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Name the Families

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Posted 08 June 2024 - 08:49 PM

I will give the parents' names and one of the children in each family. Name the rest of the children using names that complement the names of their older sibling. Then add your own for the next poster.


DH:Kyle Timothy
DW:Jane Elizabeth

DD1: Audrey Helen



DH: Kenneth Patrick
DW: Christina Michelle

DS1: Kieran Joseph



DH: Wesley Thomas
DW: Laura Catherine

DD1: Francesca Vivienne Marie



DH:Nicholas Gabriel
DW:Daphne Cecilia

DS1:Luca James

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Posted 24 June 2024 - 10:52 AM

Kyle Timothy Merrick
m. Jane Elizabeth Merrick

Audrey Helen Merrick
Angelica Hazel Merrick
Alexander Henry Merrick
Amelia Heather Merrick

Kenneth Patrick Callahan
m. Christina Michelle Callahan

Kieran Joseph Callahan
Kevin James Callahan
Katherine Jessica Callahan

Wesley Thomas Boudreaux
m. Laura Catherine Boudreaux

Francesca Vivienne Marie Boudreaux
Finlo Valerian Marcus Boudreaux
Fraser Vaughn Matthew Boudreaux
Felicity Valla Mae Boudreaux
Felix Van Maxwell Boudreaux
Faith Valeera Madeleine Boudreaux

Nicholas Gabriel Giordano
m. Daphne Cecilia Giordano

Luca James Giordano
Leon Jonathan Giordano
Linnea Jasmine Giordano
Lillian Jolene Giordano

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Posted 24 June 2024 - 04:07 PM

The Merrick Family

DH: Kyle Timothy Merrick
DW: Jane Elizabeth Merrick

DD1: Audrey Helen Merrick
DD2: Lydia Grace Merrick
DS: Ryan Andrew Merrick
DD3: Kathryn Anne Merrick


Kyle and Jane Merrick

Audrey, Lydia, Ryan, and Kathryn 


The Callahan Family

DH: Kenneth Patrick Callahan
DW: Christina Michelle Callahan

DS1: Kieran Joseph Callahan
DS2/DD: Lorcan Matthew Callahan / Sinead Rebecca Callahan


Kenneth and Christina Callahan

Kieran, Lorcan, and Sinead 


The Boudreaux Family

DH: Wesley Thomas Boudreaux
DW: Laura Catherine Boudreaux

DD1: Francesca Vivienne Marie Boudreaux 
DS1: Gabriel Stephen Hugo Boudreaux
Lucian Dominic August Boudreaux / Leonie Delphine Alice Boudreaux
DS3: Michael Roland Arthur Boudreaux 
DD3: Isabella Felicity Josephine Boudreaux


Wesley and Laura Boudreaux

Francesca, Gabriel, Lucian, Leonie, Michael, and Isabella


The Giordano Family

DH: Nicholas Gabriel Giordano
DW: Daphne Cecilia Giordano

DS1: Luca James Giordano
DS2/DD1/DD2: Dante Alexander Giordano / Allegra Rosalind Giordano / Emilia Caroline Giordano


Nicholas and Daphne Giordano

Luca, Dante, Allegra, and Emilia

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