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Freakonomics-Names of the future

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Posted 23 August 2008 - 12:59 PM

I guess everyone knows this already but have you seen the predictions of the top names in 2015. Boys: Aidan, Aldo, Anderson, Ansel, Asher, Beckett, Bennett, Carter, Cooper, Finnegan, Harper, Jackson, Johan, Keyon, Liam, Maximilian, McGregor, Oliver, Reagan, Sander, Sumner, Will Girls: Annika, Ansley, Ava, Avery, Aviva, Clementine, Eleanora, Ella, Emma, Fiona, Flannery,Grace, Isabel, Kate, Lara, Linden, Maeve, Marie-Claire, Maya, Phillipa, Phoebe, Quinn, Sophie, Waverly. Which ones do you like, hate, and do you think these predictions will come true.

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Posted 23 August 2008 - 02:25 PM

Aidan - I love Aidan. So I hope the prediction is wrong so i can use it. =D
Aldo - HATE it. I don't see it becoming popular, but thats me.
Anderson - Better as a surname.
Ansel - Not at all.
Asher - Not likin it.
Beckett - I know a kid whos last name is Beckett so I can't see it as a name.
Bennett - Same as Beckett
Carter - It's not my personal favorite, but its okay.
Cooper - IT's cute, but I wouldnt use it.
Finnegan - LOVE Finnegan. I would sooo use it!
Harper - I see it as a girls name, so not liking it on a boy.
Jackson - ADORABLE!
Johan - nahh.
Keyon - not liking it.
Liam - LOVE it.
Maximilian - I like just plain ole Max.
McGregor - Surname, not a good name to me.
Oliver - LOVE Oliver.
Reagan - Girls name to me.
Sander - Not liking it.
Sumner - Not at all.

Annika - Soooooo cute!
Ava - Too popular. I hope it goes down in popularity. I would use it as a nickname.
Avery - It's okay.
Aviva - Not crazy about it.
Clementine - I hate this name! It's getting popular but I really don't like it. Fruit names arent my cup of tea.
Eleanora - Not crazy, but I do think it will become popular.
Ella - Cute as a nickname.
Emma - Like it as a nickname.
Fiona - Really cute.
Grace - Only as a nickname.
Isabel - I like Isabella as a first name more but I do really love Isabelle as a middle.
Kate - Only as a nickname honestlyyy.
Lara - Not crazy about it.
Linden - It's really cute!!
Maeve - Not liking it at all.
Marie-Claire - I don't like either name, to be honest.
Maya - It's cute, but I wouldn't use it.
Phillipa - I don't really like it.
Phoebe - Still a classic!!
Quinn - Definitely adorable, but I wouldn't use it.
Sophie - LOVE Sophie and I could see it growing in popularityy.
Waverly - Top of my list!! Love it!!

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Posted 24 August 2008 - 08:44 PM

Aidan - Eh. It's no suprise that it's held popularity. It's a good name, and other than popularity, I do like it.
Aldo - Wow. I really don't like this or get why it's predicted to be popular. I hope not!
Anderson - I like it, even though it's a bit more surname-y than some others. It might be my strange thing for Anderson Cooper. :)
Ansel - I actually do like it, however odd it may be. I can't see it becoming popular, though. Time will tell!
Asher - Eh. Just another trendy name. I'm sure it will hold popularity.
Beckett - See above.
Bennett - See above the above. Haha.
Carter - And again.
Cooper - And yet again! I do like this name, though.
Finnegan - Reminds me of good old Mr. Finnegan who couldn't get rid of his facial hair.
Harper - I've always seen it on a girl, even though it's a surname. I like it though.
Jackson - Love Jack, not so much Jackson. Of course it'll be popular.
Johan - Hmm. I like it, but it'll be strange if it's an "it" name.
Keyon - No. Just plain no. I hope it doesn't gain popularity.
Liam - So we have Liam and Will. What ever happened to WILLIAM?! C'mon people. Feel free to call them by the nickname, but give them the full name.
Maximilian - It's good, not my favorite. I see it being popular.
McGregor - Icky. At least this one's on a boy, though.
Oliver - LOVE it! Too bad it'll certainly be popular.
Reagan - Never saw the appeal of this name. Does nothing but remind me of the president. It'll surely be popular.
Sander - Sanders would be better, but still not good.
Sumner - Not the worst surname.
Will - See Liam.

