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Family Tree CAF #4 - 7/10

Family Tree CAF #4 - 7/10 Family Tree CAF #4 Family Tree CAF 7/10 Mine Round 7

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Posted 01 March 2018 - 05:11 PM

The Nelson Family


DH: Niels Jack Nelson (74)

DW: Tamsin Aurelia Nelson (nee Woods) (71)


DS: Maximilian Stefano "Max" Nelson (49)

DD: Evelyn Theodora "Evie" Nelson (48)

DD: Octavia Beatrix "Via" Nelson (47)

DD: Adelina Hermione "Addie" Nelson (45)

DD/DS: Felicity Minerva "Lissie" Nelson / Malachi Olivier "Kai" Nelson  (44)

DS: Lennox Brody "Nox" Nelson (39) (adopted from Scotland)


Niels and Tamsin Nelson

Max, Evie, Via, Addie, Lissie, Kai, and Nox




The Nelson Family


DH: Maximilian Stefano "Max" Nelson (49)

DW: Serena Annabeth Nelson (nee Remington) (49)


DD: Danica Mariah "Dani" Nelson (26)

DD: Rebecca Gwen "Becca" Nelson (22)

DD: Anastasia Rose "Anya" Nelson (19)

DS: Kendrick Adam Nelson (16)

DS: Vincent Dante Nelson (13)

DS: Desmond Milo Nelson (12)

DS: Reuben Link Nelson (10)


Max and Serena Nelson

Dani, Becca, Anya, Kendrick, Vincent, Desmond, and Reuben




The Nelson-Jepsen Family


DW: Danica Mariah "Dani" Nelson-Jepsen (26)

DW: Claudine Briar Nelson-Jepsen (27)


DAS: Taniel Corbin Nelson-Jepson (6) (adopted from Armenia)

DAD: Raquel Luna Nelson-Jepson (2) (adopted from Haiti)


Dani and Claudine Nelson-Jepsen

Taniel and Raquel




The Nelson-O'Shaughnessy Family


DGF: Rebecca Gwen "Becca" Nelson (22)

DBF: Declan Everett O'Shaughnessy (23) (long-term)


DD: Helena Tamsin O'Shaughnessy (3)


Becca Nelson and Declan O'Shaughnessy





The Nelson Family


DD: Anastasia Rose "Anya" Nelson (19) (single)


Anya Nelson




The Crowsteel Family


DW: Evelyn Theodora "Evie" Crowsteel (nee Nelson) (48)

DH: Dominic James Crowsteel (50)


DD/DD: Amelia Sheridan "Mia" Crowsteel / Aurora Tiernan "Rory" Crowsteel (24)

DD: Eisley Julianna Crowsteel (16)

DD: Magda Rowan Crowsteel (14)

DS/DS: Cassius Jett Crowsteel / Atticus Seth Crowsteel (12)


Evie and Dominic Crowsteel

Mia, Rory, Eisley, Magda, Cassius, and Atticus




The Harrington Family


DW: Amelia Sheridan "Mia" Harrington (nee Crowsteel) (24)

DH Alexander James "Alex" Harrington (24)


DD: Violetta Josephine "Lettie" Harrington (5)

DD: Gabriella Hermione "Bree" Harrington (2)


Mia  and Alex Harrington

Lettie and Bree




The Compton Family


DW: Aurora Tiernan "Rory" Compton (nee Crowsteel) (24)

DH: Cedric Llewellyn Compton (27)


DS/DS: Dylan Asher Compton / Ian Dashiell Compton (6)

DS: Gavin Fletcher Compton (4)

DD: Freya Jessamine Compton (2)

DS: Callum Noah Compton (1)


Rory and Cedric Compton

Dylan, Ian, Gavin, Freya, and Callum




The Nelson Family


DW: Octavia Beatrix "Via" Nelson (47)

exDH: Atticus William Bennett (father of Tristan, Patrick, Sterling, and Erik) 


DS: Tristan Oliver Bennett (23)

DS: Patrick Callum Bennett (21)

DS: Sterling Malcolm Bennett (19)

DS: Erik Graham Bennett (17)


Via Nelson 

Tristan, Patrick, Sterling, and Erik




The Bennett Family


DH: Tristan Oliver Bennett (23)

DW: Zelda Saskia Bennett (nee Clayton) (24)


DS: Calder William Bennett (5)

DS: Crispin Jakob Bennett (1) 


Tristan and Zelda Bennett

Calder and Crispin




The Bennett-Earhart Family


DBF: Patrick Callum Bennett (21)

DGF: Annalise Jordan Earhart (19) (long-term)


Patrick Bennett and Annalise Earhart




The Bennett-Sheffield Family


DBF: Sterling Malcolm Bennett (19)

DBF: Philip Benedict Sheffield (19) (long-term)


Sterling Bennett and Philip Sheffield 




The Holden Family


DW: Adelina Hermione "Addie" Holden (nee Nelson) (45)

DH: Lorcan Jasper Holden (46) 


DD: Margaret Yvaine "Maisie" Holden (20)

DD: Milena Caroline "Lena" Holden (19)

DS: Micah Frederick Holden (18)

DS: Marius Donovan Holden (17)

DD: Maeve Cecilia Holden (14)

DD: Marlowe Genevieve Holden (12)

DS/DS: Matteo Ethan Holden / Miles Tanner Holden (11)


Addie and Lorcan Holden

Maisie, Lena, Micah, Marius, Maeve, Marlowe, Matteo, and Miles




The Holden-Evans Family


DGF: Margaret Yvaine "Maisie" Holden (20) (bisexual)

DBF: Griffin Markus Evans (21) (long-term)


Maisie Holden and Griffin Evans




The Holden-Montgomery Family


DGF: Milena Caroline "Lena" Holden (19)

DBF: Hawthorne Emmanuel "Thorne" Montgomery (19) (short-term)


Lena Holden and Thorne Montgomery




The Holden-Mason Family


DBF: Micah Frederick Holden (18) (bisexual)

DGF: Hilary Emilia Mason (19) (long-term)


Micah Holden and Hilary Mason




The Birch Family


DW: Felicity Minerva "Lissie" Birch (nee Nelson) (44)

DH: Calder Ronan Birch (44) 


DD: Julia Rosemary "Lia" Birch (26)

DS: Gideon Baxter Birch (24)

DD: Lydia Alouette Birch (14)


Lissie and Calder Birch

Lia, Gideon, and Lydia




The Elliot Family


DW: Julia Rosemary "Lia" Elliot (nee Birch) (26)

DH: Tristan Milo Elliot (28)

exBF: Dominic Parker "Nic" Ashford 


DS: Finn Wilder Elliot (2)

DS: Stefan Peter Elliot (1)


Lia and Tristan Elliot

Finn and Stefan




The Birch-Sensabaugh Family


DBF: Gideon Baxter Birch (24)

DBF: Gabin Asher Sensabaugh (24) (long-term)


