devastated but we decided that if we're meant to have more children we will. If not, we'll be content with our brood as they are.
Pet Event: Cain has been begging for a puppy in the house. His dad had a dog but unfortunately we couldn't take him when we brought the twins home. At the pet store Cain falls in love with this little chocolate lab. I was planning on bringing home something that required a little less care, like a fish. However after playing with the puppy I fall in love. We brought BamBam home the next day.

Year 8:
Moving Event: Remember that firm that had been eyeing Zac all those years ago? They finally offered him a job. Why you would wait 6 ears to offer somebody a job, I don't know. But the pay is much better than what Zac's currently making even with the cost of living. So we're moving to Portland. The company gives a temporary housing allowance which allows us to rent a small one story condo.
Pet Event: My house is slowly turning into a menagerie. Zac and Julie came home with a ferret today named Draco.

Year 9:
Child Event: After our miscarriage Zac and I had decided that if we were meant to have children we would. Well, we did. We began looking into adoption and we actually wound up fostering and then adopting a 10 year old girl named Carolina Cristine, Julie says Carolina is too long and has taken to calling her CeeCee.
Child Event: Shortly after finishing the paper work to finalize our adoption of CeeCee we found I was pregnant again. After our miscarriage we were hesitant to announce our pregnancy, however everything goes well and we welcome Tamsin Joy on. Feburary 5th. Unfortunately she arrived during a busy time in my carrer. Working from home with five kids and a newborn isn't easy.

Year 10:
Child Event: So maybe we've gone a bit kid crazy. We soon started paper work to adopt another child. We started fostering Clint somewhere between CeeCee's adoption and Tamsin's birth. After some arguing with the courts and a move to a bigger house we welcomed 10 year old Clint Indigo into our family. Cain is psyched that there's finally another boy beside Uncle Zac in the house.
Family Matter: During a normal check up the doctor pulled me aside. They wanted to test Clint for luekemia. The tests came back showing that he did in fact have leukemia. However the five year survival rate was 80%. After months and months of treatment Clint was getting better. We still have to monitor him but we're so grateful our little boy is doing well and it's shown the kids that you have to appreciate everyone while you can.

Year 11:
Travel: After our scare with Clint we decided that some family bonding was needed. And where better to go than the happiest place on Earth?That's right, we went to Disney Land. We spent a lot of time riding rides and saying hi to all the characters. I'm sure we looked odd with seven kids but we all had fun.
Pet Event: With Lizzie's death Amelia has been begging for another pet. Zac, being the softy he is, took her to the pet store and they came home with Speedy the hamster.

Year 12:
Child Event: Zac and I had another miscarriage. We were devastated the first time, the second time was no easier. Although at 38 I'm not surprised. I really think my body's telling me to give up on having more kids.
Random Event: We have our house redone with the money that Zac inherited from his great grandmother. After knocking out some walls we had an extra bedroom added upstairs and two bedrooms put downstairs. Thankfully we can trust the older kids with the basement bedrooms.

Year 13:
Pet Event: Clint found a turtle in the backyard. After explaining the responsibility that comes with a pet we set up a tank. We now have a pet turtle named Racer. I wasn't kidding about the menagerie.
Pet Event: Tamsin decided that Draco was lonely. We brought home another ferret, which was promptly named Stripe.

Year 14:
Moving Event: We moved into a two story in Milwaukie for five months since Zac had a long term business trip there.
Child Event: While we were there out agency contacted us. They had a 9 month old boy from South America in depserate need of a home. Zac and I discussed it with the kids and we decided that we would bring this little boy home. We gave him the first named Bryant but kept the name the orphanage had given him as his middle name. Bryant Jenaro came home just a few weeks before Christmas.

Year 15:
Pet Event: BamBam our chocolate lab died, he had been sick and we knew it was coming and we had prepared the kids for it but it was still really hard on all of us.
Moving Event: From Milwaukie we moved to a single story house in a suburb just outside of Albany, New York for Zac's job. All the kids were excited but sad to be leaving their friends.

Zac and Adeline with CeeCee, Clint, Amelia, Maddie, Julie, Cain, Tamsin and Bryant and pets, Lizzie (beared dragon, deceased) BamBam (chocolate lab, deceased), Corny (cornsnake), Draco (ferret), Stripe (ferret), Speedy (hamster), and Racer (turtle)

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Ezekiel Thomas and Poppy Isadora Carter http://i223.photobuc...s/100480058.jpg

Year 1:
Zeke (22) and Poppy (20) are happily married.They decide that they are finacially able to start building their dream home! The two-story home is everything that they ever dreamed of. Poppy has always adored Victorian style homes and that's the style that they modeled their home after. http://i223.photobuc...ctorian-sty.jpg

Year 2:
Zeke (23) recieved a raise! It's enough that they decide to start putting away money so that they have enough saved for a rainy day or maybe a nice vacation in a few years.

Year 3:
At a Bachelorette party for a friend, Poppy (22) was told that she was going to have a baby in the coming year by a fortune teller. Not believing in the fortune teller's ability, she passed it off as wishful thinking. A few weeks later, Poppy realized that she had missed her period, remembering the fortune tellers prediction, she took a pregnancy test. The test was positive!
When Poppy was six months pregnant, Zeke took her out for their anniversary. While at their favorite Italian restaurant they talked to the lady at the table across the aisle from them who was also pregnant. The lady's name was Elzira and after a while she said that she was Portugese and her name is a traditional name. Poppy immediately fell in love with the name and when it came time to name their little girl, it just seemed right. Zeke wanted the baby's middle name to be after his sister Joanna. So on September 24, Elzira Joanne was born. She has blonde hair curly hair and green eyes. http://i223.photobuc...s/103254714.jpg Zira with her Auntie Joanna

Year 4:
Poppy (23) started to feel odd again and immediately knew that she was pregnant. She called Joanna who was on her way over anyway and asked her to stop at the drug store and pick up a pregnancy test. They were both over-joyed at the thought of another baby but Poppy wanted to tell Zeke in a cute way. She made Joanna swear not to tell anyone because she knew how upset Zeke would be if a lot of people knew before he did.
A few days later while shopping you buy Zira a shirt that says 'I'm the big sister' with plans on asking Zeke to get her on Saturday morning out of her crib while she's wearing it. While shopping, you see Zeke's friend Jake. Not realizing that he saw the shirt, you don't say anything about him not telling Zeke. Shortly after ending your conversation, Jake texts Zeke congratulating him on the new baby. He isn't upset just confused and he loved the idea of you surprising him. So you'll keep the shirt because who knows, maybe you can use it next time!
We decide to name our little boy Percival Jacob after Percy Weasley in Harry Potter because we both have always loved the series and loved the Weasley family's closeness. Poppy also loved Percy's story of alienating his family but them forgiving him and welcoming him with loving arms when he realizes his mistakes and what's important. He was born on August 25. He had a full head of straight dark hair and green eyes. http://i223.photobuc...es/90286344.jpg Percy
http://i223.photobuc...s/136792154.jpg Zira

Year 5:
Zeke (26) and Poppy (24) decided to adopt! A friend when on a mission trip and fell in love with a little boy in South America but as a missionary she was unable to adopt him. She asks if you would think about it and decide that you can't turn down the little boy. His name is Nicolas Eliseo and is 3 years old. http://i223.photobuc...es/86524964.jpg

Year 6:
Our cat, Gemma had kittens! Her litter had 6 kittens and we decided to keep two of them. http://i223.photobuc...s/117040641.jpg We decide to name them Sapphire and Ruby.

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This is the story of Cody Michael Bellamy and Lilah Peyton Anderson(:
Year One: 1998
After a very short romance, Cody Micheal Bellamy, (curly blonde hair with light blue eyes) and Lilah Peyton, (straight blonde hair and blue/green eyes) marry on June 30th, 2013, a day after he arrives home from his Navy A-School. As we begin to enjoy our honeymoon in Hawaii, I receive a distraught phone call from my mom, saying that my older brother has died in a car accident. We quickly fly home and take the responsibility of adopting his ten year old daughter Camille Grace and two year old son, Brody Lucas. Cami has straight brown hair with blue eyes and Brody has curly brown hair and blue eyes. It's a lot to deal with since we weren't planning on kids for another 5 years. Camille tries to help us with Brody as much as possible but she's also having trouble dealing. We think about moving back to California.
Year Two: 1999
Cody gets deployed for eight months so I decide to temporarily move back to California. We move into a nice, one story condo near my family and Cody's to help with the grieving process. Cody gets back a little early and we spend the last few weeks with our families. Cami and Brody are doing much better and we decide, we will be making trips back to Caifornia any chance we get.
Year Three: 2000
Now that Cody is back, we settle into a nice routine. I learn that the kids, Brody in paticular, love to help me cook and bake so I invent the adjustable apron for boys. I don't get money or fame from it but I do get a much cleaner son!
Year Four: 2001
Cody and I decide to visit our families in California again. So much time has passed that we go back and forth between families, trying to get in as much quality times as possible. They wish we would stay but Cody hasn't gotten his transfer yet. Although, we are growing to really love Florida.
Year Five: 2002
After Camille's first year of Highschool we decide to revisit our families in California and a few days after Cody's dad and little brother's birthday, I find out I am 2 months pregnant! We are ecstatic that we're able to tell all the family at once! We decide to fly them down to spend Christmas with us in Florida! Good thing too because my blonde hair and blue eyed baby boy, James "Jamie" Holden Bellamy is born that Christmas! He is truly lucky to have all of his family waiting just outside the room to see him for the first time in person! Cody couldn't be happier to have been there for the birth and seen his first born son! That tough sailor even cried!
Year Six: 2003
Even though I am very busy with my new born Jamie, seven year old Brody, and fifteen old Camille, I some how managed to have time to write a book about adopting Camille and Brody and being a military wife. Probably from all the help that Camille and Cody gave me.
Year Seven: 2004
Earlier this year we begin having IVF treatments until we learn Cody's cousin Cheyenne dies and we mutually decide to take in her two red head and blue eyed daughters; nine year old Emily Marie and seven year old Michaela Noelle. They are both stunned that their mom and dad are now dead. Camille and Brody, having been through the same thing, really help them grieve. Michaela and Brody become best friends. They are luckily placed in the same class and Michaela cooks along side me and Brody. Shortly after, I discover I’m pregnant and learn that I am having identical twin boys!
Year Eight: 2005
February 14th rolls around and I give birth to a couple more holiday babies! Skylar Jacob and Chandler Nephi Bellamy are born via caesarean because of how large they were. Probably because of all that holiday food!
Year Nine: 2006
As hectic as our lives have become, me and Cody still find time to be alone and it results in a surprise pregnancy! I tell my mom over the phone that I am pregnant again and am over heard by Michaela. Who, calls my husband at work and tells him, “Auntie is gonna have another baby!” Cody was shocked as much as me and immediately asked to talk to me. We’re both hoping it’s going to be a little baby girl!
Mia Tallulah Bellamy is born on September 8th, sharing the same birthday as her dad, and already has Cody wrapped around her tiny little finger. Surprisingly, she was born right on time! Sadly, just a month later, Cody has to leave on a mission to Africa!
Year Ten: 2007
After Cody gets back from Africa, we decide we have more love to give and decide to adopt a little girl of Africa. McKenna Jahi is an eight year old little girl who welcomed very happily and she has two new best friends! Even those she’s a little younger, Brody, Michaela and McKenna can’t get enough of each other!
Year Eleven: 2008
Cody finally gets his transfer and now that our family has grown so quickly, we decide to move to California. That way, we can have as much help as we need. The grandparents can’t be more excited! We find a large two-story house we plentiful of room for expansion. Just in case we decide on anymore bundles of joy!
Year Twelve: 2009
Although, we decide on no more kids, we expand the house anyway and temporarily move to a small house close enough to the new house so that we can keep track of the contractors.
Year Thirteen: 2010
Just after the renovations are finished, Cody decides not to re-up his military contract and we hit a financial snag. However, we have enough saved up and plenty of help from the GI Bill that we aren’t too worried. And Cody gets a job working at the hospital as a RN!
Year Fourteen: 2011
Now that we’re financially stable, we decide to have one more baby! We decided not to find out the sex and instead used old fashion methods to try and guess the sex. We were all absolutely convinced that it was a little girl! On April 14th, I gave birth to a beautiful little boy that Cody named, Foster Cody Bellamy. He had curly blonde hair and light blue eyes. He looks exactly like his daddy!
Year Fifteen: 2012
The family and I decide to go visit our friends in Florida! We even take baby Foster with us. We all enjoy the trip and seeing old friends, but are very glad we moved back to California.

Cody Michael Bellamy (32)
Lilah Peyton Bellamy (33)

Camille Grace Anderson (24)
Emily Marie Stevens (17)
Brody Lucas Anderson (16)
Michaela Noelle Stevens (15)

McKenna Jahi Noraf-Bellamy(13)
Jamie Holden Bellamy (10)
Skylar Jacob "SJ" and Chandler Nephi Bellamy (7)
Mia Tallulah Bellamy (6)
Foster Cody Bellamy (1)

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The Sweets Family

Eleanor Christine & Jude Alexander
-Nora: Red hair and blue eyes, Forensic Anthropologist & Forensic Archeologist
-Jude: Black hair and blue eyes, works in advertising for a large company

Year 1:
Random: As a wedding gift to themselves, Nora & Jude go to see their all-time favorite music artist live in concert: Bon Jovi!
Travel: Because of work, Nora & Jude take their honeymoon several months after the wedding. They travel to Fiji, the place where they met. They spend their time exploring the sites and relaxing before heading home.

Year 2:
Child: Our Fiji trip lead to an unexpected bundle of joy! Nora went into labor during Valentine's Day dinner and after a quick labor, Temperance Adelaide made her way into the world at 11:57pm that same night. She was born with brown hair & blue eyes.
Family Matter: Just 6 months after she is born, Tempe is diagnosed with cancer. She undergoes chemo and radiation and after several stressful months, goes into remission. Though they had planned to have children close together, Nora & Jude decide to focus their time on Tempe for now and focus on her health.

Year 3:
Family Matter: After years of smooth sailing in their relationship, Tempe's health causes a major rift in the couple, and Jude packs up and leaves. Though they reconcile fast, Nora is still worried about the stress in the coming years of raising a sick child.
Job: Jude gets a promotion at work and now runs the advertising department of his company.

Year 4:
Moving: When offered a career changing opportunity to participate in a groundbreaking archeological dig, Nora & Jude decide to pack up their life and move to a duplex Indonesia with Tempe for 6 months.
Family Matter: Nora's best friend from high school, Lily, passes away in a terrible car accident, leaving behind a husband and a little girl. Watching Lily die made Nora realize that life is unpredictable and to live life one day at a time, enjoying every minute she got with Jude & Tempe.

Year 5:
Random: After she had disappearing for a few days, Nora finds the family cat Cupcake in the basement nursing two tiny kittens. The family is shocked, as they didn't know she was pregnant! Tempe, a curious (and persuasive) child of three convinces her parents to let her keep both. The family names them Crumbs and Sprinkles.
Pet: Even though they just acquired two new kittens, the family takes in a lonely rabbit as well. Her name is Carrots, cleverly named by Tempe.

Year 6:
Pet: Jude begins to believe his family is starting their own zoo! Already the proud owners of three cats and a rabbit, Nora & Tempe come home one day with a hamster, affectionately named Shoes when Tempe discovers his love of shoes.
Moving: After living in a one-story condo since they got married, Nora & Jude decide it's time to settle their roots and buy a two-story house not far from their current home in Takoma Park City, MD.

Year 7:
Job: Jude receives a raise at work, which is bringing in extra money for the family! After buying a new car, Nora & Jude set up a fund for Tempe's schooling, as well as for any future children.
Random: With Jude's increase flow of money, Nora takes some money to re-do their new home. She focuses on the kitchen, buying all new cabinets, countertops and appliances!

Year 8:
Child: After postponing having another child for so long, Nora & Jude are overjoyed to welcome their second child, a baby boy. Nora told her best friend before Jude, who called him to congratulate him. Though angry at first, Jude was more than happy about the baby. William Theodore arrived on May 26th, Nora's birthday as well, sporting brown hair and blue eyes just like his sister!
Travel: After welcoming Liam, the family decides to take their growing family to visit Jude's parents and siblings in California. They spend their time with family and taking the kids to Disney for the first time.

Year 9:
Family Matter: Nora's cousin Margaret, a single mom, passes away and the couple decide to take in her two kids, six year old identical twin girls named Aviana Grace & Savanna Hope. Tempe loves having girls her age around and even Liam is enamored by the girls, who settle into the family faster than expected.
Child: With everything going on in the family, Nora ignores her missed period until a doctors appointment for what she believes is the flu turns into something much more: she's 26 weeks pregnant with another little boy! Jude's mother suggests they name their son after her husband, Augustus. Though not your favorite name, you abide by her wish and name the baby Mason August. Ace was born October 12th, sporting his siblings brown hair and his grandma's green eyes.

Year 10:
Child: After Ace is born, we decide to have another baby close to him in age. We struggle to conceive and turn to fertility treatments and are shocked to learn that we are expecting fraternal twin girls. Jude misses the girls birth, an emergency c-section when Nora goes into labor early. Estelle Josephine & Lorelai Madeline are born just 14 months after their brother on December 20th. Elle was born with brown hair and blue eyes & Lila with red hair and green eyes.
Pet: Adding to the family zoo, Tempe, Avie & Annie convince their parents to buy them another hamster, named Lincoln.

