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RH's Family Tree CAF Dec 9/10

dice game 9/10 Family Tree CAF

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Posted 08 December 2020 - 06:46 PM

Part 9: 2015 


It’s been 5 years. 


Anyone over 18 will now begin being rolled for their relationships and such. Anyone over 45 will no longer roll for children. 



1. Bisexual 

2. Gay 

3. Straight 

4. Gay 

5. Bisexual 

6. Straight 

New Relationships 

1. Single 

2. Short term BF/GF 

3. Engaged

4. Married 

5. Long term BF/GF 

6. Married 

7. Long term BF/GF 

8. Short term BF/GF

9. Engaged 

10 Single 

(for bisexual relationships roll to determine the gender, with even being same gender and odd being a different gender)


Short term relationships 

1, 5, and 9 are now long term relationships 

3, 4, and 10 are now engaged 

2, 6, and 7 are now married 

Long term relationships 

2 and 8 are now broken up 

4 is still long term 

3, 6, and 9 are now engaged 

1, 5, 7, and 10 are married 


3 and 6 are now broken up 

9 is still engaged 

The rest are now married 


4 and 7 are now broken up 

The rest are still married


Number of children 

1. 2 

2. 3

3. 1 

4. 1 

5. 0 

6. 0 

Sex of children 

1. Girl 

2. Boy 

3. Girl 

4. Girl 

5. Boy 

6. Boy 

Age of children 

1. 2 

2. 1 

3. 3 

4. 0 

5. 4 

10. Your choice 


First and Middle name bank 

1. Girl: Adelina, Dalia, Deirdre, Dove, Fiona, Giulia, Imogen, Lilith, Lucia, Mona, Nasira, Primrose, Sherine, Stella, Theodora, Venetia 

Boy: Agosto, Cedar, Fionn, Gawain, Gino, Kazem, Lazarus, Leaf, Mateo, Najib, Odin, Raed, Remo, Ronan, Sami, Sullivan, Zenith 

2.  https://nameberry.com/list/257/Space-Baby-Names?all=1 

3.  https://www.randomnames.com/ 

(Use 5 tries to pick from) 

4. https://nameberry.com/list/80/Three-Syllable-Baby-Names?all=1 

5. https://www.behindthename.com/random/n 

(choose 5 categories, the correct sex, and 5x. Feel free to click avoid rare and avoid diminutives if you prefer) 

6.  https://www.behindthename.com/names/length/8/impression/wholesome 

7.  https://mixedname.com/ 

(chose either two of the ethnicities/ languages in the family or two you think would suit the family) 

8.  https://www.momjunction.com/articles/european-names-for-your-baby_00379354/ 

9.  https://www.babynamegenie.com/ 

(pick the correct gender and choose from 5 tries) 

10.   https://www.sheknows.com/parenting/articles/2114531/fiery-names-scorpio-baby/ 


Surname bank 

1. https://www.behindthename.com/namesakes/list/activists/alpha 

2. Barclay, Birdwell, Cardenas, Dionne, Ewan, Klaassen, McFadden, Mifsud, Pollari, Rycroft, Shamoun, Tippens, Totah, Vause, Velarde, Wentworth, Zhu 

3.  https://www.namegenerator.biz/last-name-generator.php 

(Generate 5 options to pick from) 

4.  https://surnames.behindthename.com/names/length/11 

 5. https://www.springhole.net/writing_roleplaying_randomators/surnames.htm 

6.  https://www.randomlists.com/last-names 


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Posted 09 December 2020 - 07:30 PM


The Mikaelsson Family


DH [82]: Olajuwon "Ola" Laith Mikaelsson

DW [79]: Gwen Ruth {nee Fitzgerald} Mikaelsson


DS [58]: Freedom "Charlie" Charles Mikaelsson


Ola & Gwen Mikaelsson, with their son Charlie




DS [58]: Freedom "Charlie" Charles Mikaelsson

DW [56]: Adaeze Magdalene Majeed-Mikaelsson


DD [39]: Jasmine "Jazzy" Fairuza Mikaelsson

DS [38]: Isaiah Samuele Mikaelsson

DD [33]: Myla Armani Mikaelsson

DS [28]: Jonathon Amir Mikaelsson

DS [26]: Ariel Hanvesh Mikaelsson

DS [23]: Kelvin Romik Mikaelsson

DS [19]: Damian Antoine Mikaelsson

DS/DD [17]: Camron Iakob & Jaylin Jahel Mikaelsson


Charlie Mikaelsson & Adaeze Majeed-Mikaelsson, with their children JazzyIsaiahMylaJonathonArielKelvinDamianCamron, and Jaylin




DD [39]: Jasmine "Jazzy" Fairuza {nee Mikaelsson} Salib

DH [40]: Vijay Sankar Salib


DS [21]: Jamal Tiberius Salib

DS [19]: Asim Gallagher Salib

DS/DS/DS [12]: Rasul Quinlan, Eesa Winslow, & Samir Fielding Salib

DD [5]: Alya Calypso Salib


Jazzy & Vijay Salib, with their children JamalAsimRasulEesaSamir, and Alya




DS [21]: Jamal Tiberius Salib bi

DBF [27]: Dominic Ross Rycroft lt


DAS [3]: Marshall Cielo Hamal Salib

DAD [0]: Elena Rashida Louise Salib


Jamal Salib & Dominic Rycroft, with their children Marshall and Elena




DS [38]: Isaiah Samuele Mikaelsson

DW [38]: Lauryn Jae {nee Ashington} Mikaelsson


DS/DS [11]: Cain Israel & Cole Zuriel Mikaelsson

DD/DD [8]: Pearl Antonella & Pixie Isabella Mikaelsson

DD [3]: Nova Madeline Mikaelsson


Isaiah & Lauryn Mikaelsson, with their children CainColePearlPixie, and Nova




DD [33]: Myla Armani Mikaelsson bi

DF [34]: Iesha Fatimah Wither

DH [32]: Kodiak Inari Thakkar


DD [11]: Kamea Asami Paige Thakkar-Mikaelsson

DS [8]: Keahi Ichiro Xavier Thakkar-Mikaelsson

DS [3]: Kau'i Isamu Adam Thakkar-Mikaelsson

DD [0]: Kapua Airi Nicole Thakkar-Mikaelsson


Myla Mikaelsson & Kodiak Thakkar, with their children KameaKeahiKau'i, and Kapua




DS [28]: Jonathon Amir Mikaelsson

DW [30]: Emerald Deja Osborn


DD [7]: Juno Kassiani Mikaelsson


Johnathon Mikaelsson & Emerald Osborn, with their daughter Juno




DS [26]: Ariel Hanvesh Malamud-Mikaelsson

DH [29]: Hadar Osian Malamud-Mikaelsson


DAS [3]: Amadi Sterling Malamud-Mikaelsson

DAD/DAS [2]: Zaria Lavender & Omari Rafferty Malamud-Mikaelsson


Ariel & Hadar Malamud-Mikaelsson, with their children AmadiZaria, and Omari




DS [23]: Kelvin Romik Mikaelsson

DGF [24]: Giovanna "Gia" Mia Chavez

DW [20]: Roxana Lillian {nee Van Willigen} Mikaelsson


DS/DS [8]: Rocco Aziz & Rami Valentino Mikaelsson


Kelvin & Roxana Mikaelsson, with Kelvin's sons Rocco and Rami




DS [19]: Damian Antoine Mikaelsson bi

DGF [19]: Clarissa Sky Temple st


DD [3]: Shayla Sky Mikaelsson

DD [2]: Aaliyah Angeline Mikaelsson


Damian Mikaelsson & Clarissa Temple, with their daughters Shayla and Aaliyah

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Posted 16 December 2020 - 07:22 PM

LN: Kilpatrick


DH: Louis Thayer (82) 

DW: Maeve Acantha, née Bodin (79) 


DS: Peter Vincent (60)

DS: Andrew Beaumont (59)

DD/DD/DD: Delia Magdalene / Felicity Blythe / Bethany Joy "Beth" (58)

DD/DD: Jane Alice /  Eve Serenity "Evie" (57)

DS: Alexander Maximilian "Alex" (55)


Louis, Maeve, Peter, Andrew, Delia, Felicity, Beth, Jane, Evie, & Alex




LN: Kilpatrick


DH: Peter Vincent (60)

ex-DH: David Nikolai, née Miller (61)


DAS: Holden James (31)

DAS: Asher Aidan (25)

DAD: Maia Poppy (24)


Peter, David, Holden, Asher, & Maia 


DF: Peter Vincent Kilpatrick (60)

DF: Gabriel Evan "Gabe" Wallace (63)


Peter & Gabe




LN: Morales-Kilpatrick


DH: Holden James Kilpatrick (31)

DH: Hudson Wolf Morales (31)


DS: Gavin Jacob (5)


Holden, Hudson, & Gavin




DBF: Asher Aidan Kilpatrick (25)

(lt)DGF: Olivia Kennedy Stafford (25)


Asher & Olivia




DGF: Maia Poppy Kilpatrick (24)

(st)DGF: Rebecca Lorelei Tippens (23)


Maia & Rebecca




LN: Kilpatrick


DH: Andrew Beaumont (59)

ex-DW: Kristin Margaret, née Bailey (59)


DS: Nathan Scott (38)

DD: Sarah Lindsay (36)

DD: Lucy Dawn (33)

DS: Charlie Campbell (26)

DS: Aaron Miles (25)


