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Random Names CAF

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Posted 13 June 2021 - 07:25 PM

In the style of Remy Hadley!! Thank you for the inspo :)


All these names are randomized, pick first middle and last!

LN: Richards, Proctor, Fletcher, Herrera, Morse, Floyd


DH: Franklin, Rory, Neil, Renato, Leland (81)

DW: Vivienne, Denise, Eileen, Diane, Dolores (MN: Mendez, Wiggins, Trevino) (78)


DD1: Evelyn, Kristina, Elisabeth, Ruth, Anne (54)

DS1: Edward, Enzo, Rocky, Samson, Walter (52)

DS2: Broderick, Charles, Garry, Bradley, Cam (47)

DD2: Ashlyn, Paulina, Becky, Paige, Rosemarie (43)


LN: Peter, Zhang, Hardin, Doyle, Wilkins


DD1: Same as above (MN: Same as above) (54)

DH: Windsor, Clay, Martin, Jared, Kieran (55)


DD1.1: Serena, Iris, Aliya, Cadence, Isabell (19)

            DBF: Shane, Lawrence, Eben, August, Kellen (LN: Allen, Mata, Pugh) (18)

            DD1.5: Emma, Leyla, Lucy, Olive, Clara (nb)

DD2.1: Ivy, Celeste, Haven, Ruby, Elle (17)

DS1.1: Alexander, Jakob, Kylan, Madden, Nico (16)

DD3.1: Keira, Madilyn, Katelyn, Rose, Victoria (14)

DD4.1: Elyse, Jocelyn, Charlotte, Sadie, Holly (11)


LN: Same as above


DS1: Same as above (52)

DW: Carina, Marianne, Claudia, Jayda, Joyce (MN: Fischer, Ferguson, Marquez) (45)


DS1.2: Peyton, Rhys, Bryce, Philip, Leo (12)

DD1.2: Raina, Lane, Rowan, Eliana, Anastasia (9)

DS2.2: Trenton, Landon, Everett, Troy, Matthias (7)

DS3.2: Easton, Elliott, Sidney, Bentley, Beckham (5)


LN: Same as above


DS2: Same as above (47)

DW: Ana, Ashleigh, Katherine, Brianna, Selena (MN: Leon, Mays, Mcdonald) (43)


DS1.3: Jay, River, Zayden, Kai, Maxwell (7)

DD1.3: Lily, May, Calliope, Annalise, Rylie (4)

DD2.3: Daisy, June, Persephone, Thea, Kinsley (4)


LN: Same as above or hyphenated


DD2: Same as above (43)

DW: Lola, Patricia, Emely, Lesly, Talia (MN: Lee, Craig, Wise) (43)


DAD1.4: Maia, Sylvie, Parker, Willow, Maren (11)

DAD2.4: Juliet, Lyla, Violet, Gracelyn, Lorelei (5)


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Posted 13 June 2021 - 07:35 PM

LN: Herrera


DH: Leland Renato Herrera (81)

DW: Vivienne Denise Herrera (MN: Trevino) (78)


DD1: Kristina Evelyn Herrera (54)

DS1: Samson Walter Herrera (52)

DS2: Charles Broderick Herrera (47)

DD2: Paulina Rosemarie Herrera (43)


LN: Hardin


DD1: Kristina Evelyn Hardin (MN: Herrera) (54)

DH: Jared Clay Hardin (55)


DD1.1: Cadence Isabell Hardin (19)

            DBF: August Lawrence (LN: Allen) (18)

            DD1.5: Leyla Olive Allen (nb)

DD2.1: Ivy Celeste Hardin (17)

DS1.1: Nico Alexander Hardin (16)

DD3.1: Madilyn Victoria Hardin (14)

DD4.1: Sadie Elyse Hardin (11)


LN: Herrera


DS1: Samson Walter Herrera (52)

DW: Claudia Joyce Herrera (MN: Ferguson) (45)


DS1.2: Leo Rhys Herrera (12)

DD1.2: Eliana Lane Herrera (9)

DS2.2: Everett Landon Herrera (7)

DS3.2: Beckham Elliott Herrera (5)


LN: Herrera


DS2: Charles Broderick Herrera (47)

DW: Selena Ashleigh Herrera (MN: Mays) (43)


DS1.3: Zayden River Herrera (7)

DD1.3: Calliope May Herrera (4)