Year 11:
Family Matter: Jude & Nora decide to become foster parents and are paired with siblings, a 9-year-old girl named Amelia Jayne and a 4-year-old boy named Noah Francis. The pair stay for five months before their grandfather pulls them from the system. He lives close by, so you stay in touch.
Child: Jude & Norah decide to try for one last child and despite previous infertility problems, they quickly conceive. Nora went into labor early and gave birth to a healthy baby boy in the library of the University she teaches at. Riley Christopher was born 4 weeks early on July 8th, with brown hair and blue eyes.

Year 12:
Random: After Riley is born, the family realizes they need more room and buy a silver Toyota Sienna as a second car.
Job: Nora is promoted to the head of the Anthropology department at her university. The change brings a very helpful pay increase as well.

Year 13:
Pet: It's no longer a shock to bring a pet into the family! Jude takes Tempe, Avie, & Annie out and come home with a new family member: an 8-week-old Morkie puppy named Noodles. Noodles fits right into the family and gets along perfectly with the cats.
Moving: Nora is offered a lead role in an emerging dig in Namibia for 8 months. It was a heated discussion in the house, but the family agrees she should take it and leave a week later.

Year 14:
Family Matter: Nora's job has been causing strain for years, but Jude has finally reached his breaking point. After months of fighting, they try marriage counseling, but nothing works. The couple decides to end their marriage and Jude takes off with no regard for their children.
Job: With the divorce, Nora decides to spend more time with her children. Three weeks after she & Jude divorce, Nora hands in her notice and plans to spend a few years writing a book.

Year 15:
Moving: When Nora quits, she decides to move the family to a new city for a fresh start and buys a two-story house in Potomac, VA.
Child: Nora decides to add one last child to her family via international adoption. She is quickly matched with a 9-month-old girl in Indonesia, whom she names Sari Nirmala, sticking to Indonesian names. The little girl is the prefect fit to the family!


[40] Eleanor Christine & Jude Alexander [45]

[13] Temperance Adelaide
[13] Amelia Jayne -Foster Child {5 months}
[12] Aviana Grace & Savanna Hope - Adopted
[8] Noah Francis - Foster Child {5 months}
[7] William Theodore
[6] Mason August
[5] Estelle Josephine & Lorelai Madeline
[4] Riley Christopher
[9m] Sari Nirmala - Adopted

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The St. James Family

Julian Cameron & Ivy Arabella

Julian was born on the fifth of June and is 21 years old. He has black hair and bright green eyes.

Ivy was born on the eleventh of November and is 21 years old. She has blonde hair and blue eyes.


{Couple} Julian Cameron [21] Ivy Arabella [21]

{Pets} Natasha [Russian Blue, 0]

Travel - Julian and I, Ivy, have just gotten out of college and having bought are first house and having it ready and waiting for us, Julian and I decided now is the perfect time to take a nice little romantic trip to remind us how much we love each other after the hectic move has made us both a little irritable. We book a one week vacation to Paris and spend it in style, visiting places like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame de Paris, The Wallace Fountains and The Panthéon. It's an amazing trip that we both savor and use to rekindle our romance.

Pet - Having returned back from France and all the livelihood and action there the home life is getting a little boring. Nothing to do, the town we've moved into is a rather sleepy place. So, Julian and I thought that it would be a good idea to get a pet. However, the issue comes when we both disagree on what kind. Julian wants a dog and explained that our condominium is dog friendly and has a park area and dogs are simply more active while I having grown up with cats find them much more appealing. So, with ingenuity in our hands we played a 2 to 3 round set of rock-paper-scissors. I won and a week later we welcomed home Natasha, a Russian Blue. She's the most adorable kitten ever and even though upset to have not gotten his dog. Julian lovers are little Natasha.


{Couple} Julian Cameron [22] Ivy Arabella [22]

{Pets} Natasha [Russian Blue, 1]

Random - With moving to a new neighborhood for Julian's job I myself have not having found a job we're having a little bit of hard time finance wise. It's not something either of us expected especially since we both graduated suma cum laude at our respective colleges. With this happening, I hit the pavement a little harder and sure enough my hard efforts pay off and along with some coupon snipping and our little family is back on track saving our little nest egg up for the future.

Family Matter - My younger sister, Pansy Georgina, comes to stay with us for a week to come take a look at the local colleges in the state. We heard she was coming around and instead of wasting her money on paying for a hotel we invited her to stay with us, well I invited her and told Julian later that night. Pansy had a wonderful time here and even settled on applying for a college here. We had a few incidents, she may have stumbled home drunk from a frat party once, but we welcomed her to come and stay again. She's my sister and no matter what she'll always be welcome in our house.


{Couple} Julian Cameron [23] Ivy Arabella [23]

{Pets} Natasha [Russian Blue, 2]

{Children} Sawyer Landon [0]

Child - Julian and I got the shock of our lives when we found out we were expecting. Yes, while we do want a family we didn't plan to start trying for another two or three years or so. However, Julian and I don't see this as a reason to terminate. We love each other, are happily married and decide even though unexpected we want to have this baby. Although, I am excited about the baby I'm also a little upset getting pregnant certainty has derailed some of my plans for my own future job aspirations but nonetheless it could have been much worse and I honestly get over it rather quickly. By the time March 24th, 1999 rolled around and we welcomed our little man, Sawyer Landon St. James, into the world everything was perfect. He has his daddy's black hair and my own blue eyes. A perfect combination of us both.

Family Matter - Between us being so young and taking care of our first baby, Sawyer, Julian and I have been having some trouble in our marriage. We're just not sure who the other even is anymore. I call my mother, Lynette Victoria, and the two of us talked well into the night and with her advice Julian and I went into couples therapy and as the saying goes mother knows best. Julian and I worked out are issues and have learned some better coping skills for when we have problems or disagree with each other. We went to therapy for the entire year and left back and happily in love.


{Couple} Julian Cameron [24] Ivy Arabella [24]

{Pets} Snoopy [Beagle, 4] Natasha [Russian Blue, 3]

{Children} Sawyer Landon [1]

Child - Not even a year after Sawyer, Julian and I fell pregnant again but this time we suffered a miscarriage and while we hadn't expected the pregnancy we were devastated at the loss of our future baby. Even though we hadn't planned on trying again so soon we've started to think more so about kids and perhaps having them sooner than we had planned or intended. While not just yet maybe in a year or so we hope to, this time, have a planned child. We wouldn't want Sawyer to be too old before his siblings come.

Pet - After losing our unborn baby, Julian and I decide the best way to soothe are loss would be to add on to our family so we went to the local shelter and looked into adopting a dog and saving its life, since I got a cat from a breeder last time, We found a four year old beagle dog purebred and all. He was fun and loveable as can be. His name is Snoopy and we took him home as soon as we could. We know somewhere are little angel is looking down on us and sent us are newest family member to save.


{Couple} Julian Cameron [25] Ivy Arabella [25]

{Pets} Snoopy [Beagle, 5] Natasha [Russian Blue, 4]

{Children} Sawyer Landon [2] Tucker Clayton [0]

Child - With what happened last year, our miscarriage, Julian and I decided to try for another baby. Not long after we got pregnant and we were extremely excited. We looked at baby name books and penned away at the family tree and while coming across my own tree I found I had a great-great grandfather named Clayton Norman. While I'd never consider the name Norman, Clayton had a nice sort of southern gentlemen ring to it and in my opinion fit well with our first name choice of Tucker. So, happily decided on our name we waited till July 8th, 2001. We brought home Tucker Clayton St. James. Sawyer is extremely excited to be a big brother. Tucker has my blonde hair as well as his father's green eyes.

Travel - With things going well in Julian's job his bosses have asked him to take a three week long trip to Hong Kong. At first I vehemently told him he could not go. We had just had a new baby. I needed my husband home. But, on that same breath I realized that Julian needed to go. We had just had a second child and the commission money from going to the Hong Kong branch and the positive effect it could bring on a possible promotion is something we just shouldn't, no couldn't pass up and so Julian left. My mother, Lynette, and father, Thomas Arthur, came and stayed with me doe the three weeks that Julian was gone to help me take care of the kids. I think the trip was worth it. The kids got to spend time with their grandparents and we made some extra money.


{Couple} Julian Cameron [26] Ivy Arabella [26]

{Pets} Snoopy [Beagle, 6] Natasha [Russian Blue, 5]

{Children} Sawyer Landon [3] Tucker Clayton [1]

Job - As predicted, we were right. Julian's trip to Hong Kong lead him to a promotion which is perfect considering are budding and growing family. This means a few more hours at the office but we both know it will be well worth it for the extra money we will receive from it and well, I've had my eyes on moving out of our one story condo.

Moving - The time has come to move out of our silly little sleepy town and to move somewhere a little better but still in state. We move to Long Island, New York. We've picked out a nice one story starter home and we couldn't be more excited. It's a nice six bedroom with six full bathroom and two half bathroom. The kitchen was lovely and recently redone before being sold to us. We had enough room in the backyard for a play set and swing set for the boys and for Snoopy to run around. Its home.


{Couple} Julian Cameron [27] Ivy Arabella [27]

{Pets} Snoopy [Beagle, 7] Natasha [Russian Blue, 6] Fifi [Miniature Poodle, 0]

{Children} Sawyer Landon [4] Tucker Clayton [2] Hunter Trenton [0] Harper Addison [0]

Child - With Sawyer turning five soon, as well as our desire for a big family, Julian and I once more try to conceive but this time we had a little, well a lot of trouble and after half a year of trying and zip we saw a doctor who recommended we try some shots to improve my cycling and sure enough it worked and worked twice as well as expected. When we visited the doctor he told us that we were expecting twins and fraternal ones at that! When we found out the genders, a boy and a girl. I was ecstatic. I'd been waiting forever for a little princess. We went on painting and setting up the nursery when a month before our planned c-section the twins decided it was time to come into the world and we had to rush to the hospital. Hunter Trenton St. James and Harper Addison St. James were born on May 9th, 2003. Hunter has my blonde hair while Harper has my father's dark brown locks. They both have my blue eyes.

Pet - Mothers day has come about and things are hectic young children running about and as much as I love my children sometimes I wish we humans ate our young. In all his infinite wisdom my husband came home this morning with his birthday present for me. An Apricot miniature poodle. While the little girl is adorable she is not at all what I expected for this present. Another little baby to take care of, when will Julian ever learn? Either way, I've named her Fifi.


{Couple} Julian Cameron [28] Ivy Arabella [28]

{Pets} Snoopy [Beagle, 8] Natasha [Russian Blue, 7] Fifi [Miniature Poodle, 1] Sebastian [Miniature Poodle, 0]

{Children} Sawyer Landon [5] Tucker Clayton [3] Hunter Trenton [1] Harper Addison [1] Archer Jackson [0]

Child - Once more it seemed lady luck and of fertility was following me around because after my issues without even looking to or trying Julian and I conceived. We found out once more we were welcoming a little boy. I was simply happy for a healthy baby. Although a little princess would be wonderful again but a prince is perfection nonetheless. We set up the room for him and picked out a name once more. This time we settled on Archer Jackson. We made it to our due date for our planned c-section and on October 10th, 2004 we welcomed our little man to the world. He had his daddy's black hair and green eyes. Although the biggest issue happened when they brought a baby in and I had just been about to nurse when I realized the bracelet was pink for a girl! It wasn't Archer but someone's little girl. We easily found Archer but the mix up had been terrifying.

Pet - Welp, I think I honestly need to start watching Julian when he goes out because once more he went out and brought back another puppy. Once more he brought home a Miniature Puddle. This was a little grey boy this time and while he is cute as the dickens I'm not sure how we're going to be able to handle another puppy along with the new baby and how young the children are, however I couldn't bear to bring him back to the breeders. So, We named the little boy Sebastian. He is of course a part of the family and the kids love him.


{Couple} Julian Cameron [29] Ivy Arabella [29]

{Pets} Snoopy [Beagle, 9] Natasha [Russian Blue, 8] Fifi [Miniature Poodle, 2] Sebastian [Miniature Poodle, 1]

Sylvester [Dalmatian, 0]

{Children} Sawyer Landon [6] Tucker Clayton [4] Hunter Trenton [2] Harper Addison [2] Archer Jackson [1]

Pet - With Sawyers birthday coming about he'd been begging for a puppy and well. I just couldn't say no. One of his favorite Disney movies is 101 Dalmatians so Julian and I visited a breeder instate and brought home a little boy puppy for Sawyer's birthday. All the kids were thrilled to have another puppy. We decided to name him Sylvester to continue with our puppydog theme names. He's such a well mannered dog that we're having zero issues with him and I couldn't be happier.

Random - Something I have always thought of doing was going back to college, in school I had studied fine arts and while I love my job at MOMA. I have lately found that it doesn't hold much appeal to me as it used to and going to work is less of a passion and more of a chore now. So, with Julian's support I go to FCI, French Culinary Institute of America, and study there. It's a wonderful experience and I find that I love cooking and pastry so much.


{Couple} Julian Cameron [30] Ivy Arabella [30]

{Pets} Snoopy [Beagle, 10] Natasha [Russian Blue, 9] Fifi [Miniature Poodle, 3] Sebastian [Miniature Poodle, 2]

Sylvester [Dalmatian, 1]

{Children} Sawyer Landon [7] Tucker Clayton [5] Hunter Trenton [3] Harper Addison [3] Archer Jackson [2]

Job - I quit my job. It hurt to do it but between school and the kids my job is just a hassle and while losing the extra income from it hurt a lot I know having more time for my kids is the paramount thing to do. I give my two week notice and work till it's over and get a nice severance check from them. I love my kids and my college working at the FCI to death and know in my heart of hearts this is all for the best.

Random - Having just quit my job and now finish up my last exam and terms at the FCI. I've been talking to my friend, Naomi Grace McCann, We both have an extreme love of cooking. Naomi attended CIA, Culinary Institute of America, when she first got out of high school but has simply been a home maker and never did anything with her degree. The two of us begin chatting about our free time now that our children are starting to get a bit older as well as our desire to do a little more around the house, finance wise. A local cafe called "Le Chevalier's Petit." had gone under and with me talking to Julian and Naomi talking to her husband, Heath Jeremiah McCann, we are able to convince them of our idea and we buy the place and keep the name and settle up our own Cafe and Bakery.


{Couple} Julian Cameron [31] Ivy Arabella [31]

{Pets} Snoopy [Beagle, 11] Natasha [Russian Blue, 10] Fifi [Miniature Poodle, 4] Sebastian [Miniature Poodle, 3]

Sylvester [Dalmatian, 2]

{Children} Sawyer Landon [8] Tucker Clayton [6] Hunter Trenton [4] Harper Addison [4] Archer Jackson [3] Parker Preston [0] Piper Peyton [0]

Random - One of my biggest goals in life is to own a successful business. Now it's come true! Le Chevalier's Petit is doing wonderful. We've got customers all day and night long doing nothing but buying! Naomi and I are making more than our husbands at this point. We've even bought out two of the stores next to the cafe so we can expand it. The money is just flowing in at this point and I couldn't be more delighted.

Child - With our business doing so well I've talked to Julian and now with the means we have we've decided to have another child. While at first we had a little issue so we saw the same fertility doctor we went to when we had trouble conceiving Hunter and Harper. Not long after we were blessed with double miracles once more. Fraternal boy girl twins. We got so excited and the kids are all in a tizzy about it. Even though the house is going to be a little tight with another two additions but it's worth it. So on October 31st, 2007 we welcomed Parker Preston St. James and Piper Peyton St. James. Both have their daddies black hair and Piper has her daddy's bright green eyes and Parker has my blue eyes. When we came home the whole family and all of our friends were there to throw us a party. It was the best. Full of love, laughter and fun.


{Couple} Julian Cameron [32] Ivy Arabella [32]

{Pets} Snoopy [Beagle, 12] Natasha [Russian Blue, 11] Fifi [Miniature Poodle, 5] Sebastian [Miniature Poodle, 4]

Sylvester [Dalmatian, 3] Hiromi [Shiba Inu, 0]

{Children} Sawyer Landon [9] Tucker Clayton [7] Hunter Trenton [5] Harper Addison [5] Archer Jackson [4] Parker Preston [1] Piper Peyton [1]

Moving - Well, with two new additions our house is simply starting to feel horribly small and cramped, so, with Le Chevalier's Petit doing so well we've decided to move. The even better news was a two-story home on Naomi's street had gone up for sale. Its eleven bedrooms, eleven full baths and four half baths. We're amazingly excited to move and settle everything quickly. It's a complete joy and getting to live closer to Naomi and Heath is just a bonus.

Pet - Since moving into a new home, Tucker's birthday is coming close and once more all my husband's son wants is a puppy. We've tried to talk him out of it but he's adamant and with us moving to a new house and all the new room we deiced to indulge him so, the day of his birthday we took Tucker to a local dog breeder and he picked out a female Shiba Inu puppy. We name her Hiromi.