Andrew, Kristin, Nathan, Sarah, Lucy, Charlie, & Aaron


DH: Andrew Beaumont (59)

[ex-DW: Kira Jasmine, née Doyle (57)


DSS: Archer Felix Powell (26)

DSD: Hayley Alisa Powell (24)

DSS: Shawn Bentley Powell (23)]


DF: Andrew Beaumont Kilpatrick (59)

DF: Samantha Clare Wooster (56)


Andrew & Samantha




LN: Rothley-Kilpatrick


DH: Nathan Scott Kilpatrick (38)

DH: Alec Tevin Rothley (37)


DAD: Hannah Caroline (3)


Nathan, Alec, & Hannah




LN: Morrow


DW: Sarah Lindsay Kilpatrick (36)

ex-DH: Ronan Fox (37)


DS: Lennox Olivier (8)

DS: Brantley Cyrus (7)


Sarah, Ronan, Lennox, & Brantley




LN: McCall


DW: Lucy Dawn, née Kilpatrick (33)

ex-DW: Lena Kimberley McCall (33)


Lucy & Lena


DGF: Lucy Dawn Kilpatrick (33)

(lt)DGF: Abigail Violet Beckworth (32)


Lucy & Abigail




DBF: Charlie Campbell Kilpatrick (26)

(lt)DBF: Lachlan Hugh Forsythe (25)


Charlie & Lachlan




DBF: Aaron Miles Kilpatrick (25)

(lt)DGF: Theresa Marie Paine (26)


Aaron & Theresa




LN: Cooper-Kilpatrick


DW: Delia Magdalene Kilpatrick (58)

DW: Ivy Isabella Cooper (58)


DS/DS/DS: Finn Hudson / Theo Hurley / Jett Easton (26)


Delia, Ivy, Finn, Theo, & Jett




LN: Cooper-Kilpatrick


DH: Finn Hudson (26)

DW: Sierra Eleanor, née Taylor (26)


DD: Willow Aisling (6)


Finn, Sierra, & Willow




LN: Cooper-Kilpatrick


DH: Theo Hurley Cooper-Kilpatrick (26)

DW: Brooklyn Evangeline, née Juarez (26)


DS: Isabelle Viviette (1)


Theo, Brooklyn, & Isabelle




DBF: Jett Easton Cooper-Kilpatrick (26)

(lt)DBF: Kenneth Drake "Ken" Alper (27)


Jett & Ken





LN: Gamble 


DW: Felicity Blythe, née Kilpatrick (58)

DH: Seth Jordan (60)


DS: Noah John (39)

DD: Rosalie Vivian "Rosie" (34)


Felicity, Seth, Noah, & Rosie




LN: Gamble


DH: Noah John (39)

DW: Sadie Caroline, née Hammond (38)


DD: Serafina Maeve (12)

DD/DD: Aurora Primrose / Zara January (9)

DD: Scarlett Quinn (4)

DS: Fletcher Matthias (2)

DS: Sebastian Lucas (0)


Noah, Sadie, Serafina, Aurora, Zara, Scarlett, Fletcher, & Sebastian




LN: Gamble-Davis


DW: Rosalie Vivian "Rosie" Gamble (34)

DW: Stella Bridget Davis (35)


DAD/DAS: Caitlyn Diane / Felix Jonathan (1)


Rosie, Stella, Caitlyn, & Felix




LN: Fairchild


DW: Bethany Joy "Beth," née Kilpatrick (58)

DH: Colin Hiram (62)


DD: Alexa June "Lexi" (34)

DS: Dax Eli (25)


Beth, Colin, Lexi, & Dax




LN: Bernard


​DF: Alexa June "Lexi" Fairchild (34)

ex-DF: Florian Antoine (34)


DD/DD: Cecilia Faith / Daisy Jessamine (16) 


Lexi, Florian, Cecilia, & Daisy


LN: Elliot


DW: Alexa June "Lexi," née Fairchild (34)

DH: David Lennon (35)


DS: Blaine Atlas (12)

DD: Madeline Annabeth "Maddie" (3)


Lexi, David, Blaine, & Maddie




DBF: Dax Eli Fairchild (25)

(lt)DGF: Amaya Clarabelle Prince (24)


Dax & Amaya




LN: Vernon-Kilpatrick


DW: Jane Alice Kilpatrick (56)

DW: Kaley Maud Vernon (56)


DAS: Axel Ace (29)

DAS: Riley Cole (28)

DAD: Elodie Esther (21)


Jane, Kaley, Axel, Riley, & Elodie




LN: Vernon-Kilpatrick


DH: Axel Ace Vernon-Kilpatrick (29)

DW: Amanda Venus, née Jones (29)


Axel & Amanda




DBF: Riley Cole Vernon-Kilpatrick (28)

(st)DGF: Mariana Raquel Delacruz (26)

ex-DGF: Ava Robin Holmes (28)


Riley & Mariana




LN: Oppenheimer


DF: Elodie Esther Vernon-Kilpatrick (21)

DF: Carlisle Franklin "Frank" Oppenheimer (22)


DD: Lillian Violet "Lily" (1)


Elodie, Frank, & Lily




LN: Estrada


DW: Eve Serenity "Evie" Kilpatrick (56)

DH: Benjamin Ray "Ben" (57)


DD: Rory Vivian (22)


Evie, Ben, & Rory




DGF: Rory Vivian Estrada (22)

(st)DBF: Zachary Tobias "Zack" Birdwell (25)


Rory & Zack




LN: Kilpatrick


DF: Alexander Maximilian "Alex" (55)

ex-DF: Daniella Skye "Dani" Bruckner (53)


DS: Norris Orion (17)

DD: Layla Fallon (15) 


Alex, Dani, Norris, & Layla


LN: Kilpatrick


DH: Alexander Maximilian "Alex" Kilpatrick (55)

DW: Jessa Lilith, née Morino (54)


Alex & Jessa




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Posted 16 December 2020 - 07:37 PM

The Waters Family



DH: James Martin Waters (83) 
DW: Eve Patricia Beaufort Waters (dec) 

DW: Elizabeth Lilian Hill Waters (75)

DS: James Martin, Jr. (59)

DS: Rupert Dare (55)

DSS: Rory Hudson (45)


Jim & Beth Waters

Jim Waters - Jamie & Dare

Beth Hill Waters - Hudson




The Waters-Nobles

DS: James Martin Waters, Jr. (59)

ExDW:Kathleen Natalie McCoy Waters (56)

DS: Adam Ramsey (30)

DS: Jonathan Chandler (26)

DS/DD: Keenan Franklin/Kira Morgan (24)

DS: Elijah Kirkwood (17)

DW: Hope Susan Strike Noble Waters (40)

DSD: Brielle Aster Noble (13)

DSS: Aiden Dean Noble (9)

DD: Nadia Adelina (2)


Jamie & Hope Waters - Nadia

Jamie Waters - Adam, Jonathan, Keenan, Kira, & Eli

Hope Noble Waters - Brie & Aiden Noble




The Waters

DS: Adam Ramsey Waters (30)

DW: Amanda Sadie Maas Waters (30)

DD: Emma Abigail (6)

DD: Phoebe Diana (5)

DS: Oliver Duncan (1)


Adam & Mandy Waters - Emma. Phoebe, & Oliver


The Waters-Harrells

DS: Jonathan Chandler Waters (26)

DGFlt: Shawna Sherine Harrell (22)


Jonathan Waters & Shawna Harrell


The Waters

DS: Keenan Franklin Waters (24)

DW: Christina Ruby Smith Waters (26)

DD: Imogen Christie (infant)


Keenan & Christie Waters - Immie


The Zimmermans 

DD: Kira Morgan Waters Zimmerman (24)

DH: Keaton Marshall Zimmerman (28)

DS: Kai Matthew (6)

DS: Ren Gabriel (4)

DS: Leo Peter (2)


Keaton & Kira Zimmerman - Kai, Ren, & Leo




The Waters

DS: Rupert Dare Waters (55)

DW: Joy Irene Allison Waters (55)

DS: Aaron Riley (29)

DD: Candice Jennifer (28)

DD: Hannah Lilly (24)

DD/DS: Reagan Briana/Robert Neil (23)

DS: Brody Keith (17)

DD: Jaimie Paige (11)


Dare & Joy Waters - Aaron, Candice, Hannah, Reagan, Robby, Brody, & Paige




The Waters

DS: Aaron Riley Waters (29)

DW: Audrey North Holmes Waters (30)

DS: Ace Denver (8)

DS: Archer Phoenix (6)

DD: Alma Aspen (3)

DS: Aiden Jackson (2)

DD: Astrid Nantucket (infant)


Aaron & Audrey Waters - Ace, Nix, Pen, Jak, & Nan


The Stephensons

DD: Candice Jennifer Waters Stephenson (28)

DH: Chase Heath Stephenson (30)

DD: Lavender Nora (5)

DS: Wolf  Hawthorne (3)

DS: Hawke Alexander (2)


Chase & Candice Stephenson - Nora, Wolf, & Hawke


The Waters-Mills

DD: Hannah Lilly Waters (24)

DBFlt: Arnaud Eric Mills


Hannah Waters & Eric Mills


The Waters-Shiras

DD: Reagan Briana Waters (23)

DF: Jacob Matthew Shira (24)


Reagan Waters & Jake Shira


The Waters-Oates

DS: Robert Neil Waters (23)

DF: Nina Rose Oates (23)


