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Family Tree CAF #3 - 6/10

Family Tree CAF #3 - 6/10 Family Tree CAF #3 Family Tree CAF 6/10 Mine

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Posted 04 September 2021 - 05:58 AM

The Riccardi-Fortes Family


DW: Elisabeth 'Buffy' Colette Cecilia Riccardi-Fortes [69]

DW: Sabina 'Bina' Estelle Riccardi-Fortes [71]


DAS: Wilder Ugo Riccardi-Fortes [45]

DAS/DAD/DAD: Fintan 'Finn' Joffrey Riccardi-Fortes/Imogen 'Immy' Roswitha Riccardi-Fortes/Gisella 'Ellie' Soleil Riccardi-Fortes [44]


Buffy and Bina Riccardi-Fortes; with WilderFinnImmy, and Ellie



The Riccardi-Fortes Family


DH: Wilder Ugo Riccardi-Fortes [45]

DW: Leni Claudette Vallance Riccardi-Fortes [40]


DS/DD: Palmer Garrett Riccardi-Fortes/Lumi Scarlett Riccardi-Fortes [16]

DS: James Maverick Riccardi-Fortes [11]

DD: Lydie Athena Riccardi-Fortes [10]

DS/DS: Clay Edmond Riccardi-Fortes/Digby Romeo Riccardi-Fortes [8]

DD: Keira Fennel Riccardi-Fortes [6]

DS: Milo Douglas Riccardi-Fortes [5]


exDGF: Alice Ewa Flannery [43]

exDW: Truth Johannah Felton [44] - Mum of Palmer & Lumi


Wilder (and ex-partners Alice Flannery and Truth Felton) and Leni Riccardi-Fortes; with PalmerLumiJamesLydieClayDigbyKeira, and Milo



The Riccardi-Fortes Family


DH: Fintan 'Finn' Joffrey Riccardi-Fortes [44]

DW: Grace Collins Huttan Riccardi-Fortes [44]


DD: Wren Sylvia Riccardi-Fortes [12]

DD: Bijou Catherine Riccardi-Fortes [5]


Finn and Grace Riccardi-Fortes; with Wren and Bijou



The Neeson Family


DW: Imogen 'Immy' Roswitha Riccardi-Fortes Neeson [44]

DH: Anthony 'Tony' Kai Neeson [45]


DD: Poppy Miriam Riccardi-Fortes [21]

DS: Gideon August Dominic Doyle [19]

DD: Delilah 'Lilah' Maeve Neeson [15]

DD: Pearl Juniper Neeson [13]

DD: Zoey Michaela Neeson [11]

DS/DS: Russell Wolfgang Neeson/Auden Des Neeson [9]

DS: Kai Augustine Neeson [8]


exDBF: Otto Cooper Somerled Doyle [46] - Dad of Gideon


Immy (and ex-boyfriend Otto Doyle) and Tony Neeson; with PoppyGideonLilahPearlZoeyRussellAuden, and Kai



The Riccardi-Fortes/Myers Family


DGF: Poppy Miriam Riccardi-Fortes [21]

DBF: Diego Ruairidh Myers [23] - Short term


DS: Vince Jasper Riccardi-Fortes [4]

DD/DD: Theia Natalka Riccardi-Fortes/Louise Juliana Riccardi-Fortes [3]


Poppy Riccardi-Fortes and Diego Myers; with Vince, Theia, and Louise



The Doyle Family


DH: Gideon August Dominic Doyle [19] - Bisexual

DW: Fay Carissa Hamilton Doyle [19]


DD: Cecilia 'Cece' Willow Cosette Doyle [4]

DD: Juliet Claribel Fay Doyle [3]

DD: Jane Katalinka Charity Doyle [2]


Gideon and Fay Doyle; with Cece, Juliet, and Jane



The Riccardi-Fortes/Goodman Family


DFiancée: Gisella 'Ellie' Soleil Riccardi-Fortes [44]

DFiancé: Leroy Martin Goodman [46]


DS: Callum Oliver Riccardi-Fortes [22]

DD: Heidi Charlotte Aitkins [18]

DD: Faith Rebecca Aitkins [17]

DS: Lenni Noah Anderson [14]

DS/DD: Ezra Sebastian Riccardi-Fortes/June Emilia Riccardi-Fortes [10]

DS: Asher George Riccardi-Fortes [8]

DD: Chastity Vivien Riccardi-Fortes [5]


exDBF: Landon Alexander Aitkins [43] - Dad of Heidi & Faith

exDBF: Levi Sterling Anderson [44] - Dad of Lenni


Ellie Riccardi-Fortes (and ex-boyfriends Landon Aitkins and Levi Anderson) and Leroy Goodman; with CallumHeidiFaithLenniEzraJuneAsher, and Chastity



The Riccardi-Fortes Family


DH: Callum Oliver Riccardi-Fortes [22]

DW: Veronika 'Nika' Marielle Curry Riccardi-Fortes [23]


DS: Remus Theodore Riccardi-Fortes [3]


Callum and Nika Riccardi-Fortes; with Remus



The Aitkins/Cesarsson Family


DGF: Heidi Charlotte Aitkins [18]

DBF: Sawyer Colin Cesarsson [19] - Long term


Heidi Aitkins and Sawyer Cesarsson



Generations of the Riccardi-Fortes Family


Elisabeth Sabina Riccardi-Fortes; w/ WilderFintanImogen, & Gisella

- - -

Wilder (& ex-dps Alice Flannery & Truth Felton) & Leni Riccardi-Fortes; w/ PalmerLumiJamesLydieClayDigbyKeira, & Milo

Fintan & Grace Riccardi-Fortes; w/ Wren & Bijou

Imogen (& ex-dbf Otto Doyle) & Anthony Neeson; w/ PoppyGideonDelilahPearlZoeyRussellAuden, & Kai

