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#1 Guest_Zayda_*

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Posted 03 June 2009 - 08:10 PM

I've *finally* put together a name list. Come tell me what you think, honestly. My kids names are thrown in there. Go ahead and critize and/or admire them.


Karina Jade
Olivia Grace
Isobel Rose
Paige Monique
Lily Annalise
Evy Marie
Naomi Willow
Amelia Juliet
Elizabeth Laurel
Jezaret (pr: Jes-uh-ray) Andrea


Matthew Cole
Caleb Alexander
Zoltan Orion
James Rhys
Noah Patrick
Rory Caleb
Tabor Alec
William Joel
Roger Ivan
Joshua Elijah

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Posted 03 June 2009 - 08:34 PM


Karina Jade - LOVE this one!
Olivia Grace - Very Beautiful and classic!
Isobel Rose - Oh I just dislike this name so much! LOL! Really, I love it!
Paige Monique - I adore Paige but not sure about it being paired with Monique! Maybe Paige Karina or Karina Paige!
Lily Annalise - Again, beautiful!
Evy Marie - Again, another I dislike so much! LOL! Again, I love it!
Naomi Willow - Love Willow, not sure it I like the combo!
Amelia Juliet - Amazing!
Elizabeth Laurel - Love these! Timeless and Classic!
Jezaret (pr: Jes-uh-ray) Andrea - Very Unique!


Matthew Cole - Great
Caleb Alexander - Love
Zoltan Orion - Not sure on this one!
James Rhys - Great name!
Noah Patrick - Love it!
Rory Caleb - FAVORITE!
Tabor Alec - Very Unique!
William Joel - Another great one!
Roger Ivan - Not sure about Roger!
Joshua Elijah - Love this one!

#3 Momo Cicerone

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Posted 03 June 2009 - 10:33 PM


Karina Jade -like it
Olivia Grace -Love it
Isobel Rose -Love it
Paige Monique -Not my style
Lily Annalise -Not my style
Evy Marie -LOVE it
Naomi Willow -Like it
Amelia Juliet -like it
Elizabeth Laurel -Not my style
Jezaret (pr: Jes-uh-ray) Andrea -Not a fan


Matthew Cole -LOVE IT
Caleb Alexander -LOVE IT
Zoltan Orion -This is a little too much
James Rhys -OK
Noah Patrick -LOVE IT
Rory Caleb -A little too girly
Tabor Alec -Not a fan of either
William Joel -Like both names but don't love the combo
Roger Ivan -Not my style
Joshua Elijah -Not my style.

#4 RebeccaH


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Posted 04 June 2009 - 03:26 AM

Karina Jade - I am not big on Jade but Karina is gorgeous.
Olivia Grace - Very pretty.
Isobel Rose - Beautiful! My DD's middle name is Isabel.
Paige Monique - Not a fan sorry.
Lily Annalise - I adore this. It is stunning. I wold spell it Annelise though.
Evy Marie - It's nice.
Naomi Willow - Not a fan. Naomi sounds awkward.
Amelia Juliet - I love this! It is absolutely beautiful. If I have a 3rd daughter Amelia is the top contender.
Elizabeth Laurel - Very nice.
Jezaret (pr: Jes-uh-ray) Andrea - I don't care for this.


Matthew Cole - Not my cup of tea.
Caleb Alexander - Very handsome.
Zoltan Orion - Not for me.
James Rhys - Nice.
Noah Patrick - I love Noah.
Rory Caleb - Don't care for it.
Tabor Alec - Or this
William Joel - William is handsome but Joel is not for me.
Roger Ivan - I don't like this one.
Joshua Elijah - Very nice.

My favorites: Amelia Juliet and Caleb Alexander

#5 Guest_erowyn_*

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Posted 04 June 2009 - 07:28 AM

i dont have time right now to critique them though i like most of them but ive always wondered about the name Zoltan. i have never heard it use except in canada (not that that doesnt mean others dont use it) but ive never known why. i have literally in my life met 3 grown men named Zoltan all from Canada. i wonder why?

#6 Hannah


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    AND, I of course love thinking of baby names even though that is a VERY far in the future thing for me because I'm still young!

Posted 04 June 2009 - 01:05 PM

Karina Jade- I like Karina, but all I can picture is Karina Smirnoff. Jade is nice, just not my style.
Olivia Grace- Too popular! But both naems are overall, lovely.
Isobel Rose- Love it, my favorite spelling of Isobel!
Paige Monique- Paige is cute, Monique is I don't know, I just can't picture it on a little girl.
Lily Annalise- Love love love Lily. Annalise is beautiful.
Evy Marie- Ever since I have seen you're daughter's name I have thought it was absolutely gorgeous! Evy is a wonderful name!
Naomi Willow- Love Naomi and I think Willow is very pretty.
Amelia Juliet- Ah! Beautiful!
Elizabeth Laurel- A little 'L' heavy, but very pretty!
Jezaret (pr: Jes-uh-ray) Andrea- Don't like Jezaret, reminds me of Desirae, which I hate. Andrea is cute.


