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Family Tree CAF #7 - 5/10

Family Tree CAF #7 - 5/10 Family Tree CAF Family Tree CAF #7 5/10 Round 5 Part 5 Mine

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Posted 12 October 2018 - 09:41 PM

The Sisko-Reager Family


DW: Sonia Alexandria Sisko-Reager [70]

DW: Everdeen Avielle Sisko-Reager [70]


DAD1: Adelaide Alexa Sisko-Reager [41]

(Adopted from USA)

DAS1: James Alistair Sisko-Reager [39]

(Adopted from USA)

DAD2: Eleonora Andrée Suave [38]

(Adopted from USA)

DAD3: Katniss Amberly Sisko-Reager [33]

(Adopted from USA)


Sonia and Everdeen Sisko-Reager; with Adelaide, James, Eleonora & Katniss




The Sisko-Reager/Sucram/Lunden Family


DAD1: Adelaide Alexa Sisko-Reager [41]

Dfiance: Marcus Mitchell Sucram [41]

Ex-Dfiance: Matthew Theodore Lunden [39] [Father of Theodora]


DD1: Theodora Sabina Lunden [13]

DD2: Ellery Allison Sucram [12]

DAD1: Tessa Ashley Sucram [3]

(Adopted from USA)


 Adelaide Sisko-Reager (and ex-fiance Matthew Lunden) and Marcus Sucram; with Theodora, Ellery & Tessa




The Sisko-Reager/Hollingberry Family


DAS1: James Alistair Sisko-Reager [39] (Homosexual)

DBF: Bram Oliver Hollingberry [39] (Long Term)


DAD1: Phoebe Simone Hollingberry [4]

(Adopted from USA)

DAS1: Julian Wyatt Hollingberry [1]

(Adopted from USA)


  James Sisko-Reager and Bram Hollingberry; with Phoebe & Julian




The Suave Family


DAD2: Eleonora Andrée Suave (nee Sisko-Reager) [38]

DH: Jack Zedek Suave [39]


DD1/DS1: Safira Vespera Suave & Austin Jacob Suave [15]

DS2: Finn Arden Suave [9]

DS3: Taryn Justin Suave [8]

DAD1: Sierra Rebecca Suave [5]

(Adopted from USA)

DAS1: Robin Lennon Suave [4]

(Adopted from USA)

DAD2: Swyn Arianwen Suave [2]

(Adopted from USA)


 Eleonora and Jack Suave; with Safira, Austin, Finn, Taryn, Sierra, Robin & Swyn




The Sisko-Reager/Nieves Family


DAD3: Katniss Amberly Sisko-Reager [33] (Bisexual)

Dfiancee: Kyra Leonor Nieves [31] (formerly LT)


DAD1: Lake Armani Sisko-Reager [1]

(Adopted from USA)


Katniss Sisko-Reager and Kyra Nieves; with Lake




Generations of the Sisko-Reager Family:


Sonia and Everdeen Sisko-Reager; with Adelaide, James, Eleonora & Katniss


 Adelaide Sisko-Reager (and ex-fiance Matthew Lunden) and Marcus Sucram; with Theodora, Ellery & Tessa

  James Sisko-Reager and Bram Hollingberry; with Phoebe & Julian

 Eleonora and Jack Suave; with Safira, Austin, Finn, Taryn, Sierra, Robin & Swyn

Katniss Sisko-Reager and Kyra Nieves; with Lake

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Posted 15 October 2018 - 04:05 AM

Evander 'Evan' Clark Black [65]

m. Nora Clementine Webster-Crane [64]

Coraline 'Cora' Peony Black [41]

Leopold 'Leo' Evander Black [37]

Zacharias 'Zach' Porter Black [35]

Anastasia 'Tasie' Hettie Black [33]

Christian 'Chris' Ronan Black [32]



Coraline 'Cora' Peony Black [41, lesbian]

m. Val Veda Ashmore [42, ex]

Valentin 'Lenny' Vance Ashmore-Black [16]

Micayla 'Cayla' Marie Ashmore-Black [16]

Marisha 'Mari' Bailey Ashmore-Black [11]

Eren Maxentius Ashmore-Black [9]

Zelda Felicity Aphra Ashmore-Black [7]



Leopold 'Leo' Evander Black [37]

m. Ai Yu Sheills [37]

Winter Lorelei Black [16]

Julie Abigail Black [14]

Baxter Bellamy Black [14]

Felix Wyatt Black [2]

Bailey Elizabeth Black [2]



Zacharias 'Zach' Porter Black [35]

m. Alethia 'Thia' Carin Woods [36]

May Elizabeth Black [18]

Eliot Warren Black [15]

Niamh Talullah Black [8]

Carl Theodore Black [0]


May Elizabeth Black [18]

m. Adrian 'Ade' Morrisey Widogast [19, long term]

Margaret 'Mamrie' Turkwessa Widogast [4]

Parker Mason Widogast [3]



Anastasia 'Tasie' Hettie Black [33]

m. Philip 'Phil' Preston Harding [34]

Margot Agnes Harding [17]

Hayden Carter Harding [14]

Lily Victoria Harding [0]



Christian 'Chris' Ronan Black [32]

Penelope 'Penny' North Black [12]

Brynn Violet Black [11]

Billy Douglas Black [11]

m. Cera Genevieve de Rolo [30, engaged]

Zahra Keyleth Black [1]

Jeanelle 'Elle' Calla Black [0]

Matthew 'Matt' Orion Black [0]

Gwendolyn 'Gwen' Eira Black [0]

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Posted 15 October 2018 - 06:45 AM

The Dempsey Family


Henry James (68) and Nora Amelie (65) 


DD Juliet Franciska (40)

EX-DF Amie Lorelei Woods (41) and their ADD Phoebe Grace (16)

DW Gemma Elenore Stoker (43) and their children, ADD Niamh Lydia (9), ADS/ADD Aidan Saul and Zoe Maeve (6) and ADD Eloisa Maude (4)

DS Olivier Thaddeus (36)

DF Anna Piper Lennox (35) and their children, DD Piper Elizabeth (8), DD Cora Maxine (5), DS Theo Oliver (3) and DD Daisy Rhiannon (nb)

ADD Kathryn Hera (31) 

DH Timothy Milo Falbek (31) and their children, DS Baxter Timothy (13), DD Luci Madeline (10), DD Imogen Lara (3) and DD Honor Juliet (2)



Henry and Nora Dempsey

with their children 

Jules, Ollie and Kate.


