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12 Years Baby Name Game

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Posted 15 January 2019 - 05:59 PM

Rhys Jason May ❤ Elyse Luna Rhyszinski

~The May Family est. 2008~

DH: Rhys Jason May [37]
DW: Elyse Luna {nee Rhyszinski} May [35]

DD/DD/DD: Isabella Amelie May, Sofia Amber May & Zara Alexis May [11]
DS/DD/DD: Mason Anthony May, Emma Ashlynn May & Layla Audrey May [9]
DD/DD: Gemma Azalea May & Keira Adelaide May [6]
DS/DD: Duncan Adrian May & Nora Anastasia May [2]
DD: Clara Arden May [infant]

DPet: Bruster {German Shepherd}

Rhys & Elyse May with Isabella, Sofia, Zara, Mason, Emma, Layla, Gemma, Keira, Duncan, Nora & Clara with their German Shepherd, Bruster.

YEAR 1- 2008

- Have triplet girls named Isabella Amelie, Sofia Amber & Zara Alexis.

YEAR 2- 2009

- Open a local boutique to help support the family.

YEAR 3- 2010

- Have triplets again! We named them Mason Anthony, Emma Ashlynn & Layla Audrey.

YEAR 4- 2011

- Asked to help name friend's baby girl. I name her Emerson Waverly.

YEAR 5- 2012

- Splurge for a new Mercedes.

YEAR 6- 2013

- Have twin girls named Gemma Azalea & Keira Adelaide.

YEAR 7- 2014

- Buy a new home in the neighborhood.

YEAR 8- 2015

- Adopt a German Shepherd puppy named Bruster.

YEAR 9- 2016

- Get a large promotion and become CEO-IT of a company.

YEAR 10- 2017

- Have twins again! We named them Duncan Adrian & Nora Anastasia.

YEAR 11- 2018

- Move to a new city.

YEAR 12- 2019 *FINAL YEAR*

- Have a baby girl named Clara Arden.

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Posted 15 January 2019 - 10:19 PM

The Hartmann Family


DH: Owen Nathaniel Hartmann

DW: Rebecca Jocelyn "Becca" Hartmann (nee Davies)


Year One


Instead of going on a honeymoon, Owen and Becca decide to splurge on something that will last longer...a new car. They purchase a beautiful BMW Series 4 Gran Coupe. They decided to choose something with a little extra room in case they want to expand their family in the near future.


Year Two


Becca and Owen start trying to conceive at the beginning of the year. It doesn't take long for Becca to get pregnant, and the couple is shocked to learn after a few months to hear that they're expecting naturally-occurring triplets! (Multiples tend to run in Becca's family). After a relatively uneventful pregnancy all things considered, they welcome two boys and one girl: Isaac Nolan Hartmann, Tristan Dominic Hartmann, and Evelyn Samantha Hartmann.


Year Three


Becca's best friend Chloe Elizabeth Rhodes (nee Vickers) and her husband David Orlando Rhodes are expecting their first child, a boy, and just can't agree on a name! They ask for Becca's help naming their upcoming son. After much discussion, they decide to name him Lucian Oliver Rhodes. They're going to call him Luke.


Year Four


Owen and Becca are both really geeky (they met at a sci-fi/fantasy convention) and have a passion for gaming. Owen loves card games of any kind (he started with Yu-Gi-Oh as a kid, and has been hooked ever since), while Becca is more into tabletop RPGs (she's been playing Dungeons and Dragons since middle school). They decide to combine their interests and open a gaming store. The store sells various kinds of cards and card games, tabletop RPGs, gaming manuals, and various and sundry geek memorabilia. They call the store Dragon's Lair.


Year Five


Owen and Becca try to conceive again, but are unsuccessful. Becca's little sister Elodie Catherine "Edie" Davies tells them that she just got engaged to her longtime boyfriend Gavin Tobias Whitmore, and she wants Becca to help plan her wedding. Becca graciously accepts, and the sisters spend months planning Edie's dream fall wedding.


Year Six


Becca is overjoyed to discover that she's pregnant again. She and Owen weren't trying to conceive, but both are happy despite the surprise. Isaac, Tristan, and Evelyn are excited to get a new little brother or sister. After a smooth pregnancy, Becca gives birth to a baby girl. They name her Julia Felicity Hartmann.