DAD: Frederica Elisabeth "Rica" Birch-Sensabaugh (3) (adopted from Germany)

DAS: Conan Dempsey Birch-Sensabaugh (2) (adopted from Ireland)

DAD: Delphina Avril "Della" Birch-Sensabaugh(nb) (adopted from France)


Gideon Birch and Gabin Sensabaugh

Rica, Conan, and Della




The Nelson Family


DH: Malachi Olivier "Kai" Nelson  (44)

DW: Violet Ariadne Nelson (nee Hendrix) (44)


DS: Flynn Johano Nelson (25) 

DD: Camelia Ivy Nelson (18)

DD: Cressida Maris Nelson (10)


Kai and Violet Nelson

Flynn, Camelia, and Cressida



The Nelson-Stordalen Family


DBF: Flynn Johano Nelson (25) (bisexual)

DBF: Leonidas Azariah "Leo" Stordalen (27) (long-term)


DAS: Silas Anton Nelson-Stordalen (1) (adopted from China)


Flynn Nelson and Leo Stordalen





The Nelson-Stefaniak Family


DGF: Camelia Ivy Nelson (18)

DBF: Paxton Job Stefaniak (19) (long-term)


Camelia Nelson and Paxton Stefaniak 




The Nelson Family


DH: Lennox Brody "Nox" Nelson (39)

DW: Lily Abigail Nelson (nee Saxon) (40)


DD: Elodie Delphine Nelson (21)

DS/DS: Ian Matthias Nelson / Everett Tiberius Nelson (18)

DD: Flora Anneliese Nelson (15)

DD: Mathilde Sabrina Nelson (13)

DD/DD: Coraline Fiona Nelson / Sylvie Elinor Nelson (12)


Nox and Lily Nelson

Elodie, Ian, Everett, Flora, Mathilde, Coraline, and Sylvie




The Nelson-Beecham Family


DGF: Elodie Delphine Nelson (21)

DBF: Jericho Oliver Beecham (23) (long-term)


Elodie Nelson and Jericho Beecham




The Nelson-Penning Family


DBF: Ian Matthias Nelson (18) (bisexual)

DGF: Madeleine Sophia "Maddie" Penning (18) (long-term)


Ian Nelson and Maddie Penning




The Nelson-Emerson Family


DBF: Everett Tiberius Nelson (18)

DGF: Cressida Rosalie Emerson (19) (long-term)


Everett Nelson and Cressida Emerson 

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Posted 15 September 2018 - 07:14 AM

The Parker Family


Dh: Falcon Craig Parker (80)

Dw: Beatrice 'Bee' Veronica Bly Parker (79)


Dd/Dd: Olivia Justine Parker/Katherine 'Kate' Helena Parker (48)

Dd: Sandra 'Andi' Yvonne Parker (47)

Ds: James William Parker (45)


Falcon Bee Parker; with OliviaKateAndi, & James



The Garbert-Smithie/Avery Family


Dw: Olivia Justine Parker Garbert-Smithie (48)

Dh: Preston Ezra Garbert-Smithie (50)


Dd: Lumi Albertine Avery (22)

Ds: Shiloh Bradley Avery (21)

Dd: Faith Rebecca Avery (20)

Dd: Jet Bethanie Garbert-Smithie (13)


Ex-Dbf: Paulo Kulap Rust (49)

Ex-Dh: Carl Klemens Avery (50) - Father of Lumi, Shiloh, & Faith


Olivia (& ex-partners Paulo Rust Carl Avery) Preston Garbert-Smithie; with LumiShilohFaith, & Jet



The Avery/Ellsworth Family


Dgf: Lumi Albertine Avery (22)

Dbf: Espen Huxley Ellsworth (23) - Short term


Ds: Crispin 'Cris' Mark Avery (1)

Ds: Josiah 'Joey' Davis Ellsworth (0)


Lumi Avery & Espen Ellsworth; with Cris & Joey



The Avery/Blake Family


Dbf: Shiloh Bradley Avery (21)

Dgf: Iris Charlotte Blake (20) - Short term


Dd: Selene Flora Avery (3)

Ds/Ds: Julian Otto Avery/Lucian Eric Avery (1)


Shiloh Avery & Iris Blake; with Selene, Julian, & Lucian



The Avery/Ryland Family


Dgf: Faith Rebecca Avery (20)

Dbf: Wilder Judson Ryland (20) - Long term


Dd: Ava Cameron Ryland (0)


Faith Avery & Wilder Ryland; with Ava



The Tallhell Family


Dw: Katherine 'Kate' Helena Parker Tallhell (48)

Dh: Sri Roque Tallhell (48)


Ds: Oakley 'Oak' Rune Tallhell (23)

Dd: Ingrid 'Indie' Annelie Tallhell (21)

Dd/Ds: Lenore 'Nora' Alouette Tallhell/Marlowe 'Lowie' Eliot Tallhell (12)


Kate Sri Tallhell; with OakIndieNora, & Lowie



The Tallhell Family


DFiancé: Oakley 'Oak' Rune Tallhell (23)

DFiancée: Jada Martine Dean (23)


Ds: Carver Dante Tallhell (6)

Dd: Hazel Beatrice Tallhell (4)

Dd/Dd: Lydia Charis Tallhell/Charity Lily Tallhell (0)


Oak Tallhell & Jada Dean; with Carver, Hazel, Lydia, & Charity



The Tallhell/Black Family


Dgf: Ingrid 'Indie' Annelie Tallhell (21) - Bisexual

Dbf: Viggo Hawthorne Black (25) - Long term


Indie Tallhell & Viggo Black



The Ferris Family


Dw: Sandra 'Andi' Yvonne Parker Ferris (47)

Dh: Alexander 'Alex' Jaxon Ferris (50)


Ds: Damien Daniel Ferris (25)

Ds/Dd: Bennett 'Ben' Simon Ferris/Harriet 'Hattie' Isabella Ferris (23)

Ds: Sebastian 'Sebi' Luka Ferris (14)

Ds: Harley Cassius Ferris (12)

Dd: Tessa Leilani Ferris (10)


Andi Alex Ferris; with DamienBenHattieSebiHarley, & Tessa



The Ferris Family


Dh: Damien Daniel Ferris (25)

Dw: Thea Pamela Wood Ferris (25)


Ds: Leo Aiden Ferris (0)


Damien & Thea Ferris; with Leo



The Ferris/Richey Family


DFiancé: Bennett 'Ben' Simon Ferris (23) - Gay

DFiancé: Magnus 'Gus' John Kerr Richey (24)


ADd: Evelyn 'Evie' Layla Richey-Ferris (4) - Adopted domestically

ADd: Cecilia 'Lia' Fay Richey-Ferris (2) - Adopted domestically

ADd: Annabel 'Belle' Joy Richey-Ferris (0) - Adopted domestically


Ben Ferris & Gus Richey; with Evie, Lia, & Belle



The Ferris-Holder Family


Dw: Harriet 'Hattie' Isabella Ferris-Holder (23) - Lesbian

Dw: Marie Lauren Ferris-Holder (23)


