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Mixed Family CAF with dice & namebank

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Posted 26 August 2018 - 05:19 PM

Mixed family CAF with namebanks


dice: https://freeonlinedice.com/#dice 


Let’s start with the family you grew up with. One of your parents died when you were young, so by age 10 you now live with your other parent and their new husband/wife, along with your siblings and step-siblings.


Roll for which parent remarried.


1/3/4: father died, mother remarried

2/5/6: mother died, father remarried


Surname bank (for parents, your SO, and whoever else needs one):

Ackerman, Bailey, Brooks, Dames, Ellsworth, Feltner, Goodman, Grier, Hutchcroft, Kessler, Liddell, Martinez, McMullen, Spillane, Van Doren, Weissman


Mother namebank: Angela, Beth, Carol, Ellen, Jocelyn, Melanie, Patricia, Susan


Father namebank: Christopher, David, George, Louis, Martin, Peter, Ronald, Thomas


Step-mother namebank (if applicable): Annette, Esther, Julie, Lynne, Michelle, Rosa, Sylvia, Tara


Step-father namebank (if applicable): Alfred, Darren, Gregory, Henry, Kevin, Lee, Marcus, Nicholas


Roll for # full siblings (you choose their ages)


  1. 2 brothers

  2. 2 sisters

  3. 2 sisters and 1 brother

  4. 2 brothers and 1 sister

  5. 1 brother and 1 sister

  6. 2 sisters


Your name & full sibling namebank:


You & sisters: Abigail, Agatha, Alexandra, Constance, Elizabeth, Florence, Isabelle, Jane, Jennifer, Katherine, Madeleine, Maria, Marie, Penelope, Samantha, Simone, Stephanie, Victoria


Brothers: Alexander, Arthur, Benedict, Benjamin, Charles, Daniel, Dorian, Edgar, Felix, Gray, James, Jonas, Jonathan, Joseph, Julian, Matthew, Michael, Rudy, Sterling, Thomas, Tristan


Roll for # step-siblings (you choose their ages)


  1. 2 sisters

  2. 2 sisters and 1 brother

  3. 2 brothers and 1 sister

  4. 2 brothers

  5. 1 brother and 1 sister

  6. 2 brothers


Step-sibling namebank:


Step-Brothers: Adam, Brandon, Cole, Connor, Elijah, Holden, Ian, Jacob, Jared, Jeffrey, Kenneth, Lucas, Luke, Mark, Max, Owen, Richard, Ryan, Samuel, Timothy, Wyatt


Step-Sisters: Allison, Amanda, Amber, Anna, Callie, Cassidy, Emily, Erin, Grace, Jade, Kara, Kiersten, Macie, Maggie, Nicole, Rachel, Sloane, Sydney, Taylor, Tessa




At age 20, you start dating a guy you met in college. To everyone's surprise, you’re still together four years later when he proposes, and you say yes! Your husband comes from a “normal” nuclear family and could not be happier to become a part of your big, generally happy mixed family.


His name namebank: Neal, Trenton, Oscar, Ethan, Winston, Aiden, Dante, Mark, Patrick, Vincent

(surname from surname namebank)


Roll and then choose a job for you, and then do the same for your spouse.


  1. Chemical engineer, Family social worker, Real estate agent, Journalist, Commercial architect


  1. Mental health therapist, Mathematics teacher, Photographer, Insurance salesperson, Mediator for legal services


  1. Pediatric nurse, Interior designer, English teacher, Data analyst for a government agency, Speech therapist


  1. Human resources for an internet company, Veterinary technician, Chef, Microbiology researcher, Sign language interpreter


  1. Occupational therapist, Firefighter, Private accountant, Event/party planner, Orchestral pianist or violin player


  1. Medical examiner, Hotel manager, History teacher, Computer programmer, Pilot


You have your first child about two years after you get married. Roll for the # of children, then roll for the gender of each child.