And grandchildren, Bea, Baxter, Luci, Niamh, Piper, Aidan & Zoe, Cora, Ellie, Theo, Ginny, Honor and Daisy.

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Posted 27 October 2018 - 01:50 PM

The Pearson Family

DH: Anthony "Tony" Eustorgius Pearson [69]
DW: Rosanna "Rose" Adair {nee Applegate} Pearson [68]

DD: Evolet "Lei" Pamela Pearson [40]
DS: Corbinan "Corb" Marizio Pearson [37]
DS/DS/DS: Everardo "Ardy" Glenroy Pearson / Gamaliel "Leo" Hatshepsut Pearson / Heiner "Hey" Comodore Pearson [36]
DD: Kiyomi "MiMi" Albina Pearson [35]
DS: Giuliano "Gio" Salvatore Pearson [32] (adopted)

Tony and Rose Pearson; with Lei, Corb, Ardy, Leo, Hey, MiMi, and Gio. 

The Hancock Family

DW: Evolet "Lei" Pamela Pearson [40]
Ex-DH: Sang Midnight Hancock [40] 
BF: Graham Aki Peawood [42] (long-term)

DS: Griffin "Griff" Micah Hancock [15]
DD: Moon Keeleigh Hancock [9]
DD: Willow Noe Hancock [7]
DS: Fox Thane Hancock [6]
DD/DD: Farrah Scarlett Peawood / Adelaide "Addy" Vera Peawood [3]
DS: Abbott Cyril Peawood [infant]

Lei Pearson (with ex-husband Sang Hancock, father of Griff, Moon, Willow, and Fox) and Graham Peawood; with Griff, Moon, Willow, Fox, Farrah, Addy, and Abbott.

The Pearson Family

DH: Corbinan "Corb" Marizio Pearson [37]
DW: Mabel Paris {nee Lane} Pearson [35]

DD: Ever Dawn Pearson [12]
DS: Fjord Pierre Pearson [4]

Corb Pearson and Mabel Lane; with Ever and Fjord.

The Pearson/Warnament Family

DH: Everardo "Ardy" Glenroy Pearson [36]
Ex-DW: Justine Esperanta Wick [36]
DW: Siena Karra Warnament [35] (engaged)

DD: Charlotte "Charlie" Arabella Pearson [11]
DD: Rowan Sloane Pearson [10]
DS: Julian Sterling Warnament [4]
DD: Moriah Fabriziah Warnament [2]

Ardy Pearson (with ex-wife Justine Pearson, mother of Charlie and Rowan) and Siena Warnament; with Charlie, Rowan, Julian, and Moriah.

The Pearson Family

DH: Gamaliel "Leo" Hatshepsut Pearson [36]
Ex-DW: Florencia "Lori-Violet" Violet {nee Gaunting} Pearson [39]
GF: Becky Liliwen Trickfoot [37] (short-term)

DS: Lucian Eun Pearson [15]
DD: Olive Xena Pearson [9]
DS: Valentine "Val" Ultan Pearson [9]
DS: Emery Fulton Pearson [7]
DS: Finley Justice Trickfoot-Pearson [2]
DS/DD/DD: Kermit Major Trickfoot-Pearson / Blossom Arwen Trickfoot-Pearson / Lyra Reese Trickfoot-Pearson [1]

Leo Pearson (with ex-wife Lori-Violet Gaunting, mother of Lucian, Olive, Val, and Emery) and Becky Trickfoot; with Lucian, Olive, Val, Emery, Finley, Kermit, Blossom, and Lyra.

The Pearson/Van Hersing Family

DH: Heiner "Hey" Comodore Pearson [36] (bisexual)
Ex-DW: Morgan Delilah Shi [37]
GF: Marcella Eila Van Hersing [35] (short-term)

DS: Asher Travis Pearson [11]
DD: Eowyn "Winnie" Isabelle Lark Celeste Pearson [7]
DS: Rhydian Brent Orion Van Hersing-Pearson [1]

Hey Pearson (with ex-wife Morgan Pearson, mother of Asher and Winnie) and Marcella Van Hersing; with Asher, Winnie, and Rhydian.

The Wice-Pearson Family

DW: Kiyomi "MiMi" Albina Pearson [35] (bisexual)
DW: Luksa Edith Wice [35] (engaged)

DD/DS: Romilly Winter MacKenzie Wice-Pearson / Caleb Truman Gareth Wice-Pearson [5]
DS/DD: Hampton Malakai Drew Wice-Pearson / Skylar Oakley Esme Wice-Pearson [infants]

MiMi Pearson and Luksa Wice; and Romilly, Caleb, Hampton, and Skylar.

The Pearson/Carla/Vesh Family

DH: Giuliano "Gio" Salvatore Pearson [32] (adopted) 
Ex-DW: Isabeau "Izzy" Desiree Vesh [33]
DW: Anne Rosalita Carla [33] (short-term)

DD: Kristina "Tina" Adele Pearson [12]
DS: Charles "Charlie" Erni Pearson [11]
DD: Mary "Gemma" Gemma Pearson [10]
DS: Madoc Jeffrey Carla-Pearson [4]
DS: Shane Giuliano Carla-Pearson [4]

Gio Pearson (with ex-fiance Izzy Vesh, mother of Tina, Charlie, and Gemma) and Anne Carla; with Tina, Charlie, Gemma, Madoc, and Shane.

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Posted 03 March 2019 - 08:07 PM

The Parks Family

DH: Maurizio Jeffrey Parks [74]
DW: Amalia Odette {nee Janslow} Parks [71]

DS: Louis Tyson Parks [40]
DS: Sasha Henry Parks [38]
DS: Keenan 'Kenny' Fredrick Parks [37]
DD/DS/DD: Rhiannon Amalia, Gerraro 'Gerry' Clint & Ara Beverly Parks [36]
DD: Tenley Adair Parks [35]
DS: Bruno Maurizio Parks [34]

Maurizio & Amalia with Louis, Sasha, Kenny, Rhiannon, Gerry, Ara, Tenley, and Bruno Parks.