{Couple} Julian Cameron [33] Ivy Arabella [33]

{Pets} Snoopy [Beagle, 13] Natasha [Russian Blue, 12] Fifi [Miniature Poodle, 6] Sebastian [Miniature Poodle, 5]

Sylvester [Dalmatian, 4] Hiromi [Shiba Inu, 1]

{Children} Sawyer Landon [10] Tucker Clayton [8] Hunter Trenton [6] Harper Addison [6] Archer Jackson [5]

Parker Preston [2] Piper Peyton [2]

Travel - With the business going so well, Naomi and I have been invited to attend a Food Network Baking Challenge. Although both of us are a little nervous and don't want to go and leave our kids we know the kind of recognition that we could get from winning something like that or just getting some kind air time to show off our Cafe. So, with heavy hearts we both say goodbye to our husbands and kids and go off to where the challenge is being held. We got their and baked our butts off. It was so hard, so many other people...We placed 2nd! We were ecstatic, it wasn't first but, my god it was amazing. Naomi and I are so thrilled to get home and put the trophy and certificate up on the wall with both our culinary degrees.

Random - Between everything that is going on and the business booming even better with all the people coming after what happened on the Challenge. We've had to hire new people and people are talking about expansion and I just need some time to settle down, I need something to cool myself down so I start writing all my recipes over the course of the year and things slowly settle, we hire more people and as of now, we aren't ready to expand. We love the business but, we love our family and our time we shared together more then it. When the book is published it sells much better than I expected.


{Couple} Julian Cameron [34] Ivy Arabella [34]

{Pets} Snoopy [Beagle, 14] Natasha [Russian Blue, 13] Fifi [Miniature Poodle,7] Sebastian [Miniature Poodle, 6]

Sylvester [Dalmatian, 5] Hiromi [Shiba Inu, 2]

{Children} Sawyer Landon [11] Tucker Clayton [9] Hunter Trenton [7] Harper Addison [7] Archer Jackson [6]

Parker Preston [3] Piper Peyton [3] Fletcher Keaton [0]

Family Matter - Between my business and Julian's job, the two of us decide it might be a good idea for the kids to enroll in some things after school. We set Sawyer into a baseball league, Tucker into a lacrosse league, Hunter into a soccer league, Harper into ballet lessons, Archer into karate classes and we put Parker and Piper into toddler gymnastic classes. We also got them all musical lessons with an instrument Sawyer got the guitar, Tucker got the drums, Hunter got the violin, Harper got a flute and Archer got the piano. We set Parker and Peyton up for kiddy jamboree since they're too young for proper instruments.

Child - Julian and I were shocked to find out we were pregnant. We hadn't been trying, and I'm normally very good with my pills, but, I guess I must have missed a day. I'd been craving oranges which I usually hate and was mixing them with all kinds of things like cream of wheat and capers. A strange combination. On a whim we got a pregnancy test and it came up positive. We then settled down and realized that we had a loving family and we had room to love another child and the money, so we hunkered down and got ready for our next prince to arrive. On June 7th 2010, we welcome home Fletcher Keaton St. James. He has brown hair and green eyes. He's perfect in every way and the family lovers him dearly.


{Couple} Julian Cameron [35] Ivy Arabella [35]

{Pets} Snoopy [Beagle, 15] Natasha [Russian Blue, 14] Fifi [Miniature Poodle,8] Sebastian [Miniature Poodle, 7]

Sylvester [Dalmatian, 6] Hiromi [Shiba Inu, 3]

{Children} Sawyer Landon [12] Tucker Clayton [10] Hunter Trenton [8] Harper Addison [8] Archer Jackson [7]

Parker Preston [4] Piper Peyton [4] Fletcher Keaton [1] Ryder Dalton [0]

Pet - Lately, we've been having some issues getting Fifi and Hiromi to settle down, we aren't sure why but, we do decide it would be a good idea to get some help on it. So three times a month we leave Hunter, Harper, Archer, Parker, Piper and Fletcher with three sitters, having Sawyer and Tucker come with us we bring all the dogs to doggy training camp and get them taught and settled down. We teach them all tricks and get lots of things settled in their behavior. It was also a fun bonding moment between us and the older boys.

Child - The biggest shock happened once more, just a year after having Fletcher, I was once more pregnant again and we were pregnant once more. This time with a little boy and well, I have to be honest and say the pregnancy was a low blow, back to back and not planned, well, it took a toll on the bakery and I had to be away from it more then I wanted to be. While I'll love the baby so much, it would have been better if he'd come a little while later. On August 18th 2011, we welcomed home Ryder Dalton St. James. He's got blonde hair and green eyes.

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Posted 13 October 2012 - 11:27 PM

The Middlefield Family

DH- George Clifford

born January 8, 1975~(wavy, red hair + green eyes)

DW- Grace Amelia

born June 14, 1975~(curly, blonde hair + hazel eyes)

Year 1: August 1997

George (22), Grace (22)

Travel ~ My first big task in my new job as a wedding planner is to help out at a wedding in Jamaica. How exciting! And I get to bring George with me! We loved Jamaica so much that we decided to spend an extra week there on vacation.

Year 2: May 1998

George (23), Grace (22)

Moving ~ Because George is a construction site manager, we temporarily have to move downtown so George can be close to the new skyscraper building. We find a two-storey townhouse to rent out while we are living downtown.

Travel ~ Only three weeks after moving in, George has to go out of town for a week to consult on another building site. I stay at home and work on making the townhouse our own. His mom Alexandra comes over to help.

Year 3: September 1999

George (24), Grace (24)

Moving ~ George ends up being signed to a contract for a set of three building downtown and so we permanently move into a beautiful two-storey condominium in one of the trendiest buildings in the city.

Family Matter ~ One night I decide to visit George at work and I catch him flirting with one of his coworkers. I storm off but later that night we get into a huge fight. Feeling its probably best, I leave for two days. When I come home, things are tense and I'm not sure if I fully trust George.

Year 4: December 2000

George (25), Grace (25), Lochlan (0)

Pet ~ After our big fight, George and I enroll in therapy. We are advised to find something that encourages us to take responsibility and also that will help us spend time together. So, around Valentines Day we adopt a dog named Louie.

Child ~ Having a dog really reconnected George and I, and so we decided maybe now would be a good time to start a family. Almost instantly we fell pregnant. On December 2nd I went into labour two weeks early. I almost gave birth while doing yoga! Lochlan Alexander has straight, blonde hair and brown eyes.

Year 5: June 2001

George (26), Grace (26), Lochlan (6mos)

Travel ~ In March George, Lochlan and I visited my brother and his family in San Diego. My nieces and nephew, Alana, Jayden and Max, were on spring break and so we got to spend lots of wonderful time with them.

Random ~ When we got home from SD, we remodeled the office into a nursery for Lochlan with a little extra money from a Christmas bonus George received.

Year 6: February 2002

George (27), Grace (26), Lochlan (1)

Pet ~ Lately Louie has been demanding attention all the time. He is starting to get angry when we spend too much time with Lochlan. To deal with this we start involving him with everything Lochlan does. Instantly things get better.

Random ~ On a whim I entered a contest for best wedding photography in our city. I won! The prize was a new camera and an all expenses paid trip to a ski resort.

Year 7: November 2003

George (28), Grace (28), Lochlan (2), Lillian (0)

Travel ~ In January, George and I cashed in on the all expenses paid trip to the ski resort. For four days all we did was relax, ski and eat wonderful food.

Child ~ Apparently the ski trip was more productive then we thought. Eight months later I was going into early labour with our precious baby girl. In the end the early birth was kind of a blessing because it eliminated the possibility of the grandparents being in the delivery room like the had planned to. Our baby girl was born on October 24, and we named her Lillian Hermione. Lilli has wavy, red hair and hazel eyes.

Year 8: July 2004

George (29), Grace (29), Lochlan (3), Lillian (9mos)

Moving ~ In a twist of events, George was offered a multi-million dollar contract in Croatia and so we made the decision to pack up our lives and family and journey to Croatia. We bought a lovely single-storey house and made ourselves right at home.

Random ~ In the first month living in Croatia, my favourite artist Neil Young came to play and so George and I went to see him live!

Year 9: December 2005

George (30), Grace (30), Alexei (9), Maria (8), Lochlan (5), Lillian (2)

Family Matter ~ One day while out for a walk with Lochlan and Lilli, I came across an adoption and foster agency. I decided to stop and see what the situation was like In Croatia. I was informed that they had recently taken in around 100 orphans from Russia who needed foster care immediately. After talking with George we brought Alexei (9) and Maria (8) into our home for a period of a year.

Job ~ Also this year, I recieved a promotion. Because I am now living in Europe, my company promoted me to head of their European Wedding coverage!

Year 10: April 2006

George (31), Grace (30), Alexei (9), Maria (8), Lochlan (5), Lillian (2)

Family Matter ~ Less than a month ago, George and I lost someone very close to both of us. Patrick Hanson was George's best man at our wedding and he was also one of our oldest friends. It had always been his dream to visit Iceland but he never got to so George and I took the family, including Alexei and Maria, on a trip to Iceland.

Year 11: October 2007

George (32), Grace (32), Lochlan (6), Lillian (4), Avery (2mos), Ainsley (2mos)

Child ~ When George and I found out we were pregnant we were completely shocked. Not to mention we found out that we were pregnant when a random woman in a restaurant came up and told us it was going to be twin girls! We didn't even know we were expecting. However, seven months later we brought home Avery Patrice and Ainsley Kate. Our girls were born on August 25 with wavy, blonde hair and blue eyes.

Moving ~ Now our family is on the move! With four young kids and George's contract in Croatia finished we decided to move back to Canada. I found my dream home in a two storey house on a historical property.

Year 12: August 2008

George (33), Grace (33), Lochlan (7), Lillian (4), Avery (1), Ainsley (1)

Travel ~ Over New Years, I was assigned to a wedding taking place in New York City. Since it was the holidays, I brough George, Lochlan, Lilli, Avery and Ainsley with me.

Child ~ In a spur of the moment decision on Valentines Day, George and I chose to try for another baby. We were taken aback when three weeks later I was holding a positive pregnancy test. But the elation didn't last long; 3 weeks after I suffered a devastating miscarriage. It was hard to explain to the kids that we wouldn't be getting another baby. But it made George and I want another even more.

Year 13: June 2009

George (34), Grace (34), Lochlan (8), Lillian (5), Avery (1), Ainsley (1), Emmett (0)

Child ~ Last September, when we found out we were expecting again, we were overjoyed but we decided to take things one day at a time. It was a huge sigh of relief when on June 5 I saw Emmett Gavin-Chase for the first time. He had curly, dark brown hair and the most striking violet eyes.

Pet ~ Our beloved Louie passed away only a few weeks before Emmett was born. He was old and in constant pain and although George and I will miss him dearly, we know he is in a better place.

Year 14: July 2010

George (35), Grace (35), Lochlan (9), Lillian (6), Avery (2), Ainsley (2), Emmett (1)

Pet ~ Knowing how lonely our family had been since losing Louie, George decided to surprise us with a new addition to the family...a kitten! We name our kitten Belly.

Travel ~ During the first week of summer, George had to take a business trip to London. It was hard without him but Lochlan and Lilli are so helpful that the week went by quickly.

Year 15: November 2011

George (36), Grace (36), Lochlan (10), Lillian (8), Avery (4), Ainsley (4), Emmett (2), Elodie (3mos)

Child + Moving ~ George and I were in the midst of planning a move to a bigger house when we found out we were expecting. At 20 weeks, we signed the deal on our new 6 bedroom, 5 bathroom house, and at 36 weeks we were moving in. Three weeks later, right on schedule, I gave birth to Elodie Tabitha, with her head full of wavy red hair and blue eyes. Unfortunately at that time we hadn't finsihed moving all the baby furniture into our room. However when I got home from the hospital, my family and friends had surprised me by moving all the furniture!


George + Grace

Lochlan, Lilli, Avery, Ainsley, Emmett, Elle

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Posted 14 October 2012 - 12:02 PM

LN: McIntosh
DH: Jonah Carl
DW: Esther Louise

Year One:
I transfer in my job at the Southern Minnesota branch of the SELCO library system to a branch in Minneapolis because my husband Jonah was able to get a full time Assistant Professor of Chemistry position at Macalaster College in Saint Paul. Once we got there, Jonah found a grey cat in the park. She is super curious and gets into everything. Although we put up signs, no one has claimed her, so we've decided to keep her. Her name is Luna.

Year Two:
On September 9th, I gave birth to our first child, our daughter Inga Ruth. She was eager to be born, so I was completely surprised by the labor-I almost gave birth to her in a movie theatre! I've always told her that either she will love all movies or she will just really really love Johnny Depp...
Luna started bringing dead mice into the house as lovely "presents". Because of the new baby we've been a bit worried about it and don't want her crawling around on mice guts once she gets a little bit older! We have decided to try to keep Luna in the house and not let her outdoors. It's actually pretty difficult!

Year Three:
This year brought much sadness to my family. My sister Leanne died after a long struggle with breast cancer, leaving two children (her dead beat husband disappeared a long time ago). Jonah and I offered to adopt her two girls, Eliana Marie, 9 and Rosemary Fern, 7. We're happy to have them in our home and so far they seem to be adapting well. On a happier note, Jonah was promoted to a professor from his assistant professor position and is now only 5 years from full tenure!

Year Four:
This year marked a big change for our family: Jonah decided to leave Macalester and took a non-teaching research position in Copenhagen, Denmark. We picked up our girls and moved over-seas! I finally jumped fully on board with the decision to move when (while still living in Saint Paul) I was hit by a car while on my bicycle. I survived the accident because I was wearing my helmet. I will always be thankful that my mom was watching the girls that day because if I had had them along...At any rate, because of this I decided that I should just go for new experiences and try everything that I'd always wanted to...so we moved abroad!

Year Five:
This year, I gave birth to two children, but not twins! First was my handsome boy, Eric Lars (named after Ariel's prince, can you believe it??), on January 8th. Jonah was unable to be at the birth because there was a horrible snow storm and he got stuck in traffic. He was more upset by this than I was, though, because I was distracted by the fact that I was giving birth! I was shocked when my doctor told me I was pregnant again just three months later. For some reason, my mother-in-law decided that this was the pregnancy that I would forget all of my knowledge about my other children. She actually told me that I should soak a rag in gin for my children to suck so that they would go to sleep and stop crying! Our daughter Ronja June was born 3 months early on October 2nd, so we were quite scared for a while, but fortunately she grew strong and healthy.

Year Six:
Although I did not have a job at the end of last year (enjoying being a mother, etc.) I not only decided to get a job again, I was also transferred! I started at a local chain coffee shop at a university in Copenhagen to bring in a little extra money and was able to move to one that was closer to home later in the year. I also started volunteering at an animal shelter with Eliana and Rosemary. We absolutely fell in love with this adorable calico cat named Fennel, so we brought her home. Luna took to her immediately; although Fennel was a bit wary at first she is now perfectly happy at home.

Year Seven:
I decided to go back to school in Denmark. Ever since graduating with a Music degree I had wanted to pursue a further education and I figured that this was a good chance. Thus I've started a Masters program in musicology! Eliana and I also found another animal at the shelter, this time a dog. Rosemary was not quite as taken at first, but now she is absolutely in love with our golden retriever shepherd mutt. Her name at the shelter was Polse, a shortened form of sausage, but we didn't think it suited her at all! We have named her Tesla, after Eliana's favorite scientist. We were overjoyed when Luna and Fennel loved her as much as we do.

Year Eight:
Unbeknownst to me, Jonah had been saving up for a second honeymoon for us! This time we were able to go to Paris for an entire week! (Our first honeymoon had been wonderful, but much more rustic: we went to the BWCA!) Jonah's parents had been planning on visiting us for about a month and he talked to them beforehand about watching over our kids for the week. It was a wonderful getaway. In the fall we started at preschool. We decided on a Danish preschool instead of the American ones provided by the university and private businesses because we want them to be able to speak Danish fluently.

Year Nine:
Although we're getting a bit full for animals, all the kids want another one. Because Eliana really got to choose Tesla, we finally let Rosemary decide what sort of pet to get. Although Eliana wanted another cat and there was also discussion of hamsters, gerbils, and even a rat, Rosemary wholeheartedly wanted a hedgehog. She saved up half of the money and we decided to pay for the other half and the cage and such. Rosemary picked out a female hedgehog and named her Scout.
Jonah and I decided that we wanted to have another addition to the family as well, and we gave birth to our daughter Charlotte Eva-Leigh on October 7th. During the pregnancy I was absolutely convinced that I would be having a son, but I was wrong!

Year Ten:
On February 4th I gave birth to another son, August Henry. I actually was told by a woman at a coffee shop that I was pregnant. She looked at me and announced it to the entire cafe. I thought she had gone out of her mind, but it turned out to be true!
After the birth of , my mother Helen Katherine Singer moved in with us. My father had died earlier in the year, and as my only sibling, my sister, was also gone we thought she might want to live around family. We offered immediately after Dad died, and she decided that this would be the best decision for her. So far she's adjusting well, and she's trying to learn Danish, even at her age! She's been taking classes and has been insisting that the children speak in Danish with her.

Year Eleven:
A couple of girlfriends and I decided to go to Stockholm for 5 days. Jonah and my mom are perfectly fine watching the kids. Us girls decided that we needed a break, and they all thought that it was fairly heinous that I had lived in Copenhagen for more than seven years and had never been farther into Sweden than Malmo, so Stockholm it was! We had so much fun going to museums and eating at fun restaurants together! What with my mom and our seven kids, we finally decide to move to a bigger house. We found a larger, beautiful, two story house on the edge of Copenhagen, not too far from our old house.