Year Seven


The Hartmanns decide to get a family pet. After a trip to the SPCA, they bring home a new kitten. After much debate among the triplets, she receives the name Sadie.


Year Eight


The kids love Sadie, and Becca and Owen decide to bring another friend into the family. Owen has always wanted a husky, and after looking at several rescue organizations, they find the perfect puppy for their family. They name him Everest.


Year Nine


Becca finds herself pregnant with triplets again! This time it's three boys. Becca's third pregnancy doesn't go as smoothly as her first two. The babies arrive a little early, but still healthy. Owen and Becca name them Declan Alexander Hartmann, Callum Thomas Hartmann, and Connor Gabriel Hartmann.


Year Ten 


The Hartmanns move to Rochester, New York, after Owen accepts a job as an associate music professor at Eastman School of Music at the University of Rochester. All of the Hartmanns are sad to have to leave behind their family and friends, but are excited for this new chapter in their lives. Dragon's Lair remains open under the capable management of Becca's sister Edie.


Year Eleven


Just a year after joining the faculty at the Eastman School of Music, Owen is given full professorship. This includes tenure and a large housing allowance for the family. The Hartmanns move into a beautiful new house close to campus.


Year Twelve


The Hartmanns complete their family by welcoming twin girls. They are named Cora Evangeline Hartmann and Leia Penelope Hartmann.




The Hartmann Family


DH: Owen Nathaniel Hartmann (39)

DW: Rebecca Jocelyn "Becca" Hartmann (nee Davies) (37)


DS/DS/DD: Isaac Nolan Hartmann / Tristan Dominic Hartmann / Evelyn Samantha Hartmann (10)

DD: Julia Felicity Hartmann (6)

DS/DS/DS: Declan Alexander Hartmann / Callum Thomas Hartmann / Connor Gabriel Hartmann (3)

DD/DD: Cora Evangeline Hartmann / Leia Penelope Hartmann (nb)


Cat: Sadie (5)

Dog: Everest (4)


Owen and Becca Hartmann

Isaac, Tristan, Evelyn, Julia, Declan, Callum, Connotr, Cora, and Leia

with Sadie the cat and Everest the Husky.




The Rhodes Family


DW: Chloe Elizabeth Rhodes (nee Vickers) (36)

DH: David Orlando Rhodes (36)


DS: Lucian Oliver Rhodes (9)


Chloe and David Rhodes





The Whitmore Family


DW: Elodie Catherine Whitmore (nee Davies) (33)

DH: Gavin Tobias Whitmore (33)


Edie and Gavin Whitmore

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Posted 24 February 2019 - 01:57 PM

Amber Louisianna & Merrick Alan-James Gillespie
est~ 2007

YEAR 1- 2008

We decided to adopt a Calico kitten named Zoie, whom we found at a local animal shelter and instantly fell in love with.

YEAR 2- 2009

We unexpectedly got pregnant with boy and girl twins! Our little angels were born happy and healthy at 38 weeks! We named them Abram Elliot & Magnolia Ivy. We are obsessed (and so is Zoie!)!

YEAR 3- 2010

My good friend Vivica & her husband Logan asked me for help naming their third daughter, along with Bianca Rose & Thalia June. Together we decided on Eliana Sage.

YEAR 4- 2011

We decided that we were ready for another little one! We got pregnant with a little girl! We named her Eleanor Lucy. The twins are so good with little Ellie!

YEAR 5- 2012

We brought the family on a vacation to Spain! We had lots of fun and enjoyed some delicious food! Spain was a great big hit! We are even thinking of going back in the near future.

YEAR 6- 2013

We were having trouble conceiving, so we decided to adopt a little boy from South Africa. He is 4 months old. We named him Byron Sebastian.

YEAR 7- 2014

We got pregnant once again! This time, it was a baby boy! We named him Forrest Julian! Byron is doing great with this "big brother" thing!

YEAR 8- 2015

Merrick's sister, Isolde, and her husband, Alfonso, passed away in an unfortunate car accident. Luckily, none of their children got hurt. We decided to adopt their son and daughter, our niece and nephew. Stephanie Annalyse is 8 and Xavier Alfonso is 4. We decided to hyphenate the last names.