ADs/ADs: Noam Benedict Ferris-Holder/Kobe Lennox Ferris-Holder (4) - Adopted from Uganda

ADs: Milo Frederick Ferris-Holder (2) - Adopted domestically


Hattie & Marie Ferris-Holder; with Noam, Kobe, & Milo



The Parker Family


Dh: James William Parker (45)

Dw: Melody Brooke Hathaway Parker (45)


Dd: Sunny Miracle Parker (27)

Ds: Lawson Jay Parker (16)

Dd: Maia Scarlett Parker (13)


James Melody Parker; with SunnyLawson, & Maia



The Haynes Family


Dw: Sunny Miracle Parker Haynes (27)

Dh: Sherwood 'Woody' William Haynes (29)


Dd: Rose Anastasia Haynes (3)


Sunny & Woody Haynes; with Rose



Generations of the Parker Family


Falcon Beatrice Parker; with OliviaKatherineSandra, & James


Olivia (& ex-partners Paulo Rust Carl Avery) & Preston Garbert-Smithie; with LumiShilohFaith, & Jet

Katherine Sri Tallhell; with OakleyIngridLenore, & Marlowe

Sandra Alexander Ferris; with DamienBennettHarrietSebastianHarley, & Tessa

James Melody Parker; with SunnyLawson, & Maia


Lumi Avery & Espen Ellsworth; with Crispin & Josiah

Shiloh Avery & Iris Blake; with Selene, Julian, & Lucian

Faith Avery & Wilder Ryland; with Ava


Oakley Tallhell & Jada Dean; with Carver, Hazel, Lydia, & Charity

Ingrid Tallhell & Viggo Black


Damien & Thea Ferris; with Leo

Bennett Ferris & Magnus Richey; with Evelyn, Cecilia, & Annabel

Harriet & Marie Ferris-Holder; with Noam, Kobe, & Milo


Sunny & Sherwood Haynes; with Rose

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Posted 16 September 2018 - 09:14 AM

The Merriweather-Ashby Family


DH: Drake Rhys Merriweather-Ashby [81]

DH: Benjamin William Merriweather-Ashby [82]


DAS1: Brody Luke Merriweather-Ashby [51]

(Adopted from USA)

DAD1: Morgan Diana Svendsen [49]

(Adopted from USA)

DAS2: Flint Carter Merriweather-Ashby [47]

(Adopted from USA)

DAS3: Nash James Merriweather-Ashby [45]

(Adopted from USA)


Drake and Benjamin Merriweather-Ashby; with Brody, Morgan, Flint & Nash




The Merriweather-Ashby Family


DAS1: Brody Luke Merriweather-Ashby [51] (Bisexual)

DW: Mia Lauren Merriweather-Ashby (nee Sachtleben) [47]

Ex-DW: Iris Eleonora Petros (formerly Merriweather-Ashby) [50] [Mother of Boone]

Ex-DBF: Kaede Sylvan Brentwood [48] (formerly ST)


DS1: Boone James Merriweather-Ashby [24]

DAS1: Howard Cael Merriweather-Ashby [17]

(Adopted from USA)

DS2: Alexander Seamus Merriweather-Ashby [16]


Brody (and ex-wife Iris Petros) and Mia Merriweather-Ashby; with Boone, Howard & Alexander




The Merriweather-Ashby Family


DS1: Boone James Merriweather-Ashby [24]

DW: Victoria Lavinia Merriweather-Ashby (nee Heiberg) [27]


DD1: Gemma Eleanor Merriweather-Ashby [0]


Boone and Victoria Merriweather-Ashby; with Gemma




The Svendsen Family


DAD1: Morgan Diana Svendsen (nee Merriweather-Ashby) [49]

DH: Johan Oliver Svendsen [49]

Ex-Dfiance: Elijah Enoch Starrock [49]


DD1: Constance Jane Svendsen [20]

DD2: Gabrielle Blair Svendsen [19]

DAD1/DAD2: Mathilda Tracie Svendsen & Margaret Pomerania Svendsen [16]

(Adopted from USA)

DAD3: Emily Adelene Svendsen [12]

(Adopted from USA)

DS1/DS2: Holden Lukas Svendsen & Hollis Oliver Svendsen [11]


Morgan and Johan Svendsen; with Constance, Gabrielle, Mathilda, Margaret, Emily, Holden & Hollis





The Svendsen/Brewington Family


DD1: Constance Jane Svendsen [20] (Bisexual)

Dfiance: Cobalt "Colt" Pax Brewington [21]


Constance Svendsen and Colt Brewington




The Svendsen Family


DD2: Gabrielle Blair Svendsen [19]


Gabrielle Svendsen




The Merriweather-Ashby/Cooper Family


DAS2: Flint Carter Merriweather-Ashby [47]

DGF: Claudia Alice Cooper [49] (Long Term)

Ex-DW: Penelope Maxine Lance (formerly Merriweather-Ashby) [48] [Mother of Emmeline & Genevieve]


DSD1: Cadence Jette Cooper [27]

DD1/DD2: Emmeline Phoebe Merriweather-Ashby & Genevieve Hermione Merriweather-Ashby [21]

DAD1: Hayley Carmen Merriweather-Ashby [16]

(Adopted from USA)

DS1: William "Will" Jai Merriweather-Ashby [12]

DD3: Juniper Maye Merriweather-Ashby [10]


Flint Merriweather-Ashby (and ex-wife Penelope Lance) and Claudia Cooper; with Cadence, Emmeline, Genevieve, Hayley, Will & Juniper




The Cooper/Sheffield Family


DSD1: Cadence Jette Cooper [27] (Bisexual)

Dfiance: Truett Odin Sheffield [30]


DSD1: Alexis Cloud Sheffield [7]

DS1/DD1: Christopher Aaron Sheffield & Clara Alice Sheffield [1]


Cadence Cooper and Truett Sheffield; with Alexis, Christopher & Clara




The Merriweather-Ashby Family


DD1: Emmeline Phoebe Merriweather-Ashby [21] (Homosexual)


Emmeline Merriweather-Ashby




The Merriweather-Ashby/Buffington Family


DD2: Genevieve Hermione Merriweather-Ashby [21]

DBF: Ethan Sorrell Buffington [21] (Long Term)


DS1: Judah Chase Buffington [0]


Genevieve Merriweather-Ashby and Ethan Buffington; with Judah






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Posted 16 September 2018 - 09:15 AM

The Merriweather-Ashby Family


DAS3: Nash James Merriweather-Ashby [45]

DW: Jensen Jordana Merriweather-Ashby (nee Kelsey) [45] (formerly LT)


DD1: Prudence Jane Ashby [24]

DD2: Arabella Jermaynj Merriweather-Ashby [22]

DS1: Gideon Jules Merriweather-Ashby [20]

DAD1: Nora Jade Merriweather-Ashby [13]

(Adopted from USA)

