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CAF w/ Name Banks: nature mixed with classics

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#1 Remy Hadley

Remy Hadley

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Posted 13 September 2019 - 04:26 PM

Create a family, however big or small or whatever as you'd like. Only catch is each combo has to use one name from the "nature name bank" and one from the "classic and old fashioned name bank". I tried to use variety in each. Some of the nature names have meanings that have to do with nature, so not as direct as Amaryllis or Birch haha. I also didn't gender the names as I figured we could gender them however we wanted. Have fun! 



Nature Name Bank:

Abelia, Abilene, Acacia, Acacius, Acantha, Adler, Amaryllis, Amber, April, Arbor, Arlo, Ash, Ashley, Asher, Aspen, Aster, August, Aurora, Autumn, Aviana, Avis, Ayla, Azalea, Banyan, Basil, Bear, Beryl, Birch, Birdie, Blossom, Briallen, Briar, Briony, Calix, Calla, Callaia, Calypso, Camellia, Canyon, Caspian, Cassia, Cedar, Chrysanthemum, Clementine, Clove, Clover, Coral, Cressida, Crystal, Cypress, Cynthia, Daffodil, Dahlia, Daisy, Daphne, Delphine, Diantha, Dove, Dylan, Eagle, Edelweiss, Elestren, Ellery, Elowen, Elwood, Emerald, Erica, Evanthe, Falcon, Faye, Finch, Finley, Fiorello, Fleur, Flora, Florian, Florin, Forrest, Fox, Frost, Gardner, Goldie, Granite, Guinevere, Hadassah, Halcyon, Halley, Hana, Harbor, Hawk, Hawthorn, Hazel, Heather, Holly, Hyacinth, Indigo, Iris, Ivy, Jade, Jasmine, Jasper, Jessamine, June, Juniper, Kai, Kairi, Kalina, Kamal, Larkin, Laurel, Lavender, Leaf, Leilani, Liana, Lilac, Lilliana, Lily, Linden, Linnea, Lita, Lotus, Luna, Lupin, Magnolia, Maple, Maren, Marguerite, Marigold, Marilla, Maryam, May, Meadow, Millaray, Moon, Morgan, Moss, Myrtle, Nash, Oak, Oakley, Oberon, Ocean Oleana, Olive, Onyx, Otter, Pearl, Peregrine, Petal, Phoenix, Poppy, Posy, Prairie, Primrose, Quartz, Quill, Rafferty, Rain, Rainbow, Raisa, Rayen, Reef, Ren, Rhodes, Rhoswen, Ridge, River, Robin, Roisin, Romy, Rosa, Rosalie, Rosalind, Rose, Rosemary, Rowan, Ruby, Rue, Saffron, Silver, Snow, Sparrow, Spruce, Starling, Stone, Stormi, Summer, Thistle, Tiger, Vale, Valley, Veronica, Viola, Violet, Waverly, Willow, Winter, Wolf, Zahara, Yves, Zaria, Zinnia 


Classic and Old Fashioned Name Bank:

Abigail, Abner, Abraham, Abram, Adam, Ada, Adelaide, Adeline, Alexander, Alexandra, Alice, Amelia, Andrew, Anna, Archie, Arthur, Atticus, Audrey, Aurelia, Ava, Beatrice, Beatrix, Benedict, Benjamin, Caleb, Calvin, Camille, Carlos, Caroline, Catherine, Cecilia, Charles, Charlotte, Chloe, Christine, Christopher, Clara, Claudia, Clayton, Cora, Cordelia, Cynthia, Cyrus, Daniel, Daphne, David, Delilah, Diana, Dorothea, Douglas, Edith, Edmund, Edward, Edwin, Eleanor, Eli, Elijah, Elise, Eliza, Elizabeth, Ella, Eloise, Emilia, Emily, Emma, Emmeline, Ernest, Esme, Esther, Eugene, Eugenie, Evangeline, Eva, Eve, Evelyn, Faye, Felicity, Felix, Frances, Francesca, Francis, Frederick, Gabriel, Genevieve, George, Georgia, Georgina, Georgiana, Gillian, Grace, Hannah, Harvey, Hazel, Henry, Helen, Helena, Ignatius, Isaac, Isabella, Isaiah, Isobel, Jack, James, Jane, Jennifer, Jillian, John, Jonah, Joseph, Josephine, Josiah, Julia, Julian, Kate, Katherine, Laura, Leo, Louis, Louisa, Louise, Lucy, Luke, Lydia, Madeleine, Madeline, Mae, Margaret, Marie, Martha, Martin, Mary, Matilda, Matthew, Maxwell, Michael, Michelle, Miriam, Nancy, Nathan, Nathaniel, Nicholas, Oliver, Olivia, Oscar, Patrick, Penelope, Peter, Philip, Philippa, Phoebe, Priscilla, Rachel, Rebecca, Ruth, Sarah, Samuel, Silas, Simon, Sophia, Stella, Susan, Susannah, Sylvia, Sylvie, Theodora, Theodore, Theresa, Thomas, Tobias, Valerie, Veronica, Victor, Victoria, Vincent, Virginia, Vivienne, Wallace, Walter, Wesley, Wilhelmina, William, Wyatt, Zachary 

