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20 Years Dice Game variation

Long Dice Detailed

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Posted 18 December 2019 - 02:44 PM

The Bell Family


DH: Lewis Alexander Bell (28) - Dentist

DW: Alice Maude Frodsham Bell (25) - Librarian


Lewis & Alice Bell


Living in Willimantic, Maine. Met at a party hosted by mutual friends. Married in 2000.





Alice's close friend, Kaye, confides in Alice that she's pregnant but doesn't know who the father is. She has recently ended a relationship, and has been on a few dates with another man. Alice comforts her and tells her she'll always be there for her, and Kaye is grateful. She ends up deciding to keep the baby, and names him John.

Lewis (29) & Alice (26)



Alice finds out that she's pregnant! She and Lewis are overjoyed, and immediately start preparing to welcome their little one to the world. They decide not to find out the gender until Alice gives birth, which ups their anticipation for the big day. Two days after her due date, Alice goes into labour and gives birth to their son, Jared Alexander Bell.

Lewis (30), Alice (27), & Jared (0)



At their 4th of July party, Lewis gets into a big argument with Alice's older brother, Andrew. It starts as something small and petty, but quickly escalates into a furious fight. It takes a few months for both men to calm down enough to talk it over, but they eventually get back on speaking terms, which brings relief to the whole family.

Lewis (31), Alice (28), & Jared (1)



Alice gets a promotion! She's promoted to Assistant Manger at the library, and Lewis takes her out for a celebratory dinner. She's really proud of her achievement.

Lewis (32), Alice (29), & Jared (2)



Now that Jared is a bit older, Lewis and Alice decide to take a family vacation. They spend a week in Toronto, Canada, and really enjoy their time there.

Lewis (33), Alice (30), & Jared (3)



Alice discovers that she is pregnant again, and tells Lewis by buying Jared a 'big brother' shirt. He's delighted, and although Jared is still young he likes seeing pictures of the baby. Alice goes into labour a week before her due date, and the family welcome a little girl they name Victoria Grace Bell.

Lewis (34), Alice (31), Jared (4), & Victoria (0)



Lewis takes Jared to see a play just before Christmas. Both of them enjoy it, and Jared asks many times when they can go again.

Lewis (35), Alice (32), Jared (5), & Victoria (1)



Lewis' younger sister, Jade, and her partner welcome their first baby! Lewis' first nephew is called Noah, and he and Alice dote on the baby. Jared and Victoria also enjoy spending time with their cousin.

Lewis (36), Alice (33), Jared (6), & Victoria (2)



Lewis and Alice decide to renew their vows this year. They have a small, intimate ceremony with just their close families, and everyone enjoys it.

Lewis (37), Alice (34), Jared (7), & Victoria (3)



Lewis gets a new job at a dentist surgery in Caldwell, New Jersey, which means that the family has to move. They buy a lovely four bedroom house with a garage, and a large garden for the children.

Lewis (38), Alice (35), Jared (8), & Victoria (4)



When they moved last year, Lewis and Alice weren't in love with their kitchen. This year they decide to renovate it to suit their taste better, and end up with a high spec kitchen that they love.

Lewis (39), Alice (36), Jared (9), & Victoria (5)



Alice's older brother, Andrew, and his husband adopt their first child! Alice's niece is adopted from China aged 1, and named Kiki. Jared and Victoria are happy to have another cousin to play with.

Lewis (40), Alice (37), Jared (10), & Victoria (6)



After a trying year at work, Alice is diagnosed with anxiety. She starts taking medication to help with the symptoms, and attends therapy as well. Her family is very supportive of her, and she starts to feel a bit of relief with their help.

Lewis (41), Alice (38), Jared (11), & Victoria (7)



Alice unexpectedly figures out that she is pregnant! She and Lewis had believed that they were finished having children, but are still overjoyed to be growing their family. Jared and Victoria are happy too, but both are wishing for a different gender of sibling. In the end it's Victoria who gets her wish, as the family welcomes a girl who they name Florence Louise Bell. Floss is born with a cleft lip and palate, but receives corrective surgery as soon as she is able to.

Lewis (42), Alice (39), Jared (12), Victoria (8), & Florence (0)



A few months after Floss is born, Alice is sure she is pregnant once again. She gets it confirmed by her doctor, but before she and Lewis can share the happy news she unfortunately suffers a miscarriage. It's devastating, and sends Alice back into some unhealthy coping habits with her anxiety. They focus a lot on the children they do have, and are so grateful to have them.

Lewis (43), Alice (40), Jared (13), Victoria (9), & Florence (1)



Lewis had some warning signs of heart attack and was rushed to the ER. Fortunately it was just costochondritis, but it's a huge wake up call for him. He is determined to become more active, and takes up running as a hobby.

Lewis (44), Alice (41), Jared (14), Victoria (10), & Florence (2)



Lewis and Alice decide to renovate their bedroom. They've been unhappy with the decor for a few years, but have been putting it off due to other things. After it's done they're incredibly happy with it, and are glad to have finally had it done.

Lewis (45), Alice (42), Jared (15), Victoria (11), & Florence (3)



​Now that the kids are older, Lewis and Alice decide to adopt a pet. They adopt a black Labrador named Noodle from a shelter, and the whole family falls in love with him instantly.