Year Twelve:
April 19th I gave birth to another wonderful boy named Simon James. Gus had wanted a younger brother so badly that he had been talking about the possibility of us "getting one for him" since he learned what a brother was, so I decided that it would be fun if I told him first and let him break the news to Jonah. I was right. Gus ran up to Dad immediately and yelled "MAMA GOT ME A BROTHER!!!!" Jonah didn't believe him at first, and then was so happy! It was really lovely, and a great story for Colin (and Gus)!
My husband went to Switzerland for some research for the year. We decided to move all of us to Switzerland for that time period. The kids were enrolled in school; I decided to work on some of my own music research. The house was a bit smaller than we've gotten used to, as it's a single story cottage, but my mother decided to stay in our house in Denmark and Eliana started college this year, so there aren't quite as many of us...

Year Thirteen:
Jonah and I decide to take a weekend trip to Italy as we've never been. We went skiing and it was absolutely lovely. It is officially decided that having my mother live with us is the most useful thing ever. The money that Jonah received as a raise helped with this trip. The rest of it is going towards fixing up the house and saving for college funds for the rest of the kids.

Year Fourteen
I become pregnant again and am quite surprised. However, I have a miscarriage after a couple months. I expect that I have gotten too old for any more easy pregnancies.
I was finally able to complete my PhD in musicology! My thesis (very basically) involved the development of double reed instruments. As I had always wanted to get a PhD I was quite proud.

Year Fifteen
Sadly, Luna got extremely sick this year. We decided to put her down so that she would no longer be in pain-it was horrible to see her in the house and remember how active she had been and how much it hurt for her to move now. We all are very sad-she's been with us for 15 years...
We also got another surprise pregnancy this year, and it turns out that I was wrong! After a very easy pregnancy, I gave birth on November 28th to a beautiful baby girl, Sonja Harriett. When she was born, the nurse almost brought her to the "Girl McIntYRE" bassinet instead of the "Girl McIntOSH" one. Brielle Yves McIntyre is now one of Sonja's best friends.

Our family:
Jonah and Esther McIntosh, my mother Helen Singer, and our children Eliana, Rosemary, Inga, Eric, Ronja, Charlotte, Gus, Simon, and Sonja.
Our pets Fennel, Tesla, and Scout. (and our beloved Luna, deceased).

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Posted 17 October 2012 - 08:29 AM

The Lewis Family

Ella Louise {25} and John Andrew {26}

Ella and John

Year one

John takes a business trip with his firm. He sends Ella a postcard every week for the three months he's there, which makes the time pass a lot quicker. When he gets home, Ella makes a collage out of all the postcards so that he can be reminded of the beautiful things he saw when he visited Prague.

Whilst John is away Ella buys a pet mouse. She calls him Albert, and he's great company during her lonely three months.

Ella Louise {26} and John Andrew {27}

Albert the mouse {1}

Ella and John, and Albert the mouse

Year two

Ella volunteers at the local animal shelter for two weeks during the summer, and comes home on her last day with a little kitten. At first John is skeptical, as they already have a pet mouse, and he's sure that the kitten will try and eat Albert. She proves to be indifferent towards him, however, so they decide to keep her and name her Wisty.

John's twin sister Jessica and her husband Joe die in a car accident. Her twin boys Jeremy and Joshua are left orphaned so Ella and John decide to take them in. The four year olds settle in quickly, and fall in love with Wisty and Albert.

Ella Louise {27} and John Andrew {28}

Jeremy Oliver and Joshua Cade {4}

Albert the mouse {2}

Wisty the cat {1}

Ella and John with Jem and Josh, and Albert the mouse and Wisty the cat

Year three

Ella and John decide to take a second honeymoon, and visit Thailand. They take the twins with them, as they deserve a holiday as much as Ella and John do. Everyone has a great time, and they can't wait to go and visit again.

John buys a new car! With the twins growing all the time, John's old car was much too small for family outings. They now own a six seater which has much more room for the growing boys.

Ella Louise {28} and John Andrew {29}

Jeremy Oliver and Joshua Cade {5}

Albert the mouse {3}

Wisty the cat {2}

Ella and John with Jem and Josh, and Albert the mouse and Wisty the cat

Year four

Albert passes away one morning, and the twins are devastated. Ella and John had known that it would happen for sometime, as Albert was getting slower, and sleeping a lot more than usual. They had a little burial in the garden for him, and let the twins say a few words about him.

Ella falls pregnant which excites the household to no end! However, she suffers a miscarriage a few months in. The twins don't understand why there won't be a new baby, and insist on asking when they'll be big brothers. John placates them by explaining in a way that they'll understand, and telling them that hopefully one day soon they'll have a new baby. Ella is heartbroken, but it doesn't stop her wanting to try again.

Ella Louise {29} and John Andrew {30}

Jeremy Oliver and Joshua Cade {6}

Wisty the cat {3}

Ella and John with Jem and Josh, and Wisty the cat

Year five

Ella and her two best friends Jenny and Kate visit Cambridge for the day, shopping and having coffee. They come home with a couple of bags each, and plan to go out again sometime soon. It cheers Ella up a lot, as she's still a bit down after losing the baby.

Not long after Ella's day out, she discovers that she's pregnant! Not wanting to disappoint the boys like last time, they wait until Ella is six months gone to break the news to them. They get super excited once again, and are even happier to learn that they'll be getting a little brother. Both Ella's and John's parents ask to be with them in the delivery room, and the couple respond immediately with a huge yes. On the big day the twins are sent to stay with Ella's sister, and the six of them crowd into the delivery room to welcome Jack Benjamin.

Ella Louise {30} and John Andrew {31}

Jeremy Oliver and Joshua Cade {7}

Jack Benjamin {nb} - July 4th

Wisty the cat {4}

Ella and John with Jem, Josh and Ben, and Wisty the cat

Year six

Ella and John take the children back to Thailand for another vacation. Everyone has a great time once again, even though baby Ben is too little to remember much.

When they return from Thailand, Ella and John find out that they've not been as careful as they thought they were being, as they are once again pregnant. Jem and Josh get excited again, but little Ben doesn't understand. The twins are great big brothers though, and promise to help out taking care of Ben when their new baby brother arrives. Jem hears Ella talking about names for the baby one day with their neighbor Dot, and suggests Jasmine from the Disney movie Aladdin. Ella explains to him that Jasmine is a girls name, and that he'll be getting a brother, so Jem suggests naming him Jasper instead. Ella thinks about it, and runs it by John that evening. He falls in love with the name, which Ella is pleased with as she loves it too. Jasper is born on Christmas day, making Ella, John and the boys miss their Christmas celebrations. To make up for it, their family throws them a surprise party to welcome baby Jasper, and gives them their presents then.

Ella Louise {31} and John Andrew {32}

Jeremy Oliver and Joshua Cade {8}

Jack Benjamin {1} - July 4th

Jasper William {nb} - December 25th

Wisty the cat {5}

Ella and John with Jem, Josh, Ben and Jasper, and Wisty the cat

Year seven

For the twins' birthday John and Ella buy them a fish tank and some beta fish. The boys are ecstatic, and name the fish Bob, Jim, Luke and Kyle.

Once again, Ella falls pregnant. John's career is just getting busy though, and it's hard for her to juggle two toddlers, let alone have another child under four in the house. John's mother Maureen offers to help out, and Ella is very grateful. Plus, the boys love having Granny around a lot more often. Little Jayden Peter is born in the sitting room, as Ella decides she can't leave Maureen with four hectic boys.

Ella Louise {32} and John Andrew {33}

Jeremy Oliver and Joshua Cade {9}

Jack Benjamin {2} - July 4th

Jasper WIlliam {1} - December 25th

Jayden Peter {nb} - April 28th

Wisty the cat {6}

Bob, Jim, Luke and Kyle the beta fish

Ella and John with Jem, Josh, Ben, Jasper and Jay, and Wisty the cat and Bob, Jim, Luke and Kyle the beta fish

Year eight

John, Ella and the boys move to a one-story town house for seven months after their pipes burst. It's a stressful time for the whole family, seeing as there are seven of them cramped into a much smaller house than they are used to. They're all glad to get back to their own rooms.

For three of the seven months that the family is relocated for, John has to take a business trip to Toronto. Ella decides to accompany him for a month, bringing Jay with her. The other boys stay with Granny, and have a couple of weekend visits which they enjoy a lot.

Ella Louise {33} and John Andrew {34}

Jeremy Oliver and Joshua Cade {10}

Jack Benjamin {3} - July 4th

Jasper William {2} - December 25th

Jayden Peter {1} - April 28th

Wisty the cat {7}

Bob, Jim, Luke and Kyle the beta fish

Ella and John with Jem, Josh, Ben, Jasper and Jay, and Wisty the cat and Bob, Jim, Luke and Kyle the beta fish

Year nine

Ella and John decide that their house is too cramped, and they move to a bigger two-story town house. Now each of the boys has their own bedroom, and the floor space is much larger, and better for their growing boys.

Just after the move, Ella falls pregnant again. All of the boys are excited, although the younger ones don't really understand what it means. They find out that they're going to be welcoming their first girl, which dampens the spirits of the boys, but they're still excited nonetheless. Evelyn Esme-Louise was almost mixed up with the newborn of the woman next to Ella and John! The babies did look very similar, but Ella noticed that something wasn't right when she went to change Evie's nappy. The baby of the neighboring woman was a boy! The nurses apologised, but everyone took it lightly, and laughed about the swap.

Ella Louise {34} and John Andrew {35}

Jeremy Oliver and Joshua Cade {11}

Jack Benjamin {4} - July 4th

Jasper William {3} - December 25th

Jayden Peter {2} - April 28th

Evelyn Esme-Louise {nb} - September 26th

Wisty the cat {8}

Bob, Luke and Kyle the beta fish

Ella and John with Jem, Josh, Ben, Jasper, Jay and Evie, and Wisty the cat and Bob, Luke and Kyle the beta fish

Year ten

John transfers companies, because his boss was being extremely rude and impertinent to him. He's much happier in his new company, doing exactly the same job but for more money, and with a much nicer boss.

Ella is once again pregnant, with another little girl! The children are very excited, even if they are getting another little sister. Throughout the pregnancy, however, Maureen (John's mother) kept bugging Ella about how she should be raising the children. The craziest thing that she said was when they were naughty Ella ought to lock them in the closet until they learned their lesson! Needless to say, Ella ignored her advice, and asked her politely to not discipline her children that way. It caused a row, and neither spoke to the other for a few weeks, but Maureen apologised in the end, saying that she hadn't meant to be interfering. Elissa Jodie-Anne was immediately fussed over by her older siblings.

Ella Louise {35} and John Andrew {36}

Jeremy Oliver and Joshua Cade {12}

Jack Benjamin {5} - July 4th

Jasper William {4} - December 25th

Jayden Peter {3} - April 28th

Evelyn Esme-Louise {1} - September 26th

Elissa Jodie-Anne {nb} - September 9th

Wisty the cat {9}

Bob and Kyle the beta fish

Ella and John with Jem, Josh, Ben, Jasper, Jay, Evie and Lissa, and Wisty the cat and Bob and Kyle the beta fish

Year eleven

Ella's younger brother Oscar moves in. He just separated from his wife, and has nowhere to stay, so Ella offers him a place with them. He's great with the kids, and they love having Uncle Oscar around all the time.

John and Ella decide to adopt a ten year old girl. Nova Allyson is very excited to join the family, and is great with the younger ones. The children get on very well with her, and she becomes an immediate part of the family.

Ella Louise {36} and John Andrew {37}

Jeremy Oliver and Joshua Cade {13}

Nova Allyson {10}

Jack Benjamin {6} - July 4th

Jasper William {5} - December 25th

Jayden Peter {4} - April 28th

Evelyn Esme-Louise {2} - September 26th

Elissa Jodie-Anne {1} - September 9th

Wisty the cat {10}

Bob the beta fish

Ella and John with Jem, Josh, Nova, Ben, Jasper, Jay, Evie and Lissa, and Wisty the cat and Bob the beta fish

Year twelve

Over the summer, Ella's sister and her husband both have to go away to work. This means that Alex and Lydia their children must stay with Ella, John and their kids for two months.

John receives a promotion! He's made the manager of his section, and earns a little more money.

Ella Louise {37} and John Andrew {38}

Jeremy Oliver and Joshua Cade {14}

Nova Allyson {11}

Jack Benjamin {7} - July 4th

Jasper William {6} - December 25th

Jayden Peter {5} - April 28th

Evelyn Esme-Louise {3} - September 26th

Elissa Jodie-Anne {2} - September 9th

Wisty the cat {11}

Bob the beta fish

Ella and John with Jem, Josh, Nova, Ben, Jasper, Jay, Evie and Lissa, and Wisty the cat and Bob the beta fish

Year thirteen

Ella and John relocate the family to a two-story house in Egypt. The kids have great fun learning Arabic, and making new friends. The weather is a big bonus too!

Jasper is diagnosed with Leukemia, which hits the whole family hard. The odds are in his favour though, and he pulls through. Despite this, the whole experience is scary for both Jasper and Ella and John, who realise just how easy it is to lose someone. The family makes sure to live everyday to it's fullest, and all learn something during the time when Jasper is sick.

Ella Louise {38} and John Andrew {39}

Jeremy Oliver and Joshua Cade {15}

Nova Allyson {12}

Jack Benjamin {8} - July 4th

Jasper William {7} - December 25th

Jayden Peter {6} - April 28th

Evelyn Esme-Louise {4} - September 26th

Elissa Jodie-Anne {3} - September 9th

Wisty the cat {12}

Ella and John with Jem, Josh, Nova, Ben, Jasper, Jay, Evie and Lissa, and Wisty the cat

Year fourteen

Ella and John decide to adopt again; another girl, but this time a five year old from Brazil. Luzia Apolonia is welcomed into the family with open arms, especially by older sister Nova. Those two really hit it off, and soon become inseparable.

John gets a promotion again, this time to area manager. The whole family is happy for him, and the extra money his new title brings in is certainly appreciated.

Ella Louise {39} and John Andrew {40}

Jeremy Oliver and Joshua Cade {16}

Nova Allyson {13}

Jack Benjamin {9} - July 4th

Jasper William {8} - December 25th

Jayden Peter {7} - April 28th

Luzia Apolonia {5}

Evelyn Esme-Louise {5} - September 28th

Elissa Jodie-Anne {4} - September 9th

Wisty the cat {13}

Ella and John with Jem, Josh, Nova, Ben, Jasper, Jay, Luzia, Evie and Lissa, and Wisty the cat

Year fifteen

Ella finds out that she's pregnant one day when Nova is home sick. Nova figures it out immediately, but Ella makes her promise not to tell anyone. When John gets home, Nova blurts it out unexpectedly and then scurries off, not wanting to stay around and be punished. John is shocked, but not too angry that he heard it from his daughter instead of his wife. Everyone is excited about the new baby, and they are really happy to be getting a little brother. Jude Goliath comes home to a household full of noisy brothers and sisters.

Ella and two of her new friends, Shakila and Ayishah visit the nearest town, leaving John at home with the children. They have a wonderful day, and Ella comes home with lots of shopping; mostly for the kids.

Ella Louise {40} and John Andrew {41}

Jeremy Oliver and Joshua Cade {17}

Nova Allyson {14}

Jack Benjamin {10} - July 4th

Jasper William {9} - December 25th

Jayden Peter {8} - April 28th

Luzia Apolonia {6}

Evelyn Esme-Louise {6} - September 26th

Elissa Jodie-Anne {5} - September 9th

Jude Goliath {nb} - December 19th

Ella and John with Jem, Josh, Nova, Ben, Jasper, Jay, Luzia, Evie, Lissa and Jude

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Posted 29 October 2012 - 12:01 PM

My name is Georgia-Mae Hartley and I am 23 years old. I have blond hair and blue eyes and I am a housewife. My husband is called Ryan Jonathan Hartley and he is 25 years old. We are currently living in a small three bedroom apartment in Cambridge and have been married for 2 years. Ryan is currently working as an accountant for a bank. I have one older sister called Sarah, whilst Ryan has 3 brothers. We decided that we’d like a big family.

1st Year – Ryan (25), Georgia-Mae (23), James (nb)
Child – I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy on the 20th July in our first year as a married couple. We call him James Nathaniel Hartley and he has wavy brown hair and blue eyes. James was the first grandchild in both of our families, so our parents asked to be in the delivery room. I was apprehensive at first, but glad for the support during delivery.
Job – Ryan applies for a job at a rival company as a financial forecaster. He is accepted for the role two weeks later and quits his current job straight away. It’s further to commute to everyday but the significant pay rise his new role offers is a major benefit.

2nd Year - Ryan (26), Georgia-Mae (24), James (1), Noah (nb)
Child – A mere six months after giving birth to James, I discovered I was pregnant again. It was a shock at first, but we were happy to give our son a playmate and a little brother. We decided to name our baby Noah Jonathan Hartley. Noah is born on the 31st October and has straight blond hair and blue eyes. Ryan missed his birth due to staying behind at work and having his phone switched off, but luckily my sister Sarah stepped in as my birthing partner.
Pet – We decide to choose a pet together and take a family trip to the local animal shelter. We all have conflicting ideas about which one to choose, but we eventually decide upon a 3 year old male golden retriever called Bailey. He is beautiful and is very tolerant with the children.