Gisella Riccardi-Fortes (& ex-dbfs Landon Aitkins Levi Anderson) and Leroy Goodman; w/ CallumHeidiFaithLenniEzraJuneAsher, & Chastity

- - -

Poppy Riccardi-Fortes & Diego Myers; w/ Vince, Theia, & Louise

Gideon & Fay Doyle; w/ Cecilia, Juliet, & Jane

Callum & Veronika Riccardi-Fortes; w/ Remus

Heidi Aitkins & Sawyer Cesarsson

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Posted 28 March 2022 - 06:33 PM

The Armstrong Family


DH: Anderson Cheyenne Armstrong [75]

DW: Stacie Rosina Nilsen Armstrong [72]


DS: Samuel Penn Armstrong [46]

DD: Alis Holly Armstrong [44]

DS: Wesley Scott Armstrong [42]

DS: Mitchell Francis Armstrong [41]

DD/DS/DS: Erika Jolene, Hector Justyce & Davis Jesse Armstrong [40]


Anderson and Stacie Armstrong; with SamuelAlisWesleyMitchellErikaHector, and Davis




DS: Samuel "Sam" Penn Armstrong [46] bisexual

DW: Georgia Sheena Jane [44]


DD: Maeve Anja Armstrong [11]

DS: Ryan Adam Armstrong [8]

DD/DD: Sophie Nora & Stella Jane Armstrong [6]


Sam Armstrong and Georgia Jane; with MaeveRyanSophie, and Stella




DD: Alis Holly Armstrong-Hewitt [44] bisexual

DW: Anna Caroline Hewitt [43]


DS: Charlie George Hewitt [21]

DS: Henry Arthur Hewitt [20]

DD: Nora Elisabeth Hewitt [18]

DD: Matilda Louise Hewitt [17]

DS: Samuel "Sam" Frederick Hewitt [5]


Alis Armstrong-Hewitt and Anna Hewitt; with CharlieHenryNoraMatilda, and Sam




DS: Charlie George Hewitt [21]

DF: Charis Gloria Tamarin [22]


DS: Carter Gary Hewitt [3]


Charlie Hewitt and Charis Tamarin; with Carter




DS: Henry Arthur Hewitt [20] bisexual

DW: Madeleine Phillida Aston Hewitt [20]


Henry and Madeleine Hewitt




DD: Nora Elisabeth Hewitt [18]


Nora Hewitt




DS: Wesley Scott Armstrong [42]

DH: Daniel "Danny" Bennett Unylthal Armstrong [43]


DAS: Quinn Elias Armstrong [22]

DAS: Jonas Adlai Armstrong [20]

DAS: Rory Jalal Armstrong [17]

DAD: Livia Behati Armstrong [9]

DAS: Casper Lorenzo Armstrong [7]


Wesley and Danny Armstrong; with QuinnJonasRoryLivia, and Casper




DAS: Quinn Elias Armstrong Blaszak [22]

DH: Sindri Zdenko Blaszak [24]


DS: Mykhail Artem Jackson Blaszak [3]

DS: Ilya Tibor Daniel Blaszak [1]

DD: Aliona Irina Carolyne Blaszak [0]


Quinn and Sindri Blaszak; MykhailIlya, and Aliona




DAS: Jonas Adlai Armstrong Crawford [20] bisexual

DH: Randall Archibald Crawford [23]


DD: Ollie Zelda Crawford [0]


Jonas and Randall Crawford; Ollie




DS: Mitchell Francis Armstrong [41]

DexW: Alexia Nicolette Tiriss Armstrong [41] [mother of Lex]

DexGF: Ines Angela Fuqua [39] [mother of Hanna & Claudia]

DW: Jessamine "Jess" Diana Yates Armstrong [40]


DS: Alexander "Lex" Mars Armstrong [14]

DD: Hanna Angelina Armstrong [11]

DD: Claudia Michelle Armstrong [10]

DD: Izabel "Izzy" Jasmine Armstrong [6]


Mitchell and Jess Armstrong; with LexHannaClaudia, and Izzy




DD: Erika Jolene Armstrong Cooper [40]

DexBF: Jarvis Steinarr Abberley [43] [father of Annabel]

DH: Tim Lionel Cooper [44] [father of Junia]


DD: Annabel Macy Abberley [20]

DSD: Junia Delle Cooper [19]

DS: Will Rhodes Cooper [13]

DS: Max Steele Cooper [9]

DD: Phoebe Aurora Cooper [6]


Erika and Tim Cooper; with AnnabelJuniaWillMax, and Phoebe




DD: Annabel Macy Abberley [20]

DGF: Jazlynn "Jazz" Alena Martin [21] long-term


DD/DS: Alethea Jude & Soren Emory Martin [1]


Annabel Abberley and Jazz Martin; with Alethea and Soren




DSD: Junia Delle Cooper [19]

DF: Pierce Clinton Hill [22]


Junia Cooper and Pierce Hill




DS: Hector Justyce Armstrong [40]

DH: Francis Xavier Marquardt [41] [father of Cordelia, Delilah & Luka]

DH: Ifor Miska Asa [40]


DD/DD: Cordelia Scarlet & Delilah Spencer Armstrong [18]

DS: Luka Marquardt Armstrong [16]

DAD: Esther Adetokunbo Armstrong-Asa [11]

DD: Iris Caroline Armstrong-Asa [5]


Hector Armstrong and Ifor Asa; with CordeliaDelilahLukaEsther, and Iris




DD: Cordelia Scarlet Armstrong [18]

DF: Alison Eileen Grimkelsdottir [18]


Cordelia Armstrong and Alison Grimkelsdottir




DD: Delilah Spencer Armstrong [18]

DBF: Angus Page Acevedo [19] short-term


Delilah Armstrong and Angus Acevedo




DS: Davis Jesse Armstrong [40]

DexF: Marta Cecilia Randall [39] [mother of Lily]

DW: Sara Danielle Tambunting Armstrong [37]


