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RH's Family Tree CAF Dec 6/10

dice game 6/10 Family Tree CAF

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Posted 16 January 2022 - 03:30 PM

The Constantine Family


DH: Chandler Gage Constantine {67}

DW: Emiliana 'Emme' Susan de Roet Constantine {64}


DS: Loyal Magnus Constantine {44}

DS: Jonas Laker Constantine {42}

DS: George Lawrence Constantine {41}

DS/DS: Henry Seth Constantine/Clark Winn Constantine {40}

DD: Gaia Felicity Constantine {39}


Chandler and Emme Constantine; with LoyalJonasGeorgeHenryClark, and Gaia



The Turner-Constantine Family


DH: Loyal Magnus Constantine Turner-Constantine {44} - Bisexual

DH: William 'Will' Joel Turner Turner-Constantine {45}


DS: Isaac Benjamin Constantine {21}

DAS: Zain Terenti Turner-Constantine {18}

DAS: Yuriy Attila Turner-Constantine {11}

DAS: Dylan Ebenezer Turner-Constantine {6}

DAS/DAS: Luca Patrizio Turner-Constantine/Tajj Kevin Turner-Constantine {5}


Loyal and Will Turner-Constantine; with IsaacZainYuriyDylanLuca, and Tajj



The Crossway Family


DH: Isaac Benjamin Constantine Crossway {21} - Gay

DH: Cillian Murphy Crossway {22}


Isaac and Cillian Crossway



The Turner-Constantine/Thompson Family


DBF: Zain Terenti Turner-Constantine {18}

DGF: Lia Abigail Thompson {19} - Long term


DS/DD: Johnathan 'Johnny' Caleb Turner-Constantine/Carmella 'Ella' Jannah Turner-Constantine {2}


Zain Turner-Constantine and Lia Thompson; with Johnny and Ella



The Gillespie Family


DH: Jonas Laker Constantine Gillespie {42} - Gay

DH: Lewis Hayden Gillespie {43}


DAD: Bea Allison Constantine-Campbell {19}

DAS/DAS: Kasim Jayden Gillespie/Bronson Dennis Gillespie {5}


exDFiancé: Olov Ryan Campbell {42} - Dad of Bea


Jonas (and ex-fiancé Olov Campbell) and Lewis Gillespie; with BeaKasim, and Bronson



The Constantine-Campbell Family


DFemale: Bea Allison Constantine-Campbell {19} - Lesbian


Bea Constantine-Campbell



The Constantine Family


DH: George Lawrence Constantine {41} - Bisexual

DW: Skye Jenesse Fox Constantine {42}


DD: Erin Indigo Constantine {24}

DD: Kayla Danielle Constantine {21}

DS/DD: Rhett Bayou Constantine/Anna Ophelia Constantine {14}

DD: Leah Hurricane Constantine {6}

DD: Iva Jacqueline Constantine {4}

DS: Reece Oleander Constantine {3}

DD: Aphra Celeste Constantine {1}


exDH: Enos Maxime Lebeau {44}


George (and ex-husband Enos Lebeau) and Skye Constantine; with ErinKaylaRhettAnna, Leah, Iva, Reece, and Aphra



The Drago Family


DW: Erin Indigo Constantine Drago {24} - Lesbian

DW: Maura Lauryn Drago {24}

DAS: Parker James Drago {0}


Erin and Maura Drago; with Parker



The Constantine/Fert Family


DFiancée: Kayla Danielle Constantine {21} - Lesbian

DFiancée: Jessica 'Jess' Bailee Fert {22}


DSS: Easton Bradley Thompson {4}

DSD: Miren Julia Thompson {2}


Kayla Constantine and Jess Fert; with Easton and Miren



The Constantine Family


DH: Henry Seth Constantine {40}

DW: Krystal Stephanie Park Constantine {40}


DS: Adam Diesel Constantine {21}

DD: Zoe Ellen Constantine {16}

DS: Niall Edward Constantine {9}

DS: Jasper Franklin Constantine {6}

DS: Aldo Sage Constantine {2}


Henry and Krystal Cosntantine; with AdamZoeNiall, Jasper, and Aldo



The Constantine/Hadid Family


DFiancé: Adam Diesel Constantine {21} - Bisexual

DFiancé: Om Balthazar Hadid {21}


Adam Constantine and Om Hadid



The Constantine/Lopez Family


DFiancé: Clark Winn Constantine {40}

DFiancée: Marcia Fawn Lopez {38}


DD: Lucy Viviana Constantine {18}

DS: Hugo Faisal Constantine {15}

DD: Rain Ariana Constantine {12}

DS: Cody Alhan Constantine {11}

DD: Jenna Shelby Constantine {6}

DS: Leighton Carter Constantine {2}


exDW: Neve Elisabetta Ellis {41} - Mom of Lucy, Hugo, Rain, & Cody


Clark Constantine (and ex-wife Neve Ellis) and Marcia Lopez; with LucyHugoRainCody, Jenna, and Leighton