# of children

1, 4, or 5: 3 or 5 children, you choose

2, 3, or 6: 2 or 4 children, you choose


Genders of  children


1, 3, or 6: girl

2, 4, or 5: boy


Namebank for your children:


Sons: Alaric, Ansel, Asa, Beacon, Bennett, Bowen, Branson, Callum, Carmine, Cian, Clarence, Clay, Cole, Cyrus, Darius, Eames, Easton, Edison, Eliot, Flynn, Franklin, Frey, Griffin, Grove, Hugo, Isaac, Jebediah, Jesse, Julian, Kase, Kellan, Knox, Larkin, Leander, Marcus, Martin, Maxwell, Miles, Morgan, Newton, Nolan, Olin, Oliver, Otis, Philip, Phineas, Reeve, Rhett, Robin, Ronan, Silas, Stellan, Tate, Walden, Weston, Whit, Whitman, Wyatt


Daughters: Adelina, Arwen, Aurelia, Avalon, Blair, Blakely, Blanche, Bria, Camille, Carys, Celia, Claudia, Clemence, Corinne, Daisy, Eliora, Ellis, Esther, Faye, Hazel, Ianthe, January, Julietta, Justice, Lenore, Linnea, Marceline, Maren, Margot, Matilda, Mavis, Maya, Nera, Nora, Odelia, Penrose, Phaedra, Phoebe, Reina, Rosalind, Ruby, Sabine, Samara, Selene, Seraphina, Valentina, Vanessa, Verity, Violet, Virginia, Willa, Zelia


Also, you have a pet! Choose from below:






Pet names: Bartholomew, Cosmo, Fuzzy, Geronimo, Gizmo, Holly, Ike, Loki, Meadow, Mulligan, Noodle, Nugget, Parker, Pepper, Pixie, Rico, Shadow, Tallulah


You choose the ages of your children. Make the oldest child 8 and then roll and pick a favorite hobby/activity for each child 2 or older.


Children Ages 5-8:


1, 2 or 3: Board games, soccer, dance or martial arts, arts & crafts

4, 5, or 6: Baseball/softball, playing with pet, dress-up (as superheroes, princesses, you name it), bike riding


Children ages 2-4:


1, 2, or 3: coloring, building things with blocks, playing on swings/slides, playing with musical toys

4, 5, or 6: puzzles, reading stories with mom & dad, playing with dolls/action figures/stuffed animals, playing pretend kitchen


There’s your family! Hope you enjoyed this CAF!

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Posted 26 August 2018 - 05:55 PM

Father: Ronald Louis "Ron" Feltner {deceased}


Mother: Ellen Patricia [Grier] Hutchcroft

Step-father: Darren Gregory Hutchcroft


Sister: Victoria Jane "Tori" Feltner [12]

Me: Katherine Abigail "Kat" Feltner [10]

Step-brother: Cole Timothy Hutchcroft [9]

Step-sister: Anna Cassidy Hutchcroft [7]

Sister: Samantha Marie "Sammy" Feltner [6]

Step-brother: Max Elijah Hutchcroft [4]


Ellen & Darren Hutchcroft with Tori, Kat, Cole, Anna, Sammy, & Max


***years later***


Me: Katherine Abigail [Feltner] "Kat" Kessler {occupational therapist} {26}

Husband: Patrick Neal Kessler {legal mediator} {28}


Daughter: Faye Rosalind Kessler {8} (hobby: arts & crafts)

Son: Callum Edison "Cal" Kessler {5} (hobby: superhero dress-up)

Twin Daughters: Esther Seraphina "Essie" Kessler & Linnea Marceline "Linny" Kessler {2} (hobby: playing with stuffed animals)


Cat: Bartholomew [occasionally 'Barth' for short]


Kat & Patrick Kessler with Faye, Cal, Essie, Linny, + Bartholomew




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Posted 26 August 2018 - 06:29 PM

DH: Christopher Louis Brooks

DW: Angela Ellen (Hutchcroft) Brooks Kessler

DH: Nicholas Lee Kessler


DS: Holden Lucas Kessler

DD: Victoria Stephanie Brooks

me: Madeleine Simone Brooks

DS: Jacob Elijah Kessler

DS: Benjamin Sterling Brooks

DD: Sloane Rachel Kessler

DD: Isabelle Samantha Brooks

[step siblings italicized]


Angie & Chris Brooks with Tori, Maddie, Ben, and Izzy.

and Nick Kessler with Holden, Jake, and Sloane.




me: Madeleine Simone (Brooks) Liddell

interior designer


DH: Ethan Dante Liddell

commercial architect


DD: Selene Phaedra [arts & crafts]

DD/DS: Bria Camille [playing with kitty] & Cian Bowen [baseball]

DS: Julian Callum [playing on slides]

DD: Avalon Julietta [playing pretend kitchen]

kitty: Noodle


Maddie and Ethan Liddell with Selene, Bria & Cian, Jules, Loni...

... and fur baby, Noodle.