DD: Lily Helena Armstrong [20]

DD: Audrey Frances Armstrong [9]

DS: Brennan Davis Armstrong [0]


Davis and Sara Armstrong; with LilyAudrey and Brennan




DD: Lily Helena Armstrong [20] bisexual

DBF: Cian Gregory Duncan [22] short-term


Lily Armstrong and Cian Duncan




Generations of the Armstrong Family

Anderson & Stacie Armstrong; SamuelAlisWesleyMitchellErikaHector & Davis


Sam Armstrong & Georgia Jane; MaeveRyanSophie & Stella

Alis Armstrong-Hewitt & Anna Hewitt; CharlieHenryNora & Matilda

Wesley & Danny Armstrong; QuinnJonasRoryLivia & Casper

Mitchell & Jess Armstrong; LexHannaClaudia & Izzy

Erika & Tim Cooper; AnnabelJuniaWillMax & Phoebe

Hector Armstrong & Ifor Asa; CordeliaDelilahLukaEsther & Iris

Davis & Sara Armstrong; LilyAudreyBrennan


Charlie Hewitt & Charis Tamarin; Carter

Henry & Madeleine Hewitt

Nora Hewitt


Quinn & Sindri Blaszak; Mykhail, Ilya & Aliona

Jonas & Randall Crawford; Ollie


Annabel Abberley & Jazz Martin; AletheaSoren

Junia Cooper & Pierce Hill


Cordelia Armstrong & Alison Grimkelsdottir

Delilah Armstrong & Angus Acevedo


Lily Armstrong & Cian Duncan

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Posted 10 October 2022 - 10:34 AM

The Aue Family


DH: Joss Charles Aue [81]

DW: Heidy Annora née Watkins Aue [82]


DS: Mitchell Fitzpatrick Aue [46]

DS: Peter Raymond Aue [45]

DD: Elizabeth "Libby" Geneva Aue [44]

DD/DS/DS/DS: Vanessa "Nessa" Millicent, Jonathan "Jon" Kaine, Alec Benedict & Vaughn Daniel Aue [43]

DS: Leo Byron Aue [40]


Joss and Heidy Aue; with MitchellPeterLibby, NessaJonAlecVaughn and Leo




DS: Mitchell Fitzpatrick Aue [46]

DW: Journey Keara née Dwyer Aue [47]


DS: Quirin Björn Aue [14]

DD: Ines Krizia Aue [11]

DS: Lars Alaric Aue [8]

DS/DS: Niall Jacqin & Rocco Euan Aue [5]


Mitchell and Journey Aue; QuirinInesLars, Niall and Rocco




DS: Peter Raymond Aue [45]

DW: Jamie Rosmerta Tuckett [45]

DGF: Ismene Sophie Trinidad [42]

DW: Karolina Amelie Ivanoff [44] -mother of Violet-


DSD: Violet Yuliya Lethin [17]

DS/DS: Alistair Charles & Flynn Phillip Aue [8]

DS: Miles Graham Aue [7]


Peter Aue and Karolina Ivanoff; with VioletAlistairFlynn and Miles




DD: Elizabeth "Libby" Geneva Farmer-Aue [44]

DH: Sam Raphael Farmer-Aue [43]


DS: August "Gus" Jonah Farmer-Aue [18]

DD/DD: Stella Caroline & Lily Elizabeth Farmer-Aue [6]


Libby and Sam Farmer-Aue; with GusStella and Lily




DS: August "Gus" Jonah Farmer-Aue [18]


Gus Farmer-Aue





DD: Vanessa "Nessa" Millicent née Aue Roshan [43]

DW: Alexandria "Andi" Katherine Roshan [45]


DS: Bellamy Nathan Roshan [17]

DD/DS: Shiloh Jane & Sinclair Wesley Roshan [16]

DS: Atlas Connor Roshan [7]

DS: Merlin Emil Roshan [5]


Nessa and Andi Roshan; with BellamyShilohSinclairAtlas and Merlin




DS: Jonathan "Jon" Kaine Aue [43]

DF: Adelyna Antonia Jenner [42] -mother of Cal, Ben, Leia & Archer-

DGF: Sofia Maureen Barbagallo [40] -mother of Rory-


DS/DS: Calvin "Cal" Cruz & Bennett "Ben" Nash Aue [20]

DD: Leia Dove Aue [18]

DS: Archer Jett Aue [15]

DD: Aurora "Rory" Maureen Aue [5]


Jon Aue; with CalBenLeiaArcher and Rory




DS: Calvin "Cal" Cruz Aue [20]

DH: Quincy Nathaniel née Pinsson Aue [21]


Cal and Quincy Aue




DS: Bennett "Ben" Nash Aue [20]

DF: Emmalyn Sondra Starkweather [19]


Ben Aue and Emmalyn Starkweather




DD: Leia Dove née Aue Hunter [18]

DW: Rikkie Diamond Hunter [19]


DD/DS: Leni Flora & Rafael "Rafa" Milo Hunter [0]


Leia and Rikkie Hunter; with Leni and Rafa




DS: Alec Benedict Aue [43]

DW: Selena Marjorie Fink [44]


DS: Zion Salvatore Aue [19]

DD: Billie Benedicte Aue [15]

DS: Abel Sebulon Aue [11]

DD: Faye Vervain Aue [10]

DD: Jorja Olyphant Aue [9]

DD: Harlow Anemone Aue [8]

DS: Rhett Baptiste Aue [6]


Alec Aue and Selena Fink-Aue; with ZionBillieAbelFayeJorja, Harlow and Rhett




DS: Zion Salvatore Aue [19] -bisexual-

DGF: Heléna Dorothea D'Aguilar [19] -mother of -

DGF: Casilda "Cassie" Ruth Nicolaisen [20] -short term-


DS: Fordham "Ford" Jack Aue [1]


