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Family Tree CAF #7 - 7/10

Family Tree CAF #7 - 7/10 Family Tree CAF Family Tree CAF #7 7/10 Round 7 Part 7 Mine

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Posted 22 October 2018 - 10:05 AM

Evander 'Evan' Clark Black [75]

m. Nora Clementine Webster-Crane [74]

Coraline 'Cora' Peony Black [51]

Leopold 'Leo' Evander Black [47]

Zacharias 'Zach' Porter Black [45]

Anastasia 'Tasie' Hettie Black [43]

Christian 'Chris' Ronan Black [42]



Coraline 'Cora' Peony Black [51, lesbian]

m. Val Veda Ashmore [52, ex]

Valentin 'Lenny' Vance Ashmore-Black [26]

Micayla 'Cayla' Marie Ashmore-Black [26]

Marisha 'Mari' Bailey Ashmore-Black [21]

Eren Maxentius Ashmore-Black [19]

Zelda Felicity Aphra Ashmore-Black [17]

m. Bambi Rosehala Chavez [55, ex]

m. Elsie Matilda Cynara [52, engaged]


Valentin 'Lenny' Vance Ashmore-Black [26]

m. Anna-Silvea Amaryllis Thomas [26]

Nethaniah 'Ethan' Ionathan Ashmore-Black [9]

Joseph 'Joey' Antoine Ashmore-Black [8]

Todd Washington Ashmore-Black [7]

Hayley Peony Ashmore-Black [2]


Micayla 'Cayla' Marie Ashmore-Black [26]

m. Arthur Rose Wentworth [27, ex]

Freda Carly Wentworth [2]

Tamsin 'Tami' Felicity Wentworth [2]

Summer Beatrix Wentworth [2]


Marisha 'Mari' Bailey Ashmore-Black [21]

Adeline 'Ada' Sara Ashmore-Black [4]

Genevieve 'Eva' Anna Ashmore-Black [4]

m. Tristan Ashley Virag [21, short term]


Eren Maxentius Ashmore-Black [19]

m. Yvette 'Etta' Blanche Cattermole [20]



Leopold 'Leo' Evander Black [47]

m. Ai Yu Sheills [47]

Winter Lorelei Black [26]

Julie Abigail Black [24]

Baxter Bellamy Black [24]

Felix Wyatt Black [12]

Bailey Elizabeth Black [12]


Winter Lorelei Black [26]

m. Frederick 'Freddie' Rutherford Crouch [26, engaged]

Scout Alexandrina Crouch [6]

Lane Llewellyn Crouch [3]

Damon Albie Crouch [1]


Julie Abigail Black [24]

m. Hugo Mortimer Greyling [25]

Tyler Theodore Greyling [4]

Kenton Leroy Greyling [2]

Lula Pearl Greyling [0]


Baxter Bellamy Black [24, bisexual]

Elliea Jenessa Black [7]

m. Gary Nicolas Song [24]

Claire Marigold Blacksong [4]

Robert 'Robbie' Moses Blacksong [4]



Zacharias 'Zach' Porter Black [45]

m. Alethia 'Thia' Carin Woods [46]

May Elizabeth Black [28]

Eliot Warren Black [25]

Niamh Talullah Black [18]

Carl Theodore Black [10]


May Elizabeth Black [28]

m. Adrian 'Ade' Morrisey Widogast [29, engaged]

Margaret 'Mamrie' Turkwessa Widogast [14]

Parker Mason Widogast [13]

Axelle Una Widogast [8]

Juniper 'Juno' Cleo Widogast [6]

Azalea 'Lea' Adele Widogast [3]

Darius Kingston Widogast [2]

Heath Preston Widogast [1]


Eliot Warren Black [25]

m. Griet Marsaili Johnson [26]

Connie Marie Black [1]


Niamh Talullah Black [18]

m. Dixon Tybalt Darrington [19, long term]



Anastasia 'Tasie' Hettie Black [43]

m. Philip 'Phil' Preston Harding [44, ex]

Margot Agnes Harding [27]

Hayden Carter Harding [24]

Lily Victoria Harding [10]

Oliver Benjamin Harding [7]

Verity Guinevere Harding [5]

m. Andrew James Parrish [43, short term]


Margot Agnes Harding [27]

m. Jesse Talmai Valls [28, engaged]


Hayden Carter Harding [24]