The Constantine/Wolfe Family


DGF: Lucy Viviana Constantine {18} - Bisexual

DBF: Blake Florian Wolfe {20} - Short term


DD: Cielo Vivia Constantine {3}


Lucy Constantine and Blake Wolfe; with Cielo



The Kentala Family


DW: Gaia Felicity Constantine Kentala {39}

DH: Bayne Massimo Kentala {40}


DD: Aylin 'Ayla' Georgia Shine {18}

DS: Griffin 'Finn' Tyler Shine {15}

DS: Ronald 'Ron' Ashley Kentala {14}

DS: Myles Alister Kentala {8}

DS/DD: Cai Mitchell Kentala/Lumi Rebecca Kentala {5}

DS: Aster Quane Kentala {4}


exDBF: Jason David Shine {41} - Dad of Ayla & Finn


Gaia (and ex-boyfriend Jason Shine) and Bayne Kentala; with AylaFinnRonMylesCai, Lumi, and Aster



The Shine Family


DFemale: Aylin 'Ayla' Georgia Shine {18}


Ayla Shine



Generations of the Constantine Family


Chandler Emiliana Constantine; w/LoyalJonasGeorgeHenryClark, & Gaia

- - -

Loyal William Turner-Constantine; w/ IsaacZainYuriyDylanLuca, & Tajj

Jonas (& ex-dfiancé Olov Campbell) & Lewis Gillespie; w/ BeaKasim, & Bronson

George (& ex-dh Enos Lebeau) & Skye Constantine; w/ ErinKaylaRhettAnnaLeah, Iva, Reece, & Aphra

Henry Krystal Constantine; w/ AdamZoeNiallJasper, & Aldo

Clark Constantine (& ex-dw Neve Ellis) & Marcia Lopez; w/ LucyHugoRainCodyJenna, & Leighton

Gaia (& ex-dbf Jason Shine) & Bayne Kentala; w/ AylinGriffinRonaldMylesCaiLumi, & Aster

- - -

Isaac & Cillian Crossway

Zain Turner-Constantine & Lia Thompson; w/ Johnathan & Carmella

Bea Constantine-Campbell

Erin Maura Drago; w/ Parker

Kayla Constantine & Jessica Fert; w/ Easton & Miren

Adam Constantine & Om Hadid

Lucy Constantine & Blake Wolfe; w/ Cielo

Aylin Shine

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Posted 22 January 2022 - 05:20 PM

The Celsa Family


DH: Ralph James Celsa [67]

DW: Yenifer Ann (nee Garcia) Celsa [64]


DD: Tess Rosemary Celsa [46]


Ralph and Yenifer Celsa; with Tess




DD: Tess Rosemary Celsa [46]

DexW: Caitlin 'Cait' Acacia Bello [48] [Alessia & Jonas]

DW: Emmie Jeanne Maher [41]


DD: Alessia Iris Celsa [22]

DS: Jonas Elon Celsa [15]

DAS: Leo Subhash Celsa-Maher [14]

DAS: Colin Ishaan Celsa-Maher [7]

DAD: Violet Nasmat Celsa-Maher [5]


Tess Celsa and Emmie Maher; with AlessiaJonasLeoColin, and Violet




DD: Alessia Iris Celsa [22]

DGF: Brooke Felicity Zuniga [23]

DGF'sexBF: Aaron Preston Lecce [23] [Ella]


DSD: Carmella 'Ella' Evette Lecce [2]

DS: Sage Zakariah Celsa [0]


Alessia Celsa and Brooke Zuniga; with Ella and Sage

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Posted 25 January 2022 - 05:14 PM

The Sarkissian Family


DH: Adam Allan Sarkissian [67]

DW: Lilja Helen (nee Kline) Sarkissian [64]


DD: Jane Honor Sarkissian [46]

DS: Alexander 'Alex' Clark Sarkissian [45]