Zion Aue and Cassie Nicolaisen; with Ford




DS: Vaughn Daniel Aue [43]

DW: Graciella "Grace" Sigrid Armham [45] -mother of Fielding, Beauchamp & Olympia-

DGF: Adrian Odette Argeanu [39] -long term-


DS: Fielding Harrison Aue [21]

DS: Beauchamp Atticus Aue [17]

DD: Olympia Michelle Aue [13]

DD: Adelaide Penelope Aue [8]

DS: Dominik Forrester Aue [3]

DD: Juliet Leilani Aue [1]


Vaughn Aue and Adrian Argeanu; with Fielding, BeauchampOlympia, Adelaide, Dominik and Juliet




DS: Fielding Harrison Aue [21]

DW: Shealynn "Shea" Olivia Dawson [22]


DD: Lavender Lois Aue [2]

DD: Rosalie Lula Aue [0]


Fielding Aue and Shea Dawson; with Lavender and Rosalie




DS: Leo Byron née Aue Damasus [40]

DBF: Kumara Atticus Slade [39] -father of Cairo-

DBF: Maguire "Mac" Jarrett Erdman [41]

DH: Deangelo "D" Vincent Damasus [38]


DS: Cairo Seyyed Slade-Aue [23]

DD/DS/DD: Alaia Marabel, Langston Eleazer & Solana Vivian Damasus [15]

DS: Orion Vernon Damasus [14]

DS: Merrick Roosevelt Damasus [13]

DD: Esra Cezanne Damasus [12]

DS: Ralph Malcolm Damasus [6]

DD: Lilja Roselaine Damasus [4]

DS: Archie Viktor Damasus [1]

DD: Taisia Meliora Damasus [0]


Leo and D Damasus; with CairoAlaiaLangstonSolanaOrion, MerrickEsraRalph, Lilja, Archie and Taisia




DS: Cairo Seyyed Slade-Aue [23] -bisexual-

DGF: Sienna Evangeline Mowen [23] -long term-


DS: Gray Sebastian Slade-Mowen [8]


Cairo Slade-Aue and Sienna Mowen; with Gray




Generations of the Aue Family

Joss & Heidy Aue; Mitchell, PeterLibby, NessaJon, AlecVaughn & Leo


Mitchell Journey Aue; QuirinInesLarsNiall & Rocco

Peter Aue Karolina Ivanoff; VioletAlistairFlynn & Miles

Libby Sam Farmer-Aue; GusStella & Lily

Nessa Andi Roshan; BellamyShilohSinclair, Atlas & Merlin

Jon AueCal, BenLeiaArcher & Rory

Alec Aue & Selena Fink-Aue; ZionBillieAbelFayeJorjaHarlow & Rhett

Vaughn Aue Adrian Argeanu; Fielding, BeauchampOlympia. Adelaide, Dominik & Juliet

Leo D DamasusCairoAlaiaLangstonSolanaOrionMerrickEsraRalph, Lilja, Archie & Taisia


Gus Farmer-Aue


Cal & Quincy Aue

Ben Aue & Emmalyn Starkweather

Leia & Rikkie Hunter; Leni & Rafa


Zion Aue & Cassie Nicolaisen; Ford


Fielding Aue & Shea Dawson; Lavender & Rosalie


Cairo Slade-Aue & Sienna Mowen; Gray

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Posted 04 November 2022 - 08:55 AM

Ace Brynmor Brown [69]

m. Gaia Clemensia Ahlstrom [71]

Jagger Dylan Brown [46]

Ailish Lina Brown [46]

Felix Joseph-Marie Brown [44]

Croix Alois Brown [39]



Jagger Dylan Brown [46]

d. Margot Euphemia Igaopo [45] - ex

m. Blythe Josephine Clarke [43] - ex

Ettie Alexandra Brown [13]

Oskar Gabriel Brown [11]

Rachel Amanda Brown [10]

d. Angelina 'Angie' Phoebe Doucette [45] - Long term

Ewan Dallas Brown [5]



Ailish Lina Brown [46] - Bisexual

m. Sophia Clementine Brizux [46]

Atticus Jagger Brizux [18]

Rory Breaker Brizux [17]

Isaac Beau Brizux [15]

Kayla Jeannette Brizux [14]

Mikey Jasper Brizux [12]

Jenna Beatrice Brizux [7]


Atticus Jagger Brizux [18]

Lexie Blazena Brizux [4]

Panna Rosalind Brizux [3]

Poppy Claudine Brizux [3]



Felix Joseph-Marie Brown [44] - Gay

m. George Milo Scott [46]

Leonie Fenella Scott-Brown [21]

Jett 'JJ' Julian Scott-Brown [21]

Mila Cecily Scott-Brown [14]

Lucille 'Lucy' Dana Scott-Brown [14]

Oona Karen Scott-Brown [13]

Noah Frederick Scott-Brown [8]

Hazel Sophie Scott-Brown [8]

Emily Briana Scott-Brown [8]


Leonie Fenella Scott-Brown [21] - Lesbian

m. Uliana 'Ula' Rosalie Wood [23]


Jett 'JJ' Julian Scott-Brown [21] - Gay

d. Boaz Daniel Price [20] - Short term



Croix Alois Brown [39] - Gay

Justin Brett Brown [13]

Rhys Brady Brown [11]

d. Glen Cedric Appleby [40] - ex

Bella Rebecca Appleby-Brown [18]

d. Ellis Brendan Halsall [41] - ex

Posy Gemma Halsall-Brown [9]

Muireall Gabi Halsall-Brown [2]

Ellen Liberty Halsall-Brown [1]

d. Remus Oren Bicknell [40] - Short term


Bella Rebecca Appleby-Brown [18]

d. Inigo Tomas Ackerson [19] - Engaged

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Posted 26 November 2022 - 12:43 PM

The Colton Family


DH: Elias McCoy 

DW: Elisabeth Kaleah {nee Williams} 


DS: Charles William (46) 

