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100 Royal Years CAF - Part 3/10

Royalty Royals CAF Part 3 3/10 100 Years

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Posted 29 December 2018 - 03:01 PM

The next 10 years of your family's life: 1850-1859.


Roll once each year that a person over 18 is single:

1. Single

2. Married

3. Married

4. Married

5. Single

6. Married


Roll for their title:

1. King/Queen (Crown Prince) (Prince/Princess)

2. Marquess/Marchioness (Lord/Lady)

3. Baron/Baroness (The Honourable)

4. No Title

5. Prince/Princess (Duke/Duchess)

6. Earl/Countess (Lord) (The Honourable)

7. Duke/Duchess (Lord/Lady)

8. Viscount/Viscountess (The Honourable)


If a daughter from your founding family marries someone with a title, then their children will get a title based on their father's. If a son from your founding family has children and his title is The Honourable, his children will have no title unless he marries a Queen or Princess. If a son from your family has children and his title is Lord, his children will have the title of The Honourable. If a title has two sets of brackets next to it the first title is for the eldest son only.


Names for partners: Boys/Girls



You choose their age.


Roll once each year for each married couple aged 18-40:


Children's Names: Boys/Girls



1. Triplets (you choose genders)

2. No pregnancy

3. Baby girl

4. Baby boy

5. Baby girl

6. No pregnancy



1. Baby girl

2. Miscarriage

3. Baby girl

4. Twin boys

5. Baby boy

6. No pregnancy



1. Baby boy

2. Baby boy

3. Baby boy

4. No pregnancy

5. Triplets; two girls, one boy

6. Baby girl



1. Baby boy

2. No pregnancy

3. Baby boy

4. No pregnancy

5. Miscarriage

6. Baby girl



1. No pregnancy

2. No pregnancy

3. Twin girls

4. Baby girl

5. Baby boy

6. Baby boy



1. Baby girl

2. Baby girl

3. No pregnancy

4. Triplet boys

5. Miscarriage

6. Baby boy



1. Baby girl

2. Baby boy

3. Baby boy

4. Baby boy

5. Baby girl

6. Baby girl



1. No pregnancy

2. Baby boy

3. Twins (you choose genders)

4. Baby girl

5. No pregnancy

6. Baby boy



1. Baby boy

2. No pregnancy

3. Baby girl

4. Baby boy

5. Miscarriage

6. Baby girl



1. No pregnancy

2. Baby boy

3. Baby girl

4. Baby boy

5. Baby girl

6. Twins; boy & girl


List your family and their ages. I hope you enjoy this   :). Feel free to add stories and pictures if you wish.

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Posted 29 December 2018 - 04:29 PM

The Alexander Family


DH: Earl Harold 'Harry' Benjamin Oswald Alexander (51)

DW: Countess Elinor 'Nora' Margaret Adell Brown Alexander (47)


DD: The Honourable Alma Frances Margaret Alexander (29)

DS: Lord Edwin 'Ned' Benjamin Philip Alexander (27)

DS: The Honourable Rufus Henry Solomon Alexander (26)

DD: The Honourable Phebe Lavinia Jane Alexander (25)

DS: The Honourable Bernard 'Bernie' Owen Ebenezer Alexander (24)

DD: The Honourable Edith 'Edie' Bridget Isabella Alexander (23)

DS: The Honourable Chester Leonard Jeremiah Alexander (22)

DD: The Honourable Lois Milicent Rose Alexander (19)

DD: The Honourable Barbara 'Babs' Alice Rebecca Alexander (18)

DD/DD: The Honourable Clara Susan Elizabeth Alexander/The Honourable Sarah 'Sally' Amelia Ann Alexander (17)

DS/DS: The Honourable Alfred 'Fred' Warren Patrick Alexander/The Honourable Howard 'Ward' Oscar George Alexander (15)

DS: The Honourable Marion Enoch Richard Alexander (13)

DS: The Honourable Frank Samuel Eugene Alexander (12)

DS: The Honourable John 'Jack' Columbus Isaiah Alexander (11)

DS/DS: The Honourable James Theodore Moses Alexander/The Honourable Charles 'Charlie' Oliver Stephen Alexander (10)


Harry and Nora Alexander; with AlmaNedRufusPhebeBernieEdieChesterLoisBabsClaraSallyFredWardMarionFrankJack,James, and Charlie



The Bellman Family


DW: The Honourable Alma Frances Margaret Alexander Bellman (29)

DH: Marquess William 'Will' Horace Bellman (30)


DS/DD/DS: Lord Robert 'Bertie' Clarence Bellman/Lady Julia Margaret Bellman/Lord Edgar 'Ed' William Bellman (9)

DD: Lady Cecilia 'Celia' Helen Bellman (8)

DS: Lord Andrew Peter Bellman (7)

DD: Lady Evelyn 'Eve' Virginia Bellman (5)

DS: Lord Michael August Bellman (4)

DD: Lady Charlotte 'Lottie' Ellen Bellman (3)

DS: Lord Samuel 'Sam' George Bellman (1)

DS: Lord Theodore 'Theo' Matthew Bellman (0)


Alma and Will Bellman; with Bertie, Julia, Ed, Celia, Andrew, Eve, Michael, Lottie, Sam, and Theo



The Alexander Family


DH: Lord Edwin 'Ned' Benjamin Philip Alexander (27)

DW: Baroness Emily Isabella Rose Redlaw Alexander (25)


DS: The Honourable Lucian 'Luke' Benjamin John Alexander (3)

DD/DD: The Honourable Permilia 'Mila' Catherine Rose Alexander/The Honourable Melinda 'Lina' Florence Ann Alexander (2)

DD: The Honourable Theresa 'Tessa' Violet May Alexander (1)

DS/DD: The Honourable Douglas 'Doug' Myron Hugh Alexander/The Honourable Cordelia 'Cora' Ethel Jane Alexander (0)


Ned and Emily Alexander; with Luke, Mila, Lina, Tessa, Doug, and Cora




The Alexander Family


DH: The Honourable Rufus Henry Solomon Alexander (26)

DW: Duchess Priscilla 'Cilla' Eunice Henry Alexander (26)


DS: Abraham 'Abe' Levi Alexander (7)

DS: Herbert 'Herb' Arthur Alexander (6)

DD: Ellen Georgina Alexander (5)

DD: Agnes 'Aggie' Amanda Alexander (4)

DD: Nancy Matilda Alexander (3)

DS: Nicholas 'Nick' Jacob Alexander (2)

DS/DD: Stephen 'Steve' Thomas Alexander/Victoria 'Vicky' Grace Alexander (0)


Rufus and Cilla Alexander; with Abe, Herb, Ellen, Aggie, Nancy, Nick, Steve, and Vicky



The Hardisty Family


DW: The Honourable Phebe Lavinia Jane Alexander Hardisty (25)

DH: Prince Alexander 'Alex' Valentine Clark Hardisty (27)


DD/DD/DS: Duchess Joan Matilda Catherine Hardisty/Duchess Irene Patricia Lily Hardisty/Duke Simon Alexander John Hardisty (7)

DD: Duchess Mabel 'Mae' Winfred Hannah Hardisty (6)

DS: Duke Ralph Alvin Clark Hardisty (5)

DD: Duchess Esther Josephine Mary Hardisty (4)

DD: Duchess Alice Henrietta Lee Hardisty (3)

DD: Duchess Ada Elizabeth Edna Hardisty (1)

DD: Duchess Mamie Samantha Lou Hardisty (0)


Phebe and Alex Hardisty; with Joan, Irene, Simon, Mae, Ralph, Esther, Alice, Ada, and Mamie



The Alexander Family


DH: The Honourable Bernard 'Bernie' Owen Ebenezer Alexander (24)

DW: Duchess Lydia Rachel Winchester Alexander (22)


DS: Jasper Sidney Alexander (6)

DD: Martha Harriet Alexander (5)

DD: Wilma Dolores Alexander (3)

DS: Calvin Willis Alexander (1)

DD: Paula Margaret Alexander (0)


Bernie and Lydia Alexander; with Jasper, Martha, Wilma, Calvin, and Paula



The Kaylock Family


DW: The Honourable Edith 'Edie' Bridget Isabella Alexander Kaylock (23)

DH: King George Edward Charles Kaylock (25)


DD: Princess Mary Henrietta Jane Kaylock (5)

DD: Princess Elizabeth 'Betsy' Charlotte Ann Kaylock (4)

DD: Princess Catherine 'Kate' Frances Rose Kaylock (3)

DS: Crown Prince John Edward Andrew Kaylock (2)

DS: Prince William 'Will' Richard George Kaylock (1)

DD: Princess Matilda 'Tilly' Evelyn Grace Kaylock (0)


Edie and George Kaylock; with Mary, Betsy, Kate, John, Will, and Tilly



The Slater Family


DH: The Honourable Chester Leonard Jeremiah Alexander Slater (22)

DW: Princess Abigail 'Gail' America Slater (22)


DD: Duchess Almira Eugenie Slater (4)

DD: Duchess Sophrona Hulda Slater (3)

