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#1 CuriousBrightNoise


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Posted 31 August 2021 - 04:03 PM

Can anyone help me narrow down my name options? Thanks!



















































































#2 apiston229


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Posted 16 September 2021 - 11:50 AM

Top 3 Yes: Arabella, Isadora, Victoria

Top 3 No: Sadie, Kyra, Elsa


-Adela: Too close to Adele for my liking

-Adelaide: LOVE

-Aida: Not my style

-Alberta: Not a fan

-Alexandra: Easily nicknamed, not sure if that's something you're against.

-Alexia: It's cute, but easily mispronounced

-Alice: Not my style

-Alyssa: Not my style

-Amalia: Cute. Nice alternative to the common Amelia

-Amelia: Not my style.

-Amira: It's cute and could work, but I'm not a fan.

-Amy: I like this one. personally prefer the less common spelling of Aimee though

-Anastasia: Could easily use Ana, Anne, or Annie as a nickname.




-Arabella: LOVE

-Ariel: Too disney, but the way it is pronounced in Footloose as "Ari-elle" instead of "Airey-elle" is cute. I'd spell it Arielle though

-Astrid: Nms

-Augusta: NMS

-Aurora: LOVE

-Beatrice: NMS

-Belle: Again, Disney but if that doesn't bother you go for it

-Blanche: NMS

-Carolina: I prefer Caroline

-Caroline: LOVE

-Cassandra: Iffy on this one. Cassie/Andi could be nicknames but if you just want a name where the nicknames won't happen, I'd stay away

-Catherine: Cute

-Cecilia: NMS

-Cecily: NMS

-Charlotte: Love

-Diana: NMS

-Dorothea: NMS

-Edith: NMS

-Eleanor: I prefer this spelling to the one below. 

-Elinor: See above.

-Eliza: Cute, but nms

-Elizabeth: nms

-Elsa: Too Disney for my liking

-Emma: Very popular these days

-Esmeralda: Disney touch, but also not a common Disney name you see. It could work

-Eugenie: NMS

-Genesis: NMS

-Genevieve: LOVE

-Giselle: NMS

-Grace: NMS

-Gwen: NMS

-Helena: Pronunciation errors; Helen-a Heh-len-a 

-Isabella: Love this

-Isadora: LOVE, side note I think Arabell and Isadora would be cute sister names

-Ivy: NMS

-Jane: NMS

-Jasmine: NMS

-Judith: NMS

-Juliet: Shakespeare relation, but can work

-Juno: NMS

-Kayla; NMS I prefer it as a nn

-Kyra: NMS

-Lana: NMS

-Louisa: NMS

-Louise: NMS

-Margaret: Could work

-Mary: NMS

-Matilda: NMS

-Maud: NMS, but i prefer the spelling Maude

-Meghan: NMS

-Mia: NMS too popular these days. For an alternative, consider Mya

-Natalia: LOVE

-Paulina: NMS

-Phillipa: NMS

-Raelene: Sounds made up

-Regan: Cute, but NMS

-Rose: Could work in the middle name slot but NMS

-Sadie: NMS

-Sarah: Classic and cute

-Sophia: Classic and cute

-Tallulah: NMS

-Victoria: Love this

-Violet: NMS

-Zara: NMS

#3 DelphiMoon


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Posted 05 October 2021 - 11:18 PM






#4 Heasemom


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Posted 07 October 2021 - 07:55 AM





#5 LuluSsssss


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Posted 29 November 2021 - 12:09 PM





-Anastasia ... maybe

























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