Rob Waters & Nina Oates




The Hills

DS: Rory Hudson Hill (45)

DW: Annemarie Esther Nelson Hill (43)

DS: Micah Asher (19)

DS: Abel Malachi (17)

DS: Jonah Michael (14)

DD: Susanna Seraphina (9)

DS/DS: Asa Ezekiel/Ezra Abraham (7)

DD: Delilah Hadassah (5)

DS: Reuben Nathaniel (3)

DD: Johanna Eva (1)



Hudson & Annemarie Hill - Asher, Malachi, Jonah, Susanna, Asa, Ezra, Delilah, Reuben, & Eva  




The Hill-Masons

DS: Micah Asher Hill (19)

DGFlt: Miranda Elena Mason (17)


Micah Hill & Randi Mason 






Jim & Beth


Jamie (Hope) & Dare (Joy)Hudson (Annemarie)


Adam (Mandy), Jonathan (Shawna), Keenan (Christie), Kira (Keaton), & Eli; Brie & Aiden; Nadia; Aaron (Audrey), Candice (Chase), Hannah (Eric), Reagan (Jake), Rob (Nina), Brody, & Paige; Asher/Micah (Randi), Malachi, Jonah, Susanna, Asa, Ezra, Delilah, Reuben, & Eva


Emma, Phoebe & Oliver; Immie; Kai, Ren, & Leo; Ace, Nix, Pen, Jak, & Nan; Nora, Wolf, & Hawke;

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Posted 29 December 2020 - 06:07 PM


The Chadwick Family


DH: Nazario Dwayne Chadwick [82]

DW: Peggy Jane Gruffudd [79]


DS: Lawson Dwayne Chadwick [62]

DD/DS: Verity Jane & Woodrow John Chadwick [60]

DS: Dashiell "Dash" Paul Chadwick [58]

DD: Enora Grace Chadwick [57]

DS/DD: Matthias "Matt" Keith & Tara Ann Chadwick [55]


Nazario & Peggy, with their children; Lawson, Verity, Woodrow, Dashiell, Enora, Matthias, and Tara




DS: Lawson Dwayne Chadwick [61]

DW: Ellen Gertrude Peevey [57]


DS: Floyd Noah Chadwick [33]

DS: Kyler Rain Chadwick [24]

DS: Quincy Zion Chadwick [22]

DS: Elvis Eoin Chadwick [21]


Lawson & Ellen, with their sons; Floyd, Kyler, Quincy, and Elvis




DD: Verity Jane Chadwick [60]

DW: Issa Victoire Majeed [62]


DS: Jewell Gibson Chadwick-Majeed [32]

DS: Sol Austen Chadwick-Majeed [28]

DS: Thor Ian Chadwick-Majeed [23]


Verity & Issa, with their sons; Jewell, Sol, and Thor




DS: Woodrow John Chadwick [60]

DW: Kayla Ines Sykes [59] mother of Angelina

DW: Bjorg Roxana von Sydow [54]


DD: Angelina Renee Chadwick [32]

DSD: Ayanna Nayeli Brees [28]

DD: Alva Kaminari Chadwick [23]

DD: Aluna "Luna" Fae Chadwick [22]

DS: Azaria Sage Chadwick [18]


Woodrow & Bjorg, with their daughters; Angelina, Ayanna, Alva, Aluna, and Azaria




DS: Dashiell "Dash" Paul Chadwick [58]

DH: Bratumił Nael Smith [58]


DS/DS/DS: Emil Gregory, Nathaniel Keith & Abdul Fevzi Chadwick-Smith [30]

DAS: Fraser Komalpreet Chadwick-Smith [28]

DAS: Jethro "Jet" Gursiran Chadwick-Smith [27]

DAS: Rogan "Roe" Gareth Chadwick-Smith [15]


Dashiell & Bratumił, with their sons; Emil, Nathaniel, Abdul, Fraser, Jethro, and Rogan




DD: Enora Grace Chadwick [57] bisexual

DH: Diego Gabriel Gonzalez [dec.] father of Arizona, Zain, Karter & Halo

DH: Jaume Moon D'Atri [55]

DF: Isaiah Deen Briggs [59]

DBF: Geoffrey "Geoff" Vedastus Lewandowski [60] short-term


DD: Arizona "Ari" Faye Gonzalez [39]

DS: Zain September Gonzalez [34]

DS: Karter Santiago Gonzalez [31]

DD: Halo Serenity Gonzalez [19]


Enora & Geoffrey, with Enora's children; Arizona, Zain, Karter, and Halo




DS: Matthias "Matt" Keith Chadwick [55]

DH: Christian "Chris" Saul Merriweather [54] father of Ethan, Milo & Myla

DH: Niall Santiago Das [58]


DAS: Ethan Nicholas Merriweather [33]
DAS/DAD: Milo Christopher & Myla Jacqueline Merriweather [31]

DAD: Zara Natalia-Sapphire Das [23]

DAD: Ivy Margo-Kaitlin Das [20]

DAS: Camden Chad Das [16]


Matthias & Niall, with their children; Ethan, Milo, Myla, Zara, Ivy, and Camden




DD: Tara Ann Chadwick [55]

DH: Khalil Harold Saqqaf [58]


DS: Zaki Boipelo Saqqaf [30]

DS: Khayri Masoud Saqqaf [26]

DS/DS: Nuri Rasheed & Omari Atallah Saqqaf [15]


Tara & Khalil, with their son; Zaki, Khayri, Nuri, and Omari




DS: Floyd Noah Chadwick [33]

DH: Rhys Edward Watson [35]


DSS: Braxton "Brax" Edward Watson [19]

DSS: Ren Parker Watson [17]

DS: Talbot Benjamin Chadwick-Watson [10]

DD: Sutton Liliana Chadwick-Watson [8]

DD: Ella Ruby Chadwick-Watson [5]


Floyd & Rhys, with their children; Braxton, Ren, Talbot, Sutton, and Ella




DS: Kyler Rain Chadwick [24]

DGF: Coralie Lauryn Cunningham [24] long-term


DD: Khloe Monet Chadwick [6]


Kyler & Coralie, with their daughter; Khloe




DS: Quincy Zion Chadwick [22]

DBF: Abdullohi "Abdul" Shad Awad [25] long-term


DAD: Maida Helene Chadwick-Awad [2]


Quincy & Abdullohi, with their daughter; Maida




DS: Elvis Eoin Chadwick [21] bisexual

DH: Jeremy Sloan Collingwood [21]


Elvis & Jeremy




DS: Jewell Gibson Chadwick-Majeed [32]

DH: Callum Kobe Lucero [35]


DS: Xerxes Nevin Chadwick-Lucero [11]

DS: Utz Achilles Chadwick-Lucero [10]

DD: Sancia Izabella Chadwick-Lucero [8]

DD: Cyrene Andromeda Chadwick-Lucero [5]

DD: Askja Mahina Chadwick-Lucero [4]


Jewell & Callum, with their children; Xerxes, Utz, Sancia, Cyrene, and Askja




DS: Sol Austen Chadwick-Majeed [28] bisexual

DH: Kiefer Lochlan Church [29]


Sol & Kiefer




DS: Thor Ian Chadwick-Majeed [23] bisexual

DW: Nasima Brigid Muñoz [25]


DD/DD: Elsa Katherine & Lillian "Lily" Dorothy Chadwick-Majeed [4]

DS: Jack Samson Chadwick-Majeed [1]


Thor & Nasima, with their children; Elsa, Lillian, and Jack




DD: Angelina Renee Chadwick [32]

DH: Cameron "Cam" Laurence Fitzpiers [31]


DD: Blaire Anabelle Fitzpiers [12]

DS: Blaze Quintin Fitzpiers [8]


Angelina & Cameron, with their children; Blaire & Blaze




DSD: Ayanna Nayeli Brees [28] bisexual

DF: Cole Lee Fortescue [35] father of Fallon

DH: Drake Gregor Ewing [32]


DD: Fallon Serafina Maeve Fortescue [10]

DS: Bowie Augustine Daire Fortescue [8]

DS: Rio Evander Blaise Fortescue [7]


Ayanna & Drake, with their children; Fallon, Bowie, and Rio




DD: Alva Kaminari Chadwick [23] bisexual

DH: Jeremiah Hadar Wiggins [24] father of Raelene

DGF: Lena Marie Beckenbauer [21] long-term


DD: Raelene "Rae" Indigo Wiggins [7]


Alva & Lena, with Alva's daughter; Raelene




DD: Aluna "Luna" Fae Chadwick [22] bisexual

DBF: Gino Manuel Velazquez [28] long-term


Aluna & Gino




DS: Azaria Sage Chadwick [18]

DGF: Michalina Giulia Roberson [18] long-term


DD: Ava Simona Kalypso Chadwick [0]


Azaria & Michalina, with their daughter; Ava





DS: Emil Gregory Chadwick-Smith [30]

DH: Damien Tiberius Rosenberg [31]


DAD: Cora Rosemary Rosenberg [14]

DAD: Madeline "Madi" Hazel Rosenberg [10]

DAS: Raphael Sage Rosenberg [9]

DAD: Beatrix "Trixie" Ember Rosenberg [8]


Emil & Damien, with their children; Cora, Madeline, Raphael, and Beatrix




DS: Nathaniel Keith Chadwick-Smith [30] bisexual

DW: Esme Cornelia Stark [28]


DD: Riley Valentina Chadwick-Smith [12]

DS: Brooks Atlas Chadwick-Smith [11]

