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Romanticism's caf from other website round 4

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Posted 24 May 2013 - 08:17 AM

Leilani Jasmine Ellenburg

- 20, in college
- wavy red hair
- black eyes
- studying to become a psychologist
- in a serious relationship
- live in Corpus Christi, Texas

4 Years later

- now Leilani Jasmine Kohler
- now 24
- has a job as a psychologist
- married to Emmett Atticus Kohler
~ 27
~ met Leila at the library
~ straight, dark brown hair
~ hazel eyes
~ has a job as a dentist
~ proposed to Leila at her favourite restaurant
- got married at his parent's country lodge
- honeymooned in Dublin, Ireland
- relocated to Newington, Connecticut to start afresh together

3 Years later

- Leila's pregnant
- gender a surprise
- have a little girl
- called Ariana Lourdes Kohler
~ straight dark brown hair just like daddy
~ black eyes just like mummy
~ born on 20th September

4 Years later

- Leila's pregnant again
- find out it's G/G/B triplets
- born on 22nd June
- Eliza Charlotte Kohler
~ wavy red hair just like mummy
~ black eyes just like mummy
- Florence Madeline Kohler
~ wavy dark brown hair
~ black eyes just like mummy
- Daniel Julian Kohler
~ straight dark brown hair just like daddy
~ black eyes just like mummy
- Emmett gets a promotion
- Leila now a professional caterer

1 Year later

- Leila's pregnant again
- has another baby girl
~ called Gabriella Savannah Kohler
~ straight dark brown hair just like daddy
~ black eyes just like mummy
~ born 11th January

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Posted 06 December 2013 - 10:40 AM

{32} Eliza Winifred Buhr

-blonde, wavy hair; blue eyes

-career: Photographer

-married to Caleb

-from: Hickory, NC


{33} Caleb Sebastian Vogel

-light brown, straight hair; blue eyes

-career: Architect

-married to Eliza

-from: Portland, ME


{5} Liliana Eden Vogel

-light brown, straight hair; blue eyes

-from: Pocatello, Idaho

-born: July 1st, 2004


{2} Benjamin Leo / Nathaniel James Vogel

-blonde, wavy hair; blue eyes

-from: Pocatello, Idaho

-born: November 15th, 2007


{0} Isabel Savannah Vogel

-blonde, straight hair; blue eyes

-from: Pocatello, Idaho

-born: January 11th, 2010




Eliza & Caleb

-met: at the dry cleaners

-dated for three years

-Cal proposed at Liz's favourite restaurant

-married in Cal's parent's backyard

-honeymoon: Ireland

-settle in Pocatello, Idaho for Liz's job

-start trying for baby 2 years after wedding

-conceive right away; keep the gender a surprise

-it's a girl: Liliana Eden Vogel

-start trying for baby 2 years after Lili

-find out it's twins! (leave the gender a surprise)

-it's two boys: Benjamin Leo + Nathaniel James Vogel

-Eliza quits teaching job to be a photographer

-surprise! Liz is pregnant a year and a half after twins!

-it's a girl: Isabel Savannah Vogel

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Posted 06 December 2013 - 03:13 PM

My name is Aven Roxanne Mauer, I am 22 and I live in Hickory, North Carolina. I am currently in college studying to become a lawyer, which has been my dream job since I was 8 years old. I have curly light brown hair and blue eyes. I am currently recovering from a bad break-up.


-------------four years pass-------------


I have married the most wonderful man, his name is Caleb Sebastian Hahn. Caleb is 27, has straight black hair and brown eyes, and works as a screenwriter. We met at a bar the night I was out celebrating passing the bar exam. Caleb proposed to me at the local park, which also happens to be the place where he first told me that he loved me. We were married at my parents' country lodge and we honeymooned in NYC. We are now living in Fresno, California where we can start afresh and build our new life together.


-------------three years pass-------------


Towards the end of last year Caleb and I had decided that we were finally stable enough to start our family, we were able to conceive almost instantly. We chose to keep the gender a surprise, though I had a feeling it was a girl. I was right, and on July 1st, we welcomed our beautiful baby girl, Isabella Mercy Hahn, into the world. She has curly light brown hair and big blue eyes, just like her mommy.