YEAR 9- 2016

We bought a new house that better suits our needs- in that it is a bit bigger. We have 5 bedrooms, which is the new house's biggest feat. Now, we have our own bedroom, the girls (Stephanie, Maggie & Ellie) share a room, Abram & Xavier share a room, Byron & Forrest share a room, and there is a spare/guest bedroom. We have 3 bathrooms, and a swing-set in our large backyard, fresh coats of paint, brand-new furniture. All the things you love about a new house.

YEAR 10- 2017

We randomly got contacted by our caseworker about another possible adoption in South Africa. This is a really special one. We are told that this baby is Byron's half brother. We visited, and in no time, little Maximus Carter was adopted.

YEAR 11- 2018

It only took us 6 years! We finally took a family vacation back to Spain! This time we were able to bring many more people. We had an amazing time together.

YEAR 12- 2019

We unexpectedly got pregnant- naturally- with triplets!!! Two girls and a boy completed our family! We named them Genevieve Hazel, Harmony Brynn, and Graham Felix!

The Gillespie Family

DW: Amber Louisianna {nee Baker} Gillespie [34]
DH: Merrick James-Alan Gillespie [35]

DAD: Stephanie Annalyse Walero-Gillespie [12] ~Adopted when parents died in car crash, biological niece, at 8 years old
DS/DD: Abram Elliot & Magnolia 'Maggie' Ivy Gillespie [10]
DAS: Xavier Alfonso Walero-Gillespie [8] ~Adopted when parents died in car crash, biological nephew, at 4 years old
DD: Eleanor 'Ellie' Lucy Gillespie [8]
DAS: Byron Sebastian Gillespie [6] ~Adopted from South Africa at 4 months old, Max's biological half-brother
DS: Forrest Julian Gillespie [5]
DAS: Maximus 'Max' Carter Gillespie [2] ~Adopted from South Africa at 2 months old, Byron's biological half-brother
DD/DD/DS: Genevieve Hazel, Harmony Brynn & Graham Felix Gillespie [infants]

DCat: Zoie

Amber & Merrick with Stephanie, Abram, Maggie, Xavier, Ellie, Byron, Forrest, Max, Genevieve, Harmony, and Graham.

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Posted 24 February 2019 - 07:18 PM

Finley Charlotte Harris and Benjamin Lucas Carter got married on August 23rd, 2018.


Year 1 – 2018

Finley and Benjamin decide to buy a new house together soon after they get married, one big enough to one day house a large family like they’ve always dreamed. {House}


Year 2 – 2019

Finley and Benjamin welcome triplet boys into the world: Oliver Thomas, Declan Gabriel, and Isaac Jacob.


Year 3 – 202o

Upon the death of Benjamin’s great grandfather, he inherits the small family home in Worchester, Massachusetts. {Family Home}


Year 4 – 2021

Finley and Benjamin decide to adopt a baby girl through domestic adoption: Cora Elisabeth.


Year 5 – 2022

Finley and Benjamin again welcome triplets into the world: Amelia Victoria, Hudson Charles, and Dominic Elijah.


Year 6 – 2023

Finley and Benjamin move their family to Ann Arbor, Michigan. {House}


Year 7 – 2024

Finley’s best friend asks for help naming her baby boy. Finley helps her settle on Alexander Josiah Dean.


Year 8 – 2025

Finley’s future sister-in law has asked for her help planning the wedding.


{Color Scheme}



{Bridesmaids Dresses}


{Bride’s Hairstyle}


{Flower Girl and Ring Bearer}

{Engagement Ring}

{Wedding Bands}


Year 9 – 2026

Finley and Benjamin try for another baby but are unsuccessful. They decide to take the family on a vacation to Belgium.


Year 10 – 2027

Finley decides to open her own bakery in town, something she’s always dreamed of doing.


Year 11 – 2028

Finley and Benjamin welcome another set of triplets into the world: Spencer Matthew, Eva Caroline, and Eden Josephine.


Year 12 – 2029

Finley and Benjamin welcome yet another set of triplets into the world: Freya Charlotte, Layla Eleanor, and Esme Felicity.