DD: Blakely Vega Chadwick-Smith [4]


Nathaniel & Esme, with their children; Riley, Brooks, and Blakely




DS: Abdul Fevzi Chadwick-Smith [30] bisexual

DH: Obi Dmitri de la Garza [35]


DS: Rami Fergal de la Garza [5]

DS: Kazem Domhnall de la Garza [2]

DD: Shama Clare de la Garza [0]


Abdul & Obi, with their children; Rami, Kazem, and Shama




DAS: Fraser Komalpreet Chadwick-Smith [28]

DH: Blaine Adalbert Sandoval [31]

DF: Clay Newton Padilla [29]


DSS: Newton "Newt" Xander Padilla [8]

DSD: Aisling Yvette Padilla [7]

DAD: Yumi Samantha Chadwick-Smith [4]


Fraser & Clay, with their children; Newton, Aisling, and Yumi




DAS: Jethro "Jet" Gursiran Chadwick-Smith [27] bisexual

DW: Venetia Miriam Cruz [29]


DD: Frankie Venetia Chadwick-Smith [0]


Jethro & Venetia, with their daughter; Frankie




DD: Arizona "Ari" Faye Gonzalez [39]

DH: Wilmer "Willie" Jayson Zimmer Sr. [42]

DH: Gavin Michael Vang [41]


DS: Callahan "Cal" Chadwick Vang [12]

DS: Fletcher Michael Vang [5]

DD: Adelaide "Addy" Gabrielle Vang [0]


Arizona & Gavin, with their children; Callahan, Fletcher, and Adelaide




DS: Zain September Gonzalez [34]

DW: Kaiya Siobhan MacKinnon [33]


DD: Daisy Beatrix Gonzalez [15]

DD: Juniper "Junie" Daphne Gonzalez [8]

DD/DD/DD: Hazel Cordelia, Nova Lucille & Lark Felicity Gonzalez [3]


Zain & Kaiya, with their daughters; Daisy, Juniper, Hazel, Nova, and Lark




DS: Karter Santiago Gonzalez [31]

DW: Abigayle "Abi" Winter McKnespiey [29]


DD: Aurora "Rory" Dove Gonzalez [12]

DS: Bear Linden Gonzalez [6]


Karter & Abigayle, with their children; Aurora and Bear




DAS: Ethan Nicholas Merriweather [33] bisexual

DGF: Harmonee Delphine Daguerre [33] mother of Wesley & Vivia

DH: Apollo Ptarmigan Fisher [31]


DS/DD: Wesley Leone & Vivia Saffron Merriweather [19]

DAS: Cyrus Peregrine Merriweather [8]

DAD: Athena Hester Merriweather [6]


Ethan & Apollo, with their children; Wesley, Vivia, Cyrus, and Athena




DAS: Milo Christopher Merriweather [31] bisexual

DW: Giovanna "Gia" Fiamma Sarceno [27]


DS: Reese Colten Merriweather [7]


Milo & Giovanna, with their son; Reese




DAD: Myla Jacqueline Merriweather [31]

DW: Colorado "Col" Ionali March [31]


DD: Peridot "Peri" Lilith March-Merriweather [6]

DD: Ottoline "Otto" Theodora March-Merriweather [0]


Myla & Colorado, with their daughters; Peridot and Ottoline




DAD: Zara Natalia-Sapphire Das [23]

DGF: Farida Vesper Rawlings [23] long-term


DSS: Jenson Maverick Faulkner [6] 

DD: Naenia Celestine Faulkner [0]


Zara & Farida, with their children; Jenson and Naenia




DAD: Ivy Margo-Kaitlin Das [20]

DGF: Larissa Kristeen Banks [21] long-term


DAS: Gideon "Giddy" Dennis Banks-Das [2]

DAD: Susannah "Zuzu" Esther Banks-Das [1]


Ivy & Larissa, with their children; Gideon and Susannah




DS: Zaki Boipelo Saqqaf [30]

DF: Philippe Matthias Keller [29]


DS: Matteo Abhishek Saqqaf-Keller [4]

DD: Adhara Adelina Saqqaf-Keller [1]


Zaki & Philippe, with their children; Matteo and Adhara




DS: Khayri Masoud Saqqaf [26]

DH: Tristan Zebedee Koch [29]


DS: Sandford "Sandy" Mercury Saqqaf-Koch [4]

DAD: Soleil "Sol" Quintina Saqqaf-Koch [1]

DAS: Sullivan "Sully" Zenith Saqqaf-Koch [0]


Khayri & Tristan, with their children; Sandford, Soleil, and Sullivan

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The Martinelli Family


DH: James Ferdinand Martinelli (dec.)

DW: Carol Annette Gilmore Martinelli (80)


DD: Eleora 'Elle' Charlotte Martinelli (56)


James and Carol Martinelli; with Elle



The Martinelli-Pugh Family


DW: Eleora 'Elle' Charlotte Martinelli-Pugh (56) - Lesbian

DW: Catriona 'Cat' Gisele Martinelli-Pugh (54)


DAD: Beth Indira Eymer-Martinelli (36) - Adopted domestically

DAD: Alice Nicole Eymer-Martinelli (31) - Adopted from China

DAD: Leah Phoebe Eymer-Martinelli (30) - Adopted domestically

DS/DS: Hugo Cyrus Eymer-Martinelli/Calder Hudson Eymer-Martinelli (25) - Biologically Elle's sons

DD: Fran Ethel Martinelli-Pugh (17) - Biologically Elle's daughter

DS: Barnaby 'Barney' Dougal Martinelli-Pugh (16) - Biologically Cat's son

DAS: Elijah 'Eli' Owen Martinelli-Pugh (15) - Adopted domestically


exDW: Cassie Jane Eymer (57) - Mum of Beth, Alice, Leah, Hugo, & Calder


Elle (and ex-wife Cassie Eymer) and Cat Martinelli-Pugh; with BethAliceLeahHugoCalderFranBarney, and Eli



The Lutterworth Family


DW: Beth Indira Eymer-Martinelli Lutterworth (36) - Bisexual

DH: Clark Silas Lutterworth (37)


DS: Zion Garrett Eymer-Martinelli (17)

DD: Amity Vivia Eymer-Martinelli (16)

DS: Parker Daniel Lutterworth (15)

DD: Hope Liliana Lutterworth (8)

DS/DS: Odin Merrick Lutterworth/Romeo Lazarus Lutterworth (3)


Beth and Clark Lutterworth; with ZionAmityParkerHope, Odin, and Romeo



The Eymer-Martinelli/Miller Family


DFiancée: Alice Nicole Eymer-Martinelli (31) - Lesbian

DFiancée: Nyssa Arrietty Miller (33)


DAS: Finn Mackenzie Martinelli-Solomon (11) - Adopted domestically

DAD: Brielle 'Bree' Chloe Miller (6) - Adopted from Russia

DAS: Maximus 'Max' Jedidiah Miller (3) - Adopted from Russia


exDFiancée: Coraline 'Cora' Alba Solomon (31) - Mum of Maeve, Wren, & Finn

exDSD/exDSD: Maeve Josie Mathilda Solomon/Wren Gracelyn Elaina Solomon (12)


Alice Eymer-Martinelli (and ex-fiancée Cora Solomon) and Nyssa Miller; with (Maeve and Wren) FinnBree, and Max



The Morales Family


DW: Leah Phoebe Eymer-Martinelli Morales (30)

DH: Arnold 'Arno' Pine Morales (33)


DD: Kaia Melanie Annabel Eymer-Martinelli (14)

DD: Aimee Desiree Eymer-Martinelli (11)

DS/DS: Bertie Rocco Morales/Basil Rhys Morales (9)


Leah and Arno Morales; with KaiaAimeeBertie, and Basil



The Eymer-Martinelli/Evangelista Family

DBF: Hugo Cyrus Eymer-Martinelli (25) - Bisexual

DBF: Zac Astrophel Evangelista (26) - Long term


DS: Thornton 'Thorne' Jackson Eymer-Martinelli (8)

DD: Constance 'Connie' January Eymer-Martinelli (6)


Hugo Eymer-Martinelli and Zac Evangelista; with Thorne and Connie



The Rocha Family


DH: Calder Hudson Eymer-Martinelli Rocha (25) - Gay

DH: Roland 'Roly' Vicente Rocha (25)


DAD: Isabella 'Bella' Miriam Rocha (3) - Adopted from China

DAS/DAD: Jaden 'Jay' Gregory Rocha/Georgina 'Georgie' Evelyn Rocha (2) - Adopted domestically


exDH: Pilot Ari Nayden Saragosa (26)


Calder (and ex-husband Pilot Saragosa) and Roly Rocha; with Bella, Jay, and Georgie



Generations of the Martinelli Family


James Carol Martinelli; w/ Eleora


Eleora (& ex-wife Cassie Eymer) & Catriona Martinelli-Pugh; w/ BethAliceLeahHugoCalderFranBarnaby, & Elijah


Beth & Clark Lutterworth; w/ ZionAmityParkerHope, Odin, & Romeo

Alice Eymer-Martinelli (& ex-fiancée Coraline Solomon) & Nyssa Miller; w/ (Maeve Wren) FinnBrielle, & Maximus

Leah Arnold Morales; w/ KaiaAimeeBertie, & Basil

Hugo Eymer-Martinelli & Zac Evangelista; w/ Thornton Constance

Calder (& ex-husband Pilot Saragosa) & Roland Rocha; w/ Isabella, Jaden, & Georgina

