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Celebrity Family Initials 9 [10 Families]

celebrity family initials part 9 10 families

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Posted 27 April 2019 - 01:25 PM

Family 1
DH: D.R.M.

DW: J.F.R.

DD/DS: H.P.M. and P.W.M.

DS: H.D.M.


Family 2
exDW: K.S.N.
DSD: A.N. (No middle name listed)
DD: S.N.W.
DD: T.I.S.W.
exGF: R.M.D.
DS: O.A.W.


Family 3

DH: M.P.D. (P is typically a female name)

DW: L.B.B.
DSD: A.B. (No middle name listed)
DD: I.D. (No middle name listed)

DD: G.Z.D.

DD: S.Z.D. (Same Z as other DD)


Family 4

DW: W.Y.S.

DW:  A.S. née N. (No middle name listed)
DD/DS: O.L.S. and L.C.S.

Family 5
exDH: S.C.K.
DW: A.L.B.A.
DS: A.J.K.


Family 6

DH: J.L.B.

DW: E.M.B. née F.

DD: M.G.B.

DS: M.R-S.B.


Family 7

DH: M.A.F.

DW: T.J.P.

DS: S.M.F. (Same M from dad's name)

DD/DD: A.K.F. and S.F.F.

DD: E.A.F.


Family 8

DH: J.C.G.

DW: J.L.G. née N.

DD: M.G. (No middle name listed)

DS: J.G. (No middle name listed)

DD: K.L.G. (Same L from mom's name)

DS: M.G. (No middle name listed)

DS: P.G. (No middle name listed)


Family 9

DH: N.K.C. (Unisex, typically female K name)


exGF: C.F.

DS: W.C.C. (Dad's surname is middle name C, new C surname)


exDW: A.K. (Same K as NKC, no middle name listed)

DS: K.C.C. (Same C.C. as brother)

Family 10

DH: S.L.D.

exDW: I.K.M.

DS: W.N.D.

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Posted 28 April 2019 - 05:49 PM

Family 1

DH: Dashiell Robert Meade

DW: Jessica Faye Rhodes

DD/DS: Hannah Penelope Meade & Patrick Wilson Meade

DS: Henry Dashiell Meade


Dashiell, Jessica, Hannah, Patrick, & Henry


Family 2
DH: Franklin Seamus Wofford III
exDW: Kimberly Sage "Kim" Norris
DSD: Ava Norris
DD: Sadie Noelle Wofford
DD: Tess Imogen Sophia Wofford


Franklin, Kim, Ava, Sadie, & Tess
exGF: Rosalie Mae Donner
DS: Orion Avery Wofford


Franklin, Rosalie, & Orion


Family 3

DH: Michael Payton "Mike" Dowling

DW: Lauren Brielle Bennett
DSD: Andrew Bennett
DD: Iris Dowling

DD: Gemma Zoe Dowling

DD: Seraphina Zoe Dowling


Mike, Lauren, Andrew, Iris, Gemma, & Seraphina


Family 4

DW: William Yves "Will" Sinclaire

DW:  Alexandra "Alex" Sinclaire (née Nolan)
DD/DS: Olivia Lauren Sinclaire and Logan Christopher Sinclaire


Will, Alex, Olivia, & Logan

Family 5
exDH: Stephen Charles Kennedy
DW: Alice Lillian Belle Anderson
DS: Arlo Justice Kennedy


Stephen, Alice, & Arlo


Family 6

DH: Jeremy Lucas Baker

DW: Ella Madeline Baker (née Finch)

DD: Molly Genevieve Baker

DS: Maxwell Robert-Silas Baker


Jeremy, Ella, Molly, & Maxwell


Family 7

DH: Matthew Arnold Fox

DW: Tara Juliette Perkins

DS: Sawyer Matthew Fox

DD/DD: Adelaide Kathryn "Addie" Fox & Sylvie Francesca Fox

DD: Emmeline Aurora Fox


Matthew, Tara, Sawyer, Addie, Sylvie, & Emmeline


Family 8

DH: Jordan Chase Garfield

DW: Julia Lee Garfield (née Nelson)