Annika - I really like it and I can see it being more popular.
Ansley - I like it, even through it's trendiness.
Ava - A name in motion tends to stay in motion.
Avery - One of my guilty pleasure favorites, despite the unisex surname factor.
Aviva - Hmm. Really? It's an okay name, but unexpected. I dunno about it being popular.
Clementine - I used to HATE this name, but it's growing on me. As well as the general public.
Eleanora - Classy. Good thing to be a trend.
Ella - A bit boring, but nice nonetheless. It'll be popular.
Emma - So cute. It'll be a force for quite some time.
Fiona - It's a good name, but it's not my favorite.
Flannery - Uh. Moving on..
Grace - Nice, boring, not the worst thing ever.
Isabel - However you spell it, I think this is another force to be reckoned with.
Kate - It may be a nickname, but I really do think it holds its own as a given name.
Lara - I like it better than Laura, but it's not the best. I also don't see it being too popular.
Linden - My elementary school was named Linden West, so it'll always sound like a school to me. But I think it's cute anyway.
Maeve - So old lady to me.
Marie-Claire - The magazine? Please no.
Maya - It's cute and it'll definitely be popular.
Phillipa - This one blindsided me a bit, but it's a good name! I hope it's popular!
Phoebe - I know a lot of you love it, but I'm not a fan. Don't attack me! Haha.
Quinn - I liked this a lot for a bit, but not so much anymore. It's a good middle name, though!
Sophie - Love it. It's a name that'll stay for a while.
Waverly - This name will be so ridiculously dated in another two decades or so.

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Posted 29 August 2008 - 01:37 PM

That's funny I thought Waverly (traditionally a boy name and one I'd never heard before) used as a girl name was something of my own devising. Now it is supposed to be one of the new popular names of 2015! All I can say is...Huh!

#5 Dominique


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Posted 30 August 2008 - 12:34 PM

First things first, I can see some of these names being popular for a long time, but others not so much mainly because I just dont hear them used really at all, but 7 years from now who knows.

Aidan - Its an okay name but too common for my taste
Aldo - sorry but it makes me think of that alpo dog food instantly so no thanks
Anderson - I like it, but I like surnames for first names for boys IF its actually your surname though.
Ansel - I dont like it it makes me think of Hansel and Grettel (not sure on spelling) and I cant see it being popular.
Asher - sounds like a spin off of Ashton which is too common and I can see this getting out of hand too lol
Beckett - Sounds like a last name.
Bennett - Last name, so see anderson.
Carter - see anderson
Cooper - see anderson lol
Finnegan - I think this is cute, but see anderson lol
Harper - I agree with others I actually prefer this on a girl.
Jackson - I love Jack, but not Jackson
Johan - I really like this, but cant see it being so trendy.
Keyon - no thank you.
Liam - Its definatly cute, and I sooo can see it being very common by then as it is now, but its too common for me.
Maximilian - I like it a lot, but I am not a fan of Max for a name or nn.
McGregor - No thank you.
Oliver - I love this and probably my fav on the list, but sadly is guarenteed to be a super success in popularity.
Reagan - if you said it just like the presidents name then no thanks, but if it was said REE-gun then its cute, but still not the best.
Sander - not my type
Sumner - no thanks
Will - cute, but the name should be william and nn be will I think.

Annika - I really like this name and think its probably going to gain popularity liek predicted.
Ansley - dont care for it at all.
Ava - Very cute and I like it a lot, but super common and will stay that way I am sure.
Avery - dont like it. Im a HUGE hockey fan and well Sean Avery is a player I hate lol. Still dont care for the name but it will probably be popular because it just breaths trendy to me lol
Aviva - Dont care for it and I cant see it being too common
Clementine - I actually really like this name, but am too much of a chicken to probably ever name my kid it lol.
Eleanora - classic name and if it does catch on then I would be happy lol
Ella - cute, but more a nn to me for the name above.
Emma - I dont like this name at all and never have but it will stay common for a long time I am sure of it.
Fiona - Oh I just never liked this name for some reason.
Flannery - Flannel what? lol sry just no....
Grace - decent name, will sooo be a common and over used name for many years to come.
Isabel - verry pretty name, but loses its appeal because of its popularity to me no matter how you spell it its the same name.
Kate - I prefer this over the names its normally a nn for. always and forever it will be common.
Lara - not a fan.
Linden - no thanks you, but seems it will be trendy.
Maeve - oh please no.
Marie-Claire - makes me think of the mag.
Maya - cute name and can definatly see it being a common name
Phillipa - not a fan of this one.
Phoebe - I really dont like this name and never have. The spelling always annoyed me lol
Quinn - I dont care for this.
Sophie - Ive always loved this name especially over Sophia. Its so cute to me and will be common for a long time.
Waverly - I just dont get this name and hope it doesnt catch on.