DS: Theodore Henry (43) 

DD: Ruby Estelle (40) 

DD: Harriet Hyacinth (40) 

DD: Emmeline Mabel (40) {bi} 


Eli and Betsy with children, 

Charlie, Teddy, Ruby, Hattie, and Emmy 




The Colton Family 


DS: Charles William (46) 

DW: Georgia Hazel {nee Foster} 


DD: Eleanor Jane (21) {lesbian} 

DD: Violet Emily (20) {hetero} 

DD: Madeleine Audrey (18) {bi} 

DD: Olivia Josephine (17) 

DS: William Foster (14) 

DD: Zoey Charlotte (13) 

DD: Clementine May (9) 

DS: Sullivan Alexander (9)

DD: Tallulah Quinn (9) 

DS: Henry Thomas (9) 


Charlie and Georgie with children, 

Ellie, Vi, Maddy, Liv, Will, Zoey, Minnie, Sully, Tula, and Hank 




The Toadottir Family 


DD: Eleanor Jane {nee Colton} (21) 

DW: Kaylie Hannah 


Ellie and Kaylie 




The Abadi Family 


DD: Violet Emily {nee Colton} (20)  

DH: Sariq Jean-Baptiste 


DD: Caroline Fleur (0) 


Vi and Sariq with child, 





The Colton and Moon Family 


DD: Madeleine Audrey (18) 

BF: Caelan Oliver {short term} 



DS: Aiden Thomas (3) 

DD: Reese Elowen (0) 


Maddy and Caelan with children, 

Aiden and Reese 




The Colton Family 


DS: Theodore Henry (43)

DW: Rosita Dayanara {nee Morales}   


DS: Benjamin Matthias (16) 

DD: Kahlo Viviana (11) 

DD: Aria Sofia (7) 


Teddy and Rosita with children, 

Bennie, Kahlo, and Ari 




The Agbayani-Lapis Family 


DD: Ruby Estelle {nee Colton} (40) 

ExDH: Emeric Dragan Adler 

DH: Dominic Eduardo  


DS: Judas Elliott (23) {bi} 

DS: Mason Michael (18) {hetero} 

DS: Kodiak Ethan (15) 

DD: Dove Eartha (15) 

DS: Ryder Lennon (6) 

DD: Rowan Athena (6) 


Ruby and Emeric with children, 

Judas, Mason, Kodiak, and Dove 

Ruby and Dominic with children, 

Ry and Ro  




The Adler and Barlowe Family 


DS: Judas Elliott (23) 

GF: Louisa Fay {long term} 


Judas and Lulu 




The Adler and Johnson Family 


DS: Mason Michael (18) 

GF: Briar Elizabeth {long term} 


Mason and Bri 




The Nakamura Family 


DD: Harriet Hyacinth {nee Colton} (40)

DH: Kaikoa Devin  


DD: Gabriella Kyomi (15) 

DD: Avery Noa (7) 


Hattie and Kai with children, 

Gabby and Avery 




The Colton-Byrne Family 


DW: Emmeline Mabel (40)

DW: Caoimhe Lillian  


DS: James Ciaran (12) 
DD: Aisling Piper (10) 

DD: Niamh Scarlett (10) 

DS: Finn Matthew (8) 


Emmy and Caoimhe with children, 

Jay, Aisling, Niamh, and Finn 




It's the 2010's now and major developments have occurred within the family! Starting with the USA legalizing gay marriage - which enabled Emmy and Caoimhe to finally legally marry! Around that time is when Ellie proposed to her long term girlfriend, Kaylie, and they got married as well. Emmy and Caoimhe had a moderate sized event but more low key - just family and close friends were invited. Emmy wore a tailored white suit and heels while Caoimhe wore a flowy white dress with floral embroidery. Ellie and Kaylie both opted to wear long, flowy dresses for their wedding, which was a large event with many friends and family around. 


Elias and Betsy were blissed out with how much love they brought into the world. They officially gained the titles of great grandparents recently too! It wasn't necessarily the way they had expected, via a teen pregnancy, but they love their granddaughter and great grandson dearly and were happy to support as best they could. 


Maddy hadn't expected to find herself pregnant when she did, either. She was nearly 15. She had begun taking the pill when she decided she may become intimate in the near future but unfortunately missed a pill. She had been friends with benefits with her friend, Caelan, and hadn't been interested in anything more than that. When she broke the news to him, he didn't want anything to do with this, as he wasn't yet 15 himself either. Maddy found herself a single parent at the time, though thankfully surrounded in much support from her family. She and Caelan still talked and he did his personal best to financially support, despite only making very little at a fast food job on the weekends. He didn't admit at the time that the prospect scared him so much that he felt absence would be less harmful than whatever he had to offer. Maddy always left the opportunity there for him to engage in his own way but didn't pressure or anything as it was enough work parenting and finishing her schoolwork without trying to force someone else against their will to be involved or anything. After Aiden's first birthday is when Caelan began tipping his toes into the waters of a relationship with his son. By Aiden's second birthday, Caelan was fully involved as a parent. Maddy and Caelan found themselves intimate together the more involved Caelan was, though they hesitated to define the relationship until a condom broke and Maddy found herself pregnant again. It was a relief that Caelan was involved this time around, as parenting a toddler in addition to school and pregnancy was brutal! Maddy was beyond grateful that graduation occurred mid way through the pregnancy so she wouldn't be stuck in a similar position as last time. Caelan trained to be a mechanic after high school. Maddy took time off of schooling to put all her time into parenting. 


Ellie and Violet both went to university after graduating high school. Ellie pursued a degree in entomology, which surprised no one due to her love of insects. She found a niche post graduation to pursue her love and gain financially in a career as a forensic entomologist. Ellie met Kaylie at her university, though Kaylie was studying social work. Vi got an excellent scholarship due to her skill with the violin and aspires to work as a professional violinist. She studied abroad in France for her second and third year, where she met her now husband Sariq. They had a whirlwind relationship, falling in love quickly, finding themselves pregnant, and marrying before they welcomed little Caroline. Sariq had been two years ahead of Vi and graduated when she began her third year. He had begun working as a school counselor and was able to finance their wedding and child with budgeting. 