DD: Duchess Celina Kittie Slater (1)

DS: Duke Earnest Rudolph Slater (0)


Chester and Gail Slater; with Almira, Sophrona, Celina, and Earnest



The Saliba Family


DW: The Honourable Lois Milicent Rose Alexander Saliba (19)

DH: Baron Lyman Conrad Manuel Saliba (20)


DS/DD: The Honourable Fremont 'Monty' Wade Saliba/The Honourable Effie Caroline Saliba (0)


Lois and Lyman Saliba; with Monty and Effie



The Rockfield Family


DW: The Honourable Barbara 'Babs' Alice Rebecca Alexander Rockfield (18)

DH: King Julian Carl Jeremiah Rockfield (19)


DS/DD: Crown Prince Monroe David Francis Rockfield/Princess Maud Elvira Casandra Rockfield (0)


Babs and Julian Rockfield; with Monroe and Maud



Generations of the Alexander Family

Earl Harold & Countess Elinor Alexander; w/ The Honourable Alma , Lord Edwin, The Honourable Rufus, The Honourable Phebe, The Honourable Bernard, The Honourable Edith, The Honourable Chester, The Honourable Lois, The Honourable Barbara, The Honourable Clara, The Honourable Sarah, The Honourable Alfred, The Honourable Howard, The Honourable Marion, The Honourable Frank, The Honourable John, The Honourable James, & The Honourable Charles


The Honourable Alma & Marquess William Bellman; w/ Lord Robert, Lady Julia, Lord Edgar, Lady Cecilia, Lord Andrew, Lady Evelyn, Lord Michael, Lady Charlotte, Lord Samuel, & Lord Theodore

Lord Edwin & Baroness Emily Alexander; w/ The Honourable Lucian, The Honourable Permilia, The Honourable Melinda, The Honourable Theresa, The Honourable Douglas, & The Honourable Cordelia

The Honourable Rufus & Duchess Priscilla Alexander; w/ Abraham, Herbert, Ellen, Agnes, Nancy, Nicholas, Stephen, & Victoria

The Honourable Phebe & Prince Alexander Hardisty; w/ Duchess Joan, Duchess Irene, Duke Simon, Duchess Mabel, Duke Ralph, Duchess Esther, Duchess Alice, Duchess Ada, & Duchess Mamie

The Honourable Bernard & Duchess Lydia Alexander; w/ Jasper, Martha, Wilma, Calvin, & Paula

The Honourable Edith & King George Kaylock; w/ Princess Mary, Princess Elizabeth, Princess Catherine, Crown Prince John, Prince William, & Princess Matilda

The Honourable Chester & Princess Abigail Slater; w/ Duchess Almira, Duchess Sophrona, Duchess Celina, & Duke Earnest

The Honourable Lois & Baron Lyman Saliba; w/ The Honourable Fremont & The Honourable Effie

The Honourable Barbara & King Julian Rockfield; w/ Crown Prince Monroe & Princess Maud

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Posted 30 December 2018 - 02:57 PM



DH: Baron Henry William Andrew Carter (52)

DW: Baronness Lillian Frances Pearl (née Hayes) Carter (48)


DS: The Honorable Phillip Vincent James Carter (29)

DS: The Honorable Benjamin Percival Jude Carter (28) 

DD: The Honorable Abigail Mary Olive Carter (27)

DS: The Honorable Samuel Theodore Francis Carter (26)

DS: The Honorable Phineas Robert John Carter (25)

DD: The Honorable Ivy Elizabeth Jane Carter (24)

DS/DD: The Honorable Jeremy Oscar Douglas Carter / The Honorable Emmeline Harriet Agnes Carter (23)

DS: The Honorable Magnus Bertram Joseph Carter (22)

DS: The Honorable Simon Richard Henry Carter (21)

DS: The Honorable Joshua Harold Albert Carter (20)


Baron & Baronness Henry & Lillian Carter with The Honorables Phillip, Benjamin, Abigail, Samuel, Phineas, Ivy, Jeremy, Emmeline, Magnus, Simon, & Joshua




DH: The Honorable Phillip Vincent James Carter (29)

DW: Baronness Amelia Caroline Esther (née Houston) Carter (27)


DS: Thomas Wilfred Levi Carter (9)

DD: Lucy Evelyn May Carter (8)

DD/DD/DS: Florence Emily Joan Carter / Virginia Millicent Ruth Carter / Charles Joseph William Carter (7)

DD: Stella Dolores Mary Carter (6)

DD: Lily Charlotte Eugenie Carter (5)

DD: Jane Elizabeth Sophia Carter (1)

DD: Laura Violet Abigail Carter (0)


The Honorable Phillip & Baroness Amelia Carter with Thomas, Lucy, Florence, Virginia, Charles, Stella, Lily, Jane, & Laura




DH: The Honorable Benjamin Percival Jude Carter (28) 

DW: The Honorable Matilda Helen Rose (née Galloway) Carter (28)


DD: Arabella Patience Rose Carter (10)

DS: Silas Anthony George Carter (9)

DS/DS: Ambrose Lemuel Jay Carter / Everett Leander Wade Carter (8)

DS: Russell Davis Jerome Carter (7)

DS: Wesley Harrison Moses Carter (6)

DS: Preston Alexander Marshall Carter (5)

DS: Hugh Adam Wallace Carter (4)

DS: Ezra Julius Richard Carter (3)

DD: Georgina Tennessee Ruth Carter (1)

DS: Lucian Isaiah Nicholas Carter (0)


The Honorables Benjamin & Matilda Carter with Arabella, Silas, Ambrose, Everett, Russell, Wesley, Preston, Hugh, Ezra, Georgina, & Lucian




DW: The Honorable Abigail Mary Olive (née Carter) Phillips (27)

DH: Prince Arthur Nicholas Andrew Phillips (33)


DD: Duchess Margaret Lily Ann Phillips (8)

DS: Duke Robert Eugene Scott Phillips (7)

DD: Duchess Cecilia Edith Grace Phillips (6)

DS: Duke David Walter Clarence Phillips (5)

DD: Duchess Elizabeth Abigail Mary Phillips (0)


Prince Arthur & The Honorable Abigail Phillips with Duchess Margaret, Duke Robert, Duchess Cecilia, Duke David, & Duchess Elizabeth




DH: The Honorable Samuel Theodore Francis Carter (26)

DW: Baronness Julia Rachel Edith (née Hartwright) Carter (26)


DD: Violet Isabella Jane Carter (8)

DS: Timothy Andrew Lewis Carter (6)

DD: Alice Cordelia Maud Carter (5)

DS: Daniel Peter Laurence Carter (3)

DD: Sarah Josephine Ethel Carter (1)

DS: Edmund Samuel James Carter (0)


The Honorable Samuel & Baroness Julia Carter with Violet, Timothy, Alice, Daniel, Sarah, & Edmund




DH: The Honorable Phineas Robert John Carter (25)

DW: Baroness Ellen Cynthia Josephine (née Bates) Carter (25)


DS: Owen Jeffrey Ellis Carter (6) 

DS: Jesse Matthew August Carter (5)

DD: Mabel Winifred Eunice Carter (4)

DS: Adam Robert Elijah Carter (3)

DD: Samantha Helen Grace Carter (2)

DS: Felix Taylor Morris Carter (1)

DD: Dinah Charlotte Irene Carter (0)


​The Honorable Phineas & Baroness Ellen Carter with Owen, Jesse, Mabel, Adam, Samantha, Felix, & Dinah




DW: The Honorable Ivy Elizabeth Jane (née Carter) Banks (24)

DH: Marquess Edward Solomon Lafayette Banks (31)


DS: Lord Charles Frederick Alexander Banks (5)

DS: Lord William Francis George Banks (3)

DD/DD: Lady Harriet Evelyn May Banks / Lady Cora Millicent Blanche Banks (2)

DD: Lady Catherine Alice Virginia Banks (0)


Marquess Edward & The Honorable Ivy Banks with Lord Charles, Lord William, Lady Harriet, Lady Cora, & Lady Catherine




DH: The Honorable Jeremy Oscar Douglas Carter (23)

DW: Viscountess Lavinia Charity Irene (née Bantham) Carter (23)


DS: Alfred Levi Milton Carter (5)

DS/DS/DS: Herman Walter Abraham Carter / Ernest Matthew Perry Carter / Chauncy Lucian George Carter (4)

DS: Elias Newton Monroe Carter (3)

DD: Agnes Lydia Mary Carter (1)

DS: Milton Jeremiah Sidney Carter (0)


​The Honorable Jeremy & Viscountess Lavinia Carter with Alfred, Herman, Ernest, Chauncy, Elias, Agnes, & Milton




DW: The Honorable Emmeline Harriet Agnes (née Carter) Riggs (22)

DH: King Albert Stephen Michael Riggs (28)


DD: Princess Isabella Catherine Elizabeth Riggs (3)

DS: Crown Prince John Frederick William Riggs (1)

DD: Princess Lydia Victoria Ann Riggs (0)


King Albert & The Honorable Emmeline Riggs with Princess Isabella, Crown Prince John, & Princess Lydia