Lewis (46), Alice (43), Jared (16), Victoria (12), & Florence (4)



Lewis' younger sister, Molly, welcomes a new baby to her family. She already has twin daughters, Ella & Isla, and gives birth to a son, Adam.

Lewis (47), Alice (44), Jared (17), Victoria (13), & Florence (5)



Lewis has to have gallbladder surgery this year. He had been having stomach trouble for a few months, and was finally told that he had something wrong with his gallbladder. The surgery is fairly routine, and Lewis pulls through it well.

Lewis (48), Alice (45), Jared (18), Victoria (14), & Florence (6)




The Bell Family


DH: Lewis Alexander Bell (48) - Dentist

DW: Alice Maude Frodsham Bell (45) - Librarian


DS: Jared Alexander Bell (18)

DD: Victoria Grace Bell (14)

DD: Florence Louise Bell (6) - Born with a cleft lip & palate.


Lewis & Alice Bell; w/ Jared, Victoria, & Florence


Living in Caldwell, New Jersey. Met at a party hosted by mutual friends. Married in 2000.

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Posted 18 January 2020 - 02:02 PM

The Solis Family

Sara Madeleine (Holden) [27] & Jaylen Richard [30]



Sara [28] & Jaylen [30]

Owen [0]

Sara and Jaylen, welcome a baby boy with Spina Bifida, Owen Finch Solis.



Sara [29] & Jaylen [31]

Owen [1]

Sara and Jaylen suffer a miscarriage.



Sara [30] & Jaylen [32]


Owen [2]

Sara and Jaylen bring the family on a Panama Canal cruise.



Sara [31] & Jaylen [33]

Owen [3]

Sara and Jaylen decide to renovate their Master Bathroom.



Sara [32] & Jaylen [34]

Owen [4] & Zadie [0]

Sara and Jaylen welcome a little sister for Owen, Zadie Lilian Solis.



Sara [33] & Jaylen [35]

Owen [5] & Zadie [1]

Jaylen's mom sadly passes away.



Sara [34] & Jaylen [38]

Owen [6], Zadie [2] & Cora [0]

Sara and Jaylen welcome a little sister for Owen and Zadie, Cora Verity Solis.



Sara [35] & Jaylen [37]

Owen [7], Zadie [3] & Cora [1]

Sara and Jaylen take a short vacation nearby where they live.



Sara [36] & Jaylen [38]

Owen [8], Zadie [4] & Cora [2]

Tucker [0]

Sara, Jaylen, and the kids adopt a puppy, Tucker.



Sara [37] & Jaylen [39]

Owen [9], Zadie [5], Cora [3] & Myles [0]

Tucker [1]

Sara and Jaylen welcome a little brother for Owen, Zadie, and Cora, Myles Holden Solis.



Sara [38] & Jaylen [40]

Owen [10], Zadie [6], Cora [4] & Myles [1]

Tucker [2]

Sara and Jaylen move the family into a larger house.



Sara [39] & Jaylen [41]

Owen [11], Zadie [7], Cora [5] & Myles [2]

Tucker [3]

Sara changes careers and becomes a host at a restaurant.



Sara [40] & Jaylen [42]

Owen [12], Zadie [8], Cora [6] & Myles [3]

Tucker [4]

Myles is diagnosed as gifted.



Sara [41] & Jaylen [43]

Owen [13], Zadie [9], Cora [7] & Myles [4]

Tucker [5]

Zadie has become a very talented soccer player.



Sara [42] & Jaylen [44]

Owen [14], Zadie [10], Cora [8] & Myles [5]

Tucker [6]

Sara and Jaylen take the family on a Caribbean Island cruise.



Sara [43] & Jaylen [45]

Owen [15], Zadie [11], Cora [9] & Myles [6]

Tucker [7]

Owen [15] & Lanie [16]

Charlie [0]

Owen, 15, and his girlfriend, 16, have a daughter with Down Syndrome, Charlie Sunshine Solis.



Sara [44] & Jaylen [46]

Owen [16], Zadie [12], Cora [10] & Myles [7]

Tucker [8]

Owen [16] & Lanie [17]

Charlie [1]

Sara and Jaylen take the family on a landmark road trip.



Sara [45] & Jaylen [47]

Owen [17], Zadie [13], Cora [11] & Myles [8]

Tucker [9]

Owen [17] & Lanie [18]

Charlie [2]

Jaylen's cousin invites the family to a reunion.



Sara [46] & Jaylen [48]

Owen [18], Zadie [14], Cora [12], Myles [9] & Quinn [0]

Tucker [10]

Owen [18] & Lanie [19]

Charlie [3]

Sara and Jaylen welcome a little brother to Owen, Zadie, Cora, and Myles, Quinn Richard Solis.



Sara [47] & Jaylen [49]

Owen [19], Zadie [15], Cora [13], Myles [10], Quinn [1] & Mira [0]

Tucker [11]

Owen [19] & Lanie [20]

Charlie [4]

Sara and Jaylen welcome a sister to Owen, Zadie, Cora, Myles, and Quinn, Mira Madeleine Solis.

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