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My character name...

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#1 Jack Jack

Jack Jack

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Posted 30 December 2009 - 12:06 PM

I am looking for a couple names for my character.

Her birth name is: Mackenzie Noel Tyler

I need help choosing a name for after she is kidnapped at the young age of eleven months. Last name is either Sloan, Roth, or Hart. Looking for both first and middle names.

For the second name, changed to after she turns 17, I need some help choosing one of four name combos:
Mackenzie Logan Taylor - goes by Logan
Mackenzie Kieran Taylor - goes by Kieran
Avery Mackenzie Taylor - goes by Avery
Amelia Mackenzie Taylor - goes by Amelia

Some back story:
- her parents were not married
- her mother left before finding out she was pregnant
- her father never knew he had a daughter
- her mother was murdered in front of her when she was 1
- the woman she thought was her mother accutally killed her mother and kidnapped her
- the woman that took her later gave her up to the foster system after deciding she didn't want to be a mother any longer
- the day she was placed with her foster parents her file was misplaced in the confussion of a retirement and replacement, not to be seen again until she was seven
- her foster father soon realized that the three year old was unlike any other child, in the way she didn't cry or even show pain after being hit
- it wasn't long before her foster father started traing her to be his perfect weapon
- by 4 she could pick the pocket of anyone without ditection
- by 5 she could con anyone for anything, including getting her foster father to end training sessions early
- by 6 she was well versed in Judo
- by 7 she was finally the monster her foster father had wanted
- her foster father told her to kill his family so they could leave town
- when she didn't move he killed his wife to show her how easy it was, knowing it was the first time she was killing a human
- she still refused after he ordered to kill his sons
- he got angry and started to kill his sons when she did as she had been taught, exept she killed him instead of his sons
- his sons, not beleving their father was going to kill them, went after her for killing their father, also angry that she was "the choosen one"
- she did what she had to protect herself
- she was the only one left alive
- she was found a few days later, still in the basement waiting for permission to leave, permission that would never come
- - - - - - - - - -
- At 17 she joins the Marines, with perental concent from her gaurdian

Some info:
- she is 6' 1"
- she has a very slim build, most of her weight comog from muscle
- she has dark chocolate brown hair
- she has vibrant green eyes
- her skin is an olive tone, makig her look tan all year round
- she is quiet, but not shy
- she is very good at blending into the background, sometimes it's like she really disapears
- she is strong
- she is super smart, genius smart

I know that's alot, but it's not even half the info on her.

Really hoping you can help.


#2 Mary's dreaming

Mary's dreaming

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Posted 30 December 2009 - 10:55 PM

Name after being kidnapped: Ellery Mackenzie Roth

Name at 17: Avery Mackenzie Taylor - goes by Avery

#3 LiteBrite


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Posted 01 January 2010 - 04:54 PM

Name after being kidnapped: Jessa Mackenzie Sloan

Name at 17: Avery Mackenzie Taylor - goes by Avery

sounds really good! i would read it!

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