-------------four years pass-------------


Bella is now four, and Caleb and I decide to try for another. I am shocked when the doctor tells me I'm having twins, though it should be too shocking considering my mom is a twin. Given the fact that we're having multiples and we kept Bella's gender a surprise, we decide to find out what we are having. On November 15th our twin girls, Sophia Kate Hahn and Diana Grace Hahn. The girls are identical and have curly black hair and big blue eyes.


-------------one year passes-------------

I realize that I am dreading going back to work. After a long and serious talk with Caleb, I realize that my dream career isn't at all what I thought it would be and that a change would be good. I have always had an interest in photography, so I decide to pursue it. Caleb is very happy in his job and just recently got a promotion.




-------------one year passes-------------

Bella is five, Sophie and Gracie are one, and Caleb and I just found out that I'm pregnant. This pregnancy was completely unplanned and we were both shocked, but we are excited. On May 17th we welcome our beautiful baby boy, Matthew Jacob Hahn, into the world. He has straight black hair and big blue eyes.

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Posted 06 December 2013 - 04:57 PM

Elodie Amelia [Hollandsworth] Kellerman

Silas Hudson Frank Kellerman


Thomas Owen Levi Kellerman {3}

Frederick Arthur Stephen"Fritz" Kellerman {1}

Andrew Theodore Mark Kellerman {1}

Sophia Caroline Edith Kellerman {1}

William Eli Noah Kellerman {NB}

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Posted 07 December 2013 - 07:54 PM

My name is Dahlia Grace Loewens and I'm 23 years old. I have long, wavy, light brown hair and blue eyes. I'm currently studying at CalTech because my dream job is to be a science teacher. It's a short commute to school seeing as I live in Linden, California. I'm currently in a serious relationship.



I’ve finally graduated and am now working at a local high school. However, the big news is that I’m newly married! After I broke up with my last boyfriend because I found out he was cheating on me, I met Tobias Hudson Becker “Toby”. He has wavy, dark brown hair and blue eyes. He just turned 25 a month after my 24th birthday. It’s funny how we met actually. I was at the dry cleaners one night, and he walked in the door and gave me the biggest smile. He gave me one of those cheesy pick up lines and then paid for my dry cleaning. I decided to give him my number and the next night, we went on our first date. The rest is history. While we were dating he accomplished his dream of becoming an architect. He’s an amazing artist. After 9 months of dating he proposed to be at my parent’s house while we were visiting for Christmas. 3 months later, we got married at my parent’s country lodge with just family and friends there. He then took me on a honeymoon to Barcelona, Spain and we had a blast! When we returned, his job had been transferred to Nassau, New York so we decided to settle down there. 



2 years have past and Toby and I felt that we were now financially stable enough to raise a family. So, we started trying for a baby. It didn’t take long at all and I soon found myself pregnant! We wanted the gender to be a surprise so we waited until I finally gave birth and found out that it was a boy! He arrived July 14th and we decided to name him Noah Fabian BeckerHe has wavy, light brown hair like me and blue eyes like his daddy. 




4 years have past and we decided to try for another child. We were shocked when the doctor told us that I’m having multiples, although they do run in Toby’s family. We decided to keep the genders a surprise again. After 9 months, I give birth to B/B/G triplets on November 19th. We decided to name them Luke Benjamin, Henry Theodore and Rose Elizabeth. They all have dark brown, wavy hair like daddy and green eyes like me. However, after the triplets were born I realized that I was dreading going back to work. So after a long talk with Toby, I decided to try a different career path. I applied for a job as a speech therapist for children and I got it! Toby, however, was very happy with his job and even got a promotion! Everything was working out. 


Just a year later, we found I was pregnant again! This time it was completely unplanned and it was a shock to both of us. Even though it was a surprise, I was happy and really excited because both of us have always wanted a big family. Another 9 months later, I give birth to our fourth son! He was born on May 17th and we named him Peter Nathaniel. He has my looks exactly, light brown, wavy hair and green eyes. 






Dahlia Grace Loewens (31) 





Tobias Hudson Becker "Toby" (32)




Noah Fabian Becker (5) 



Luke Benjamin, Rose Elizabeth and Henry Theodore Becker  (1)
Peter Nathaniel Becker (NB)

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