DAD2: Hester Jessamy Merriweather-Ashby [10]

(Adopted from USA)


Nash and Jensen Merriweather-Ashby; with Prudence, Arabella, Gideon, Nora & Hester




The Ashby Family


DD1: Prudence Jane Ashby (nee Merriweather-Ashby) [24] (Homosexual)

DW: Brooke Paige Ashby [25]


Prudence and Brooke Ashby





The Merriweather-Ashby/Arceneaux Family


DD2: Arabella Jermaynj Merriweather-Ashby [22]

Dfiance: Dietrich Leonard Arceneaux [22]


Arabella Merriweather-Ashby and Dietrich Arceneaux 



The Merriweather-Ashby/Harrison Family


DS1: Gideon Jules Merriweather-Ashby [20]

Dfiancee: Raine Rowena Harrison [20]


Gideon Merriweather-Ashby and Raine Harrison



Generations of the Merriweather-Ashby Family:


Drake and Benjamin Merriweather-Ashby; with Brody, Morgan, Flint & Nash


Brody (and ex-wife Iris Petros) and Mia Merriweather-Ashby; with Boone, Howard & Alexander

Morgan and Johan Svendsen; with Constance, Gabrielle, Mathilda, Margaret, Emily, Holden & Hollis

Flint Merriweather-Ashby (and ex-wife Penelope Lance) and Claudia Cooper; with Cadence, Emmeline, Genevieve, Hayley, Will & Juniper

Nash and Jensen Merriweather-Ashby; with Prudence, Arabella, Gideon, Nora & Hester


Boone and Victoria Merriweather-Ashby; with Gemma


Constance Svendsen and Colt Brewington

Gabrielle Svendsen


Cadence Cooper and Truett Sheffield; with Alexis, Christopher & Clara

Emmeline Merriweather-Ashby

Genevieve Merriweather-Ashby and Ethan Buffington; with Judah


Prudence and Brooke Ashby

Arabella Merriweather-Ashby and Dietrich Arceneaux

Gideon Merriweather-Ashby and Raine Harrison

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Posted 19 September 2018 - 05:01 PM

The Cundiff Family


DH: Richard Lucius Cundiff (75)

DW: Cressida Alice Cundiff (nee Westerberg) (75)


DD: Aurora Roselle Cundiff (51)

DS/DS: Erik Emmanuel Cundiff / Dashiell Roman Cundiff (48)

DD: Eisley Minerva Cundiff (45)


Richard and Cressida Cundiff

Aurora, Erik, Dashiell, and Eisley




The Harrison Family


DW: Aurora Roselle Harrison (nee Cundiff) (51)

DH: Linden Elliot Harrison (51)


DS: Lucas Gideon Harrison (26)


Aurora and Linden Harrison





The Harrison-Montgomery Family


DFiance: Lucas Gideon Harrison (26)

DFiancee: Delia Calliope Montgomery (25)

exGF: Jade Elizabeth Solberg 


DD: Daniela Jolie Harrison (3)

DD: Linnea Tamsin Harrison (2)


Lucas Harrison and Delia Montgomery

Daniela and Linnea




The Cundiff  Family


DH: Erik Emmanuel Cundiff (48)

DW: Safira Penrose Cundiff (nee Holloway) (48)


DS/DD: Donovan Xavier Cundiff / Madeline Willow Cundiff (25) 

DD: Anastasia Lindsey Cundiff (19)

DS: Nolan Jacob Cundiff (17)

DS: Desmond Oliver Cundiff (14)

DD: Juliet Albany Cundiff (12)


Erik and Safira Cundiff

Donovan, Madeline, Anastasia, Nolan, Desmond, and Juliet




The Cundiff-Davidsson Family


DBF: Donovan Xavier Cundiff (25) (bisexual)

DBF: Emmett Nazar Davidsson (25) (long-term)


DAS: Clement Mathis Cundiff-Davidsson (4) (adopted from France)


Donovan Cundiff and Emmett Davidsson





The Harrington Family


DW: Madeline Willow Harrington (nee Cundiff) (25) 

DH: Patrick Calder Harrington (26) 


DD/DD: Aria Lavender Harrington / Adela Gwendolyn Harrington  (3)

DD: Flavia Rosamund Harrington (nb)


Madeline and Patrick Harrington

Aria, Adela, and Flavia




The Cundiff-Everest Family


DGF: Anastasia Lindsey Cundiff (19)

DBF: Jericho Benjamin Everest (19) (short-term)


Anastasia Cundiff and Jericho Everest




The Cundiff Family


DH: Dashiell Roman Cundiff (48) (bisexual)

DW: Ariadne Sophia Mikhail (46)


DS: Nathaniel Heath "Nate" Cundiff (24)

DD: Theodora Scarlett "Thea" Cundiff (21)

DD: Kassandra Lucy "Sandra" Cundiff (14)

DD: Lenore Penelope"Lena" Cundiff (13)


Dashiell and Ariadne Cundiff

Nate, Thea, Sandra, and Lena




The Cundiff-Nelsen Family


DBF: Nathaniel Heath "Nate" Cundiff (24)

DGF: Adelina Hermione "Addie" Nelsen (25) (long-term)


DD/DS: Jacqueline Victoria "Jackie" Cundiff / Frederick Winston "Freddie" Cundiff (4)

DD: Gabriella Beatrice "Bree" Cundiff (1)


Nate Cundiff and Addie Nelsen

Jackie, Freddie, and Bree




The Cundiff Family


DD: Theodora Scarlett "Thea" Cundiff (21) (single)


Thea Cundiff




The Langston Family


DW: Eisley Minerva Langston (nee Cundiff) (45)

DH: Declan Asher Langston (45)


DD: Katherine Rebekah "Katie" Langston (23)

DS/DD: Benedict Tristan "Ben" Langston / Annika Rhiannon "Annie" Langston (21)

DS: Christian "Chris" Langston (14)

DD: Cordelia Rose "Cora" Langston (12)

DD: Matilda Rachel "Mattie" Langston (10)


Eisley Cundiff and Declan Langston

Katie, Ben, Annie, Chris, Cora, and Mattie




The Langston-Wakefield Family


DGF: Katherine Rebekah "Katie" Langston (23) (bisexual, single)

DBF: Tiernan Dashiell Wakefield (25) (short-term)


Katie Langston and Tiernan Wakefield




The Langston-Gabriel Family


DBF: Benedict Tristan "Ben" Langston (21)

DGF: Serena Jessamine Gabriel (22) (short-term)


Ben Langston and Serena Gabriel




The Langston-Lindberg Family


DFiancee: Annika Rhiannon "Annie" Langston (21)

DFiance: Reuben Tobias Lindberg (21)


Annie Langston and Reuben Lindberg

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John 'JR' Ronan Webster [75]

m. Briony Laurel Parker [74]

Luke Justice Webster [51]

Sofiya Patience Webster [49]

Peyton Serenity Webster [49]

Viviana 'Ana' Amity Webster [49]