Edita Prisca Harding [5]

m. Louisa Lillian von Musel [26, long term]

Arrow McCoy Harding [1]



Christian 'Chris' Ronan Black [42]

Penelope 'Penny' North Black [22]

Brynn Violet Black [21]

Billy Douglas Black [21]

m. Cera Genevieve de Rolo [40]

Zahra Keyleth Black [11]

Jeanelle 'Elle' Calla Black [10]

Matthew 'Matt' Orion Black [10]

Gwendolyn 'Gwen' Eira Black [10]


Penelope 'Penny' North Black [22, bisexual]

m. Ishmael Claron Tealeaf [23, short term]


Brynn Violet Black [21]

m. Pagan Everett Ianson [21, long term]


Billy Douglas Black [21, gay]

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Posted 07 November 2018 - 05:16 PM

The Pearson Family

DH: Anthony "Tony" Eustorgius Pearson [79]
DW: Rosanna "Rose" Adair {nee Applegate} Pearson [deceased]

DD: Evolet "Lei" Pamela Pearson [50]
DS: Corbinan "Corb" Marizio Pearson [47]
DS/DS/DS: Everardo "Ardy" Glenroy Pearson / Gamaliel "Leo" Hatshepsut Pearson / Heiner "Hey" Comodore Pearson [46]
DD: Kiyomi "MiMi" Albina Pearson [45]
DS: Giuliano "Gio" Salvatore Pearson [42] (adopted)

Tony and Rose Pearson; with Lei, Corb, Ardy, Leo, Hey, MiMi, and Gio. 

The Peawood Family

DW: Evolet "Lei" Pamela {nee Pearson} Peawood [50]
Ex-DH: Sang Midnight Hancock [50] 
DH: Graham Aki Peawood [52] 

DS: Griffin "Griff" Micah Hancock [25]
DD: Moon Keeleigh Hancock [19]
DD: Willow Noe Hancock [17]
DS: Fox Thane Hancock [16]
DD/DD: Farrah Scarlett Peawood / Adelaide "Addy" Vera Peawood [13]
DS: Abbott Cyril Peawood [10]

Lei Pearson (with ex-husband Sang Hancock, father of Griff, Moon, Willow, and Fox) and Graham Peawood; with Griff, Moon, Willow, Fox, Farrah, Addy, and Abbott.

The Hancock-Nguyen Family

DH: Griffin "Griff" Micah Hancock [25]
DW: Paisley Eloise Nguyen [26]

DS/DD: Jacob "Jake" Buz Hancock-Nguyen / Evangeline "Evvy" Rosie Hancock-Nguyen [5]
DS: Ryan Caleb Hancock-Nguyen [4]
DS/DS: Felix Roman Hancock-Nguyen / Lionel "Leo" Tavish Hancock-Nguyen [infants]

Griff Hancock and Paisley Nguyen; with Jake, Evvy, Ryan, Felix, and Leo.

The Mercer Family

DW: Moon Keeleigh Hancock [19] (bisexual)
DH: Farley "Arlo" Robert Mercer [23] (engaged)

DD/DD: Lea Loren Mercer / Sofie Toria Mercer [4]
DS: Lukas Lane Mercer [infant]

Moon Hancock and Arlo Mercer; with Lea, Sofie, and Lukas.

The Pearson Family

DH: Corbinan "Corb" Marizio Pearson [47]
Ex-DW: Mabel Paris Lane [45]
DW: Palmer Cecily Madeleine Reed {nee Nirwan} Pearson [42]

DD: Ever Dawn Pearson [22]
DS: Fjord Pierre Pearson [14]

Corb Pearson (with ex-wife Mabel Lane, mother of Ever and Fjord) and Palmer Nirwan; with Ever and Fjord.

The Pearson/Devlin Family

DD: Ever Dawn Pearson [22]
BF: Joe Leroy Devlin [22] (short-term)

DS: Zachary Nicholas Devlin-Pearson [1]

Ever Pearson and Joe Devlin; with Zachary.

The Pearson-Warnament Family

DH: Everardo "Ardy" Glenroy Pearson [46]
Ex-DW: Justine Esperanta Wick [46]
DW: Siena Karra {nee Warnament} Pearson [45] 

DD: Charlotte "Charlie" Arabella Pearson [21]
DD: Rowan Sloane Pearson [20]
DS: Julian Sterling Warnament [14]
DD: Moriah Fabriziah Warnament [12]

Ardy (with ex-wife Justine Pearson, mother of Charlie and Rowan) and Siena Pearson; with Charlie, Rowan, Julian, and Moriah.