DH: The Honorable Magnus Bertram Joseph Carter (22)

DW: Baroness Hannah Esther Ruth (née Doveston) Carter (22)


DD: Edna Phyllis Ann Carter (4)

DS: Harrison Barney William Carter (3)

DS: Lewis Martin Elijah Carter (2)

DD: Nancy Caroline Gertrude Carter (1)

DS: Anderson Eli Thomas Carter (0)


The Honorable Magnus & Baroness Hannah Carter with Edna, Harrison, Lewis, Nancy, & Anderson





DH: The Honorable Simon Richard Henry Carter (21)

DW: Rebecca Prudence (née Witherspoon) Carter (21)


DS: Joel Ernest Carter (3)

DD: Leroy Addison Carter (2)

DD: Susan Abigail Carter (0)


The Honorable Simon & Rebecca Carter with Joel, Leroy, & Susan





DH: The Honorable Joshua Harold Albert Carter (20)

DW: Baroness Emily Amelia Rose (née Gould) Carter (19)


The Honorable Joshua & Baroness Emily Carter

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Posted 31 December 2018 - 12:15 AM

The Carter Family


DH: King Percival Frederick Rodger Carter [52]

DW: Queen Veda Cecilia Theodosia Carter (nee Alexander) [49]


DD1: Princess Lydia Victoria Margaret Ketteridge [29]

DD2: Princess Cecilia Mary Patience Leverton [28]

DS1: Crown Prince Frederick Hamilton Perry Carter [27]

DS2: Prince Peter Henry Francis Carter [26]

DS3: Prince Alexander John William Carter [25]

DS4: Prince Wesley James George Carter [24]

DD3/DD4: Princess Rose Prudence Charlotte Etchingham & Princess Sylvia Cora Narcissa Edmondson [22]

DS5: Prince Theodore Thomas Joseph Carter [19]

DS6: Prince Harrison Samuel Robert Carter [18]

DD5: Princess Arabella Elizabeth Rox Carter [17]

DS7/DD6: Prince Spencer Edward Daniel Carter & Princess Cordelia Ann Catherine Carter [15]

DD7: Princess Laura Phoebe Clara Carter [14]

DD8: Princess Violet Lavinia Alice Carter [13]


King Percival and Queen Veda Carter; with Lydia, Cecilia, Frederick, Peter, Alexander, Wesley, Rose, Sylvia , Theodore, Harrison, Arabella, Spencer, Cordelia, Laura & Violet




The Ketteridge Family


DD1: Princess Lydia Victoria Margaret Ketteridge (nee Carter) [29]

DH: Baron Cornelius Joshua Eugene Ketteridge Sr. [31]


DD1: The Honorable Victoria Margaret Lydia Ketteridge [11]

DS1: The Honorable Cornelius "Neil" Joshua Eugene Ketteridge Jr. [10]

DS2/DD2/DS3: The Honorable Eugene Joshua Cornelius Ketteridge , The Honorable Margaretta Cordelia Eunice Ketteridge & The Honorable Josiah Cornelius Edwin Ketteridge [9]

DD3: The Honorable Lydia "Lydie" Victoria Margaret Ketteridge II [8]

DD4: The Honorable Cora Lydia Cecilia Ketteridge [7]

DS4: The Honorable Michael Nicholas Frederick Ketteridge [6]

DD5/DD6: The Honorable Clementine Margaret Tilda Ketteridge & The Honorable Cassandra Victoria Camille Ketteridge [5]

DS5: The Honorable Martin Levi Jack Ketteridge [3]

DS6: The Honorable Julian Joseph Loren Ketteridge [2]


Princess Lydia and Baron Cornelius; with Victoria, Neil, Eugene, Margaretta, Josiah, Lydie, Cora, Michael, Clementine, Cassandra, Martin & Julian




The Leverton Family


DD2: Princess Cecilia Mary Patience Leverton (nee Carter) [28]

DH: Viscount John Curtis Bernard Leverton [40]


DS1: The Honorable Bernard Clarence John Leverton [7]

DD1: The Honorable Cecilia "Celia" Mary Patience Leverton II [6]

DD2: The Honorable Mary Patience Bernice Leverton [5]

DS2: The Honorable Arthur Milton Samuel Leverton [3]

DD3: The Honorable Patience Cecilia Blanche Leverton [2]

DS3: The Honorable Ellis Benjamin Cyrus Leverton [1]


Princess Cecilia and Viscount John Leverton; with Bernard, Celia, Mary, Arthur, Patience & Ellis




The Carter Family


DS1: Crown Prince Frederick Hamilton Perry Carter [27]

DW: Duchess Minerva Margaret Natalie Carter (nee Darkmoore) [26]


DD1: Duchess Phoebe Elizabeth Rose Carter [8]

DS1: Duke Hamilton Charles Philip Carter [7]

DD2/DD3: Duchess Winifred Georgina Alice Carter & Duchess Virginia Esther Agnes Carter [5]

DD4: Duchess Margaret "Maggie" Theresa Edith Carter [4]

DS2: Duke Byron Lafayette Perry Carter [3]

DS3/DD5: Duke Lewis Pleasant Frederick Carter & Duchess Lucy Manerva Minnie Carter [2]

DD6: Duchess Helen Theodocia Frances Carter [1]



Crown Prince Frederick and Duchess Minerva Carter; with Phoebe, Hamilton, Winifred, Virginia, Maggie, Byron, Lewis, Lucy & Helen




The Carter Family


DS2: Prince Peter Henry Francis Carter [26]

DW: Countess Dahlia Lydia Elizabeth Carter (nee Woodberry) [25]


DS1: Duke Henry Edmond Oliver Carter [7]

DS2: Duke Francis Peter Edward Carter [6]

DD1: Duchess Elizabeth Dahlia Lydia Carter [5]

DD2: Duchess Josephine Harriet Ann Carter [4]

DD3: Duchess Margaret Elvina Tabitha Carter [3]

DD4: Duchess Amy Charity Regina Carter [2]

DS3: Duke Laurence Theodore Peter Carter [1]

DS4: Duke Smith Myron Peter Carter [0]


Prince Peter and Countess Dahlia Carter; with Henry, Francis, Elizabeth, Josephine, Margaret, Amy, Laurence & Smith




The Carter Family


DS3: Prince Alexander John William Carter [25]

DW: Baroness Elizabeth "Eliza" Susan Sophia Carter (nee Grimsby) [25]


DS1: Duke Philip John Alexander Carter [7]

DS2: Duke William Elias Aaron Carter [6]

DS3: Duke John George Sanford Carter [5]

DD1: Duchess Clara Elizabeth Susan Carter [4]

DD2: Duchess Angelica Leta Maye Carter [3]

DS4: Duke Gilbert David Chauncey Carter [2]


Prince Alexander and Baroness Eliza Carter; with Philip, William, John, Clara, Angelica & Gilbert




The Carter Family


DS4: Prince Wesley James George Carter Sr. [24]

DW: Countess Bridget Florence Ann Carter (nee La Faye) [24]


DS1/DS2/DS3: Duke Wesley "Wes" James George Carter Jr., Duke James Wesley George Carter & Duke George James Wesley Carter [4]

DS4: Duke Charles Benjamin Winfield Carter [3]

DS5: Duke Harry Scott Wallace Carter [2]

DS6: Duke Oliver Newton Wash Carter [1]

DD1: Duchess Ann Rebecca Florence Carter [0]


Prince Wesley and Countess Bridget Carter; with Wes, James, George, Charles, Harry, Oliver & Ann





The Etchingham Family


DD3: Princess Rose Prudence Charlotte Etchingham (nee Carter) [22]

DH: Duke Leander Harrison Charles Etchingham [32]


DS1: Lord Harrison "Harris" Charles Leander Etchingham [3]

DD2: Lady Prudence Rose Charlotte Etchingham [1]


Princess Rose and Duke Leander Etchingham; with Harris & Prudence




The Edmondson Family


DD4: Princess Sylvia Cora Narcissa Edmondson (nee Carter) [22]

DH: Prince Warren Julius Leonard Edmondson [33]


DD1: Duchess Amelia Sylvia Sophrona Edmondson [3]

DD2: Duchess Stella Eugenie Wilma Edmondson [2]

DS1: Duke Frederick "Derick" Lee Albert Edmondson [1]

DD3: Duchess Evelyn Cora Henrietta Edmondson [0]


Princess Sylvia and Prince Warren Edmondson; with Amelia, Stella, Derick & Evelyn




The Carter Family


DS5: Prince Theodore Thomas Joseph Carter [19]

DW: Countess Mary-Cecilia Lee Carter (nee Barnard) [24]


DD1: Duchess Lily Lavinia Dinah Carter [1]

DD2: Duchess Mabel Cecilia Josephine Carter [0]


Prince Theodore and Countess Mary-Cecilia Carter; with Lily & Mabel




The Carter Family


DS6: Prince Harrison Samuel Robert Carter [18]

DW: Viscountess Tabitha Marci Kesiah Carter (nee Whifferdill) [21]


DD1: Duchess Jane Harriet Samantha Carter [0]