The Almassy-Parks Family

DFiance: Louis Tyson Parks [40]
DFiance: Candra Noliek Almassy [37]

DS/DD: Louis-Jules Zion & Candace Wu Almassy-Parks [16]
DS: Martin Clemence Almassy-Parks [infant]

Louis & Candra with Louis-Jules, Candace, and Martin Almassy-Parks.


The Parks Family

DH: Sasha Henry Parks [38]
DEx-GF: Jessica Martha Tinzing [38]
DW: Shelby Melissa Webblier [36]

DS: Finlay 'Finn' Cooper Parks [15] (ex-girlfriend Jessica Tinzing's son)
DD: Lexie Amelia Parks [11]
DD: Danica Adelaide Parks [9]
DD: Faith Evelynn Parks [8]
DS: Shawn Quentin Parks [4]
DD: Maddison 'Maddie' Rae Parks [1]

Sasha & Shelby with Finn, Lexie, Danica, Faith, Shawn, and Maddie Parks.


The Jooparks Family

DH: Keenan 'Kenny' Fredrick {nee Parks} Jooparks [37] (bisexual)
DH: Prescott Ye-Jun {nee Joo} Jooparks [38]

DD/DD: Harper Seraphina & Esme Isabella Jooparks [7] (Prescott's biological daughters)
DAS: Royal Leonardo Jooparks [infant] (Adopted from USA)

Kenny & Prescott with Harper, Esme, and Royal Jooparks.


The Parks Family

DW: Rhiannon Amalia Parks [36]
DH: Nikolao 'Niko' Ignacio {nee Cosgrave} Parks [39]

DD: Autumn Eryn Parks [14]
DS: Liam Miles Parks [11]
DD: Hazel Grace Parks [5]
DD/DD: Gemma Adele & Maeve Bianca Parks [2]

Rhiannon & Niko with Autumn, Liam, Hazel, Gemma, and Maeve Parks.


The Parks Family

DH: Gerraro 'Gerry' Clint Parks [36]
DEx-Fiance: Aranouk He Lupinia [35]
DEx-GF: Soleil Aubrey Von Musel [39]
DW: Jessica 'Jess' Harmonia {nee Feimann} Parks [31]

DD: Anouk Romilia Lupinia-Parks [17] (ex-fiance Aranouk Lupinia's daughter)
DS: Xavier Charles Parks-Von Musel [14] (ex-girlfriend Soleil Von Musel's son)
DS: Grant Brennan Parks [9]
DS: Gareth Lysander Parks [8]
DD: Marcella 'Cella' Cornelia Parks [4]
DD: Harmonia 'Mony' Astrid Parks [2]
DS/DD: Tiberius 'Tibby' Ramsey & Christiana 'Ana' Ruth Parks [infants]

Gerry & Jess with Anouk Lupinia-Parks, Xavier Parks-Von Musel, and Grant, Gareth, Cella, Mony, Tibby & Ana Parks.


The Parks-Sovany Family

DW: Ara Beverly {nee Parks} Parks-Sovany [36]
DW: Keren Olivia {nee Sovany} Parks-Sovany [37]

DS: Isaac Vaughn Parks-Sovany [18] (Keren's biological son)
DD: Lennon Snow Parks-Sovany [15] (Ara's biological daughter)
DD: Elena Abigail Parks-Sovany [11] (Ara's biological daughter)
DD: Willow Bea Parks-Sovany [9] (Ara's biological daughter)
DD: Gwendolyn 'Gwen' Ivy Parks-Sovany [2] (Ara's biological daughter)
DS: Erik Malakai Parks-Sovany [1] (Keren's biological son)

Ara & Keren with Isaac, Lennon, Elena, Willow, Gwen, and Erik Parks-Sovany.


The Wutsei Family

DW: Tenley Adair Parks [35]
DH: Owen Hyeon Wutsei [35]

DD: Scarlett Eden Wutsei [14]
DD: Charlie Emmeline Wutsei [13]
DD: Marlowe Eulalia Wutsei [11]
DD: Briar Elise Wutsei [7]
DS: Arden Elijah Wutsei [6]
DD: Skylar Elizabeth Wutsei [5]
DD: Arabella Elin Wutsei [3]
DD: Paris Eastyn Wutsei [2]
DS: Marcus Excalibur Wutsei [infant]

Tenley & Owen with Scarlett, Charlie, Marlowe, Briar, Arden, Skylar, Arabella, Paris, and Marcus Wutsei.


The Parks-Bonneville Family

DS: Bruno Maurizio Parks [34]
DEx-Fiance: Gaja Aviva Banner [33]
DD: Zahra Blossom Bonneville [27] (short-term)

DS: Casimir Rufus Bruno Parks-Bonneville [3]

Bruno & Zahra with Casimir Parks-Bonneville.

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Posted 15 August 2019 - 09:05 AM

Edvin Torleif Lambros [66]

m. Ama Sigrun Dvorak [65]

Artem Lear Lambros [41]

Virgil Frederick Lambros [39]

Cosmin Pavel Lambros [35]

Hortensia Rosa Lambros [34]



Artem Lear Lambros [41]

m. Kendall Sienna Harding [39]

Monroe Jackson Lambros [14]

Hayes Mckinley Lambros [12]

Rex Scott Lambros [11]

Seeley Cairn Lambros [0]



Virgil Frederick Lambros [39]

m. Arlette Margot Lee [40, ex-wife]

Hollis Madison Lambros [18]

m. Hanna Astrid Emerson [38]

Adelaide Zinnia Lambros [7]

Caspian Atlas Lambros [6]

Orion Samuel Lambros [3]

Ravenna Joan Lambros [3]

Huxley Noble Lambros [1]

Spike Rudolf Lambros [0]


Hollis Madison Lambros [18]

m. Vincent Everett de Rolo [19]

Vera Rosetta de Rolo [0]



Cosmin Pavel Lambros [35]

m. Jennifer Mary Bearden [35]

Rosie Doris Lambros [2]

Juliet Ashlee Lambros [0]



Hortensia Rosa Lambros [34]

m. Timothy Oscar Needham [37, ex-wife]

Tucker Josiah Needham [18]

Lilia Alexandria Needham [15]

Boone Jagger Needham [10]

m. Liam Oscar Dalton [35]

Wolfram Aleksander Dalton [3]

Bianca Holly Dalton [3]