DD: Maeve Garfield

DS: Jasper Garfield

DD: Katherine Lee "Kate" Garfield

DS: Magnus Garfield

DS: Percy Garfield


Jordan, Julia, Maeve, Jasper, Kate, Magnus, & Percy


Family 9

DH: Noah Kendall Cheever


exGF: Chloe Farmer

DS: Wyatt Cheever Collins


Noah, Chloe, & Wyatt


exDW: Aria Kendall

DS: Kyle Cheever Collins


Noah, Aria, & Kyle

Family 10

DH: Sean Lincoln Dexhart

exDW: Ivy Kirsten Mills

DS: Wesley Nathan Dexhart


Sean, Ivy, & Wesley




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Posted 28 April 2019 - 06:22 PM

Family 1

DH: David Robert McLeod

DW: Jessica Faith Reynolds


DD/DS: Harper Penelope McLeod and Preston Walker McLeod

DS: Hudson Daniel McLeod


David McLeod and Jessica Reynolds

Harper, Preston and Hudson




Family 2

DH: Frederick Samuel Williams, III
exDW: Kimberly Sue Nelson

DSD: Amelia Nelson
DD: Samantha Nicole Williams
DD: Tabitha Isabella Sue Williams


Derick Williams and Kim Nelson

Amelia, Samantha and Tabitha


exGF: Rachel Meredith Dawson
DS: Oliver Ashton Williams


Derick Williams and Rachel Dawson



Derick Williams

Samantha, Tabitha and Oliver




Family 3


DH: Marcus Paige Dalbow

DW: Lauren Beatrice Beale


DSD: Autumn Beale

DD: Isla Dalbow

DD: Gemma Zoey Dalbow

DD: Stella Zoey Dalbow


Marcus Dalbow and Lauren Beale

Autumn, Isla, Gemma and Stella




Family 4


DW: Wendy Yvonne Starke

DW:  April Starke née Nichols

DD/DS: Olivia Leanne Starke and Levi Colton Starke


Wendy and April Starke

Olivia and Levi


Family 5

exDH: Stephen Christopher Knight
DW: Amber Louisa Brielle Atkins

DS: Asher Jameson Knight


Stephen Knight and Amber Atkins





Family 6


DH: Jeffrey Landon Bradshaw

DW: Erica Marie Bradshaw née Fletcher


DD: Mallory Grace Bradshaw

DS: Marshall Ryan-Shane Bradshaw


Jeff and Erica Bradshaw

Mallory and Marshall




Family 7


DH: Matthew Adam Fitzgerald

DW: Tracey Jacqueline Phillips


DS: Sutton Matthew Fitzgerald

DD/DD: Aleah Kathleen Fitzgerald and Sienna Francine Fitzgerald

DD: Eva Adelaide Fitzgerald


Matt and Tracey Fitzgerald

Sutton, Aleah, Sienna and Eva




Family 8


DH: Jason Charles Gallagher

DW: Jennifer Lynn Gallagher née Nixon


DD: Mia Gallagher

DS: Jett Gallagher

DD: Kaia Lynn Gallagher

DS: Max Gallagher

DS: Pierce Gallagher


Jason and Jenny Gallagher

Mia, Jett, Kaia, Max and Pierce




Family 9


DH: Nathaniel Kerry Channing




exGF: Christie Franklin


DS: Wyatt Channing Coleman


Nate Channing and Christie Franklin





exDW: Amanda Kerry

DS: Knox Channing Coleman


Nate Channing and Amanda Kerry



Nate Channing

Wyatt and Knox



Family 10


DH: Scott Lucas Douglas

exDW: Isabella Kate McIntosh


DS: Weston Nash Douglas


Scott Douglas and Bella McIntosh


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Posted 29 April 2019 - 06:37 AM

Dexter 'Dex' Ryan Miller [36]
m. Jessica 'Jess' Faith Robinson [36]

Holland 'Holly' Paige Miller [7]

Philip 'Phil' Wyatt Miller [7]

Henry 'Harry' Dominic Miller [2]

Frederick 'Freddie' Seth Williams III [37]
m. Katherine 'Kate' Sophie Niall [35]

Alexandra 'Alexa' Niall [9]

Sophia 'Soph' Niall Williams [4]

Thalia 'Tallie' Ivy Skye Williams [3]

d. Rosalie 'Rosie' Megan Davis [39]

Oliver 'Olly' Anderson Williams [2]

Matthew 'Matt' Paris Dixon [33]
m. Lillian 'Lily' Bethany Brown [30]