Luke Justice Webster [51, bisexual]

m. Harper Alexei Crane  [52, ex]

Preston Eduardo Webster-Crane [24]

Elodie 'Elle' Sumner Webster-Crane [23]

Nora Clementine Webster-Crane [19]

Robert 'Bobby' Orion Webster-Crane [17]

m. Alistair 'Ali' James Brown [55, ex]

m. Rose Calypso Dean [51, short term]


Preston Eduardo Webster-Crane [24]

m. Annie Joelle Eldarsdottir [24, engaged]

Simon Phoenix Webster-Crane [5]


Elodie 'Elle' Sumner Webster-Crane [23]

m. William 'Will' Zane Roseth [24]

Albine 'Alba' Leia Roseth [9]

India 'Indie' Isabel Mary Roseth [7]

Winona 'Nona' Zahara Roseth [6]

Felicity 'Fliss' Alhambra Roseth [3]

Adam Gabriel Roseth [3]


Nora Clementine Webster-Crane [19, bisexual]

m. Evander 'Evan' Clark Black [20, short term]



Sofiya Patience Webster [49, lesbian]

Reuben Marcus Webster [13]

Kara Lorelai Webster [12]

Maeve Nancy Webster [11]

Amelia 'Mia' Ivy Webster [10]

m. Adelaide 'Addie' Deanne Malone [49, ex]

m. Lettie Emmaline Abner [51, ex]

m. Aubrey Anastasia Quill [49, short term]



Peyton Serenity Webster [49]

m. Dominic 'Nico' Wilder Bertone [50, ex]

Theo Adriel Bertone [18]

Korbin 'Kory' Miles Bertone [18]

m. Dev Thackeray Murdock [49]

Finley 'Finn' Benjamin Murdock [12]


Theo Adriel Bertone [18]

m. Elizabeth 'Libby' Adair Brendan [18, engaged]

Luna Delphine Bertone [1]


Korbin 'Kory' Bertone [18, gay]

m. Drew Francis Desmond [18, short term]



Viviana 'Ana' Amity Webster [49]

m. Cullen Ashe Doss [53, ex]

Dustin 'Dusty' Oliver Doss [24]

Trinity Theresa Doss [23]

Angus 'Gus' Colton Doss [22]

m. Marius Lysander Warren [50]

Alfie Abraham Warren [18]

Stella Margo Warren [13]

Eve Lila Warren [11]


Dustin 'Dusty' Oliver Doss [24, bisexual]

Alaia Jacqueline Doss [8]

Jude Bryler Doss [6]

m. Joseph 'Joe' Saxon Wallace Lockridge [25, ex]


Trinity Theresa Doss [23, lesbian]

m. Julie Cassandra Hampton [23]

Rebecca 'Becca' Dawn Hampton-Doss [4]

Hayes Baxter Hampton-Doss [0]

Avery Janice Hampton-Doss [0]


Angus 'Gus' Colton Doss [22]

Maverick 'Mavi' Paul Doss [3]

m. Linden Emma Blair [21, short term]


Alfie Abraham Warren [18, bisexual]

m. Iris Andromeda Shires [18, long term]

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The Ward Family


DH: Benjamin Atticus Ward (72)

DW: Luciana Aubree Ward (nee Lyons) (72)


DD: Victoria Maeve Ward (51)

DD/DD: Octavia Tanis Ward / Lydia Rose Ward (49)

DD: Annika Tatum Ward (48)

DD/DD: Emilia Josefine Ward / Ophelia Zola Ward (45)


Benjamin and Luciana Ward

Victoria, Octavia, Lydia, Annika, Emilia, and Ophelia




The Lockwood Family


DW: Victoria Maeve Lockwood (nee Ward) (51)

DH: William Lucien Lockwood (53)


DS: Eamon September Lockwood (27)

DS: Breccan Orlando Lockwood (23)

DS: Gideon Cormac Lockwood (21)

DS: Ciaran Tobias Lockwood (20)


Victoria and William Lockwood

Eamon, Breccan, Gideon, and Ciaran




The Lockwood-Bennington Family


DFiance: Eamon September Lockwood (27)

DFiancee: Leia Juliet Bennington (27) 


DS: Dylan Fletcher Lockwood (6)

DD/DD: Madeleine Serena "Maddie" Lockwood / Jessamine Rebecca "Jessie" Lockwood (4)


Eamon Lockwood and Leia Bennington

Dylan, Maddie, and Jessie




The Lockwood-Harrison Family


DFiance: Breccan Orlando Lockwood (23)

DFiance: Emmett Dashiell Harrison (25)

exBF: Marius Holden Brown 


DAS: Finnian Andrew "Finn" Lockwood-Harrison (nb) (adopted from Ireland)



Breccan Lockwood and Emmett Harrison





The Lockwood-Hudson Family


DBF: Gideon Cormac Lockwood (21) (bisexual)

DGF: Julia Bellamy Hudson (20) (short-term)


Gideon Lockwood and Julia Hudson




The Lockwood-Riviera Family


DFiance: Ciaran Tobias Lockwood (20)

DFiancee: Hannah Persephone Riviera (20)


Ciaran Lockwood and Hannah Riviera




The Ward-Hadley Family


DW: Octavia Tanis Ward-Hadley (49)

DW: Adela Theodora Ward-Hadley (50)

exFiancee: Penelope Claire Sunlance 


DAD: Georgia Evangeline Ward-Hadley (19) (adopted from USA)

DAD: Rowan Lucy Ward-Hadley (14) (adopted from USA)


Octavia and Adela Ward-Hadley





The Ward-Hadley-Evans Family


DGF: Georgia Evangeline Ward-Hadley (19) (bisexual)

DBF: Cyrus Benedict Evans (20) (long-term)


Georgia Ward-Hadley and Cyrus Evans




The Ward-Sadler Family 


DFiancee: Lydia Rose Ward (49)

DFiance: Brody Denzel Sadler (47)

exDH: Grayson Elliot Conway 


DD: Aveline Maria Sadler (17)

DS/DD: Hugo Benjamin Sadler / Flora Josephine Sadler (15)

DS: Malcolm Edward Sadler (13)

DS/DD: Byron Knox Sadler / Elodie Scarlett Sadler (10)


Lydia Ward and Brody Sadler

Aveline, Hugo, Flora, Malcolm, Byron, and Elodie




The Jonas Family


DW: Annika Tatum Jonas (nee Ward) (48)

DH: Percival Henry "Percy" Jonas (48)


DS: Crispin Daniel Jonas (25)

DD: Linnea Gisele Jonas (23)

DD: Margrete Helen Jonas (19)

DD: Ingrid Mathilde Jonas (14)


Annika and Percy Jonas

Crispin, Linnea, Margrete, and Ingrid




The Jonas-Godfrey Family


DFiance: Crispin Daniel Jonas (25)

DFiancee: Erica Marceline Godfrey (24) 


DD: Danica Emmeline "Dani" Jonas (1)