Elodie Beatrice Dalton [2]


Tucker Josiah Needham [18]

Malve Klaudia Needham [2]

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Posted 23 August 2019 - 12:06 PM

The Kolosso Family

DH: Elias Gideon Kolosso [70]
DW: Katarzyna “Kat” Belen (Ender) Kolosso [70]

DD: Vida Eleanor Kolosso [41]
DS: Malte “Mat” Evan Kolosso [38]
DD/DD: Emma Belen & Thalia Erna Kolosso [36]
DS/DD/DS: Ilmarinen “Arnie” Roger & Blanka Lydia & Corradino “Dino” Arthur Kolosso [35]

Elias & Kat Kolosso with Vida, Mat, Emma, Thalia, Arnie, Blanka, and Dino.
The Kolosso-Blum Family

DD: Vida Eleanor (Kolosso) Blum [41]
DH: Yeong-Hwan Sufjan Blum [44]

DS: Tuisku “Tui” Parker Blum [9]
DD: Aino “Anni” Sofia Blum [5]
DD: Yijun “Juni” Claire Blum [2]

Vida & Yeong-Hwan Blum with Tui, Anni, and Juni.
The Kolosso-Lowry Family

DS: Malte “Mat” Evan Kolosso [38]
DF: Vanessa Meredith Lowry [39]

DS: Leo Benedict Lowry [18]
DS: Cameron “Cam” Markus Lowry [14]
DS: Zachary “Zac” Logan Lowry [10]
DS: Augustus-Cassian “Ace” Gabriel Lowry [9]
DS: Patrick “Pat” Matthew Lowry [7]
DS/DS: Arthur “Art” Emanuel & Elijah “Eli” Max Lowry [2]
DD: Bianca “Bee” Hazel Lowry [1]

Mat Kolosso & Vanessa Lowry with Leo, Cam, Zac, Ace, Pat, Art, Eli, and Bee.
The Lowry Family

DS: Leo Benedict Lowry [18]
DW: Lilia Shyann Grader-Lowry [18]

DS: Rhydian Richard Atif Lowry [3]
DD: Vera Hollis Meredith Lowry [1]

Leo & Lilia Lowry with Rhydian & Vera.
The McCullough Family

DD: Emma Belen (Kolosso) McCullough [36]
DH: Dean James McCullough [36]

DD/DS: Elodie Fiera & Oscar Vincenzo McCullough [15]
DS: Declan Fernando McCullough [13]
DD: Leah Teodora McCullough [11]
DS: Felix Guglielmo McCullough [8]
DD: Nora Ilaria McCullough [6]
DS: Griffin Eduardo McCullough [5]
DS/DD/DD/DD: Ivan Allesandro & Gemma Lucia & Maren Magdalena & Bronwen Zahra Lowry [infants]

Emma & Dean McCullough with Elodie, Oscar, Declan, Leah, Felix, Nora, Griffin, Ivan, Gemma, Maren, And Bronwen.
The Kolosso-Firestone Family

DD: Thalia Erna Kolosso [36]
DF: Jerome Brock Firestone [37]

DS: Gabriel “Gabe” Christopher Firestone [11]
DD: Coralee “Cora” Abigail Firestone [10]
DD: Aisling “Ally” Layla Firestone [9]
DD: Avaline “Avie” Marisa Firestone [6]
DS/DD: Andrew “Andy” Aleksander & Marjory “Joie” Aleksandra Firestone [2]

Thalia Kolosso & Jerome Firestone with Gabe, Cora, Ally, Avie, Andy, and Joie.
The Kolosso-Darrington Family

DS: Ilmarinen “Arnie” Roger Kolosso [35]
DXF: Justine Dorota Sheppley [33]
DF: Megan Cora Jeannine Darrington [24]

DD: Hailey Addison Kolosso [15]
DS/DD/DD: Liam Jeanne & Juliet Eliza & Jocelyn Dawn Darrington-Kolosso [3]
DS: Finley Damion Darrington-Kolosso [infant]

Arnie Kolosso & Megan Darrington with Hailey, Liam, Juliet, Jocelyn, and Finley.
The Van Weiren Family

DD: Blanka Lydia (Kolosso) Van Weiren [35]
DH: Skyler Vic Van Weiren [36]

DS: Lincoln Roland Van Weiren [16]
DD: Katerina “Katie” Michaela Van Weiren [8]
DD: Annika Henrietta Van Weiren [7]
DD: Sabrina Dorothy Van Weiren [6]
DD: Matilda “Tillie” Victoria Van Weiren [4]

Blanka Kolosso & Skyler Van Weiren with Lincoln, Katie, Annika, Sabrina, and Tillie.
The Kolosso Family

DS: Corradino “Dino” Arthur Kolosso [35]
DW: Grace Vera Croaking-Kolosso [34]

DD: Jia Grace Kolosso [18]
DS/DD: Mica Gray & Leni Jesa Kolosso [7]
DS: Jaziah Brent Kolosso [2]
DD: Poppy Mali Kolosso [1]

Dino Kolosso & Grace Croaking with Jia, Mica, Leni, Jaziah, and Poppy.
The Kolosso-Ray Family

DD: Jia Grace Kolosso [18]
DBF: Kody Edwin Ray [22] - short term

DD: Axelle Lea Ray [2]

Jia Kolosso & Kody Ray with Axelle.
Generations of the Kolosso Family

Elias & Kat with Vida, Mat, Emma, Thalia, Arnie, Blanka & Dino
Vida & Yeong-Hwan with Tui, Anni & Juni
Mat & Vanessa with Leo, Cam, Zac, Ace, Pat, Art, Eli & Bee
Emma & Dean with Elodie, Oscar, Leah, Declan, Felix, Nora, Griffin, Ivan, Gemma, Maren & Bronwen
Thalia & Jerome with Gabe, Cora, Ally, Avie, Andy & Joie
Arnie & Megan with Hailey, Liam, Juliet, Jocelyn & Finley
Blanka & Skyler with Lincoln, Katie, Annika, Sabrina & Tillie
Dino & Grace with Jia, Mica, Leni, Jaziah & Poppy

Leo & Lilia with Rhydian & Vera
Jia & Kody with Axelle

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Posted 23 September 2019 - 05:58 PM