Prince Harrison and Viscountess Tabitha Carter; with Jane




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Posted 31 December 2018 - 12:16 AM

Generations of the Carter Dynasty:


King Percival and Queen Veda Carter; with Princess Lydia, Princess Cecilia, Crown Prince Frederick, Prince Peter, Prince Alexander, Prince Wesley, Princess Rose, Princess Sylvia, Prince Theodore, Prince Harrison, Princess Arabella, Princess Spencer, Princess Cordelia, Princess Laura & Princess Violet


Princess Lydia and Baron Cornelius; with The Honorable Victoria, The Honorable Neil, The Honorable Eugene, The Honorable Margaretta, The Honorable Josiah, The Honorable Lydie, The Honorable Cora, The Honorable Michael, The Honorable Clementine, The Honorable Cassandra, The Honorable  Martin & The Honorable Julian

Princess Cecilia and Viscount John Leverton; with The Honorable Bernard, The Honorable Celia, The Honorable Mary, The Honorable Arthur, The Honorable Patience & The Honorable Ellis

Crown Prince Frederick and Duchess Minerva Carter; with Duchess Phoebe, Duke Hamilton, Duchess Winifred, Duchess Virginia, Duchess Maggie, Duke Byron, Duke Lewis, Duchess Lucy & Duchess Helen

Prince Peter and Countess Dahlia Carter; with Duke Henry, Duke Francis, Duchess Elizabeth, Duchess Josephine, Duchess Margaret, Duchess Amy, Duke Laurence & Duke Smith

Prince Alexander and Baroness Eliza Carter; with Duke Philip, Duke William, Duke John, Duchess Clara, Duchess Angelica & Duke Gilbert

Prince Wesley and Countess Bridget Carter; with Duke Wes, Duke James, Duke George, Duke Charles, Duke Harry, Duke Oliver & Duchess Ann

Princess Rose and Duke Leander Etchingham; with Lord Harris & Lady Prudence

Princess Sylvia and Prince Warren Edmondson; with Duchess Amelia, Duchess Stella, Duke Derick & Duchess Evelyn

Prince Theodore and Countess Mary-Cecilia Carter; with Duchess Lily & Duchess Mabel

Prince Harrison and Viscountess Tabitha Carter; with Duchess Jane


(Phew~ Finally finished this. I think I'll likely stop at part three. As fun as it started out, doing this one became like - really daunting. I found myself honestly hoping for rolling a miscarriage or a no pregnancy. Maybe if there was more variety or versatility in naming options? Idk. I knew I wanted to finish this round as I had already gone through most of it - but I had to pull myself away several times to just take a breather because it became a bit of a frustration to play/work on.)

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Posted 31 December 2018 - 08:54 PM

YEAR 1959


King Simon Percival Frederick Griffin, age 50

Queen Cecelia Mary Margaret Griffin, age 47


Princess Sophia Mary Margaret Griffin, age 27

Princess Amelia Victoria Frances Griffin, age 26

Princess Isabella Matilda Ann Griffin, age 25

Princess Charlotte Clara Alice Griffin, age 24

Princess Caroline Cecelia Elizabeth Griffin, age 24

Crown Prince Thomas Henry William Griffin, age 21

Prince Alexander George Andrew Griffin, age 20




Princess Sophia Mary Margaret Griffin Dainton

Marquess Richard James Charles Dainton


Lady Josephine Abigail Rose Dainton, age 9

Lord Gabriel Albert Michael Dainton, age 5

Lord Everett Addison Stephen Dainton, age 4

Lord Warren Allen Matthew Dainton, newborn

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Posted 01 January 2019 - 02:21 PM

The Robinson Family

DH: Baron Mortimer Llewellyn Victor Robinson [52]
DW: Baroness Rosemary Sophronia Margaret {nee Russell} Robinson [47]

DS/DS: The Honorables Simon Henry Eugene Robinson & Edgar Jeremiah Reuben Robinson [28]
DD: The Honorable Alice Charlott Lavinia Robinson [27]
DS/DD: The Honorables Perry Frederic Albert Robinson & Clara Milicent Evelyn Robinson [26]
DD: The Honorable Agnes Permilia Charity Robinson [25]
DS: The Honorable Aaron Horace Elijah Robinson [20]
DD: The Honorable Irene Ruth Priscill Robinson [19]
DS: The Honorable David August Rufus Robinson [17]
DS/DD: The Honorables Oscar Wesley Milton Robinson & Laura Jemima Eunice Robinson [16]
DD: The Honorable Susan Harriet Juliann Robinson [14]
DD: The Honorable Ellen Florence Bridget Robinson [13]
DD/DD/DD: The Honorables Sarah Lou Frances Robinson & Phebe Esther Virginia Robinson & Lydia Delores Fidelia Robinson [12]
DS: The Honorable Byron Dwight Willard Robinson [11]
DD: The Honorable Dinah Lois Drusilla Robinson [10]

Baron Mortimer & Baroness Rosemary Robinson with The Honorables Simon, Edgar, Alice, Perry, Clara, Agnes, Aaron, Irene, David, Oscar, Laura, Susan, Ellen, Sarah, Phebe, Lydia, Byron & Dinah. 


The Robinson Family

DH: The Honorable Simon Henry Eugene Robinson [28]
DW: Marchioness Martha Isabella Mildred {nee Jefferies} Robinson [26]

DD/DD/DS: Julia Martha Emily Robinson & Hannah Isabella Margaret Robinson & Henry Stephen Eugene Robinson [7]
DS: Joseph Simon Hugh Robinson [6]
DS: Matthew Peter Clarence Robinson [5]
DD: Myra Sadie Rose Robinson [4]
DS: Adam Patrick Lewis Robinson [3]
DD/DD: Estella Lee Florence Robinson & Amelia Evelyn Rachel Robinson [2]
DS: Evan Francis Wesley Robinson [infant]

The Honorable Simon & Marchioness Martha Robinson with Julia, Hannah, Henry, Joseph, Matthew, Myra, Adam, Estella, Amelia & Evan.


The Robinson Family

DH: The Honorable Edgar Jeremiah Reuben Robinson [28]
DW: Matilda Sally Henriett {nee Eaton} Robinson [30]

DS: Edgar Jeremiah Charles Robinson [9]
DD: Ada Sally Ethel Robinson [8]
DS: Isaac Reuben Henry Robinson [7]
DD: Olive Henriett Matilda Robinson [6]
DS: Elias Ambrose Clark Robinson [5]
DD: Alma Margaret Keri Robinson [4]
DS: Israel Wilbur Sandy Robinson [3]
DD: Ora Patricia Irene Robinson [2]
DS: Ezra Clarence Herbert Robinson [1]
DD/DS: Abigail Rebecca Lou Robinson & Ira Leonard Calvin Robinson [infants]

The Honorable Edgar & Matilda Robinson with Edgar, Ada, Isaac, Olive, Elias, Alma, Israel, Ora, Ezra, Abigail & Ira.


The Burlingham Family

DW: The Honorable Alice Charlott Lavinia {nee Robinson} Burlingham [27]
DH: Marquess Lemuel Gilbert Anthony Burlingham [31]

DS: Lord Marshall Anton Levi Burlingham [9]
DS: Lord Edwin Alexande Gilbert Burlingham [8]
DS: Lord Leroy Asa Chester Burlingham [7]
DS: Lord Douglas Almond Webster Burlingham [6]
DS: Lord Solomon Alonzo Charels Burlingham [5]
DD: Lady Charlott Alice Lavinia Burmingham [4]
DD: Lady Virginia Amy Ora Burlingham [3]
DS: Lord Jerome Anderson Lemuel Burlingham [2]
DS: Lord Hugh Amos Floyd Burlingham [1]
DS: Lord Winfield Addison Gus Burlingham [infant]

Marquess Lemuel & The Honorable Alice Burlingham with Lord Marshall, Lord Edwin, Lord Leroy, Lord Douglas, Lord Solomon, Lady Charlott, Lady Virginia, Lord Jerome, Lord Hugh & Lord Winfield.


The Robinson Family

DH: The Honorable Perry Frederic Albert Robinson [26]
DW: Princess Cynthia Josephin Ruth {nee McKenchie} Robinson [27]

DD: Duchess Lucy Ellen Theodoci Robinson [8]
DS: Duke David Lewis Manuel Robinson [7]
DD: Duchess Lily Jane Clementi Robinson [5]
DS/DS/DS: Duke Peter George Adelbert Robinson & Duke Harry Frank Granvill Robinson & Duke Nathan Edward Job Robinson [4]
DS: Duke Michael Francis Marcellu Robinson [3]
DD/DS: Duchess Lori Rose Florence Robinson & Duke Oliver Levi Philip Robinson [2]
DD: Duchess Libbie Grace Tennesse Robinson [1]

Princess Cynthia & The Honorable Perry Robinson with Duchess Lucy, Duke David, Duchess Lily, Duke Peter, Duke Harry, Duke Nathan, Duke Michael, Duchess Lori, Duke Oliver & Duchess Libbie.