The Leathers Family

DW: Charlotte "Charlie" Arabella {nee Pearson} Leathers [21]
DH: Roman Flavian Leathers [22]

DS: Brent Quincy Leathers [3]

Charlie and Roman Leathers; with Brent.

The Isles/Pearson Family

DD: Rowan Sloane Pearson [20] (bisexual)
BF: Brian Everett Isles [20] (short-term)

DS: Pennley "Penn" Riordan Isles-Pearson [3]

Rowan Pearson and Brian Isles; with Penn.

The Pearson Family

DH: Gamaliel "Leo" Hatshepsut Pearson [46]
Ex-DW: Florencia "Lori-Violet" Violet Gaunting [49]
DW: Becky Liliwen {nee Trickfoot} Pearson [47]

DS: Lucian Eun Pearson [25]
DD/DS: Olive Xena Pearson / Valentine "Val" Ultan Pearson [19]
DS: Emery Fulton Pearson [17]
DS: Finley Justice Trickfoot-Pearson [12]
DS/DD/DD: Kermit Major Trickfoot-Pearson / Blossom Arwen Trickfoot-Pearson / Lyra Reese Trickfoot-Pearson [11]

Leo Pearson (with ex-wife Lori-Violet Gaunting, mother of Lucian, Olive, Val, and Emery) and Becky Trickfoot; with Lucian, Olive, Val, Emery, Finley, Kermit, Blossom, and Lyra.

The Pearson/Martin Family

DH: Lucian Eun Pearson [25]
DW: Myla Jade Martin [27] (engaged)

DD/DD: Taryn Una Pearson-Martin / Zoe Una Pearson-Martin [9]
DD: Melanie Tia Pearson-Martin [3]
DS: Jules Rey Pearson-Martin [2]

Lucian Pearson and Kyle Martin; with Taryn, Zoe, Melanie, and Jules.

The Ives Family

DW: Olive Xena Pearson [19]
DH: Victor Adrian Ives [19] (engaged)

Olive Pearson and Victor Ives.

The Pearson/Von Vier Family

DS: Valentine "Val" Ultan Pearson [19] (bisexual)
GF: Kaitlynn Hyacinthe Von Vier [19] (short-term)

DS/DS/DS: Caleb "Cubby" Bodi Pearson / Raymond "Raymie" Tierney Pearson / Kenton "Kenny" Dion Pearson [4]

Val Pearson and Kaitlynn Von Vier; with Cubby, Raymie, and Kenny.

The Pearson Family

DH: Heiner "Hey" Comodore Pearson [45] (bisexual)
Ex-DW: Morgan Delilah Shi [47]
Ex-GF: Marcella Eila Van Hersing [45]
GF: Eustacia "Stacy" Ffion De Rolo (long-term)

DS: Asher Travis Pearson [21]
DD: Eowyn "Winnie" Isabelle Lark Celeste Pearson [17]
DS: Rhydian Brent Orion Van Hersing-Pearson [11]

Hey Pearson (with ex-wife Morgan Shi, mother of Asher and Winnie AND ex-girlfriend Marcella Van Hersing, mother of Rhydian) and Stacy De Rolo; with Asher, Winnie, and Rhydian.

DS: Asher Travis Pearson - straight, single

The Wice-Pearson Family

DW: Kiyomi "MiMi" Albina Wice-Pearson [45] (bisexual)
DW: Luksa Edith Wice-Pearson [45] 

DD/DS: Romilly Winter MacKenzie Wice-Pearson / Caleb Truman Gareth Wice-Pearson [15]
DS/DD: Hampton Malakai Drew Wice-Pearson / Skylar Oakley Esme Wice-Pearson [10]
DS: Princeton Hunter Linus Wice-Pearson [5]

MiMi and Luksa Wice-Pearson; and Romilly, Caleb, Hampton, Skylar, and Princeton.