{Jesus they're fertile. I couldn't fathom carrying that many sets of triplets.}


The Carter Family


DH: Benjamin Lucas {32}

DW: Finley Charlotte (nee Harris) {31}


DS/DS/DS: Oliver Thomas / Declan Gabriel / Isaac Jacob {10}

DAD: Cora Elisabeth {8}

DD/DS/DS: Amelia Victoria / Hudson Charles / Dominic Elijah {7}

DS/DD/DD: Spencer Matthew / Eva Caroline / Eden Josephine {1}

DD/DD/DD: Freya Charlotte / Layla Eleanor / Esme Felicity {nb}

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Posted 25 February 2019 - 05:02 PM

Carla Selene Preston (24) & Fin William Preston (26) ~ Married in 1980


Carla & Fin Preston



Year 1 ~ 1981

Carla & Fin welcome twins Adele Phoebe & Jack Benjamin.

Carla (25), Fin (27), Adele & Jack (0)


Year 2 ~ 1982

Carla's sister asks for help naming her son. She chooses Lucas James.

Carla (25), Fin (27), Adele & Jack (1)


Year 3 ~ 1983

The family moves to a three bedroom townhouse in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Carla (26), Fin (28), Adele & Jack (2)


Year 4 ~ 1984

Carla's sister asks for help naming Lucas's new sister. She settles on Lily Elizabeth.

Carla (27), Fin (29), Adele & Jack (3)


Year 5 ~ 1985

Fin gets a huge promotion!

Carla (28), Fin (30), Adele & Jack (4)


Year 6 ~ 1986

Carla & Fin welcome Eva Madeleine.

Carla (29), Fin (31), Adele & Jack (5), Eva (0)


Year 7 ~ 1987

Carla & Fin buy a new Bentley.

Carla (30), Fin (32), Adele & Jack (6), Eva (1)


Year 8 ~ 1988

The family adopt a male husky puppy named Jupiter.

Carla (31), Fin (33), Adele & Jack (7), Eva (2)


Year 9 ~ 1989

Carla & Fin welcome twins Henry Abraham & Lydia Sophie.

Carla (32), Fin (34), Adele & Jack (8), Eva (3), Henry & Lydia (0)


Year 10 ~ 1990

Carla's sister asks for help naming Lucas & Lily's brother. She chooses Landon Thomas.

Carla (33), Fin (35), Adele & Jack (9), Eva (4), Henry & Lydia (1)


Year 11 ~ 1991

Carla & Fin buy a six bedroom townhouse.

Carla (34), Fin (36), Adele & Jack (10), Eva (5), Henry & Lydia (2)


Year 12 ~ 1992

Carla & Fin welcome twins Charlie Samson & Reuben Arthur.

Carla (35), Fin (37), Adele & Jack (11), Eva (6), Henry & Lydia (3), Charlie & Reuben (0)



Carla Selene Preston (35) & Fin William Preston (37)


Adele Phoebe Preston & Jack Benjamin Preston (11)

Eva Madeleine Preston (6)

Henry Abraham Preston & Lydia Sophie Preston (3)

Charlie Samson Preston & Reuben Arthur Preston (0)


Carla & Fin Preston; w/ Adele, Jack, Eva, Henry, Lydia, Charlie, & Reuben

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Posted 26 February 2019 - 08:45 PM

The DiAngelo Family


DH: Jacob Marcus DiAngelo

DW: Elodie Primrose "Edie" DiAngelo (nee Blanchett)


DNiece: Audrey Samantha Herbst (11)

DD/DD/DD: Cora Josephine DiAngelo / Fiona Catherine DiAngelo / Zara Madeleine DiAngelo (10)

DNiece: Evelyn Victoria Herbst (8)

DS: Malcolm Ezra DiAngelo (7)

DNephew: William Dominic "Liam" Herbst (5)

DS/DS: Atticus Bennett DiAngelo / Gideon Everett DiAngelo (5)

DNephew: Tristan Nathaniel Herbst (4)

DD/DD: Aurora Charlotte DiAngelo / Leia Juliette DiAngelo (2)


Cat: Daisy


Jacob and Edie DiAngelo

Audrey, Cora, Fiona, Zara, Evelyn, Malcolm, Liam, Atticus, Gideon, Tristan, Aurora, and Leia

Daisy the cat


Year 1 


Shortly after their own wedding, Edie and Jacob are asked to help plan their best friends' wedding.  Edie's best friend Rachel Melanie Harmon and her fiance, Jacob's best friend (and cousin) Isaac Stephen DiAngelo are engaged, and both of them loved Edie and Jacob's literary-themed wedding (think vintage book centerpieces, place cards written on old card catalogue entries, favorite books as favors for the wedding party). Isaac and Rachel want Edie and Jacob's help to plan their own wedding with a cool theme. After discussing a lot of ideas and considering both their personalities and interests, Isaac and Rachel decide on a glamorous 1920s Great Gatsby-style wedding. A little party never killed nobody!