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Posted 31 August 2008 - 08:13 AM

Virtually all of these names are names that, as Freakonomics explains in further detail, have been extremely popular in the upper class for quite a while, but are starting to trickle down the socioeconomic ladder. By 2015, the Freakonomics authors (one of whom is one of my family friends :) ) predict that these names will be thoroughly incorporated into the middle class, and soon what were classic upper class male names will become lower class female names (just like Ashley, Courtney, Sidney, Taylor, etc). Ahh, the economics of names.

Aidan - I do like this name, too bad it's been taken over so it's unusable. People are even using it on girls! :)
Aldo - er... no :P
Anderson - loooove it!
Ansel - loooooove it!
Asher - loooooooooooooooove it!
Beckett - loooooooooooove it!
Bennett - loooooooove it!
Carter - a nice occupational name, a little overused by the lower-to-lower-middle class though. I perfer occupational names like Chamberlain, Miller, and Tanner instead.
Cooper - I like it
Finnegan - looooooooooove it!
Harper - one of my favorite occupational names, but too many people are using it for girls, as Freakonomics predicts. sigh.
Jackson - very cute, but too popular.
Johan - loooooove
Keyon - too.....ethnic
Liam - loooooooooove
Maximilian - don't like any "Max" names personally
McGregor - loooooooooooooooooove
Oliver - looooooooooooooooooove
Reagan - looooove, but too often used on poor innocent girls
Sander - loooooove
Sumner - loooooooooove
Will - let the kids pick their nicknames, give them whole names please!

Annika - I have a friend with this name, but I hate the horrid spelling...but I guess this prediction says where America is heading!!!!
Ava - not my style, but I believe its an accurate prediction
Avery - means "elf king" so its totally a boys name, and I hate boy's names on girls. But, it's accurate. *cries a little*
Aviva - I have a friend with this name, it's gorgeoussssss!!!
Clementine - I hate this name, lmao
Eleanora - looove it
Ella - it is becoming more popular in recent years, so I think this is accurate. Like this name a lot.
Emma - My best friend's name, I love it! :P
Fiona - Don't care for it.
Grace - My friend's name, I like it
Isabel - I like this much more than Isabella, which is sooooo popular
Kate - please don't give your kid's nicknames for names
Lara - don't like it
Linden - stop naming your girl's boys names!!!!!!!!
Maeve - Don't like it, but it is becoming popular.
Marie-Claire - Like the magazine? lol no. How about Cosmopolitan or Redbook? :P
Maya - I like it
Phillipa - I don't like it.
Phoebe - loooooooove it
Quinn - leave the boy's names to your sons!!!!!
Sophie - very popular, will still be popular in 2015, I think it's cute, wouldn't use it myself.
Waverly - this will totally become more of a girl's name, even though its an upper class boy name. Love it for a boy.

I don't think Freakonomics got the predictions totally correct. Boys names are not as subject to trends nearly as much as girls names are. Parents like to be inventive with girls names, traditional with boys. So in 2015, yes there will be more occupational names and surnames for first names (like from on the list, Carters, Harpers, Jacksons, and Sumners) but we will still have more Jacobs, Daniels, Matthews, and Michaels. As far as the girls names go, I think they hit the nail on the head with the particular trends: more boys names stolen as girl names (somebody save us), more nicknames as full names, more misspellings in order to be "original". Whether those particular names will be popular in 2015, only time will tell. But they did leave out Elizabeth, whch has been extremely popular since the 1500s, and isn't going away any tme soon. :)

#7 Liz


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Posted 31 August 2008 - 04:41 PM

A good portion of these names are already popular, so I could see them still being popular in 7 years. Many of today's popular names were fairly popular in 2001. Aidan, Carter, Jackson, Will(iam), Ava, Avery, Ella, Emma, Grace, Isabel, Kate (nickname for Katelyn/Katherine/etc.), and Sophie are all pretty popular already and I wouldn't be too surprised if they are still popular in 7 years.