3rd Year – Ryan (27), Georgia-Mae (25), James (2), Noah (1)
Random – With two boys under the age of three to take care for, we are having financial difficulty. Because of this I decide to take out a small loan from my parents to tide us over until I can find part time work.
Pet – I am extremely worried when our dog, Bailey, is behaving strangely. We take him to the nearest vets and are sad to discover that he is suffering from an inoperable brain tumour. He is put to sleep as we want to avoid his suffering and let him die with dignity.

4th year – Ryan (28), Georgia-Mae (26), James (3), Noah (2), Isobel (nb)
Travel – My husband, Ryan, takes a business trip to Japan for two months. I’m not even sure why he has to go, but the money he is getting will enable us to pay back my parents loan and get us out of financial difficulty. It’s hard to manage without him for so long but my sister Sarah helps me out a lot. I know I’ll have to return the favour soon as she’s pregnant!
Child – We’re pleased to welcome our first daughter into the family. She is called Isobel Niamh Hartley, born on the 26th April. She has straight brown hair and blue eyes. My sister Sarah’s little boy Joseph is born two weeks later. Ryan found out about my pregnancy from his mother, whom I told first. He made me promise that he’d be the first to know next time.

5th Year – Ryan (29), Georgia-Mae (27), James (4), Noah (3), Isobel (1)
Pet – We are finally ready to get another pet after getting over the death of our beloved Bailey. This time we head to the local pet store and choose a male Siberian hamster called Fluffy.
Job – Ryan receives a promotion at work as his manager puts in a good word to his boss, after doing such a good job in Japan last year. Despite the good news, Ryan’s promotion puts a lot of extra stress on him and we can’t spend as much time together due to longer working hours.

6th Year – Ryan (30), Georgia-Mae (28), James (5), Noah (4), Isobel (2)
Pet – We take Fluffy to the vets as he had been refusing to eat his food and he has to be put down within an hour of saying goodbye to him. It appears that we do not have a lot of good luck when it comes to pets. The children are extremely upset that he has gone.
Pet – Because the children were missing Fluffy so much, we decide to buy another hamster from the pet store. This time we choose a female hamster called Tilly. I pray that she is going to live a lot longer than our previous pets. James is very responsible when looking after her.

7th Year – Ryan (31), Georgia-Mae (29), James (6), Noah (5), Isobel (3)
Pet – Despite already having a pet hamster, James has been begging for me to take him to the pet store once again to choose out another pet. A few weeks later I decide to agree to his wishes as he had been doing excellently at school. We come home with a husky puppy called Kai, who is a six month male puppy. He is lovely and especially calm with the children
Pet – I make yet another visit to the pet store, except this time we decide to let Noah and Isobel choose one. They come to a joint decision in buying a female tortoise called Shelly.

8th Year – Ryan (32), Georgia-Mae (30), James (7), Noah (6), Isobel (4)
Moving – After a long eight years in our apartment, we decide that it’s finally time to move out and into a new city. We do a lot of research, before deciding on York. We rent out a beautiful four bedroom two story townhouse, complete with a large garden. We are incredibly lucky that Ryan is able to transfer branches, saving us a lot of stress from him finding a new job.
Random – I decided to sign up to a French class at the local college, so I could have some private time for myself and make some new friends. I got along particularly well with two women called Jennifer and Aimee, who are coming over to our house for dinner next week.

9th Year – Ryan (33), Georgia-Mae (31), James (8), Noah (7), Isobel (5), Thomas (nb)
Job – Ryan receives a promotion at work and it feels as if it is becoming a regular thing. I am incredibly proud of all of his effort that he puts into his role at the company.
Child – I had thought that Isobel was our last child, although I was to be proven wrong as I gave birth to a little boy in our 9th year. He is called Thomas Matthew Hartley and he is born on the 25th April with straight brown hair and blue eyes. Whilst we were at the hospital, there was a mix up with another baby but we noticed straight away and everything was fine.

10th Year – Ryan (34), Georgia-Mae (32), James (9), Noah (8), Isobel (6), Thomas (1)
Pet – We purchase another hamster to keep Tilly company. He is black, white and very fluffy. We come to a joint decision in calling him Arnold, although I have no idea why!
Travel – We go on our first ever proper family vacation to DisneylandFlorida! It is quite stressful organising it all as not only did the six of us go, as both I and Ryan’s parents accompany us and my older sister with her fiancé and little boy. We have an amazing time, although most of our savings have diminished. We take some fabulous holiday snaps.

11th Year – Ryan (35), Georgia-Mae (33), James (10), Noah (9), Isobel (7), Thomas (2), Olivia (nb)
Child – We’re pleased to welcome another addition to the family, our second baby girl. She is born on the 8th June and we call her Olivia Noelle Hartley. She has curly blond hair and blue eyes. Ryan misses her birth, bringing his track record up to two. I am incredibly angry but thankful that both his parents and mine were there when little Olivia was born.
Pet – We have been experiencing problems with our dog, Kai. He has been acting quite naughty and chewing the sofa amongst various items of furniture. We find out that the birth of the baby has made him feel pushed out, so we give him special attention and he is fine.

12th Year – Ryan (36), Georgia-Mae (34), James (11), Noah (10), Isobel (8), Thomas (3), Olivia (1), Abigail (nb)
Pet – I put in a few hours volunteering at the local animal shelter and fall in love with a tabby cat called Arthur. He had previously been abused and I can’t bear to leave him there for any longer. I bring him home the day after and he becomes a proper part of the family.
Pet – Our pet hamster that we’ve had for many years, Tilly, has to be taken to the vets. She is put to sleep straight away as she is extremely ill. We’ll miss her greatly, but at least she had a long life unlike some of our other pets who died at a young age.

13th Year - Ryan (37), Georgia-Mae (35), James (12), Noah (11), Isobel (9), Thomas (4), Olivia (2), Abigail (1)
Job – Ryan has lost his job and his sad to leave his colleagues that he’s been working with for the past five years. It takes him six months to find another job as an accountant for a local business. He has taken a big pay cut but we were desperate for any at all.
Family – I take James and Noah out of their existing school and enrolled them into one with a better reputation. I wasn’t happy with the education they were receiving and felt that they would do better elsewhere, reaching their full potential. They are now a lot happier.

14th year - Ryan (38), Georgia-Mae (36), James (13), Noah (12), Isobel (10), Thomas (5), Olivia (3), Abigail (2), Sophia (nb)
Job – I take up a part time job at a Children's centre local to me and accompany them on a trip to Prague, visiting an orphanage there and meeting some of the children. It is a moving experience and I am more grateful than ever for the life that I have.
Child – I am surprised to be having another child at my age but also thankful at the same time. I have another baby girl and we call her Sophia Addison Hartley. She’s born on the 15th September and wavy brown hair and brown eyes. I went into labour a few weeks earlier than anticipated but everything was alright in the end.

15th Year - Ryan (39), Georgia-Mae (37), James (14), Noah (13), Isobel (11), Thomas (6), Olivia (4), Abigail (3), Sophia (1)
Family – My sister Sarah has been having relationship issues, so I and my husband offer to take in her 11 year old son Joseph for the summer. Sarah is extremely thankful for the break and has managed to get her relationship back on track.
Random – We buy a brand new family car, which is able to seat the whole family in, although it’s more like a minibus considering its size!

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Posted 11 November 2012 - 06:31 AM

DH: James Alexander Cullen (35)

DW: Alexia Elizabeth Cullen "Ali" (34)

ADD: Olivia Grace Cullen (17)

~Brown Hair, Green Eyes, born on December 11th

ADS: Logan William Cullen (15)

~Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, born on June 2nd

ADD: Ariana Summer Cullen "Aria" (9)

~Light Brown Hair, Blue Eyes, born on December 27th

DS: Mason Andrew Cullen (6)

~Brown Hair, Blue Eyes, born on August 17th

DS/DD: Ryan Alexander Cullen and Molly Elizabeth Cullen (3)

~Ryan: Light Brown Hair, Green Eyes, born on May 26th

~Molly: Light Brown Hair, Blue Eyes, born on May 26th

Niece: Avery Katelyn Sterling (3)

~Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, born on November 10th

Niece: Lily Alexia Sterling (1)

~Blonde Hair, Brown Eyes, born on December 13th

James and Ali Cullen with Olivia, Logan, Aria, Ryan, Molly, Avery and Lily

(Older Sister: Katelyn Molly Sterling [36] and Older Brother: Andrew Ryan Sterling [35, Died in Car Accident] "Drew")

Year 1-Random: I had a near death experience! I was driving to work when the car slipped on some ice and hit the trees on the side of the road. I passed out and was found about two hours later by a Police Officer driving down the road.
Year 2-Family Matter: A very close friend of mine died, leaving her two children behind. A four year old girl, Olivia, and a two year old boy, Logan. James and I offer to adopt them and raise them as our own.
Year 3-Family Matter: My older Sister, Katelyn, moved in with us. Her boyfriend was getting clingy and controlling so she finally decided that their relationship wasn't healthy and broke up with him. She asked us if she could stay at our place for a few months and of course we said yes. Olivia is also happy because she won't have to go to daycare after school.
Year 4-Job: James got a raise! He was thinking about buying a pet for Logan and Olivia, but he isn't sure what kind of pet to buy. We end up using the money to redecorate the kids' rooms however they want
Year 5-Travel: We take a Family Vacation to Ireland! We also take time to visit the kids' Great-Grandparents. They had a blast and they didn't want to leave!
Year 7-Child: We adopt 1 year old Ariana Summer from local adoption agency. Logan and Olivia are very excited to have a new playmate around the house.
Year 6-Moving: We temporarily move to a new house, the one we were in was too small and we needed somewhere to go until we found somewhere permanent. We plan on staying for at least a year, giving us enough time to find another place.
Year 8-Moving: We finally move into our dream home. A two story house with 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, plus a backyard where we can have Birthday Parties and Barbeques.
Year 9-Child: James and I have a baby boy! Both my parents and James' parents wanted to be in the delivery room with us, I said no because James and I wanted to share the birth of our first biological child together. They were allowed in the waiting room though, they were watching the kids and I wanted them close. We had a boy, named Mason Andrew, Andrew being after my brother. He was born on August 17th
Year 10-Pet: James and I finally decide to get the kids a Puppy! We let them pick out the breed and the name. Logan chooses a Female Boxer Puppy and the girls name her Bella.
Year 11-Pet: I have been volunteering at the local Animal Shelter in my free time and the other day somebody came in with a litter of Kittens. I couldn't help but fall in love with them and ended up bringing one home. She is Black with Green Eyes, Olivia and Aria agree on the name Lilah.
Year 12-Child: James and I were having trouble conceiving so we turned to fertility drugs. We end up getting pregnant with, what the doctor told us, fraternal twin boys. Turns out that our second boy was a girl! Luckily we had a girl's name picked out before we found out the genders. We named them Ryan Alexander and Molly Elizabeth. Ryan and Molly after Drew and Katelyn, Alexander and Elizabeth after James and I. They were born on May 26th.
Year 10-Family Matter: My older Brother, Drew, has been having problems with his wife. He didn't want his daughter, 1 year old Avery, to be around the fighting. She stays with us for the Summer and has a blast playing with her cousins.
Year 11-Family Matter: Drew has died in a car crash. He and his wife divorced earlier in the year and she has no rights to the girls (2 1/2 year old Avery and 6 month old Lily). James and I are their godparents so we adopt them and raise them with the rest of our kids.
Year 15-Move: Turns out our dream home didn't have enough space for us and our 7 children, so we move to another two story house, this time with 9 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The older kids (Olivia, Logan, Aria and Mason) each have their own bedrooms, while the younger kids (Ryan, Molly, Avery and Lily) share a room until they decide they want their own. There is also a nice basement in the house that we turned into a Family Room.

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Posted 11 November 2012 - 08:14 AM

Me: Miranda Bethany Hudson (21)(curly auburn hair & brown eyes)
Him: Finn Emmett Hudson (22)(wavy blonde hair & hazel eyes)
Married in 1998.

Miranda (22)
Finn (23)

We went on second honeymoon to Brazil. We stayed there 2 weeks and enjoyed a lot.

Miranda (23)
Finn (24)

Traveling again! This time we went on a third (!) honeymoon in Japan. We had a great time together.

Miranda (24)
Finn (25)

Finn went on a business trip in Macedonia for 6 months. We talked everyday but I was very sad because he is far, far away.

Miranda (25)
Finn (26)
Violet (NB)

We had a baby girl!!! Her name is Violet Verity Hudson! She is born in October 31st and she is with straight blonde hair & brown eyes.
Finn found out about my pregnancy from my mother Alisha. I told only her and wanted to suprise Finn, but my mother told him.

Miranda (26)
Finn (27)
Violet (1)

This year we adopted a male guinea pig, named Beau.

Miranda (27)
Finn (28)
Violet (2)
George (NB)

We had a baby boy! His name is George Justice Hudson (George is the name of my deceaded father). He is borh on March 24th and he is with curly auburn hair and blue eyes.
During my pregnancy, my mother-in-law Genevieve constantly bugged you regarding how she believed you should raise your children. She said to cut all the Violet's hair because "little girls may not have long hair like adults".

Miranda (28)
Finn (29)
Violet (3)
George (1)

We re-do our house. We added one more room - George's bedroom, and painted all the rooms - white in the living room, pink in the Violet's bedroom, green in the dining room, baby blue in the George's bedroom and yellow in the kitchen.

Miranda (29)
Finn (30)
Violet (4)
George (2)

We purchased a golden fish in small aquarium. The kids are very excited and always feed her. Violet gave her the name Poppy.

Miranda (30)
Finn (31)
Violet (5)
George (3)

Me and Finn took a nice weekend trip in the forest to harvest mushrooms. My brother Archie looked after the kids.

Miranda (31)
Finn (32)
Violet (6)
George (4)
Anne (NB)

We had a baby girl! Her name is Anne Lucia Hudson. She is born on November 6th and she is with curly blonde hair and brown eyes.
After the baby was born, there was almost a mix-up between my children and another newborn! George bite the baby, because she wants his train model.

Miranda (32)
Finn (33)
Violet (7)
George (5)
Anne (1)

I went on a business trip in Ireland for 2 months. My mother stayed in home for 2 months to looks after the children, but finally when Anne saw me for first time about 2 months she cried. She forgot me!!!


Miranda (33)
Finn (34)
Violet (8)
George (6)
Anne (2)
Felicity (NB)

We had a baby girl! Her name is Felicity Wren Hudson. She is born on March 21st and she is with curly black hair and hazel eyes.
Finn missed the birth of the baby because his boss gave him a lot of work.


Miranda (34)
Finn (35)
Violet (9)
George (7)
Anne (3)
Felicity (1)

I went on a business trip in Ireland again, but this time to 1 week. There is no problem with my kids.


Miranda (35)
Finn (36)
Violet (10)
George (8)
Anne (4)
Felicity (2)

We had a baby girl, named Monica-Briar Snow Hudson
Born on: January 19th
Wave black hair & brown eyes
My child arrived during a busy time in your career.

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Posted 12 November 2012 - 02:26 PM

The Winters Family!

DH: Adam Jensen Winters (*37) He has Straight Brown Hair and Green Eyes and works as a Biologist. (*by the end of the 15 years)

DW: Vivienne Ellen Winters (nee Coleman) (*35) She has Wavey Black Hair and Hazel Eyes and works as a Writer. (*by the end of the 15 years)

*Baby Name = Adopted

Year 1

Vivienne [20] and Jensen [22]

Snow [0]

Adopt a Pet

Jensen and I got married just after I had turned 20. We had a wonderful wedding and deciding we didn't want children immediately, decided to adopt a pet and soon we had a new kitten in our home. She is a pure white Maine Coon with blue eyes who we named Snow.

Job promotion

A few months after we were married Jensen got a promotion and a pay raise! Now instead of being cooped up all day going over lab reports he now does field work and collects data and specimens for his work!

Year 2

Vivienne [21] and Jensen [23]

Snow [1]


Nearly a year after we were married I decided that I was going to write about an important event in Jensen's life. Earlier in the year he had discovered a new species of flower, one that was later determined to have incredible healing properties and thanks to his discovery, a whole new world was open to the medical and scientific community. He received a lot of awards, notoriety and even job offers!

Moving-New Country

When the job offers for Jensen began coming in he ignored them, until on came in that he just couldn't refuse. It was a job offer that paid much more and was in a place that Jensen had always wanted to see, Wales. So, we packed up and moved to a whole new country and into a quaint one story house. I was sad to leave my home, but excited to begin this new chapter in out lives.

Year 3

Vivienne [22] and Jensen [24]

Snow [2] & Frost [0]

Adopt a Pet

After we were settled into our home, Jensen brought home a surprise. A small kitten, with very, very light gray fur and green eyes. He had found the little darling on his way home from work and couldn't resist bringing him home. After some pleading I agree to let Jensen keep the kitten and we name him Frost, to match Snow.

Family Matter

After a few more months I notice Jensen isn't acting like himself and after a lot of begging he agrees to go to a doctor. There he is diagnosed with depression and is referred to a Psychologist who says that Jensen is bending under the pressure his colleagues were putting on him. Soon, though, with support and treatment Jensen is soon doing much better and is happier than ever!