Illarion 'Ian' Roger Peek {65}

m. Jeremiah 'Jerry' Valentino Kinnaird {67}

Blake Biming Kinnaird-Peek {41; adopted from China}

Matthew 'Matt' Thomas Kinnaird-Peek {38; adopted from Korea}

Twyla Sima Kinnaird-Peek {34; adopted domestically}

Kali Spencer Kinnaird-Peek {34; adopted domestically}



Blake Biming Kinnaird-Peek {41; bisexual}

m. Vardan Vincent Willoughby {40; ex-husband}

Bernard 'Bernie' Gregor Willoughby-Peek {18; adopted from Ghana}

Hudson Jeremiah Willoughby-Peek {15; biologically Blake's via surrogacy}

d. Alexia 'Lexi' Delaney Tindall {43; short term girlfriend}


Bernard 'Bernie' Gregor Willoughby-Peek {18}

m. Daisy Amanda Queen {19}

Nicolas 'Nick' Eric Willoughby-Peek {3}

Meredith 'Merry' Casey Willoughby-Peek {2}



Matthew 'Matt' Thomas Kinnaird-Peek {38}

m. Vera Vanessa Watson {38}

Timur 'Tim' Davon Kinnaird-Peek {8}

Fredricka 'Moonie' Moon Kinnaird-Peek {7}

Aarav 'Rav' Henry Kinnaird-Peek {6}

Wolfram 'Wolf' Ivan Kinnaird-Peek {1}

Rudolf 'Rudy' Pierre Kinnaird-Peek {1}

Tarquin 'Quin' Cicero Kinnaird-Peek {0}



Twyla Sima Kinnaird-Peek {34}

d. Paul Peregrine Benzie {36; ex-fiancé}

Martin Hawthorne Benzie {16}

Daniel 'Danny' Sage Benzie {12}

Simon Arlo Benzie {10}

d. James Ethan DiMeo {35; long term boyfriend}

Jonah 'Joey' Griffin DiMeo {4}

Oakley Jules DiMeo {0}



Kali Spencer Kinnaird-Peek {34}

m. Gideon Alexavier Hoover {34}

Rosetta 'Etta' Holly Hoover {2}

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Belladonna 'Bella' Beatrice Black {66}

m. Selma Matilda Priestley {deceased}

Melissa 'Missy' Ruth Priestley-Black {41; adopted domestically}

Corinne 'Cora' Ida Priestley-Black {37; adopted from China}

Abigail 'Abi' Phoebe Priestley-Black {37; adopted from China}

Marcella 'Marcie' Natasha Priestley-Black {36; adopted domestically}

Isambard 'Bard' Cem Priestley-Black {35; adopted from Ghana}

Florence 'Flo' Heleen Priestley-Black {35; adopted from Ghana}

Sunette 'Sunny' Fleur Priestley-Black {34; adopted via embryo adoption}



Melissa 'Missy' Ruth Priestley-Black {41}

d. Payson Azariah Lewes {43; ex-boyfriend}

Sutton Elisabeth Lewes {12}

Saul Kevin Lewes {12}

Annette 'Nettie' Merete Lewes {11}

d. Bennett 'Ben' Raymond  Goldstein{43; fiancé}



Corinne 'Cora' Ida Priestley-Black {37}

Morgan Valeria Priestley-Black {18}

m. Samm George Kiraly {37}

Katarina 'Katie' Amy Kiraly {15}

Roseline 'Rosa' Bell Kiraly {13}

Dominik 'Niko' Edgar Kiraly {11}

Valerian 'Val' Orpheus Kiraly {3}

Macaria 'Ari' Gwyneth Kiraly {3}

Daniela 'Dani' Holly Kiraly {1}

Afroditi 'Dita' Jo Kiraly {1}


Morgan Valeria Priestley-Black {18}

d. Kenelm 'Elm' Siderion de Rolo {19; long term boyfriend}

Jolie Carolyn de Rolo {3}



Abigail 'Abi' Phoebe Priestley-Black {37}

m. Dudley Reuben Winter {40}

Orabela 'Bela' Amporn Winter {17}

Meliora 'Lia' Chloe Winter {14}

Ruzena 'Zena' Krystyna Winter {14}

Jefferson 'Jeff' Hayes Winter {13}

Amaryllis 'Amie' Thisbe Winter {9}

Kayne Loran Archer Winter {8}

Jareth 'Jare' Anakin Winter {5}

Eugene 'Gene' Michael Winter {1}

Georgette 'Georgie' Diane Winter {0}



Marcella 'Marcie' Natasha Priestley-Black {36}

m. Jia Seong Winchester {37; ex-husband}

Penn Pierre Winchester {15}

Rae Marisha Winchester {13}

m. Toryn 'Tory' Matthew Elliot Weaver {39}

Camilla 'Milly' Juliet Weaver {1}



Isambard 'Bard' Cem Priestley-Black {35}

Juvela 'Ju' Karesinda Priestley-Black {16}

m. Kulap Sprita Turnquist {36}

Hiram Florentino Priestley-Black {15}

Shelby Diana Priestley-Black {13}

Beacon Deveraux Priestley-Black {12}

Maryann 'Mara' Diantha Priestley-Black {4}

Clelia 'Clea' Heaven Priestley-Black {1}



Florence 'Flo' Heleen Priestley-Black {35}

m. Truitt 'True' Scott Lin {37}

Poppy Emilia Lin {14}

Mikaela 'Kaela' Julie Lin {13}

Vivienne 'Viva' Lola Lin {7}

Abraham 'Bram' Herbert Lin {7}

Owen Layne Benjamin Lin {5}

Ivan Wolfram Lin {1}



Sunette 'Sunny' Fleur Priestley-Black {34}

m. Major Jackson Rhodes {35}

Brenna Jaqueline Rhodes {14}

Buffy Sueann Rhodes {14}

Leland Samuel Rhodes {12}

Nicolas 'Cole' Oliver Rhodes {9}

Edie Moon Rhodes {6}

Morven Maple Rhodes {4}

Una Imogen Rhodes {0}

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The Potter Family 


DH: Augustine Lowen 

DW: Aisha Desideria 


DD: Adelaide Austen (40) bisexual  

DD: Vivienne Zoe (38) 

DD: Stella Charlotte (38) lesbian  

DD: Ramona Maeve (35) bisexual 

DD: Cordelia Penelope (35) bisexual  

DS: Henry Oscar (34) 


