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CAF his, hers, then the next gen 1/3

13 people generational part 1

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#1 Remy Hadley

Remy Hadley

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Posted 22 March 2020 - 08:21 AM

So this CAF series will have you create the main husbands family, the main wifes family, then the family the next generation together.  :) The third part, where the main husband and main wife are having their own kids, will have honoring names based off family outlined in parts 1 and 2. I'll be trying to pick names that'd be easy to honor off of, so often classics that have many variations.. but feel free to be creative in honoring (including initials, similar sounds, international variations, similar meaning, honestly any stretch of the imagination is fine!). I'm going to include naming their siblings kids, just for fun, but not cousins kids as that'd make it a little too long and complicated. Parts 1 and 2 will include each parents siblings, parent, grand parent, and aunts and uncles. Hopefully that's easy to follow - my brain is having a hard time wording.  :P


His Family 


LN: Duncan, Grey, Sullivan, 


1. DH: Charles, Eugene, Henry, Joseph, William (grandfather) 

2. DW: Catherine, Dorothea, Elizabeth, Louise, Margaret {nee Austen, Quade, Whittaker} (grandmother)


3. DS: Benjamin, Elwood, Michael, Roscoe, Thomas (father)

4. DD: Christine, Frances, Julia, Marie, Vivian (aunt) 




LN: (above) 

3. DH: (father) 

5. DW: Edith, Jane, Laura, Michelle, Winifred {nee Bennett, Hatfield, Roark} (mother) 


6. DD: Emily, Hannah, Joan, Misty, Samantha (sister) 

7. DS: Byron, Daniel, Everett, Simon, Zachary (brother) 

8. DS: Alexander, Elijah, Gabriel, Matthew, Wallace (main character) 

9. DD: Abigail, Brooke, Charlene, Madison, Rachel (sister) 




LN: Ledger, Monroe, Wilcox 


4. DW: (aunt) 

10. DH: Ashley, Calvin, Forrest, Nicholas, Theodore (uncle) 


11. DS: Anthony, John, Luke, Nathaniel, Sonny (cousin) 

12. DD: Brandy, June, Kathleen, Paulina, Sarah (cousin) 

13. DD: Amanda, Cassandra, Jennifer, Leah, Summer (cousin) 

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#2 MalloryMae


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Posted 22 March 2020 - 09:06 AM

The Sullivan Family


DH: Henry William Sullivan (grandfather) 

DW: Catherine "Cate" Elizabeth {nee Quade} Sullivan (grandmother)


DS: Benjamin "Ben" Michael Sullivan (father)

DD: Vivian Frances Sullivan (aunt) 


Henry and Cate Sullivan with Ben and Vivian


The Sullivan Family


DH: Benjamin "Ben" Michael Sullivan (father) 

DW: Jane Laura {nee Bennett} Sullivan (mother) 


DD: Emily Samantha Sullivan (sister) 

DS: Daniel "Dan" Zachary Sullivan (brother) 

DS: Matthew "Matt" Gabriel Sullivan (main character) 

DD: Abigail "Abby" Brooke Sullivan (sister)


Ben and Jane Sullivan with Emily, Dan, Matt, and Abby


The Monroe Family


DW: Vivian Frances {nee Sullivan} (aunt) 

DH: Calvin Nicholas Monroe (uncle) 


DS: Luke Anthony Monroe (cousin) 

DD: Sarah June Monroe (cousin) 

DD: Leah Summer Monroe (cousin) 


Vivian and Calvin Monroe with Luke, Sarah, and Leah

#3 DanielleH


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Posted 22 March 2020 - 10:02 AM

His Family 


LN: Sullivan 


1. DH: William Henry (grandfather) 

2. DW: Elizabeth Margaret {nee Austen} (grandmother)


3. DS: Benjamin Michael (father)

4. DD: Vivian Marie (aunt) 




LN: Sullivan

3. DH: Benjamin Michael (father) 

5. DW: Laura Michelle {nee Roark} (mother) 


6. DD: Samantha Joan (sister) 

7. DS: Zachary Daniel (brother) 

8. DS: Matthew Alexander (main character) 

9. DD: Rachel Brooke (sister) 




LN: Ledger


4. DW: Vivian Marie (aunt) 

10. DH: Nicholas Theodore (uncle) 


11. DS: John Nathaniel (cousin) 

12. DD: Sarah Kathleen (cousin) 

13. DD: Amanda Summer (cousin) 

#4 hidari11


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Posted 22 March 2020 - 01:00 PM

