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CAF Generation #4

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Posted 28 July 2018 - 05:22 PM

Generation #3






Choose 1 child from generation #3


LN: Silent, Worn, Rose, Plitter, Bluff, Wheat, Striker, Carr, Slate,


DH: Stephen, Alan, Jere, Jose, Felix, Myles, Patrick, Dwight, Marcel, Peter, Henry, Jay, Jack




DW: Bessie, Joan, Anne, Ruth, Francesca, Louise, Trixie, Jennifer, Rona, Evie, Jodi, Josephine, Sallie, Elsie


Roll for number of children. Roll for gender (odd boy, even girl)




Girls: Eve, Willa, Emily, Matilda, Billie, Mitzi, Harriet, Eva, Nanette, Freda, Essie, Lisette, Elsa, Josie, Sadie, Annie, Jolene, Millicent, Mavis, Winifred, Maude, Delphine, Evangelina, Ida, Alice, Charlotte, Bernadine, Ardith, Gilda, Alberta, Leatrice, Bettylou, Layla, Genesis, Rosaline, Loretta, Audrey, Annamae, Gene, Ethelene, Coralie, Dorris, Rachel


Boys: Isaac, David, Seth, Benjamin, Jacob, Aaron, Asa, Samuel, Russell, Moses, Joseph, Daniel, Reuben, Nathaniel, Amos, Foster, Granville, Emmett, Noah, Asher, Michael, Matthew, Nathan, Zeb, John, Thomas, Mitchell, William, Wesley, Lawrence, Vance, Richard, Warren, Robert, Clayton, Wade

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Posted 28 July 2018 - 05:26 PM

LN: Serrano


DH: Alexander Michael Serrano

DW: Francesca Josephine Serrano-Wheat


DD: Eva Leatrice Serrano-Wheat

DS: Samuel Nathan Serrano-Wheat


Alex and Frankie Serrano-Wheat with;

Eva & Sam

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Posted 28 July 2018 - 05:37 PM

Jackson 'Jack' Noah McMillan [111]
m. Katherine 'Kate' Aislinn McMillan [111]

Natasha 'Tasha' Grace McMillan [90]

James 'Jamie' Noah McMillan [87]

Dexter 'Dex' Craig McMillan [82]

Oliver 'Olly' Troy McMillan [79]

Riley 'Ry' Logan McMillan [76]


Dexter 'Dex' Craig McMillan [82]

m. Beatrice 'Bea' Lydia McMillan [80]

William 'Will' Stefan McMillan [54]


William 'Will' Stefan McMillan [54]

m. Aubrey 'Bree' Skye McMillan [53]

Alexander 'Alex' Matthew McMillan [35]

Nathaniel 'Nate' Mark McMillan [27]

Lucas 'Luke' Michael McMillan [25]

Thomas 'Thom' Miles McMillan [25]


Alexander 'Alex' Matthew McMillan-Carr [35]

m. Peter 'Pete' Patrick McMillan-Carr [40]

Emily 'Em' Charlotte McMillan-Carr [17]

Rosaline 'Rosie' Alice McMillan-Carr [15]

Jacob 'Jake' Daniel McMillan-Carr [12]

Joseph 'Joey' David McMillan-Carr [12]

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Posted 29 July 2018 - 12:26 PM

LN: Slate


DH: Stephen Patrick

DW: Harper Felicity [Owens]


DD: Alice Jolene

DS: Isaac Lawrence

DD: Audrey Rosaline

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Posted 29 July 2018 - 07:57 PM

Generation One


LN: Conway


DH: Gavin Marshall

DW: Regan Sloane


DS: Brendan James

DD: Erin Kelly

DS: Logan Oliver

DD: Megan Colleen

DS: Sullivan Roarke

DD: Caitlin Riley 


Gavin and Regan Conway

Brendan, Erin, Logan, Megan, Sullivan and Caitlin




Generation Two


LN: Conway


DH: Sullivan Roarke

DW: Lydia Charis (nee Shattuck)


DD: Aurora Clementine

DS: Jarrett William

DS: Quentin Derick

DD: Cecelia Juliet

DD: Charlotte Grace


Sullivan and Lydia Conway

Rory, Jarrett, Quentin, CeCe and Charly




Generation Three


LN: Whitehouse


DH: Grant Douglas

DW: Cecelia Juliet (nee Conway)


DS: Dillon Nicholas

DS: Lucas Nathaniel

DS: Christian Anthony

DD: Harper Alexandria


Grant and CeCe Whitehouse

Dillon, Lucas, Christian and Harper




Generation Four


LN: Whitehouse


DH: Christian Anthony

DW: Elsie Francesca (nee Carr)


DS: Noah Matthew


Christian and Elsie Whitehouse


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Posted 30 July 2018 - 03:20 AM

The Carr Family


Dw: Alexandria May Conway Carr

Dh: Jay Stephen Carr


Dd: Layla Charlotte Carr

Dd: Harriet Annamae Carr

Ds: Reuben Samuel Carr

Ds: Wesley Benjamin Carr


Alexandria & Jay Carr; with Layla, Harriet, Reuben, & Wesley

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Posted 01 August 2018 - 09:19 PM



LN: Silent


DH: Jack Myles

DW: Sheridan Berkeley


DD: Coralie Lisette

DS: Jacob Matthew

DS: Noah Benjamin

DD: Sadie Rachel


Jack and Sheridan Silent with Coral, Jake, Noah, and Sadie.



Parker and Sloane Serrano with  with Kenya, Terra, and Logan.

DH: Parker Gavin Serrano

DW: Sloane Ryan [Vasquez]

DD: Kenya Erin

DD: Terra Megan

DS: Logan James



Jules and Terra Pershan with Kenan, Celeste, and Dill.