Gus and Aisha with children, 

Addie, Vivi, Stella, Romy, Cora, and Henry 



The Wilcox and Potter couple


DF: Adelaide Austin Potter (40)

DF: Neville Edward Wilcox (fiance) 


DS: Wallace Jasper (10)  

DD: Emmeline Lily (4) 

DD: Phoebe Eliza (nb) 


Addie and Neville with children, 

Wally, Emme, and Phoebe 



The Redenbaugh Family


DW: Vivienne Zoe (38)

DH: Mack Titus 


DD: Zinnia Lucy (16)

DD: Juniper Catherine (15)

DS: Rowan Charles (11) 

DD: Maple Genevieve (2) 

DD: Cypress Arabella (nb) 


Vivi and Mack with children, 

Zin, June, Ro, Maple, and Cypress  



The Potter-Black Family  


DW: Stella Charlotte (38)

DW: Zoey Jane  


DS: River Arlo (14)

DD: Eloise Gwendolyn (12) 

DS: Watson Conrad (4) 


Stella and Zoey with children, 

Riv Ellie, and Watson  



The Warszawski Family 


DW: Ramona Maeve (35)

DW: Catherine Agnes 


DS: Eliot Miles (18)

DS: Finn Charlie (15)

DD: Audrey Martha (14)

DS: Greyson Constantine (12)

DS: Declan Abiel (12)

DD: Rose Cordelia (9)

DS: Landon Ignatius (7)

DD: Genevieve Georgiana (5) 

DD: Amelia Bernadette (3) 


Romy and Cate with children, 

Eliot, Finn, Audrey, Grey, Ducky, Rosie, Landon, Genny and Mila 



The Beauchamp Family  


DW: Cordelia Penelope Potter (35)

DH: Everett Christopher Beauchamp 


DD: Evie Lucia (13)

DS: Oscar Abram (10) 

DD Margo Viola (7) 

DD: Gwen Isabella (3) 


Cora and Everett with children, 

Evie, Ozzie, Margo, and Gwen 



The Potter-Geiger Family  


Henry Oscar Potter (34) and his wife, Maisie Elizabeth Potter-Geiger


DD: Luna Elizabeth (5) 
DD: Salem Catherine (



Henry and Maisie with child,

Luna and Salem 


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The Berger Family


DH: Adam Walter Berger {66}

DW: Lysandra Ixchel Berger (nee Zaimis) {65}


DS1/DS2: Alexander Storm Berger/Thomas Linwood Berger {40}

DS3/DD1/DD2: Lee Cosmo Berger/Phoebe Magnolia Kelemen/Abigail Medusa Berger-Park {37}

DS4: Evan Blaze Berger {36}

DD3/DS5/DD4: Jacqueline Rose McKay/Aonghus Apollo Berger-Wallace/Eva Julie Berger {34}


Adam & Lysa with;

AlexTommyLeePhoebeAbbyEvanJackieGus & Eva




The Berger Family


DS1: Alexander Storm Berger {40}

DW: Reagan Shelby Berger (nee Riegel) {38} (formerly LT & Fiancee)

Ex-DGF: Lim Emilia Ching (Long-Term) {39} [Broke up] (formerly LT)


DD1: Gemma Eden Berger {13}

DS1: Breccan Ever Berger {12}

DD2/DD3: Serena Elana Berger/Fia Thelma Berger {6}

DS2/DD4: Tobias Caleb Berger/Rhiannon Maeve Berger {4}


Alex & Reagan with;

GemmaBreccan, SerenaFia, Toby & Rhi




The Berger Family


DS2: Thomas Linwood Berger {40}

DW: Josephine Margot Berger (nee King) {40} (formerly LT)


DD1: Sloane Talitha Berger {14}

DS1: Jacob Lincoln Berger {13}

DD2: Lydia Bronwen Berger {3}


Tommy & Joey with;

SloaneJacob & Lydia




The Berger Family


DS3: Lee Cosmo Berger {37}

DW: Brook Katherine Berger (nee Moon) {36} (formerly LT)


DD1: Sara Lark Scorpio {18}

DD2: Addison Dakota Berger {15}

DS1/DD3: Hayes Aubrey Berger/Bailey Giselle Berger {14}

DD4: Kristina Janelle Berger {12}

DS2/DS3: Kane Wolfram Berger/Andre Carden Berger {2}


Lee & Brook with;

SaraAddyHayesBaileyTina, Kane & Andre




The Scorpio Family


DD1: Sara Lark Scorpio (nee Berger) {18}

DH: Travis Ivan Scorpio {19}


DS1: Declan Beaumont Scorpio {3}

DD1: Matilde Adelene Scorpio {1}


Sara & Travis with;

Declan & Mattie




The Kelemen Family


DD1: Phoebe Magnolia Kelemen (nee Berger) {37}

DH: Shad Aaron Kelemen {38} (formerly Fiance)


DD1/DD2: Janice Vivian Kelemen/Bridget Daphne Kelemen {8}

DS1: Abraham Thurston Kelemen {6}

DS2: Ivan Tybalt Kelemen {3}

DS3/DS4: Pierre Alastair Kelemen/David Abbott Kelemen {2}

DD3: Zahra Magdalena Kelemen {1}


Phoebe & Shad with;

JanBridgetAbe, Ivan, Pierre, Dave & Zahra




The Berger-Park Family


DD2: Abigail Medusa Berger-Park {37} (Homosexual) [Biological mother of Liz]

DW: Darian Michaela Berger-Park {37} (Long-Term) (formerly ST, LT & Fiancee)


DD1: Elisabeth Sienna Berger-Park {16}

DAS1: Stephen Lloyd Berger-Park {8}

DAS2: Owen Layne Benjamin Berger-Park {5}

DAS3/DAD1: Abel Sebastian Berger-Park/Robin Eloise Berger-Park {1}


Abby & Dari with;

LizStevieOwen, Abel & Robin




The Berger Family


DS4: Evan Blaze Berger {36}

DW: Sterling Madeline Berger (nee Mercer) {35} (formerly LT)

Ex-DGF: Porntip Lyrik Losakul {36} [Broke up] (formerly LT)


DS1: Cameron Michael Berger {12}

DS2: Ephraim Levi Berger {11}

DD1: Scarlett Elin Berger {1}


Evan & Sterling with;