LN: Sullivan


1. DH:  Joseph Henry (grandfather) 

2. DW: Catherine Louise{nee Austen} (grandmother)


3. DS: Thomas Benjamin (father)

4. DD: Julia Vivian (aunt) 




LN: Sullivan

3. DH: Thomas Benjamin

5. DW:  Jane Michelle {nee Bennett} (mother) 


6. DD:Samantha Hannah  (sister) 

7. DS:  Simon Everett(brother) 

8. DS: Matthew Alexander (main character) 

9. DD: Madison Charlene (sister) 




LN: Monroe


4. DW: Julia Vivian

10. DH:  Nicholas Calvin (uncle) 


11. DS: Anthony John (cousin) 

12. DD:  Kathleen Paulina (cousin) 

13. DD:  Jennifer Amanda (cousin) 

#5 Remy Hadley

Remy Hadley

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Posted 23 March 2020 - 10:51 AM

His Family 


The Grey Family 


1. DH: Henry William (grandfather) 

2. DW: Dorothea Catherine {nee Whittaker} (grandmother)


3. DS: Michael Benjamin (father)

4. DD: Vivian Frances (aunt) 




The Grey Family  

3. DH: Michael Benjamin (father) 

5. DW: Edith Jane {nee Roark} (mother) 


6. DD: Emily Joan (sister) 

7. DS: Daniel Everett (brother) 

8. DS: Alexander Wallace (main character) 

9. DD: Madison Charlene (sister) 




The Wilcox Family 


4. DW: Vivian Frances {nee Grey} (aunt) 

10. DH: Theodore Nicholas (uncle) 


11. DS: Nathaniel Sonny (cousin) 

12. DD: June Kathleen (cousin) 

13. DD: Amanda Summer (cousin) 

#6 michal


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Posted 23 March 2020 - 05:39 PM

His Family 


1. DH: William Charles Grey "Will" (grandfather) 

2. DW: Elizabeth Margaret (Quade) Grey "Lizzie" (grandmother)


3. DS: Roscoe Benjamin Grey "Ross" (father)

4. DD: Julia Christine Grey "Jules" (aunt) 




3. DH: Roscoe Benjamin Grey "Ross" (father) 

5. DW: Winifred Michelle (Bennett) Grey "Winnie" (mother) 


6. DD: Emily Samantha Grey (sister) 

7. DS: Everett Daniel Grey "Rett" (brother) 

8. DS: Gabriel Matthew Grey "Gabe" (main character) 

9. DD: Brooke Rachel Grey (sister) 




4. DW: Julia Christine (Grey) Monroe "Jules" (aunt) 

10. DH: Nicholas Theodore Monroe "Cole"  (uncle) 


11. DS: Nathaniel John Monroe "Nate" (cousin) 

12. DD: Sarah Kathleen Monroe (cousin) 

13. DD: Leah Jennifer Monroe (cousin) 

#7 SelenaK


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Posted 24 March 2020 - 06:05 AM

LN: Grey


1. DH: Henry Charles (grandfather) 

2. DW: Margaret 'Maggie' Elizabeth {nee Austen} (grandmother)


3. DS: Thomas 'Tom' Benjamin (father)

4. DD: Vivian 'Viv' Julia (aunt) 


Henry and Maggie Grey with Tom and Viv.




LN: Grey

3. DH: Thomas 'Tom' Benjamin (father) 

5. DW: Edith 'Edie' Winifred {nee Bennett} (mother) 


6. DD: Joan 'Jo' Emily (sister) 

7. DS: Simon Daniel (brother) 

8. DS: Matthew 'Matt' Gabriel (main character) 

9. DD: Rachel Abigail (sister) 


Tom and Edie Grey with Jo, Simon, Matt and Rachel.