Year 4

Vivienne [23] and Jensen [25]

*Padrig "Paddy" Idris Awbrey-Winters [4]

Snow [3] & Frost [1]
Mr. Ribbit [0]

Adopt a Child

After Jensen was cleared from the doctor we began thinking about having a child. Late one night I saw a commercial for adoption and it clicked. When I spoke about with Jensen he agreed and soon we were filling out the paperwork. We were told about a little boy in the orphanage in the next town over who they thought might be perfect for us. When we arrived a small little boy walk out. He has Dark Brown Hair and Blue Eyes and we knew we wanted him immediately! Soon after we welcomed Padrig Idris Awbrey-Winters into out family!

Adopt An Exotic Pet

Soon after adopting Paddy we noticed he had quite the pension for Frogs. He would always catch them and bring them into the house or give to Jensen for research! So we decided to adopt another pet and for Christmas, got Paddy a pet frog whom he named Mr. Ribbit.

Year 5

Vivienne [24] and Jensen [26]

*Padrig "Paddy" Idris Awbrey-Winters [5]

Snow [4] & Frost [2]
Mr. Ribbit [1]


On our 5th anniversary Jensen and I decide to get away for the weekend. We leave Paddy with a sitter and go to a Spa a few towns over. The weekend is nice and relaxing, just as we wanted it to be but when it was over we were ready to get back to Paddy, who was just as eager to have us home.


A few months after out anniversary I discovered I was pregnant! Jensen and I were so excited! But the day before my first doctors appointment I began to cramp and bleed. I knew what it meant and the next day, the doctor confirmed it. I'd suffered a miscarriage. Jensen and I were devastated but we decided that we would get through it and we would have more children when the time was right.

Year 6

Vivienne [25] and Jensen [27]

*Padrig "Paddy" Idris Awbrey-Winters [6]

Snow [5] & Frost [3]
Mr. Ribbit [2]

Temporary Move

A few months into spring we decide to renovate the house. By doing so we must move to a city that's about an hour from our current one. The move is easy and Paddy takes it well. We are only gone for two months before the renovations are done and we move back into our old home!

Permanent Move

A few months after moving back into the house we begin to notice things are odd. After closer inspection we realize that the contractor had not built everything to code and that we were in a house that would have been condemned! So we pack up once more and move to another house nearby, one that's much safer and we're finally settled again.

Year 7

Vivienne [26] and Jensen [28]

*Padrig "Paddy" Idris Awbrey-Winters [7]

Arabella "Ari" Florence Winters [NB]

Snow [6] & Frost [4]

Mr. Ribbit [3]

Child- Birth to a Girl

Just a few months before Paddy's birthday I asked what he wanted and he said he wanted a baby brother or sister. Amused I just laughed until he said he was getting a sibling with so much conviction that it was just adorable. A few months after his birthday, at a routine doctors visit I got the shock of my life. I was 6 months pregnant! When I told Jensen and Paddy they were ecstatic and a few months later I gave birth to Arabella "Ari" Florence Winters on November 12th. She has Wavy Red Hair and Brown Eyes. She has a nice story behind her name as well. Just after I had discovered I was pregnant I met a nice, older, British woman at the local cafe and we became fast friends. Her name was Arabella. Florence came from our heritage as both Jensen and I are of Italian descent.

Family Matter

Just after Ari was born we got a knock on the door and the local preacher informed us of an accident at the local Foster Care Center. All of the children had no where to go and they only needed a few weeks to stay. He asked us if we could take in two of them, for just a few weeks until they had somewhere more permanent. We agreed and took in two of the children. Twin brothers named Thomas and Dylan, who were 7 years old. They stayed with us until the first week of December before they went back to the Center.

Year 8

Vivienne [27] and Jensen [29]

*Padrig "Paddy" Idris Awbrey-Winters [8]

Arabella "Ari" Florence Winters [1]

*Ryan "Ry" Leslie Coleman-Winters [NB]

Snow [7] & Frost [5]

Mr. Ribbit [4]

Family Matter

Just before the start of summer my 17 year old sister was forced to move to Wales and live with us. My mother didn't want her to go but my step-father made her and no one would tell me why. I discovered it for myself when I met her at the airport and saw her 7 month pregnant belly. My step-father had made sent her away to avoid embarrassment. It was cruel but I welcomed my sister into our home and just before the end of summer she gave birth to her baby. Whom she gave up for adoption without ever seeing it or even knowing the gender and give it a name. Soon after, she went home, heartbroken.

Adopt a Child

Soon after my sister went home, Jensen and I decided to adopt another child after seeing everything happen with my sister. We contacted the orphanage again and they said they had a 9 month old baby boy who she thought would fit in our family perfectly. When we went to see him he was such a beautiful baby, with Wavy Black Hair and Blue Eyes. But when we saw his birth certificate we were in the shock of our lives, right there on the paper, was my sisters signature! It was her son! Since my sister had not named him, we did. His name was Ryan Leslie Coleman-Winters. Paddy was so excited to have a new brother!

Year 9

Vivienne [28] and Jensen [30]

*Padrig "Paddy" Idris Awbrey-Winters [9]

Arabella "Ari" Florence Winters [2]

*Ryan "Ry" Leslie Coleman-Winters [1]

Snow [8] & Frost [6]

Mr. Ribbit [5]

Pet Event

As we got into the new year Paddy became distressed that Mr. Ribbit wasn't acting right. A trip to the vet revealed that Mr. Ribbit was just old and that he probably wouldn't make it much longer. Paddy to the news very hard and sure enough, a few weeks later, Mr. Ribbit passed away. Paddy took it very hard but soon he began to get over the loss of his beloved Mr. Ribbit and move on.

Job Raise

A few months later, Jensen received a raise at work and decided to get a new car! It was a good car and could fit all of us, pets included, in it comfortably!

Year 10

Vivienne [29] and Jensen [31]

*Padrig "Paddy" Idris Awbrey-Winters [10]

Arabella "Ari" Florence Winters [3]

*Ryan "Ry" Leslie Coleman-Winters [2]

Madelyn "Maddie" Renee Winters and Aubrey "Aubie" Jean Winters [NB]

Snow [9] & Frost [7]

Mr. Ribbit [5]

Family Matter

Just after Jensen's birthday, we got into an argument that caused Jensen to leave for nearly a week. We forgave each other after he came home and agreed to never let it get that bad again. We're stronger for it and glad the children didn't see us fight.

Child- Multiples

After our argument we decide to have another child but after having no luck we turn to fertility drugs. Soon after, I become pregnant, with twins! I later gave birth to two fraternal twin daughters named Madelyn Renee Winters and Aubrey Jean Winters. They arrived on Christmas Day! The best present we could have ever received! They both have Black Hair but Aubrey's is Wavy and Madelyn's is Curly. Aubrey has Brown Eyes while Madelyn has Green Eyes.

Year 11

Vivienne [30] and Jensen [32]

*Padrig "Paddy" Idris Awbrey-Winters [11]

Arabella "Ari" Florence Winters [4]

*Ryan "Ry" Leslie Coleman-Winters [3]

Madelyn "Maddie" Renee Winters and Aubrey "Aubie" Jean Winters [1]

Candice 'CeCe" Ariel Winters [NB]

Snow [10] & Frost [8]

Mr. Ribbit [5]

Permanent Move

A few months after the twins were born we decide to move again, this time to a larger house still in the same area we already lived in. We found a nice one story town house with a large yard that was perfect! Soon we were all settled again and things were back to normal!

Child- Birth to a Girl

Soon after our move I discover I'm pregnant again! As we are preparing for the baby everything is fine, but then a go into labor a few months later, a week early, and Jensen is gone on a work trip! He ended up missing the birth of our daughter, Candice Ariel Winters, who was born April 24th. He was very upset as he always had so much to do with all of the children's arrivals. We named her after my mother and Ariel came from Paddy suggesting it after watching The Little Mermaid! It grew on us after that! She has Straight Black Hair and Hazel Eyes.

Year 12

Vivienne [31] and Jensen [33]

*Padrig "Paddy" Idris Awbrey-Winters [12]

Arabella "Ari" Florence Winters [5]

*Ryan "Ry" Leslie Coleman-Winters [4]

Madelyn "Maddie" Renee Winters and Aubrey "Aubie" Jean Winters [2]

Candice "Cece" Ariel Winters [1]

*Jared Dean "Deanie" Winters [9]

*Samuel "Sammy" Jensen Winters [5]

Snow [11] & Frost [9]

Wheatie [0]

Mr. Ribbit [5]

Adopt a Pet

After Candice is a year old we decide to adopt another cat as both Snow and Frost are getting on in years. When we get to the pet store Ari and Ry beeline for the kittens, picking out a small yellow-cream colored runt. After seeing how happy they are with the kitten we get her and call her Wheatie.

Family Matter

A few months after Ry's birthday, we get a call from Jensen's mother. His sister has just passed away, and as she was a single mother, there is no one to take her two children in. Jensen immediately offers to adopt them and so a few months later the paperwork is finalized. We adopt Jared Dean Winters and Samuel Jensen Winters into our family. Deanie is 9 and is older than Sammy who is 5, and very protective of them. Our children welcome them with open arms, excited to have new brothers!

Year 13

Vivienne [32] and Jensen [34]

*Padrig "Paddy" Idris Awbrey-Winters [13]

Arabella "Ari" Florence Winters [6]

*Ryan "Ry" Leslie Coleman-Winters [5]

Madelyn "Maddie" Renee Winters and Aubrey "Aubie" Jean Winters [3]

Candice "Cece" Ariel Winters [2]

*Jared Dean "Deanie" Winters [10]

*Samuel "Sammy" Jensen Winters [6]

Gwendolyn "Wendy" Eve Winters [NB]

Snow [12] & Frost [10]

Wheatie [1]

Mr. Ribbit [5]

Family Matter

A few months after Deanie's 10th birthday, we get a call from my cousin whose daughter isn't doing well in school. She asks if she can come and stay with us for the summer before school starts back up. We agree and soon she arrives. She's a quiet girl but she adored the childrren and we were sad to see her go at the end of summer.

Child- Birth to a Girl

We decided to begin trying for another baby before my cousin's daughter had arrived, and after taking fertility drugs were successful once again and I was in the middle of my pregnant the entire summer. I was pregnant with a daughter once again. We named her Gwendolyn "Wendy" Eve Winters and she was born on October 9th. She has Curly Brown Hair and Brown Eyes. When she was born my family threw me a large party! I received any thing for Wendy like blankets, bottles, toys and clothes!

Year 14

Vivienne [33] and Jensen [35]

*Padrig "Paddy" Idris Awbrey-Winters [14]
Arabella "Ari" Florence Winters [7]
*Ryan "Ry" Leslie Coleman-Winters [6]
Madelyn "Maddie" Renee Winters and Aubrey "Aubie" Jean Winters [4]
Candice "Cece" Ariel Winters [3]
*Jared Dean "Deanie" Winters [11]
*Samuel "Sammy" Jensen Winters [7]
Gwendolyn "Wendy" Eve Winters [1]

Snow [13] & Frost [11]
Wheatie [2]
Mr. Ribbit [5]

Child- Birth to a Girl

The following Spring I discovered I was pregnant again, with yet another girl. She was born October 12 and we named her Xanthe "Xana" Marie Winters. When she was born my family threw me another large party! I received many cute things for Xana like blankets, bottles, toys and clothes! She has Wavy Black Hair and Brown Eyes and all of the children adore her!

Family Matter

After Xana was born I decided it was time to enroll Cece into part time Pre-K. She was excited and after the first had made many new friends at her Pre-K. I was so happy that she loved it that I put her into full time classes, which she loved even more.

Year 15

Vivienne [34] and Jensen [36]

*Padrig "Paddy" Idris Awbrey-Winters [15]
Arabella "Ari" Florence Winters [8]
*Ryan "Ry" Leslie Coleman-Winters [7]
Madelyn "Maddie" Renee Winters and Aubrey "Aubie" Jean Winters [5]
Candice "Cece" Ariel Winters [4]
*Jared Dean "Deanie" Winters [12]
*Samuel "Sammy" Jensen Winters [8]
Gwendolyn "Wendy" Eve Winters [2]
Amelia Rose "Rosie" Winters [NB]

Snow [14] & Frost [12]
Wheatie [3]
Mr. Ribbit [5]

Permanent Move

With our brood growing so large we decided to move into a larger house in the same neighborhood. It was a wonderful two story condominium and the children loved it! It was close to the schools, had a large yard and, of course, plenty of space!

Child- Birth to a Girl

Just after moving I discovered I was pregnant, this time was the last! Later that year I gave birth to a baby girl named Amelia Rose "Rosie" Winters, on July 6th, nearly three weeks early! It was so unexpected that I nearly delivered her at an amusement park! But she was born safe and healthy at the hospital. She has Straight Brown Hair and Hazel Eyes. The other children adore their last sister to death!

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Posted 15 November 2012 - 04:37 PM


LN: Snow

DW: Rebecca Katherine (22)

DH: Justin Thomas (24)

Year 1: We adopted a one year old girl from China! Her name is Nuan He. Since her name isn’t hard to pronounce we didn’t want to change it.

Year 2: This year I went on a business trip not too far from home. Justin and Nuan stayed home while I tried to enjoy myself in New York. I didn’t have much time for sightseeing which was kind of disappointing but expected. Our new business contact really appreciated my ideas on how to expand our small chain of family restaurants.

Year 3: This year was hard for us. Justin and I started fighting about how much I work and he left us for a few days. When he came back I promised him things would change. Now I spend more time at home and overall the fight has really strengthened our family.

Year 4: This year my younger sister (8 years younger) Katherine Jane Miller moved in with us. She was having a hard time getting along with our mother so I offered to let her move in. We are not sure how long she will be staying but probably until she leaves for university. Nuan loves having Katie stay with us and so far things are working out fine between the four of us.

Year 5: This year Katie had a pregnancy scare. I took her to the drugstore and we bought a pack of tests. After Katie had taking the test and it said she wasn’t pregnant to be sure it was accurate she wanted me to take a test as well. Mine said I was pregnant! I was so shocked I had to take another and it was the same result. We had a baby girl and named her Sophie Emma she was born March 2nd. She has blonde curly hair and blue eyes.

Year 6: This year my friends and I took a day trip to New York for my birthday. We did tons of shopping and went to see the lion king.

Year 7: This year we finally broke down and replace our old really small car for a bigger SUV. The kids are growing and we really needed the space.

Year 8: Nuan has been begging for a pet since she could talk and this year we finally gave in. She really wanted a puppy but I was thinking something with a lot less work would be best. Once we’re at the pet store she spots kittens and wants to have one. I agree only because it will be a lot less work than a dog. She names the kitten Buster.

Year 9: This year we had another relative move in with us. This time it was Justin’s grandmother. She was staying with us while he house was being renovated and only stayed about a month. Nuan and Sophie were sad to see her go but Justin and I were ready for some privacy. Now if we can only get rid of Katie (just kidding we love her) she has one more year at the local university and then who knows where she’ll live.

Year 10: This year we really felt the desire to adopt for a second time. This time we adopted a 7 year old girl from Africa. Her name is Desta Kefilwe. We call her Desi!

Year 11: Justin came home with another kitten. I was not happy because our house is so full already. The kids were really excited about the kitten though. Desi named the kitten Buddy.

Year 12: This year I became pregnant again. I end up going into labour earlier than expected when I was visiting my parents in Texas. Justin wasn’t on the trip with me so he ended up missing the birth. He was upset about it but I wasn’t mad about it. We have a girl and name her Sarah Belle. Her middle name was chosen by Nuan who got the idea from her favourite movie beauty and the beast. She was born April 4th and has straight blond hair and blue eyes.

Year 13: This year we adopt yet again. This time we adopt an 8 year old girl from the states. Her name is Audrey Skylar. She has brown hair and green eyes.

Year 14: Audrey finds a dog at the park and the kids beg us to let them keep him. I explain to the kids that he is probably lost and we put up posters around the neighbourhood. A couple of days later the owners come for the dog. The kids are sad to see the dog leave but understand that he needs to go home.

Year 15: This year we move out of state to Texas to be closer to my family. We buy a two story house that is perfect for our family.

Posted Image

Rebecca & Justin

Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image'

The 'Twins" Sophie & Audrey

Posted Image


LN: Snow

DW: Rebecca Katherine (36)

DH: Justin Thomas (38)

DAD: Nuan He (15)

DAD: Desta Kefilwe ‘Desi’ (12)

DAD: Audrey Skylar (10)

DD: Sophie Emma (10)

DD: Sarah Belle (3)

DW sister: Katherine Jane Miller ‘Katie’ (28)

Cats: Buster (8) & Buddy (4)

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Posted 30 November 2012 - 07:27 PM


DH- Noah Douglas

born April 17, 1977~(straight, light brown hair + blue eyes)

DW- Beatrice Lily

born August 3, 1977~(wavy, dark brown hair + green eyes)

June 1999:

Noah (22), Bea (21)

~For Noah's 22nd birthday I adopted a puppy! Noah has always loved German Shepherds so when I saw one waiting to be adopted I just had to adopt him for Noah. When we brought the little guy home, we decided to name him Bruno.