CamEphraim & Scarlett




The McKay/Landon Family


DD3: Jacqueline Rose McKay (nee Berger) {34}

DH: Bear Campbell McKay {36}

Ex-DH: Derek Niĉjo Landon {36} (formerly LT & Fiance) [Father of Cole, Nolan, Becca, Micah & Cal]


DS1: Cole Patrick Landon {17}

DS2: Nolan Gregor Landon {16}

DD1: Rebecca Lillian Landon {12}

DS3/DS4: Micah Zane Landon/Calvin Kai Magnus Landon {5}

DS5: Scanlan Elias McKay {3}


Jackie & Derek with;

ColeNolanBeccaMicahCal & Scanlan




The Berger-Wallace Family


DS5: Aonghus Apollo Berger-Wallace {34} (Bisexual) [Biological father of Oakley, Juliet, Mila & Rollo]

DH: Dean Kevin Berger-Wallace {34} (formerly Fiance) [Biological father of Leia & Anna]


DD1: Oakley Arlette Berger-Wallace {15}

DD2: Leia Niamh Berger-Wallace {5}

DD3/DD4: Juliet Celeste Berger-Wallace/Mila Bethanie Berger-Wallace {3}

DD5: Deanna Alexa Berger-Wallace {2}

DS1: Rollo Atticus Berger-Wallace {0}


Gus & Dean with;

Oakley, Leia, Juliet, Mila, Anna & Rollo




The Berger/Ewing Family


DD4: Eva Julie Berger {34}

DFiance: Mark Tristan Ewing {35}


DD1/DS1: Bryn Gabrielle Ewing/Kyle Preston Ewing {17}

DD2: Bella Rae Ewing {4}

DD3: Allura Maple Ewing {3}

DS2: Aiden Eric Ewing {1}

DD4: Luna Morgan Ewing {0}


Eva & Mark with;

BrynKyle, Bella, Allura, Aiden & Luna




Generations of the Berger Family:


Adam and Lysa Berger with; AlexTommyLeePhoebeAbbyEvanJackieGus & Eva


Alex (and ex-girlfriend Lim Ching) and Reagan Berger with; GemmaBreccanSerenaFia, Toby & Rhi

Tommy and Joey Berger with; SloaneJacob & Lydia

Lee and Brook Berger with; SaraAddyHayesBaileyTina, Kane & Andre

Phoebe and Shad Kelemen with; JanBridget, Abe, Ivan, Pierre, David & Zahra

Abby and Darian Berger-Park with; Liz, StevieOwen, Abel & Robin

Evan (and ex-girlfriend Tip Losakul) and Sterling Berger with; CamEphraim & Scarlett

Jackie (and ex-husband Derek Landon) and Bear McKay with; ColeNolan, BeccaMicahCal & Scanlan

Gus and Dean Berger-Wallace with; Oakley, Leia, Juliet, Mila, Anna & Rollo

Eva Berger and Mark Ewing with; BrynKyle, Bella, Allura, Aiden & Luna


Sara and Travis Scorpio with; Declan & Mattie

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The Spaulding Family

DH: Leoncio “Leo” Sebbe Spaulding [70]
DW: Izetta Annabeth (Iquario) Spaulding [68]

DD: Felicia Annabeth Spaulding-Macak [39]
DS: Grover Calloway Spaulding-Cho [38]
DD: Celeste Lilia (Spaulding) Jaffe [37]
DAD: Azula Elizabeth (Spaulding) Bartos [34]
DS: Desmond Earl Spaulding [34]

Leo & Izetta Spaulding with Felicia, Grover, Celeste, Azula, and Desmond.
The Macak Family

DD: Felicia Annabeth Spaulding-Macak [39]
DH: Bernard Tristan Macak [38]

DS: Alexander “Alex” Joakim Macak [4]

Felicia Spaulding-Macak & Bernard Macak with Alex.
The Spaulding-Cho Family

DS: Grover Calloway Spaulding-Cho [38] -bi
DH: Vince Daniel Spaulding-Cho [36]

DAD: Elle Adeline Spaulding-Cho [10]
DAS/DAD: Griffin Pierre & Kylee Claudia Spaulding-Cho [4]
DAS: Jackson Joel Spaulding-Cho [3]
DAS: Canyon Ivan Spaulding-Cho [1]

Grover Spaulding-Cho & Vince Spaulding-Cho with Elle, Griffin, Kylee, Jackson, and Canyon.
The Fritz-Jaffe Family

DD: Celeste Lilia (Spaulding) Jaffe [37]
DXH: Gregor “Greg” Ignacio Fritz [37]
DH: Joe Byrd Palila Jaffe [29]

DS: Cole Cosmo Fritz [11]
DD/DS: Rose “Rosie” Greta & Ernest “Ernie” Wolf Fritz [10]
DS/DS: Ted “Teddy” Matthias Aleksander & Joe “Joey” Nash David Jaffe [0]

Celeste & Joe Jaffe with Cole, Rosie, Ernie, Teddy, and Joey.
The Bartos Family

DAD: Azula Elizabeth (Spaulding) Bartos [34]
DH: Ji-Hoon “JB” Grey Bartos [36]

DD: Tatiana “Tia” Abigail Bartos [14]
DD: Annabeth “Anna” Taylor [12]
DS: Nathaniel “Nate” Christopher Bartos [0]

Azula & JB Bartos with Tia, Anna, and Nate.
The Spaulding Family

DS: Desmond Earl Spaulding [34]
DW: Jennifer “Jen” Wen (Craig) Spaulding [34]

DD: Camryn Grace Spaulding [16]
DS: Milo Peter Spaulding [10]
DD: Daisy Jennifer Spaulding [4]
DS: Caleb Matthew Spaulding [0]

Desmond & Jen Spaulding with Camryn, Milo, Daisy, and Caleb.
Generations of the Spaulding Family:
Leo & Izetta; Felicia, Grover, Celeste, Azula & Desmond
Felicia & Bernard; Alex
Grover & Vince; Elle, Griffin, Kylee, Jackson & Canyon
Celeste & Joe; Cole, Rosie, Ernie, Teddy & Joey
Azula & JB; Tia, Anna & Nate
Desmond & Jen; Camryn, Milo, Daisy & Caleb