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Part 9: 2015 


The Fitzgerald Family


DH: William Patrick "Will" (82) 

DW: Elizabeth Ginevra {nee Rossi} "Elsie" (79) 


DD: Josephine Maeve {Fitzgerald-Pacheco} "Josie" (62) {lesbian} 

- DW: Rosina Maria (62), and children Oscar Moises "Ozzy" (32), Raven Marlo "Rae" (29), Jasper Franklin (29), and Nina Penelope (27) 

-- Oscar Moises (32) and DW Alba Sofia {nee Lucero}, with children DS Fillipo Sorrel (8), DD Xiomara Willow (5), DS Dominico Hector (4), DD Esmeralda Lark "Esme" (3), and DS Abraham Arlo "Abram" (0) 

-- Raven Marlo {nee Fitzgerald-Pacheco} (29) and ExDW Astara Morgan Castle, with child DD Twyla Rosalind (5) 

-- Raven Marlo (29) and DF Alexis Georgina Wentworth with child, DD Elara Sophia (3) 

-- Jasper Franklin (29) and DW Flora Carolina {nee Santos}, with children DD Valentina Rosetta (10), DS Isaiah Hunter "Zay" (9), DD Mariana Amelia (4), and DD Penelope Luz (0)

-- Nina Penelope {nee Fitzgerald-Pachecho} and (27) and DH Jordan Xavier David, with children DD Stella Rowena (9), DS Matias Maximiliano (7), DS Bentley Ignacio (5), and DD Olivia Milagros (2) 

DS: Theodore Emiliano "Teddy" (61) {straight} 

- ExDF Viola Isabelle Dionne (61), with child Emily Ada "Em" (38) {straight}

-- Emily Ada {nee Fitzgerald} and ExDF Sage Dougal McDuff, with child, Fiona Elise McDuff "Fia" {bisexual} (18) 

--- Fiona Elise McFuff "Fia" (18) and short term BF Brandon Alexander Mac Daibheid

-- Emily Ada {nee Fitzgerald} and DF Oliver Eoghan Wiggins, with children DD Margaret Nora "Maisie" (7) and DD Tallulah Niamh "Lula" (6) 

- ExDF Lucy Catalina Bernardi (62) with child, Lola Gabrielle (33) {bisexual} 

-- Lola Gabrielle (33) and fiance Miguel Isaac Santos with children, Luna Josephine (7), DD Persephone Adelina (4), DS Elio Raven (2), and DD River Emiliana (1) 

- DW Jasmine Ballari {nee Azmi} (59) with children, Autumn Adhira (29) {bisexual} and Hayden Akash (26) {bisexual} 

-- Autumn Adhira {nee Fitzgerald} (29) and DH Nicholas Emil Prashdad "Nick", with children DD Violet Ayla "Vi" (9), DD Isabella Amari "Bella" (5), DS Atlas Jai (2), and DS Sterling Anand (0)

-- Hayden Akash (26) and DH Christopher Dylan {nee Page} "Chris" with children, DS William Cyan "Will" (8) and DS Charles Apollo "Charlie" (3) 

DD: Margaret Isadora (61) {straight} 

- DH Lennon Ashley Finnegan with children, DD Haley Ariel (25) {lesbian} and DD Mackenzie Ella "Mac" (23) {lesbian} 

-- Haley Ariel (25) and long term GF Cara Murphy Bowen with child, DS Conner Michael (2) 

-- Mackenzie Ella (23) and DW Noa Aislin Kramer with children, DS Percival Finnegan (4) and DD Ailis Lillian (3)  

DD: Ruby Cecilia (57) {straight} 

- DH Asad Omar Majeed, and children DS Andrew Hadi "Andy" (39) {bisexual}, DS Gabriel Tariq "Gabe" (34) {straight}, DS Jacob Anwar "Jake" (31) {bisexual}, DD Madison Bahira "Maddy" (30) {lesbian}, DD Lyla Naima (28) {bisexual}, DS Ethan Yosef (26) {bisexual}, and DD Brooklyn Dua "Brook" (24) {straight} 

-- Andrew Hadi "Andy" (39) and DW Summer Zara {nee Battuta}, with children DD Miriam Jamila "Mir" (22) {bisexual}, DS Asa Zenebe (21) {straight}, DS Zakariya Ali "Zaki" (21) {bisexual}, DD Nasira Duaa (18) {bisexual}, DD Dahlia Farrah "Dali" (16), DD Mahala Rayna (16), DS Sulaiman Zahir "Sully" (12), DS Altair Janan (10), DD Nahla Sahar (8), DS Hadi Dawud (5), and DS Zayan Isaac "Zay" (5)

--- Miriam Jamila "Mir" (22) and long term BF Alejandro Xavier Guevara 

--- Asa Zenebe (21) and short term GF Amara Natalie King 

--- Zakariya Ali "Zaki" (21) and DH Ethan Victor Devellis 

--- Nasira Duaa (18) and DF Josiah Iman Pruitt 

-- Gabriel Tariq "Gabe" (34) and DW Hannah Yael {nee Ames} with children, DD Joanna Yasmina "Joey" (19) {straight}, DD Lydia Alima "Lyddie" (15), DS Bennett Emmanuel "Ben" (12), DS Michael Ali "Mikey" (12), DD Elizabeth Amari "Beth" (9), DD Seraphina Lila "Sera" (9), and DS Aviel Asa "Avi" (5) 

--- Joanna Yasmina {nee Majeed} "Joey" (19) and DH Nicholas Jay Rycroft with children, DD Hazel Cordelia (2) and DD Charlotte Hannah (0)  

-- Jacob Anwar (31) and DH Malik Habib Majeed-Fremont with children, DS Phoenix Jalal (14), DD Scarlett Naima (10), and DS Ocean Nasim (5) 

-- Madison Bahira (30) and DW Neve Esme Jones-Majeed with children, DD Syren Lilith (11), DS Winter Niall (9), Electra Snapdragon "Elle" (5), and DS Frost Sirius (1)

-- Lyla Naima (28) and DH Miles Tyrell Greene with child, DS Elliott Nova (8) 

-- Ethan Yosef (26) and DF Tamika Kainda Sutter with children, DS Talon Dean (4), DS Quinn Gawain (2), and DS Jace Oliver (1) 

-- Brooklyn Dua (24) and DH Jensen Philip DeBusschere with children, DD Clementine Maelys "Minnie" (7), DD Poppy Charlotte (5), DD Lucia Vivian (3), and DD Aurora Isabelle (0) 

DS: Charles Heath (56) {straight} 

- DW Catherine Johanna {nee McTavish} with children, DD Cecilia Audrey "Celie" (30) {bisexual}, DS William Alexander "Liam" (26) {straight}, DD Emma Vivian (23) {lesbian}, and DS Eli Franklin (20) {gay} 

-- Cecilia Audrey (30) and DH Michael Heath McClure with children, DD Siobhan Emmaline (11), DD Piper Ava (11), DS Rory Benjamin (10), DS Aiden Patrick (5), and DS Declan August (5) 

-- William Alexander (26) and DW Aisling Faye {nee McCoy} with children, DS Rhys William (5), DS Lachlan Rowan "Lach" (5), DD Caoilinn Edith "Cay" (3), and DD Gwendolyn Nora "Gwen" (3)

-- Emma Vivian (23) and ExGF Sage Estella McCluskey with children, DD Artemis Nora (9) and DS Cedar Elliott (6)

-- Eli Franklin (20) with short term BF Ren Jacob Cadwallader 

DD: Evelyn Faye (54) {bisexual} 

- DW Betsy Mae Fitzgerald-Coppleston (55) with children, DD Sunny Aphrodite (25) {bisexual}, DD Ivy Minerva (23) {straight}, and DD Haven Athena (19) {straight} 

-- Sunny Aphrodite (25) with child, DD Primrose Hera "Prim" (5) 

-- Sunny Aphrodite (25) with short term BF Alexander Leo Wallace 

-- Ivy Minerva (23) and DH Asher Benjamin Tippens with child, DD Dorothea Emmeline (1) 

-- Haven Athena (19) and short term BF Jace Aubrey Maddox with child, DD Dove Amelia (0) 

DD: Lillian Saoirse (54) {lesbian} 

- ExDW Francesca Giovanna Fiorella (54) with children, Evan Marco Fitz-Fiorella (28) {gay} and DS Dexter Lochlan Fitz-Fiorella "Dex" (25) {straight} 

-- Evan Marco (28) and DF Matthieu Jacob Specter

-- Dexter Lochlan (25) and DH Wesley Edmund Fritz 

- DW Blossom Isolde Pickering with child, Isobel Daisy Fitz-Pickering "Issy" (19) {straight} 

-- Isobel Daisy Fitz-Pickering with short term BF Riley Colin Brockenbrough  

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The Jensen Family: Pt 9 - 2015


DH: Loyal Reverence Jensen [82]
DW: Charlotte Gertrude Jensen (nee Taylor) [79]


DS1: Tiberius Maximillian Jensen [58]


Loyal and Charlotte Jensen; with Tiberius




The Jensen Family


DS1: Tiberius Maximillian Jensen [58]

DW: Raphaela Celeste Jensen (nee Einstein) [59]

Ex-DW: Allison Marissa Jensen (nee Turner) [58] [Mother of Ulysses & Alana]

Ex-DW: Juno Bellona Jensen (nee Abernathy) [55] (formerly ST) [Mother of Renee, Griffin & Jane]