~Since we finished up school in April, Noah and I had to find a more permanent place to call our own. We decided to move back to our home state and found a wonderful cottage on the beach in Washington.

April 2000:

Noah (23), Bea (22)

~Noah and I have so much fun with Bruno that we start thinking about getting another dog. But we can't agree on small or large, boy or girl or really anything else. Eventually we just go to the pound and see which dog we connect with. We end up choosing a Border Collie named Aggie.

~Also, in March, Noah and I took a drive down to Los Angeles to see Neil Young live and it was everything I could have ever dreamed of!

November 2001:

Noah (24), Bea (24), Leah (0)

~In February Noah was offered a higher-paying job at his company's headquarters in Seattle. So we packed up our beloved cottage, and Aggie, Bruno, Noah and I moved to a duplex in Seattle.

~Little did we know that at the time of the move, I was four weeks pregnant with our first baby girl! On October 26 Noah and I welcomed Leah Penelope Crosby. Her big blue eyes, and curly brown hair just made her even more lovable.

July 2002:

Noah (25), Bea (24), Leah (0)

~I got to go to Thailand! And even though it was a business trip, it was still so enjoyable. In April, when Leah was six months old, my boss asked me and another associate to travel to Thailand. It was so beautiful and eye-opening.

~Then in June, my sister Katherine, my best friend Olivia, her sister Chelsea and I went away for a weekend to a spa in Northern California. It was well appreciated.

March 2003:

Noah (25), Bea (25), Leah (1)

~Around Christmastime Noah decided he wanted to write a short story about what it was like for him when both his older brother and father were fighting in the Gulf War during Christmas of 1990. He was only 13 when it happened and I think it really helped him realize how much he loves his family. To top it off, the story was published in the Seattle Times.

~Over March break, Noah and I decided to take a second honeymoon. Since out first was only a weekend road trip, we chose a more luxurious ski trip to Whistler.

December 2004:

Noah (27), Bea (27), Leah (3), Will (0)

~After a lot of trouble conceiving, Noah and I finally became pregnant! Our first boy was born on December 4 and we named him William Kenneth Crosby. He was born with wavy, light brown hair and brown eyes. When we arrived home from the hospital all our closest friends and family were there to welcome us home.

~With two young children at home, Noah and I decide that it would be best if I took some time off work to be a stay-at-home-mom.

August 2005:

Noah (28), Bea (28), Leah (3), Will (0)

~One of my best friend's announces she is getting married we decide to throw an impromptu celebration for her. We all hop in our cars and head for an overnight stay in Oregon.

~With me staying at home, two young kids and two dogs, it was quite a welcome surprise when Noah recieved a raise at work. We were able to pay off both our cars and start saving for Leah and Will's education.

May 2006:

Noah (29), Bea (28), Leah (4), Will (1)

~After Noah received his raise last year, we decided that we would use some of the extra money to go on a family vacation. We chose San Diego, California. While there we went to the zoo, SeaWorld and to the Safari Park. Leah and Will absolutely loved it.

~Recently, Noah and I made the decision to enroll Leah in all-day kindergarten which she will be starting in September.

June 2007:

Noah (30), Bea (29), Leah (5), Will (2)

~With Aggie and Bruno both a little older now, Noah decided to surprise us with a new addition: a kitten. Leah named our new addition Snowy and has not stopped hugging her since Noah brought the little kitten home.

~In May, Noah and I had to leave Leah and Will with our good friends and travel to Calgary where his brother was getting married. It was a wonderfully relaxing four days.

March 2008:

Noah (30), Bea (30), Leah (6), Will (3)

~With a family of four plus three pets, Noah and I figured it was about time we looked for a bigger home. We found one quite quickly, not far away from our old duplex. It didn't take long for us to settle into our new one-story house.

~It started at Christmas when the tree went up, but ever since then, Snowy has been causing a lot of trouble. She is constantly scratching and attacking anything that is remotely interesting. But the vet assured us that it is just a phase.

October 2009:

Noah (32), Bea (32), Leah (8), Will (4), Beth (0)

~Last November, Leah and I made a plan to really surprise Daddy. A couple days earlier I had found out that amazing news that we were expecting again and since we had been trying for so long I wanted to really shock Noah. So that saturday, I sent Leah and Noah to the store with a list I made. Noah was so surprised when Leah read out diapers and formula that he dropped the grocery basket! Eight months later on July 13, we were bringing Bethany Maria Crosby into the world. Beth had straight, brown hair and blue eyes.

~Only a month after bringing home Beth, Noah shocked us all by quitting his job. Turns out he had received an amazing offer from another company who was willing to pay him twice as much.

December 2010:

Noah (33), Bea (33), Leah (9), Will (6), Beth (1)

~In April, Bruno passed away. He was 11 years old and had been fighting cancer for the past year and a bit. We were all devastated to see him go, but as Noah and I explained to Leah and Will, he was in a better place.

~With Noah's new job, there was only one catch. We had to move to Los Angeles before the next summer was over. So in June, we packed up our family and made the move to our new one-storey house in Los Angeles.

September 2011:

[size=12]Noah (34), Bea (34), Leah (9), Will (6), Beth (2), Holden (0)[/size]

~After my sister adopted two children a couple years ago, Noah and I began considering adoption for ourselves. We put in an application in February of 2010 and didn't hear anything back until more than a year later. But when we did, it was the best news ever. We had been chosen to adopt a baby born in our own city. Holden Alexander Crosby, who was born in November 2010, became a part of our family only two months ago.

~Since both our parents desperately wanted to meet Holden, Noah and I took the four kids back to the Seattle area to see my parents and then to Alberta to see Noah's parents. It was a long trip but the kids were great.

July 2012:

[size=12]Noah (35), Bea (34), Leah (10), Will (7), Beth (3), Holden (1)[/size]

~In Januray my sister found out she was pregnant with twins after eight years of being told she would never conceive. And even though the doctors warned her that the pregnancy would be tough and dangerous she and her husband went through with it. When she went into labour 12 weeks early, it was incredibly scary. But the babies survived and so did Kate. Since life was going to be spent in the hospital for the next couple months, Noah and I volunteered to have Kate and Ron's two older children come stay with us for the summer.

~ Since I have a degree in elementary education and one of my friends in LA had a degree in preschool education we decided to start up a small daycare. It started out as only 7 kids after school, but our daycare became really popular and we opened up the doors to more.

February 2013:

[size=12]Noah (35), Bea (35), Leah (11), Will (8), Beth (3), Holden (2), Charlie (0)[/size]

~This winter all four kids took up a new after school activity. Leah and Will started hockey, Beth started figure skating and Holden started toddler gymnastics.

~Because of all the stress and excitement with Kate and Ron's twins, Noah and I made the choice not to tell anyone...but we were pregnant! We found out in June but didn't tell anyone until September when I really couldn't hide it anymore. Charlotte Adriana Crosby was born a little early on February 2, 2013 and has been home for three weeks now. She has wavy, blonde hair and hazel eyes.

December 2014:

[size=12]Noah (37), Bea (37), Leah (13), Will (10), Beth (5), Holden (4), Charlie (1), Seamus (0)[/size]

~Due to the success of our daycare, my friend and I are invited to a conference in Phoenix on early childhood education. I bring Leah and Will with me just for fun!

~While there I took a new type of pregnancy test being marketed there and I was completely shocked when it cme back positive! But nonetheless, eight months later Seamus Evan Crosby is born on August 16. He is born with a full head of curly, light brown hair and beautiful green eyes.


Noah and Beatrice

Leah, William, Bethany, Holden, Charlotte, Seamus

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DH- Simon Jacob

born: Jan 14, 1974 | Orthopedic Surgeon

DW- Erin Olivia

born: June 18, 1974 | Primatologist

Year 1 - October 1999

Simon (25), Erin (25)

Family Matter: Simon and I were married on July 11 and we honeymooned for three weeks in Southeast Asia. We arrived home in August and only a couple weeks later had two children to look after while my sister Edith and her husband Mark flew across the country to help look after Mark&#39;s sister who had just given birth to quintuplets. My nieces, Callista (5) and Brynn (3) were a joy to have.

Travel: Last weekend, my two best friends and I took a trip to Myrtle Beach, SC. Collette, Stacy and I had so much fun!!

Year 2 - August 2000

Simon (26), Erin (26)

Moving: Recently, I was offered a job in Washinton, D.C. which meant moving from Virginia Beach to Arlington. We decided we would stay in Virginia and both commute to the city each day. Luckily, Simon was able to find a residency program in Washington as he was just finishing med school.

Travel: After only three weeks in Arlington, Simon and I had to travel to the Hamptons for his best friend&#39;s wedding. It was a wonderful trip and we caught up with so many old friends.

Year 3 - November 2001

Simon (27), Erin (27), Theo (0)

Random: Back in March, Train came to Washington and so one of my new friend&#39;s from work and I went to see. The concert was lots of fun and the band was as good as ever.

Child: On November 22 Simon and I had our first baby! Theodore Evan Grant arrived in the middle of what was supposed to be Thanksgiving Dinner.


Year 4 - September 2002

Simon (28), Erin (28), Theo (10m)


Travel: After trying for almost a month, my boss convinced me to take a week off Maternity Leave to visit the New York Zoo where one of their chimpanzees was pregnant with triplets.

Pet: At the beginning of summer, Simon and I decided to adopt a kitten who we named Aero.


Year 5 - July 2003

Simon (29), Erin (29), Theo (20m), Declan (0)


Child: A little bit before Christmas Simon and I discovered we were pregnant!! Theo was getting a little brother! Declan Joseph Grant was born early in the morning on July 14 just a couple weeks before I was supposed to start doing guest lectures at the local university.

Moving: Only a month before the arrival of Declan, we moved the family into a much larger 2-storey condo that would be able to fit our growing family much better.


Year 6 - July 2004

Simon (30), Erin (30), Theo (2), Declan (1)


Travel: For my 30th birthday, Simon planned a family vacation to New Orleans. When we got there my two sisters and brother were there with their families as well. It was such a wonderful week!

Family Matter: We have once again opened our doors up to our family! Right now, my cousin Eleanor and her son Malcolm are staying in our guest bedroom while she goes to cosmotology school.


Year 7 - April 2005

Simon (31), Erin (30), Theo (3), Declan (21m)


Family Matter: This year we enrolled Theo and Declan in new activities. Theo started to learn how to skate and Dec is starting gymboree.

Random: Now that the boys are getting bigger, we splurged and bought a fancy new car that Simon has had his eye on for a while. He bought himself a 2006 Audi Q7 in Navy Blue.


Year 8 - December 2006

Simon (32), Erin (32), Theo (5), Declan (3), Stella (3m)


Pet: Aero had been acting odd in the spring so we took him to see the vet where we were told that he had Feline Leukemia. The vet told us that it was best for Aero to be put down as he was in quite a bit of pain. On May 7 we said goodbye to our beloved family member, Aero.

Child: On a happier note, early in the year I suprised my family with the wonderful news that I was pregnant! Stella Edith Grant was born on September 3rd. Although my mom really wanted me to give her the middle name Edytha, we settled on Edith.


Year 9 - August 2007

Simon (33), Erin (33), Theo (5), Declan (4), Stella (11m)


Pet: After the passing of Aero we wanted to wait a little while to bring another pet into the house, but when Stella was 8 months old we brought home a 2-year-old Australian Shepherd named Maggie. The kids all adore her.

Moving: Also this year we moved again, this time to a bigger 2-storey house with a very large yard. The first thing we did once the moving truck rolled away was set up the trampoline and swing-set for the kids.


Year 10 - June 2008

Simon (34), Erin (34), Theo (6), Declan (4), Stella (21m)


Family Matter: Now that I am back to work during most days, the kids have all taken up new after-school activities through school. Theo is doing skateboarding camp, Declan is doing Karate and Stella is learning to swim! I can&#39;t believe how big they are all getting.

Pet: After some heavy persuasion from both Simon and Theo, I caved and we are now the proud owners of another dog. Since I have been recently volunteering at the SPCA it was easy to find our puppy. He is a Brittany named Zeus.


Year 11 - March 2009

Simon (35), Erin (34), Theo (7), Declan (5), Stella (2), Nate (1m)


Child: After trying for almost 9 months, we found out in late June that I was pregnant! Nathaniel Quinn Grant came into the world on February 23rd after only 2 hours of active labour. When we brough him home, my whole family was there to surprise us with food and festivities.

Random: Simon has begun writing a book about juggling his career, and his family while also being a triathelete. He is hoping it will be an expose into just how imperfect everything needs to be for it to all work out.


Year 12 - November 2010

Simon (36), Erin (36), Theo (9), Declan (7), Stella (4), Nate (21m), Molly (4m)


Child: As if trying was the reason it took longer to get pregnant last time, when not trying I was all of a sudden pregnant again. Our fifth baby, Molly Anais Grant was born on July 27 with both her grandmothers in the room. After some convincing I decided to let my mom and Simon&#39;s mom to be in the room for Molly&#39;s birth.

Random: With five kids, our house was beginning to get quite cramped and so Simon and I began the process of renovating our four bedroom home. Two months in, we are a little over-budget and definitely slower than expected but soon enough, our house will have 7-bedrooms and an outdoor pool!


Year 13 - May 2011

&nbsp; Simon (37), Erin (36), Theo (9), Declan (7), Stella (4), Nate (2), Molly (10m)


Job: This January, Simon made the move from the General Hospital to the children&#39;s hospital in Washington. He will have less on-call time and be able to spend a lot more time with our five rugrats and two dogs.

Travel: When my parents flew in for two weeks, Simon and I took that as an opportunity to drive off for a romantic weekend in NYC.


Year 14 - June 2012

&nbsp; Simon (38), Erin (38), Theo (10), Declan (8), Stella (5), Nate (3), Molly (23m)


Random: Although our 7-seater Audi was working very well for us before Molly, Simon and I figured we might need something a little bigger now. So we bought a 9-passenger GMC Yukon XL that comfortably fits our big family.

Pet: With both our puppies a little older, Simon and I thought it was a good time to adopt another dog into the Grant family. Percy is a American Foxhound and has already integrated perfectly with out large family.


Year 15 - October 2013

&nbsp; Simon (39), Erin (39), Theo (12), Declan (10), Stella (7), Nate (4), Molly (3), Chase (6m)


Child: Simon and I were definitely not planning for another baby in the Grant clan, but when we found out we were pregnant one more time, we were thrilled. Unfortunately, Simon missed the birth because he was in an emergency surgery, but he was there less than 10 minutes after Chase Oliver Grant was born on April 8, with his name being chosen after Oliver &amp; Company by the three older kids.

Family Matter: With a new baby, Simon and I both decided to take time off work and we are helping all the five older kids with the new activites they are enrolled in. Theo has taken up guitar, Declan has started playing piano, Stella is learning how to play field hockey, Nate is becoming a pro at soccer and Molly is learning how to skate.




Simon, Erin

Theodore, Declan, Stella, Nathaniel, Molly, Chase

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Posted 06 March 2013 - 04:34 PM

{The McCarty Family}

Rayna Cassidy [b. December 7, 1980]

curly, chestnut brown hair and glasz eyes

Seth Jackson [b. May 4, 1980]

straight, dark brown hair and light blue eyes

Chompers (Rabbit) [b. 2006 - d. 2017]

white, smooth hair and brown eyes

Chleo Mireille [b. November 1, 2007]

curly, dark brown hair and light blue eyes

David Jackson [b. September 27, 2008]

thick, dark brown hair and light blue eyes

Mackenzie Aria [b. May 19, 2014]

thick, dark brown hair and light blue eyes

Trixie (Dog) [b. December 7, 2014]

white, fluffy, and brown eyes

Jade Ariel [b. November 4, 2015]

curly, dark brown hair and light blue eyes

Eli Jerome [b. December 28, 2018]

straight, dark brown hair and light blue eyes


Rayna - 23 & 24; Seth - 24

Travel: In July, me and Seth take a vacation. We go to Maui, Hawaii because we love tropical islands. Me and Seth met back in high school, and for our 12th grade end-of-the-year trip, the whole class was supposed to go to Hawaii, but this horrible accident happened to the son of the principal, who went to Hawaii the previous year, and our trip was cancelled. Before we went, me and Seth planned our trip accordingly. We decided we were going to rent a room in the hotel, get massages every morning and bask in the sun's rays throughout the day, on their lovely beaches. On our final day we went scuba diving. For our first time being there, it was nothing less than AMAZING!

Random: On my birthday, Seth buys me tickets to go see Avril Lavigne, my all-time favorite artist, in concert!


Rayna - 24; Seth - 24 & 25

Moving: Me and Seth have always loved traveling. This was one of the many things that brought us together. Seth and I also have never been out of the country. For a change of pace, in early Spring we decide to move to Sydney, Australia. Seth and I love the heat, so this is PERFECT!

Travel: Not long after moving to Australia (by the beginning of Summer), I made several new friends. We decide to go hang out in Melbourne for a day, after my friend Clara invites the gang. We go shopping and surfing. We thought this would be a fun way to get to know the locals, and just have some quality time together.


Rayna - 25; Seth - 25 & 26; Chompers - 0

Pet: I have always had a weird fascination for all sorts of animals. I find a baby rabbit in our backyard, and like a child, I literally got on my knees and begged Seth for us to keep him. He just laughed and said, "Why not?" Much to Seth's dismay, I named the cute bunny Chompers.