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The Madden Family


DW: Clarisse Monica Barton Madden [65]

DW: Katina Lesley Madden [66]


DS/DD: Tadhg Henry / Sylvie Heather Madden [39]

DS: Jude Douglas Madden [38]

DD: Rowena Claudia Madden [37]

DD/DS: Neve Livia / Conan Lionel Madden [34]


Clarisse and Katina Madden; with TadhgSylvieJudeRowenaNeve and Conan




DS: Tadhg Henry Madden [39]

DW: Caroline "Caro" Ilona Ardolino-Madden [40]


DD/DD: Margaret "Meg" Lili / Moire Rynn Madden [0]


Tadhg Madden and Caro Ardolino-Madden; with Meg and Moire




DD: Sylvie Heather Madden [39]

DF: Eston Laurence Kool [37] - Rennon's dad

DH: Ickitt "Kitt" Elijah Serling [42]


DS: Rennon Milo Kool [15]

DS: Maize Robin Serling [8]

DS: Hawk Rami Serling [6]

DS/DD: Bronx Lyric / Brighton Laleh Serling [4]

DS: Aquila Reneer Serling [3]


Sylvie Madden and Kitt Serling; with Rennon, Maize, Hawk, Bronx, Brighton and Aquila




DS: Jude Douglas Madden [38]

DW: Jana Molly Arena [39] - Pru, Gene, Toby, Davy, Josie, Iz & Ginny's mom

DF: Brienna Laine Nylund [34]


DD: Prudence "Pru" Eloise Madden [17]

DS: Eugene "Gene" Leon Madden [16]

DS: Tobias "Toby" Keiran Madden [14]

DS: David "Davy" Douglas Madden [10]

DD: Josephine "Josie" Ruby Madden [9]

DS/DD: Isidore "Iz" Julien / Virginia "Ginny" Pearl Madden [5]

DS: Robert "Bert" Alasdair Madden [0]


Jude Madden and Brienna Nylund; with PruGene, Toby, DavyJosieIzGinny and Bert




DD: Rowena Claudia Madden Argeanu [37]

DBF: Ludwik Adolphus Wroxton [42]

DH: Jason Matthias Argeanu [39]


DS: Owen Hector Argeanu [7]


Rowena and Jason Argeanu; with Owen




DD: Neve Livia Madden Frey [34] - bisexual

DBF: Ethan Gareth Covey [34]

DBF: Llyr Reynard Merle [35]

DW: Heddi Margaery Frey [36]


DD: Astoria "Story" Lee Frey [4]

DS: Harper Noe Frey [2]


Neve and Heddi Frey; with Story and Harper




DS: Conan Lionel Madden [34] - bisexual

DW: Senga Jessamy Stadler Madden [33]


DD: Arabella "Bella" Katherine Madden [15]

DD: Gwyneth "Gwyn" Lilibet Madden [14]

DD: Emilia "Milly" Rosemary Madden [10]

DS: Finnegan "Finn" Alexander Madden [8]

DD: Juliet "Etta" Matilda Madden [7]

DD: Evangeline "Evie" Claire Madden [5]

DD: Lucinda "Luci" Helene Madden [0]


Conan and Senga Madden; with Bella, Gwyn, MillyFinnEttaEvie and Luci




Generations of the Madden Family

Clarisse & Katina Madden; TadhgSylvieJudeRowenaNeve & Conan


Tadhg Madden & Caro Ardolino-Madden; Meg & Moire

Sylvie Madden & Kitt Serling; Rennon, Maize, Hawk, Bronx, Brighton & Aquila

Jude Madden & Brienna Nylund; PruGene, Toby, DavyJosieIzGinny & Bert

Rowena & Jason Argeanu; Owen

Neve & Heddi Frey; Story & Harper

Conan & Senga Madden; Bella, Gwyn, MillyFinnEttaEvie & Luci

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6/10 (2005)

The Madsen Family


Smith Walter Madsen (77) (Aug. 8, 1928)

Yolanda Raquel Madsen (nee Guerrera) (78) (Oct. 12, 1927)


Victoria Elizabeth Randall (nee Madsen) (46) (Sep. 21, 1959)

Lois Cecilia Madsen (45) (Sep. 3, 1960)

Marc Ernest Madsen (44) (Dec. 27, 1961)

Geoffrey Scott Madsen (41) (Aug. 24, 1964)

Thomas Paul Madsen (40) (Oct. 7, 1965)


Smith and Yolanda Madsen; with Victoria, Lois, Marc, Geoffrey, and Thomas




The Randall Family


Victoria Elizabeth Randall (nee Madsen) (46) (Heterosexual) (Sep. 21, 1959)

James Sebastian Randall (45) (Married) (May 24, 1960)


Jon Emmett Randall (21) (Jan. 20, 1984)


Victoria Madsen and James Randall; with Jon


The Randall/Hill Family


Jon Emmett Randall (21) (Heterosexual) (Jan. 20, 1984)

Rose Penelope Hill (21) (Short Term) (Oct. 23, 1984)


Lillian Lois Randall (1) (Apr. 22, 2004)


Jon Randall and Rose Hill; with Lillian


The Madsen/Coleman Family


Lois Cecilia Madsen (45) (Bisexual) (Sep. 3, 1960)

Teresa Ann Coleman (47) (Married) (May 31, 1958)


Lois Madsen and Teresa Coleman


The Madsen Family


Marc Ernest Madsen (44) (Heterosexual) (Dec. 27, 1961)

Marjorie Alice Madsen (nee Kirkwood) (42) (Married) (Dec. 16, 1963)