Angelica 'Angie' Lillian Brown [9]

Isabelle 'Izzy' Bethany Dixon [6]

Gemma 'Gem' Zoe Dixon [4]

Samantha 'Sam' Zoe Dixon [0]

Willow 'Willa' Yasmin Smith [27]
m. Amelia 'Amy' Dawn Smith [26]

Olivia 'Olly' Lucia Smith [1]

Leonardo 'Leo' Charles Smith [1]

Sebastian 'Seb' Christopher King [32]
m. Abigail 'Abby' Linnea Beatrice Anderson [35]

Alexander 'Alex' Jonathan King [9]

Jackson 'Jack' Lucas Baker [30]
m. Eleanor 'Ellie' Magnolia Baker [33]

Madeleine 'Maddie' Georgia Baker [7]

Marcus 'Marc' Rex-Scott Baker [2]

Maxwell 'Max' Austin Foster [34]
m. Tamara 'Tam' Jocelyn Perez [35]

Samuel 'Sam' Maxwell Foster [9]

Anastasia 'Anna' Kathleen Foster [6]

Stephanie 'Steph' Francesca Foster [6]

Emily 'Em' Ariadne Foster [3]

James 'Jamie' Caleb Green [35]
m. Jasmine 'Jazz' Lisa Green [35]

Margaret 'Maggie' Jasmine Green [7]

Jacob 'Jake' James Green [3]

Katrina 'Kat' Lisa Green [2]

Michael 'Mike' Caleb Green [1]

Peter 'Pete' Nicholls Green [0]

Nathaniel 'Nate' Kelly Cooper [29]
d. Cassandra 'Cassie' May Fraiser [30]

William 'Will' Cooper Collins [4]

m. Alyssa 'Ally' Kelly Cooper [27]

Kieran 'Keer' Cooper Collins [3]

Steven 'Steve' Lewis Dunn [40]
m. Imogen 'Immy' Kiara Mitchell [38]

Wesley 'Wes' Noah Dunn [9]

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Posted 29 April 2019 - 03:22 PM

Family 1

DH: Dominic Ryan Mercer

DW: Julia Felicity Rhodes


DD/DS: Hannah Penelope Mercer and Patrick William Mercer

DS: Hayden Daniel Mercer


Dominic Mercer and Julia Rhodes

Hannah, Patrick, and Hayden


Family 2

DH: Frederick Sebastian Wentworth, III "Freddie"
exDW: Kayla Susanne Northam

DSD: Anastasia Northam
DD: Samantha Noelle Wentworth
DD: Tamsin Isabel Sophia Wentworth


Freddie Wentworth and Kayla Northam

Anastasia, Samantha, and Tamsin


exGF: Rachel Madeleine Dawson

DS: Owen Alexander Wentworth


Freddie Wentworth and Rachel Dawson




Family 3


DH: Malcolm Paige Douglas

DW: Laura Beatrix Bowyer

DSD: Audrey Bowyer
DD: Ivy Douglas

DD: Georgia Zoe Douglas

DD: Savannah Zoe Douglas


Malcom Douglas and Laura Bowyer

Audrey, Ivy, Georgia, and Savannah


Family 4


DW: Whitney Yara Slater

DW:  Allison Slater (nee Nash) "Allie"

DD/DS: Olivia Lauren Slater "Via" / Lucian Christopher Slater "Luc"


Whitney and Allie Slater

Via and Luc


Family 5

exDH: Seth Caspian Kellogg
DW: Aria Lucy Brianne Atkins

DS: Alistair James Kellogg


Seth Kellogg and Aria Atkins



Family 6


DH: Jackson Leo Bauer "Jack"

DW: Elodie Michelle Bauer (nee Fontaine)


DD: Melanie Giselle Bauer

DS: Matthias Rene-Sebastien Bauer


Jack and Elodie Bauer

Melanie and Matthias


Family 7


DH: Michael Andrew Fox

DW: Tara Jessamine Potter


DS: Stephen Michael Fox

DD/DD: Amelia Katherine Fox / Serena Felicity Fox

DD: Elizabeth Anna Fox 


Michael Fox and Tara Potter

Stephen, Amelia, Serena, and Elizabeth


Family 8


DH: Jacob Colin Gregory

DW: Jenna Lynn Gregory (nee Nelson)