DD2.3: Persephone June Herrera (4)


LN: Herrera-Wise


DD2: Paulina Rosemarie Herrera-Wise (43)

DW: Talia Lesly Herrera-Wise (MN: Wise) (43)


DAD1.4: Maren Willow Herrera-Wise (11)

DAD2.4: Lyla Juliet Herrera-Wise (5)

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Posted 13 June 2021 - 08:38 PM

DH: Rory Leland Proctor (81)

DW: Vivienne Diane (Trevino) Proctor "Viv" (78)


DD1: Kristina Anne Proctor "Kristy" (54)

DS1: Enzo Walter Proctor (52)

DS2: Bradley Charles Proctor "Brad" (47)

DD2: Ashlyn Paulina Proctor (43)


DD1: Kristina Anne (Proctor) Hardin "Kristy" (54)

DH: Kieran Jared Hardin (55)


DD1.1: Isabell Cadence Hardin "Izzy" (19)

            DBF: Kellen August Pugh (18)

            DD1.5: Emma Lucy Hardin-Pugh (nb)

DD2.1: Ivy Celeste Hardin (17)

DS1.1: Alexander Nico Hardin "Alex" (16)

DD3.1: Madilyn Rose Hardin "Maddy" (14)

DD4.1: Sadie Elyse Hardin (11)


DS1: Enzo Walter Proctor (52)

DW: Jayda Marianne (Ferguson) Proctor (45)


DS1.2: Leo Philip Proctor (12)

DD1.2: Raina Anastasia Proctor "Rae" (9)

DS2.2: Everett Matthias Proctor "Rett" (7)

DS3.2: Bentley Elliott Proctor (5)


DS2: Bradley Charles Proctor "Brad" (47)

DW: Brianna Katherine (Mays) Proctor "Bri" (43)


DS1.3: Kai Maxwell Proctor (7)

DD1.3: Lily May Proctor (4)

DD2.3: Thea June Proctor (4)


DD2: Ashlyn Paulina Proctor (43)

DW: Talia Lesly (Craig) Proctor (43)


DAD1.4: Maia Sylvie Proctor (11)

DAD2.4: Lyla Juliet Proctor (5)

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Posted 14 June 2021 - 01:55 PM

The Proctor Family


DH: Neil Franklin Proctor (81)

DW: Eileen Vivienne Proctor (nee Trevino) (78)


DD1: Anne Elisabeth Proctor (54)

DS1: Edward Walter Proctor (52)

DS2: Charles Bradley "Charlie" Proctor (47)

DD2: Ashlyn Rosemarie Proctor (43)


Neil and Eileen Proctor

Anne, Edward, Charlie, and Ashlyn




The Wilkins Family


DD1: Anne Elisabeth Wilkins (nee Proctor) (54)

DH: Jared Clay Wilkins (55)


DD1.1: Serena Isabell Wilkins (19)

            DBF: August Shane Allen  (18)

            DD1.5: Lucy Emma Wilkins-Allen (nb)

DD2.1: Ruby Celeste Wilkins (17)

DS1.1: Jakob Alexander Wilkins (16)

DD3.1: Keira Rose Wilkins (14)

DD4.1: Sadie Jocelyn Wilkins (11)


Anne and Jared Wilkins

Serena, Ruby, Jakob, Keira, and Sadie


Serena Wilkins and August Allen





The Proctor Family


DS1: Edward Walter Proctor (52)

DW: Claudia Joyce Proctor (nee Marquez) (45)


DS1.2: Leo Philip Proctor (12)

DD1.2: Anastasia Rowan Proctor (9)

DS2.2: Everett Matthias Proctor (7)

DS3.2: Beckham Sidney Proctor (5)


Edward and Claudia Proctor

Leo, Anastasia, Everett, and Beckham




The Proctor Family


DS2: Charles Bradley "Charlie" Proctor (47)

DW: Katherine Selena "Kitty" Proctor (nee Mays) (43)


DS1.3: River Maxwell Proctor (7)

DD1.3: Annalise May Proctor (4)

DD2.3: Persephone June Proctor (4)


Charlie and Kitty Proctor

River, Annalise, and Persephone




The Proctor-Wise Family


DD2: Ashlyn Rosemarie Proctor-Wise (43)

DW: Talia Lesly Proctor-Wise (43)


DAD1.4: Willow Maia Proctor-Wise (11)

