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Posted 08 May 2008 - 09:19 AM

What do you think of the name Aaliyah?

Do you think if someone used it that it would be too associated with the singer that died?

What do you think would be a good middle name for the name Aaliyah?

I like the names Aaliyah Mackenzie, Aaliyah Giselle or Aaliyah Camryn....

I wouldn't use the name though because of the singer. Not that she was bad or anything but I don't want people always asking "Did you name her after the singer" LOL Maybe a few years down the line...LOL

What do you guys think of the name?

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Posted 08 May 2008 - 09:41 AM

I don't mind the name, but I really don't like the spelling. It
just "looks" so complicated, like someone wanted to see how
many letters they could use to actually spell it. I like the
Aleah spelling better.

Aaliyah Giselle does sound really cute.

Aaliyah Brianne
Aaliyah Noelle
Aaliyah Louise

I have no clue who the singer is but that isnt uncommon for me. I don't pay all that much
attention to who sings what I love music and just listen to what I like.

#3 Liz


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Posted 08 May 2008 - 10:25 AM

It used to be one of my favorite names before I even knew of the singer, but I don't like it that much anymore. It took a HUGE leap in popularity after the singer, has a zillion different spellings, and seems to have spun off several other -aliyah. There were a couple -aliyah names in the top 1000 last year.

I do think it has a pretty sound, but it's too complicated. It's an Arabic name, so there isn't a direct translation into English and there doesn't seem to be an established spelling. Aaliyah is the most common, but I think that's mostly because that is how the singer spelled it. I like Aliya best myself, but it's one of those names that will have to be spelled out for everyone regardless.

I think I'd prefer Talia (maybe as a nickname for Natalia) or Malia (it's the Hawaiian form of Maria) now.

I'm not a huge fan of Mackenzie, Giselle, or Camryn.

Aaliyah Brianne used to be my Aaliyah combination, though neither is my style anymore.

Aaliyah Christine
Aaliyah Catherine
Aaliyah Jane
Aaliyah Juliet
Aaliyah Naomi
Aaliyah Camille
Aaliyah Faith
Aaliyah Danielle
Aaliyah Bethany

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Posted 08 May 2008 - 08:44 PM

i do really like the name but this particular spelling is what reminds me of the sin ger.. i have seen this name with different psellings or like mentioned above, there are s imilar names that i probably prefer.

#5 Kate


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Posted 09 May 2008 - 09:50 AM

I don't really associate the name with the singer, and I have always thought it looks a bit cluttered - Alia is my preferred spelling of it. I know it's an Arabic name, and I've seen a few girls with it. It's pretty, but the original spelling is a bit confusing, in my opinion.

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Posted 04 June 2008 - 07:50 PM

i too like the simpler spelling as kate suggested. for some reason, the spelling of the name that way, though i would normally like a spelling looking like that, just doesn't appeal to me and turns me off tot he name but when i see it spelled alia i like it more. it's weird, i know, i'm wierd hahah. but i can see the potential appeal to it, it's just not there for me.

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