The Lancaster Family

DW: The Honorable Clara Milicent Evelyn {nee Robinson} Lancaster [26]
DH: Baron John Daniel Hiram Lancaster [31]

DS: The Honorable Daniel John Hiram Lancaster [8]
DD: The Honorable Laura Josephin Helen Lancaster [7]
DD: The Honorable Caroline Judy Hannah Lancaster [6]
DS: The Honorable Andrew Jacob Harvey Lancaster [5]
DD: The Honorable Emily Jane Harriet Lancaster [3]
DD: The Honorable Violet Joan Henriett Lancaster [2]
DS: The Honorable Patrick James Herman Lancaster [1]

Baron John & The Honorable Clara Lancaster with The Honorables Daniel, Laura, Caroline, Andrew, Emily, Violet & Patrick.


The Silva Family

DW: The Honorable Agnes Permilia Charity {nee Robinson} Silva [25]
DH: Norman Irvine Abel Silva [34]

DS: Abner Irvine Freedman Silva [7]
DD: Easter Marci America Silva [4]
DS: Walker Bert Ross Silva [3]
DS: Webster Myron Abe Silva [1]
DS: Elmer Ephraim Noah Silva [infant]

The Honorable Agnes & Norman Silva with Abner, Easter, Walker, Webster & Elmer.


The Robinson Family

DH: The Honorable Aaron Horace Elijah Robinson [20]
DW: Countess Susan Isabella Esther {nee Nightwalker} Robinson [20]

DS: Elijah Aaron Horace Robinson [1]
DD: Isabella Esther Susan Robinson [infant]

Countess Susan & The Honorable Aaron Robinson with Elijah & Isabella.


The Shimpling Family

DW: The Honorable Irene Ruth Priscill {nee Robinson} Shimpling [19]
DH: Viscount Charles Alfred Harrison Shimpling Sr. [22]

DS: The Honorable Charles Alfred Harrison Shimpling Jr. [infant]

Visount Charles & The Honorable Irene Shimpling with Charles Jr.

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The Griffin Family in 1859


Baron Isaac James Percival Griffin (50)

Baroness Lavinia Rosalind Mary Griffin (48)


DS: The Honourable Charles Gideon Ambrose Griffin (29)

DD: The Honourable Rebecca Josephine Amanda Griffin (28)

DD: The Honourable Victoria Helen Samantha Griffin (27)

DD: The Honourable Cordelia Elizabeth Rachel Griffin (25)

DS: The Honourable Spencer Elijah Thomas Griffin (23)

DD: The Honourable Julia Margaret Abigail Griffin(22)

DD: The Honourable Amelia Catherine Phoebe Griffin (20)

DS: The Honourable Edmund Gabriel Silas Griffin (19)

DD: The Honourable Caroline Matilda Alice Griffin (17)

DD: The Honourable Lydia Arabella Susan Griffin(16)

DS/DS: The Honourable Malcolm Henry Lucius Griffin / The Honourable Byron Joseph Thaddeus Griffin (15)

DD: The Honourable Isabella Eugenie Grace Griffin (13)

DS: The Honourable Jacob Orlando Benjamin Griffin (12)

DS: The Honourable William Ezra Samuel Griffin (11)

DD: The Honourable Emily Patricia May Griffin (10)


Baron Isaac Griffin and Baroness Lavinia Griffin

The Honourables Charles, Rebecca, Victoria, Cordelia, Spencer, Julia, Amelia, Edmund, Caroline, Lydia, Malcolm, Byron, Isabella, Jacob, William, and Emily




The Griffin Family


DH: The Honourable Charles Gideon Ambrose Griffin (29)

DW: Lady Georgina Harriet Sophia Griffin (nee Wainwright) (29)


DS: Oliver Matthew James Griffin (11)

DS/DS: Alfred Gideon Theodore Griffin / Abraham Nathan Leander Griffin (10)

DD: Ada Frances Mary Griffin (8)

DD/DD/DS: Lucy Catherine Estella Griffin / Clara Mildred Regina Griffin / Owen Luther Charles Griffin (7)

DD: Alice Cecilia Jane Griffin (6)

DD: Ellen Lavinia Irene Griffin (4)

DD: Laura Eunice Patricia Griffin (3)

DS: Ephraim Michael Jesse Griffin (2)

DD: Sarah Joan Alberta Griffin (1)

DS: Arthur Laurence David Griffin (nb)


The Honourable Charles Griffin and Lady Georgina Griffin

Oliver, Alfred, Abraham, Ada, Lucy, Clara, Owen, Alice, Ellen, Laura, Ephraim, Sarah, and Arthur




The Vega Family


DW: The Honourable Rebecca Josephine Amanda Vega (nee Griffin) (28)

DH: Prince Alexander David Emmanuel Vega (30)


DD: Duchess Elizabeth Julia Abigail Vega "Libbie" (8)

DD/DD/DS: Duchess Matilda Catherine Rachel Vega "Tilda"/ Duchess Cordelia Margaret Alice Vega "Cora"/ Duke Frederic Arthur Lucius Vega "Freddie"(7)

DD: Duchess Harriet Cassandra Rose Vega "Hetty"(6)

DD: Duchess Amanda Charlotte Emily Vega "Manda" (3)


The Honourable Rebecca Vega and Prince Alexander Vega

Duchess Libbie, Duchess Tilda, Duchess Cora, Duke Freddie, Duchess Hetty, and Duchess Manda




The Robinson Family


DW: The Honourable Victoria Helen Samantha Robinson (nee Griffin) (27)

DH: Earl Thomas Andrew Philip Robinson (27)


DS: Lord Thomas Andrew Philip Robinson, II "Andrew" (7)

DS: The Honourable Bernard Spencer Morgan Robinson (5)

DS: The Honourable Richard Henry Erasmus Robinson (4)

DD: The Honourable Edith Melinda Alice Robinson "Edie" (3)

DD/DD:  The Honourable Lily Amanda Margaret Robinson /  The Honourable Violet Cassandra Harriet Robinson (2)

DS:  The Honourable Ambrose Ezekiel William Robinson (1)

DS/DD:  The Honourable August Christopher Owen Robinson / The Honourable Sophia Virginia Ruth Robinson (nb)


The Honourable Victoria Robinson and Earl Thomas Robinson

Lord Andrew and the Honourables Bernard, Richard, Edie, Lily, Violet, Ambrose, August, and Sophia




The Roman Family


DW: The Honourable Cordelia Elizabeth Rachel Roman (nee Griffin) (25)

DH: Baron John Cornelius Walter Roman (27)


DS:  The Honourable Caleb Daniel Silas Roman (7)

DD: The Honourable Alberta Mary Charlotte Roman (6)

DD: The Honourable Bridget Sabina Margaret Roman (4)

DS: The Honourable Douglas William Elijah Roman (3)

DS:  The Honourable Everett Stephen Walter Roman (2)

DS:  The Honourable Felix Emanuel Thomas Roman (1)

DS/DD: The Honourable George Marshall David Roman / The Honourable Cynthia Nancy Elizabeth Roman (nb)


The Honourable Cordelia Roman and Baron John Roman

The Honourables Caleb, Alberta, Bridget, Douglas, Everett, Felix, George, and Cynthia




The Griffin Family


DS: The Honourable Spencer Elijah Thomas Griffin (23)


The Honourable Spencer Griffin




The Wickfield Family


DW:  The Honourable Julia Margaret Abigail Wickfield (nee Griffin) (22)

DH: Arthur James Wickfield (24)


DD: Dahlia Rachel Florence Wickfield (3)

DD: Clementine Lydia Grace Wickfield (2)


The Honourable Julia Wickfield and Mr. James Wickfield

Dahlia and Clementine




The Atherton Family


DW: The Honourable Amelia Catherine Phoebe Atherton (nee Griffin) (20)

DH: Baron Richard Michael Thomas Atherton (21)


DD: The Honourable Julia Margaret Rose Atherton (1)

DD: The Honourable Sophia Elizabeth Ann Atherton (nb)


The Honourable Amelia Atherton and Baron Richard Atherton

Julia and Sophia




The Griffin Family


DH: The Honourable Edmund Gabriel Silas Griffin (19)

DW: Queen Margaret Sophia Jane Griffin (nee Eckford) (19)


DD: Princess Josephine Matilda Evelyn Griffin (nb)


The Honourable Edmund Griffin and Queen Margaret Griffin

Princess Josephine

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HRH King William 'Will' Theodore James Hayes [52]
HRH Queen Elizabeth 'Beth' Rosalind Margaret Hayes [52]

HRH Crown Prince Philip 'Phil' Joseph William Hayes [29]
HRH Princess Lillian 'Lily' Abigail Elizabeth Hayes [28]
HRH Prince Theodore 'Teddy' Henry Gabriel Hayes [27]
HRH Prince James 'Jamie' Robert Isaac Hayes [25]
HRH Prince Andrew 'Andy' Leonard Joshua Hayes [23]
HRH Princess Rosalind 'Rosie' Harriet Jennifer Hayes [23]
HRH Princess Margaret 'Maggie' Elinor Rebecca Hayes [22]
HRH Prince Simon 'Si' Benjamin Samuel Hayes [20]