These ones I could see:
Asher (definitely gaining ground)
Beckett (sounds like bucket to me, so maybe not)
Bennett (appeals to people who like Ben, but think Benjamin is too common - I don't think Bennett will overtake Benjamin though)
Maximilian (Max is already pretty popular, but Maximilian is probably a little too stuffy for huge popularity)
Oliver (slowly gaining ground)

Ansley (Ainsley seems more likely, but I find both really ugly and whiny)
Aviva (Only if something happens to bring it to the forefront of people's consciousness, but it does have the Vs of Olivia, Ava, and now probably Vivienne)
Eleanora (I think Eleanor is more likely than the frilly Eleanora)
Maya (already pretty popular)
Phoebe (could be the new Chloe, though I think it sounds goofy)

These ones could, but on the opposite gender:
Harper (I hate it because I think "nagger" but I see it a fair amount as girl's name)
Reagan (fairly common as a girl's name and I don't see it going back to the boys)
Quinn (I've heard it on girls a few times, but it's more common on boys now)

These would surprise me, but anything is possible:
Aldo (reminds me of Alpo dog food)
Ansel (too mushy sounding)
Cooper (I think the rhymes with "pooper" thing will keep it from getting super common)
Finnegan (Finn I could see, but Finnegan is super nerdy and reminds me of the song, about the man who had whiskers on his chin-egan)
McGregor (Like Peter Rabbit? Nah. Plus, the MC names are more common girls - think McKenzie, McKayla, McKenna)
Sander (I suppose this would fit in with the Hunter, Tanner, Carter occupation surnames theme, but it's softer sounding than the rest - I see Zander more likely than Sander)
Sumner (Too close to Summer which is a girly name. We'd have to be seeing more of this used now for it to be popular in 7 years and I've never met or heard of a kid named Sumner)

Clementine (Oh My Darling)
Flannery (Maybe as a spin off of the Avery, Riley type names, but I just don't think the sound has a very universal appeal)
Maeve (A lot of people don't even know how to pronounce this, though it does have that V)
Marie-Claire (it's the name of a magazine)
Waverly (See Flannery)

My favorites are Asher, Bennett, Liam, Oliver, Annika, Eleanora, Grace, Maeve, and Sophie (though I prefer it as a nickname for Sophia).

#8 Onceuponatime


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Posted 06 September 2008 - 10:38 PM

Aidan - Already gaining in popularity...I know three little boys named Aidan
Aldo - Maybe a popular dog's name? haha
Anderson - I like!
Ansel - Hansel and Gretal anyone?
Asher - ok i guess
Beckett- sounds similiar to the types of names that are trendy now
Bennett - Same as Beckett
Carter - I know a couple kids with this name already
Cooper - I think of hanging with mr. Cooper when I hear this name haha
Finnegan - LOVE IT!
Harper - A little girly
Jackson - Already gaining in popularity around me at least
Johan - no comment either way
Keyon - similiar to current trendy names again
Liam - LOVE IT
Maximilian - ick
McGregor - Dog name!
Oliver - LOVE Oliver.
Reagan - seen it a lot already
Sander - reminds me of sanders fudge
Sumner - sounds like an old rich guy
Will- boring

Annika - Star Wars comes to mind
Avery - good choice to use with nickname Ava
Aviva - Not crazy about it.
Clementine - yikes
Eleanora - old name revival?
Ella - LOVE IT
Emma - Like it
Fiona - Shreks gf
Grace - I like Gracie
Isabel - I like Isabella
Kate - Only as a nickname
Lara - I know a few Laras
Linden - sounds male to me
Maeve - ick
Marie-Claire - I like Claira or Clara
Maya - nah
Phillipa - I don't really like it.
Phoebe - cute
Quinn - like it
Sophie - already popular in my world
Waverly - There's some show named the wizards of waverly place or smthng, but I like the name

#9 Bia


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Posted 06 September 2008 - 10:53 PM

I guess everyone knows this already but have you seen the predictions of the top names in 2015. Boys: Aidan, Aldo, Anderson, Ansel, Asher, Beckett, Bennett, Carter, Cooper, Finnegan, Harper, Jackson, Johan, Keyon, Liam, Maximilian, McGregor, Oliver, Reagan, Sander, Sumner, Will Girls: Annika, Ansley, Ava, Avery, Aviva, Clementine, Eleanora, Ella, Emma, Fiona, Flannery,Grace, Isabel, Kate, Lara, Linden, Maeve, Marie-Claire, Maya, Phillipa, Phoebe, Quinn, Sophie, Waverly. Which ones do you like, hate, and do you think these predictions will come true.

The names I can stand are: Aidan, Ansel, Bennett, Carter, Jackson, Johan, Liam, Maximilian, Oliver, Will, Annika, Ava, Avery, Ella, Emma, Grace, Isabel, Kate, Maeve, Phoebe, and Sophie.