Year 2


Shortly after New Year's, Edie discovers that she's pregnant. Her and Jacob are shocked when a scan reveals that they're having triplets! Edie gives birth to three girls at 34 weeks. The babies are a bit small, but otherwise healthy, and the DiAngelo's couldn't be more thrilled. They name their little girls Cora Josephine DiAngelo, Fiona Catherine DiAngelo, and Zara Madeleine DiAngelo.


Year 3


Edie's grandmother sadly passes away. My to her surprise, the estate lawyer tells Edie that her grandmother has left her a beautiful home in Palm Bay, Florida. It has a huge front yard for the girls to play in when they get older, and is only a few blocks from the beach. Edie and Jacob decide not to move into the house, but use it as a vacation home.


Year 4


Jacob receives a bonus at work, and he and Edie decide to splurge a little bit and get a new car. They choose a BMW X5With three two-year-olds, they need the extra room.


Year 5


Edie finds out she's pregnant again. After a routine pregnancy that goes full-term, the DiAngelo's welcome a healthy baby boy! Jacob loves no longer being the only boy in the house, and the girls love having a baby brother. They name their little man Malcolm Ezra DiAngelo.


Year 6


Since they've had another baby, the house that Jacob and Edie bought right after they were married is starting to feel a bit cramped. They decide it's time to buy a new house. They find the perfect Victorian-style house. It has several bedrooms and a big backyard for the kids to play in. Best of all, it has a library with built-in bookcases, perfect for bibliophiles Jacob and Edie.


Year 7


The DiAngelos moved into a bigger house just in time! Edie discovers she's pregnant again, and a scan reveals she's having twin boys. When they arrive, Edie and Jacob name them Atticus Bennett DiAngelo and Gideon Everett DiAngelo  The girls are excited to have two new babies in the house (even though they would have preferred a baby sister). Two-year-old Malcolm is a little bit too young to really understand what's happening, but he thinks his new brothers are a lot of fun and loves to make them laugh.


Year 8


Edie has worked as the children's librarian at a local library branch since shortly after she and Jacob got married. Recently, the head children's librarian for the entire region retired, and Edie was hired to replace her. Edie now oversees all of the libraries in the area, and gets to plan events at every library as well as oversee all of the children's programs. She has a lot of ideas for new ways to make the library fun and interesting for kids. The promotion comes with a more flexible work schedule (which is great with 6 kids!) as well as a significant raise in salary.


Year 9


The kids have been begging Jacob and Edie for a pet, and they decide to get a kitten. On a family trip to the local animal shelter, they all fall in love with an adorable black and white kitten. After much debate among the kids over what to name their new family member, they finally agree on Daisy, because the little kitten loves to play in the daisies growing in the backyard. Daisy is a playful and affectionate cat, and the DiAngelos love having her as a part of the family.


Year 10


The triplets are eight, Malcolm is five, and Atticus and Gideon are three. Jacob and Edie thought they were done having kids, but were in for a surprise when Edie becomes pregnant for the fourth time.  A routine scan reveals another set of twins, this time two girls. Cora, Fiona, and Zara are overjoyed to finally be getting some little sisters. The twins arrive and are named Aurora Charlotte DiAngelo and Leia Juliette DiAngelo.


Year 11


Edie's sister Lucienne Dahlia "Lucy" Herbst (nee Blanchett) and her husband David William Herbst are tragically killed when they are hit by a drunk driver while walking down the street. They leave behind four young children: Audrey Samantha Herbst (10), Evelyn Victoria Herbst (7), William Dominic "Liam" Herbst (4), and Tristan Nathaniel Herbst (3)Edie and Jacob are heartbroken for the children, and decide to take them into their own home. 


Year 12


The DiAngelo/Herbst family take a vacation! They all travel to Greece. The children love seeing all of the ancient sites that they've learned about in school, as well as enjoying relaxing on the beach and generally having fun. 

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