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Braeden *Brae* Samuel Joyce [68]

m. Ezlynn *Lynn* Bright Kaleb [66]

Adelaide *Addie* Clare Joyce [41]

Alexander *Alex* Piers Joyce [41]

Rohan Zephyr Joyce [39]

Dominic *Dom* Edvin Joyce [37]

Tyson *Ty* Fergus Joyce [36]

Cayden Hugh Joyce [34]



Adelaide *Addie* Clare Joyce [41]

Jesper Vincent Joyce [18]

d. Prasert *Pra* Timothée Park [41; ex-boyfriend]

m. Indiana *Indy* Limbikani Alfaro [42]

Maeve Timothea Alfaro [6]

Sophie Xena Alfaro [6]


Jesper Vincent Joyce [18]

m. Moira Kima Parker [19]

Julio Zane Joyce [2]

Brian Rooney Joyce [1]



Alexander *Alex* Piers Joyce [41]

d. Emma Jordyn Walton [39; ex-girlfriend]

d. Blair Patricija Willingham [40; ex-fiancée]

m. Marisha *Mari* Gwen Swooda [42]



Rohan Zephyr Joyce [39]

d. Vesper Candace Harding [38; ex-fiancée]

Abigail *Abi* Laura Joyce [17]

Jane *JJ* Juvela Joyce [15]

m. Katrina *Kate* Dennise Cook [41]

Rory Hayden Joyce [10]

Asher Scipio Joyce [3]

Karin Bailey Joyce [1]

Arielle *Elle* Beth Joyce [1]

Jacob *Jake* Oliver Joyce [0]



Dominic *Dom* Edvin Joyce [37]

m. Sophia Brook MacDonald [38]

Finley Izabela Joyce [9]

Atlas Theodore Joyce [3]

Twyla Mercedes Joyce [2]

Sasha Clarke Joyce [0]



Tyson *Ty* Fergus Joyce [36]

m. Iona Margaret McAvoy [36; ex-wife]

d. Piper Cordelia Abate [35; long term girlfriend]

Bobby Everett Joyce [0]



Cayden Hugh Joyce [34; gay]

m. Koralo *Kory* Elliott Yi [35]

Phoenix Elana Yi [9; adopted]

Micah Owen Yi [6; adopted]

Marisol Adabella Yi [6; adopted]

Caleb Declan Yi [0; adopted]

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The Welder Family

DH [66] Frank Dominik Welder
DW [69] Mairead Hesperia (Pohler) Welder

DS [41] Elias Charles Welder
DS/DS [37] Bryan William & Leo Abraham Welder
DS [36] Gerald Graham Welder
DD/DS [35] Brenna Daniela & Michael Garrett Welder

Frank & Mairead Welder with Elias, Bryan, Leo, Gerald, Brenna & Michael.
The Welder Family

DS [41] Elias Charles Welder
DW [40] Cambria Rebecca (Currington) Welder

DS [16] Esmond “Ezzie” George Welder
DD [13] Sheridan “Shea” Ruby Welder
DS/DS [10] Constantine “Connie” Richard & Taliesin “Taz” Paul Welder
DS [4] Barnabas “Arnie” John Welder

Elias & Cambria Welder with Ezzie, Shea, Connie, Taz & Arnie.
The Welder Family

DS [37] Bryan William Welder
DW [34] Flora Grace (Roncalli) Welder

DD [17] Grace Alora Min Welder
DS [7] Flynn Magnus Kai Welder
DS [6] Graham Francis Noi Welder
DS [4] James Tyler Ivo Welder
DD [1] Claire Wilhelmina Ira Welder
DD/DS [0] Fleur Celeste Una & Gene Gordon Vin Welder

Bryan & Flora Welder with Grace, Flynn, Graham, James, Claire, Fleur & Gene.
The Welder Family

DS [37] Leo Abraham Welder
DW [38] Brett Reba Doyle-Welder

DS [12] Ernie Milo Welder
DS [11] Oscar Hayes Welder
DD [10] Eleonora Victory Welder
DD [4] Amaryllis Gwenlillian Welder
DD/DD/DS [2] Giselle Reba-Leigh, Eufemia Marisha & Brent Axelrod Welder

Leo Welder & Brett Doyle-Welder with Ernie, Oscar, Eleonora, Giselle, Eufemia & Brent.
The Welder-Agnusei Family

DS [36] Gerald Graham Welder (bi)
DH [35] Bram Orwell Agnusei

DAS [18] Porter Frank Welder-Agnusei
DAS [13] Travis Thurgood Welder-Agnusei
DAD [11] Lexie Maureen Welder-Agnusei
DAS [4] Murphy Wade Welder-Agnusei

Gerald Welder & Bram Agnusei with Porter, Travis, Lexie & Murphy.
The Welder-Wolfe Family

DD [35] Brenna Daniela Welder
DF [39] Robert “Rob” Kaiden Wolfe

DS [8] Jerrod Eugene Wolfe
DS [0] Harlan Cedar Wolfe

Brenna Welder & Rob Wolfe with Jerrod & Harlan.
The Welder-Corna Family

DS [35] Michael Garrett Welder
DlGF [37] Mirinda Caroline Corna

DD [16] Della Adley Welder
DD [14] Cleo June Welder
DD [10] Ollie Rae Welder
DD [8] Nova Bailey Welder
DS [7] Phoenix Grant Welder
DD [6] Leia Vivian Welder
DD [4] Harper Zahra Welder
DD [1] Ivy Magnolia Welder
DS [0] Theo William Welder

Michael Welder & Mirinda Corna with Della, Cleo, Ollie, Nova, Phoenix, Leia, Harper, Ivy & Theo.

Generations of the Welder Family
Frank & Mairead Welder; Elias, Bryan, Leo, Gerald, Brenna & Michael
Elias & Cambria; Ezzie, Shea, Connie, Taz & Arnie
Bryan & Flora; Grace, Flynn, Graham, James, Claire, Fleur & Gene
Leo & Brett; Ernie, Oscar, Eleonora, Giselle, Eufemia & Brent
Gerald & Bram; Porter, Travis, Lexie & Murphy
Brenna & Rob; Jerrod & Harlan
Michael & Mirinda; Della, Cleo, Ollie, Nova, Phoenix, Leia, Harper, Ivy & Theo

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