Grace Paula Madsen (23) (Nov. 22, 1982)

Audrey Hazel Madsen (7) (Aug. 29, 1998)


Marc Madsen and Marjorie Kirkwood; with Grace and Audrey


The Madsen Family


Grace Paula Madsen (23) (Heterosexual) (Nov. 22, 1982)


Grace Madsen


The Madsen Family


Geoffrey Scott Madsen (41) (Heterosexual) (Aug. 24, 1964)

Paige Margaret Allison (39) (Ex-GF) (Mother of Bridget) (Jun. 25, 1966)

Darcy Beatrice Madsen (nee Martin) (43) (Married) (Sep. 23, 1962)


Bridget Julia Madsen (22) (May 21, 1983)

Georgia Noelle Madsen (13) (Feb. 23, 1992)

Miles Justin Madsen (11) (Aug. 14, 1994)

Destiny Rose Madsen (10) (Dec. 27, 1995)

Isabelle Sofia Madsen (8) (Feb. 26, 1997)

Jenna Emilia Madsen (8) (Feb. 26, 1997)

Hope Emily Madsen (6) (May 18, 1999)

Dylan Sylvester Madsen (5) (Sep. 5, 2000)


Geoffrey and Darcy Madsen; with Bridget, Georgia, Miles, Destiny, Isabelle, Jenna, Hope, and Dylan


The Madsen/O’Dowling Family


Bridget Julia Madsen (22) (Heterosexual) (May 21, 1983)

James Collin O’Dowling (22) (Long Term) (Mar. 13, 1983)


Bridget Madsen and James O’Dowling


The Madsen/Ibbs Family


Thomas Paul Madsen (40) (Bisexual) (Oct. 7, 1965)

Daniel Cedric Ibbs (43) (Married) (Feb. 21, 1962)


Henry Ryan Ibbs (12) (Adopted) (Apr. 30, 1993)


Thomas Madsen and Daniel Ibbs; with Henry

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The Vincent Family


DH: Hyde Lennon Vincent [73]

DW: Marley Helena Preston Vincent [75]


DS/DD/DS: Kellan Santo Vincent/Audrey Gisella Vincent/Yvo Christopher Vincent [44]

DD: Hanako 'Hana' Rosen Vincent [43]

DS: Boone Edmund Vincent [42]

DS/DD: Odin Harel Vincent/Gaia Marjolijn Vincent [39]

DAD: Jazz Augusta Vincent [37]


Hyde and Marley Vincent; with KellanAudreyYvoHanaBooneOdinGaia, and Jazz



The Vincent/Amosardottir Family


DBF: Kellan Santo Vincent [44]

DGF: Sybil Christa Amosardottir [40] - Short term


DD: Chelsea Rajani Vincent [22]

DD: Kristen Sigrid Vincent [20]

DS: Jeremiah 'Jem' Beck Vincent [19]

DS: Paden Kenneth Vincent [17]

DD: Fleur Charlotte Vincent [15]

DS: Roy Dominik Vincent [13]

DS: Casper Marcel Vincent [11]

DD: Lily MacKenzie Vincent [9]


exDFiancée: Ingrid 'Indie' Alice Tahan [44] - Mum of Chelsea, Kristen, and Jem

exDW: Anna Holland Cadogan [45] - Mum of Paden, Fleur, Roy, Casper, and Lily


Kellan Vincent (and ex-partners Indie Tahan and Anna Cadogan) and Sybil Amosardottir; with ChelseaKristenJemPadenFleurRoyCasper, and Lily



The Vincent/Cooney Family


DGF: Chelsea Rajani Vincent [22] - Bisexual

DBF: Noah Silvanus Cooney [24] - Long term


Chelsea Vincent and Noah Cooney



The Vincent Family


DFemale: Kristen Sigrid Vincent [20]


DD: Louise Yasmina Vincent [3]


Kristen Vincent; with Louise



The Vincent Family


DMale: Jeremiah 'Jem' Beck Vincent [19]


Jem Vincent



The Hothust Family


DW: Audrey Gisella Vincent Hothust [44]

DH: Otto Dylan Hothust [45]


DD: Heidi Jasmine Hothust [18]

DS: Romeo James Hothust [16]

DD/DD: Leticia 'Ettie' Ruth Hothust/Winslet 'Winnie' Rosie Hothust [6]


Audrey and Otto Hothust; with HeidiRomeoEttie, and Winnie



The Hothust/Abbott Family


DGF: Heidi Jasmine Hothust [18] - Lesbian

DGF: Ashley Lanai Abbott [18] - Short term


Heidi Hothust and Ashley Abbott



The Vincent Family


DMale: Yvo Christopher Vincent [44]


DD: Amity Jessica Vincent [19]

DS: Keats Archer Vincent [17]

DS: Kairo Fletcher Vincent [15]

DD: Elsa Sunday Vincent [12]

DS/DS: Aemon Lorenzo Vincent/Anthem Sterling Vincent [10]

DD: Delana 'Della' Ines Vincent [7]


exDW: Alexandrine 'Lexie' Grace Freeman [43] - Mum of Amity, Keats, Kairo, Elsa, Aemon, Anthem, and Della


Yvo Vincent (and ex-wife Lexie Freeman); with AmityKeatsKairoElsaAemonAnthem, and Della



The Vincent/Shawcross Family


DGF: Amity Jessica Vincent [19]

DBF: Roan Ferdinand Shawcross [22] - Short term


DD: Gentry Alkmini Vincent [3]

DS: Raiden Lyric Vincent [2]

DD: Brienna 'Bree' Viktoriia Shawcross [0]


Amity Vincent and Roan Shawcross; with Gentry, Raiden, and Bree



The Anderson Family


DW: Hanako 'Hana' Rosen Vincent Anderson [43]

DH: Boston Casey Anderson [43]


DD: Zuri Fairlight Anderson [18]