The names I don't like at all are: Aldo, Anderson, Cooper, Harper, McGregor, Sander, Sumner, Ansley, Aviva, Flannery, Linden, and Quinn.

The others are just lukewarm for me.

The names I do think will be popular are: Aidan, Asher, Beckett, Bennett, Carter, Cooper, Harper, Jackson, Liam, Oliver, Annika, Ansley, Ava, Avery, Ella, Emma, Fiona, Isabel, Lara, Maya, and Waverly.

#10 Jellybean


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Posted 23 September 2008 - 07:00 PM

I'm not sure if the predictions will come true,but I love Liam,Aviva,Lara,Maya and Sophie
I really dislike names like Ansel,Ainsley and Waverly,though

#11 katie.


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Posted 26 September 2008 - 11:52 PM

Aidan- I like this name, but I will not be using it as it is too popular
Aldo- dislike
Anderson- too much of a Last name for me
Ansel- dislike
Asher- I LOVE this name, so I will be disappointed if it really does get popular
Beckett- dislike
Bennett- I think of Pride and Prejudice when I hear this name
Carter- dislike
Cooper- ok
Finnegan- dislike
Harper- dislike
Jackson- Like Jack as NN
Johan- dislike
Keyon- dislike
Liam- I like this on its own and as a nickname of William
Maximilian- too long for me
McGregor- dislike
Oliver- I really like this name
Reagan- I like it spelt Regan
Sander- dislike
Sumner- dislike
Will- I like this as a nickname of William


Annika- dislike
Ansley- I like it spelt Ainslie
Ava- ok
Avery- dislike
Aviva- dislike
Clementine- dislike
Eleanora- too formal for me
Ella- I like it as a nn
Emma- ok
Fiona- dislike
Flannery- dislike
Grace- sweet
Isabel- will probably stay popular
Kate- nice, short name
Lara- not for me
Linden- dislike
Maeve- dislike, too old-fashioned
Marie-Claire- not big on double barrelled names
Maya- dislike
Phillipa- dislike
Phoebe- dislike
Quinn- ok
Sophie- cute
Waverly- dislike

#12 scarlet520


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Posted 28 September 2008 - 09:53 AM

Aidan - A great Gaelic name, but already too popular!
Aldo - Can't stand it
Anderson - Better as a surname.
Ansel - Not so much
Asher - I like it!
Beckett - Too much of a surname, and I'm not a big fan
Bennett - Not bad, but not great
Carter - You can tell it's going to be a trendy name
Cooper - Cute
Finnegan - Nice, but I prefer Finnian
Harper - This name is awful on both boys & girls, IMO.
Jackson - Too popular already
Johan - Not a big fan
Keyon - Too contrived looking
Liam - Love this as a nn for William
Maximilian - Nice
McGregor - Surname, not a good name to me.
Oliver - Sweet
Reagan - Makes me think of the President
Sander - Don't like it
Sumner - Don't care for it at all.
Will - Prefer it as a nn for William

Annika - Can't stand it
Ava - Sweet, but already popular
Avery - Ehh... not a big fan
Aviva - don't care for it
Clementine - "Oh, My Darling Clementine".... yeah I'm not a fan
Eleanora - Prefer Elinor
Ella - Cute
Emma - Sweet.
Fiona - I like it
Grace - It's cute, but too popular already
Isabel - I like Isobel better
Kate - Only as a nn.
Lara - Lovely
Linden - I actually hate it
Maeve - Lovely
Marie-Claire - I don't care for hypenated names.
Maya - Not my favorite
Phillipa - REALLY like this one, especially with the nn Pippa!
Phoebe - lovely
Quinn - I don't like it at all.
Sophie - LOVE Sophie!
Waverly - I don't care for it

#13 alyssa897


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Posted 29 September 2008 - 06:23 PM

The only names I like:
Aidan, Cooper, Liam, Oliver, Ava, Avery, Ella, Quinn,

I dislike all of the following:

Aldo, Anderson, Ansel, Asher, Beckett, Bennett, Carter, Finnegan, Harper, Jackson, Johan, Keyon, Maximilian, McGregor, , Reagan, Sander, Sumner, Will
Annika, Ansley, Aviva, Clementine, Eleanora, Emma, Fiona, Flannery,Grace, Isabel, Kate, Lara, Linden, Maeve, Marie-Claire, Maya, Phillipa, Phoebe, Sophie, Waverly.

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