HRH Prince Theodore 'Teddy' Henry Gabriel Hayes [27]
Duchess Emily 'Em' Lydia Charlotte Hayes [26]

Prince Thomas 'Tom' David Theodore Hayes [5]
Princess Florence 'Flora' Martha Emily Hayes [4]
Princess Lydia 'Lyddie' Jane Amanda Hayes [3]
Prince Henry 'Harry ' Arthur Frederick Hayes [1]
Princess Charlotte 'Charlie' Ava Mary Hayes [0]
Prince Gabriel 'Gabe' Charles Patrick Hayes [0]


HRH Prince James 'Jamie' Robert Isaac Hayes [25]
Duchess Sophia 'Soph' Alice Rebecca Hayes [24]

Prince Edward 'Ed' Isaac James Hayes [3]
Princess Josephine 'Josie' Anna Sophia Hayes [2]
Princess Alice 'Ally' Ellen Susanna Hayes [1]
Prince Robert 'Rob' Albert Lewis Hayes [0]


HRH Prince Andrew 'Andy' Leonard Joshua Hayes [23]
Duchess Evelyn 'Evie' Julia Catherine Hayes [22]

Prince Jacob 'Jake' Stephen Andrew Hayes [1]
Princess Cassandra 'Cassie' Sarah Evelyn Hayes [0]


HRH Prince Simon 'Si' Benjamin Samuel Hayes [20]
Duchess Isabella 'Bella' Rachel Amelia Hayes [21]

Prince Daniel 'Dan' Alfred Simon Hayes [0]

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DH: Baron Joshua Frederick Leopold Henderson-Russell (48)
DW: Baroness Elinor Harriet Abigail Henderson-Russell 
(née Jones) (51)


DD: The Honorable Amelia Chloe Abigail Henderson-Russell (28) 

DS: The Honorable Alexander David Joshua Henderson Russell (27)

DD: The Honorable Sophia Rose Amy Henderson-Russell  (26)

DD: The Honorable Victoria Samantha Caroline Henderson-Russell (25)

DS: The Honorable Matthew Leopold Oliver Henderson-Russell (24)

DS: The Honorable Joseph Elias Frederick Henderson-Russell (22)

DD: The Honorable Harriet Amanda Julia Henderson Russell (20)
DD: The Honourable Lewis William Thomas Henderson-Russell (18)

DD: The Honorable Sarah Margaret Ellen Henderson-Russell (17)

DS: The Honorable Jacob Robert Henderson-Russell (14)
The Honorable Isabella Clara Georgina Henderson-Russell (13)

 DS: The Honorable Timothy Edward Calvin Henderson-Russell (12)

DS:The Honorable Adam Daniel Andrew Henderson-Russell(1)


DW: Queen Amelia Chloe Abigail Carlino (néeHenderson-Russell) (28) 
DH: King James Isaac Christopher Carlino (35)
DS: Crown Prince Isaac Felix Alexander Carlino (10)


DH: The Honorable Alexander David Joshua Henderson Russell (27)
DW: Countess Julia Helen Abigail Henderson-Russell (
née Creakey) (27)

DD: Alexandra Emily Louise (8)

DS: Edward Joshua Samuel (6)

DS: Harry David Jordan (3)

DD: Laura Evelyn Rachel (1)

DS: Philip John William (0)


DW: Marchioness Sophia Rose Amy Cadwallader (née Henderson-Russell)  (26)
DH: Marquess John Benjamin Francis Cadwallader (36)

DS: Lord Ambrose John Russell Cadwallader (7)
DS: Lord Gabriel Jay Leander Cadwallader (5)
DD: Lady Christina Sylvia Judy Cadwallader (4)
DS: Lord Evan Floyd Lucian Cadwallader (3)

DD: Lady Samantha Grace Phyllis Cadwallader (2)

DS/DD: Lord Cadwallader Isaiah Ferdinand Francis/Lady Phoebe Camilla Violet Cadwallader (0)



DW: Baroness Victoria Samantha Caroline Derwent (nee Henderson-Russell) (25)
DH: Baron Christopher Jerome John Derwent (27)

DD: The Honourable Cassandra Lydia Mary Derwent (7)

DD/DD: The Honourable Violet Estella Amy Derwent / The Honourable Lily Amanda Evelyn Derwent (6)
DD: The Honourable Amy Elizabeth Lucy Derwent(5)
DS: The Honourable Christopher Alfred Peter Derwent (4)
DD: The Honourable Rebecca Charlotte Abigail (3) 
DS: The Honourable John Henry Samuel Derwent (2)
DS: The Honourable David Stephen Philip Derwent (0)



DH: The Honorable Matthew Leopold Oliver Henderson-Russell (24)

DW: Queen Alexandra Mary Ann Clemons (24)

DS: Prince Andrew Michael Hugh Clemons (5)
DS/DS/DS: Prince Matthew William James Clemons/Prince Oliver Edward Robert Clemons/Prince Nicholas Arthur Joseph Clemons (4):
DD: Princess Hannah Grace Mary Clemons (3)




DH: The Honorable Joseph Elias Frederick Henderson-Russell (22)
DW: Baroness Julia Priscilla Lou Frasier (23)
DD: Amanda Olive (3)
DD: Sophia Grace (2)

DD: Amelia Christine (1)

DD: Georgina Harriet (0)




DW: The Honorable Harriet Amanda Julia Henderson Russell (20)

DH: Daniel Robert Atkinson (28)
DS/DS: Adam Lee/Jack Elias (2)

DS: Nathan Mark (1)

DD: Libbie Sophrona (0)



DH: The Honourable Lewis William Thomas Henderson-Russell (18)
DW: Emily Marcia Collingworth (19)

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Their Royal Highnesses The Morris Family


Duke Andrew Frederick John (51)

Duchess Caroline Rebecca Mary (48)


DD: Lady Amelia Helen Rebecca (1830)(29) 

DD: Lady Sophia Rachel Caroline (1832)(27)

DS: Lord Philip Andrew David (1833)(26)

DS: Lord Nicholas John Peter (1834)(25)

DS: Lord Stephen Frederick Edward (1837)(22)

DD: Lady Lydia Victoria Mary (1839)(20)




Their Royal HIghnesses Duke Andrew and Duchess Caroline of Morris

with Lady Amelia, Lady Sophia, Lord Philip, Lord Nicholas, Lord Stephen and Lady Lydia




Andrew and Caroline Morris

Amelia, Sophia, Philip, Nicholas, Stephen and Lydia


The King and Queen of Hawthorne announce the marriage of their son


Prince James Theodore Michael


Lady Amelia Helen Rebecca (1830)(29)


daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Morris

in 1848


Their Royal Highnesses the Hawthorne Family


Prince James Theodore Michael (1825)(34)

Princess Amelia Helen Rebecca (1830)(29)


DS: Duke Charles Theodore Albert (1849)(10)




Their Royal Highnesses Prince James and Princess Amelia of Hawthorne

with HRH Duke Charles




James and Amelia Hawthorne



The Earl and Countess of Wolfram announce the marriage of their son


Lord Julius Hamilton Alonzo (1833)(28)


Lady Sophia Rachel Caroline (1832)(27)


daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Morris

in 1850


Their Royal Highnesses the Wolfram Family


Lord Julius Hamilton Alonzo (1833)(28)

Lady Sophia Rachel Caroline (1832)(27)


DS/DS: The Honourable August Hamilton and The Honourable Leonard Julius (1851)(8)

DS: The Honourable Abraham Frederick (1853)(6)

DD: The Honourable Ruth Caroline (1856)(3)

DD: The Honourable Grace Violet (1858)(1)

DS/DD: The Honourable Wesley Calvin and The Honourable Mamie Cordelia (1859)(NB)




Their Royal Highnesses Lord Julius and Lady Sophia of Wolfram

with The Honourable August, The Honourable Leonard, The Honourable Abraham, The Honourable Ruth

The Honourable Grace, The Honourable Wesley and The Honourable Mamie




Julius and Sophia Wolfram

Gus, Leo, Abe, Ruth, Grace, Wes and Mamie


The Duke and Duchess of Morris announce the marriage of their son


Lord Philip Andrew David


Lady Malinda Edith Irene


daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Mueller

in 1850


Their Royal Highnesses the Morris Family


Lord Philip Andrew David (1833)(26)

Lady Malinda Edith Irene (1833)(26)


DD: The Honourable Libbie Irene (1853)(6)

DD: The Honourable Hetty Edith (1856)(3)

DS: The Honourable David Andrew (1858)(1)

DS: The Honourable Levi Philip (1859)(NB)

1855 - miscarriage




Their Royal Highnesses Lord Philip and Lady Malinda of Morris

The Honourable Libbie, The Honourable Hetty, The Honourable David and The Honourable Levi




Philip and Lindy Morris

Libbie, Hetty, David and Levi


The Duke and Duchess of Morris announce the marriage of their son


Lord Stephen Frederick Edward


Princess Victoria Margaret Ann


daughter of the King and Queen of Vamsi


in 1854


Their Royal Highnesses the Morris-Vamsi Family


Lord Stephen Frederick Edward (1837)(22)