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Posted 26 August 2018 - 07:52 PM

Father: George Louis Ellsworth
Mother: Jocelyn Beth Grier
Step-father: Darren Alfred Van Doren

Sister [18]: Elizabeth Jane Grier Ellsworth
Step-brother [17]: Jacob Kenneth Van Doren
Brother [15]: Alexander Michael Grier Ellsworth
Step-brother [14]: Jared Timothy Van Doren
Sister [12]: Victoria Alexandra Grier Ellsworth
Me [10]: Katherine Marie Grier Ellsworth


Me [32]: Katherine Marie Grier Ellsworth (sign language interpreter)
Husband [30]: Patrick Neal Brooks (computer programmer)

Daughter [8]: Margot Rosalind Ellsworth-Brooks (arts & crafts)
Son [5]: Philip Newton Ellsworth-Brooks (bike riding)
Daughter [3]: Violet Seraphina Ellsworth-Brooks (playing with musical toys)

Cat: Shadow

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Posted 27 August 2018 - 06:19 AM

Thomas 'Tommy' Christopher Ackerman [52] *Medical Examiner
m. Angela 'Angie' Jocelyn Ackerman (nee Grier) [54] *Deceased at 26

Joseph 'Joey' Matthew Ackerman [33] *Architect
Jennifer 'Jen' Madeleine Ackerman [30] *Pilot
James 'Jamie' Michael Ackerman [28] *Firefighter

m. Rosa 'Rosie' Lynne Ackerman (nee Martinez) [56] *Paediatric Nurse

Lucas 'Luke' Owen Martinez [34] *Journalist
Samuel 'Sam' Cole Martinez [34] *Orchestral Pianist
Emily 'Em' Grace Martinez [30] *Chef


Jennifer 'Jen' Madeleine Kessler (nee Ackerman) [30] *Pilot
m. Patrick 'Rick' Aidan Kessler [31] *Math Teacher

Maxwell 'Max' Wyatt Kessler [8] *Likes Animals
Weston 'Wes' Rhett Kessler [8] *Likes Baseball
Rosalind 'Ros' Faye Kessler [5] *Likes Martial Arts
Leander 'Lee' Isaac Kessler [3] *Likes Blocks
'Shadow' the Black Labrador [4] *Likes Fetch

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Posted 27 August 2018 - 11:17 AM

Father: Thomas Christopher Weissman (38)

Mother: Jocelyn Patricia "Josie" Weissman (nee Brooks) [deceased]

Step-mother: Tara Michelle Weismann (nee Ackerman) (37)


Sister: Samantha Jane Weissman (13)

Step-brother: Ian Connor Ackerman (12)

Me: Madeleine Victoria Weissman (10)

Sister: Katherine Alexandra Weissman (8)

Step-sister: Emily Rachel Ackerman (8)


Thomas and Tara Weissman

Samantha, Ian, Madeleine, Katherine, and Emily




The Martinez Family


DH: Patrick Aiden Martinez (36) *Chef*

DW: Madeleine Victoria Martinez (nee Weissman) (36) *Commercial architect*


DS: Nolan Isaac Martinez (8) *Loves to play soccer*

DD: Linnea Rosalind Martinez (6) *Loves to play with Loki*

DD: Adelina Corinne Martinez (4) *Loves to pretend she's cooking in the kitchen*

DD: Matilda Violet Martinez (2) *Loves to draw and color*


Dog: Loki the Norwegian Elkhound


Patrick and Madeleine Martinez

Nolan, Linnea, Adelina, and Matilda

...and furry friend Loki

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Posted 27 August 2018 - 05:05 PM

LN: Van Doren


DH: Ronald Peter "Ron"

DW1: Carol Susan, née McMullen (deceased)

DW2: Michelle Annette, née Goodman


DD: Penelope Jane "Nell" Van Doren (33)

DD: Abigail Marie "Abby" Van Doren (32)

DSS: Connor Lucas Weissman (30)

DD: Stephanie Isabelle "Steph" Van Doren (28)

DSS: Holden Jeffrey Weissman (27)

DS: Matthew Thomas "Matt" Van Doren (25)




LN: Brooks


DW: Penelope Jane "Nell," née Van Doren (33, Speech Therapist)

DH: Oscar Trenton (33, Data Analyst)


DS: Nolan Wyatt (8, soccer)

DS: Eliot Reeve (6, arts & crafts)

DD: Hazel Margot (4, musical toys)

DS: Callum Easton (1)

