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Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

Our desire is to keep the BabyNameGenie.com community a fun place for getting and giving helpful baby naming advice and forming friendships.

We ask that community members:
  • Treat each other with kindness and respect. If you disagree or dislike something, please find a way to say it tactfully or don't say anything at all. Rudeness will not be tolerated.
  • Are honest in their communication. No fake families, life stories, or babies please!
  • Keep posts clean and free from swearing, hate speech, violent language, and sexual content or innuendos.
  • Keep posted pictures and avatars clean and free from sensual, provocative, sexual, nude (including implied nudity), violent, or disturbing images. (Only post photos for which you have the rights to post and give the photographer proper credit. Watermarked pictures from stock photo sites are not allowed).
  • Sincerely try to offer helpful advice.
  • Avoid regular use of abbreviations (netspeak), ALL CAPS, all lowercase, and no punctuation in posts.
  • Keep signatures tidy.
  • Refrain from selling or promoting services or products.
  • Limit community participation to one registered account.
Members who repeatedly ignore these guidelines, flood, spam, create multiple accounts or generally disrupt the community and who do not respond to administrators or moderators attempts to address potential issues will have their accounts suspended.

If you have questions about these guidelines or are experiencing problems with a community member, please message a community administrator or moderator.

Important Safety Notice
While we try and keep this community safe, we cannot be certain of the identity, honesty, or motivations of community members. Any personal information you choose to post in your profile, on the message boards, or in personal messages is done at your own risk. Also note, that information you post may be indexed by search engines and available to public access.