LN: Monroe


4. DW:  Vivian 'Viv' Julia (aunt) 

10. DH: Calvin 'Cal' Theodore (uncle) 


11. DS: Nathaniel 'Nate' John (cousin) 

12. DD: Sarah 'Sadie' Kathleen (cousin) 

13. DD: Leah Amanda (cousin) 


Viv and Cal Monroe with Nate, Sadie and Amanda.

#8 Laugh-Dream-Love


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Posted 24 March 2020 - 02:52 PM

William 'Bill' Eugene Sullivan

m. Margaret 'Maggie' Catherine Quade

Benjamin 'Ben' Thomas Sullivan

Julia 'Jules' Christine Sullivan


Benjamin 'Ben' Thomas Sullivan

m. Jane Winifred Roark

Joan Samantha Sullivan

Zachary 'Zach' Simon Sullivan

Alexander 'Alex' Wallace Sullivan

Abigail 'Abby' Rachel Sullivan


Julia 'Jules' Christine Sullivan

m. Theodore 'Ted' Calvin Wilcox

Anthony 'Tony' Luke Wilcox

Paulina 'Paula' June Wilcox

Jennifer 'Jenny' Amanda Wilcox

#9 karlianne13


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Posted 24 March 2020 - 11:50 PM

His Family 


LN: Grey


1. DH: Henry Joseph Grey - grandfather

2. DW: Margaret Louise Grey (née Whittaker) - grandmother


3. DS: Roscoe Michael Grey - father

4. DD: Vivian Frances Grey - aunt 


Henry, Margaret, and their kids; Roscoe and Vivian.

x x x 

LN: Grey

3. DH: Roscoe Michael Grey - father

5. DW: Jane Winifred Grey (née Bennett) - mother


6. DD: Misty Joan Grey - sister

7. DS: Everett Zachary Grey - brother

8. DS: Elijah Matthew Grey - main character

9. DD: Madison Rachel "Maddie" Grey - sister


Roscoe, Jane, and their children; Misty, Everett, Elijah, and Maddie.

x x x

LN: Wilcox 


4. DW: Vivian Frances Wilcox (née Grey) - aunt 

10. DH: Nicholas Theodore "Nick" Wilcox - uncle


11. DS: Anthony John "Tony" Wilcox - cousin

12. DD: Sarah Kathleen Wilcox - cousin

13. DD: Cassandra Summer "Cassie" Wilcox - cousin


Vivian, Nick, and  their kids; Tony, Sarah, and Cassie.

#10 glitchinggecko


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Posted 25 March 2020 - 02:54 PM

Henry 'Hank' William Duncan [85]
m. Elizabeth 'Betty' Margaret Duncan [87]

Thomas 'Tom' Michael Duncan [59]

Christine 'Chrissie' Julia Duncan [58]

Thomas 'Tom' Michael Duncan [59]

m. Edith 'Edi' Michelle Duncan [58]

Samantha 'Sam' Emily Duncan [36]

Zachary 'Zach' Simon Duncan [34]

Matthew 'Matt' Alexander Duncan [33]

Abigail 'Abby' Rachel Duncan [30]


Christine 'Chrissie' Julia Wilcox [58]

m. Nicholas 'Nick' Theodore Wilcox [58]

Nathaniel 'Nate' Anthony Wilcox [34]

Kathleen 'Kate' Sarah Wilcox [33]

Cassandra 'Cass' Jennifer Wilcox [29]

#11 Pinkmunky


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Posted 28 March 2020 - 09:32 AM

His Family 
LN:  Sullivan
1. DH:  Henry Joseph (grandfather) 
2. DW: Dorothea Elizabeth {nee Austen} (grandmother)
3. DS: Elwood Roscoe (father)
4. DD: Vivian Marie (aunt) 
LN: Sullivan 
3. DH: Elwood Roscoe (father) 
5. DW:  Laura Winifred {nee Bennett} (mother) 
6. DD: Misty Hannah (sister) 
7. DS: Everett Zachary (brother) 
8. DS: Elijah Gabriel (main character) 
9. DD: Madison Rachel (sister) 
LN:  Monroe
4. DW: Vivian Marie (aunt) 
10. DH: Calvin Forrest (uncle) 
11. DS: Sonny Nathaniel (cousin) 
12. DD: Brandy Paulina (cousin) 
13. DD: Leah Jennifer (cousin) 