Crispin Jonas and Erica Godfrey





The Jonas-Winfield Family


DGF: Linnea Gisele Jonas (23) (bisexual)

DBF: Hawthorne Silas "Thorn" Winfield (25) (short-term)


Linnea Jonas and Thorn Winfield




The Jonas-Alexander Family


DGF: Margrete Helen Jonas (19)

DBF: Declan Henry Alexander (19) (long-term)


Margrete Jonas and Declan Alexander




The Saalfeld Family


DD: Emilia Josefine Saalfeld (nee Ward) (45)

DH: Paul Jeffery Saalfeld (45)

exBF: Noah Matias Lamonte


DS/DS: Atticus Remington Saalfeld / Thaddeus Ferdinand Saalfeld (18)

DS: Lincoln Barnabas Saalfeld (16)

DD: Lorca Clover Saalfeld (13)

DD: Sylvie Luna Saalfeld (10)


Emilia and Paul Saalfeld

Atticus, Thaddeus, Lincoln, Lorca, and Sylvie




The Saalfeld-Frost Family


D: Atticus Remington Saalfeld (18)

DGF: Gemma Cathrine Frost (19) (long-term)


Atticus Saalfeld and Gemma Frost




The Saalfeld-Ellis Family


DBF: Thaddeus Ferdinand Saalfeld (18) (bisexual)

DGF: Felicity Rosalind Ellis (18) (long-term)


Thaddeus Saalfeld and Felicity Ellis




The Lawrence Family


DW: Ophelia Zola Lawrence (nee Ward) (45)

DH: Axel Hugo Lawrence (45) 


DS: Isaac Jacoby Lawrence (24)

DS: Baxter Cameron Lawrence (23)

DD/DS: Renatta Louise Lawrence / Emmanuel Bastien Lawrence (18)

DS: Gabriel Roland Lawrence (17)

DD: Simone Bianca Lawrence (10)


Ophelia and Axel Lawrence

Isaac, Baxter, Renatta, Emmanuel, Gabriel, and Simone




The Lawrence-Meyers Family


DFiance: Isaac Jacoby Lawrence (24)

DFiancee: Rachel Penelope Meyers (25) 


DS: Thayer Stephen Lawrence (1)


Isaac Lawrence and Rachel Meyers





The Lawrence Family


DH: Baxter Cameron Lawrence (23)

DW: Betsy Lorelei Lawrence (nee Sagen) (23)


Baxter and Betsy Lawrence 




The Lawrence-Steffensen Family


DGF: Renatta Louise Lawrence (18)

DBF: Malcolm Elijah Steffensen (19) (long-term)


Renatta Lawrence and Malcolm Steffensen

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The Murphy Family


DH: Thayer Dashiell {75}

DW: Carolyn Rose {73}


DD: Juno Vivienne {51}

DS: Ronan Huxley {49}

DS/DD: Warner Beckett / Esme Theodora {47}

DD: Lyra Evangeline {46}

DS: Atticus Declan {45}

DS: Baylor Ford {44}

DAD/DAD: Mila Juniper / Nova Guinevere {44}






DW: Juno Vivienne {51} (bisexual)

exDH: Alder Jameson Presley {53}

DW: Meredith Loretta (nee Valley) {55} (formerly long-term)


DD: Lennox Sophia Presley {28}

DD: River Juliet Presley {26}

DS: Asher Caleb Presley {20}

DS: Rowan Max Presley {19}






DW: Lennox Sophia (nee Presley) {28} (straight)

DH: Shane Bentley {29} (formerly long-term)


DD: Audra Phoenix {9}

DD: Tatum Coralie {8}

DD: Dempsey Luna {4}

DS/DD: Dashiell Rune / Elliot Azalea {2}




Presley – Graham


DGF: River Juliet Presley {26} (homosexual)

DGF: Lila Maeve Graham {24} (short-term)


DD: Violet Kaleah Graham {3}

DS: Julian Hendrix Graham {1}




Presley – Colston


DBF: Asher Caleb Presley {20} (bisexual)

DGF: Annelise Charity Colston {21} (long-term)






DBF: Rowan Max Presley {19} (bisexual)

DGF: Noelle Morgan Lancaster {18} (short-term)






DH: Ronan Huxley {49} (bisexual)

exDW: Laura Kathleen Jewel {49}

DH: Carver Daniel (nee Bell) {45}


DS: Archer Knox {23}

DS: Ezra Benjamin {20}

DS: Jasper Declan {14}






DH: Archer Knox {23} (straight)

DW: Allison Victoria (nee Farber) {23}






Ezra Benjamin {20} (straight) (single)






DH: Warner Beckett (nee Murphy) {47} (homosexual)

DH: Andrew David {49}


DD/DD: Odette Everly / Ruby Eloise {18}

DD: Micah Elise {16}

DD: Marlow Emilee {12}






Odette Everly {18} (homosexual) (single)




Lind – Kirkland


DFW: Ruby Eloise Lind {18} (straight)

DFH: Axel Piers Kirkland {19}






DW: Esme Theodora {47} (homosexual)

DW: Calixta Jane (nee Beam) {46} (formerly long-term) (deceased)


DD: Gemma Sloane {23}

DD: Eliza Rhiannon {22}

DS: Archer Boaz {20}

DD: Clara Juliet {14}




Murphy – Brandt


DGF: Gemma Sloane Murphy {23} (bisexual)

DBF: Lachlan Devereaux Brandt {25} (short-term)




Murphy – Sutcliffe


DGF: Eliza Rhiannon Murphy {22} (straight)

DBF: Maxwell Everett Sutcliffe {24} (long-term)






DFH: Archer Boaz Murphy {20} (bisexual)

DFW: Veronica Lily Lancaster {20}






DW: Lyra Evangeline (nee Murphy) {46} (straight)

DH: Owen Elias {47} (formerly long-term/engaged)


DS: Xavier Malachi {25}

DD: Hannah Ingrid {24}

DS/DD: Calvin Elliot / Felicity Emmeline {23}

DD: Alyssa Gwendolyn {18}

DS: Levi Dominic {17}

DD: Eliza Guinevere {14}

DD: Margo Beatrix {13}




George – Kent


DBF: Xavier Malachi George {25} (straight)

exDGF: Kairi Juliana Hill {26} (formerly short-term)

DGF: Alexis Pollyanna Kent {23} (short-term)


DD: Skyler Anastasia Hill {9} (Kairi’s previous relationship)

DS: Aidan Jonah Hill {8} (Kairi’s previous relationship)

DD: Hollis Olivia George {6} (Kairi)




George – Breckinridge


DGF: Hannah Ingrid George {24} (homosexual)

DGF: Sadie Tamsin Breckinridge {25} (short-term)




George – Garret


DBF: Calvin Elliot George {23} (straight)

DGF: Amelia Serenity Garret {22} (short-term)


DD: Charlotte Reese Garret {2} (Amelia’s previous relationship)




George – Shea


DGF: Felicity Emmeline George {23} (bisexual)