Princess Victoria Margaret Ann (1838)(21)


DS: Duke George Albert Edward (1856)

DS: Duke Arthur Richard Frederick (1858)

DS/DD: Duke Lewis James John and Duchess Alice Margaret Mary (1859)




Their Royal Highnesses Lord Stephen and Princess Victoria of Vamsi

HRH Duke George, HRH Duke Arthur, HRH Duke Lewis and HRH Duchess Alice




Stephen and Victoria Morris

George, Arthur, Lewis and Alice


His Royal Highness, King Alexander Francis Solomon Henry of Weiss

is pleased to announce his marriage to


Lady Lydia Victoria Mary


daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Morris

in 1855


Their Royal Highnesses the Weiss Family


King Alexander Francis Solomon Henry (1829)(30)

Queen Lydia Victoria Mary (1839)(20)


DS/DS/DS: Crown Prince Richard Francis Henry / Prince Alfred Solomon Henry / Prince Edward Alexander Henry (1855)

DS: Prince Willard Oscar Henry (1856)

DD: Princess Elizabeth Charlotte Mary (1858)

DD: Princess Catherine Henrietta Ann (1859)




Their Royal Highnesses King Alexander and Queen Lydia of Weiss

HRH The Crown Prince Richard, HRH Prince Alfred, HRH Prince Edward, HRH Prince Willard

HRH Princess Elizabeth and HRH Princess Catherine




Alexander and Lydia Weiss

Richard, Alfie, Edward, Will, Eliza and Catherine

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The Hill Family (1859)

Marquess Magnus Bertram James (49)

Marchioness Ada Caroline Elizabeth (47)


Lady Elizabeth Caroline Frances (29)

Lord James Wallace Stephen (28)

Lady Tabitha Edith Amy (27)

Lady Ann Catherine Charlotte (25)

Lord Alexander Marshall Timothy (23)

Lady Mary Amelia Henriette/Lady Hannah Sylvia Rose (22)

Lord John Morgan David (20)

Lady Amanda Lee Esther (19)

Lord Christopher Winfield Samuel (17)

Lady Margaret Deborah Agnes (16)

Lord Granville Emery Andrew/Lord Anthony Bernard Thomas (15)

Lord Mark Ellis Simon (13)

Lord Nicholas Monroe Emanuel (12)

Lady Sophrona Alice Josephina (11)

Lord Julius Miles Abel (10)

1852 Alberta Estelle Lydia/Augustina Winifred Dinah/Edward Milton Isaac (7)


The Prince and Princess of Bexley

Prince Robert Arthur Edmond of Bexley (36)

Princess Elizabeth Caroline Frances (29)


Duke Philip James Arthur (8)

Duchess Ada Elizabeth Mary (7)

Duchess Cora Margaret Sophia/Duchess Clara Matilda Josephina(5)

Duchess Isabella Catherine Ann(4)

Duke Edmond Clarence John (3)

Duchess Joan Cecilia Theresa(2)

Duchess Caroline Bridget Hulda(1)

Duke William Stephen George (nb)


The Stephen Hill Family

Lord James Wallace Stephen (28)

Countess Mary Martha Henrietta (née Rickett) (28)


The Honourable Mary Jane (9)

The Honourable Stephen Richard/ The Honourable James Henry (8)

The Honourable John Martin (7)

The Honourable Elizabeth Alice (4)

The Honourable Thomas Gabriel (3)

The Honourable Frederic Paul (nb)


The Quick Family

Baron John William George (33)

Baroness Tabitha Edith Amy (27)


The Honourable William James Clarence (8)

The Honourable Virginia Edith Charlotte/ The Honourable Georgina Amy Clementine/ The Honourable Adelbert David Charles (7)

The Honourable Ferdinand Albert Conrad (5)

The Honourable Lavinia Ada Cassandra (3)

The Honourable Julian Felix Chester (2)

The Honourable August Edwin Carl (1)


The Callington Family

Marquess Uriah Perry Spencer Callington (34)

Marchioness Ann Catherine Charlotte (25)


Lord Isaiah Sylvester Eugene (7)

Lord Jeremiah Timothy Perry (6)

Lady Ann Victoria Charlotte (4)

Lord Josiah Wallace Spencer (3)

Lord Elijah Gilbert James (2)

Lady Ann Barbara Catherine (nb)


The Alexander Hill Family

Lord Alexander Marshall Timothy (23)

Baroness Sarah Isabella Lavinia (née Gulliver) (28)


The Honourable Alexander Marshall James (5)

The Honourable Stephen Timothy Oliver (3)

The Honourable Sarah Isabella Lavinia (1)


The Faulkner Family

Marquess Ira Lyman George Faulkner (33)

Marchioness Mary Amelia Henriette (22)


Lord Asa Ira George (3)

Lord Job Alexander Albert (2)

Lord Eli John Theodore (1)

Lord Lee James Hugh/Lady Ada Sylvia Henriette (nb)


The Plumpton Family

Earl Francis Michael Sylvester Plumpton (23)

Countess Hannah Sylvia Rose (22)


The Honourable Charity Rose (4)

Lord Earnest Francis (3)

The Honourable Pleasant Michael (2)

The Honourable Justice Sylvester (nb)


Queen Marie-Cecile & Prince Jean-Morgan

Queen Marie Amelie Cecile of Trudeau (24)

Prince John Morgan David (20)


Princess Marie Elisabeth Sabine (nb)


Lady Amanda Lee Esther (19)


Magnus & Ada Hill -

Caro, Finn, Tabba, Charlotte, Alec, Amy, Sylvie, John, Amanda, Kit, Margie, Andrew, Anthony, Ellis, Nicholas, Sophy, Milo, Stella, Winnie & Isaac


Robert & Caro of Bexley

Philip, Ada, Cora, Clara, Bella, Edmond, Joanie, Bridget & Billy


Stephen & Martha Hill

Jane, Dickie, Henry, Jack, Alice, Thomas, Freddy


John & Tabba Quick

William, Virgie, Georgie, David, Conrad, Addie, Julian, August


Uriah & Charlotte Callington

Gene, Tim, Ann, Wallace, Gil & Barbara


Alec & Sarah Hill

Alexander, Stephen & Sadie


Ira & Amy Faulkner

George, Albert, Teddy, Hugh & Henny


Frank & Sylvie Plumpton

Charity, Earnest, Pleasant Michael & Justice


John Morgan & Marie-Cecile of Trudeau


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Marquess Henry Albert Leopold Griffin [51]

Marchioness Rosemary Agatha Pearl Griffin [51]


Marquess Henry Griffin & Marchioness Rosemary Griffin with their children Lady Cordelia, Lord Ezra, Lady Lucy, Lord Felix, Lord Theodore, Lady Amelia, Lord Oscar, Lord Edwin, Lord Sion, Lord Calvin, Lady Arabella, Lord Jasper, Lady Josephine, Lord Isaac, Lord Thomas, & Lord William

~Miscarriage 1831~

~Miscarriage 1835~

~Miscarriage 1840~

~Miscarriage 1845~


Lady Cordelia Olive Rose {Griffin} Forrester [29]

-Duke Arthur John Harrison Forrester [31]

            Lady Isabella Alma Rose [10]

            Lady Florence Lidia Catherine [9]

            Lady Georgina May Dahlia [8]

            Lord Harrison Alfred Hugh [5]

            Lord Oliver Amos Conrad [4]

            Lord Anthony David Francis [4]

            Lord Daniel Harvey Leander [4]

            Lord Cyrus Anderson Wilbur [3]

            Lady Charlotte Elvira Sadie [1]

            Lady Evelyn Casandra Olive [0]


Duke Arthur Forrester & Lady Cordelia Forrester with their child Lady Isabella, Florence, Georgina, Harrison, Oliver, Anthony, Daniel, Cyrus, Charlotte, & Evelyn


Lord Ezra Gilbert Clark Griffin [27]

-Countess Priscilla Mary Agnes {Tuson} Griffin [33]

            The Honourable Naomi Priscilla Mabel [9]

            The Honourable Jordan Albert Willis [9]

            The Honourable Lily Margaret Inez [9]

            The Honourable August Ezra Miles [8]

            The Honourable James Gilbert Laurence [8]

            The Honourable Myra Christina Rose [5]

            The Honourable Evan Emanuel Barney [4]

            The Honourable Eli Frederick Clark [3]

~Miscarriage 1853~

~Miscarriage 1858~


Lord Ezra Griffin & Countess Priscilla Griffin with their children Naomi, Jordan, Lily, August, James, Myra, Evan, & Eli


Lady Lucy Matilda Jane {Griffin} Tate [26]

-Baron Wesley Marion George Tate [32]

            The Honourable Alice Clementine Jane [7]

            The Honourable George Amos Stephen [6]

            The Honourable Charles Wesley Owen [5]

            The Honourable Violet Lucy Harriet [4]

            The Honourable Jacob Alonzo Ellis [3]

            The Honourable Ralph Nicholas Lee [2]

