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Sibset questions.

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#1 greensparkles


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Posted 26 March 2018 - 04:18 AM

Hi! I'm looking for some opinions on our favourite names.

Which name do you think fits best in this sibset?
Theodore, Aurora & Violet
Theodore, Aurora & Penelope

These are the full name combinations we'd use, if it helps at all...
Violet Esme Cara
Violet Felicity Cara
Penelope Violet Cara

Also, which middle names do you think works best with Aurora?
Aurora Cleo Niamh
Aurora Josie Niamh
Aurora Daisy Niamh
Aurora Willow Niamh
Aurora Xanthe Niamh
Aurora Felicity Niamh

We're also throwing around...
Theodore, Margot & Violet
Theodore, Margot & Penelope

Margot Aurora Niamh would be the full name option but we're pretty sure that we want to use Aurora as the first name

Thank you for your help! ❤️

#2 .:alexandra:.


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Posted 27 March 2018 - 12:18 AM

Penelope Violet & Aurora Felicity


I like Violet Felicity but it'd be weird if Violet and Aurora had the same middle name. I feel though that Felicity flows best with Aurora out of the options you gave.


The only problem that I have with Violet Esme Cara is that all three names are two syllables. Well, it depends on if you say Veye-Lit or Veye-Uh-Lit. I've heard both pronunciations.


Good luck! Hope this helps a bit.

#3 greensparkles


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Posted 27 March 2018 - 01:03 AM

Thanks for your reply.

I could have probably explained things better but no, we wouldn't use Felicity for both daughter's middle names lol. It would either be used with Violet or Aurora.

We would pronounce Violet with 3 syllables but I understand that someone pronounce it with 2 so I have that same concern with Esme. It's more of a back up option in case we had Felicity with Aurora and decide on Violet over Penelope.

#4 DanielleH


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Posted 28 March 2018 - 06:45 PM

I love Theodore, Aurora and Violet! I would pick these names for my children! Violet completes this set beautifully.
Aurora & Penelope is a great sibset, but I don't think Penelope is a perfect match for Theodore.

I'm not a fan of Cara.
From your list I would pick Violet Felicity Cara. My suggestion is: Violet Felicity Penelope.

For Aurora...
The only combination I'm not crazy about is Aurora Josie Niamh. I can't pick a favorite combination, all the other combinations are lovely.

I also like Theodore, Margot & Violet! Margot Aurora Niamh is absolutely adorable!

More Suggestions:
Aurora Penelope Niamh
Violet Penelope Niamh

You have magnificent names on your list! I'm sure you will pick gorgeous names. ❤ Good luck!

#5 greensparkles


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Posted 29 March 2018 - 12:19 AM

Thanks DanielleH

We'll be keeping Cara in there somewhere as it has significant meaning to us. We're also sticking with Aurora as a first name over Margot.

We've managed to narrow our options down to

Aurora Felicity Niamh & Penleope Violet Cara

Aurora Cleo Niamh & Violet Felicity Cara
Aurora Daisy Niamh & Violet Felicity Cara
Aurora Margo/Margot Niamh & Violet Felicity Cara
Aurora Willow Niamh & Violet Felicity Cara

I'm just worried about the length of some of them and whether we're bordering on too much. Two middle names is sort of a family tradition in that all my family have two but I worry about length and flow.

#6 Meghan<3


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Posted 01 April 2018 - 01:11 PM

Theodore and Aurora have the same "oar" sound in them so I think they are a little matchy as siblings.  I like Theodore, Violet, and Penelope, though!


Between Violet Esme Cara and Violet Felicity Cara, I prefer the latter.


My favorite combinations for Aurora are Aurora Felicity Niamh and Aurora Willow Niamh.


I love Theodore, Margot, & Violet/Penelope!  Violet would probably be my favorite of the two but both are lovely.

I also think Aurora Margot Niamh would be pretty!

#7 greensparkles


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Posted 01 April 2018 - 02:28 PM

Thanks Meghan.

The matching -or- sounds were a concern of mine but I did ask around and nobody seemed to notice it until I pointed out so I thought we were in the clear lol. We use Theo as a nickname too though. Aurora has quite a lot of meaning to us and just we love the name. We did debate it in the middle name spot because of this though. It's just pretty hard to pair with lol. Violet Aurora is probably a bit too descriptive. Penelope Aurora probably doesn't have the best flow and with two middle names, probably too long as we want to keep Aurora and Niamh together. Margot Aurora, again probably isn't great with to vowels running into each other and I'm not 100% on what nickname we could use for it, as we do with Theo and would with Violet or Penelope.

#8 greensparkles


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Posted 01 April 2018 - 02:37 PM

We don't really like matchy names so if Aurora and Theodore would be too much then these are our other brainstorms...

Violet Aurora Niamh &
Penelope Margot Cara

Margot Aurora Niamh &
Violet Felicity Cara or Penelope Violet Cara

Penelope Aurora Niamh &
Violet Felicity Cara

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