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Name list revamp

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Posted 03 June 2018 - 09:53 AM

Revamping my name list and need some help with combos and possible nickname options.



Lilia Genevieve

Vera Josephine

Irena Judith

Susanna Audrey

Zoya Madeleine

Maia Elizabeth

Aislinn Jane (ASH-lin)

Maeve Alexandra

Lyra Natalie

Ksenia Violet

Ingrid Annabelle - I love this combo, but not 100% sold on it yet. More options appreciated.

Tessa Rosalie - Rosalie honors my mom's late godmother/grandmom's best friend whose last name was Rosemann.

Daphne Julia

Lorelei Rebecca

Bridget Claire

Saoirse Caroline (SEER-sha)

Matilda June - Dislike Mattie/Maddie and not too crazy about Tilly.

Greta Valerie


Evelina "Evie"

Katarina "Katia"

Caitriona (ka-TREE-na)

Dorothea "Thea"

Gabrielle - I don't like the obvious nicknames, so Gabby, Elle/Ella/Ellie, etc... won't work. Neither will Brielle. Considered Abby, but can't use it.

Magnolia "Maggie"/"Lia"



Mireille (meer-AY) - Honors my late grandmom Mary, but with a twist.




Cassia (CASS-ee-ah) - I probably would stick it in the middle spot because my little sister is Cassandra AKA Cassie, so it might be too confusing if I used it as a first name.




Sienna - It's pretty; I just don't know if it works for an adult as a FN. Maybe better in the middle?

Luciana (loo-chee-ah-na)

Georgiana "Gia"

Sylvie/Sylvia - Prefer as a MN, but it's fine as a FN.

Chiara (KEY-ar-ah)



Jacinta/Jacinda - Can't decide between them. lol



Ruth - As a MN only.

Anastasia - MN only.


Ivy - MN only. Too common as a FN.



Abram Vincent

Dmitri James

Lachlan Elliot

Ephraim Zachary

Henrik Thomas

Eamon Francis

Walter Dominic

Ronan Jesse

Rhys Alfred

Avery Maxwell

Jensen Connor

Alton Gregory

Merritt Samuel - I'm not sure on this one. Samuel is handsome and I like the combo, but I don't know if it's the right one for me.

Stellan Gabriel - Not sure on this one either.

Louis Frederick

Morgan Joshua

Robin Theodore "Theo"

Arthur Julian

Stanley Harrison

Callum Wesley
Rory William/Rory Wilson - Not sure on either, though William and Wilson would both honor my brother and my late grandfather, both named William.













Philip - I prefer it as a middle name but it's okay as a first name too.


Everett - MN only.

Emmett - MN only.

Oscar - MN only.


The names that aren't part of a combo yet can be either a FN or MN, unless otherwise noted.


FN suggestions: I like something not in the top 200 and prefer classic names. Not a fan of trendy names or most modern ones. I also love international names as long as they're easy enough to spell and pronounce. Irish, Latvian, Russian, Scottish, and Welsh names are a plus. For girls' combos, nothing masculine or surname-y. For boys, nothing that sounds violent like Gunner, Hunter, etc...


MN suggestions: Common classic names are fine as MN's and I don't mind a few fillers here and there, but I want to branch out beyond the usual James, Anne, Thomas, and Grace. Unusual names are fine too.


No names of cars, booze, pets, medicines/drugs, food, or most places as FN's or MN's (especially Brooklyn, Phoenix, Paris, London, Egypt, India, China. I see those way too often around the internet).


LN will be Fleming (It was gonna be Rosemann-Fleming, which I was considering changing my LN to as well, but I changed my mind [I will be Helena Vivien Fleming when I can afford to make it official, but for now I simply go by my nickname Laney except for legal stuff]. It'll take forever for my future kids to learn how to write it. lol)


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