            The Honourable Noah Ephraim David [2]

~Miscarriage 1851~

~Miscarriage 1858~


Baron Wesley Tate & Lady Lucy Tate with their children Alice, George, Charles, Violet, Jacob, Ralph, & Noah


Lord Felix Benjamin Asa Griffin [26]

-Duchess Tabitha Ann Clara {Wolfen} Griffin [26]

            The Honourable Christina Olga Ruth [8]

            The Honourable Isaiah Morgan Thomas [7]

            The Honourable Benjamin Moses Milton [6]

            The Honourable Camilla Edith Ann [5]

            The Honourable Edgar Asa Charles [4]

            The Honourable Julian Calvin Henry [4]

            The Honourable Nathan Felix Israel [4]

            The Honourable Estella Julia Mabel [3]

            The Honourable David Cornelius Green [1]

            The Honourable Harvey Christopher Adam [0]

            The Honourable Bridget Manerva Lily [0]


Lord Felix Griffin & Duchess Tabitha Griffin with their children Christina, Isaiah, Benjamin, Camilla, Edgar, Julian, Nathan, Estella, David, Harvey, & Bridget


Lord Theodore Silas Joel Griffin [25]

-Baroness Mary Samantha Patience {Montresor} Griffin [25]

            The Honourable Levi Edmund Michael [7]

            The Honourable Silas Patrick Daniel [6]

            The Honourable Matilda Clara Rose [5]

            The Honourable Otto Addison Noah [3]

            The Honourable Agnes Elizabeth Alma [0]

~Miscarriage 1855~

~Miscarriage 1858~


Lord Theodore Griffin & Baroness Mary Griffin with their children Levi, Silas, Matilda, Otto, & Agnes


Lady Amelia Josephine Ruth {Griffin} Tyler [23]

-Marquess Elijah Gideon Rufus Tyler [27]

            Lady Lavinia Emily Jane [3]

            Lord Ambrose James Marion [2]

            Lady Melinda Catherine May [0]

~Miscarriage 1858~


Marquess Elijah Tyler & Lady Amelia Tyler with their children Lady Lavinia, Lord Ambrose, & Lady Melinda


Lord Oscar Henry Alexander Griffin [22]

-Viscountess Narcissa Amy Joan {Weeks} Griffin [22]

            The Honourable Selina Theresa Bridget [3]

            The Honourable Dahlia Alberta Grace [1]


Lord Oscar Griffin & Viscountess Narcissa Griffin with their children Selina & Dahlia


Lord Edwin Josiah Levi Griffin [21]

-Rachel Virginia {Birchmore} Griffin [23]

            The Honourable Josiah Austin Irvine [3]

            The Honourable Caleb Chauncy Milton [2]

            The Honourable Byron Everett Floyd [1]

            The Honourable Leta Rachel Sabina [0]


Lord Edwin Griffin & Rachel Griffin with their children Josiah, Caleb, Byron, & Leta


Lord Simon August Abraham [18]

Lord Calvin Leander Cyrus [17]

Lady Arabella Mary Violet [16]

Lord Jasper Ambrose Noah [15]

Lady Josephine Esther Grace [15]

Lord Isaac Frederick James [13]

Lord Thomas Valentin Jacob [11]

Lord William Julius Byron [10]

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The Carter Family


King Henry Samuel Theodore {50}

Queen Mary Caroline Prudence (nee Russell) {52}


Princess Charlotte Amelia Rose {29}

Crown Prince Benjamin Samuel Joseph {28}

Prince William Theodore David {28}

Prince Nicholas Henry Edwin {27}

Miscarriage - 1833

Princess Victoria Josephine Ruth {25}

Prince Noah Robert Jacob {24}

No Pregnancy - 1836

Princess Cordelia Abigail Prudence {22}

Princess Elizabeth Charity Matilda {21}

Princess Lydia Caroline Edith {20}

Princess Catherine Isabella Jane {19}

Prince Thomas Jeremiah Phillip {18}

Princess Margaret Melinda Grace {17}

Prince Isaac Abraham Matthew {16}

Prince Oliver Josiah Richard {15}

Princess Juliann Violet May {15}

No Pregnancy – 1845

Prince Joshua Anthony Warren {13}

Princess Cecelia Emily Gertrude {12}

Princess Lucy Patience Irene {12}

Princess Georgina Mary Ann {12}




The Jamison Family


Prince Thomas Alexander Levi {30}

Princess Charlotte Amelia Rose (nee Carter} {29}


Duchess Amelia Caroline Grace {11}

Duke Levi Edward Paul {10}

Duchess Clara Evelyn Ruth {9}

Duchess Lily Georgina May {9}

Duke Abner Gabriel Clark {9}

Duchess Emily Matilda Rose {8}

Duchess Sophia Margaret Ann {7}

Duke Caleb Thomas Henry {6}

Duchess Lucy Caroline Amelia {5}

Duchess Ada Millicent Joan {5}

Miscarriage – 1855

Duchess Lydia Catherine Violet {3}

Duchess Sarah Winifred Irene {2}

Duke Elias Anthony David {1}

Duke Joshua Solomon Wade {nb}




The Carter Family


Crown Prince Benjamin Samuel Joseph {28}

Crown Princess [Baroness] Cora Margaret Elizabeth (nee Shephard) {28}


Duke Daniel Cristopher Elias {10}

Duke Caleb Zachariah Joel {10}

No Pregnancy – 1850

No Pregnancy – 1851

Duchess Helen Abigail May {7}

Duchess Alice Melinda Jane {7}

Duke George Phillip Harvey {7}

Miscarriage – 1853

No Pregnancy – 1854

Duchess Mary Margaret Ruth {4}

Duchess Laura Elizabeth Irene {3}

Duchess Sadie Delores Edith {2}

Duke Noah Michael Clark {1}

Duchess Clara Victoria Rose {nb}




The Carter Family


King [Prince] William Theodore David {28}

Queen Abigail Harriet Ruth (nee Fitzgerald) {29}


Princess Hannah Josephine Ruth {10}

Princess Sophia Clementine Edith {9}

Princess Alice Melinda Joan {8}

Prince Charles Abraham Scott {7}

Princess Julia Charlotte Rose {6}

Princess Sarah Prudence Irene {5}

Princess Chloe Patience Nancy {5}

Princess Lily Margaret Ann {4}

Crown Prince Joseph Theodore Calvin {3}

No Pregnancy – 1857

Prince Robert Benjamin Jacob {1}

No Pregnancy – 1859




The Carter Family


Prince Nicholas Henry Edwin {27}

Princess [Baroness] Nancy Catherine Melvina (nee Mills) {27}


Duchess Virginia Augustine Grace {9}

Duke Theodore Samuel Jacob {8}

Duke Alexander Wesley Michael {8}

Duchess Missouri Elizabeth Ann {7}

Duchess Indiana Charlotte May {7}

Duke Anderson Josiah George {7}

No Pregnancy – 1853

Duke Harrison Andrew Elias {5}

Duchess Georgina Charity Edith {4}

Duchess Cecilia Abigail Jane {3}

No Pregnancy – 1857

Duke Jeremiah Robert Wade {1}

No Pregnancy – 1859




The Decker Family


Princess Victoria Josephine Ruth (nee Carter) {25}

Prince [Marquess] Calvin Arthur Matthew {26}


Lord Matthew David Anthony {6}

Lady Martha Alice Cordelia {5}

Lord Luke Gabriel Ross {4}

Lady Evelyn Edith Charlotte {3}

Lord Adam Silas Christopher {2}

Lord Oliver Theodore Patrick {2}

Lady Esther Millicent Rose {1}

Lord Isaiah Abner Owen {nb}

Lady Sylvia Charlotte Joan {nb}




The Carter Family


King [Prince] Noah Robert Jacob {24}

Queen Rachel Amanda Harriet (nee Conroy) {24}


Miscarriage – 1853

No Pregnancy – 1854

Crown Prince Owen Russell Edmond {4}

Prince Levi Matthew Silas {3}

Prince Adam Wesley Phillip {2}

Prince Evan Spencer Paul {1}

Prince Davis Lincoln Ross {nb}




The Benjamin Family


Princess Cordelia Abigail Prudence (nee Carter) {22}

Prince [Viscount] David Frederick William {24}


The Honorable Nicholas Elijah Scott {2}

The Honorable Charlotte Esther May {2}

The Honorable Abraham Elias Clark {1}

The Honorable Harrison Edgar Paul {nb}




The George Family


Princess Elizabeth Charity Matilda (nee Carter) {21}

Prince [Baron] Thomas Henry Marshall {21}


The Honorable Violet Henrietta Caroline {nb}




The Finnegan Family


Queen [Princess] Lydia Caroline Edith (nee Carter) {20}

King John Benjamin Edward {21}


Crown Prince Everett Christopher John {nb}






Princess Catherine Isabella Jane {19} (single)

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I am going to be updating this CAS game in the near future, and therefore this will be the last round of this game. Hopefully the newer version will be less time-consuming, and more enjoyable. You're still welcome to play the three rounds of this game as many times as you like.

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