DH: Julien Angelo Pershan

DW: Terra Megan [Serrano]

DS: Kenan Derick

DD: Celestine Juliet

DS: Dillan Kendal



Spence and Celeste Solis with Ben, Nate, Sheridan, Matty, Keaton, and Auden.

DH: Spence Rourke Solis

DW: Celestine Juliet [Pershan]

DS: Benjamin Vincent

DS: Nathaniel Andrew

DD: Sheridan Berkeley

DS: Matthew Nicholas

DS: Keaton Wesley

DD: Auden Tierra

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Posted 07 August 2018 - 06:39 PM

LN: Conway {nee Serrano}


DH: Parker Montgomery Conway [dec. @ 91]

DW: Regan Kate Conway {nee Serrano} [dec. @ 90]

DD: Natasha 'Tasha' Grace Conway [91]
DS: Logan Murphy Conway [88]

DD/DD: Fallon Leah Conway and Fiona Riley Conway [86]

Parker and Regan with Tasha, Logan, Fallon, and Fiona



LN: McVey {nee Conway}


DH: Sebastian Hugh McVey [86]
DW: Fallon Leah McVey {nee Conway} [86]


DS: Derick Shay McVey [62]
DD: Juliet Estelle McVey [60]
DD: Aurora Emily McVey [58]
DD: Clara Violet McVey [57]
DS: Quentin Ramsey McVey [55]
DS: Barrett 'Bear' Roy McVey [52]

Sebastian and with Derick, Juliet, Aurora, Clara, Quentin, and Bear



LN: Murray {nee McVey}


DH: Grant Douglas Murray [59]
DW: Aurora Emily Murray {nee McVey} [58]

DS: Wesley 'Wes' Benjamin Murray [33]
DS: Dexter 'Dex' Thomas Murray [32]
DS/DS: Felix Nathaniel Murray and Miles Vincent Murray [31]
DD: Josephine 'Jojo' May Murray [28]

Grant and Aurora with Wes, Dex, Felix, Miles, and Jojo



LN: Murray {nee Carr}


DH: Dexter 'Dex' Thomas Murray [32]
DW: Ruth Anne Murray {nee Carr} [32]

DS: Mitchell 'Mitch' Foster Murray [9]
DS: Asher Wade Murray [7]
DD: Matilda Eve Murray [5]
DD: Willa Jolene Murray [3]
DS: Noah Matthew Murray [1]

Dex and Ruth with Mitch, Asher, Matilda, Willa, and Noah

#9 Cheyenne Autumn

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Posted 09 August 2018 - 02:36 AM

LN: Striker


DH:Henry Stephen


DW: Emerson Jewell nee Whitehouse


DS: Isaac Benjamin

DD: Elsa 'Elsie' Rosaline

DD: Layla 'Evie' Evangeline

DD: Charlotte 'Lottie' Maude

DS: Noah Asher

#10 Meghan<3


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Posted 11 August 2018 - 11:30 AM

LN: Curtis


DH: Gavin Marshall

DW: Riley Payton, née Conway


DS: Oliver Donovan

DD: Fiona Lyndsey

DD: Lillian Grace

DD: Terra Colleen

DS/DS: Noah Finnegan / Sullivan James


Gavin, Riley, Oliver, Fiona, Lillian, Terra, Noah, & Sullivan




LN: Curtis


DH: Sullivan James

DW: Lydia Beatrice, née McVey


DS: William Griffith "Will"

DD: Emmaline Juliet "Emma"

DD: Verena Leonore

DS: Ramsey Barrett

DD: Cecelia Violet "Cece"

DS: Brannon Hardy


Sullivan, Lydia, Will, Emma, Verena, Ramsey, Cece, & Brannon




LN: Murray


DW: Cecelia Violet "Cece," née Curtis

DH: Kenneth Grant "Ken"


DD: Addison Harper

DD: Peyton Alexandria

DS: Nicholas Peter "Nick"

DS: Ross Andrew


Cece, Ken, Addison, Peyton, Nick, & Ross




LN: Murray


DH: Nicholas Peter "Nick"

DW: Francesca Louise, née Bluff


DD: Alice Harriet

DS: Seth David


Nick, Francesca, Alice, & Seth

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Posted 14 August 2018 - 11:29 AM

The Conway Family


DH: Gavin Walker Conway (100)

DW: Aislinn Darcy Conway (nee Glover) (99)


DD: Fiona Eileen Conway (75)

DD: Lyndsey Grace Conway (72)

DD: Caitlin Deidra Conway (70)

DS: James Donovan Conway (66)


Gavin and Aislinn Conway

Fiona. Lyndsey, Caitlin, and James




The Ferrara Family


DW: Lyndsey Grace Ferrara (nee Conway) (72)

DH: Julien Antonio Ferrara (75)


DD: Thalia Charlotte Ferrara (49)

DD: Juliet Eloisa Ferrara (46)


Lyndsey and Julien Ferrara

Thalia and Juliet




The Hammond Family


DW: Thalia Charlotte Hammond (nee Ferrara) (49)

DH: Shane Douglas Hammond (49)


DS: Thomas Nathaniel Hammond (27)

DS: William Alexander Hammond (25)

DD: Flora Josephine Hammond (22)


Thalia and Shane Hammond

Thomas, William, and Flora




The Hammond Family


DH: William Alexander Hammond (25)

DW: Rona Elsie Hammond (nee Slate) (26)


DS: Isaac Matthew Hammond (3)

DD: Charlotte Audrey Hammond (nb)


William and Rona Hammond

Isaac and Charlotte

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