DS1: Ulysses Tristan Jensen-Riordan [39]

DD1: Alana Millicent Jensen-Huang [34]

DD2: Renee Bahira Sotnikova [31]

DS2: Griffin Asher Jensen [27]

DD3: Jane Rosalind Pollard [24]

DS3/DD4: Silas Hoyt Jensen & Lavinia Diona Jensen [19]


Tiberius (and ex-wives Allison and Juno Jensen) and Raphaela Jensen; with Ulysses, Alana, Renee, Griffin, Jane, Silas & Lavinia




The Jensen-Riordan Family


DS1: Ulysses Tristan Jensen-Riordan [39] (Homosexual)

DH: Bennett Leroy Jensen-Riordan [40] (formerly LT)


Ulysses and Bennett Jensen-Riordan




The Jensen-Huang Family


DD1: Alana Millicent Jensen-Huang [34] (Homosexual)

DW: Murphy Brooklyn Jensen-Huang [34] (formerly LT)


DAS1: Oliver Etienne Jensen-Huang [1]

(Adopted from USA)


Alana and Murphy Jensen-Huang; with Oliver




The Sotnikova Family


DD2: Renee Bahira Sotnikova (nee Jensen) [31]

DH: Adler Peregrine Sotnikova [31] (formerly LT)


DD1: Vera Romilly Sotnikova [12]

DS1: Talbot Jasper Sotnikova [11]

DD2: Isolde Layla Sotnikova [10]

DD3/DS2: Eleanora Aurora Sotnikova & Newton Viridius Sotnikova [9]

DD4: Opal Leopolda Sotnikova [4]

DD5: Lana Anastasia Sotnikova [2]

DS3: Willoughby Peregrine Sotnikova [1]


Renee and Adler Sotnikova; with Vera, Talbot, Isolde, Eleanora, Newton, Opal, Lana & Willoughby




The Jensen/Cattano Family


DS2: Griffin Asher Jensen [27]

DGF: Viridienne Amaryllis Cattano [26] (Long Term)


DS1: Flint Aster Cattano-Jensen [7]


Griffin Jensen and Viridinne Cattano; with Flint




The Pollard Family


DD3: Jane Rosalind Pollard (nee Jensen) [24] (Bisexual)

DW: Seraphina Verity Pollard [24] (formerly ST)


DAS1: Fabian Thatcher Pollard [0]

(Adopted from USA)


Jane and Seraphina Pollard; with Fabian




The Jensen/Herrin Family


DS3: Silas Hoyt Jensen [19] (Bisexual)

Dfiancee: Imogen Primrose Herrin [21]


DD1: Lyra Alpha Jensen [3]

DD2: Araceli Bridget Jensen [2]

DD3: Vesper Cressida Jensen [0]


Silas Jensen and Imogen Herrin; with Lyra, Araceli & Vesper




The Jensen/Sandoval Family


DD4: Lavinia Diona Jensen [19] (Bisexual)

DGF: Flannery Adelaida Sandoval [18] (Short Term)


Lavinia Jensen and Flannery Sandoval




Generations of the Jensen Family: 1975-


Loyal and Charlotte Jensen; with Tiberius


Tiberius (and ex-wives Allison and Juno Jensen) and Raphaela Jensen; with Ulysses, Alana, Renee, Griffin, Jane, Silas & Lavinia


Ulysses and Bennett Jensen-Riordan

Alana and Murphy Jensen-Huang; with Oliver

Renee and Adler Sotnikova; with Vera, Talbot, Isolde, Eleanora, Newton, Opal, Lana & Willoughby

Griffin Jensen and Viridinne Cattano; with Flint

Jane and Seraphina Pollard; with Fabian

Silas Jensen and Imogen Herrin; with Lyra, Araceli & Vesper

Lavinia Jensen and Flannery Sandoval

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Posted 22 February 2021 - 11:34 PM

Part 9: 2015 


It’s been 5 years. 


DH: (82) Donald Conlan Hawthorne

DW: (79) Miriam Josslyn (nee. Webb)

DS: (60) Anthony Jeremiah Hawthorne (straight)

DD: (59) Destiny Romina Hawthorne (homosexual)

DS: (58) Salvatore Jack Hawthorne (homosexual)

DS: (57) Francis Scott Hawthorne (homosexual)


DS: (60) Anthony Jeremiah Hawthorne (straight)

m. DW: (60) Clover Kaiya Wallace

DD: (27) Lorelei Rose Hawthorne

DD: (25) Dakota Athena Hawthorne

DS/DD: (24) Blaze Theodore / Thora Rochelle Hawthorne

DD: (23) Alessandra Catriona Hawthorne

DD: (18) Aria Saffron Hawthorne


DD: (27) Lorelei Rose Hawthorne (straight)

m. DH: (27) Cypress Aziz Faber

DS: (9) Bodhi Thyme Hawthorne

DD: (5) Niamh Zera Faber


DD: (25) Dakota Athena Hawthorne (homosexual)

d. DGF: Addison Coretta Alvarado (short-term)


DS: (24) Blaze Theodore Hawthorne (homosexual)

d. DBF: (24) Sullivan Guiseppe Kostraba (engaged)

DD: Emmeline Raine Kostraba-Hawthorne


DD: (24) Thora Rochelle Hawthorne (straight)

m. DH: (24) Kieran Emrys Mikhail

DD: (6) Ambrosia Grace Mikhail


DD: (23) Alessandra Catriona Hawthorne (straight)

m. DH: (23) Rowan Hawk Forsythe

DD/DD: (5) Cyan Seraphina / Ruby Veridian Forsythe


DD: (18) Aria Saffron Hawthorne (bisexual)

m. DH: (18) Cormac Alwyn Harding

DS: (3) Talon Orion Harding

DD: (nb) Olivia Clare Harding


DD: (59) Destiny Romina Hawthorne (homosexual)

m. DW: (59) Tallulah Cascade Schumacher

DS: (36) Vincenzo Ivan Donnrin-Hawthorne (bisexual)

DD: (31) Maryanne Olivia Hawthorne

DD: (27) Victoria Kyomi Schumacher-Hawthorne

DS: (25) Elliot Austen Schumacher-Hawthorne

DD: (23) Bronte Viona Schumacher-Hawthorne

DS: (22) Cas Everett Schumacher-Hawthorne

DS: (17) Nathaniel Archer Schumacher-Hawthorne


DS: (36) Vincenzo Ivan Donnrin-Hawthorne (bisexual)

m. DW: (36) Scarlett Ophelia Stark

DD: (12) Ellery Nan Donnrin-Hawthorne

DS: (10) Bear Finnian Donnrin-Hawthorne

DS/DD: (8) Levi Archer / Briony Zaria Donnrin-Hawthorne


DD: (31) Maryanne Olivia Hawthorne (bisexual)

m. DH: (31) Enzo Braiden Piersol

DD: (11) Carys Arden Piersol

DD: (9) Neveah Brielle Piersol

DS: (6) Lachlan Chase Piersol


DD: (27) Victoria Kyomi Schumacher-Hawthorne (bisexual)

d. DGF: (27) Janele Caroline Nichols (short-term)

DS/DD/DD: (3) Zenith Alexander / Antoinette Despina / Melanie Dove Schumacher-Hawthorne


DS: (25) Elliot Austen Schumacher-Hawthorne (straight)

d. DGF: (25) Ember Neoma Rapazzini (engaged)

DS: (9) Rhodes Enoch Schumacher-Hawthorne


DD: (23) Bronte Viona Schumacher-Hawthorne (bisexual)

d. DBF: (23) Crimson Leander Oppenheimer (short-term)


DS: (22) Cas Everett Schumacher-Hawthorne (homosexual)

d. DBF: (22) Oberon Baptiste Knutson (short-term)

DS/DS: (3) Benedict Hawke / Harrison Oliver Schumacher-Hawthorne 


DS: (58) Salvatore Jack Hawthorne (homosexual)

m. DH: (58) Kenneth Amir Lennox (married)

DD: (36) Danielle Frea Lennox-Hawthorne (straight)

DD: (31) Meira Christina Lennox-Hawthorne

DD: (28) Alanis Cassidy Lennox-Hawthorne

DS: (22) Franklin Keaton Lennox-Hawthorne


DD: (36) Danielle Frea Lennox-Hawthorne (straight)

m. DH: (36) Lance Carter Delacey

DD: (10) Freya Lark Delacey

DS/DD: (7) Aiden Ignatius / Emerald Acacia Delacey

DD/DD: (4) Nova Leighton / Opal Venetia Delacey

DS: (2) Nicholas Carmelo Delacey


DD: (32) Meira Christina Lennox-Hawthorne (bisexual)

m. DH: (32) Alastair Huxley Hakimi

DD/DD: (14) Fallon Reina / Phoenix Inari Hakimi

DD: (11) Ebony Calliope Hakimi


DD: (28) Alanis Cassidy Lennox-Hawthorne (homosexual)

d. DGF: (28) Jeanette Elise Archer (long-term)