#12 Meghan<3


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Posted 12 April 2020 - 06:07 PM

LN: Sullivan


1. DH: Henry William (grandfather) 

2. DW: Margaret Louise, née Austen (grandmother)


3. DS: Michael Thomas "Mike" (father)

4. DD: Julia Marie "Julie" (aunt) 


Henry, Margaret, Mike, & Julie



LN: Sullivan


3. DH: Michael Thomas "Mike" (father)

5. DW: Jane Winifred, née Hatfield (mother) 


6. DD: Emily Joan (sister) 

7. DS: Zachary Everett "Zack" (brother) 

8. DS: Gabriel Matthew "Gabe" (main character) 

9. DD: Abigail Brooke "Abby" (sister) 


Mike, Jane, Emily, Zack, Gabe, & Abby



LN: Monroe 


4. DW: Julia Marie "Julie," née Sullivan (aunt) 

10. DH: Nicholas Theodore "Nick" (uncle) 


11. DS: Luke Nathaniel (cousin) 

12. DD: Sarah Kathleen (cousin) 

13. DD: Leah Jennifer (cousin) 


Julie, Nick, Luke, Sarah, & Leah


#13 Marvelous_Things


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Posted 14 April 2020 - 03:54 PM

His Family 


The Sullivan Family


1. DH: Charles Henry "Charlie" Sullivan (grandfather) 

2. DW: Margaret Elizabeth "Peggy' Sullivan {nee Whittaker} (grandmother)


3. DS: Benjamin Thomas "Ben" Sullivan (father)

4. DD: Julia Christine "Julie" Sullivan (aunt) 


Charlie and Peggy Sullivan

Ben and Julie




The Sullivan Family

3. DH: Benjamin Thomas "Ben" Sullivan (father) 

5. DW: Laura Michelle Sullivan {nee Bennett} (mother) 


6. DD: Emily Samantha Sullivan (sister) 

7. DS: Daniel Everett Sullivan (brother) 

8. DS: Matthew Gabriel Sullivan (main character) 

9. DD: Rachel Madison Sullivan (sister) 


Ben and Laura Sullivan

Emily, Daniel, Matthew, and Rachel




The Monroe Family


4. DW: Julia Christine "Julie" Monroe {nee Sullivan} (aunt) 

10. DH: Calvin Theodore Monroe (uncle) 


11. DS: Luke Nathaniel Monroe (cousin) 

12. DD: Sarah Kathleen Monroe (cousin) 

13. DD: Leah Amanda Monroe (cousin) 


Julie and Calvin Monroe

Luke, Sarah, and Leah

#14 astrogloss


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Posted 16 April 2020 - 09:27 AM

His Family


LN: Grey

1. DH: William Joseph (grandfather) 

2. DW: Elizabeth Margaret {nee Quade} (grandmother)


3. DS: Benjamin Roscoe (father)

4. DD: Christine Julia (aunt) 


Will & Lizzy Grey with Ben and Christine.




LN: Grey

3. DH: Benjamin Roscoe (father) 

5. DW: Michelle Laura {nee Roark} (mother) 


6. DD: Samantha Emily (sister) 

7. DS: Zachary Daniel (brother) 

8. DS: Matthew Elijah (main character) 

9. DD: Charlene Brooke (sister) 


Ben & Chelle Grey with Sammy, Zack, Matty, and Lena.




LN: Ledger

4. DW: Christine Julia (nee Grey) (aunt) 

10. DH: Nicholas Calvin (uncle) 


11. DS: Nathaniel Luke (cousin) 

12. DD: Brandy June (cousin) 

13. DD: Summer Leah (cousin) 


Christine & Nico Ledger with Nate, Brandy, and Summer.

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