DAD2.4: Juliet Lyla Proctor-Wise (5)


Ashlyn and Talia Proctor-Wise

Willow and Juliet

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Posted 23 June 2021 - 07:32 PM

Leland 'Lee' Franklin Floyd [81]
m. Diane 'Di' Eileen Floyd [78]

Evelyn 'Eve' Anne Floyd [54]

Samson 'Sam' Edward Floyd [52]

Charles 'Charlie' Bradley Floyd [47]

Rosemary 'Rosie' Paige Floyd [43]


Evelyn 'Eve' Anne Wilkins [54]

m. Kieran 'Keir' Martin Wilkins [55]

Serena 'Sera' Isabelle Wilkins [19]

Celeste 'Celie' Ivy Wilkins [17]

Alexander 'Alex' Jacob Wilkins [16]

Victoria 'Vicki' Rose Wilkins [14]

Jocelyn 'Joss' Charlotte Wilkins [11]


Serena 'Sera' Isabelle Wilkins [19]

d. Kellen 'Kelly' Shane Pugh [18]

Emma 'Em' Clara Pugh [0]


Samson 'Sam' Edward Floyd [52]

m. Joyce 'Joy' Claudia Floyd [45]

Philip 'Phil' Rhys Floyd [12]

Anastasia 'Ana' Eliana Floyd [9]

Matthias 'Matt' Landon Floyd [7]

Elliott 'Eli' Bentley Floyd [5]


Charles 'Charlie' Bradley Floyd [47]

m. Katherine 'Kat' Ashleigh Floyd [43]

Maxwell 'Max' Kai Floyd [7]

Calliope 'Callie' May Floyd [4]

Persephone 'Seph' June Floyd [4]


Rosemary 'Rosie' Paige Floyd-Wise [43]

m. Talia 'Tali' Patricia Floyd-Wise [43]

Maren 'Mary' Willow Floyd-Wise [11]

Gracelyn 'Grace' Violet Floyd-Wise [5]

#6 Remy Hadley

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Posted 24 June 2021 - 10:34 AM

I love using generators for CAF's!  :lol:




LN: Morse 


DH: Leland Rory (81)

DW: Vivienne Diane (MN: Wiggins) (78)


DD1: Elisabeth Evelyn (54)

DS1: Walter Edward (52)

DS2: Charles Bradley (47)

DD2: Paige Rosemarie (43) 


Leland and Viv with children, 

Elsie, Wally, Charlie, and Paige 


LN: Hardin 


DD1: Elisabeth Evelyn {nee Morse} (54)

DH: Windsor Clay (55)


DD1.1: Isabell Serena (19)

            DBF: August Eben (LN: Mata) (18)

            DD1.5: Olive Emma (nb)

DD2.1: Ruby Haven (17)

DS1.1: Alexander Jakob (16)

DD3.1: Madilyn Keira (14)

DD4.1: Charlotte Elyse (11) 


Elsie and Windsor with children, 

Izzy, Ruby, Lex, Maddy, and Char 


Izzy and Gus with child, 



LN: Morse 


DS1: Walter Edward (52)

DW: Carina Joyce (MN: Ferguson) (45)


DS1.2: Rhys Philip (12)

DD1.2: Rowan Anastasia (9)

DS2.2: Landon Matthias (7)

DS3.2: Elliott Bentley (5) 


Wally and Carina with children, 

Rhys, Ro, Landon, and Elliott 


LN: Morse 


DS2: Charles Bradley (47)

DW: Katherine Ana (MN: Mays) (43)


DS1.3: River Maxwell (7)

DD1.3: Lily May (4)

DD2.3: Persephone June (4) 


Charlie and Kate with children, 

Riv, Lily, and Posy 


LN: Morse-Wise 


DD2: Paige Rosemarie (43)

DW: Lola Emely (MN: Wise) (43)


DAD1.4: Willow Maia (11)

DAD2.4: Violet Juliet (5)


Paige and Lola with children, 

Willow and Vi  

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Posted 26 June 2021 - 08:53 PM

The Herrara Family


DH: Leland Arnold Herrara (81)

DW: Denise Ann Wiggins Herrara (78)


DD1: Kristina Katharine Herrara (54) "Tina" 

DS1: Enzo Edmund Herrara (52) 

DS2: Bradley Benjamin Herrara (47) "Brad"

DD2: Ashlyn Anna Herrara (43)

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