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Leona Combos...

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#1 Katie-Nana


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Posted 07 November 2014 - 11:12 AM

Hello All,


It has been a while since I've posed a name advice topic.  Ben & I are both enjoying parenting our (VERY) soon to be 1 year old, Wiley James Benjamin.  We've talked about TTC Baby #2 but I'm still insisting we wait another year.  We still have our second boy name picked out, Theodore Lark Alfred "Teddy" but have yet to settle on a girls name.  If #2 is a girl, her first name will most likely be Leona after Ben's grandmother, Leona Mae.  However, I would prefer that she go by her middle name, what ever that may be.  We've come up with a few combo's but it isn't really a list since most have been vetoed by either me or him. Our only "maybe" on the list is the first one, but I'd still love some feedback!  Thanks in advance.



Leona Katherine "Kit" - going with the nickname Kit because my name is Katherine (a family name) and I go by Katie

Leona Beatrice "Birdie/Bertie"

Leona Elizabeth "Birdie"  - Elizabeth is my sister's middle and a family name.

Leona Birdie

Leona Evermay - Ben's top choice and our original option if Wiley had been a girl. However, I've lost my love for this name as I cannot find a nickname that I can live with. 

Leona Mary Mae "Mary" - Does Mary Mae sound too much like "Marry Me" ??  Mary would honor my grandmother but I'm still iffy on using Mary for other reasons. I like the name, just not sure if I love it enough to outweigh the bad associations.

Leona Percy

Leona Patience - Another one of Ben's choices, I like Patience, but I wouldn't want to call her Patience.

Leona Rooney "Rooney/Roo"

Leona Winifred "Wynn" - I'm shying away from this one because I don't want to end up with a W- theme.




Leona Prairie - I've sadly given up this combo since the last name begins with Cow____ and I feel Prairie Cow____ is just asking for it.


#2 Addison


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Posted 07 November 2014 - 11:58 AM

Leona Evermay is lovely! My favorite from your list. You could call her: Ever, Everly, May, Mabel, Vera, Maya, Eve, Eva, Evie, Era, even Ray. Or maybe there's a nickname for Leona you like (though imagine you've already extensively explored that option)? Nona, Lola, Ona, Leah?


Mary Mae sounds a bit too nursery rhyme to me, sorry. I do love Mary and Mae.


I love Percy, but only on boys.


Rooney on girls is nms, I'd assume you were Wayne Rooney's biggest fan. Roo is adorable though.


Winifred, Wynn is absolutely adorable but I understand the W dilemma.  


I love Patience but I agree that it is probably better just on the birth certificate and not calling her by it.


Leona Prairie is too cute, but you're right, you wouldn't want a Prairie Cow. Maybe another word name? Leona Poetry/Poem/Poet, Leona Fable, Leona Story, Leona Sonnet, Leona Reverie, Leona Lyric, Leona Sable, Leona Fern, Leona Maple, Leona Magnolia, Leona Primrose, Leona Briar?


Would you ever want two middles like you used for Wiley? Like Leona Elizabeth Evermay? or Leona Evermay Rue?

#3 Katie-Nana


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Posted 07 November 2014 - 12:26 PM

Thanks for the comments Addison!


Yes, I've gone through the many nickname options for Leona & Evermay but none of them are for me.  I'm not really the type to get too creative with nicknames, I feel that a nickname should be somewhat obvious or established for a name.  If I liked Mabel over Evermay than I'd just use Mabel.


I actually have no idea who Wayne Rooney is, lol!  I just adore the name Rue but would prefer it as a nickname for a longer one.  I came across the name Rooney for a girl from the actress Rooney Mara.


I would be open to using two middles for Leona, but both names would have to have a strong meaning/purpose rather than two aribrary names, and of course they would have to flow really well together.  The middle choices for our boys names James Benjamin & Lark Alfred are honoring specific people (Ben & my grandpa).  It was important for us to use both the first and middle names in the combo.

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Posted 09 November 2014 - 09:13 PM

what about:

Leona Everly Mae or Leona Emerson Kate

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