Moving: Around Halloween, Seth and I found a big hole in the ground right outside the house, and later on found out that we had a huge mice infestation. Disgusted and appalled, me and Seth bought a single-story house not far from here. I hope this doesn't happen again. I am NOT a millionaire for crying out loud!


Rayna - 26; Seth - 26 & 27; Chompers - 1; Chleo - nb

Child: In late February, I found out I was pregnant, and it came as a shock to me and Seth, considering we weren't trying. Nonetheless, me and Seth were very excited! Seth was ecstatic to hear that it was a baby girl, and quickly made up a nursery and painted it pink. He convinced me that she will be a daddy's girl! (We'll see!) By the time I am in the hospital, both of my parents and Seth's parents have requested to be in the delivery room. I am curious, as I usually am, but my parents tell me because this is their first grandchild, they wanted to be present. Seth's parents were also the same way. Even though me and Seth were a little befuddled, we were overjoyed that they decided to come all the way from the States! Me and Seth decide to name our adorable baby girl Chleo Mireille. She was born November 1, and she weighed 7 lbs. She inherited Daddy's gorgeous dark brown hair, but my curly hair! She also has her father's light blue eyes.

Child: Not long after Chleo was born, I found out I was pregnant again. I was confused because I was sure me and Seth had used contraception. Breaking the news to Seth wasn't easy as he was over the moon with his newborn daughter. Even though I knew Seth was psyched about having a little girl (considering he has 2 brothers), I new he would be just as ecstatic with a little boy. And I didn't do him wrong. What still got me was how I found out about this pregnancy. Not long after Chleo was born, I had to give my doctor a urine sample to make sure everything was going well. Then's when I found out that there was another bun in the oven! Our little tyke is due late September, 2008.


Rayna - 27; Seth - 27 & 28; Chompers - 2; Chleo - 0; David - nb

Travel: Unfortunately, at the beginning of the year, only a month after I found out I was pregnant again, the Journalism company I work for, required me to go on a business trip. I have to go to Canberra. It's not far from Sydney at all, but my husband or my children are not allowed to come with me. I was bummed, but I know I have to do it if I don't want to get fired.

Travel: I was severely pissed off and exhausted after I got back from my 2 month leave. It was almost Spring when I got to see Seth and Chleo again. I decided that we ALL needed a vacation [including my restless fetal son!]. We all go back to Hawaii, because me and Seth loved it there the first time. This time we stayed in Honolulu. I also noticed that I was sporting a bump. My husband loves to tickle and tease me. Since we have a baby, we decided to get a child sitter for the days me and Seth were out of the hotel. We went surfing, scuba diving, and went to our favorite restaurant there.

Before I knew it, 6 months later....

On September 27th, after 5 hours of labor, I give birth to my handsome newborn son David Jackson (after Daddy!), who weighed 8 lbs. David also inherited his father's gorgeous dark brown hair. His hair is very thick, neither which me or Seth have. David also has his daddy's eyes, a beautiful light blue.


Rayna - 28; Seth - 28; Chompers - 3; Chleo - 1; David - 4-7 mos.

Travel: After just having 2 kids, neither Seth or I were thrilled when I found out that the Magazine company he works for, said he had to go on a business trip. It was a breath of fresh air, however, when Seth found out he could bring me and our children. I was more elated than anything. I didn't want to be apart from my husband again. We did find out, though, that it is a 6 month long business trip. I don't think I can cope having to leave the country that long - yes, we are going back to the United States. I love the United States, I just can't see myself going back there for a long time. We are going to California where it is nice and warm, but we'll only be there for 6 months. I just hope I don't get homesick. It's the end of January, so we'll be back home to Oz by the end of July.

Random: It was the middle of April when I got a call from back home, from a friend, saying I was having financial trouble. I figured as much. It's the house. I forgot that from being in California so long, I forgot to pay the lease! I told my friend that I will have my bank account wired to send transactions to the bank, so I could keep my house!


Rayna - 29; Seth - 30; Chompers - 4; Chleo - 2; David - 1

Moving: My husband's ignoramus boss forced us to leave our home in Australia, and have us move to Germany. We had no choice. My husband is fluent in German, and his boss is well aware of this. If we didn't leave, he would be fired, and we can't afford that after having two children, and all of the financial trouble we have been having from traveling too much. It is Summer, and I haven't had one in Oz since 2008.

Travel: As if the moving wasn't enough, almost as soon as we landed in Germany, I had to travel for work. I explained to my boss the situation we have been in, and luckily enough, I convinced her that my husband and children need to come. I can't stand being a moment without them. Luckily, Seth was put on a sabbatical for 2 months. I will only need to be gone for a month.


Rayna - 30; Seth - 30 & 31; Chompers - 5; Chleo - 3; David - 2

Job: Early this year, my boss informed me that our company has been losing money because [unnamed employee] has stolen from the company. My boss told me that I was the hardest worker there, and has therefore recommended me to a new company. I would be working online now, seeing as I live in Germany, and I can't speak German. I was really upset when I heard about this, but my boss said she was laying people off, and would pretty soon have to close the company down.

Job: Almost a year after my husband's sabbatical, he was promoted! I am so happy for him, and so are the kids! His salary was raised pretty high, so now we won't be in debt anymore!


Rayna - 31; Seth - 31 & 32; Chompers - 6; Chleo - 4; David - 3;

Random: Well the company I previously worked for, has shut down. It is mid-Spring now, and I wasn't making enough money. I know my husband was, but I wanted a higher paycheck also. Well, I figured that wasn't going to happen. So, instead....I came up with a really interesting idea. I came up with the idea of a pocket computer, and I ran it by a few of my husband's friends. They were wacky inventors, and surprisingly enough, they thought that would be a brilliant idea. They said they would immediately begin on working on it, and would get back to me. By the time they were done, it didn't take too long, they said it probably wouldn't be a huge hit, but it would make enough money to stay around for quite a few years. Nonetheless, I was thrilled!

Moving: Since me and Seth have a little more dough rolling in, we thought we could move to the big city - Berlin. Before, we were living in Hamburg, but we thought it wasn't right for us. We decide to buy a two-story townhouse, just in case....(*hint hint*) It is nearing the beginning of Fall, so our kids will be able to go trick-or-treating in the new city.


Rayna - 32; Seth - 32 & 33; Chompers - 7; Chleo - 5; David - 4;

Family matter: It has been 4 months since we moved. It is now January, and my husband has been acting strange lately. He won't tell me what it is, and I'm worried. He says it's nothing though. I've known him since 9th grade, so he is not fooling me. Seth finally does confide after awhile. He says he has been feeling sick mentally, so we hire a Psychiatrist. He diagnoses him with Depression. Seth and I can't understand why, though. I think it's because we are used to a much more warm, sunny place. He thinks that's what it is too. We make a deal not to tell the kids yet. They love it here. It's the only thing they are used to, since we kept moving them around since they were babies.

Child: Me and my husband have been in bed a lot. He thinks that our lack of making love was what was causing his Depression. I felt bad about it. One day I wake up and I feel nauseous, and I run to the bathroom. I buy a pregnancy test to make sure. It was positive. I told my husband right away, and we were both excited! It's been a while since Chleo and David were born. We tell them and they are excited for their new baby brother or sister. A few months later I tell everyone that I am having a baby girl, and everyone is excited. It is near the end of Summer (August), so she will be due in May. Everyone is excited about picking a name, and Seth tells me to pick the first name. I decide to honor my ancestors, by using an Irish name. Her first name will be Mackenzie. Seth decides that the middle name should be Aria. Everyone agrees that that is the best name for her.


Rayna - 33 & 34; Seth - 34; Chompers - 8; Chleo - 6 & 7; David - 5 & 6; Mackenzie - 0 - 7 mos.; Trixie - puppy;

It is May 19, and I am in the hospital. I am not sick, but Mackenzie will be born soon! After 8 long hours of labor, I welcomed my baby girl to the world! Mackenzie Aria weighed in at 6 lbs! Small, for someone due on time! She, once again, has Daddy's gorgeous dark brown hair! And it is really thick like her older brother's! David swears Mac got it from him! She has the most gorgeous light blue eyes! Again, like Daddy! I have a feeling that she will look JUST like Seth! We were all so excited to get Mac home (that's what the older kids call her!), that we almost got the wrong baby! Yeah, it turns out that there was a baby girl born a few minutes before her with the same name! Only first name, of course! But golly, I swear my life just flashed before my eyes!

Family matter: It is early June, and I am picking up my kids from school. David jumps in my arms. He is so happy to get out, as they both usually are. Chleo, however, doesn't look herself, and hasn't for the past 4 days. I ask her what's wrong, and she says her tummy aches. Well, her tummy has hurt the past 4 days. I decide to take her to the Doctor, after her Pediatrician referred me to one. Well me and Chleo are in the Doctor's office, and Seth, David, and Mackenzie are out in the waiting room. They would have come in except David was getting really anxious, and started throwing a temper tantrum. The Doctor told me the worst news a parent could ever hear. Chleo has been diagnosed with Brain Cancer, and they are not sure how much longer she will live. I can't even fathom what's going on right now. I can't lose my little girl. The Doctor did say she could go under treatment, but we could lose her during the process. The Doctor says that is Seth and I's choice, but in the end we should probably go with the treatment because even though the odds are in Chleo's favor, she wouldn't live long if we didn't do the treatment. So, we decide to go ahead with it, and we are praying that all goes well. Oh, Chleo...

Pet: It has been 6 months, and all of us decide to get a pet for Chleo because she really wants one, and we think this would be good for all of us. We all want a different one. I have been wanting a cat, Seth a dog, and David a mouse (don't ask). After a long dispute, we realize that it is Chleo's choice. She chooses a puppy, and we all proudly go to the pet store. Chleo has undergone treatment, and it went as well as it could go. We were all just so happy to have this little girl back into our lives. She can't walk right now though, and it could take a while before she is able to properly walk on her own. Right now, we are carrying her around until she can walk by herself. When we can't carry her, there is a wheelchair. The Doctor also said that she may have speech impediments and memory loss. Luckily for her, this isn't permanent, and we are all so happy just to have her back. We are in the pet store right now, and Chleo is looking at every puppy there is. Chleo finally settles on a Dalmatian, and we all agree that she is cute. She doesn't have any spots yet, so we're all laughing about this little white ball slipping and sliding around our house. Chleo names her Trixie.


Rayna - 34; Seth - 34 & 35; Chompers - 9; Chleo - 7 & 8; David - 6 & 7; Mackenzie - 8 - 18 mos.; Trixie - 1 - 11 mos.; Jade - nb;

Moving: Seth's boss was less than thrilled when he found out that we had another child. He was even less thrilled when we found out that we just bought a puppy. Seth was really pissed off at his boss, and this in turn made the boss angry and told us we had to move. Yes, we had to move because Seth pissed his boss off. I was unhappy now, and whenever me and Seth were upset, our kids and pets were too. Seth actually joked that it would only be temporary. This just made me mad. Actually, I'm even more mad that this is only temporary. Seth's boss was just trying to screw with us, I know. Make us buy a house for 3 months. Ridiculous. We are renting a single-story house in Potsdam. I have never heard of it, but it is right near Berlin, that way we're not far from home. It's still Winter. I hate big changes like this, especially in Winter. At least we will be back home before Mackenzie's 1st birthday.

Child: I thought I would decide to have a little fun in our new (temporary) house. And by fun, yes, well, I meant....you know...and I'm pregnant again. This should piss off Seth's boss even more. Plus, the whole family was excited. I made it my mission not to tell anyone else. Well, Seth had other plans. When I got back to our house (temporary), everyone had thrown me a surprise baby shower. I thought it was tradition for men not to be there. Apparently, this family is reversed. There they were, standing in the middle of my living room: my brother, my sister, my parents, Seth, his two brothers, their parents, and our children. I was amazed because I didn't know how they managed to pull something off like this in such a short amount of time. Well, what happened was is that after Seth found out I was pregnant, he sent everyone plane tickets, and told them. Man, we were going to be having a talk later. I received all kinds of things: a stroller, a crib, plenty of clothes, toys, diapers, a diaper bag....I was amazed and shocked. I've never had one of these before, so I was in tears the whole night and everyone congratulated me. My mother was mad though, that I didn't know the sex. I was hardly even pregnant! But it's a good thing nobody decided to buy blue or pink stuff. It was all a mixture of yellows and greens. I was happy for that. Me and Seth decided to just wait until the birth to find out what the sex was. It is February, so my child is due in November. I'm excited! That's near Chleo's birthday!

On November 4th, I found myself with labor pains and going into the hospital. Everyone was there. And by everyone, I do mean so. Seth had surprised me again by renting everyone out a hotel room for last night and tonight. So there they were again: my brother, my sister, my parents, Seth, his two brothers, their parents, and our children. And mind you, these were just the people in the delivery room. Out in the hall there were friends, cousins, nieces, nephews....I was shocked. No where near this many people have ever came to one of my births. In fact, it was only our parents that came to my first birth. With my other two kids, it was just me and Seth. What about this one was so special that made Seth invite everyone we knew? Who knows? But, oh wait, "Here SHE comes!" Was that my husband? She? I smiled. My husband delivered our third daughter, who we named Jade Ariel. She weighed 7 and a half lbs. I would never have chosen Ariel as a middle name except my son failed to tell me that he overheard me talking to my neighbor before, about names. He loves The Little Mermaid for some reason. I think he spends too much time with Chleo. I need to buy him some more action figures, or something. His father should play with him more. So, David claims he will marry Ariel when he gets older. He also told me to name his sister that. Haha. He is demanding. So, I went along with it; mainly because he is my only son. So that's how Jade got her middle name. Jade has beautiful dark brown hair like her siblings and her Daddy. She has my curly hair, though! She, like her other siblings, also has light blue eyes. I wish someone would inherit my glasz eyes! Not to brag, but they are so pretty!


Rayna - 35; Seth - 35 & 36; Chompers - 10; Chleo - 8; David - 7; Mackenzie - 1 & 2; Trixie - 1; Jade - 4 mos. - 10 mos.;

Moving: We hadn't even been back home in Berlin for a year, when we had to move again! I have 4 children and 2 pets! Why does this have to happen, AGAIN?!?! Seth's boss found out about our new addition, and he was blast feeming. He sends us to Frankfurt, about 5 hours from here. I think Seth is seriously thinking about quitting, but also knows that we have too many kids for that. We end up buying a two-story house. I hope this is our last move.

Job: I wasn't too happy with my job, up until now. I wasn't making that much, considering it's an online company. But now, my boss decides to give me a raise! I was super excited, as was my husband! It's September, the kids will be going to school soon. I will be able to buy them more school supplies.


Rayna - 36; Seth - 36; Chompers - 10 [would have been 11]; Chleo - 9; David - 8; Mackenzie - 2; Trixie - 2; Jade - 1;

Pet: Sad news. It is April and my bunny Chompers has passed away. He was 10. He lived a long life. I asked an employee at the local store, and they said that he died of old age. Chompers was a good and loyal pet for almost 11 years. I will miss him, as my husband, kids, and even our Dalmatian Trixie.

Travel: Me and my husband are still upset about our beloved bunny. He was our first pet. I call up a friend and ask her if she can watch our kids and dog for the weekend. Me and Seth just need to get out for the weekend, and go on a nice trip. We decide to go to Cologne because it is one of Germany's oldest cities, and it was found by the Romans. We're going to be visiting their museums.


Rayna - 37 & 38; Seth - 37 & 38; Chleo - 10 & 11; David - 9 & 10; Mackenzie - 3 & 4; Trixie - 3 & 4; Jade - 2 & 3; Eli - nb;

Child: While Seth and I were in Cologne, we did more than we thought we were....2 weeks after we came home, I found myself pregnant. Again. I was very excited though, when a few months later, I found out I was having a boy! We all were, especially David. He was happy that he was having a baby brother, and that he wasn't the only boy anymore. I decided to go on the pill after this. 5 kids were enough for us. Seth agreed. Seth went so extreme. He had a vasectomy. He said I was getting older and he didn't want to impregnate me again, and because of my age, it is more likely that I could have a miscarriage. Our son was due in mid-January, but I think he couldn't wait, and wanted to be in the world before the end of the year! My labor pains were so unexpected though, I almost gave birth in a grocery store!! Seth got the kids and me in the car safely, and we made it to the hospital just in time. I had a very quick birth. It only took 30 minutes before our Eli Jerome was born on December 28th! Seth has always loved Eli, but his insane mother tried to get me to name our son's middle name Gerald! She said that was her grandfather's name, and wanted that for her grandson. I told her that Gerald was not going to work. Not to mention, Seth hated it! But, we did manage to get Jerome to work for her. Close enough. Sounds better, too. Eli has his father's gorgeous dark brown hair (once again) and his straight hair. He also has light blue eyes like the rest of his siblings.

Moving: Seth's boss was once again fed up about me having another child. This time we have to go to another country temporarily for his business. At least this time it wasn't because Seth's boss was mad at him. I, however, was pretty furious! We leave today, December 29th! My son was born yesterday! Seth wasn't pleased either, but we were allowed to bring the kids. As a matter of fact, Seth told his boss that he was going to quit if he didn't.

So, this is the last 15 years of our lives! I hope you enjoyed reading this crazy ride, even though it was long! xD

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