The Carla-Pearson/Vannos Family

DH: Giuliano "Gio" Salvatore Pearson [42] (adopted) 
Ex-DW: Isabeau "Izzy" Desiree Vesh [43] 
Ex-DW: Anne Rosalita Carla [43]
GF: Saskia Winslow Vannos [41] (long-term)

DD: Kristina "Tina" Adele Pearson [22]
DS: Charles "Charlie" Erni Pearson [21]
DD: Mary "Gemma" Gemma Pearson [20]
DS/DS: Madoc Jeffrey Carla-Pearson / Shane Giuliano Carla-Pearson [14]
DD: Floyd Alaric Vannos [5]

Gio Pearson (with ex-fiance Izzy Vesh, mother of Tina, Charlie, and Gemma AND ex-wife Anne Carla, mother of Madoc and Shane) and Saskia Vannos; with Tina, Charlie, Gemma, Madoc, Shane, and Floyd.  

The Pearson/O'Brien Family

DD: Kristina "Tina" Adele Pearson [22] (homosexual)
GF: Allura Daisy O'Brien [23] (short-term)

Tina Pearson and Allura O'Brien.

The Pearson/Jaffe Family

DS: Charles "Charlie" Erni Pearson [21] (bisexual)
GF: Amity Donna Jaffe [24] (short-term)

DS/DD/DD: Kent Maxim Pearson-Jaffe / Ester Rhiannon Pearson-Jaffe / Lotte Tamsin Pearson-Jaffe [3]

Charlie Pearson and Amity Jaffe; with Kent, Ester, and Lotte.

The Eckley/Pearson Family

DW: Mary "Gemma" Gemma Pearson [20] (homosexual)
DW: Persephone Linnea Eckley [23] (engaged)

Gemma Pearson and Persephone Eckley.

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Posted 15 August 2019 - 11:00 AM

Edvin Torleif Lambros [76]

m. Ama Sigrun Dvorak [75]

Artem Lear Lambros [51]

Virgil Frederick Lambros [49]

Cosmin Pavel Lambros [45]

Hortensia Rosa Lambros [44]



Artem Lear Lambros [51]

m. Kendall Sienna Harding [49]

Monroe Jackson Lambros [24]

Hayes Mckinley Lambros [22]

Rex Scott Lambros [21]

Seeley Cairn Lambros [10]


Monroe Jackson Lambros [24]

m. Una Axelle Song [24]

Marley Anatoly Lambros [2]


Hayes Mckinley Lambros [22, bisexual]

m. Erica Morrigan Ray [20]

Burton Paul Lambros [1]

Kent Viktor Lambros [1]

Eleri Arianell Lambros [0]


Rex Scott Lambros [21]

d. Felicity Tamsin Balakrishnan [23, long term girlfriend]

Adalia Eugenie Lambros [2]

Salome Marie Lambros [2]



Virgil Frederick Lambros [49]

m. Arlette Margot Lee [50, ex-wife]

Hollis Madison Lambros [28]

m. Hanna Astrid Emerson [48, ex-wife]

Adelaide Zinnia Lambros [17]

Caspian Atlas Lambros [16]

Orion Samuel Lambros [13]

Ravenna Joan Lambros [13]

Huxley Noble Lambros [11]

Spike Rudolf Lambros [10]


Hollis Madison Lambros [28]

m. Vincent Everett de Rolo [29]

Vera Rosetta de Rolo [10]

Lyra Keyleth de Rolo [4]



Cosmin Pavel Lambros [45]

m. Jennifer Mary Bearden [45]

Rosie Doris Lambros [12]

Juliet Ashlee Lambros [10]

William Anthony Lambros [8]

Stewart Ranulf Lambros [7]

Eloise Klara Lambros [6]



Hortensia Rosa Lambros [44]

m. Timothy Oscar Needham [47, ex-husband]

Tucker Josiah Needham [28]

Lilia Alexandria Needham [25]

Boone Jagger Needham [20]

m. Liam Oscar Dalton [45]

Wolfram Aleksander Dalton [13]

Bianca Holly Dalton [13]

Elodie Beatrice Dalton [12]


Tucker Josiah Needham [28]

Malve Klaudia Needham [12]

Ryker Benjamin Needham [6]

d. Vivienne Flora Kwon [27, fiancée]


Lilia Alexandria Needham [25]

m. Holden Emmett Gaines [28]

Kai Sebastian Gaines [7]


Boone Jagger Needham [20, gay]

d. Ralfs Pawel Shorthalt [21, short term boyfriend]

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