DS: Flynn Oliver (0)


Rabbit: Pepper


Nell, Oscar, Nolan, Eliot, Hazel, Callum, Flynn, & Pepper

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Posted 28 August 2018 - 10:42 AM

The Dames Family


Dh: Louis Christopher Dames (62)

Dw: Rosa Lynne Feltner Dames (59)


Ds: Thomas Julian Dames (36)

DSd: Sloane Amanda Feltner (35)

Dd: Jane Penelope Dames (34)

Ds: Michael Benjamin Dames (32)

Dd: Marie Elizabeth Dames (30)

DSs/DSs: Holden Elijah Feltner/Jared Timothy Feltner (29)


LateDw: Ellen Carol Bailey (dec.) - Mother of Thomas, Jane, Michael, & Marie


Louis (& late-wife Ellen Bailey) & Rosa Dames; with Thomas, Sloane, Jane, Michael, Marie, Holden, & Jared



The McMullen Family


Dh: Neal Vincent McMullen (34) - Computer Programmer

Dw: Jane Penelope Dames McMullen (34) - Orchestral Pianist


Dd: Margot Ianthe McMullen (8) - Favourite hobby is Softball

Dd: Lenore Arwen McMullen (4) - Favourite hobby is building things with blocks


Dog: Geronimo 'Nemo'


Neal & Jane McMullen; with Margot & Lenore


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Posted 29 August 2018 - 01:48 AM

LN: Martinez

DW1 (dec):  Susan Ellen

DH: Christopher Louis

DW2: Michelle Lynne


DD1: Madeleine Marie

DS: Jonathan James

DD2 (me): Jane Jennifer



DSs: Samuel Jacob

DSs: Timothy Lucas



LN: Ackerman

DH:  Ethan Winston - Commercial architect

DW: Jane Jennifer - Microbiology researcher


DD: Corinne Seraphina [8] - board games

DS: Philip Bennett [6] - bike riding

DS/DS: Isaac Griffin - building things with blocks / Maxwell Franklin - puzzles   [4]


Dog: Shadow

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Posted 29 August 2018 - 06:20 PM

LN: Liddell


DH: Christopher Martin *Chris*

DW: Jocelyn Patricia [Ellsworth] *Joss* (deceased)


DS: Benjamin Charles *Ben*

DD: Elizabeth Jennifer *Libby*

DD: Alexandra Jane *Ali*


DW2: Tara Lynne [Kessler-Brooks]


DD: Tessa Grace

DD: Erin Rachel




LN: McMullen


DH: Patrick Vincent - Computer Programmer

DW: Alexandra Jane [Liddell] *Ali* - Hotel Manager


DD: Carys Violet (8) - bike riding

DD: Nora Corinne (6) - dance

DD: Ruby Seraphina (4) - playing with dolls

DD: Maya Hazel (2) - playing on swings

DS: Nolan Marcus (nb)


Dog: Shadow

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Posted 19 September 2018 - 03:31 PM

Mother: Carol Patricia Hutchcroft Ellsworth (nee Goodman) (57)

Father: George Martin Hutchcroft (deceased at age 42; would be 60)


ME: Jennifer Marie Hutchcroft (33)

BRO: Matthew Charles Hutchcroft (30)

BRO: Benjamin Michael Hutchcroft (28)

SIS: Alexandra Jane Hutchcroft (24)

  1. George and Carol Hutchcroft

  2. Jenny, Matt, Ben and Lexi

Step-Father: Gregory Lee Ellsworth (57)


SSIS: Sydney Nicole Ellsworth (32)

SBRO: Ryan Samuel Ellsworth (28)

SSIS: Taylor Allison Ellsworth (26)

  1. Greg Ellsworth

  2. Sydney, Ryan and Taylor

Greg and Carol Ellsworth

Jenny, Sydney, Matt, Ben, Ryan, Taylor and Lexi




LN: Liddell


DH: Mark Patrick (34)

*chemical engineer


DW: Jennifer Marie (nee Hutchcroft) (33)

*sign language interpreter


DS: Wyatt Martin Liddell (8) (soccer)

DS: Griffin Marcus Liddell (8) (martial arts)

DS: Easton Philip Liddell (5) (martial arts)

DS: Bowen Isaac Liddell (3) (building with blocks)

DD: Carys Julietta Liddell (NB)


DOG: Pepper


Mark and Jenny Liddell

Wyatt, Griffin, Easton, Bowen and Carys

with Pepper

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