#2 hidari11


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Posted 15 September 2019 - 12:45 AM

LN: Patton

DH: Frederick Finley

DW: Eleanor Veronica


DD: Jane Lilliana

DS: James Nash

DS: Maxwell Robin



LN: Reynolds

DH: Isaac Forrest

DW: Jane Lilliana [Patton]


DD/DD: Sophia Jessamine / Sarah Jasmine

DS: Simon Jasper




LN: Patton

DH: James Nash

DW: Katherine Violet  [Smith]


DS: Matthew River

DS: Christpher Dylan

DS: Philip Asher



LN: Patton

DH: Maxwell Robin

DW: Amelia Pearl [Langdon]


DD: Ava Rosalie

DD: Hannah Elowen

#3 glitchinggecko


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Posted 22 September 2019 - 02:39 PM

William 'Liam' Kai Gardner Sr [34]
Isabelle 'Belle' Erica Gardner [38]

William 'Will' Kai Gardner Jr [15]
Isabelle 'Izzy' Erica Gardner [14]
Catherine 'Cate' Linnea Gardner [11]
Abigail 'Abby' Magnolia Gardner [9]
Benjamin 'Ben' Dylan Gardner [6]
Emily 'Em' Rosalie Gardner [4]
Eleanor 'Ellie' Ruby Gardner [4]
Sophia 'Soph' Holly Gardner [3]
Madeleine 'Maddie' Jade Gardner [0]
Margaret 'Maggie' Jasmine Gardner [0]
Matthew 'Mattie' Jasper Gardner [0]

#4 Kristi18


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Posted 22 September 2019 - 04:30 PM

LN: Phillips


DH: Christopher Morgan

DW: Jennifer Ashley


DD: Holly Elizabeth

DD: Laurel Beatrice

DD: Jasmine Isabella

DS: Forrest Oliver

DD: Autumn Victoria

DS: Stone Wesley

DS: River Josiah

DD: Willow Christine

DS: Ridge Nathaniel

DD: Violet Rebecca

DD: Lily Katherine

DS: Canyon Douglas

DS: Reef Alexander


Chris and Jennifer Phillips

Holly, Laurel, Jasmine, Forrest, Autumn, Stone, River

Willow, Ridge, Violet, Lily, Canyon and Reef

#5 Cheyenne Autumn

Cheyenne Autumn

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Posted 11 May 2020 - 03:08 PM

LN: Linden


DH: William Hawthorn

DW: Charlotte 'Lottie' Guinevere


DS1/DS2: Theodore Falcon/Tobias Asher
DD1: Eugenie Marguerite 
DS3:Elijah Hawk
DD2: Sylvie Liana
DD3: Phillipa Ivy

DD4: Aurora Madeleine



DS1: Theodore Falcon

DW: Elowen Grace


DS1: Silas Finley

DD1: Eleanor Dove
DD2: Dahlia Evangeline
DS2: Gabriel Fox


DS2: Tobias Asher

DGF: Luna Isobel


DD1: Waverly Elise
DS1: Wesley Phoenix

DD1: Eugenie Marguerite 

DH: Isaiah River


DD1: Cecilia Autumn
DD2: Jessamine Amelia
DD3: Morgan Alexandra


DS3: Elijah Hawk

DW: Halley Olivia


DD1: Rowan Eloise


DD2: Sylvie Liana

DBF: Nicholas Rhodes


DD1: Stella Rain
DD2: Ayla Beatrix
DS1: Dylan Alexander 
DD3: Poppy Elizabeth


DD3: Phillipa Ivy

DD4: Aurora Madeleine

#6 lifesaboutmusic


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Posted 11 May 2020 - 06:22 PM

LN: Elwood


DH: Daniel Asher

DW: Georgia Ivy


DD: Eva Ruby

DS: Nathaniel Jasper

DS: Samuel Morgan

DD: Julia Rose

DD: Lydia June

DD: Amelia Autumn

DS: Gabriel Dylan

DD: Francesca Lily

DS: Maxwell Finley

DD: Stella Violet


The Elwood family

Dan & Georgia

Eva, Nate, Sam, Julia, Lydia, Amelia, Gabe, Francesca, Max & Stella

#7 Meghan<3


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Posted 11 May 2020 - 06:48 PM

LN: Birch


DH: Andrew Hawthorn 

DW: Ivy Katherine, née Wallace


DD: Eloise Heather

DS: Henry August

DD: Jane Ellery

DS: Patrick Linden

DS: Theodore Adler "Theo"

DD: Lily Charlotte

Andrew, Ivy, Eloise, Henry, Jane, Patrick, Theo, & Lily

#8 Laney


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Posted 11 May 2020 - 07:16 PM

LN: Larkin


DH: August Matthew

DW: Zinnia Caroline


DD: Rosalie Mae "Rose"

DS: Aspen James

DD: Lily Madeleine

DS: River Benjamin

DD: Magnolia Katherine "Maggie"

DS: Morgan Thomas

DD: Daphne Francesca

DS: Dylan Gabriel

DD/DD: Calla Elizabeth/Cassia Jane

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