DS/DS: Viggo Conall Anderson/Burke Eugene Anderson [7]


Hana and Boston Anderson; with ZuriViggo, and Burke



The Anderson/Skehan Family


DGF: Zuri Fairlight Anderson [18] - Bisexual

DBF: Apollo Eren Skehan [19] - Short term


DD: Maisy Quinn Anderson [1]


Zuri Anderson and Apollo Skehan; with Maisy



The Vincent Family


DH: Boone Edmund Vincent [42]

DW: Haley Bloom Shafer Vincent [39]


DS: Daniel 'Danny' Nathan Vincent [19]

DS: Preston Blake Vincent [18]

DS: Cody Joshua Vincent [17]

DS: Oskar Aaron Vincent [13]

DS: Charlie Gabriel Vincent [11]

DD: Sierra Emily Vincent [6]

DD/DS/DD: Rowena Elspeth Vincent/Martin Sebastian Vincent/Lydie Lorelei Vincent [0]


exDFiancée: Aurelia 'Aura' Eleni Dawkins [44] - Mum of Danny, Preston, Cody, Oskar, and Charlie


Boone (and ex-fiancée Aura Dawkins) and Haley Vincent; with DannyPrestonCodyOskarCharlie, Sierra, Rowena, Martin, and Lydie



The Vincent Family


DMale: Daniel 'Danny' Nathan Vincent [19] - Bisexual


Danny Vincent



The Vincent Family


DH: Preston Blake Vincent [18] - Bisexual

DW: Mallory Harper Amberley Vincent [19]


Preston and Mallory Vincent



The Vincent Family


DH: Odin Harel Vincent [39] - Bisexual

DW: Logan Carissa Watson Vincent [37]


DAD: Pomona 'Posy' Josephine Brallo-Vincent [22]

DAD: Luna Mirabelle Brallo-Vincent [21]

DAS: Keeley Aleksander Brallo-Vincent [15]

DAS: Ender Adam Brallo-Vincent [14]

DAS: Oswald 'Ozzy' Owen Brallo-Vincent [12]

DAS: Brett Franklin Brallo-Vincent [11]

DS: Ferris Hudson Vincent [8]

DD: Minna Dakota Vincent [5]


exDBF: Paxton 'Pax' Cartier Brallo [40] - Dad of Posy, Luna, Keeley, Ender, Ozzy, and Brett


Odin (and ex-boyfriend Pax Brallo) and Logan Vincent; with PosyLunaKeeleyEnderOzzyBrettFerris, and Minna



The Wood Family


DW: Pomona 'Posy' Josephine Brallo-Vincent Wood [22]

DH: Torin Cooper Wood [25]


DD: Leia Jeanie Wood [4]

DD/DS: Ilse Florence Wood/Kyrylo 'Ky' Tomas Wood [1]


Posy and Torin Wood; with Leia, Ilse, and Ky



The Brallo-Vincent/Lewiston Family


DGF: Luna Mirabelle Brallo-Vincent [21]

DBF: Tristan Dudley Lewiston [21] - Long term


Luna Brallo-Vincent and Tristan Lewiston



The Vincent-Law Family


DW: Gaia Marjolijn Vincent Vincent-Law [39] - Lesbian

DW: Bryce Caroline Law Vincent-Law [39]


DAD: Bessie Antonia Vincent-Law [20]

DAS: Graham Sirius Vincent-Law [7]

DAD: Eva Desdemona Vincent-Law [5]

DAS: Lincoln Jace Vincent-Law [2]

DAS/DAD: Findlay 'Finn' Ernest Vincent-Law/Bianca Agata Vincent-Law [1]


Gaia and Bryce Vincent-Law; with BessieGraham, Eva, Lincoln, Finn, and Bianca



The Vincent-Law/Ormsson Family


DGF: Bessie Antonia Vincent-Law [20]

DBF: Vadym Burkhard Ormsson [21] - Short term


Bessie Vincent-Law and Vadym Ormsson



The Clarke Family


DW: Jazz Augusta Vincent Clarke [37]

DH: Silas Hartwin Clarke [38]


DS: Anthony 'Ant' Connor Clarke [5]


Jazz and Silas Clarke; with Ant



Generations of the Vincent Family


Hyde Marley Vincent; w/ KellanAudreyYvoHanakoBooneOdinGaia, + Jazz

- - -

Kellan Vincent (+ ex-dps Ingrid Tahan Anna Cadogan) + Sybil Amosardottir; w/ ChelseaKristenJeremiahPadenFleurRoyCasper, + Lily

Audrey Otto Hothust; w/ HeidiRomeoLeticia, + Winslet

Yvo Vincent (+ ex-dw Alexandrine Freeman); w/ AmityKeatsKairoElsaAemonAnthem, + Delana

Hanako Boston Anderson; w/ ZuriViggo, + Burke

Boone (+ ex-dfiancée Aurelia Dawkins) Haley Vincent; w/ DanielPrestonCodyOskarCharlieSierra, Rowena, Martin, + Lydie

Odin (+ ex-dbf Paxton Brallo) + Logan Vincent; w/ PomonaLunaKeeleyEnderOswaldBrettFerris, + Minna

Gaia Bryce Vincent-Law; w/ BessieGrahamEva, Lincoln, Findlay, + Bianca

Jazz Silas Clarke; w/ Anthony

- - -

Chelsea Vincent + Noah Cooney

Kristen Vincent; w/ Louise

Jeremiah Vincent

Heidi Hothust + Ashley Abbott

Amity Vincent + Roan Shawcross; w/ Gentry, Raiden, + Brienna

Zuri Anderson + Apollo Skehan; w/ Maisy

Daniel Vincent

Preston + Mallory Vincent

Pomona + Torin Wood; w/ Leia, Ilse, + Kyrylo

Luna Brallo-Vincent + Tristan Lewiston

Bessie Vincent-Law + Vadym Ormsson

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