Matthew Cole- Like it, it's my step-cousin's name.
Caleb Alexander- I like this a lot(:
Zoltan Orion- Very unique and handsome, I have never met a Zoltan, seems like a nice alternative to Colton!
James Rhys- James is handsome, I don't like Rhys, it's just never been my favorite boy name.
Noah Patrick- Handsome and very masculine!
Rory Caleb- One of my favorites on your list!
Tabor Alec- Tabor is too surname-y for me, it's two of my good friends' last names. Alec is nice, like it better than Alex.
William Joel- Love both, just not together?
Roger Ivan- Ivan is wonderful, I can't see Roger on a little boy though.
Joshua Elijah- Joshua is great for any age and very handsome. Elijah is a great name as well.

#7 PaperHeart


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Posted 04 June 2009 - 01:54 PM


Karina Jade -Love Karina!! Maybe Kari would be better? Kari Jade? :P It's sweet, simple and pretty!
Olivia Grace -Very cute. Girly but not too cutest!!
Isobel Rose -LOVE. It's sweet -Better than Isabella in my opinion!- And classy. <3
Paige Monique -I LOVE both names.. but not together..
Lily Annalise -..Hmm. It's beginning to grow on me actually. ;)
Evy Marie -LOVE!! It's so cute and beautiful in a simple and elegant way. (;
Naomi Willow -The names are very different styles.. But for some reason, i really like it!
Amelia Juliet -LOVE LOVE LOVE. :P This name is PERFECT. The flow is amazing, it's classy and
Elizabeth Laurel -Love Elizabeth.. The flow doesnt seem great thoug.. Hmm.. Laurel Elizabeth maybe?
Jezaret (pr: Jes-uh-ray) Andrea -Love Andrea.. Not a fan of Jezaret with it.. I like both, but seperately.. (:


Matthew Cole -This name is a classic. Beautiful!!
Caleb Alexander -Love the flow, it's strong, without being to MUCHO.
Zoltan Orion -Not a fan of either name.. sorry.. :blink:
James Rhys -Hmm. Like both of these as middle names.. I think i dont like it because both names are 1 syllable.. (sp?)
Noah Patrick -Love, Love, Love!! :P Noah is THE most ADORABLE name! Patrick is great, the name flows, and it's beautiful and hansome at the same time!! (:
Rory Caleb -So CUTE!! It's masculine, without being wierd, and it's sooooo sweet!! :D
Tabor Alec -No a fan of either name.. again.. Sorry!
William Joel -Cute. Growing on me!
Roger Ivan -..Sorry, i dont like either name..
Joshua Elijah -I don't like the double 'J' sound.. or the 'Ah' sound at the end.. Sorry!! ;) But i ADORE both names seperately..

Mayde Elijah Rhys, Orion James and Joshua Ivan would work better?


-Yas <3

#8 BellaBoo


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Posted 05 June 2009 - 12:23 PM


Karina Jade- Not my style but it sounds pretty
Olivia Grace- Love this name!
Isobel Rose- So gorgeous!
Paige Monique- Not a fan of Monique, but I like Paige
Lily Annalise- Very pretty. I love Annalise!
Evy Marie- I love your kids names! Evy is such a great name!
Naomi Willow- Cute
Amelia Juliet- Beautiful
Elizabeth Laurel- Not sure about the flow, but I like both names
Jezaret (pr: Jes-uh-ray) Andrea- Unique, and I like the sound, but not sure about the spelling


Matthew Cole- Very handsome
Caleb Alexander- Love this name so much!
Zoltan Orion- Different, but I really like it
James Rhys- The flow is a little off for me, but I love both names so much that Iíll let it go!
Noah Patrick- Such a great name! I know I said it earlier, but your kids do have the greatest names!
Rory Caleb- Rory isnít my favorite.
Tabor Alec- I like Tabor. Itís different, but not in a bad way.
William Joel- Love it but my first thought is Billy Joel.
Roger Ivan- Not my style.
Joshua Elijah- Love both names, but the -a/-ah endings isn't my favorite.

Other than your kidsí names, my favorites are Lily Annalise and Caleb Alexander

p.s. I agree with Yasmine about Elijah Rhys and Orion James-- Great names!

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