DS: (8) Keegan Dill Bennett-Hawthorne

DS: (5) Rhys Augustine Lennox-Hawthorne

DD: (4) Fiadh Deirdre Archer-Hawthorne


DS: (22) Franklin Keaton Lennox-Hawthorne (homosexual)

d. DBF: (22) Coal Elwyn McFadden

DD/DD: (nb) Abigayle Hesper / Aspen Josephine McFadden-Hawthorne


DS: (58) Francis Scott Hawthorne (homosexual)

m. DH: (58) Ben Elias Wotton

DD: (30) June Alina Hawthorne

DD/DD: (29) Aurora Tove / Julienne Storm Hawthorne

DD: (28) Jordan Azure Hawthorne

DD: (22) Alaina Irena Watton-Hawthorne

DS: (18) Kingston Brooks Watton-Hawthorne


DD: (30) June Alina Hawthorne (bisexual)

m. DH: (3o) Callum Neal Ashford 

DS/DS: (14) Lincoln Leif / Kiefer Fox Ashford

DS: (11) Conor Elwyn Ashford

DD: (9) Caoimhe Liliana Ashford

DS: (7) Haco Niall Ashford

DS: (4) Granville Fionn Ashford


DD: (29) Aurora Tove Hawthorne (straight)

m. DH: (29) Rory Tiberius Blanchard

DS/DD: (6) Odin Graham / Chiara Vesta Blanchard


DD: (29) Julienne Storm Hawthorne (homosexual)

m. DW: (29) Jeanine Imogen Finching

DS: (9) Calix Quest Ramiah-Hawthorne

DD: (7) Hollis Elowen Hawthorne


DD: (28) Jordan Azure Hawthorne (bisexual)

d. DBF: (28) Cedar Langston Carmichael

DD: (9) Evora Kai Targaryen

DD: (4) Rhonda Elisabeth Carmichael


DD: (22) Alaina Irena Watton-Hawthorne (bisexual)

d. DBF: (22) Cayson Hamnet Primpernelle

DD: (3) Lisette Fabienne Primpernelle


DS: (18) Kingston Brooks Watton-Hawthorne (straight)

d. DGF: (18) Titania Eleanor Wentworth

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The De La Fuente Family - 2015


DH: Homer Michael De La Fuente [82]

DW: Lydia Jo {nee Patrickson} De La Fuente [79]


DD: Symone Aceline De La Fuente [58]

DS: Ezekiel "Zeke" Michael De La Fuente [54]


Homer and Lydia De La Fuente, with their two children; Symone and Zeke




DD: Symone Aceline De La Fuente [58]

DW: Athalia Frances Dominguez [59]


DS/DS: Van Caleb & Fintan "Fin" Cole Dominguez [25]

DS: Ezra Charlie Dominguez [21]

DD: Maeve Wilhelmina Dominguez [15]


Symone De La Fuente and Athalia Dominguez, with their four children; Van, Fin, Ezra, and Maeve




DS: Van Caleb Dominguez [25]

DF: Aisling Desiree Issa [24]


DD: Vera Magnolia Dominguez [9]

DS: Onyx Oak Dominguez [8]

DS/DD: Atlas Linden & Aspen Ophelia Dominguez [3]


Van Dominguez and Aisling Issa, with their four children; Vera, Onyx, Atlas, and Aspen




DS: Fintan "Fin" Cole Dominguez [25]

DF: Rowan Fergus Hammond [25]


DS: Blaze Michael Hammond-Dominguez [9]

DD: Josie Rowan Hammond-Dominguez [7]

DD: Celeste Frances Hammond-Dominguez [1]


Fin Dominguez and Rowan Hammond, with their three children; Blaze, Josie, and Celeste




DS: Ezekiel "Zeke" Michael De La Fuente [54]

DXGF: Noemie Jocelyn Zeches [53] mother of Lily

DH: Rosario Manuel {nee Perez} De La Fuente [57]


DD: Lily Athena De La Fuente [38]

DS: Rosario "Grant" Grant De La Fuente [32]

DS: Tyson Elliott De La Fuente [29]

DS: Archie Leo De La Fuente [27]

DD: Jo Orabelle De La Fuente [25]


Zeke and Rosario De La Fuente, with their five children; Lily, Grant, Tyson, Archie, and Jo




DD: Lily Athena {nee De La Fuente} Bender [38]

DH: Edward "Eddie" Ivo Bender [38]


DS/DD: Booker Edward & Breeze Lily Bender [24]

DS: Blaine Franklyn Bender [20]

DD/DD: Blossom Ronnette & Birdie Ruth Bender [17]

DS: Brant MacKinley Bender [15]

DD: Briar Lydia Bender [10]

DD: Blakeley Cathryn Bender [8]


Lily De La Fuente and Eddie Bender, with their seven children; Booker, Breeze, Blaine, Blossom, Birdie, Brant, Briar, and Blakeley




DS: Booker Edward Bender [24]

LDGF: Mahina Julia Tippens [23]


DS: Theodore "Theo" Samson Bender [2]


Booker Bender and Mahina Tippens, with their son; Theo




DD: Breeze Lily Bender [24]

DH: Yarden Jeremy Esteban [22]


DD: Primrose "Rosie" Annalise Esteban [2]


Breeze Bender and Yarden Esteban, with their daughter; Rosie




DS: Blaine Franklyn Bender [20]

DW: Jordyn Emily Nikos-Bender [21]


DS: Raphael Winton Bender [4]

DD: Grace Valerie Bender [0]


Blaine Bender and Jordyn Nikos-Bender, with their two children; Raphael and Grace




DS: Rosario "Grant" Grant De La Fuente [32]

DW: Serafina Dove {nee Luna} De La Fuente [30]


DS: Arlo Jack De La Fuente [11]

DS: Bowie Luke De La Fuente [7]

DS: Remy Hawke De La Fuente [2]


Grant and Serafina De La Fuente, with their three sons; Arlo, Bowie, and Remy




DS: Tyson Elliott De La Fuente-Tisher [29]

DH: Reeve Norman De La Fuente-Tisher [31]


DD: Aaryelle Fallon De La Fuente-Tisher [12]

DD: Inari Willow De La Fuente-Tisher [11]

DS: Malakai Everett De La Fuente-Tisher [8]

DD: Neoma Stella De La Fuente-Tisher [5]

DD/DS: Kamaria Violette & Azariel Matteo De La Fuente [2]


Tyson and Reeve De La Fuente-Tisher, with their six children; Aaryelle, Inari, Malakai, Neoma, Kamaria, and Azariel




DS: Archie Leo De La Fuente [27]

DW: Jessa Phyllis {nee Wing} De La Fuente [31]


DS: Aiden Leo De La Fuente [8]

DS: Parker Irving De La Fuente [6]

DS: Ryan Rayner De La Fuente [3]


Archie De La Fuente and Jessa Wing, with their two sons; Aiden, Parker, and Ryan




DD: Jo Orabelle De La Fuente [25]

DF: Nelly Jun Kitzinger [28]


DS: Callahan "Cal" Raymond Kitzinger [3]


Jo De La Fuente and Nelly Kitzinger, with their son; Cal

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The Huddleston Family: Pt 9 - 2015


DH: Bruce Wayne Huddleston [82]
DW: Adora Patience Huddleston (nee Shevchenko) [79]


DD1/DS1: Gilanah Sharlene Huddleston-Herrera & Credence Loyal Huddleston [61]

DD2: Madge Joyce Butcher [56]

DD3: Seth Vaughn Holyfield-Villegas [55]

DS2: Erland Mordred Carson-Huddleston [54]


Bruce and Adora Huddleston; with Gilanah, Credence, Madge, Seth & Erland




The Huddleston-Herrera Family


DD1: Gilanah Sharlene Huddleston-Herrera [61] (Homosexual)

DW: Alma Zinnia Huddleston-Herrera [63]


DSD1: Angelina Zelma Lyons-Herrera [40]

DAD1: Elise Gloria Hollister [30]

(Adopted from USA)

DAS1: Oscar Valentine Huddleston-Herrera [27]

(Adopted from USA)


Gilanah and Alma Huddleston-Herrera; with Angelina, Elise & Oscar




The Lyons-Herrera Family


DSD1: Angelina Zelma Lyons-Herrera [40]

DH: Theodore Wallace Lyons [41] (formerly LT)


DD1: Adrianna Alma-Maria Herrera [24]

DD2: Zoe Daniela Lyons [15]

DS1: Tate Walker Lyons [14]

DD3: Bridget Calida Lyons [5]


Angelina Lyons-Herrera and Theodore Lyons; with Adrianna, Zoe, Tate & Bridget




The Hollister Family


DAD1: Elise Gloria Hollister (nee Huddleston-Herrera) [30]

DH: Jason Cole Hollister [35] (formerly LT)


DSD1: Ava Robin Hollister [18]

DD1/DS1: Elma Alise Hollister & Jay Hawk Hollister [12]


Elise and Jason Hollister; with Ava, Elma & Jay




The Huddleston-Herrera/Arroyo Family


DAS1: Oscar Valentine Huddleston-Herrera [27]

Dfiancee: Nyssa Chloe Arroyo [26] (formerly ST)


DS1: Lucas Miguel Arroyo [4]

DS2: Connor Juan Arroyo [3]


Oscar Huddleston-Herrera and Nyssa Arroyo; with Lucas & Connor




The Huddleston Family


DS1: Credence Loyal Huddleston [61]

DW: Gabriele Pine Huddleston (nee Greyson) [61] (formerly LT)


DS1: Deacon Clark Huddleston [33]

DD1: Norah Gwyneth Langley [29]

DS2: Isaiah Dudley Huddleston [22]

DS3: Fionn Grover Huddleston [20]


Credence and Gabriele Huddleston; with Deacon, Norah, Isaiah & Fionn




The Huddleston/Furmage Family


DS1: Deacon Clark Huddleston [33]