DD: Monica Gregory

DS: Justin Gregory

DD: Keira Lynn Gregory

DS: Matthew Gregory

DS: Peter Gregory


Jacob and Jenna Gregory

Monica, Justin, Keira, Matthew, and Peter



Family 9


DH: Nicholas Kelly Caldwell "Nick"


exGF: Charlotte Fields

DS: Wade Caldwell Clinton


Nick Caldwell and Charlotte Fields

Wade Clinton




exDW: Angela Kelly Caldwell "Angie"


DS: Keaton Caldwell Clinton


Nick and Angie Caldwell



Family 10


DH: Seamus Lorcan Donahue

exDW: Isla Kirsten Marsh


DS: Wulfric Nathaniel Donahue "Wolf"


Seamus Donahue and Isla Marsh


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Posted 01 May 2019 - 12:02 PM

Family 1
DH: Davis Roman Marsden

DW: Jillian Freya Rivera 

DD/DS: Henley Paris Marsden. and Pierce Walker Marsden

DS: Harrison Davis Marsden


Davis Marsden and Jill Rivera

Henley, Pierce, and Harrison


Family 2
DH: Ford Silas Watson III
exDW: Kristen Shay Netherton
DSD: Ansley Netherton 
DD: Sailor Nova Watson
DD: Toryn Isla Shay Watson

Ford Watson and Kristen Netherton

Ansley, Sailor, and Toryn

exGF: Reagan Madison Danielson 
DS: Osmond Aaron Watson "Oz"


Ford Watson and Reagan Danielson



Family 3

DH: Marshall Presley Dutton

DW: Leah Beth Baxter
DSD: Ayla Baxter 
DD: Ireland Dutton 

DD: Gracelyn Zade Dutton

DD: Sutton Zade Dutton


Marshall Dutton and Leah Baxter

Ayla, Ireland, Gracelyn, and Sutton


Family 4

DW: Willow Yvette Simmons

DW:  Anna Simmons (née Nathan)
DD/DS: Onyx Lila Simmons and Ledger Colson Simmons


Willow and Anna Simmons

Onyx and Ledger

Family 5
exDH: Shane Christian Kelly
DW: Andrea Lee Bennet Austin
DS: Aidan Jack Kelly


Shane Kelly and Andie Austin



Family 6

DH: Joshua Levi Barton

DW: Ellen Makenzie Barton (née Farris)

DD: Merrit Gabriel Barton

DS: Miller Riley-Sam Barton "Mills"


Josh and Ellen Barton

Merrit and Mills


Family 7

DH: Mason Andrew Fields

DW: Taylor Joy Parker

DS: Slade Mason Fields

DD/DD: Aniston Kalla Fields. and Shiloh Fallon Fields

DD: Embry Allison Fields


Mason Fields and Taylor Parker

Slade, Aniston, Shiloh, and Embry


Family 8

DH: Justin Caleb Gray

DW: Julianna Lucy Gray (née Norris)

DD: Maryn Gray

DS: Judah Gray)

DD: Kallan Lucy Gray

DS: Major Gray

DS: Palmer Gray


Justin and Julie Gray

Maryn, Judah, Kallan, Major, and Palmer


Family 9

DH: Nash Kerrigan Colter


exGF: Claire Fitzgerald

DS: Weston Colter Collins


Nash Colter and Claire Fitzgerald



exDW: Ashley Kerrigan

DS: Kash Colter Collins


Nash Colter and Ashley Kerrigan


Family 10

DH: Steton Luke Durant

exDW: Ivy Kate Moss

DS: Wyatt Nicholas Durant "Cole"


Steton Durant and Ivy Kate Moss




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Posted 01 May 2021 - 10:47 PM

Just realized I never listed who was who from this one.

I am currently working on the 10th part of this. 
Part 10 will be an update on all the families from 1-9. I'll ask here just in case but would you rather have one long part 10 with all of the updates or 2 shorter part 10s with them? The family count is at 90 families and 28 got updated, I could do 14 and 14? Some are big families.


From this part

Family 1: Julia Roberts
Family 2: Forest Whitaker
Family 3: Matt Damon
Family 4: Wanda Sykes
Family 5: Adele

Family 6: Justin Baldoni

Family 7: Michael J. Fox

Family 8: Jim Gaffigan

Family 9: Nicolas Cage
Family 10: Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel

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