DGF: Madison Livia Shea {22} (short-term)






Alyssa Gwendolyn {18} (homosexual) (single)




Murphy – Beck


DFH: Atticus Declan Murphy {45} (bisexual)

exDW: Darcy Autumn Grogan {45} (formerly long-term/engaged)

DFW: Harriet Augustine Beck {47}


DS: Beau Jeremiah {26} (Darcy)

DD: Leonie Celestine {23} (Darcy)

DD: Faith Juliana {22} (Darcy)

DS: Gideon Bram {20} (Darcy)

DS: David Benjamin {16} (Darcy)

DD: Hazel Caroline {13} (Darcy)

DD: Fiona Maeve {11} (Darcy)




Murphy – Reid


DFH: Beau Jeremiah Murphy {26} (straight)

DFW: Della Katherine Reid {27} (formerly short-term)


DS: Walter Noah “Noah” Murphy {6}

DD: Aurora Bronwyn Murphy {3}




Murphy – Stein


DFW: Leonie Celestine Murphy {23} (straight)

DFH: Edan Brooks Stein {24} (formerly long-term)






Faith Juliana {22} (homosexual) (single)






DBF: Gideon Bram Murphy {20} (straight)

DGF: Bree Olivia Schmidt {20} (long-term)






DH: Baylor Ford {44} (straight)

DW: Violet Reese (nee Tucker) {43} (formerly long-term/engaged)


DS: Bryce Christopher {14}

DS: Jude Kameron {13}






DW: Mila Juniper (nee Murphy) {44} (straight)

DH: Linden Forrest {45}


DD: Elodie Juniper {26}

DD: Lydia Scarlett {24}

DS: August Rhys {11}




Belmont – Stevenson


DFW: Elodie Juniper Belmont {26} (bisexual)

DFW: Alexandra Piper Stevenson {26}




Belmont – Archer


DGF: Lydia Scarlett Belmont {24} (bisexual)

DBF: Dakota Warren Archer {24} (long-term)


DD/DS: Viola Denver Belmont / Thatcher Killian Belmont {4}

DD: Poppy Eloise Belmont {nb}






DW: Nova Guinevere (nee Murphy) {44} (bisexual)

DH: Flynn Alexander {44} (formerly long-term)


DS: Ridley Finch {27}

DD: Thea Ingrid {24}

DS: Abner Bryce {18}

DS: West Faulkner {14}

DD: Lucy Genevieve {12}

DD/DD: Iris Magnolia / Annora Camille {10}






DH: Ridley Finch {27} (straight)

DW: Marie Giovanna (nee Rossi) {26} (formerly long-term)


DD: Athena Fay {2}






DW: Thea Ingrid (nee Carson) {24} (bisexual)

DH: Parker Thomas {25} (formerly long-term)




Carson – Madsen


DBF: Abner Bryce Carson {18} (straight)

DGF: Linnea Rosalie Madsen {18} (long-term)

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The Zahn Family


DH: Lincoln Clark Zahn {71}

DW: Katharine Lateefah Zahn (nee Rundstrom) {70}


DD1: Amaryllis Victoria Bishop {51}

DD2: Octavia Angeline Way {49}

DS1/DS2: Tarquin Kit Zahn/Justice Fredrik Zahn {46}

DAS1: Viljar Scott Zahn {45} (Adopted from Norway)

DS3/DS4/DD3: Cloud Felix Zahn/Ash Wells Zahn/Opal Else Rutter {45}

DS5: Espen Wolfgang Zahn {44}


Link and Kat Zahn withAmyAvaTarkJusticeVilCloudAsh, Opal & Espen




The Bishop/Aalberg Family


DD1: Amaryllis Victoria Bishop (nee Zahn) {51} (Bisexual)

DFiance: Jevgenijs Alexander Aalberg {52} (Engaged; formerly ST)

DEx-H: Lyndon Archer Bishop {47} (Divorced)


DS1: Lennox River Bishop {26}


Amy (and ex-husband Lyndon Bishop) Bishop and Jev Aalberg with; Lenny 




The Bishop/Hilmarsson Family


DS1: Lennox River Bishop {26} (Bisexual) [Biological father of Daria]

DBF: Lorenzo Kaiser Hilmarsson {26} (Long-Term) [Biological father of Issa & Jonas]


DD1/DS1: Clarissa Fleur Bishop-Hilmarsson/Jonas Dorian Bishop-Hilmarsson {2}

DD2: Daria Annabel Bishop-Hilmarsson {nb}


Lenny Bishop and Enzo Hilmarsson with; Issa, Jonas & Daria




The Zahn/Way Family


DD2: Octavia Angeline Way (nee Zahn) {45}

DH: Elias Hugo Way {49} (Married; formerly LT & Engaged)


DS1: Thomas Christian Way {22}

DS2/DS3: Stellen David Way/Tidus Tucker Way {21}

DS4: Emmanuel August Way {18}

DD1: Elodie Josephine Way {15}

DS5: Lance Holden Way {14}

DS6: Nathan Quinn Way {13}

DS7/DD2: Dalton John Way/Matilde Manon Way {11}


Ava Zahn and Eli Way with; TommyStellenTidusMannyElodieLanceNateDalton Mattie




The Way/Reynolds Family


DS1: Thomas Christian Way {22}

DGF: Imogen Harper Reynolds {21} (Short-Term)


DS1: Finley Odin Way {2}

DD1: Simone Hazel Way {1}

DD2: Briar Evelyn Way {nb}


Tommy Way and Jen Reynolds with; Fin, Simone & Briar




The Way Family


DS2: Stellen David Way {21} (Bisexual)


Stellen Way




The Way Family


DS3: Tidus Tucker Way {21} (Bisexual)

DW: Theodora Juno Way (nee Bradley) {21}


Tidus and Theo Way 




The Way/Maguire Family


DS4: Emmanuel August Way {18} (Homosexual) [Biological father of Sophia]

DBF: Harry Thayer Maguire {19} (Short-Term) [Biological father of Morgan]


DS1: Morgan Dominic Way-Maguire {3}

DD1: Sophia Madeline Way-Maguire {nb}


Manny Way and Harry Maguire with; Morgan & Sophia



The Zahn/Rogers Family


DS1: Tarquin Kit Zahn {46}

DFiancee: Riley Beatrice Rogers {40}

DEx-Fiancee: Corina Sofia Sullivan {45} (Broke up) [Mother of Cyrus, April & Luka]

DEx-GF: Jade Tallulah Guthrie {40} (Broke up)


DS1: Cyrus Dee Zahn {14}

DD1/DS2: April Mercedes Zahn/Luka Alistair Zahn {13}


Tark (and ex-girlfriend Jade Guthrie and ex-fiancee Corina Sullivan) Zahn and Riley Rogers with; CyrusApril Luka




The Zahn Family


DS2: Justice Fredrik Zahn {46}

DW: Kara Whitney Zahn (nee Valley) {43} [Mother of Langston, Cullen, Jules & Keira]