DD/DD: Dorothy 'Dot' Ann & Eleanor 'Nora' May Sarkissian [44]

DS/DD: William 'Will' Paul & Margaret 'Maggie' Sue Sarkissian [41]

DS: Henry Victor Sarkissian [40]


Adam and Lilja Sarkissian; with JaneAlexDotNoraWillMaggie, and Henry




DD: Jane Honor Sarkissian [46]

DexBF: Israel 'Iz' Nurlan Zeches [48] [Franklin]

DBF: Kiran Santiago Rojas [49]

DH: Bradley Cole Duke [45]


DS: Franklin Christopher Zeches [22]

DD: Avery Lucinda Duke [10]


Jane Sarkissian and Bradley Duke; with Franklin and Avery




DS: Franklin Christopher Zeches [22]


Franklin Zeches




DS: Alexander 'Alex' Clark Sarkissian [45]

DW: Ava Gail Labelle [44]


DD: Amelia Danielle Sarkissian [15]

DS: Asher Wade Sarkissian [11]

DD: Anastasia 'Annie' Jasmine Sarkissian [8]

DS: Albert Eli Sarkissian [7]

DS: Ansel Kellen Sarkissian [5]


Alex Sarkissian and Ava Labelle; with AmeliaAsherAnnieAlbert, and Ansel




DD: Dorothy 'Dot' Ann (nee Sarkissian) Kelly [44]

DexH: Yakov John Kelly [45] [Phin, Otto, Cass, Brom & Eben]


DS: Phineas 'Phin' Walter Kelly [17]

DD: Ottoline 'Otto' Nancy Kelly [14]

DS/DS: Caspian 'Cass' Andrew & Bromwell 'Brom' Adam Kelly [10]

DS: Ebenezer 'Eben' Cyrus Kelly [8]


Dot Kelly; with PhinOttoCassBrom, and Eben




DD: Eleanor 'Nora' May (nee Sarkissian) Nunez [44]

DW: Mara Ruth Nunez [43]


DD: Farrah Charlotte Nunez [19]

DS: Gene Edward Nunez [15]

DD: Lillie Joanna Nunez [11]

DS: Niall William Nunez [7]


Nora and Mara Nunez; with FarrahGeneLillie, and Niall




DD: Farrah Charlotte Nunez [19]

DGF: Anne Hermione Maple [19]


Farrah Nunez and Anne Maple




DS: William 'Will' Paul Sarkissian-Teague [41]

DH: Dorian Thomas Teague [41]


DD: Isabella Irene Teague [21]

DS: Tristen Everett Teague [19]

DS: Oscar Nicholas Teague [18]

DS: Sterling Theodore Teague [7]

DS: Reuben Eric Teague [5]


Will Sarkissian-Teague and Dorian Teague; with IsabellaTristenOscarSterling, and Reuben




DD: Isabella Irene (nee Teague) Rush [21]

DW: Soraya Moira Rush [23]


Isabella and Soraya Rush




DS: Tristen Everett Teague [19]


Tristen Teague




DS: Oscar Nicholas Teague [18]


Oscar Teague




DD: Margaret 'Maggie' Sue Sarkissian-Green [41]

DH: Samuel 'Sam' Chisholm Green [43]


DD: Rory Margaret Green [10]

DS: Taylor Finlay Green [8]

DD: Presley Blossom Green [0]


Maggie Sarkissian-Green and Sam Green; with RoryTaylor, and Presley




DS: Henry Victor Sarkissian [40]

DexH: Colin Ariel Harrison [41] [Shelby]

DexF: Polat Iker Polmear [38] [Willow, Tegan & Bodhi]

DexF: Mattis 'Matt' Donovan Cabral Jr. [38] [Jayden, Rian & Kai]

DBF: Valentin 'Val' Leone Talbot [40]


DD: Shelby Grace Sarkissian [19]

DexSD: Willowrain 'Willow' Asphodel Polmear [17]

DexSS: Jayden Donovan Cabral [13]

DD: Tegan Lorelei Polmear-Sarkissian [12]

DS: Bodhi Victor Polmear-Sarkissian [10]

DexSS: Rian Zoltan Cabral [10]

DS: Kai Fredrick Cabral-Sarkissian [5]

DS: Brant Bentley Talbot-Sarkissian [1]


Henry Sarkissian and Val Talbot; with ShelbyTeganBodhiKai, and Brant




DD: Shelby Grace Sarkissian [19]


Shelby Sarkissian

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