DGF: Evie Zinnia Furmage [32] (Long Term)


DSD1: Violet Alasie Furmage [9]


Deacon Huddleston and Evie Furmage; with Violet




The Langley Family


DD1: Norah Gwyneth Langley (nee Huddleston) [29]

DH: Kyle Robbie Langley [29]


DS1: Oran Neville Langley [8]

DD1: Jessie Keeley Langley [6]

DS2/DD2: Leander Claude Langley & Cara Lyda Langley [0]


Norah and Kyle Langley; with Oran, Jessie, Leander & Cara




The Huddleston/Stainthorpe Family


DS2: Isaiah Dudley Huddleston [22]

DGF: Tiffany Morgan Stainthorpe [24] (Short Term)


Isaiah Huddleston and Tiffany Stainthorpe




The Huddleston/Wentworth Family


DS3: Fionn Grover Huddleston [20] (Bisexual)

DBF: Geoffrey Nicholas Wentworth [20] (Short Term)


Fionn Huddleston and Geoffrey Wentworth




The Butcher/Zhu Family


DD2: Madge Joyce Butcher (nee Huddleston) [56]

Dfiance: Davis Evan Zhu [60]

Ex-DH: Michael Christopher Butcher [56] (formerly LT) [Father of Milo, McCoy, Meegan, Matthew, Marit, Mitchell & Mason]


DS1: Milo Lewis Butcher [30]

DS2: McCoy Cyrus Butcher-Reztsova [29]

DS3: Meegan Jonas Butcher [25]

DS4/DD1: Matthew Grant Butcher & Marit Emeline Butcher [23]

DS5: Mitchell Blaine Butcher [22]

DS6: Mason Isaac Butcher [15]


Madge Butcher (and ex-husband Michael Butcher) and Davis Zhu; with Milo, McCoy, Meegan, Matthew, Marit, Mitchell & Mason




The Butcher Family


DS1: Milo Lewis Butcher [30] (Bisexual)

Ex-Dfiancee: Aurora Hope Ferrell [28]


Milo Butcher




The Butcher-Reztsova Family


DS2: McCoy Cyrus Butcher-Reztsova [29] (Bisexual)

DH: Ryland Hopper Butcher-Reztsova [31]


DS1: Murphy Rowan Reztsova [6]

(Biologically Ryland's Son)

DD1: Mary-Jane Cathleen Butcher [2]

(Biologically McCoy's Daughter)

DS2/DD2: Myles Riley Reztsova & Mona Ronan Reztsova [0]

(Biologically Ryland's Son & Daughter)


McCoy and Ryland Butcher-Reztsova; with Murphy, Mary-Jane, Myles & Mona




The Butcher Family


DS3: Meegan Jonas Butcher [25]

DW: Flower Ilana Butcher (nee Lomeli-Prichard) [25] (formerly ST)


DS1: Dawson Wiley Butcher [5]

DD1/DD2: Adelaide Lorraine Butcher & Autumn Penelope Butcher [2]


Meegan and Flower Butcher; with Dawson, Adelaide & Autumn





The Butcher Family


DS4: Matthew Grant Butcher [23] (Bisexual)


Matthew Butcher





The Butcher Family


DD1: Marit Emeline Butcher [23]


Marit Butcher





The Butcher/Walkenhorst Family


DS5: Mitchell Blaine Butcher [22] (Homosexual)

DBF: Zephyr Gordan Walkenhorst [22] (Long Term)


Michell Butcher and Zephyr Walkenhorst





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The Holyfield-Villegas Family


DD3: Seth Vaughn Holyfield-Villegas (nee Huddleston) [55]

DH: Benjamin Alexander Villegas [52]

Ex-DH: Todd Derek Holyfield [55] (formerly LT) [Father of Axel, Evan, Skye, Remy & Jack]


DS1: Axel Roman Holyfield [29]

DS2: Evan Seth Holyfield [27]

DD1: Skye Vann Holyfield [25]

DD2: Remy Anouk Wimbleton [22]

DAS1: Jack Jason Holyfield [11]

(Adopted from USA)

DSD1: Arlo Bluebell Villegas [8]


Seth Holyfield-Villegas (ex-husband and Todd Holyfield) and Benjamin Villegas; with Axel, Evan, Skye, Remy, Jack & Arlo





The Holyfield Family


DS1: Axel Roman Holyfield [29]

Ex-DW: Magnolia Opal Holyfield (nee McLaughlin) [28] [Mother of Avalon & Archer]


DD1/DS1: Avalon Rue Holyfield & Archie Owain Holyfield [7]


Axel Holyfield (and ex-wife Magnolia Holyfield); with Avalon & Archie




The Holyfield/Grimmett Family


DS2: Evan Seth Holyfield [27] (Bisexual)

Dfiancee: Colleen MacKenzie Grimmett [30]

Ex-Dfiance: Nash Acacias Delgado [27]


DS1: Elio Galieleo Holyfield [3]

DS2/DD1: Colin Fino Holyfield & Lena Fioralba Holyfield [1]


Evan Holyfield and Colleen Grimmett; with Elio, Colin & Lena




The Holyfield/Jin Family


DD1: Skye Vann Holyfield [25] (Bisexual)

Dfiance: Samson Johnathan Jin [26] (formerly ST)


DD1: Savannah Holly Holyfield-Jin [7]

DD2: Sidney Hortência Holyfield-Jin [6]

DD3: Susie Hermine Holyfield-Jin [2]


Skye Holyfield and Samson Jin; with Savannah, Sidney & Susie




The Wimbleton Family


DD2: Remy Anouk Wimbleton (nee Holyfield) [22]

DH: Victor Philipe Xavier Wimbleton [22]


DS1/DD1/DS2: Leopold Randall Everett Wimbleton, Rose Wanda Emmeline Wimbleton & Luther Daniel Langston Wimbleton [2]


Remy and Victor Wimbleton; with Leopold, Rose & Luther




The Clifton -Huddleston/Carson Family


DS2: Erland Mordred Clifton-Huddleston (nee Carson) [54] (Homosexual)

DH: Bev Gol Clifton-Huddleston [57] (formerly LT)

Ex-DH: Sawyer Diego Carson (nee Huddleston) [58] [Father of Sondra & Emma]


DAD1/DAD2: Sondra Blessing Partington & Emma Graciela Krolewski [33]

(Adopted from USA)

DAS1: Anselm Marcher Clifton-Huddleston [17]

(Adopted from USA)


Erland (and ex-husband Sawyer Carson) and Bev Clifton-Huddleston; with Sondra, Emma & Anselm




The Partington Family


DAD1: Sondra Blessing Partington (nee Carson-Huddleston) [33]

DH: Benjamin Wendelin Partington [33]


DD1: Cheyenne Harmonia Partington [12]

DS1: Redmond Honor Partington [7]

DS2: Atticus Placido Partington [3]

DAD1/DAD2: Estelle Infinity Partington & Kendell Bliss Partington [0]

(Adopted from USA)


Sondra and Benjamin Partington; with Cheyenne, Redmond, Atticus, Estelle & Kendell




The Krolewski Family


DAD2: Emma Graciela Krolewski (nee Carson-Huddleston) [33] (Bisexual)

DH: Cody Porter Krolewski [33]


DS1: Cole Carrie Krolewski [11]

DS2: Hugh Harris Krolewski [8]


Emma and Cody Krolewski; with Cole & Hugh



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Generations of the Huddleston Family: 1975-


Bruce and Adora Huddleston; with Gilanah, Credence, Madge, Seth & Erland


Gilanah and Alma Huddleston-Herrera; with Angelina, Elise & Oscar

Credence and Gabriele Huddleston; with Deacon, Norah, Isaiah & Fionn

Madge Butcher (and ex-husband Michael Butcher) and Davis Zhu; with Milo, McCoy, Meegan, Matthew, Marit, Mitchell & Mason

Seth Holyfield (ex-husband and Todd Holyfield) and Benjamin Villegas; with Axel, Evan, Skye, Remy, Jack & Arlo

Erland (and ex-husband Sawyer Carson) and Bev Clifton-Huddleston; with Sondra, Emma & Anselm


Angelina Lyons-Herrera and Theodore Lyons; with Adrianna, Zoe, Tate & Bridget

Elise and Jason Hollister; with Ava, Elma & Jay

Oscar Huddleston-Herrera and Nyssa Arroyo; with Lucas & Connor


Deacon Huddleston and Evie Furmage; with Violet

Norah and Kyle Langley; with Oran, Jessie, Leander & Cara

Isaiah Huddleston and Tiffany Stainthorpe

Fionn Huddleston and Geoffrey Wentworth


Milo Butcher

McCoy and Ryland Butcher-Reztsova; with Murphy, Mary-Jane, Myles & Mona

Meegan and Flower Butcher; with Dawson, Adelaide & Autumn

Matthew Butcher

Marit Butcher

Michell Butcher and Zephyr Walkenhorst


Axel Holyfield (and ex-wife Magnolia Holyfield); with Avalon & Archie

Evan Holyfield and Colleen Grimmett; with Elio, Colin & Lena

Skye Holyfield and Samson Jin; with Savannah, Sidney & Susie

Remy and Victor Wimbleton; with Leopold, Rose & Luther


Sondra and Benjamin Partington; with Cheyenne, Redmond, Atticus, Estelle & Kendell

Emma and Cody Krolewski; with Cole & Hugh

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