DEx-Fiancee: Holland Gaja Wing {47} (Broke up) [Mother of Booker, Bella, Rory, Darcy, Auden & Dixie]


DS1: Booker Rolf Zahn {27}

DD1/DD2: Arabella Primrose Zahn/Aurora Isolde Zahn {21}

DD3: Darcy Delilah Zahn {20}

DS2: Auden Micah Zahn {19}

DD4: Dixie Sienna Zahn {18}

DS3/DS4: Langston Fox Zahn/Cullen Max Zahn {13}

DD5: Juliet Elise Zahn {11}

DD6: Keira Maple Zahn {10}


Justice (and ex-fiancee Holland Wing) and Kara Zahn with; BookerBellaRoryDarcyAudenDixieLangstonCullenJules Keira




The Zahn Family


DS1: Booker Rolf Zahn {27}

DW: Selene Jackson Zahn (nee Leighton) {26}


Booker and Selene Zahn




The Zahn/Callesen Family


DD1: Arabella Primrose Zahn {21} (Homosexual)

DFiancee: Bridget Lena Callesen {21}


Bella Zahn and Bridget Callesen 




The Zahn/Rhodes Family


DD2: Aurora Isolde Zahn {21}

DBF: Jordan Israel Rhodes {23} (Short-Term)


DS1: Everett Jackson Rhodes {4}

DD1: Aubrey Christina Rhodes {2}


Rory Zahn and Jordan Rhodes with; Ever & Aubrey




The Zahn/Montgomery Family


DD3: Darcy Delilah Zahn {20} (Bisexual)

DFiance: Troy Robert Montgomery {21}


DD1: Gabriella Sydney Montgomery {2}


Darcy Zahn and Troy Montgomery with; Ella




The Zahn/Watanabe Family


DS2: Auden Micah Zahn {19} (Bisexual)

DGF: Violet Angel Watanabe {19} (Short-Term)


DD1: Arcadia Candace Zahn {1}


Auden Zahn and Violet Watanabe with; Adia




The Zahn Family


DD4: Dixie Sienna Zahn {18}

DFiance: Darnell Archer McPhearson {18}


DS1/DS2: Davis Clement McPhearson/Ryan Arthur McPhearson {3}

DS3: Bowie Hawthorne McPhearson {2}


Dixie Zahn and Darnell McPhearson with; Davis, Ryan & Bowie




The Zahn/Germain Family


DAS1: Viljar Scott Zahn {45}

DGF: Laura Susanne Germain {44} (Short-Term)

DEx-GF: Lenore Magnolia Kennedy {44} (Broke up) [Mother of Soren & Ephraim]

DEx-Fiancee: Alani Rain Eagledew {45} (Broke up) [Mother of Daire]


DS1: Daire Remington Zahn-Agard {25}

DS2: Soren Rhys Zahn {12}

DS3: Ephraim Julien Zahn {10}


Vil (and ex-fiancee Alani Eagledew and ex-girlfriend Lenore Kennedy) Zahn and Laura Germain with; DaireSoren Ephraim




The Zahn-Agard Family


DS1: Daire Remington Zahn-Agard {25} (Bisexual) [Biological father of Cal]

DH: Daniel Martial Zahn-Agard {25}


DS1: Callum Remington Zahn-Agard {1}

DAS1: Becker Daniel Zahn-Agard {nb} (Adopted from England)


Daire and Daniel Zahn-Agard with; Cal & Beck




The Zahn/Murphy Family


DS3: Cloud Felix Zahn {45}

DFiancee: Catalina Margo Murphy {45} (Engaged; Formerly ST) [Mother of Kane, Kel, Beau & Ander]

DEx-GF: Inge Maria Uy {44} (Broke up)

DEx-Fiancee: Danielle Hannah Barrows {45} (Broke up) [Mother of Leaf & Miller]


DS1: Leaf Wilder Zahn {26}

DS2: Miller Indiana Zahn {25}

DS3: Kane Nicholas Zahn {14}

DS4/DS5: Kellan Brett Zahn/Beau Gale Zahn {13}

DS6: Leander Tyson Zahn {11}


Cloud (and ex-fiancee Danielle Barrows and ex-girlfriend Inge Uy) Zahn and Cat Murphy with; LeafMillerKaneKelBeau Ander




The Zahn/Winchester Family


DS1: Leaf Wilder Zahn {26}

DGF: Daisy Helena Winchester {24} (Short-Term)


DD1: Iris Gemma Zahn {nb}


Leaf Zahn and Daisy Winchester with; Iris




The Zahn Family


DS2: Miller Indiana Zahn {25}

DW: Claudine Poet Zahn (nee Doherty) {24}


DD1: Anneliese Fiona Zahn {5}

DD2: Guinevere Luna Zahn {2}

DD3: Tiffany Mia Zahn {1}


Miller and Claudine Zahn with; Anna, Gwen & Tiffany




The Zahn Family


DS4: Ash Wells Zahn {45}

DW: Ivy Vivian Zahn (nee Rossi) {45} (Married; formerly Fiancee) [Mother of Lydia & Noe]

DEx-W: Darragh Jolie Zahn (nee Beaumont) {45} (Divorced)


DD1: Lydia Rose Zahn {14}

DD2: Noelle Sheba Zahn {7}


Ash (and ex-wife Darragh Zahn) and Ivy Zahn with; Lydia Noe




The Rutter Family


DD3: Opal Else Rutter (nee Zahn) {45}

DH: Hudson Prescott Rutter {47}


DD1: Alicia Mabel Lopez {28}

DD2: Maia Kinsley Rutter {13}

DD3: Katelynn Ellis Rutter {12}
DS1: Kai Edmund Rutter {10}

DD4: Thisbe Ramona Rutter {9}


Opal and Hudson Rutter with; AliMaiaKateKai Thea




The Lopez Family


DD1: Alicia Mabel Lopez (nee Rutter) {28}

DH: Cedric Omar Lopez {30} (Married; formerly LT)


DD1: Reagan Azure Lopez {8}

DS1: Gray Julius Lopez {7}


Ali Rutter and Ric Lopez with; Reagan Gray




The Zahn Family


DS5: Espen Wolfgang Zahn {44}

DW: Esmeralda Belle Zahn (nee Madsen) {44} [Mother of Taylor & Velma]

DEx-Fiancee: Anne Mary Atkins {43} (Engaged; formerly ST) [Mother of Shay]

DEx-W: Rosemary Claire Zahn (nee Gaines) {44} (Divorced)


DD1: Shay Tessa Zahn {10}

DS1: Taylor Lucas Zahn {8}

DD2: Velma Chloe Zahn {7}


Espen (and ex-wife Rosemary Zahn and ex-fiancee Anne Atkins) and Esme Zahn with; ShayTaylor Velma

Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: Family Tree CAF #4 - 7/10, Family Tree CAF #4, Family Tree CAF, 7/10, Mine, Round 7

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